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"r hq nio .Th.apkagiing service y I
held in- the First Baptist church
t-,R i. Thutsday. Rev. W. L. Seabrodk
peach. e offerings wil, o
h0ph iM h" heretofore.", j
SgrvIces at fl .1 tonight.
4es ? :;.4 Baptist chrch. w1l
{ inmtly at 7:15 this evening jo
howlh- to attend the lecture m j
jt,\ tr te opportuity. Services SatuW
d rning begin at 10:p0.
\ .Died in.Alabama.
f.' sr Mattle Duckett nee" Dunean,
f of br." Lee Duckett, died at her
o in Alabami on Friday of . last
ekl''i-ru. tt hbnt many rela
ves 4 frIpjsdeI kthis county who
pained to Wear of her death.
A New Store.
t . D. Davenport has opened up
bran new, .clean and. np-to-date stock
f grocerie' in the store recently . va
atd byD. C. ?lynn. Mr. Davenport
.111 keep a complete stock and solicits
he patonage of Ale people .of 'the city
rid county
Preaching at King's Creek.
* diiintuihtioft raies'.'vill. he: hold at
King's Creek church on the 5th Sat
'rayat 11 o'cloek a. m., followed by
preachig bh Sunday at the same hour,
r hi wbcb the sacramen: of the Lord's
S p er will be administeted, a short
hiti nssion, and a second servje will
be' in the afternoon. The Aublic is
invited to-these services.
Our Sheriff in Spartanburg,.
Spartanburg, Nov. 18.-Sheriff M. M.
Buford of Newberry County is in the
city. His mission here- is to carry back
to Newberry 'John Graham, a negro
who-in last November became engaged
in a shooting scrape in Newberry and
shot a man in the arm, the wound caus
ing the man~to lose that memtber. He
has beOn missing ever sinee until last
night, when Chief of Police Dean and
Officer West arrested the negro in this
city.-Special to The State.
Dr. I. Crimm to Remain..
- On account of. engagements that
have to be met Dr. I. Crimm, the eye
specialist, has decided to remain in
Newberry until - Saturday, the 29th
inst., giving the people of Newberry,
town and county, a further chance to
have their eyes examined and fitted to,
glag4. Dr. Crimm has given perfect
stiftction to all his patrons adid those
who. need glasses should consult him.
He cah be found until the 29th at the.
Mr. Casper C. Stewart and Miss Lilla
Day, daughter of Mr.. B. F. Day, of
the county, were united in marriage at
. the home of Rev. D. J?. Boyd on Tues
day evpning at 6.30 o'clock. The mar
*riage was not unexpected, but was a
pl iHse to their many friends.
is a popular young man an'd
aure numerous, all of whom
..., ith us in extending the very
bests .ishes throughout a long life.
* The happy couple have rooms at the
-home of Mr. E. H. Leslie.
Dr. Sears to Lecture.
Dr. Sears, under the auspices of the
Bachelor Maids, will lecture, in the
oper:a house tonight. A prominent gen
tlemuan has this to say of the doctor as
*a lecturer:
"It regar4 to Dr. Sears' lecture-we
could not have entertained our people
with a lecture at any price that could
have given more universal satisfaction.
As a popular entertainer Dr. Sears
pleases the masses better than any.man
I have ever k'nown."
Tickets on sale at Mayes' Book Stoi-e.
A Dangerous Practice.
;n , have phoard considerable comn
lit ithin.the pAst weel. or ten days
;fhe dIeess' flring if. parlor rifles
*ilin'the immediate city limits. Mr.
Pope Davis, a few days ago, had two
balls to strike within a few inches of
*where he was standing at his Wvork, an
other genitlem}an reports that a ball
sei'uek within a foot er so of where he
was sitting at another time,' but no one
could tell . wh9re the p)arties were who
wei'e doing the shooting. Those who
have , these rifles should be more care
= ul where they shoot.
-Sermon to Junior Order.
By spegial invtration Rev. G.. E. Ed
wards, pt'stor o?'O'Neall stredjt Meth
odift chyrch, will preach a -special ser
md\ t& the ineibeis of Newvberry Coun
cil, No. 46, Junior Order United Ameri
can Mgechanics, in the O'Neall street
church, on S6niday night, December 14th.
