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errv uLeraH an86) NR E.
mo 2 Special Order For Ten O'clock
is E.rnng--RcOmmeldatiOn
- EfmLmittee Overruled
- Mr. (lWon's Response to
Wel.\ w ne Adds
T second day's session of Con
erence held yesterday was largely
eup with an address of wel
me1se on behalf of the city, by
afa~r Eettner, responded to by
elev. J. A. Clifton, D. D., on
ie f Conference; and the dis
the, matter of the re
o the Columbia Female Col
Board of Trustees of the
esubmitted their report re
that the institution be
e fom Columbia to Green
- The point was raised that
~kg.this recommendation the
&Bm dKe a tranrndedits authorie
tjj e point wa sustained and
._ Mc overruled. Af
, s ~ of discussion the
n of this matter was
until today, and it was
=cial order for o o'clock
was opened at 9.30
devotional exercises
bRev. J. CStoll.
- *- ttner was introduced,
of the city of Newber
to Conference a most
The welcome ad
appropriate and delivered
plesing manner, Mayor
v'-af Wecome.
Bi.sbop and Members
loth Cardina Conference:
Y are here upon invitation of the
j " .bSte Street Methodist Episco
hesrtily endorsed by a
of4be city Icouncil, for
of taking counsel with
"tb te varied interests of
your sessions will be
thschurch the intervening
of rest and recreation will
in contact with Newber
her people. During the
that -you will spend here you
?the guests of our city, and
my pleasant office and
~,LM.mayor of Newberry, to ex
1tOr you a most hearty welcome
- obhalf of the good people for
SIhave the honor to speak.
J~Ito assure you that it is not
wiTnmy~ power, being unused to
-pispeech, nor would it be even
*1wge one of the most polished
**Ibrillaut-orators, endowed with
the goweiof eloquence, to find
pgtyerwo4sto give expression to
the greatspleasure and honor that
we ieel?in having you to mieet
noregst us. Your coming here af
ui s great pleasure for several
~ea~s. n the first place we
Risbop E. R. Hendrix of Kan
sasGity, Mo., endorses the Library
Fihang Cabinet as a "MentAl Sav
ings Bank'' by buying one in Au
gast, :90.
That newspaper clipping or book
reference or illustrative note would
apply so. aptly now if you could
get it. You remember a part of it
but cannot find it.
Tomorrow you do not clip or
-take notes because you lost yester
day's and thus you become less sys
Are you not in need of a good
system for saving your sermon or
lecture data?
It there anything more important
.in your library equipment?
A preacher is strong today by
'what he can command not what
be can remember.
-Why not have a thorough up-tc
date system as thousands of other
preachers have?
Special Conference installment
terms and discount are offered by
Mr. R. A. Brooks, agent,
See him near Conference, P. 0.
or in Sunday School Room al
Methodist church.
know that you represent a great
and influential Church, a Church
that can boast of many great and
mighty men, who have battled
nobly in the cause of God and of
humanity. A Churcn which still
today has thousands of strong men
who stand well to the front in ev
ery effort for the betterment of
We know of your great activity j
in the Mission work, sending hun-,
dreds of men and women to all I
parts of the world to preach the
gospel, carrying light and comfort
to those who are in darkness and
spreading that kingdom which must
triumph over all the world. We
know of your tender sympathy and,
love for the widow and the orphan,
and for all who suffer under the
misfortunes which deprive so many
of our fellowmen of the joys of life.
We are also acquainted with your
zeal in the cause of Christian educa
tion, and we look with unbounded
admiration upon the grand re
suts which you have achieved in 1
connection with your Twentieth1
Century Endowment Movement. <
-Such has been your success that
we wonder sometimes what new <
and peculiar methods you have1
adopted in the matter of raising
money, and which have enabled I
you to take the lead in endowing 1
your institution.4
But we are glad and proud to
have your Conference convene in1
the midst of us, because you repre- 1
REV. J. C.
sent a great and glorious cause, a
cause in which all Christians have
a common interest.
The different Churches or de
nominations are like so many di
visions of a great army. They all
have a common foe to fight. They
all contend, each in its own way,.
against the evil that is in the world.
All of them are seeking to promote
peace and good will among men, to
make men better morally and truer
and kinder in their relations and
dealings with one another All la
bor for the advancement of God's
kingdom and the enrichment and
eleation of human life throughout
the world. All have the same aims
and all have the same hopes.
"Our hope is in heroic man,
Star-led, to build the world again."
We would be strange, therefore,
if we did not feel interested in one
another's undertakings, and rejoice
in one another's successes.
We welcome you here again, be
cause we believe your coming will
lo our city good. An intelligent
:ommunity can not fail to be im
pressed by the presence of such a
ost of great, noble, and mighty
nen, gathered together in so good
t cause.
