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It will be a source of sincre regn
to the Conference and to his man
friends in Newberry that the Re'
Thos. G. Herbert is detained at h
home in Leesville by sickness. E
is a native of Newberry Count
and was at one time 1875--7 past(
of the Newberry circuit. He h.
three sons in the Conference all <
whom are in attendance--the Re,
Walter I Herbert, pastor at Nev
berry ; the Rev. T. Grisby Herber
pastor St. Paul's, Greenville ; an
the Rev. C. C. Herbert, pastor:
Dillon in Marion County. It is tl
only family in which father an
three sons now belong to the Coi
Rev. John Attaway and his goc
wife, whom he calls his docto:
reached the seat of the Conferenc
Tuesday after a drive through tF
country of twenty miles. Thei
is possibly not a man in the Coi
ference who has traveled as muc
by private conveyance as he. E
has been quite ill several timt
through the year but we are gla
to see him in our midst at anoth<
annual Conference. His home is i
Williamston and he caine the er
tire distance by private conveyanc4
He joined the Conference at Nev
berry in 1864 and since that tiir
has been a most earnest woi kt
in the ministry to which he fe
himself called. We are glad to hav
"Uncle John' and his wife wit
Rev. D. Pettus Boyd enjoys tb
enviable record of never havin
served a church or a circuit for
*s pesfod than four consecutiv
years, the maximum limit of servic
fied by the Methodist Churci
Rev. Mr. Boyd is a native of New
berry the youngest son of th
sainted Rev. Mark Boyd, who tw
years ago at the ripe old age of 9
years passed to his reward. M1
Boyd was educated near the plac
of his birth, in and around th
famous "Crab Orchard'' schot
house. He joined the Methodie
Church in 1859, at the age of te
years.. He was licensed to preac
inJuly, 1882. His first. pastorn
work was done on the Clinton Cii
enit. From Clinton he was sent t
the Jonesville Circuit. While Mg
Boyd was on this Circuit Nes
Hop~e Church was built, Bogan:
v1jlwa remodeled and all tk
cerc4es in the circuit repainte
eZLept two. From Jonesville Ib
went to Belmont, and from Be
sst to the North Laurens Circui
After sixteen -years of servicei
the Spartanburg District he we
sent to Newberry Circuit, where I
us now doing a most successfi
work. He was married Decembe
24, t868, to Miss Sarah Carolir
Thompson, of the Newberry Di:
trict. Three children have blesse
this union.
.19gthe lay members of Col
ferie is the Honl.D Oscar He
b ~Orangebulrg, a native Nes
.~-.,..e'W ho ha- gained honor at
his adopted home. In tl
puine~the past sumnmer the pe
ple1~Pragebuirg sent him to ti
LegJtte by a handsome 'vol
We'i c epect to hear from hi
in the balls of legislation. I
practied lawr in Newberry sever
year before moving to Orangebur
Tinme seems to be dealing gent
Hon. R. 31. Lofton, a lay me:
her of Conference from the Chi
leston Districtis one of the su
stantial members, and has been
member of the Legislature frc
Charleston County for sevei
Col. Jno. M1. Knight, editor
Sthe Sumter Herald, is one of t
lay delegates to the Confereni
Col Knight is a first class newsj
per man and all round good fello
and we are sure makes a valual
member of Conference. He is Vi
Grand Chancellor of the Knig1
of Pythias. We are glad to
Ihim in Newberry and trust his si
may be pleasant.
Hon. 3. W. Hamel, who is a
delegate to Conference, is edito1
the Kershaw Era, and was a me
ber of the Constitutional Conv
tion of '895. We are glad to
our newspaper brethren and 1
[them to make our office headqu
Among the prominent young lay- bE
men in attendance is Hon. J. H. tii
Lesesne, of Manning. Mr. Lesesne al
t is a rising member of the Manning fii
y bar, and has served his county in P
r- the State Senate, retiring volun- d<
is tarily at the end of his term. He sc
:e was out of politics for several years, h,
y but was a candidate for the House ti
>r of Representatives in the last pri
s mary, and was elected at the head
>f of the ticket. at
r. t1
r- Mrs. J. W. Humbert, who is at- al
t, tending Conference, is probably the tb
d most widely known church worker '
t among the women of the South w
e Carolina Methodist Church. She of
d was chosen Corresponding Secretary m
2. of the Woman's Foreign Mission- tb
ary Society at the organization of
the society in Newberry in 1878,
d during the meeting of Conference
here at that time. She has been
e continuously reelected to this posi
ie tion since, and she and Mrs. M. D.