The members will attend in full regalia,
-an gre expected to attend, The
T des're organized hero in
190 hd 1WAthadIly groWn sInce.that
tlm,e, notil, now they have a large and
* Breaid and Bread Making.
Pr9f. Wiley of the Agrie4ltural De
partment at Washing ton, in an article
on' "Bread and Bread Baking," says,
"thq nutritive value of wheat flour de
,dfs largel upon the character of
milling." The most scientifically milled
flour i-s "Clifton," madec at Bransford
Mills, Owensboro, Ky. Insist on your
* rocer sending it to you. Call atlE.R.
Hipp'a Hayes & McCarty's and L. W.
ChiokinriiAv' '.9v-ii ben scarce
in this tagt 11 Aime'tlme.
Mts4.Elizabeth jeaeis visitin'g.her
son, Hon. E, BB 1se, is Saluda.
Yesterday at niib 450 voters had
duly registered f6r the city primary
election. *
Hon H. HeEEP#ans went over to Au
gusta on Wedresday to take in the
Elks Carnival.
Mr. 1F."J. Russell has moved into the
Knighton house on the corner of Nance
and Harrington streets.
R. J. Miller is servin tjp very beat
the, market affords at his restaurant,
and his stockof groeeries is. uNo-date.
Mr. , Ira Burtoh, ot'West End, is the
champion 'posaorn huhter of Newberry.
He has captured se'ven in two nights
Thb prn nr i Mayor and
Atermay.adk C,onulsioner of Pub
lie works for this city will be held on
next Tuesday.
M. H. M. Sears will lecture in the
opera house tonight under the auspices
of the Bachelor Maids. As a humorist
he has no superior.
The lecture at the opera house to
morrow night will begin at 8 o'clock in
stead of 8:45, on account of the ser
vices at the Baptist church.
The long spell of beautiful Aweather
has been' broken by a goAd rain Moir
day night and we.have since been hav
ing some damp, cloudy weather.
Miss Lucy Pollard, of Athens, Ga.,
an expert knitting mill operator, has
accepted a position with the Newberry
Knitting Mill, and arrived here a few
lays ago.
Considerable interest is being mani
fested in-the protracted meeting being
held in the First Baptist church this
week. The rneeting will 'continue
through Sunday, .
The Gauntt brother$ are having the
property they recently bought on Main
3treet grpatly improved. The store is
being 'neatly .fixed .up inside and re.
painted throughout.
Rev. James -Y Fair, of Savannah,
sa., who has many relatives and friends
n Newberry, has been elected Modera
.or of the Georgia Synod in session' in
Atlanta this week.
Mr. J. E. Clary, of Greenwocd, who
made his- home in Newberry several
'ears ago, was married to Miss Azile
Wilson, of Laurens, last week. They
noth have friends in Newberi y,
Sheriff Buford succeeded a few days
igo in capturing John Graham, colored,
who on the 8th of September, a few
miles from town, shot Jno. Wilson,
.olored, causing him to lose an arm,
Alderman J. J. Langford's many
Friends will be pleased to learn that he
s getting alorg as well as could be ex
pected since his serious accident. We
nope he will speedily recover and soon
ne himself again.
Mayor Klettner had a long sit Wed
1esday morning. He had several cases
>f disorderly conduct, gambling and
ighting. All parties 'charged were ne
groes and a neat little sum for the city
breasury was the result.
Mrs. J. R. Webb visited her sister
Mrs. B. T. Paysinger of Newberry
ast week. We were sorry to hear
that little Joe Paysinger got her arm
lislocated at the elbo and it is feared
Fractured in two places. -Payne corre
rpondent to Saluda Standard.
Fl'b Wideliing of the Street to be Bxtende4
From Septt's Creek to Mrs, Aldrich's
At a met~uing of the city council
Tuesday evening' the contract was
elosed with Judge Pope for the strip of.
land on Nance street~ leading from .the
street just beyond Scott's Creek to in
tersect the sidewalk already established
on, the opposite side from Mrs. J. P,
Aldrich's residence.
This will prove a great improvement
to this section of the city, making a.
oontinuous' sidewalk on Nance street
from the opera house' t~o the edge of
the incorporated limits.
