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city and it was under his unfalter
ing leadership that this congrega
tion, this noble congregation, un
dertook its erection and carried it
forward to a successful completion.
Please follow me for a moment to
the O'Neall Street Methodist
Church, on any Sunday afternoon.
Let us open the door. and you will
behold hundreds and hundreds of
sweet little children, their faces il
luminated with bright smiles, ra
diant with joy, hope, and pleasant
anticipation, reciting their Sunday
School lesson. "Some of the off
spring of the employes of the New
berry Cotton Mill?" Yes, yes, in
deed, the offspring of the laboring
class of Newberry, but none are
more tenderly cared for and en
couraged in their efforts for truth,
righteousness and goodness than
these are, by the worthy and es
teemed pastor, the Rev. G. Emory
Edwards. This scene reminds one
of so many rare, precious and beau
tiful flowers, like so many bright
stars of heaven. Every human
heart must throb with joy and glad
ness at such a grand, refreshing,
and brilliant sight. No one can
foretell or even comprehend what a
grand victory for Methodism, those
solid instructions and seeds of hu
man kindness planted within the
hearts of these little children will
and must eventually produce. The
sincere appreciation of his efficient,
unselfish and untiring efforts are
manifested by the large audience
that greets its pastor.
Venerable Bishop and Members of
the Conference, not alone are your
interests so carefully guarded and
promoted within the city, but Iso
*throughout the entire county of
Newberry. None labors more earn
estly, more conscientiously and ef
fectively to promote the interests of
-his Church, none is more zealous in
his efforts to elevate mankind, to
establish peace and good will among
men, or direct the young or thought
less to that high and supreme power,
whence alone all true blessings flow,
than our worthy and esteemed friend
and felloiw citizen, the Rev. D., P.
Boyd, the worthy son of the vener
able and well-beloved father in
Methodism, Uncle Mark Boyd. By
his energetic, noble and self-sacri
ficing services, by his devotion to
duty and to his fellow-men, he has
gained the admiration of the entire
-county, the respect, esteeni, love
andiconfidence of all.his congrega
tions. All who know him love him,
and all speak of him as the unas
sumning, honorable Christian gen
tlean, the man of God. And all
your other churches in this county
are equally provided with able and
faithful ministers.
With no many strong and flour
ishing churches manned and led by
able pastors and led on in the great
cause of truth and goodness, with
so many eainest and intelligent
Christian people, it is no matter.of
surprise that we have one of the
most orderly'and peace-loving com
munities in the State, and that our
material prosperity is rapidly in
* creasing, as is shown by the estab
* lishment of new enterprises and in
dustries from time to time. The
last twelve months have added to
these sources of our prosperity the'
splendid Mollohon Cotton Mill,
which gives employment to a large
number of people, and greatly en
livens tbe business activity of our
Gentlemen, you will find New
berry an intelligent, industrious
and prosperous community, :d
with this community with its well
known capacity for extending to its
gnests a most generous and sincere
hospitality, we give you one and all
a moost cordial welcome.
"Welcome to all of this mighty band,
Who have come to do their part.
We giveo the grasp of a generous
The warmth of our home and our
The address of welcome was re- 1
sponded to on behalf of Conference
by Rev. J A. Clifton, D. D Rev.
Mr. Clifton is a former pastor of the<
Newberry church and s well kniown
and much beloved by Newberry<
people. He is always a happy c
speaker, and he was at his best yes
terday. He said:
The Response.
Mr President, Mr Mayor, Fellow' t
Members of the S. C. Conference, C
Ladies and Gentlemen, and All u:
Others Who May Be Present : of
Awed by the timely and eloquent m
speech that I have just listened to I w
stand in the presence of this audi- tE
ence conscious of an inward trepi- tl
dation and of the impossibility of
meeting the imperative command
that rests upon me. ci
Nineteen years ago I was in this r
city. I would not have spoken if B
you could have gotten an older. nr
man, with experience and who e
knows how to meet difficulties like w
thisia life, but under the circum- ti
stances I may remark that nineteen rE
years ago I entered this city, a
young man untried. I labored i
among these people. I was blest s<
in meeting so many friends and
helped by many in all the churches b
to push on the Master's . 'terest.
