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The statement has come from Wash
ington that Crum, the negro who has
been so prominently mentioned in con
nection with the position of collector of
the port of Charleston, will not be ap
pointed. The Washington correspond
ent of the News and Couries gives as a
reason that "the President, since re
turning from his Southern trip, has re
ceived information reflecting upon Dr.
Crum's political past, which renders
his appointment, heretofore accepted as
assured, impossible."
It seems that the President, as soon
as he returned from his Mississippi bear
hunt, called upon all who opposed
Crum's selection to give reasons sup
porting their position. Among the ob
jections to the appointment urged was
"that Crum went to the Minneapolis
National Convention (held in 1892) as
an anti-Harrison man, and while there
made a deal with the Harrison mana
gers by which he was promised the
postmastership in Charleston in return
for his political services if he voted for
Harrison." Crum three months later
was nominated by President Harrison
for the position, but the nomination
was so' vigorously opposed in the sen
ate by the friends of the defeated
Blaine, that it was finally withdrawn.
Crum, of course, denies the charge,
but his opponents and those in a posi
tion to know state emphatically that
there is no probability of his being ap
It is thought by some that the real
r:ason for the President's decision not
to appoint Crum is, not the charges
that have been brought against him,
but that the President, during his visit
to Charleston during the Exposition in
the early part of this year, made a
promise to the Charleston people,
through representative business men,
that he would give heed to their wishes
in the matter of appointments, and
that he would not place negroes in
prominent positions in Charleston
against the wishes of the Charleston
people. Whatever may be the reason,
the people of Charleston and the peo
ple of the whole State are to be con
gratulated upon the fact that the im
portant position of collector of the
Charleston port will not be filled by a
negro. __
Capt. John M. Patrick, of Anderson,
will be assistant adjutant and inspector
* general under Gen.' Frost. Capt. Pat
* rick in the last campaign was one of
Gen. Frost's opponents. He is a pleas
ant gentleman and well versed in mili
tary tactics. In the hands of Gens.
Frost and Patrick the business of the
adjutant and inspector- general's office
will not suffer.
'Thanksgiving Day Observed-More Houses
StIR Needed-New Merchant
* *.. Prosperity, Nov. 26.-Mr. J. H.
Dinglehoef spent Sunday at home with
-his family.
Mrs. Thos. W. Holloway, of Pomaria,
spent last Monday in our city.
Prosperity shows great respect for
the President's request to lay aside all
* secular employments on Thanksgiving
* ~ Day.
Mrs. Mary RawI, 'of Lexington Co.,
has been visiting the family of Dr. 4.
A. Simpson.
* . Mr. Jno. A. Counts, of Orangeburg,
- ~* is visiting relatives in this county.
The Sunday School of Grace Lutheran
Church has decided to have a Christmas
service and a tree.
Mrs. A. E. Boinest visited relatives
and friends in our town last week.
Mr. Wa1 eBruce, Jr., has returned
home from North Carolina.
Mrs. Lovelace, of the Mt. Pilgrim
community, is reported quite sick.
Miss Gertrude Simpson spent Sunday
here with her home folks.
It is reported on the streets that Mr.
P. L. Langford and family will soon
move to Prosperity.
Mrs. Boulware is now with her daugh
ter, Mrs. D. M. Langford.
* Miss Marie Lathan stopped in our
town on her way to the marriage of
. Miss Bednbaugh to Mr. Richards.
And in this way they too respect the
President's proclamation.
Mrs. Haswkins is visiting her son, Mr.
A. H. Hawkins.
Miss Lizzie Dreher, of Selwood, is
visiting the Misses Bowers.
Mr. Ben Black has bought. from Dr.
R. L.Luther the house known as the
old Lutheran parsonage, and will move
here in a short time. Rev. P. H. E.
Derrick, who is occupying this house
will move this week into the house va
cated by Rev. J. W. Blanton. They
move in. More houses needed.
It is rumored that Mr. Black will en
gage in the mercantile business in the
store occupied now by Messrs. Morris &
Wicker, and that the latter firm will
move into the middle one of the Baker
Mr. J. A. Rikard and family visited
relatives in the city the past week.
Mr. H. S. Cannon and wife spent
Sunday here.
Mr. Malcolm Cook spent several days
recently with a sick brother.
