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I - Irr iTl1
r.' "determined to buy them wh(
pYr MudIpg country. Hundreds
ress Goods and Silks in the hous
mtwuAArket at actual first cost. DI
nty. The picking o
c .easy.
. =evef description; Dress Hal
heathers, Ribbons, Bab1
Thisdeprtmntmust be cleanet
atmy style to carry goods fronr
e DkTH God ils.
SGod a home in hea
iorut. in the Divin
Duncan appi
Dpas rmehit:h
~nmes Featers atRibbos bk1
~e. ThCoodeasrt citg T e cle
ao mystyle ito arr gctds from
ulpits and shome mote- iepn the
e me:ere hardnitNee Divarln
y. Fishp Dunc nc anke.
sta Mehois annuBisho Dt
the eed fromhis agh4ex,S
he gspelminitry.therld, bs
esao idand Sovern chilre, wend
eent et*saentedasthis
yeterday oing o wars 'betfl
t hed rien~q the dsbother A.h
by'1ers o C A.frJ. poseearey wit
~ p~lEs asnd bsoer ost eeds un th
dion CwereenNew- cserlatin.
Ctena etheoist ng Besisho Dg
~ the ee ein ng he odeptmets
les chors,elh mistsen The rad,y
eofb the rabrgeavement wmn. whet
hapcet A redW aenmot hdeplora
~%9 eseamrning ove wokes obgn
-wacstoed te pehding Adeasingo
that"Naed by Preyeral reedy man a
e hietheeadad ter wpenigres isn oo fo
en dishrchte, so flohis abet sTerve.
6meng fn the spirea tempeadeind heii
ctiued tos bie.le tHat devote Aion or tah
t"ination, sugges the haugh they daeplr
nes. cahe, sprollial frcmrests thes tourch.
upote actel"oed tof plAges," desisin seran
nthe stor~asmf e cannot rwegad full
a Why th bredatind e werer an, lokf
Al aing pateno the sipn-icall teoeatr n he ris
ple elemnsuaniestsn thethught they hervn
tlovere isportoitycasonffordesi forhis i mar
.uporn tetmyThe etenaader o Aget servtr
thnte trampl of ie cesand swevi- guard to std
ty a falonanother totstf.wters tHea
Bllthaeng.B papell,f theW situ calltote nr
love, oportniAtyawa, afre,oi Maifyin
ay, Jno. M. Lander, Thacher, ment, merel
Bessley, Traywick, R. A. Yongue, ment. The:
j. .Stokes, Dagnall, Thomas Har- ntil they a
usa,' Uumbert, Shell, Mrs. J. W. jsibility of
Buubert, and many others spoke grander exp
VItth sweet emphasis concerning of God throtc
*f faith :.. Crist,. teirs trust in is not able
NDISE must be turned into money, let it bring '
re your money goes the farthest, so let us pull
and hundreds of dollars will be saved in this comi
one season to another. Any reasonable offer
will b e accepted.
imatchahie Stock of Staple Dry Goods I
Falls under the axe. Outing, Red and White
Flannels, Canton Flannel, Cassimeres, Percales,
Calicoes, Towels, Table Linens, Quilts, Sheets,
Sea Island, Sheeting, Dril, Cheviots and Ging
ham. What a feast you will ha%e in the above I
line. Thousands of yards of White Homespun
to go at .3c. yard. Thousands of yards of
Calicoes to go at 334c. yard.
j_5 bales Sea Island to go on sale at only 4c.
h Into he
lUS H'S.
dence, their hope of a sure. So when the pressure is
en, their abiding rest upon ,a man he is untrue in
e love. bank, untrue in that college,
at II o'clock Bishop true in that office of trust, un
%ared in the pulpit and in the pulpit!
be fourth hymn. The He who follows the Lord J
tyer. manifestly came 'Christ must be just as true in
~art as he plead for the
asing to rest -upon His.
His church. f
>ture lessons were se
the 96th Psalm and
th chapter. Hymn 51
ced. As a leader of
antle so long worn by
3. Cauihen has. ap
ai common consent,i-al
shoulders of Brother
and a good leader does
ucan announced as his
uke xii,. 35-40. T6eI
urch, as wvell as of the
for ready, active, pre
-equipped men and
ver core than at pres
call for well qualified RV
en more imperative.
igh character and pur- lc fMr n ataa
ianded. This age tepaeo ee n al
aid women of Christly Yonedotclamnani
The veneering pro-rausipybcsehhs
enerally used in many ejydcleeopruiis
of life's activities.
man is 'always in de-knwagetdlthtyuo
~r it be in lowly occu
loftiest endeavor. Aknw
ble fact is the willing- Icaentw thryuala
>re apprenticeship; the
the hour of toil. The
must be the watching
r the work which needs
Young men are ask
)n to e'nter the profes
,of medicine, before
eached their majority.
