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Beginning with this issue we will
publish a daily paper during the sessic n
of the Methodist Conference in New
berry. The paper will be issued each
morning and will cover in detail the
p.oceedir gs of C:nference and the locdL
field. The daily edition will be sent to
each one of our subscribers without ex
tra cost and will be sold on the streets
and at The Herald and News office.
The Conference met in Newberry
once before during the sojourn in this
ety of the present editor of The Herald
and News. That was in 1878 when we
were a nt in Newberry College.
At that dis nce apart it is not proba
ble that we will see another meeting of
the. Conference -in Newberry, though we
would like to see several more here.
At any rate' we have decided to try
the experiment of a daily for the ses
sion and will appreciate any notes of
interest which may be kindly furnished
by any of the brethren. We will try
to make the paper interesting and while
we will give some attention to local and
eurrnt events the paper will be pri
marily a Methodist Conference paper.
We would be glad to have a few
special ads for the extra issues and
will giveb a low rate so as- to help to
bear current expenses. It will be a
good advertising medium for it will go
regularly to our 1,750 subscribers and
we will print a few hundred additional,
making the total of each issue not less
at any time than 2,000.
We feel it will be a good tling for
our town and we believe will be appre
ciated by the Conference, at least we
hope so.
We publish today the roll of the Con
ference and the assignment of homes.
We could not have published it as
soon as our cotemporary for the reason
we did not have the list and never saw
it until it was printed. .We did suppose
it would be furnished to both papers at
the same time but it wasn't. - We are
,ot complaining, but at. the time we
-. did feel that we were treated with
scant courtesy. There have been seve
ral changes and maybe it is just as well
it~ was not printed earlier. You will
find the roll arranged alphabetically by
hosts and guests.
A sentimental edjitok out in Kansas
asks: "Are there any sweeter-words
than these: 'I lfove; you?'" Perhaps
not; but the words, "Here's that dol
lar I owe you on sdbeecription," are not
lacking in delightful enunciation to the
er's .of a newspaper man-Wateree
And the larger the amount named
the sweeter become the words. The
only words half so sweet, and they are
about half as sweet are, "I can't pay
you any money, but here's a.load of
wood." And the colder the day the
sweeter these become. Itisanow winter.
Coungress convened yesterday. It is
likely that the greater part of the ses
sion will be devoted to the trusts and
some interesting measures may be
6loed for.
- Sale Day.
jYesterday was saleday, but no public
V sales were made. Those advertised
were settled and withdrawn before the
hour for sale, and the cryer had noth
- ing to ,do bu oauction off a couple
head of mules, an old bugy nd acow.
There was a pretty good crowd in town
and all seemed to be busy. The square
was crowded with wagons loaded with
wood, which found ready sale. The crowd
was good natured and happy and the
city presented a busy appearance.
- Dots from New Chapel.
* My writing' will no more appear un
der the heading, "Gleanings Around
Timothy Creck." but "Dots from New
Thanksgiving Day has come and gone
and with it came a' cold wave. Conse
quently some are enjoying fresh meat.
Thanksgiving Day was observed with
the usual pleasure and some hunting
The rain Tuesday knocked up the
missionary meeting.
Miss Pearl Paysinger visited Mr. Wal
ter Herbert's family this week.
-Mr. Frank Schumpert's daughter,
who has been very low with typhoid
*fever,'is convalescent.
. Mr. Walter Herbert has ordered five
hundred buckets, which he is now fill
ing with honey for sale.
* Mrs. Wheeler, of Prosperity, and
little granddaughter, May, are on a
visit to her son Prof. J. S. Wh" ler.
To say the school is moving on nicely
would be useless. Everybodly knows
with Prof. J. S. Wheeler as teacher it
can not be otherwise. But eveything
is on~ :;he line of improvement. The
trustees have ordered some nice new
desks for the school house.
There was prayer meeting at Mr
Herbert Boulware's last night.
Nov. 29, 1902.
Bread and Bread Making.
