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determined to buy them whei
urroundg country. Hundreds
rd of Dress Goods and Silks in the house
the market at actual first cost. Dc
this opportunity. The picking of
BMbe easy.
i every description, Dress Hat
thnes, Feathers, Ribbons, Baby
This department must be cleaned
ofmystyle to carry goods from
- gg
Epscpa hurchSou
' tithe full roll of the
-rHa Conference of the Browne, H B
-pal Church South,Chl,RA
in Central.Methodist nar n, Maio
tomirrow ,morning, to- Hc 3s, E T
ppointments of exam. KLgo, J W
itees, which meet to- Meadors, W P
Power, W C
w be een there are SkSA
mittees, one for Wiso, J B
~~-.~SBtot course of study pre-p
a applicants.
'w.~ls~f Cofernce re ub-Abney, 0 M
To go-Hea Cofrneaes ofb Anderson, J F
ndUfirst the nae fAriai,WH
awpRged in'alphabetical Ariail, J W
~4~Ith. seconad the names ofAtaa,oh
athis way may be found Atwy
igitor is being enter-BieyJ
also the .names of the Blegr
-tec home. Bak,.
is the roll, the names
~~ ~being arranged in al-RaerRW
j~~tca1order and appearing onBer3E
st~Ift and side of the column: : ely
- ~'1PPIcANT.Beha,EI
se o S Werts in Court House.Bcwth
Js ce of Jno M Schumpert in CourtBeeaS3
IsAbourt Room. odGM
In offce of R H Welch, Esq. jBolr,RC
FOURTH EAR.tBawhay, John
33~ oer Hea'd ad Nes offce. tawayo, A N
33 BbleClas rom o CetralMetoBalhoene, D G
3 W~isna W Wh eCalsle, J S
Moes J H Wice Carlle E L
B. IL.Tmazt CvenaghBedtena, ]
C R}~aaan P Gailard ('uBet, A J J
MrsMar F rigt Bakane, J C
ESJO,~ W iss ary hom olare, R A
4DISE must be turned into money, let it bring
re your money goes the farthest, so let us pul
md hundreds of dollars will be saved in this con
one season to another. Any reasonable 6ffer
will be accepted.
Unmatcbable Stock of Staple Dry Goods
Falls un<der the axe. Outing, Red and White
Flannels, Canton Flannel, Cacsimeres, Percales,
Calicoes, Towels, Table Linens, Quilts, Sheets,
Sea Island, Sheeting, Dril, Cheviots and Ging
ham. What a feast you will have in the aboyP
line. Thousands of yards of White Homej..
to go at 3c. yard. Thousands of yards of
Calicoes to go at 334c. yard.
5 bales Sea Island to go on sale at only 4c.
ht Into The
e Clarkson, N B O McR H
JCO r XC ;IClarkson, G F O McR H,
Clifton, J A B M I
Clyde, T J - W WHc
Copeland, J R J M
Counts, J C Mrs Mary Sto
at Mrs BI
Creighton, C W J3W
**Crout, I D W T Te
Dagnall, RR J H'E
Daniel, J W E H
Daniel, JL E H
ORNING AT TEN O'COC Dantzler, D D Mrs J D Ho
JDarby, OA A C
Dent, TM R BLon
at AC Jones, DuBose, RM W H
T E Epting Duffie, R L Will not a
H HEvans Dukes, M - B TPays
a;:Newberry hotel Duncan, W M E Caver
Geo W Summer Duncan, W B E Cavet
. W WHodges Duncan, W T' Mrs Bernice N
Dr E P 'McClintock Dunlap, A T A J SLan
Geo W Summer Durant, 0 L Mrs Emma
C C Davis Earle, AB Dr WG Ho
Mrs Willie Ruff Elkins, J WV D A Livinj
JEFEpting Fairey, WA Dr. J M
Ferguson, MM Y J
ECACHERs- Friday, J M R B Loin
Jas.FTodd Frierson, J D T W Hutc
Y 3 Pope G~atlin, G W T W Hute:
Rev DP Boyd Gibson, TF G A Lan;
Re.v. D PBoyd Goodwin, WS W H:
Clarence Sligh Graves, J H Rev G E Eds
J Monroe Wicker Grier, B M Y J
T VWicker Grier, JE Y J
P FBaxter Guess, BJ E S'T
~Mrs E F Blease Kzamfer, L M C M