e Wightman, its President, who was
-_ also chosen at the time of the or
h ganization, have become identified
e with the society as no other women
.s within its bounds. They have done
d an immense amount of work in the
r mission cause, and their influence
n for good is untold. Time is deal
. ing gently by Mrs. Hc.mbert, and
her smile is just as sweet and her
. eyes just as bright as in the halcyon
e days of youth which were spent
r in Newberry.
t ~~
e Mrs. M. D. Wightman, widow
h of the late Bishop W. M. Wight- aQ
man, is attending Conference. Her ac
husband presided over the last Con- M
e ference held in Newberry in 1878. th
g At that time the Woman's Foreign C
a Missionery Society was organized th
e and she was elected president,
e which position she has filled con
tinuously since with signal ability.
She is an earnest worker and her a
life has been sweetened by its help- M
fulIness to others and her conscien-F
tious devotion to dutyf
Rev. Rufus A. Child is one of a
the most prominent and also one ofN
the ablest of the members in at- s
ttendance upon the present session
of Conference. His nice sense of
propriety, his well trained mind
Iand his excellent judgment pecu
liarly fit him for the position ofti
Presiding Elder of this, the Cokes se
bury District, which. he now holds. e
He was admitted to Conference in i
1889. He has ability of a high or
der, and b fore him there is a
d bright future. -
eRev. Mark L. Carlisie, D. D..
pastor of the Washington Street
Church, Columbia, is the worthy
nson of an honored sire. Thought
tful, dignified, an earnest student of
emen and books, he takes high rank
ain the Conference. He has filled
some of the most important charges
en the State, and has always been
acceptable. He is but in the prime
of his powers Vet a young man,
and his work in the past is but an
earnest of his future.
r-Dr. II. N Snyder, President ofI
e- Wfford College, who is attending
id the Conference and is one of the
ie leading educators of the South,
e. - r
y~ a
- h
he will attend chapel exercises in New- t
::e. berry College this morning and ad- E
>a- dress the student body.
>e Revs. W. I. Herbert and T. 1
e- Grigsby Herbert were called to
ts Leesville last night on account of
see the serious illness of their father,
:ay Rev T. G. Herbert. Mr. Herbert
and his good wife would celebrate1
their golden wedding next April.1
Lay It is the sincere hope of the many
-of friends of Mr. Herbert that he will
i- soon recover.
en- Dring the absence of pastor Her
se bert Rev. Mr. Edwards will act as
>eg host for the Conference.
Ri'~hon Dnncan seems to be in the
.st of humor, and wants it
ictly understood that he is <
>proachable by those, who I
st talked their wishes with t
residing Elders. The Bishop
ntly does not relish the pres:
me of the delegations seem
we brought to bear on him i
;e to some appointments.
The Presiding Elders look ser
id wise; perhaps, a number
em are anxious about their <
>pointments, as well as at
ose who are under their cha
Where shall I land?" is alre
ritten in the countenances of s
them, for they are evidently
uch at sea as a great numbei
e preachers.
Rev. J. B. Traywick was ca
ay from Conference yesterda]
count of illness in his fam
r. Traywick a few years ago
e beloved pastor of the Prospe:
rcuit and has many friends
is county.
Mrs. E. S. Herbert is one of
tiv missionary workers of
ethodist Church in this St,
te is an active member of
>reign Missionary Society ani
remost in all good work. Shei
dition a Newberry woman
twberry feels a just pride in
They tell us that there
me good politicians in the Con
ce and just now there is some
re work going on among
ven Presiding Elders, whose te
pire at this session. Of cours
all good natured and if is
litics in the offensive sense.