Prof. Wiley, of the Agricultural De
partment at Washingtn, in an, article
on "Bread and Brea Baking," says,
"the nutritive value of wheat flour de-:
pends largely upon the character of
milling." The most scientifically rmilled
flour is "Clifton," made at Bransford
Mills, Owensboro, Ky. Insist on your
groer sending it to you. Call at E. R.
Hip', Hayes & McCarty's and L. W.
Some Interesting News Items from the
Mollohon Manufacturing Company
and the Newberry Cotton Miils.
closed down Thanksgiving day in order
to give the operatives a holiday, which,
they of course enjoyed.
The young people of the mill were
entertained at the residence of Mr. A.
F. Northcutt Wednesday night at a
"Surprise Turkey Party" and on Thurs
day night at the residence of Mr. G.
S. Merchant with a nice little play.
Both occasions were enjoyed very
The operatives in West End did not
have holiday Thanksgiving but will
have the pleasure of enjoying three
days Christmas.
The union Thanksgiving services
were attended ThursdAy night by a
very small congregation, owing to the
fact that the weather was too disagree
able for the people to attend. How
ever small the congregation was, the
services were very interesting, for
when Rev. J. J. Long conducts a ser
vice he will most assuredly interest
those present.
Entertainments were not very scarce
in West End Saturday night. There
were two dances and two plays, all
largely attended.
It was very gratifying to a majority
of the voters of this community to
know. that Mr. Earhardt was elected
next mayor without a second primaiy,
and that he will have associated with,
him such an energetic set of aldermen. I
Now as Newberry is to have a new set
of councilmen next year, it is hoped
that the town will be in a better condi
tion in 1904. Get in harness and pull
hard gentlemen and the West End peo
ple will pull with you.
This correspondent would like to
make an apology for an announoemen
he made last week in his letter. He was
told by a person who was a member of
the Pecahontus that they were to give
an oyster supper in the Red Men's hall
last Saturday night. It was discovered
that this person had been misled, and
of course there was no supper. Both
parties are very sorry that this mistake
was made, but it was not their fault
and the Pocahontas must forgive them
this time.
Mr. J. D. Livingston met with a
very painful accident Saturday night.
From what I can learn -he went down
to Prosperity on the Southern train
Saturday night with the intention of
going on a hunt Monday. The train
pulled off just as he started to alight,
and his gun in some way tripped him
and threw him against a freight car.
One of his shoulders was dislocated,
and he was hurt internally as well as
externally. He was immediately put
under the care of a physician and sent
to his home Sunday.
Quite a peculiar incident happened inr~
West End Sunday. A little negro dis
guised himself by blacking his already
black face with smut and put on a dress,
and acted a little too vulgar for the
people. The result was Police Bouk
night arrested him.
Mr. J. E. Fulmnan went to Goldville
Saturday and returned Sunday.
It is sa!d that a certain young man of
West End went about 12 miles down
the country Saturday afternoon on a bi
cycle to see his best girl and was warned
not to go in such a manner as it might
rain. He did not heed, and the last
report was that he had not returned.
Of course it rained. "Mooch.''
Dec. 1, 1902.
laticc Of PFi1l SCtlei al flhchag.
I will make a final settlement on
the estate of Bennie Marie Caldwell,
deceased, in the Probate Court for
Newberry County, S. C., on Saturday
the 3rd day of January, A. D.,. 1903, at
11 o'clock in the forenoon, and will im
mediately thereafter apply for Letters
Dismissory as Administrator of the
said estate.
Newberry, S. C., Dec. 1, 1902.
The Ladies'Exohmnge
Mrs. B. C. Williams
respectfully informs
the ladies of Newberry
and vicinity that she
has opened an Ex
change for the pur
chase or exchange of la
dies', children's and men's
second hand clothing, and
solicits their patronage.
Persons on business wil
please call at the E xchange,
Crotwell Hotel, first floor,
between 9a m. and 4p. mn.
County and myself will meet at
Ashford's Ferry on Thursday, the 18th
day of December, at 11 o'clock in the
forenoon, at which time the ferry will
be let. J. M. SCUMPERT,
ftd. Supervisor.
all trespassing upon the lands of
the undersigned is forbiddden, under
the penalty of the law.
ft3t. F. WEBER.
