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Why it Puzzles Officials-Imposes Well
Nigh Impossible LTask Upon Goumty
Auditors and Treasurers--The
Troubles Indicated.
rThe State, 22.]
The effort made by the legisla.
ture at its last session to pass a law i
that would cure the curse of the an- i
nual extension of the time for the
payment of taxes in the state seems
to have brought about complica "
tions that are worrying the state of
ficers considerably. Not only are
these' complications cauming trouble
for the state officers, but the county~
officials charged with the collection
.' of, taxes are put in a rather difficult
position for th~e books they have doI
not contain proper spaces.. for run
ning out the different columns of
figures necessitated by the terms of
the act. They are in a qnandary as
to how to proceed. -Already The
State has quoted from several let
ters received from county auditors
and treasurers by the governor in re
gard to the matter. Yesterday two
more came which are of more than
ordinary interest.
The first is addressed to the gov
ernor and the comptroller general
and is signed by the treasurer and '
auditor of Marlboro county, Messrs. 1
J. S. Thomas and R S. Carlhsle.
These officials say:
"The last general assembly an the
26th. day of february, 1902, passed
act No. 525, page 671 of acts of gen.
eral assembly of 19Q2. Thle county
*auditor is puzzled to know how toj
comply with the act as the duplicatesj
are not so arranged that there isl
space for the adding of these pe r-J
centagee, and it will take more or
less time to make up new ones and
entail more expense on the county
for new hooks; besides this act con
flots with the act requiring the au
ditor to- take returns of property
from the first of January to the 20th
of F3ebruary.1
"In view of the above facts we
write to ask that you extend the time:
for payment of taxes without penalty 1
until the 1st of March, and let be1
add6d the 7 per cent. -on all unpaid
taxes at that date. We believe that
a large part of the tatxes will he al .
lowed to stay unpaid until that date
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Come T
inder the new law, as many parties
vill be willing'to pay the .2 per cent.
md have the use of their tax money
or the two months.
"Believing that this arrangement
will prevent confusion and make it
innecessary for the auditor to do a
great deal of impracticable work, we
,rust that you will be in favor of the
The other is from County-Auditor
[. M. McMichael of [email protected]
Jounty and is published in full for
t deals with matters that the legis
ature will doubtless have to fully
onsider when it assembles, and
oints out the complications referred
o. Mr. McM'ichael says:
"The general assembly at the ses
ion of 1902 passed an act looking
o the discontinuance of the practice
f extending the time for the pay.
nent of taxes. I am in fill sympa
~hy with the intent of the said law,
>eing fully convinced of the unwis
loin of tax extensions, but the act
n' question has vital defecte which
end to nullify its good intention,
nd I take the liberty of writiing you
or the purpose of calling attention
o these defects and offering
ome suggestions towards obviating
hem. * * *
"The said act provides a penalty
f 1 per cent. on all taxes not paid
>y' Jan. 1, and an additional 1 per
ent. on February .1, and 5 per cent.
mn and after March 1. The act is
umbersome and complicated in its
>perations and would give very un
latisfactory results for the following
easons: So small a penalty as 1
>er cent. is an encouragement and
nducement to small tax-payers, and
f this law is put in operation it will
very greatly increase the number of
lelinquent taxpayers, and corre
pondingly decrease the money
vailable for governmentrl pur
"Again, the graduated increase of
enalty involves the making up of
bree penalty books instead of one
ma heretofore and will tend to com
>licate and confuse the accounts
with the treasurers, and will make it
almost impossible to obtain accurate
>alances in making up the annual
lettlements. Furthermore, the mak.
ng up of these several penalty
>ooks during the time of taking re
urns for the ensuing year, imposes
a task upon the auditors which is
veil nigh a physical impossibility.
EBy the time the first penalty book
sould be made up the .nanth of J an
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Undaunted' Courage Saves Her--Protected
Her Honor and Prevented Taking of
Her Young Son's Life. Case
For Coroner.
[Special to The State.]
Camden, Nov. 21.-The report
has just reached town of a dastardly
attempt on the part of a negro by
the name of Ned Kendrick to force
his way (Wednesday night) into the
room of Mrs. Mary E. Elliott, a
highly respected and hardworking
white woman of about 45 years who
lives with her son, a 19-year old lad,
about four miles from Camden in
West Wateree.
The negro reaped the due reward
fos his criminal intent, as Mrs. El.
liott with undaunted courage that
would have done honor to any,
Lilled him at her door step.
T.he story as related by reliable
parties, who live in Weost WVateree,
is as follows: Mrs. Elliott's nearest
aeighbor, Ned Kendirick, who lived
with his family about 100 yardls
from her house; the next nearest
seighbors were somie white people,
about a quarter of a mile distant.
Kendrick had been livinig there
about three years and had worked at
the Conquest saw mill.
Mrs. Elliott's home consisted of
)ne room, occupied by herself and a
shed room, where Allen Elliott
slept, opening -onto a baick porch.