Little things occurred to make up 'T
the spice of life. For instance one C
day when the circus was coming I p
thought that I ought to be extra 01
dressed. I did not know who I t
might meet and I went into my rr
room and concluded that I ought to of
put some oil on my hair. It has an
inclination to stand, as you may see, la
and I wanted to hold it down. So tt
I went in to fix myself. There were re
two bottles sitting on the mantle. pl
piece. One was hair oil, but it ti
looked like the other, but the other
had croton oil in it. I took up that si
bottle, sir, and I lubricated my hair p<
and dressed it up till it looked as
glistening as stalagamites in the di
sun. I started down the street but m
had not got far when the stuff got w
into my eyes. I sent for old Dr. C
Mayer. He came and gave me m
morphine, the only time I ever took a
it.- In about twenty minutes I was cl
feeliog pretty good. I went out in n<
the yard and directly I said to Matt., cc
that is my wife, "it has got me M
again." It was down in my eyes C
agpin. Dr. Mayer bandaged my al
head and gave instructions that I st
should have my hat changed or the at
old one cleaned before I wore it
again. C:
I went down street. Does any- in
body know George Johnstone. He w:
was already set . on the corner for cd
me. As soon as he saw me, in that
deliberate suave way of his, he ad- in
dressed me: at
"Mr. Clifton, they tell me you st
are literally taking the scriptures in cc
their literal interpretation."
''How is that ?" I asked.(
"If thine eyes offend thee, pluck 01
them out." h
''Yes, George," I said, ''I have TE
tried everything I could conceive of foi
to get the meanness out of me. st~
This was my last resort, and I es
pecially recommend it to you." he
Allow me to say to the Mayor fo*
that we are really very glad to be
here. We thank him and the peo- of
pie whom he represents for their -
recognition of us and their kindly ,
words. We respond, sir, and return se
to you all the kindness you have
offered us. May God's richest To
blessings rest upon the Mayor. th:
Those noble sentiments which heu
has expressed will do us good. And P
may God's blessings rest upon this t
community, and may our presence im
do this community good. And let
every member do his part to make
this a good Conference that its in- fo:
fuence will long linger here after it #j
is gone. I pray God that in the wi
midst of our sorrows and our joys T1
that we may never forget that we
belong to the King.
Dr. mmnn St
Of the General Missionary Board, t
utlined the work in which the
Board wanted the heartfelt co-op
eration of Conference. He said the Su
Board had passed its second mile
ost and was now on a rational
asis. The Methodists, by their
[wentieth Century Movement, had Th
een educated up to a point whereTh
tey could achieve the greatest re- n
ults, and the advantage which had Ke
een gained must not be lost. What Gel
e plead for was the enlistment h
f every member of the South- THI
rn Methodist Church in the THI
reat cause of education. The 'Y
'wentieth Century Movement was. er,
ot sufficient. It only showed the Imot
eneficence of the principle. What pa
e Board wanted during the next Gv'
uadrenniel was to get all the neP
)reachers interested. The speaker Dol
utlined a plan looking towards this by
urpose, including the distribution -
f literature, special collections,
>rrespondence course for young
reachers, etc.
The Female College.
At 12 o'clock, by special order,
be question of the removal of the
clumbia Female College was taken
for consideration. The report
the Board of Trustees, unani
ously recommending that Green
ood's offer of $42,960, in guaran- I
ed subscriptions, be accepted, and
te College moved to Greenwood,
as submitted.
Mr. C. C. Featherstone, who is
iampioning the cause of Laurens,
Lised the point of order that the
oard had exceeded its powers in
aking any recommendation what
rer. That the resolution under
hich the Board acted simply au
iorized it to receive offers and to
port these offers to Conference.
The ch;ir ruled that in its recom
endation the board had tran
ended its power.
The resolution under which the
>ard acted reads as follows:
"Resolved, That the Board of
rustees of the Columbia Female
ollege be authorized to receive
ropositions from Columbia and
her communities for the enlarge
ent or removal of the college, and
port the same to the next session
This resolution was passed at the
st session. In accordance with
Le ruling of the chair the board
tired and brought in another re
>rt, being the sam: report without
te recommendation.
It was decided that further con
deration of the matter be post
>ned until io o'clock tomorrow.
At this point the question of legal
fficulties in the way of the re
oval of the college from Columbia _
as raised. Mr. F. H. Hyatt, of
>lumbia, stated that he had had the
atter investigated and in order to
removal an amendment of the
iarter by the legislature would be
,cessary. A committee of five,
nsisting of M. L. Carlisle, W. G.
acebeau, W. B. Duncan, J. A,
linkscales and J. H. Lesesne, was
pointed to investigate the legal
aus of the case and to report at
early hour tomorrow.
A petition from Dixon Memorial
iurch, Townville, asking for aid
the work of building a church
is read, and a collection for this
urch was taken.
A good deal of routine business,
cluding examination of character,
Ed passing of applicants having
>od examination in the prescribed
urse, was tranacted.
./ nity to obtain higher quality pure
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te prfts that arise between distil
an consumer in the usual channels
retail trade.
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Capital - - - - - $150,000.00
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General banking business er.e-acted
with promptness Special attenin w
collections. Correspondence so!'eine.
Savings Department.
Deposits allowed interest at to rate
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deposit. Interest payable January 1st
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M. A . CARLISL E, Prie..