nified n hen yon enter
The Master wants I
s to ;be standing on
armed, ready to an
1 to the conflict or the
ace. The man who is
nust not seek to direct
Instead of going to
, his Lord may want
own and be served by
must wait for his Lord.
hunger of two greatly RV
mere material equip
y intellectual develop-mabenatrihoyorad
e may be so stressedotm.IwnaMn!Ti
Imost exclude the pos- snta kidwr;noah
hat higher life, thatwol,ntahrles o
erience of knowledge Fod,erhuks ocnce
h Crist Veeerigtos reveal nt true acan abi
o sandextrme re I are worl.t the yofl
vhat it may. Not a few Odds and Ends but
together. Tell your friends, let the news g
nunity during this sale. The fact stares me i]
50 bolts of Cheviot worth ioc. yard, for this sale
7%IZc. yard.
ioo bolts.of Indago Blue Calico for this sale 4c.
too White Bed Spreads to be sold at only 5oc.
too White Bed Spreads, (large size) worth $r.5o
to go at 98 . each.
Another big Tot of Jeans slightly soiled to go at
half prke.
Winter has come a little behind time, but it's
here. 3 cases of North Carolina Wool Blank
Push And-F
e Cheapest Store
The Carolinas.
put world is keen, critical, farsighted. I men wh<
that When you .answer a call and the grLat ex
un- world finds that you are not a man Paul ha(
true it will rush over you and kill you. never sE
The church must be as wise as the fourteen
asus 'world. The foremost- virtue in 'have do!
the such a man as has been des'cribed made hi
suaded s
"You ar
told his
man mu
-to learn
The teac
able mal
which ar
the unwi
souls fro1
from th4
heed the
I thini
was a gi
L. M. HAMER. when th(
bert ente
in at watching, waiting, ready, pre- there,w
pered, is that of humility. Only a earth. (
no- humble mau can wait for his Lord to think t
ntuntil 3 o'clock in the morning and "Go say
He then perhaps not see his Lord come."Gdo
yet A self-assertive man is not the kind weepig
not God wants. He who says I am May t:
the man for a district, or, I am the be read
hu- man for a large station, will be sit- comes!
mons, th<
were call<
H. B. Br
lesson wl
prox ides :
!cons, Bis
the dicipl
ing his ha
work of
God. R<
'~ ? ture lesso
T. PAE, D ~ jThe M
the Meth
ch- ingdow eatng hil hisLor isternoon a
sodkokn tth or n h n ,~ D.
ar ewl upu n a,"h,tional ex
rld. come in Lord, but I was not ex- Psalm an
up- pecting you at this hour: yet, I am The Bi
out glad to see you.'' oversigh.t
the I I am always fearful about the whe tl
3rd, I Sta
every article under the roof included. I am
o from lip to lip, for it's news of impcrtance 1
i the face that my stock is too heavy, and while
ets to go at a sacrifice. They are the best
Blarkets, and have more warmth to the square
inch than any Blanket in America for the price.
50 prs. North Carolina Wool Blankets at cost,
$2.50 worth $3.50.
50 prs North Carolina Wool Blankets at cost,
$3.00 worth $4.50.
50 prs. North Carolina Wool Blankets at cost,
$4.oo worth $6.oo.
300 prs. of Cotton Blankets to go at half price.
Step up stairs and I will show yot more Blank
ets than all the stores in town combined.
ollow The .4
publish boastingly their "What local preaFherr
perience in divine. things. to elder's orders?" I
I a great experience. He Jno. B. Weldon was n
id anything about it for by his presiding elder
y'ears; and he would not now done ad he.was
ie so then but the devilwilborandwt
m do it. The devil per- taseeig h
ome people to say to Paul,meorsu itdre
e not an apostle.',' Then he lw:Mmi fM
great experience in self- Bnsb .Tln
Again this well-equipped Js .Sihb .R
;t be a teachable man. And o rdrc udb
is the first thing one needs sn f0 di tk
is that he knows nothing!HokofAFrnBe
hable man must be a tract-j .Wlo;o a.S
2. You must be on theRRihrsnof.M
for the many thievesT.C0DelofJTh
e prowling around to robJn.0Wis;ofLC
iry. You must save these W .Dna;o h
ni :he grasp of strong drinkbetySaulLnr
embacs f ebachd ibtoler' ode" 'e
Jnnvrb tob o. cese wesdo prascne
call ofdisresed an-by H.is Bys;n elder
Mrs. Ldoie and Mattis
thatnyesterdywther MagaetC oraNedwit.
spiit f or Bothr Hr-huis evening Therc
redtheheveny ome bugnmadmoir uted urei
Ba orwnghat n ksr Wito Eoanucd
Jas.sbs. u Ilv Foloingthe pye.r.
haoesopdfogeog redseetion from byS
o on ofhis essnges n chapte. Edyin Stok<
n ynde ad cmfrty oun. ilon , Ja..