Pomaria, S. C., under mill prices
all the flour the trade may need until3
March 1st, 1903. Give me you r orders C
at once. Ask me for prices. I have
bought a large lot of grain cheap, and
will give the people around Pomaria the
aenefit of this deal. I can and will save a
gou from 25c to 50c per barrel on fionr. (
News From Excelsior.
Our school observed Thanksgiving
The regular service on next Sunday
We h .d some snow, sleet, rain and
;unshine on Thursday followed by a
tool breeze. Winter is coming slowly
Mrs. Morris and little girl, of St.
Lukes, have spent the week here with
,er father's family.
Misses Janie Kinard and Bessie Cro
rner spent Saturday night with Miss
Lola Kibler.
Messrs. J. C. Singley & Co., have
ommenced sawing lumber again near
here and can fill your order on short no
Our friend "T. J. WV." must have
been on a booze when he thinks he can
let a cat out of the sack on a little fel
low like I am. No, sir, I am not dumb
founded. Sigma is all wool and 36
inches wide.
Some of our people are enjoying
fresh meats now. Mr. A. M. Counts,
I am told, killed a hog on Friday that
weighed 540 pounds of his own raising
and- has another just about as good.
Mr. J. A. C. Kibler informs us that
some party or parties carried about
two bushels of corn from his field a
few nights ago.
Mr. D. B. Cook spent Monday over
at Saluda court house. Sigma.
We would like to ask, through the
columns of your paper, if there is any
person who has used Green's August
Flower for the cure of Indigestion,
Dyspepsia, and Liver Troubles that has
not been cured-and we also mean their
results, such as sour stomach, fermen
tation of food, habitual costiveness,
nervous dyspepsia, headaches, despon
dent feelings, sleeplessness-in fact,
any trouble connected with the stom
ach or liver? This medicine has been
sold for many,years in all civilized coun
tries, and we wish to correspond with
you and send you one of our books free
of cost. If you never tried August
Flower, try a 25 cent bottle first. We
have never known of its failing. If so,
something more serious is the matter
with you. The 25 cent size has just
been introduced this year. Regular
size 75 cents. At all druggists.
G. G. GREEN, Woodbury, N. J
Rev. Irl R. Hicks 1903 Almanac.
To say that this splendid work of
science and art is finer and better than
ever, is stating it mildly. The demand
for it is far beyond all previous years.
To say that such results, reaching
through THIRTY YEARS, are not based
upon sound sense a~ usefulness, is an.
insult to the intelli ence of the millions.
Prof. Hicks, through this great Alma
nac, and his famous family and- scien
tific journal,.WORD AND WORKS, is do
ing a work for the whole people not ap
proached by any other man or publica
tion. A fair test will prove this to any
reasonable person. Added to the most
luminous course in astronomy for 1903,
forecasts of storms and weather are
given, as never before, for every day
in the year, all charmingly illustrated
with nearly two hundred engravings.
The price of single Almanac, including
postage and mailing, is THIRTY CENTS.
WORD AND WORKS with the Almanac is
$1.00 a year. Write WORD AND WORK~S
PUBLISHING Co., 2201 Locust Street,
St. Louis, Mo., and prove to yourself
their great value. 2t.
1NT. 6102.
The First National Bank, at Whitmire 1u
the State of South Carolina, at the Close
of business, November 25, 1902.
Loans and discounts........ $24,572 63
Overdrafts, secured and unse
cured. .................... 960 76
U.S. Bonds to secure circula
tion .........-.............. 6,250 00
Premiums on U. S. Bonds... 539 06
Stocks, securities, etc........ 1,116 41
Banking house, furniture, and
fixtures................... .... 1,530 01
Due from State banks and
bankers.............. ... $ 9,322 97
Due from approved reserve
agents..................... 4,893 87
Notes of other National Banks 870 00
Fractional paper currency,
nickels, and cents............ 51 55
Specie .............$2,254 45
Legal-tender notes... 4,000 00 6,254 45
Redemption fund with U. S.