Dn Wednesday night, between 9) and
10 o'clock, Ned Kenidrick appeared
[n front of the shed room, b)eganu to
3urse young Elliott, fired off a p)i5
Lol and warned him he wvould shoot
bim if he poked his head out of the
window, that he "had the right
gang with him!" Hie then went on
to Mrs. Elliott's back door, fired his
pistol again, cursed and( told her to
keep quiet or he wvould shoot her.
He then began to batter (downi the
front door with an axe. Mr. Elliot t
recognized Kendrick b)y h)is voice,
and locked the back door just as ho
antered the room, armed with a gun
and pistol; by the front dloor at the
same moment Allen Elliott rushedi
into the room through the door just
opened by his mother.
Then it was that Mrs. Elliott, in
mortal terror that the intruder would
shoot her nnarmed n, jumeds a
Rouqded Peni
rade where they
f for the least me
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of- The Mi
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ost. 50 dozen Men's, B
y article in the house wil
o The Poop
uary would be far spent, and the
same would be true as to February
and March.
"Haveng pointed out the forego
ing objections, I now proceed to sug
gest what appears to me to be a bet
ter plan. In the first place I deem
it advisable to extend the time for
payment of taxes of 1902 until March
1, 1903, and in the mean time have
the legislature enact a law along the
following lines: Let the time for
the payment of taxes expire upon
Dec. 31 of the fiscal year for which
they are levied and let a fixed pen
alty, (say 10 per cent.) attach imme
diately. Let this tax and penalty
be held in -the treasurer's office sub
ject to the taxpayer's call for 60 days
without any further extra charge
after which if still unpaid, let the
treasurer's costs be attached and exe
3ntion issued for its collection.
"The real hardship upon a delin
juent taxpayer is not the penalty
Lmposed by the State but the costs
and fees of the various officials who
serve the tax executions, and the
Lolding off of these charges as long
~s possible is the best way to solve ~
r,he problem of tax extension.
"I submit the foregoing as the re
tult of much careful thought based
ipon six years experience as a tax
Judge Buchanan Claims Yet to Be a Resi
dent of Sumter.
[Sumter Item.]~
The Newberry Hierald and News '
yesterday insisted that the Newberry
sour' was adjouriied because of the
likelihood that the question of Judge,
Buchanan's residence wvould come up.
Judge Buchanan has set all doubts
n that point at rest as the following
from the Spartanburg Journal shows:
A communication received1 by a
friend in this city from Judge Buch
anan last night stat ed that the Judge
expected to be in Spartainburg and
hold court according to schedule.
The communication stated that
Judge Buchanan's court at Newberry
was-hot adjourned on account of his
alleged non-residence in the district,
but on account of an altogether dif
ferent matter. Judge Buchanan says
that he is still a resident of this dis
brict and denies the statement recent
ly made to the effect that he had
shanged his place of residence.
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tpest and .get the
it the people wan
i capital and crec
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t rw ent ",""
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3 Line or 50 hlen's
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n't keep them. Did yo
s at half price. A big lo
te Tradin
re in
Kendrick like a tigress and winding
her arms around him pinioned his
arms to his body, at the same in.
stunt her son seized him by the
throat and began to choke him.
In the scuffle that followed all
three fell and rolled out of the house.
Mrs. Elliott jumped up, wrenched
the negro's pistol out of his hand,
and beat him oveurthe head with it
till it broke and then crushed his
skull by hammering it with a rook
till he died.
Had it not been that the negro
was weakened by a spell of fever
the outcome of the fight would have i
been doubtful as he was, when in
full health, a powverful man, weigh- I
ing fully 210 pounds, and youug Al.
Ien is an overgrown, niot very strong
slip of a boy.
Mrs. Elliott who has supported
herself and raised her son unassist. I
od1, by working her little farm her-.
self, enjoys the esteem and respect
of alj.who know her.
The coroner's jury, Magistrate I
Blowen acting as coroner, met last
oight arid brought a verdict of ex
ausable ho'mnicide-.
On examination of Kendrick's
body it was found that the negro
had tied up his shoes in 01ld rags, I
rind had a quantity of matches int
bis pocket, and it was also ascer-t
riained that he had madle arrange
rrnents to drive to (Camdlen early in
the mrorning. It is therefore pro
mmedO( that after killing young El.r
iott anid carrying out his sinister de.(
sign on Mrs. Elliott, he intencded to
kill her also, aind then obhiter ate all
traces of the deed( hy setting fire to
thie house, and( a&conding.
[lhe Kansas Terror oli the War Path In
New York,
New York, Nov. 20. -Mrs. Oarrie
N4ation created a sensation at the
iorse show today. She harangued
hie great gathering on the evils of I
>verdtress, attempted to break a bot. 1
In of champagne aind was linally
.ljected1 from the .buildhng b)y the po.
Mrs. Nation entered the garden
:juietly and took a seat in the tier.
