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istorical Socety to Meet Tonight-Ad
dresses by Prominent Speakers Each
Evening, Beginning Today.
The South Carolina Conference of
the Methodist Episcopal Church South,
will meet in Central Methodist church,
-Rev. W. I Herbert, pastor, Wednesday
The session will be opened at 10
o'clock with. the Sacrament of the
Lord'a Supper, followed by roll call and
eNgnsioan tIM anuai address of
preainggishp W W.Duncan.
i Pblic es will beheld each even
=M which times an address will be
e-vered : omea prnminent member
- ~ ~ e io nrcior.
g d W Hamill, of Nash
_Se p fs' -recognized as the
SuM ~,y school worker in the
S ate? one of the most
" a w orjd. Mr. Hamill
,aa member of the
.::ySund ay School
";r A a thi s city at th
oSunday School
time ago.H
*n amirers in
,b- ill be warmly wel
,~ f Of conference
9W1tchurch this
-time an ad
6Uint ea1 subject will be
t;.ie2. A. J. Stokes, D. D.
is well known in New
" , served the Methodist
esed 9atyears ago, and his
asia iends here will be glad to
ta of committees on
ap icatsare pub
m$rst pate. The members
= y& the applicants,
the HistorilSo
,"in the city yesterday.
.Y K l.LED.
Tussle Over a Pistol.
ecored, .living on
,e n No. 7 Town
shot and killed
' ' hauband her hus
br'ought out.at the
hast~ appears that late
~eury Gillim, bus
Wwas in his home
-tI~ ecidd to change
thes lifO *kIing a trip.I He
to the bur eaufor this purpose.
tpo soe sh-ts
WIfe, who was put
hm he was not,going~
~~ulI over the pistol im-'
6,in which the pistol
teball taking effect in
athe coroners in
Wbelieved his wife intended
Mr. C. G. Johnson has
M ews'offee and they are
Y guess the number of
Sboth pumpkins. Whoever
- e comes nearest gets the first
---- loebuggy-you pay
Ski that gives you one guess.
~lalppaid as'much as $1.50
be entitled to a guess for
pid. You write your name
ofpaer, put it in an envel
*eavilepO and then write
- ,.eVeope. It is abso
.-M you can't come to town
--a send your money and your
later. Let the guessing
~Stcped Off Moeving Train.
Kr. J. D. Livingston met with a very
nei cident, and one that may
se einus, at Prosperity Saturday
H, e went from Newberry to
perity on the Southern's night paa
- e, intending to take a hunting
tManday. He got off the train just
-a t started anil was thrown over his
ggn against a freight box. His shoul
drwas dislocated, and it is feared
reare internal injuries.s
~r. Livingaton was immediately put
breught home Sunay
-- Cut Price Sale.
* imasgh announces in this paper
the greatest cut price sale ever heard
a$ in Newberry, to begin tomorrow,
Wednesday. See what he says in his
ad and call to see him for bargains.
WE HAVE on hand a beautiful
Sline of bats bought at rednd
pe.Give us a call and see what
bargains we have for you
li Riser Millinery Co.
This is Conference week.
Only three weeks till Christmas.
Mr. J. I. Wheeler, of Columbia, wam
in the city yesterday.
Some of our merchants are receiving
their Christmas goods.
Jno. T. Duncan, Esq., of Columbia,
was in the city yesterday.
Miss Kate Moore, of Columbia, is
visiting Miss Mary Thompson.
The general election for mayor and
aldermen will be held today a week.
Col. O. L. Schumpert -was in Green
wood Saturday on professional business.
Miss Marie Gary, of Abbeville, is
visiting relatives and friends in the
Mis. H. H. Rikard and little ones
visited relatives in Prosperity last
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Cannon, of Jolly
Street, visited relatives in the city last
Miss Bennie Wheeler, of Columbia,
is visiting her sister, Mrs. H. S. Can
non, this week.
Associate Justice Ira B. Jones spent
Thanksgiving ,in Newberry with his
brother, Mr. Sam B. Jones.
The night train on the Southern,
bound for Columbia, now passes New
berry at 11:40, an hour later than here
tofore. This change took effect Sun.
day night.