Treasurer (5 per et of circu
lation ....................... 312 50
Total....................$56,674 21
Capital stock paid in.........$25,000 00
Surplus fund................ ... 100 00
Undivided profits, less ex
penses and taxes paid ....- 154 14
National Bank notes out
standing................ ... 6,250 00
Individual deposits subject to
check.....................24,917 60
Cashier's checks outstanding 252 47
Total...................$56,674 21
I, J. K. S. Ray, Cashier of the above
named bank, do solemnly swear that
the above statement is true to the best
of my knowledge and belief.
J. K. S. RAY, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 29th day of November, 1902.
Notary Public.
Win. Coleman,
F. M. Setzler, - Directors.
R. R. Jeter, __ _____
Notice !
against the county will please
present the same to the county board
or approval on the 20th day of Decem
:er, 1902, at which time said board will
can learn that the Newberry
steam Laundary will give you satisfac
ion in any thing in their line. Why
lon't you patronize home people?
learn some day that it pays
ou to let us dye that old suit for you
r clean and prs it. All work is
~uaranteedl to be first class. Thousands
f satisfied customers will tell you so.
Ve are not playing for your dollars1
nly; we are playing for the future too.
:oe and1 test the truth of our talk.
he NewberyT Launry.
A1, aentl iITII u+ s
tig l,trnte-s iy the --f
w~or-t kind ut$lycul- li
Eureka r
Harness Oil L
Horse a
C. t ha the Iurness and the
. ttOCr but ick the r th;
at::r -oft :I II }Iitllt .}pits it ini coni "S4
d tritl o lat-ticas Ia Wogot
sl fo ca, :i4trdinarity wten'us.
OR S.-it e fhere i eau in bl e,
red fsizei. c.ade by T
S,T'ANDARD ti' 1J,
F. Harmon., le'i
Giv'e /
Yo ur ~
Horse a FOR C
19FULL STOCK Butterick Patterns.
USold strictly for cash at Woot
ens. tf.
NEW AND FULL stock of Paper
Patterns just received and are
sold for cash only, at Wooten's.
NOR SALE. -A fine Holstein bull,
W read- for service. Apply to Thos.
Cuffs right up to the scratch. No
waiting, no disappointment at the
Newberry Steam Laundry.
WANTED - Manager for New
V branch of our business here in
Newberry. Address at once, with ref
erences, Afrd Morris, Wholesaler,
Cincinnati, Oh. o It.
A UCTIONSALE-I will sell mower,
harrow, blacksmith tools, farm
utensils, about one hundred bushels of
corn and other articles to the highest
bidder at Rober; Boulware's place, in
No. 8 Township, on Thursday, Deeem
her 4, at 9 a. m. John Herber.
are a nicely laundryed collar and
shirt. You can have them beautifully
done at the Newberry Steam Laundry
for a mere song. Then, too, you will
be helping a worthy home industoy.
Sensible people will see the point.
be had at all hours at the Cafe
dining room on West Main street, op
posite Klettner's. Always the best the
market affoids at very moderate prices.
Meals served in any style to suit any
taste. Fresh oysters always on hand.
3tMcenzie & Son.
M ONEY TO LOAN-We negotiate
loans on improved farm lands
at seven per ,cent. interest on
amounts over one thousand dollars,
and eight per cent. interest on amounts
less than $1,000. Long time and easy
payments. Hunt, Hunt & Hunter,
[1HRISTMAS CH EER-The opportu
UJnity to obtain higher quality pure
Old Lincoln County Whiskey for the
holiday season is offered by the Ameri
can Supply Co., distillers, Memphis,
Tenn., at the very low price of $3.45
for five full bottles, express prepaid.
Their offer elsewhere in this issue also
states proportionately lower prices for
the same grade goods in larger.quanti
ties. This old established distillery is
headquarters for pure sideboard goods
for the home, and deals drect with the
people, thus saving them the interme
diate profits that arise between distil
ler and consumer in the usual channels
of retail trade.