Towels Without Cost.
Every forty-eight pound sack in
which "Clifton'' flour is packed will
make two godtowels, the regular
toweling odsbeing used in the manu
facture of the sacks. Ask your grocer
t sEn yo a frty-eght pound sak.
. 's. ae cat'
Bransford Mills,
Owenaboro. Ky.
All the News Around Bachman Chapel and
Union Academy Intetestingly
Told By T. J. W.
When we picked up The Herald that
contained our last letter we were made
to think of the preacher who preached
entirely from manuscript. He looked
down. as he thoughr. upon the third
page and cahed out ti:irdliy soie ihrec
or four times, when a little gi,l .i,:i1 g
near by said: "I sai thirdly go out of
the window a few m:nutes ago." So
this must have been the case with our
last letter, as about half of it failed to
appear. Boys, be careful, and don't let
any more blow out of the window, as it
often causes me to forfeit my word.
There have been more oats sown this
fall than was a year ago, but some less
wheat. The crops are about gathered
and our cribs have more corn and peas
in them than for many past years. The
cotton crop turned out a few more
bales than we once thought. Potatoes
in abundance, plenty of turnips and
sour krout, with several good hogs to
kill. So don't you see the county is in
a pretty good shape to make another
I don't believe I ever heard such a
demand for pigs as is now. But it's
no wonder. This is what I predicted
last summer when the shoats were all
being killed up and wasted in barbecues.
I told you all that woeful waste made
woeful want. After all this waste, if
there has been anybody benefitted it's
the successful candidates. So we sug
gest that they meet together at once
and order one or two car loads of pigs
to supply this much needed demand.
Mr. Editor, we make you chairman of
this order. So you must call your mem
bers together and act at once.
Miss Eoline Werts, sister of Superin
tendent of Education E. S. Werts, is
teaching the Jolly Street School.
There were quite a number of young
folks at our home last Saturday
night to enjoy a musical entertainment.
We delight in being with them when
they act with such good manners and
behavior. It makes us think of the
days when we were young.
Our school will observe Thanksgiving
day; or at least the children will cease
from their daily studies and hunt rab
bits, birds and romp around in general.
It's a piy we couldn't all meet in our
respective places of worship and raise
our united voices in thanks and praise
to God for his manifold blessings. This
would look like Thanksgiving indeed.
But it seems that the church has lost
sight of the intention of the day, and
the devil is claiming it for a great big
celebration of his own. Or perhaps our
preachers think their members are en
titled to one big day every now and
then in the service of the devil.
Mr. John I. Franklin is visiting his
uncle Dave Franklin, of Molohon sec
tion, a few days this week.
Prof. D. A. Quattlebaum, in com
pany with Mr. Luther Moore and sis
ters, Misses Bessie and Mary, came
over last Mturday and spent the night
with his parents and friends.
Miss Lilla Baker, of Long Lane, spent
last week in this section visiting friends
and relatives. Miss Lilla is an excel
lent lady and we enjoyed her company
very much. Mr. Jno. Baker, brother
of Miss Lilla, also spent Sunday and
Sunday night in this section.
Old Aunt Katie Gribben is seriously
ill, not expected to live many days.
Miss Mary Sligh and Mrs. Mattie
Sligh, of Slighs, visited Mr. J. K. Epps
and family last Saturday night.
Mr. J. E. Long is spending a few
days this week in the uppei- part of the
Our young friend, Mr. Clarence Sum
mers, of Newberry, passed through this
section last Sunday. Its a little un
common to see Clarence in this section.
Pop yo.ur whip young friend, we are not
going to tell on you just now.
I have wondered for some time why
it was that my old frienk Sigma had be
come dumbfounded. Now, my old
friend, if you don't come over and tell
me the whole story, I will let the cat
out of the sack.
Yes, I almost forgot, Mr. Editor,
when must I come after my pigs?