Alderman Wells has worked hard for
this and it is hoped to begin work on it
at once. The idea.is to get the county
chaingang to do the work in return for
labor furnished'them during the year.
-Looking for Relatives.
Coroner F. M. Lindsay received the
following letter ,yesterday which wvill
explain itself:
Albany, Ill., Nov. 16, 1902.
F. M. Lindlsay, Newvberry, S. C.
Deal\Sir:-I sawv a special dtisp)atch
to Trho tter-Ocean,ySpfday, Noy'. 16th,
an item ' ecorded as Dead But Lives,"
and in this item I saw the name o
John Duckett, of Cromer township. My
mother's maiden namo was Martha
Duckett. She was born near Plymouth,
Washington county, N. C. I thought
he might be sothe relativ'e of my mother.
Will you please send me his address or
send hhni this letter. I never saw the
name of Duckett ist print befdre and
being ff t4.gouth, I think he may
be someof my folks.
Your' truly,
Harry Driekett Booth.
P. 0. Box 59.
W E H AVE' on band a beautiful
line of h.ate bonghtL nt redneed
prid.i. 'Give s a oel pedi s9e, what
har ainas we hb97 f(r yom
The Riser Millinery Co.
Those Who Will Go into the Primary o
Next Tuesday-The Pledge Signed
On Tuesday and the
Entries Closed.
The prmary election for mayor an
aldermen and a member of the Boar
of Commissioners of Public Works, wil
be held on next Tuesday. The poll
will be in the council chamber at th<
opera house and will open at 8 o'clocl
in the morning and close at 4 in th<
Tuesday at 12 o'clock the time foi
signing the pledge with the chairmat
of the Democratic party of the city
who is Hon. Cole. L. Blease, expired
None but the announced candidatei
signed up and no dark horses were en
The campaign so far has been a mode
one on a high plane, void of all unpleas,
antness and false rumors, which usu.
ally go with a campaign.
The candidates who have signed arr
as follows:
For Mayor-Eduard Sch'oltz, nobt,
H. Welch, E. C. Jones and Jno. W,
For Alderman Ward 1-1. Y. Morrit
and H. B. Wells.
For Alderman Ward 2-A. T. Browr
and J. L. Dickert.
For Alderman Ward 3-L. B. Aul]
and Van Smith.
For Alderman Ward 4-J. J. Lang
For Alderman Ward 5-S. K. Bouk
night and J. M. Guinn.
For Commissioner of Public Works
James McIntosh and Z..-F. Wright.
The election will be held on Tuesday
next, 25th, and a second election, ii
necessary, will be held on Friday, the
28th. It looks now as if there will be s
full registration of the voters of the
Prof. B. L. Hughes, of Greenville, to Meet
With the Teachers.
The Newberry County Teachers' As
sociation will meet on Saturday, De
cember 13th and on invitation of Super
intendent Eug. S. Werts, Prof. E. L.
Hughs, Superintendent of the Green
ville city schools, has consented to be
present and deliver an address to the
Superintendent Wei'ts is anxious for
all the teachers of the county to be
present on this occasion and hear Prof.
Hughes, as he is one of the most prom
inent educators in the State and will
give them something good to listen to.
A New Hotel.
Mrs. L. W. K#tminer has opened a
nicely and newly furnished hotel next
to the city railway transfer station, Co
lumbia, and will be pleased to have
Newberrians stop with her while in the
city. She can accommodate perma
nent, transient and table boarders.
are saying that th
other shoes.
In order that tw
gueshed family of'
one hundred prizes
5,000 Ii
(Divided in 100
to the wearers who
best reasons WHY
Call at our SHO
a The Little Son of Mr. Graves J. Jones Ac
cidentally Kills Himself with a
PPrlor Rifle.
A terrible accident occurred in New
I Brooklyn, the western part of the city,
I Tuesday evening ebout 6 o'clock.
I The ten year old son of 'Mr. Graves
3 J. Jones, was at a neighbor's house,
) and he with one or two other boys were
r playing with a parlor rifle.
The boy for some reason put the
muzzle of the gun in his mouth, we
suppose not knowing it was loaded, and
i for the purpose of breaking the breech,
when it fired. The ball went through
his mouth and it is supposed lodged in
i his brain. He did not live five minutes
after the accident happened.