Whei you are in New berry don't
fail to call at the New Furniture
'ore of
back of Mimnaugh'e, on Friend street,
to buy your Furniture. Their goods
are all new and just from the fac
tories, up to date in linisb, style and
workmanship. We carry a frill line of
Beds, Bureaus,
Safes, Chairs,
Rockers, Tables,
in fset everything in the house fur
nishing line. We are also prepared
to .do first class repair work on
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Musical
Instruments, Sewing Machines .and.
Furniture of all kinds. Give us a
trial and be convinced that we are
the cheapest in town. 1
Yours :or low prices,
New berry, S. C.
Our line of Austriat
China and English
Semi Porcelain will bed
sold this month ate
prices that will sur- t
prise the most careful i
buyer. We are going
to close out this line of -
goods, it is all
Open Stock, /
Nhich enables the pur- n
:haser to buy as muchi
r sltl sd srd
>reswltter lasrdesred.o I
kWheirV HardW2f800 h
icet Filal Settlemel: and Discharle.
. that we will make a final settle
ent on the estate of Andrew L. Long
Lore, deceased, in the Probate Court
ir Newberry County, S. C., on Thurs
ty the 4th day of December, A. D.,
)02, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, and
ill immediately thereafter apply for
etters Dismissory as Administratrix
,d Administrator of the said estate.
All persons havin" claims against the
xid estate will renc er in the same duly
ttested, and those indebted to the said
state will pay the same on or before
1at date to our Attorney, Cole L.
lease, Esq.
Newberry, S. C., Nov. 3, 1902.
leeri boers
Al Rates are
.W. White.
Hands Wanted
Excelsior Knitting M ill
Of Union, S. C.
RTYRFT strong able-bodied me
between the ages o
twenty-one and forty to make $1.O
per day each, and good wages pai(
to other members of the family fo
Dther classes of work.
Wm also want Toppers,. Knitter
Loopers, Menders and FinisherE
All the work is nice and easy, ani
we pay better wages thai any othe
hosiery mill in the South.
Apply to
J. H. Gault,
Treas. and Manager.
Union, S. C.
I have just received over Two EHun
dred Dollars worth of Pocket Book
-more than the combine~d stock o
any six merchants in Newberry
These goads were bought direct from
he manufacturer, theremby doing awa;
with the middle man p-rofit So yol
ee I am prepared to give you th
very best quality for your money
A Pocket Book that I eell for on,
dollar and fifty cents would cost yoi
$ 75 to $2 00 with the jobber's profi
added. Now I am not working th
jobber for I think that he in er title
to his profit. But if I can buy t hes
goods in large e Iough qu&atitiels an<
et t hem direct from the manufactur
er aud save you that cost, I thinl
that it is legitimate. I have a Pocke
Book in the very latest and newes
style that will please y8u. M;
prices range from five cents to tei
:lollare, so don't buy until you se<
my stock. Come and look, you art
aways welcome at
oioc of FiR8l 88ttldllI 3il JJISCharE
L1.Iwill make a final settlement or
;he estate of Dr. John R. Thompson
leceased, in the Probate Court fo:
gewberr County, S. C., on Monda)
;he 22nd dyof December, A. D. 1902,
i 1 o'clock in the forenoon, and im.
nediately thereafter ajpply for Letters
ismissory as Adminmstratrix of saic
All persons having claims ainst the
laid estate are hereby notifie to ren
Ler in the same duly attested;'and all
hose that are indebted to pay the same
n or before that date to the under
igned or her attarney, James Y. Cul
reath, Esq.
Newberry, S. C., Nov. 17,1902.
Ioticc of Final1 SettlemenCit a1il Dscil18
I will make a final settlement on
he estate of Anderson Singley, de
eased, in the Probate Court for New.
err County, S. C., on Tuesday the
th a of December A. D., 1902, at 11
'clock in the forenoon, and will imme
iately thereafter apply for letters dis
iissory as Administrator of the said
state. All persons having claims
gainst the said estate will render in
ie same duly attested; and those in
bted will pay the same on or before
at date. ALLEN G. WISE,
Newberry, S. C., Nov. 5th, 1902.
1paid on or before December1Oti-.