Mr. W. B. Counts, one'of Columbia's
popular city railway conductors, came
up last week to spend Thanksgiving at
home. He returned to Columbia yes
Dr. Sampson Pope, who has been in
California for the past four years prac
ticing medicine, has returned to New
berry, and will remain here and prac
tice his profession.
At the meeting of the State Conven
tion of the Daughters of the Confeder
acy held in Anderson last week, Mrs.
Robert Wright, of this city, was elected
3rd Vice-President.
Mayor Klettner had several before
him yesterday morning on various
charges-gambling, stealing, drunk and
disorderly. The town treasury is none
the worse off as a result.
Hon. Wyatt Aiken was in the city
Saturday shaking hands with his many
friends. This was his first visit to
ewerry since his election to Congress.
He will take his seat March 4th.
A WhdIe Man Charged With Grand I.arceny
is Brought In by sheriff Buford.
Sheriff M. M. Buford for some time
has been on the look-out for Edward
Butler, a white man, who is charged
with grand larceny, having been ac
cused of appropriating to his own, use
several articles of jewelry, etc., to the
value of sover p20, belonging to persons
living in West End, this.city.
The warrant was placed in the Sheriff's
bands and he has been persistent in his
fforts to capture his man. He had a
detective in Augusta to help him and
n the 26th the fllowing was received:
Augusta, Ga., Nov. 26, 1902.
Sheriff M. M. Buford, Newberry, S. C.
Come on at pnce. Got your man lo
cated. Detective.
Augusta, Ga., Nov. 26, 1902.
Sheriff M. M. Buford, Newberry, S. C.
)o you want Chief to arrest your
man? Detective.
Newberry, S. C., Nov. 26, 1902.
Chief of Police, Augusta, G.
Arrest Edward Butler and hold. I
have requisition papers.
M. M. Buford, Sheriff.
Augusta, Ga., Nov. 27, 1902.
Sheriff M. M. Buford, Newberry, S. C.
Have Edward Butler in custody.
Send for him. M. J. Morris,
Chief of Police.
Newberry, S. C., Nov. 27, 1902.
Governor M. B. McSweeney, Columbia,
Telegraph Chief of Police of Augusta,
Ga., to hold Edward Butler till Iarrive.
I have requisition papers.
M. M. Buford, Sheriff.
Columbia, S. C., Nov. 27, 1902.
Chief of Police, Augusta, Ga.
Hold Edward Butler till Sheriff Bu
ford arrives. He has requisition papers
for him. M. B. McSweeney,
When the sheriff arrived in Augusta
the authorities were in the act of try
ing the prisoner for some offense com
mitted there, but his requisition papers
were honored and Butler is now in jail
here awaiting trial.
When Sheriff Buford gets behind a
man he leaves no stone unturned to
catch him, and he generally succeeds.
The Editor Sick.
The editor of The Herald and News
has been sick and confined to his bed
for the past ten days. He was at the
office for a few minutes yesterday. It
is hoped that he will be completely re
covered in a few days.
A False Alarm.
Yesterday at noon the fire alarm was
sounded and the fire laddies respondet
promptly and went in the direction the
fire was reported. but it proved to be a
false alarm. Persons should be very
particular in sending in alarms-i
means a lot of lost time and hard worn
to the fremen to be called out for noth
Rev. W. I. Herbert Preaches His Last Ser
mon as Pastor of Central Methodist
Although the weather was very disa
greeable, a large congregation attend
ed the evening services in the Central
Methodist church on Sunday. It was
the first evening service held in this
church, and it was the occasion of Rev.
Mr. Herbert's last sermon as pastor.
Mr. Herbert has served this congrega
tion for the past four years and will be
assigned other work by the Conference
which convenes in this church tomor
row. That he has been acceptable to
his people and that he holds a warm
place in their hearts is evidenced by
the expressions of deep and genuine re
gret at his approaching departure
heard on every side. The handsome
new church building in which he
preached his last sermon, and the church
roll stand as monuments to his ability
and his faithfulness. These are the
results that can be seen with human
eyes. But these are small indeed com
pared to the greatness of the work
which he has done-work whose results
can only be seen with the eye of Om
niscience-in strengthening hands in
the Lord.