T. .5 DUNCAN. ('ashier
R ICA N SU PPl..Y CO., Distillers,
H. C. BEA'-TIE, Receiver
In Effect June 8 1902. '
ietween Anderson and Walhalia.
Mixed. Mixed
No. 9. No. 12 dtation. No. Il No. 9
P.M. A.M. P.M. A.M
3 10 9 55..........Belton.........320 10 50
2 48 933........dnderson F. D......... 340 11 10
2 45 9 30. ......a nderson P. D........ 3 45 iI15
........ 925........West Anderson.......
........ 9 09...............Denver............ 359
........ 902.........Autun............405.
........ 8 55 .........Pendleton ...........4
........ 8 47 ..............Cherry...............
....... . ....... .....Adams...........
8 28 .....Jo. dania Junct ......33 ...
........ 8 25...............seneca..............
3 49 ........
. .WestUnion. 504 ...
800. Wahalla. 609 ......
I All regular t.rains from Belton to Walhala,
Ihave precedence over trains of sgmne class
moving in the opposite dire4tton unless .th
erwise specified by train order.
Will also stop at the following s!ations to
take on and let oft passengers: Phinney's
IJames and Sandy Springs.
J. . AND$JRtiUN, Superintendent
Chiarleston aadlestern Carola Rv Co.
Augusta and AshevMlo Short Line
Schedule In Effect July 6, 1902.
Leave3 Augusta ....10 .a.m 255p
Arrive Greenwood... 12 .......
Anderson ......4....... ........7 p
Laurens........1 45 pm 1030 am
-Waterloo (H. 8.)... 1 12 pm .......
Greenville.....12 22 pm 9 30am
GlennSprings. 445pm ........
=Spartanburg..... 3 30 pm 9 00a m
8aluda............ ah l 5.38p m ...... .......
Hendersonvlle..... 6 03 prm B.elto.toWa .a
Asheville ...... 7 15 pd m i.reeton
Leave Asheville stp .th........ 7 op m .
onartanburg ......12 01 sm 330pm
Jm enn Springs.1000am ...
(Le eenville ..........10 1 1 m 2 45 p m
ILaurens........2053pm 6 30p m
Arrive Waterloo (HI.8.)... 2 33 pm .....
Greenwood............2 44 p m .7 45.pm
Le: Ave tnderson ........................... 7 2 a m
Augusa................. 1 45P m 11 35 am
Leave Columbia 1120am............
Newberry ............ 1242 pm
Clinton 125............. p
Arrive Greenvll........ 3 25 p r
8partanburg........ 3 3 0 pu
Glenn Springsm..... 4 03 p
Leave Glenn Springs...... 10 00 a
Spartanburg ......... 12 01 0 pm
Greenville .............212 16 pm
Arrive Clinton .................. 7 22 pm
Newberry............. 1 06 pm
Columbia... 4 0 pm
Fastest and Best Line between Newberry
and Greenville, Sartanburg and G'enn
Springs :
Connetlons from Newbe ry via Columbia
NewNberry and Laurens Railway.
For any information write.
ERNErST WILLIAMS, Ge-. Pas'. Agt..
Augusta. Ga.
T. M. E ". t L Traffic Vanager.
(E ..astern Standard Tin e.)
Southbound. - Northbound.
Schcdule in Effect August 26th 1902
8 40 am Lv Atlanta (s.A.L) Ar. 8 50 pm
10 50 am Athens 6 19 pnl
11 85 a o Elberton 5 17 pm
12 :,S pm Abbeville 4 05 pm
1 22 pm Greenwood 3 35 T
2 15pu Ar Clinton (Din'r) Lv. 2 45 pm
10 00am Lv Glenn Springs Ar 00 pm
12 15pm Spart anburg 3 30 pm
12 2 pm Greenville 3 26pm
112 pm (Harris Springs). . 3p
1 43.m Ar Laurens (Din'r) Lv 2 -7 p
22 53 52 85
Daily Frt Dly Ft
Ex Sun Ex Sun
6 00 202 Lv Laureuas A ri1 0O 60 .
6 11 2 07" Parks Ar 1 42 4 '0
6 40 2 22 ..Cllnton.. 1 30 4 30
658 234 Goldville 117 351
7 08 2 43 ..Kinard.. i 10 3 41
717 249 ..Garyr... 105 3;51
7 28 2 54 ..Jalapa.. lO00 3 22
800 3i;0 Net,bbrry 1246 30' -
a 2i 3 21 ?ros perity 12 32 2 22
8 42 3 .4 , ....8lAgh';.... [2 23 2'42
8 55 339 IL Mouritain 12 19 I *t
9 15 3651 ...Charin... 1209 14
9 24 357 Hiton 1202
929 401 WhIL RE. .a es I .