An unusual number of
reachers are growing bald.
s because most of thenm are
ed, or is it because of healthy
ogy and profound thought ?
Bro. Ray, announces "I I
sen employed to sell the bool
r. Wilbur F. Tillett, (holdin
book in his hand) this is on,
is books."
Bishop: "Tell them what 1
Bro. Ray: "Personal Salvati<
Bishop: "Buy it brethren,
eed it."'
Query : "Has the Bishop got
the book of course).
, the effects of time! Moi
he members of the Conference
.re yet living and were at
>est when Conference met in:
>erry before, are on the supa
nated list and those who
oung are now among the fat
Dr. 0. A. Darby is amonj
-etired members of the Con fer
>ut is present, looking well,
:he same modest Christian g<
nan he has always been. At
ide there is sunshine, and evid
af what Christian faith in
can make old age.
What is the matter that so
of the preachers are clean sha
Conference ? Is it a return
dis- primitive custom of Methodism, or
)mly is it to get rid of gray beard?
heir Rev. Jno. A. Rice, D. D., who
evi- had intended t re-enter the pasto
sure ral work in .he South Carolina
to Conference at this session, will ask
-ela- for a transfer to another Confer
ence. This will cheer the hearts of
some of the brethren.
of Rev. J. W. Humbert, who is
>wn among the older members of the
>out Conference, served the Newberry
rge. Station in 1865-6, and married a
ady wife in Newberry, who has been
:me indeed a "helpmeet" unto him, and
as he still wears the smile of youth.
The South Carolina Conference
lied of Woman's Foreign Missionary So
r on ciety was organized December 16,
ily. 1878, during the last annual session
was of the Conference held in Newberry,
rity W. M. Wightman, presiding. The
in following ministers were appointed
to nominale officers: Dr. W. W.
Duncan, Dr. Jonn T. W ightman
the and Dr. W. T. Capers. President,
the Mrs. M. D. Wightman, and Corre
ate. sponding Secretary, Mrs. J. W.
the Humbert, are still in office. Mrs.
1 is A. M. Chritzberg, of Newberry,
s in was first Recording Secretary, and
and Miss I. D. Martin, Secretary, who
her for a number of years has been a
prominet teacher in Columbia, now
one of the facult of the Female Col
are ege.
the One of The Brightest Lights in the Mietho
rms dist Church in This Country.
e it ~ -
not The South Crrolina Conference
takes a great pride in its presiding
officer, Bishop William NVallace
the Duncan. He was the first of the
Is four Bishops of the Methodist Epis
nar- copal Church chosen in 1886 and
the- since his election to the Episco
pacy, as before, he has been un
tiring in his labors for the upbuild
tave ing and the development of his
es of church and the bettering of his
g up fellowmen.
e of Bishop Duncan was born in Vir
ginia in 1839. His father was a
>ook native of Ireland, and who came
to this country when a young mar
yn." Iand served many years on the fac
you Iulty of Randolph-Macon College
and of Wofford College.
it?" Bishop Duncan's education was
begun at Randolph- Macon and
completed at Wofford. He enterec
st of Virginia Conference in 1859
who Elizabeth. N. C., was his first ap
their pointment At the outbreak of th<
5Tew- Civil War he entered the Confeder
eran- ate army. serving as chaplain. 11
were 1875 he was elected professor c
hers mental and moral philosophy i:
Wofford College, which position h
Sthe held for eleven years. In i88i h
ence, was one of the representatives c
mud is his Church at the Methodist Ect
entle men ical Con ference held in Londor
even Courteous and pleasant, promj
ences and decisive, Bishop Duncan is a
youth able presiding officer. As a preacht
be is practical and powerful, as
man sociable and sympathetic. E
many stands today one of the brighte
ven at lights in the Methodist Church
to the this country.
The End Came Yesterday Morning-Re
mains to be Interred at Trinity Church,
No. 6 Township, Today.
Mr. Jno. W. Norris, who drank
an ounce of Laudanum Tuesday
morning, died at his home in this
city yesterday morning. The end
was postponed for a short time by
the skill of physicians, but the dose
was too heavy and at 9.15 yester
day morning the drug got in its
deadly work.