The boy was about ten years of age,
I his name was Olin, and he was a hand
some, bright looking boy.
The accident is indeed a deplorable
one, and Mr. Jones has the sympathy
of the community in the loss of his dear
The City Council Makes a Much Needed
The city council has received the
name plates for the different streets of
the city and the street overseer has
been busy for the past few days tack
ing them on,the corners of ?he respec
tive streets. They are neat plates made
of tin with the names in bold black
letters, and this action on the part of
the city authorities will prove a great
improvement to the city.
We would like to see the houses num
bered next, and then the question of
free mail delivery agitated. Cities as
small as Newberry in this State al
ready have free mail delivery, and why
not Newberry?
The Election of Mr, Peadea M.- L. Wicker
to be Contested.
Messrs. D. A. Ruff and D. W. Wicker
have 'given notice in no uncertain tone
that the election of Peadea M. L.
Wicker, which was held and decided on
the 4th instant, by the citizens of their
community, will be contested to the
last. The grounds of contest will be
that Messrs. Ruff and D. W. Wicker
at the time the election was held had
not finished gathering their peas, and
that proof will be brought going to
show that their yield was greater than
that of Mr. M. L. Wicker. The con
test will prove interesting, as Mr. M.
L. Wicker will contend that he is' en
titled to the honor, as the citizens have
spoken, of being the champion pea
The outcome will be watched with
much interest.
-00 -====
T wo Million XA
e "Queen Quality" Sho
o millions more may be4
'Queen Quality" wearer
amounting to
give the
'"That Comfortable Feeling' of a
(Showving where anird how tihey fit, bet I
is th becnse of "ihat (Jomfortable Fort
The "satisfying qualities" of a
(Showiggj why women who have ones
' ear thiem afterward.)
rhe exclusie 'Style and Individualil
(SThowingv why "Queen Qnality is
Marriag of a Popular Yoig Couple in
1 Colunabia.
This morning at the Good Shepherd
church Miss Ella Viola Adams, of this
city, and Mr. Waller Brown, of New
berry, were married in the presence of
a number of friends. The bride is a
daughter or Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Ad
a, and Is a charming young lady, hav
ing many friends who will wish her
much happiness. The groom is well
known here, having been connected
with the..Virginia Life Insurance Com
pany for several years. Since then he
has been promoted and is now manager
of the Newberry offce. .
The couple lef6 for Newberry imme
diately after the ceremony.-Columbia
Record, 17th.
On arrival in 'Newberry the happy
bride and groom were tendered a hand
some reception at the hospitable home
of Dr. T. W. Smith, on Boundary
street, which was attended by a few
invited gtests.
Mr. Brown has been in this city for
the past few months in the insurance
busines.1 and has many strong friends
here who join in hearty congratula
tions and best wishes for him and his.
Mr. and Mrs. Brown have rooms at
Dr. T. W. Smith's.
One Struck With a Brick, the Other Shot
at But Missed.
Tuesday evening about 7:30 o'clork
the lower end of Main street w as thrown
into a state of excitement by the ring
ing out of I pistol shot on the street.
Jim Graham had gone into Dan
Brown's place of abode---one of the
joints in that part of the city-and pro
ceeded in some way to molest Dan, who
was serenely resting in his solitary
quietness so continuously noticeable in
one or two negro joints on that side of
Main street, and when Dan requested
Jim to leave, so Dan's story goes, he
refused. Dan then by main i'orcey
ejected him, with as little effort as was
possible, but on reaching the sidewalk
Graham secured a brick and threw at
Brown striking him on the head, mak
ing a scalp wound. Dan returned the
blow with a shot from his pistol, as
Graham took leg bail. We suppose
Graham is still running, as he has not
since been heard from.
Dr. Van Smith, with the assistance
of Dr. W. F. Eberhardt, whose smiling
countenance always brings joy and
gladness even to a miserable reporter's
heart, much less bring-too a dead ne
gro, fixed up Dan's wounds and he
went his way rejoicing until Mayor
Klettner passes the final sentence.
Thanksgiving at Smyrna.