It is with no thought of devising
ways and means to enrich your own
elves that you come here. It is
lot the ambitious hope of political
ionors and the profits of office that
iave caused you to gather in this
:hurch. No, ten thousand times
10, it is the unselfish purpose of
aking counsel together in the in
erest of the souls of men, to pro
ride for the directing of the atten
;ion of man to the things that are
iigher, grander and more important
han all earthly things. And this
act can not and will not fail to
!ause many to think of that bright
Lnd better home and those more
!nduring riches which the Word of
Tod alone holds out to men. Men
nay pool their millions for the sake
>f increased profits in trade or man
ifacture, but you are pooling your
perience and wisdom in the un
elfish cause of religion and phil
I feel that it is but just and right
md a matter of real gratification to
rou that I should call your atten
ion to the signs of a healthy prog
ess in church work which our own
:ity and county present to your
rew. We have a number of vig
>rous congregations of different de
iominations, with able and faithful
>astors, -and each of them has a
lourishing Sunday School with a
and of earnest and devoted work
rs, as well as other societies which
are exerting themselves in the comn
non cause of lifting humanity to a
iigher plane of living. Especially
would I refer on this occasion to
the faithfulness and. untiring en
ergy of the highly esteemed and
worthy pastor cof this Church, Rev.
W. I. Herbert. With a hand and
heart ready for any cause that can
appeal to human sympathy and
help, he has ever been found in the
front ranks of those who have la
bored to relieve suffering and dis
tress, or to help forward the moral
and religious welfare of our people.
As a monument to his enterprise
and zeal I may point you to this
beautiful church, this house of God.
It is indeed an ornament to oum
I Cncluded on fourth page.
Understood that Committee on Legal Status
Will so Report to Conference This
It is understood that the com
mittee appointed by Conference at
the session yesterday morning to
look into the charter of the Colum
bia Female College and to report
upon the question of legal obstacles
in the way of the removal of the in- 1
stitution, will report today that an 1
amendment of the charter is neces
sary in order to its removal. It is 1
Bran New Stoc
we have decided
It is not a ri
shelf from se1
No odor of m
clothing whic
remarkable, t
date in qualit
in any marke1
We Mean What \
Arid $10,000 worth
Clothing is to be clos
and if anybody can f
ment in the lot, we
value of the whole si
Suits for Men, Yo
A fine selection! Lai
fabrics! Such an<
never befo're been pl
purchasing public..
A Genuine Cost S
Of Clothing is such a
we must persist in
that here goes a Rea
all who want any<
Suits will find it ou
regret if they delay
to see how it is.-M4
Come anud i
Sellers of $1O,00O
selling at Cosi
WP. S.--Turn it a
thought that this amendment may
be secured through the Secretary of
State without action by the legisla
The general opinion seemed to
prevail last night that, from infor
mation obtainable without an exam
ination of records, the committee
was inclined to the belief that the
deed is held in fee simple. If this
be true, there is then no legal ob
stacle whatever in the way of the
removal of the college, or of the
sale of the property in the city of
The whole matter in regard to
he removal of the college was to
aave been settled yesterday, but
;everal questions arose, and some of
.he members desiring a longer time
Schloss Bro;
El wthis season, i
to make a chang
ase to get rid
aSonf to seas
th balls or c
hi is to goin t
y and style
t of this coun
rVe Say! !
of the very best ~
ed out at Cost,
ind an old gar
will forfeit the
ock. i
uths, Boys!
est styles! Best
>pportunity has
aced before the
ale .
irare event that 9j
the statement j
I Cost Sale, and jj
>f the splendid j
t to their great i
long in coming
5ee Us! --->
D stock of New C
L $10,000 Stock <
ndloonk at it any way vy
for consideration, it was postponed
today. It will come up as a special
order at 1o o'clock this morning. It
is an open question whether or not
it will then be definitely decided.
However, it can be confidently pre
dicted that there will be a lively
Teachers Meeting.
The next Teacher's meeting will
be held in the Boundry Street
school on Saturday, December 13,
at io o'clock a. in.. Prof. E. L.
Hughes of the Greenville City
Schools, will be present and deliv
er an address. All the teachers in
the county should show their ap
preciation by attending. Teachers
are urged to be present promptly
at 10 o'clock.
.' celebrated goo
nd now to be clo;
e in our business
oQf clothiing ci
on, for fiive or
reases of.dus'
his most rema
y garment is
:he best that
SNow, We Arn
Shoes, H ats a
14 at cost, but W
Florsheim an<
and a fine line
~* ~ at prices whic
SOuir Line of
And Gents'
the Best Qual
~' hi to be found
~ where.M
~ We Are Stri<
Date and We
very Low Pric
lothing at Cost a
f New Clothing.
mU may. it is a Genuihe C
Telegram Received Last Night Stating
That He is in Very Critical Condition.
Rev. G. E. Edwards received a
telegram from Rev. W. I. Herbert
last night in which he stated that
his father, the Rev. T. G. Herbert,
was no better and that he was in a
very critical condition.
Program for Today.
Business session, examination and
passing of character 9:30 a. m.
Columbia Female College ques
ion 10 a. m.
Preaching by Rev. J. G. Beck.
with 4 p. m.
Address by one of the connec
:ional men 7:30 p. m.
L C$ST!0
dsl All bought
3ed out because
on January 1st.
wrried on the
eight years.
t of years on
rkable sale
new, up-to
can be had
a Not Selling
nd Gents' Furrnishings
e do sell the celebrated
i Stetson Shoes for men
of Shoes for women
h will meet all compe
Furnishings comprise
ities and Latest Styles
in Newberry or else
tly Up-To
are Selling Goods at
:es.- - - |
izd SeoUs!
nid persisting in
ost Sale.
T HE E.-P. CO.

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