Shie had been there only a few min
ates when her gaze rested on the<
box wvhere some members of the
Vanderbilt ftamily were sitting. She
studied her program and then do
scend(ed to the promenade. Station.
ing herself in front of the Vander.
bilt box, she delivered a tirade o
Hold the Cri
Biggest and Bes
t. We are in a
lit sufficient to bi
to take care of 1
s of yards of Canton Flannel worth I(
..adies' Black Heavy Hose worth 10c.
Jen's Uunderhirts and Drawers, the
y off and bring your family. It will
ill here.
Overcoats to go at $4.00 worth $6.00.
Dvercoats to go at $5.50 worth $9.00.
Jvercoats to go at $8.00 worth $12.00
Men's Odd Pants at half price.
f Jeans slightly soiled at half price.
u ever think about hc
STORE has to make ,
IG, that's why we havE
t of Boy's Knee Suits tc
overdress. In the box were seated
Mrs. Alfred G. Vanderbilt., Regi
nald Vanderbilt and Miss Nielson.
Alfred G. Vanderbilt was leaning
%gainst the rail on the promenade
,nd did not see Mrs. Nation ap.
"You ought to be ashamed of
yourselves," the woman screamed at
hem "You ought to be ashamed to
wear such disgraceful clothes. Take
:hem off; take them off at once and
ittire yourselves, more modestly."
Alfred 0. Vanderbilt hastily left
he position at the rail and came
ver to whero Mrs. Nation was stand
ng and wiping her forehead with a
Iandtkerchief he whispered some
,hing in her ear and pushed her
The outburst of the woman at
racted a great crowdl of people and
,he occupants of the Vanderbilt box
vere evidently very much embar
assed. Mrs. Nation then turned
xer attention to other boxes. Fi
mally she started for the cafe, where
he bore down on a party of men
vho were drinking wine. Mrs. Na
ion seized the bottle and, glancing
it the men, shouted:
"Young men, dlon't drink such
ilthy stuff. You are going straight
o hell. Where is the man who sells
his stuff? Show him to me and I
vill tell him what I think of him."
Mrs. Natiomis request was speedily
~ranited by the sudden appearance
f M. Nillepigue, the caterer at the
3 ardlen.
"Get ont of this horrible busi.
ess," she shouted at him. "You
re also going to hell an:1 ruinninig
he bodies and souls of men. You
re dragging them down with you,
bamre on you! Shame on you!"j
The Frenchman, however, ran to
Ilrs. Nation and rescued the bottle,
vhich she had repeatedly brandished
n the air to emphasize her remarks.
[lhen he pushed her out of the door.
lere the police took hold of the
(ansasq reformer and forced her out
if the building.
Too Many Special Courts.
[Carolina Spartan.]
It begins to look as if we would
oon have sbout half as many spe
ial terms of courts as regular ones,
r'h. fact is Southi Carolina is doing
mn immense amount of law business
n a small way. They are running
t into the ground and making
sourts too common to be respected
r repnetable.
t selections
position to
ay Goods in
the crowds.
)c. to go at 7je.
to go at 50. pair.
i0c. kit,d to go at 25o. each.
pay you to ride miles to
)w an exclusive
all its expenses
a walkover in
> be closed out
Insane Man Jumps Near Thicketty From
Train Going 50 Miles an Hour.
[Spartanburg Journal.]
A well dressed man, whose name
could not be learned, jumped from
the vOstibuled train today near
Thicketty while the train was speed
ing along down grade at a rate of
about 50 miles an hour. The train
was stopped and run back where the
man was picked up and placed on
the train.
The un fortnnate man was appar
ently of somea me161aRns and standIing.
He was in charge of a trained nurse.
it 8seems that he was the victim of
some mental derangement.
The man wvhen picked up was
still alive anid afte' a careful exami
nation it was thought. that no bones
were broken. When the train
reached Sp)artanb)urg the man was
still unconscious. He was taken) on
to Greenville where, it is understood,
be was taken in charge by physi.
cians, where he died.
The man had a through ticket to
New Orleans to which city he was
being carried by the nurse. It is
said that at the time he took the
leap the train, which was behind
time, wvas running at a high rate of
spe6d, coming dowun the hill on the
other side of Thicketty creek, arp.
p)roaching Sp)artanIbuirg. The man
forced himself loose from the grip
of his nurse and mJade the leap from
a car window.
The Only Republican Who Bver Represent.
ed the Seventh District Is Dead
' in Lexlngtoni.
[Special to The State.]
Lexington, Nov. 20.--After a long
ill ness, ex-congresmn Simeon Cor
ley, dliedl at his home ini town, shortly
after 12 o'clock today. He repre
nieated thbis (list rict in the lower house
of congress, daring reconstruction
(lays, and is the only Republican rep
resentative sent from the district.
Although out of politics for a long
time, yet he bias been true to his
IEarly in the '5i0s he was married
to Miss Miartha Reynolds of Vermont,
and she with an adopted daughter
survive him.
Mr. Corley had reached the ma
Lure age of 81 years.

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