S C Merchant Hurdin, W M J Y Culbh
at Crotwell Hotel at Central 1
G A Langford Harley, J L 3 C W
J MBarre Harman, Geo T T F Hal
3 W M Simmons Henry, S WV J F Ej
Mrs J D Hornsby Herbert, T G Rev W I He
T E Epting Herbert, WV I Rev WV I He
J Monroe Wicker Herbert, T Grisby Rev WV I He
Jno WV Earhardt ,Herbert, C C Rev XW I He
[4 W P Bedenbaugh Hodges, WV H WV A Jami
R C Perry Hodges, FE T VW
P F Baxter Holler, A E L WV J
H E Todd Holroyd, R L S P Cro
H E Todd Hook, M WV Mrs Emma :
A H Booth Hucks, David WV F E
F M Boyd Humibert, J WV Jno M K'
Rev D P Boyd Humnphries, R WV H H Ri
(C H Cannon Hutson, E P Herbert
C H Cannon Inabinet, L L T V W
Y JPope Igam, P B B EJ
R CWilliams sIso. JN B EJ1
at Crotwell hotel Jackson, A WV Will not a1
J W Chapman James, E Z. Mrs Geo Johnm
J WV White at Mrs F
J XV White Jones, W WV TV Q Bi
Will not attend Jones, R 1] Geo B Cr
Y JPope Jones, ES Dr SG V
R D Wright Justus, XV B T C
J H West Keller, D WV T J Mc(
Dr C D WVeeks at Crotwell)
at Newberry hotel
J H West Kelley, M B C A Bov
Mrs M L Bynum Kelley, XV A B M De
C M West Kilgo, P F Dr E P McCli
T Q Boozer KirklandkXW C J F E
what it may. Not a few Odds and Ends bu
1 together. Tell your friends, let the news
Lmunity during this sale. The fact stares me
50 bolts of Cheviot worth ioc. yard, for this sale
7Ic. yard.
ioo bolts of Indago Blue Calico for this sale 4C.
too White Bed Spreads to be sold at only Soc.
ioo White Bed Spreads, (large size) worth $1.50
to go at g8c. each.
Another big lot of Jeans slightly soiled to go at
half price.
Winter has come a little behind time, but it's
here.* 3 cases of North Carolina Wool Blank
Push And I
ie Cheapest Store
The Carolinas.
olmes Kirton, W H L W Floyd Steadma
olmes at Central hotel Speignei
ennis Kirton, P L . R D Smith Stokes,
rnsby at Central hotel Stokes,;
Davis Lander, Samuel C C Davis Stokes,
Idard Lawson, J M C W Bishop Stokes,
ease's a r oksSol
White Leonard, G C IABakwle tika
irrant Les8.e, A S EHLsi alr
icker Lucas, B D Wl o ted
Aufl Macfarlane, J TCESumrTakr
ooten a eta oe ilr
hotel Mahaffey, J EReNNBrtnTowr
Aull Mann, C DMrMAHuetTywc
nsby Manning, John JWCamnTusa
[ones Mason, E MDrWFbeadtTnis
eman Massebeau, W A RvJLWlimo aga
Davis Martin, W $ agodWdel
inick Melton, N K JFTd at
Eddy Merritt, E M Cp ie akr
ttend a r.Rf' akr
inger Miller, W HwllntaedWnan
augh Moore, E K D oe asn
augh Mood, R EYoEs asn
&ford Morris, T E WAJmeo
Lake .Mullinix, J LJoAEdyWyJ
useal . tCowl htlWbr
~ston Murphy, Bog G - oe
:ibler Murray, P A T~iPrsWls
Pope McCain, J K MsHritLn hro
inick a r oksWie
iison McKissick, E M JNMCuhi ht,'
~ford McLeod, D MWGMaeWitk
Eddy Neely, J WJFEpigWgis
rards Nettles, S A D ec ign
Pope Neville, J JFMEanWik,
Pope Newberry, I J Xilntatn
ierts Odell, T C D VGHuelWlim
West Peeler, J A SPCowl isn
~eath Phillips, D A GoBCoe in
iotel Phillips, A RBBDaiWodJ
ison Phillips, T P JDDvnotWrm
>ting Pitts, W AESWetWro,
rbert Pooser, G HIJVCiret oge
-bert a eta oe oge
rbert Porter, J AWilntaedZrner
bert Rawls. B HBTPasne
eson Ray, J L. r laeBli.V
ekrReynolds, T B aty
ones Rice, J A GoSMwrGeeh
:well Richardson, WV R. J.VWieDigr
sake IRobertson, B MOsaWionDk.G
wart Rogers,* W A ReGeAWrgtdwds
nard Rogers, J MRDWrgtGrhm