eLr situ oT wer eeralo a.Th
iaeyoloigo.sr wha sadlon; oe o.Ca
Rev. essr. Log . m unto an; wol Tho
.J. L uggius B. erat h broth aer
embndrce Ef ders he r Ar rueltonhime.
r, neve be haeo Resy tcae wives of miracwihe
casofn reditscptrese mang miunderBasoo ands.
ich te bok of discpli. He ucilte hugr Matis
:o tht ondinatoerdea o theargaretiC. Neeley.
hopdDucain prnounedey crowed tousae h
spton ourther H-od of ec,wrd"ther ning aser
rthe ttheey oie, and gnes andbotinuewod unt
reacorroing hearch ofr Thsbindo anounced
v.Loingas.bMcsy.eBw I toFllw the taero
toat he se ond scrip- seeing. seuetionatfres
o andte ofBish ressengrs cpr. Hymn was catou
nh simplyr andicoflry n oguencue Jhe wo,u39
children.''fo theaext
2be MLoda aseritcsal. t Ther wr suenala
ymra whervice wsumel nnsLomewha worghc ed 0
oitl followin yetea ser- u ihrsadr
Rev.4. Ressr. Jor . ing haP.hro nw.
ercses readgin, B.the 9tt aebin. Te
d lang prce. Chgg ris teesdtes
dsocl ttentntoancemane . Thblnma
ine Sray'sh sesioturadh el-ups
enr questions ald, anddsue-ihte
determined to sell the Goods, and you are
:o every man, woman and child in Newberry
you need the goods is the time to move them.
Every pair of Shoes in the house at cost. Our
great Shoe sale continues. Just stop and think
for a moment. We don't.ask you to take our
word for the reductions. Price elsewhere and
then come to us and we will convince you as
quick as a wink. Everybody knows we have
the stock of Newberry and that we are doing
the business of the town.
roo Boys' Knee Suits to go at actual cost.
300 Men's Overcoats to go at a sacrifice.
oo doz. Men's and Boys' Hats just landed to go
at half price.
Jro wds.
are elected righteousness of moral action. -Our
he name of Lord made.mud out of the clay and
t presented therefore he is a Sabbath breaker!
This was He was not thinking of a tradition,
elected and but he was thinking of saving a
the others soul.' Hence he cut right through
mmittee on Jtheir little tradttions. The great.
>orts as fol- Jconcern of our Lord was to reach
rain Luther the individual. Jesus Christ came
Hodges; of into the world as a discriminating
Richardson; factor. He determined to set up a
no. 0. Wil- new standard of measures and
~s by M. W. values. Every man--nd woman
-ry by 'Jno. must submit to that standard,'
arter by W. whether willing or tinwilling.
.Hamer by Why did these people become so
>s. Pate by enraged against our Lord?i Simply
. Loyal by because they were not willing to be
s. G. Her- measured by his divine rules. But
the go.spei of Jesus Christ is not
lory of de- confined to individuals. Its stand
rs was read ards must be brought to bear upon
A. Ervine, institutions as well. It is intended
El and Mrs. for this very,purpose. I very much
fear that if I had been born just
awaited the whei and where and under similar
vice was be- conditions as was our Lord, I
17.30, when should have been very much of a
hymn r39. rebel. But we never heard of his
Dr. Winton meddling with political conditions.
t. John, 9th Tihe thing for us to do to solse
is then an- life's problems and meet its difit:ul
was chosen ties is to preach Christ. Project
into this disturbed world the gospel
pects of our of Christ. and the' problem is re
elt that he solved into its elements, and made
said some- comparatively simple.
sion, "I am The only light which, will ever
set a man give light to this darkened world
ad so with .is the life of our blessed Lo:rd.
He could Following the sermon 0. M. Ab
out its be-- ney, 3. H. Graves, R. W. Hum
isapplied." phries, A. E. Holler, ,Ethan Z.
ltitude out James, J. E. Strickland, J. B. Wel
heart and don, W. D. Quick and W. C.,Botl
m a king. ware were called before the chancel
ne into the for ordination as elders. Bishop
ne of sad- Duncan led in prayer. The Scrip
udgment." ture lessons were read by W. C.
ested. -He Power and M. L. Carlisle. The
came back bishop propounded the disciplinary
ilted. The questions, and satisfactory response
f the syna- having been made, prayer was of
not agree fered. The candidates still kneel
a vicious ing, the bishop, assisted by W. C.
Power, E 0. Watson and M. L.
must be Carlisle, proceeded with the laying
uir Lord set on of hands, at the same time prd'
n the world nouncing the solemn sentence of or
Ls a result dination. The Bible was placed in.
2d some are the hands of each and authority
andards of conferred to preach the Word and
andards of administer the sacraments. The
-iss o cn-doxology was sung and Conference
isesto on-Sunday, a holiday, a delightful day,
d wise men aa epbochal day in many lives, was
about the a an end.

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