That was the subject of his sermon
on Sunday evening; the strengthening
of hands in the Lord. He chose his
text from Samuel 23:16: "And Jona
than Saul's son arose, and went to David
in the wood, and strengthened his
hand in God." The main thought
which Mr. Herbert sought to impress
was that every life has an untold in
fluence either for good or for evil, and
that the influence of every life should
be so directed that it will do its part,
however feeble, in the uplifting of
mankind. He had come to the conclu
sion that there was only one thing in
life worth while, and that was to learn
to strengthen hands in the Lord; to sit
at the feet of the Great Teacher and
to receive that wisdom which comes
only from on high- that wisdom which
enables one to make his life a blessing
to all with whom he comes in contact
in the earth life.
This was the fourth or fifth time that
he had come to this point in his life,
when to a congregation he must say
farewell. He had had one purpose
during the last four years, and God be
ing his judge, only one, and that was to
strengthen hands in God. If he had
failed in that th'e woi-k of four years
was a failure.
'There was nothing that could possi
bly take the place of that work. The
Apostle Paul writing one,.his epistles
said, "Ye are my joy." Paul meant
that his highest joy was the uplifting
of .his people. If any joy was to come
into the speaker's life from his four
years in Newberry, it was when some
one came to him and said, "Bro. Her
bert, you have strengthened my hand
While he rejoiced in the belief that
some had been uplifted during these
four years, he believed the truth was
that some were further from the light
than ever before. This after his four
years of preaching. He did not un
derstand it, perhaps he never would
understand it, but before God and be
fore man he was here to say that his
only purpose had been to help. And
no higher joy had ever come into his
liethat when members of his congre
gation had come to him and told him he
had really helped them.
He prayed God's richest blessings
upon tht congregation and expressed
the earnest and sincere wish that the
next four years would be the brightest
in the history of the Newberry church.
-He closed with an exhortation to go
forward in the work of strengthening
hands in the Lord-the greatest work
in the world, and the only work that is
truly great.
Mr. Herbert will probably preach in
Newberry again the second Sunday
morning and evening in December.
Fine Cabbage.
A fine crop of cabbage was raised in
this part of the State this year. The
North Carolina cabbage dealers made
failures this year in comparison with
some of the South Carolina amatuers.
Mr. J. W. L. Arthur, of Helena,
weighed one Saturday that he raised in
his garden that weighed 164 pounds.
Who can beat it?
Conference Visitors Arriving.
Quite a number of the members of
Conference arrived in the city yester
day in order to. prepare for the prelimi
nary and committee work of today, and
also to attend the meeting of the His
torical Society tonight. Some of the
members will not arrive until tomorrow
morning in time to be present at the
opening of conference at 10 o'clock to
Death of Mir. Ed Dukes.
Mr. Ed Dukes, who has been ill with
consumption for several months, at his
home in West End, died Saturday even
ing at 8 o'clock. He leaves a widow
and three small children and a host of
friends to mourn his death. His re
mains were buried Sunday afternoon at
Rosemont Cemetery, appropriate ser
vices being held by Pulaski Lodge, No.
20, I. 0. 0. F., of wvhich he was a
member in good standing.
Towels Without Cost.
Every forty-eight pound sack in
which "Clifton'' flour is packed will
make two good towels, the regular
toweling goods being used in the manu
fatr-ftescs s orgoe
fatoue ou ah fortyeigh psound grock.
t end Hippa Haryegh poundarack.
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Mrs. M. L. Adams, Fredonia,!A
took Botanic Blood iBX.in which eff
I ally cured an eatin cancer of the
ly. Many doctors had given up
case as hopeless. Hundreds of e
of cancer, eating sores, suppera
swellings, etc., have been cured
Blood Balm. Among others, Mrs B.
Guerney, Warrior Stand, Ala.
nose and lip were raw as beef, witi
fensive discharge from the eating s
Doctors advised cutting, but it fal
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