kard Roper, J C JDSLvnso uis
'ook jRou ntree, 0 NJJLagodMra
.eker Rushton, J E amn pns
alien jScoggins, E F JRBungtTlr
ilien Shaffer, G R OcrWlo
tend jShe-1, J WVD FPia
tone Shlmer, F II JABakedrF
.uff's Sifley, J I.Wl o te( ir
>ozer Singltn HrJP LlMcbe
namer a eta oe
relch Sojourner, J RECbais1rpc
Pool Smith, C B GoSMwrXeln
:rary Shyder, W J FCbns
iotel iSpeake, J WVMsX Lit aly
iman Speer, FosterXVLRihe icaa
nnis' Stevenson, J JPCGaladIy,M
itock Stackhouse, R F aisDvs
~ting'Staford, ALJW l osyd Gteaoma
3rd, I Star
every article under the roof included. I am dete
go from lip to lip, for it's news of importance to ev
in the face that my stock is too heavy, and while you
ets to go at a sacrifice. They are the best Evi
Blankets, and have more warmth to the square g
inch than any Blanket in America for the price. f(
50 prs. North Carolina Wool Blankets at cost, a
$2.50 worth $3.50. tl
50 prs North Carolina Wool Blankets at cost, q
$3.00 worth $4.50. ti
50 prs. North Carolina Wool Blankets at cost, ti
$4.oo worth $6.oo. IOO
300 prs. of Cotton Blankets to go at half price. 300
Step up stairs and I will show yot more Blank- ioo
ets than all the stores in town combined. a
ollowT -he C
n, j M W T Tarrant Inabinet, J P J W
-, R W J W Chapman Jones, S M Dr J H Mc(
W S Mrs Willie Ruff Lewis, D- A G M E
F L Mrs C M Cook at CrotwE
?eter W H Day Miller, J T T
Ienry L W Jones Owen, T B Mrs C
C CDavis -Patrick, WT J Y
', JE H HRikard Peeler, CM -J MI
PW SMelton Penny, GP COMBo
at Crotwell hotel Ruff, Wm S K Bo
J H P CGaillard 'Stone, IN S KBo
W P Houseal JWelch, J C W
W H Rev H W Whitaker Wimberly, W A J H
,JBJH Wicker WVright, JN Rev H WXX
e, R S J H SummerAPICTS
ed, R E B 0 Epting Al,Mri
,S8D Rev N NBurton Hro,eTr TF
GiH C HCannon KlyW E
L J Chesley Dominick Hny 1CaslyD
Geo W Geo I C McWhirter abetJKJ
A C Geo I C McWhirteratrow
aker, T E Will not attendPrceNLCAE
A B Rev Geo A Wright M\an rO
G P C H CannonatCow
E 0 Edw RiHipp Gri,P
at Newberry hotel a et
sherard Scott Gut hro
at Crotwell hotel
B Dr EOCJones Nln,HJ
SGCrtAuldc,K JavnWH
r, X Rv HW h Hakrmo,at TJ CroFwe
~.G Re HW Witkelly, PROTSTW METHDS (
XV XV Mrs EiHsnryic, W D J Chessley D:
an BonVStOR w
C MrsC F BocdAtin, Dr LJDreOI
,JJ Wilotatndo, Dr H MJN Mrr
WJ T G WCkrer Enochst, Dr W8D J K
r, HPFRv B,WWhter atWTHroweI
r A P e F Bhter LFROM PRTEsT NT MoDsT W(l
W EnHSC VHuntier Crer, JDE C JW
,o W J s Mrs W Lik Wait J Chessley Do
C e EEwrsMsE ebr Mrs ESFBoy
2, G J WilVo Capmand
WV HA W FREeartAdro,D VE D a
W C T Vo kighker c,J wc
at Cenra FhBatelrges
LP J WS EararBte,eo
C AH HbFra~niBo~,AMD
Ad EpHH rakinBed,JFG
Io B A Weumst t(rt
BAtkn,Dhams Y
B.X okih ighsa, Dr R J.rJ K
C XV AuAoFreeDanH at Newberr
L e hiae aw, J W D W not
VSGC rterCi, Dr B W S
XV C XV ManngCat, Dr T Re WY
rmined to sell the Goods,' and ou are
ery man, woman and child in Newberry
need the goods is the time to move them,
ry pair of Shoes in the house at cost. Our
reat Shoe sale continues. Just stop and thinIk
r a moment. We don't ask you to take our
'ord for the reductions. Price elsewlhere and
ien come to us and we will convince you as
nick as a wink. Everybody knows we have
ie stock of Newberry and that we are doing
ie business of the town.
