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The agitation of the removal of
this old and honored institution
cr.:ates intense in'erest in the Con
;ereuct ; it is 6i.cused on the
streets, around the church door and
everywhere: and doubtless the dis
Cussiou in the session of the Con
ference this morning at io o'clock
will be spicy and exhat.stive. It is
a grave question, but one which
might have been avoided It was,
in our judgment, a mislake to have
ever attempted to auction a college
to the highest bidder. The educa
tion of the young is too sacred to
be brought into such an unenviable
position, and the manly, Christian
spirit of every follower of Christ, in
the way that John Wesley taught,
ought to repudiate the method by
which the removal of the college is
sought to be accomplished. Where
would such a precedent lead to?
What institution of learning would
be safe if such a precedent were
established? Really every incentive
to the upbuilding of great institu
tions of learning would be nipped
in the bud, because there would be
no pledge or assurance of perma
But, as we understand the ques
tion, the effort to remove the col
lege from Columbia is entirely with
out ground, and the bids are too in
significant to be considered for one
moment by men who take a busi
ness view of the transaction. The
present building occupied by the
college could not be erecied today.
for fifty thousand dollars; to force
the property on the market it
would not command more than
twenty thousand dollars; the build
ing is mortgaged for about fifteen
thousand dollars; therefore it is
probable that the sale of the prop
erty would do but little more than
liquidate the debt. Then it follows
- that the Conference is called upon
to sacrifice property really worth
fifty thousand dollars for educa
tional purposes for thirty-nine
thousand dollars and throw into
the bargain a most desirable lot in
-the center of the city of Columbia!
That would be a; bad trade-so it
apears to us/to say nothing of the
advantages of Columbia over the
towns that are competing for the
college. '
There is, however, a moral side
* to the question. Columbia con
tributed the larger part of the
money that went into the present
structure. The money was con- S
tributed over half a century ago in 9
good faith "for the maintajinace of 2
a Female College in Columbia." S
The charter of the insiitution so t
declares. Are there no moral ob- 3
ligptions involved on the part of
* the Conference? Can that body
now break, with impunity, the
compact made between the fathers 1k
and the city ? It does2not seem so p
to us. But 'many contributions ft
were made to the Twentieth Cen 2
tury Fund for Columbia Female t<
College. Do not those contribu- 'I
tions strengthen, if that be possi- aa
ble, the moral obligation already S
set forth? ti
It is a grave question, and in a
view of all that is involved the
Conference ought to think very se
riously before it acts. The matter,
in our judgment, ought never to Ui
have been agitated. t
Bishop Duncan is an excellentA
presiding officer, even if he does
sometimes by his cutting remarks
knock out some of the brethren.
It is always done in a pleasant way
and no one takes offense. The
Bishop is very much of a dictator I'
and very positive in his rulings, to
It is necessary to hold down and ci
keepin control as large a body as 0'
the Conference; if he did not he
would soon lose control of the body.
Both Re-elected.
At a meting of the County
Board of Commissioners held on
Saturday, Mr. Jno. A. Suber was
re-elected keeper of the County
Home, and Dr. J. H. McCullough m
was re-elected county physician. R
Bread and Bread Making.
Prof. Wiley, of the Agrieultural De- S
psrtment at Washingtn, in an article
on ''Bread and Bra Baking,'' says,
"the nutritive value of wheat flour de
pends largely upon the character of
milling.' The most scientifically milled V
*flour is "Clifton," made at Bransford prit
Mills, Owensboro, Ky. Insist on your bar
grcr sending it to you. Call at E. R.
Thnn'. Hoae & Mcarty's and TL W.
tddress Last Night By Rev. P. H. Whiso
nant, Secretary of the General Board.
The anniversay exercises of t he
Jhurch Extension Board were held
last night. D.votion;tl -ervices
were conducted by I)r. G. \\.
After a few remarks by t he c
retary of the Board, R v J \\.
Elkin, in n lich he urged uplon the
preachers the necessity of takig,
full collections for the church ex
tension fund the
was introduced.
Dr. Whisonant is from Louisville,
Ky., and is secretary of the Gener
al Board of Church Extension. He
earnestly outlined the work of the
Board and presented the demands
upon the Board for funds and im
pressed the importanne and the ne
cessity of the preachers taking full
collections for this fund. He stated
that his Board now had calls from
three thousand churches for aid
from this fund. That there were
also enough calls from foreign
lands to exhaust all the money at
the command of the Board. He,
too, urged upon the preachers the
importance of the necessity of
taking collections for this work.
liepresentatives from Greenwood and
Laurens Very Active. The Contest
Warming Up.