It's a pity that there's to be a con
test between Messrs. Wicker and Ruff
over the honor Peadea, which was given
Mr. M. L. Wicker at a recent election
held in that section. If we understand
right, Mr. Wicker is fully entitled to
wear the honor, and we take the liberty
to make the following suggestion: that
this election stand confimed and the
citizens of this community att their next
meeting confer upon Mr. D. A. Ruff the
honor of H. and H., which by interpre
tation means Hog and Hominy. We
believe Mr. Ruff is fully entitled to this
honor, for according to the last a*ccount
he had taken in 26 loads of corn and
was not done gathering. We believe
this will be satisfactory to Mr. Ruff,
as he is a reasonable man and knows
it is no use for one man to~wear all the
We have always heard that it took
cold weather to save pork, but we find
that warm weather is much the best.
There's many a hog living that would
have been butchered had the weather
been cold.
Well, it will soon be time for our new
law makers to assemble. We are look
ing forward with bright hopes to see
some much needed changes made in our
ounty government law. Editor Aull
has something good in store along this
ine, and we hope he will meet the ap
proval of the delegation of the whole
State. We will have something to say
in this connection in a future letter.
T. J. W.
Nov. 26, 1902.
Mon's y', Ldies, Mis
MY STOCK of Shoes is
be, and instead of w
to cut the price we put thE
the market while your nel
move it. Every pair of sh
under the axe. It will pay
dred miles and buy your I
is your opportunity and
5 bales White Homespun to go
on sale at only 3 1- 4c. yd.
2 cases Indago Blue Calico 4c. 'M
200 White Bed Spreads to go !M
at 50c. worth 75c. '
5 bales the Jno. P. King Sea m
Island 4c. worth 6 1 -4c.
Our entire line of Ladies
ing Skirts to go on sale re
let the side show stores 1
they can sell you just as c
Come Direct to
Where One. Dollar Doe
The Great Underselle
John C. Goggans, as Clerk of Court for l*f
Newberry County, Administrator de
bonis non of Jerusha A. Henson, de
ceased, Plaintiff,
Hartwell H. Henson, et al., Defendants.
LIthe Court herein, I will sell to the
highest bidder before the court house, at
Newberry, S. C., within the legal hours
of sale, on saleday, the first Monday in
December, 1902, all that tract or piece _______
of land lying and being situat in New
berry County, State of South Carolina, Don't let it hang
containing one hundred three and 65-100 ,it! It's terr~ible
bunde by lands of E.F Rud,Aei thrt. iBesides,ts
Brooks Fulmer, Dr. A. A. Madden, and letin it u.I'
others, known as the "White Place," saegh ahn u
and belonging to the Henson estate. Taeahnou
Terms of Sale-One-third cash, bal-Re
ance on a credit of one and two years Sa
from day of sale, with interest from
said date, credit portions to be sdeured WhoOpn CouS
by bond of purchaser and mortgage of ...
premises sold, with leave to anticipate will stop coughing i1
ni ~voe or in part.o Purchaser totimey caes which it will]
for drawing and recording deed ad such we refur d you
rnrgaeENRY C. HOLLOWA Y, Tablets coated w
Trustee. Tablets very conve
Newberry, S. C., Nov. 8th, 1902. in the pocket.
H&N nov14,21&28 -- - -
Lvery and Sale Stable GLDR&
?iThiii M1hIr~Aull& ~NEWFDERP'
me established a g'eneral up to~
ate~ and first class
AND SALE STABLE gigh/ hehtib
At Pomaria. cn nt dmtan
At onara.proper zlases[b
Teare' p r' rd to djo anlytbing for the be.u t'mople in
ibite hivery b'iness~ Will keep all can ain O.Ie en~ 1
rds of v-.bieIh! anI I horse-s for sale. a Ctrialin a nd e. cou n
Everyx hinog first class an at reason aprital . G ect
Sr XM.&OWa.
heavier than it should
aiting until January 1st
big stock of shoes on
ds are great enough to
oes under the roof fall
you to come one hun
)ill of shoes here. Now
100 bales New Outing just
opened and placed on sale
at 4 1-2c., 7 1-2c. and 9c.
Match them if you can.
i Thousands of yards of Stand
.ard Calico to go at 3 1 -2c.
IThousands of yards of Jeans
slightly soiled Half Price.
'Fine Cloaks and Walk
ardless of Cost. Don't
ool[ you by telling you
heap as MIMNAUGH.
s the Work Of Two.
r of Newberry, S. C.