Boys' Knee Suits to go at actual cost.
Men's Overcoats to go at a sacrifice.
doz. Men's and Boys' Hats just landed to go
half price.
R:eder Crook, Henry T Dr Van Smith
ullough Collius, B G Dr J C Halfacre
Epting Campbell, J C Jos Mana
11 hotel Cely, J A Coe L Blease
N Parks *- at Protwell hotel
F Bo% d Duncan, T C Geo Mowe,
Taylor Dibble, A C 3 L Eppe
Taylor at Central hotel
ukoight Evans, D T 3 J Langford
2knight Erlich, E'l watrd, R H Webh
uknight Foosbe, J D Mrs Emma Laka
S Mann Fairey, Dr JD8 F MBoyd
Wicker Feathearstone, C C F Z Wilson
hitaker Gruber, G W 3 D S Livingstoa
Glaze, WV L Will not attend
Carwile Greig, Benj Will not attend
iarmori Gilcthrist, M J L M Speers
erchant Hubr,at Central hotel
mnick Hubr,JB -Jno M Kinard
5 Salter Hod ges, Geo C 0 M Jamieson
11 hotelSa Newberry hotel
hote ma offmeyer, Gus R C Perry
Mayer Hodges, P A. R C Williams
11 hotel at Crotwell hotel
H Hair Hill, R S W H Wallace
at hotel HameI, S W T J McCrary
>dot t Crot well hotel
dSttIIerbert, D 0 W H IIung
Haynesworth, M A Mrs MI L Rynumn
Bowers Hamer, M IR Will McCarty
S CON- at Crotwell hotel
Hardin, W H 0 L Schurgipera
Kibler Harris, I S - Jos Mann
11 hotel Jennings, R H F J Russell
HURCH Judy, H L J C Wilson
Bishop Knight, J M E M Evans
Cook's Keller, B F D A Livingston
Lesesne, J H Dr J M Kibler
.. Lewis, W W J P Mahon
minick Lyon, J G W Ernest Merchant
at Mrs Cook's
J Pope Lynch, G G Will not attend
Gilder Lofton, R M Mrs Bernice Martin
y' hotel Montgomery, W J e Geo S Mower
J Pope Marehant, M S Mrs Willie Ruff
Gilder Marshall, J B W G Mayes
'elham McCullough, J A T C Pool
ie Ruff McLeod, N S J P Mahon
mmons McDonald, John D A Dickert
J Pope at Crot well botel
Gilder Murray, Dr W J Dr Jss Mcintosh
.McLeod, J W Rev J L Williamson
iadMcLeod, Dr R Y Dr W G Houseal
K(inard Newton, B H S B3 Jones
minick Nicholson, B E C E Summer
retat Central hotel
retNickles, R S J H Summe,r
Otts, J CLle~
1appe I Pearce, Dr J F D ae cnoh
.1 hotel Pressley, D AWAFum
T Haya Prince, Geo EDr3KGle
Wiso ,Pyickens, W LJ Wckr
'arise uinby, J L JAWs
'al~eRiddle, J M 0Kete
G SaleR
I hotel Rcgers, WV JEda1Scot
oeRiley, 0 BSBJoe
nstope Saiders, C PWilotaed
nstone S*"'W
fgsOf Snyder, HI N RDWih
attendat Crowery hotel
lrbr (Cnclued o for paGle

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