Large delegations have been in
the city during the week from
Greenwood and Laurens working
For their respective cities to secure
:he location of the Columbia Fe
nale College in case it is decided
:o move the college from Columbia.
The contest last night was very
warm, but of course all in a very
riendly spirit. There were cau
:nses and znieeting galore. Another
lelegation arrived from Green
vood last night.
There was talk last night that
he whole discussion might be cut
bhort this morning by a motion to
ostpone the whole matter to the
iext session of Conference.
The Bachelor Maids.
A meeting of the Bachelor Maids
will be held next Tuesday afternoon
~t 4 o'clock at the- home of Miss
qellye McFall.
Another Fase Alam
Another false alarm of fire was
ent in yesterday morning bet ween
and xo o'clock. The store of D.
.Livingston, on Main street, was
iipposed-to be on fire; but it proved
a be only a stove flue burning out.
To damage.
The.Carnival Company.
The Charleston Post has the fol
wing to say of the Carnival Corn
any, which will be in Newberry
>r a week, beginning December
pth : "The Layton Company comes
> Charleston highly recommended. !
'he company carries fifteen shows
ud five free street attractions.
ome of the shows are said to beI
ae most wonderful known to the
orld of sensational specialty.''
Towels Without Cost.
Evr forty-eiht pound sack in E
ake two godtowels, th regular
weling gosbeing used in the mnanu
eture ofthe sacks. Ask your grocer C
sen youia fortight pound sack.
d L. W. Cozby's.
Bransford Mills, 01
Owensboro, Ky.
The Junior Union.
Primary and Junion Union, No.
will meet this afternoon, owing -
Conference convening in A.R. 1'.
Lurch, beginning promptly at 3.30
IWorld. Satisfaction given or
ney refunded. Prices of Pens, $2.50,
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3r of Newberry, S. C.
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singer Ale!
On the Market.
W. G. Mayes and
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Mrs. R. C. Wlim
spectfully informs1
e ladies of Newberry FRESH NORFOLK OYSTERS
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NCIS folwnHae ERns wilseveNa
mtanaso election: Mil be hecdot
1902,it Sin lt Conacilhmer n h
Tono of Newry,l.C.or anMayto omiik
andAldmenof the sdTown oil.
fo(oe eaIndfo1oeMmber.o
1Y~D ~ Work S. Lserve for fiv yers. . he
polcs 5,l beopne0t2.clc f .2 m.
I~rda -.~d N" s~~und ill o se atll o clckn p.i m.sclThee
ded y th mos cometen au o lo will ae aesn final sereeas
The hae dspeledthesily n- nth ate of Wcion. J. ctto,
, aoter ormusle, ad til brryon y S. Taylo an ron Mon k,h
only ouris a paticuir par o der o'o fi the foeon aondcill m
Yet, owevrgoo you foo aS LANsraorD of sai t .ate .
estio odspesia YoSutah ai satar hr y oiee o
ir otheir clospooeaa so pe-en drithsme ulatse,an
de ythe mos comby tkn reaa llho seidbtdti-esi stt o
ofe Gree Austpler, the ay thno- no efr haae
itha onedicine of the i helthy for AIDHI
A, fntew dorses , ad stinl ebryl.C. Amnsrtr
es the bloodnds A k your diee will_____________
only andoours. Yo patcan part NE ULstc fPpr
edy,l emd au t w ai ey others strcevdan r
Yet,oldoorevashgnly, atuooteo's
Get Green's Spugust Alower,ath
NO108 Of flaal 861118&1 Mi TASCA Rige.
I will make a final settlement
on the estate of Wm. Hatton, de
ceased, in the Probate Court of New
berry County S. C., on Monday, the
29th day of December A. D., 1902 at.
11 o'clock in the. forenoon and will im
mediately apply for Letters Dismissory
as Administrator of said estate.
All persons holding claims against.
the said estate are hereby notified to.
render in the same duly attested, and
all those indebted to the said estate to.
pay the same on or before that date.
Newberr , S. C. Administrator.
Novem er 26th, 1902.
NEW AND FULL stock of Paper
Patterns just received and are
Det Creen'a Rnacial Almonen sold for cash only, at Wooten's.

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