Services will be held at Smyrna
church on Thanksgiving Day at 3.30
o'clock. A collection will be taken for
Thornwell Orphanage.
. Iamas
/ omen
a is superior to all
added to the distin
s, the makers offer
'Queen Quality' Shoe."
or than. any other Slhoe, which
"Queen Quality" Shoe,
tried "Qu1Iceen Qna'lity"' always
y' of a "Queen Quality" Shoe.
the recokozed.nu leiader of Shoe
r Full Particulars.
Here J?la . .<'
Here is something we want you to read,
and read carefully. We want to talk to you
about the good quality of our merchandise and
our low prices, and we want to impress upon
you right here that we never separate quality
and price. No matter how low the price, the
quality is still there---.everything we sell is. of
standard quality, here is one of the elements
of our success: We make the price so low at
all times and the character of our merchan
dise so high that any buyer can offord to buy
of us. We are specialist in our lines which
comprise .
Dry goods, Dress goods, Silks, Velvets,
White goods, Trimmings, Buttons,
Embroideries, Laces, White and Red
Flannel, Embroidered Flannel, Hand
kerciefs, Hosiery, Underwear, Corsets,
Domestics, Jeans, Calicoes, Iomespuns,
Bleachings, Shirtings, Outings, Flanelette,
I.a(lies Wraps, Lace C urtain, Counter
Janes. Yankee Notions.
In fact our large stock comprises almost anything you may
Lsk for, all priced to suit you. Millinery is one of our strong
)oints in all grades, cheap to very fine. We can please you in
his department. Some solid, good shoes for all. We do not
,ell shoddy. Men's Shoes, Women's Shoes, Boy's Shoes,
3irls' Shoes, Baby Shoes. Let us fit your feet in solid
eather Shoes, the kind that look well, wear well and cost
Walk Over Shoes for Men,
Autoao Shoes for Women,
Regina Shoes for Women,
Ideal Shsoe for Children.
Come an(l examine our stock.
0.& .S. MOWER CO.
or we have the most up-to--date line of Dry
3.oods, Notions, s3hoes, Clothing, Cents' Fur-.
lishings, Trunks, Valises, etc., ever shown in
his ci.ty and a,t such low prices that youi will be
istonished. HOW ARE THESE?
~titandard (Jalicues, regular 50. and Go. kind, our price 4e.
leavy Outing, regnlar 10. kind, our pi ice 8 1 .3c.
til-Wool Flannel, regular 18o. and 20e. kind, our pr~j')i cl 5,
til Wool Filled Jeans, regular 25o. kind, our price i19e.
Mhildreni'u read(y.made Jackets, ragular $1.50 kind, our ;.ren $1.24,
autdies' Tatilor-macde, Stin lined JIackets, well worth $1 2 50 or $i 5.00,
We have redueed them to $10.00 while thay last.
Iein's Hon'vy Solid Leather Sbons, regular $1.25 kind we sell 'em at 99o.
2ndies' Kangaroo Calf, regular $1 50 kind, we sell 'emr at $1.25.
Gaill aind see us, for we cani save you mtoncey on over.Sthing in thre Dry
hoads line, if you don't forget
Is the Place Where You Gel Your Money's Worth,
20 yds. SaIsland Cloth at only 49 cents.
18 ) l peciail D)r ive TJ wist Chew. ii odRoCtTeor$0.
in . Tbalcco) at on1kly u er lb.
I packites (16 oz~ cPh) WVash 1rctJrRlh~sa.ou,4.dz
incg Pouwders at only 25 A . LET.RS
At 0. KLETTNER'S, ~ (( ar ais IJpr ot
Mao' IFruit .J a's - doz., i gals.$1 0gin at3O.ipir
nt. 90 , I doz~ gJ r. at 78k.
100) pa;rac Child1ron's Sl ippers 1: rs(oIWa in Sap t
,r h $1.27 at only Ole. ai pair. ly2 '
I 4 lbs. Arm anid Hammanr K"g t~o crLea A,2c
>o'da aIt only3 25c.____
l(0 yds. -10 in. Heavy Shooting at C na lte, up rr
FruilJa Ituber at only 4e. dothoz.
Aai3ndSqr Dear EveytSipper.wot

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