Our line of Austria
Cough! China and English
aSemi Porcelain will be
sold this month at
on! Don't do prices that will sur
iee'noueon prise the most careful
a tax on your :buyer. We are going
ls yu dwn.to Close out this line of
goods, it is all
h Cue i. Open Stock,
anyhingil which enables the pur
iot cure, but in ichaser to buy as much
pn"yrup or or as little as desired.
nente tocarr NeWberry Hlardware Co
Are You Fastidious?
)Rm s'rll*: We are. That's the
s. S*. reason why you can buy
the best in Fruits, Pro
duce, Staple and Fancy
and brnSEa Groceries from us Best
Eases,and New Orleans Syrup just
6t~ 1ise" received. , omne to see
b'trad"e us.
and (Jpbician.
That's what the woman has w .ho owns
one of our labor-saving machines.
That's what the woman
has who owns a hand
some, durable BUCK*g
Gi That's what the man has who pays the
ib little fuel bills caused by a Buck's Stove.
Ginger Ale !
On the Market.
W. G. Mayes and
Gilder & Weeks.
New Flllhlre Stor!QESTAURAPT
Whayou are in Newberry don't
faileto call at the New Foruiture FEHNORFOL.KOSTR
SHELLY a DEAN,~ Prepared in any. style
back of Miwnaugb's, on Friend street, appe.zin
to buy your Furniture. Their goods in the most aptzn
are all new and just from th*- fac- manner and served in
tories, up to date in tini-i, sty a' and orcnein n
workmanship. W e carry a full ;ineof our covnen.n
suits, Cozy dining room.
Beds, Bureaus, Eve rything the mar
Safes, Chairs, ket affords served in
Rockers, Tables, tevr etsye
in fact everything in the house' fur
nising line. We are also prep'ared ODR IIKYPEAE
to do first class repair work onwwu
Watches, Clocks, J1ewelry, Musical V1J.U
Instruments, Sewing Machines and -::
Furniture of all kinds. Give us a M ieo
trial and Le convinced that we are . ac
the cheapest in town.ceesinw adu
Yours for low prices,tod e. W ca gi
theuvery best thayle.
Slielly & Deall line reanable
New berry, S. 0. ges Call and see me.
COMMON PLEAS. Nda' Post Oilc, NKwllery,_S.C.
Adie Byron Mongomery, Plaintiff,
Jane W. Montgomery, as heir at law N
and distributee of John W. Mont- [,
omery, and also as administratrix, . I 7 -
&., and others, Defendants.
teCourt herein, I will sell to the
highest bidder before the court house, at
Newberry, S. C., on Monday (saleday),
the first day of December, 1902, within
the legal hours of sale, all that lot of' - '
land lying in the Town of Newberry, '
in said County and State, containig .
one-eighth (1-8th) of one acre, more or -c 24)
less, fronting on Adams street, and - - -
otherwise bounded by the Crotwell &
Hotel lot, a lot belonging to the estate
of J. N. Godsey, and a lot of Geo. S. -
Mower, the same being the home of A Good Lamp is a ne
Joh Wa . Montgomery at the time of cessity in every house
Terms of Sale-One-third cash, bal- hold. W~e have the
aence ona" acrediterof12ro"months,'oihlnbes Lamps that we
and until paid in full, secured by bond s ell right.
so purchaserand miortgage* ofa"mies Ch inaware, Pictures,
of credit portion at any time. The pur- ian d Gut Glass.
chaser will be required to insure the
dwelling house in a sum not less than.
the credit portion and assign ,the policy
to the Trustee before receiving deed. E
cording deed and mortgage. Prec---------acits
HENRY C. HOLOWY Trespass Notice.
New berry, S. C., Nov. 8th, 1902. ALL PERSONS ARE H EREBY
H&N nov14,21&28 [Xforbidden to trespass, without
- ________---written permistion, by hunting, fishing
AUCTION SA LE -I will s'ell mower, o therwise, u on Any ofe ads sofl
utnsA harow, blacksmith tools, farm the puners toe fullyeteong sof will
utensi aote onies thuded bushestof lae p As. to thWulxtoRKMAN.
biddr ad ohert Blartces le, is |ISMRBRTN
bidde at oship ouThursae, inem JAS. M. WORKMN.
No. 8 Township, on Thursday, Deeem- MISS MARY BURTON.
her 4, at 9 a. in. John Herbert. I JAS. A. BURTON.

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