9 52 4 17 ......lruxo..... ' 46 . 0
1002 42i .Laptartl.. 11 40 fu'
10 30 4 45 ArColumibIaLvll13 2 i
pm aK
4 55 LvColunrbia s'A.C.L.)Ar Di 0
6 20 Sumter 865
9 2OAr Charleston L.' 7'.
Traina .3 and .T &riil.e a- ddepat tf rorr
new unioni depot.
Trains 22 an d 85 from A. C. L.. frd ght pc t
West Gervais street
For Rates, Time Table's, or further i:.torni '
tion call on any Agent, or write to
President. Traffic Mar.agt!
Colum bia.8. 0 Wlmiongton ' C'
- A
WILMrNGTON. N. C., .Tuly 2'st, 1902.
Throu.hI Trains 'Charleston to- Greenville
No. 1.2. No. 53.
7.00 am.....Lv...Charleston, 8. C......A.r 9.20 pm
8.3i5 am..Lv....Lanes...........Ar 6.?0opm S
9.50 am..Lv.....umter.........Ar 4 55 pm
11.10 am..... Ar......Columbia......Lv 3.45 pm
12.29 am..Ar..Prosperity.......Lv 2.21 pm -
12.42 pm..Ar....Newberry.....Lv 2. 0 pm
1.25 pm.....ar...Clinton. ....Lv '.25 pm
1.47 pm..Ar....Laurens.........Lv 2.10 pm
3.25 pm..Ar......Greenville....Lv 13.22 pn:U
3.80 nm. ...Ar..partanburg ........L,v 12-15 pin
No. 53 Arrise Sumter 6.15 p m; .ieorgeto,wnU
Daily 9.15 oU8Ir;orence 7.56oz.e; D.'rlg onl
t.35 4.15 p n ; U -rtsv ille 9. 0 r ; Beu e, to
P M i le 9.37 m; 41bson 16.ie p u ; Faye te
.'lle 0.2 p m; WI mlngton 11.25 p n ;
Rocky M un t, ..45-4r ;We do- .0 an ;j
"dt.rsb . g 3. 6 are; ilch.moa 4.i2 an :
WV shn on7.. i~n ;ew York1.:4 , .
1)ti y an ; Da 'ington 1' 3".air; Cheraw it. 1
6.sim; W desboto 2 0 p ; Ba't-vil
A .0 a-n ' aion F".51 a:-; WPl' oi o
. 40 pv .i'ayett,evi11e 12-3i5 r.n ;Rocky
IM< ur t1.5.) ;.m ; We idj'n 4.5 r r ; Pe'
It rdurg t' 44 pm; Richtre d 7..' pn
Waebi. gton '140 pi; N w York ? 1 am:
,ruilmin SleeDing Cars New York to Tamrr a
Pa'o. Dini g Car. New York to cavarn b. .
Focr rste--, och du'. 5, etc. wit
W. J. C.alg ien Pass. A t., Wilmintwon
T. M. Emerst.n, Tre'ffic Manager Wilu in.g-!
ton N C
H. M. E"ison, %'t vra* c Mar ages WI:.
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Just returned from the North with -
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Clocks and
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Jeweler and Optician.
Air Line Railway.
First Class Dining Car
The Best Rates and Route to All
Eastern Cities via Richmond and
Washington, or vii Norfolk and
Steamers. To Atlanta Nashville,
Memphis, Louisville, St. Louis,
Chicago, I sw Orleans, and all
Points South and South West.
To Savannah, and Jacksonville
and all points inFlorida and Cuba.
Positive Iv the Shortest
Line Between the
For detailed information, Rates,
Schedules, Pullman Reserva
tions, &c., apply to any Agent
Trav. Pass Agt., Columbia, S. 0.
C. B. Walworth, A.G.P.A.,
Savannah, Ga.
Life Assurance Company
Assets Dec. 31, 1901,
Surplus to
Policy Holders
Absolutely t h e
Strongest Life .As
surance Company in
America when meas
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)ld Hunting Creek" Rye .12-qt.
case. .. .. .. .. .. .-.....10.00
pple Brandy. .. .. .. .. ....2.50
Charge of 25c. for 1-gal., 35e. for
gal., and 45c. for 3-gal. jugs, and 75c.
r 4 1-2-gal. kegs; when returned pre
id, they will be taken back at cost.
J. C. SOMERS & CO.,01s.,
!ATESVILLE, North Carolna.
1res -
enderloin Steak,
Fish, Game, Ham
and Eggs, Etc..
nd Served on Short
- Notice at -
Daily--Except Sunday.
Genn p riags... ............... .. 9E00 am
oe buck.............. ...........4... urn
patn bug........ ..........o 0 a
Sp .Htabu Sim......o . 8Prespde
roebuck.....~.....405 p
~H S SimpS. Pregig.

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