It is not definitely known whether
Mr. Norris drank the laudanum
with the intention of ending his
life or of easirg pain. Since last
Saturday he had been quite sick,
and on Tuesday afternoon he was
very muerose and despondent. Mrs.
Norris left the room for a few min
ute and while she was out Mr.
Norris left his bed and secured a
phial of h,udanum which was in
the bureau in his room. It is
thought he drank fully an ounce.
Drs. Thos. W. Smith and P. G.
Ell sor were immediately summon
ed. They pronounced it a case of
poisoning and upon investigation
the phial told the story.
Mr. Norris for several years had
been chief clerk in J. A. Mim
naugh's dry goods and clothing
establishment. He was a very pop
ular young man and had large num
bers of friends throughout the
county and in all parts of the
His death is indeed a sad one.
He leaves a young widow, who has
the heartfelt sympathies of the citi
zenship of Newberry.
A. M. Boozer, Esq., of Columbia,
is attending Conference.
Mr. Geo. B. McCrary, of Clinton,
was in the city yesterday.
Prof. B. L. Jones, of the Laurens
City Schools, is in the city.
Mrs. Keturrah Willis, of Clifton,
is visiting her sister in West End.
Greenvi:lle will invite the Meth
odist Conference to that city next
Messrs. J. B. Park and C. A. C.
Waler, of Greenwood, were regis
tered at The Newberry yesterday.
The Northern tourists left New
berry yesterday morning on theii
special buffet cars for Greenwood.
Miss Thyra Schumpert left yes
terday for Greenwood to attend the
Gaston-Aiken marriage last night.
There will be no cannon crackert
this Christmas. It is unlawful tc
sell them over three inches it
M:s. F. A. Schumpert has re
turned from Augusta, where shi
has been visiting her sister, Mrs
If the carnival is an assured fact
let everybody put his shoulder t<
the wheel and help to -make it
Mr. A. J. S. Langford has pur
chased Dr. J. K. Gilder's residenco
on Boundary street, and Dr. Gilde
has purchased the Fant residenci
and will move into it at an earl:
The firemen's tournament is ii
progress in Charleston this week
There are teams present from Cc
lumbia, Sumter and Darlington
Our boys could not get off, but wil
meet them next year and give thei
competitors ''something warm.''
A mong the many guestE register
ed at the Newberry Hotel yestez
day, the following were frot
Laurens: WV. C. Irby, 0. B. Sine
mons. H. Terry, W. H. Dia:
Hugh K. Aiken, Jno. F. Bolt, \M
L Gray, W. W. Ball, N. B. Die
and W. B. Duncau.
Disguised Hands Always Bad.
'-"II re is a truth," Bays a hani
writing expert in the Philadelph1
Record, "that is as widespread
fthe other: A disguised hand a
iways tries to be poor'er than the re
ehand. That axiom is a great he]
eto us experts. For instance, when
fletter oone in a disguised band
brought to us we always know th
L.the writer of the letter is in a high
)tstation than the hand would lead 1
nto infer. Hence, in our detecti
cr work, we are able to save much vi
nable time by eliminating all pt
[e sons socially below the appearance
t the letter, and concentrating our
,n te.tionon those onnlv who are abc
Our cost sale
which has
been in pro
gress for the
past few
weeks has
been a won=
derful suc
And many people
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est price consistent
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who have failed to take
advantage of this op
portunity would call
early and see what
magnificent bargains
we have for them.
Our stock of Prince
Alberts for preachers
Swill interest the mem
bers of the South Caro
lina Conference. We
have them to please
and at prices that will
sell them.
Underwear i hosierU!
This line is corn
plete and Up-to-date in
every particular. We
would like to have the
rpeople of the county
Sexamine this assort
of~ mPffBY
ye Co.
At Present
The best sight in town
is our Handsome Stock
of Holiday Goods which
includes the pick of the
market fn Bright, Fresh,
New Styles, and Novel
ties for the Christmas
Season, and we are
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