>sitively no extension will be granted
yond that date. It is absolutely
icessary that taxes should be collect
I to meet the indebtedness incurred
iring the administratin of 1902.
All persons who have claims pagainst
e town of Newberry are requested to
'esent them at once.
W ANnFOR C.r T. T. C. N.
Here Is
Here is something
and read carefully. V
about the good quality
our low prices, and w
you right here that we
and price. No matter
quality is still there
standard quality. Hei
of our success: We i
all times and the cha
dise so high that any t
of us. We are speci
Dry goods, Dress go
White good
Embroideries, Laces,
Flannel, Embr<
kerchiefs. Hosiery, 11
Domestics, Jean
Bleachings, Shirting
Ladies Wraps, ]
panes. Yankee Noti
In fact our large stock con
> ask for, all priced to suit yoL
points in all grades, cheap to
this department. Some solic
t sell shoddy. Men's Shoes,
Girls' Shoes, Baby Shoes.
leather Shoes, the kind that
Walk Over Shoes f(
Regina Shoes for W
me and ex
tsells the best goodb f
We Are Dain
Because we sell more
t Same goods
And you may always count up
way of
Dry Goods, Notion:
at the very lowest prices.
Come and inspect our line'a
both pleasant and profitable to you
- The Place Where Yoo
And Special
the next few weeks cut the pri
sold at some price. An immense li
We Will Not Be Undersol
OnrDress Goods and Silk Depart
Goods, All grades and the latest
We Have the Stock, the Styles al
Come and See For Yourself. --
100 Men's Nobby all wool S
100 Men's Nobby all wool S1
100 Men's Nobby all wool Si
100 Men's Nobby all wool S1
.100 Men's Nobby all wool Si
400 Boys' and Childrens Suits for $
and $-1 00.
150 pra. Children's Solid Leather Si
200 prs. Ladies' Solid Leather Shoe
150 prs. Men's Calf Shoes, Lace or
150 prs. Men's Calf Shof s, Lace or 4
Big Stock of Ladies' Jackets, Cap
Prices yet on Domestics. Come ant
Le.aders of T,nw Prices on An) thing
we want you to read,
Ve want to talk to you
of our merchandise and
e want to impress upon
never separate quality
how low the price, the
;verything we sell is of
*e is one of the elements
make the price so low at
racter of our merchan
>uyer can offord to buy,
alist in our lines which
ods, Silks, Velvets,
s, Trimmings, Buttons.
White and Red
)idered Flannel, Hand
uderwear, Corsets,
, Calicoes, Homespuns,
3, Outings, Flanelette,
[ace Curtain, Counter.
iprises almost anything you may
1. Millinery is one of our strong
very fine. We can please you in
1, good shoes for all. We do not
Women's Shoes, Boy's Shoes,
Let us fit your feet in solid
look well, wear well and cost
>r Men,
toao Shoes for Women,
leal Shsoe for Children.
amine our stock..
sd discovered that Wooten
:r the least money and
gibhe Business
Sgoods for same money!
for less money!
on getting everything you want in the
1, Shoes,
Is' Furnishings, etc.,
sd we will endeavor to make your visit~
,and don't forget
Get Your Money's Wrth.
Low Prices at
ses on every line. The Goods must
ne of New Goode for you.to eeeotfroi
d by Anyone, Try Us and See.
ments are packed full of pretty Nee
things from the Cheapest to thsBest.
toes and Hats.
2d the Pjices Lower than Anybody.
its for $5 00 well worth $7.50.
zits for $6 50 well worth $8.00.
iits for $7.50 well worth $10.00.
iits for $10 00 well worth $14.00.
iits for $12 00 well wortb $16.50.
1.00, $1.25, $1.50, $2.00, $2.50, $3.50
oes at 50ec, sold at other stores fur 75o.
a at $1.00 sold at otber stores fcr $1. 50.
Congress for $1 00 a pair worth $I.N).
Jongre'ss for $1.50 a pair worth $200.
es and Furs at Cut Prices 'Lowest
I see ne.
to Waar for Men, Womeand Chamla..

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