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Ag the Gty CtOrchas Supplied by MOW
des Centace-Some Strong
and Esgant Sermons and
Lame Cagregatons.
The various pulpits of the towr
were supplied yesterday by the
embers of the Conference. We
ave endeavored to secure a word
in regard to the message which
these preachers delivered yesterday
and we have in most cases suc
-. eded One or two are missing.
om the reports we have there
4 W .s strong and able ser
in Newberry yes
- no doubt trains of
:et in motion and in
ces for good started which
a3 Ilsat e all time to come. The
the urvice at Central
S h= chuch is printed on the
~T_M= : s at the Redeemer.
y 1 & arlsle D. D., of
street church, Co
e1im a pieiiebed at the morning
gvangelical Church
Rseier, and Rev. J. W.
s - _ of Trinity Church,
the evening service.
*on addresses were
aday School service
Winton, J. E. Greer
eusing service Dr. Car
Sis text Matt. 5:8,
the pure and heart for
Sie God." His theme
S ti al Vision." The
wastthrilled by
by presentation of the
Sriejo?ed at the vision of
ri Cxist held before it
_ gspe messbge. Ev
r bek hearing was
1 iaideased desire 1rful
aibt many went away
etonger and bet
-. * pyer i the heart:
budisapest our life
a r weak faith to
uet are set by sove
- g with all their agita
senega if we see his
evnng service, Dr. Dan
bI~y a great congre
-~~5 largely of men,
- Etand theme were pecu
to the occasion.
w."The Vlue of a
the text: Mark 8:36,
liproit a man if he
wele ld and lose
~ or what shall a man
~~~hage, for his soul?"
- meea full report of the
- give an adequate idea
~ cher's5 presentation of
fim life's experiences,
of reason, by the esti
~ ~ dt$e soul's worth in the
*God, who gave his own son
ti aaseo, bringing every
se i face with duty. His
des unanswerable, his
chse hi manner earn
~ @~~ixl~, and at times thrill
ehIent. Dr. Daniel had
et having an aud
intheirough sympathy with
In viey of the fact that as
~~ Rewberry College student
-~$ well known by our people.
pas~.tor and people of Thomp
8 aet Church were very much
With their preacher on yes
The reaheris Rev. J.
Eg,Presiding Elder of the
g tv. Kilgo-is not well known in
aprt of the State, having la
-smd -in other sections. In the
ij~u~t of those to whom he
~ -~~hedyesterday he is entitled to
ek with the foremost members of
At iveleigh Presbyterianl Church.
'e Presbyterian pulpit was ably
ufhrning and evening, by
Sthinorning service Rev. W.
A ssbean, of Greenwood,
~m.ced~Taking for his text
Jpbpansiv. 33, he directed the
.of his hearers to the high
iyand aim of every Chris
a.-befllness ot the status of
aeret appeal Chito Jevery
anm toeafrneth appl his eeryi
ta ant forth all his energies
I and strength in his efforts to attain
unto the mark for the prize of the
high calling. His sermon was in
struct-ive, encouraging and inspir
Rev. W. R. Richardson led the
worship at the evening service.
Taking for his text Colossian i., 28,
he announced as his subject the
same which Paul used so often and
so well-not a creed or doctrine]
but a personal Christ. This per- '
son being as Paul affirmed, and de- <
clared, both human and divine. 1
The Inecessity of the incarnation I
he said grew out of three immuta- x
ble laws, ist. The lower can be ]
lifted up to the plane of the higher t
by the higher stooping to the level t
of the lower. ad. The true nature s
of the higher can only thus be re- n
vealed to the lower, and, 3rd. No a
one is capable of sympathizing t
with another until he has worked t
and suffered with him. In show- U
ing the God-man as the ground of l
our hope his remarks were unus- 1l
ually assuring and comforting to b
all Christians.
The impressions made by both b
the sermons were deep and will, no I
doubt; be lasting. And that these I
brethren may always be inspired
and comforted by the Gospel
truths with which they inspired t
and comforted others, is the prayer
of those to whom they so accept a- tl
bly ministered.
At the First Baptist Church. ti
A large congregation was pres
ent at the eleven o'clock service to N
greet Dr. J. A. Clifton, who was N
at one time pastor of the Methodist p
church at this place. The number d
from other congregations showed 'j
that his friends are not confined to a
the members of his own church.
The presence of the members of fe
the Conference reveals the fact that o:
he is one of their most populhr is
preachers Dr. Clifton preached a
soul stirring sermon from the text, n
Seek first the kingdon of God, te
and his righteousness, and all these E
hings shall be added unto you," d
!atthew 6:33. Every body wentg
way feeling that they had been tl
enefited by the sermon. The
etire service was a spiritual uplift.
At the evening service a very tl
striking and thoughtful sermon wasp
preached by Rev. C. B. Smith, of a
Bennettesvillerin his .own inimita- na
le way- from- the words, "An evil e
ad adulte,rous generation seeketh
after a sign." Matthew 12 :39. Mr.
Smith is a very original preacher, h
his illustrations are striking; peo
pe can hardly go to sleep while he
s preaching and will come awayR
hinking and talking.f
O'Nan me Church.
Rev. Jno. W. Speake, who ish
serving a charge in Greenville, h
peached at tho O'Neall Street
hurch Sunday morning. He was
t his old home and his people were
glad to meet him and be with him
again. He preached them a strong
nd interesting sermon, which wast
istened to with marked attention. h
It was our good pleasure to listen
once more to the eloquent Dr. W.
W. Daniel, who preached Sunday ti
night in O'Neall Street church.6
The church was filled to its utmost
apacity and the attention given
the speaker was all that an appre
ciative people could give, indeed R'
it was quite a treat to bear the dis
tinguished preacher. His text was
"Come unto me all ye that labor
and are- heavy laden and I will r
give you rest," and it is wonderful C
how much new thought he got out
of that very old subject. Every tl
word seemed to be new and origi- b
nal, and the gifted oratory that the b
preacher displayed from start toC
nnish was indeed wonderful. It
had often heard him before is why
I walked one and a half miles
through the mud to bear him againr
and I am glad that I had an oppor
tunity to listen to Brother Daniel,
one of the most gifted preachers in
the Conference. May no mist of
sorrow ever gather around his dear
heart that cannot be dispelled by
the radiant reflection of the sweet
skies, and may he live long that he
may give his people his knowledge
of the Scriptures. C.
West Bad Baptist.
The Rev. Win. Aiken Kelly1
preached in West End Baptist
Church at i i o'clock. His subject
was religion and superstition from
the text, "I applied mine heart to
know, and to seek out wisdom, and
te reason of things, and to know
the wickedness of folly, even of
-foolishness and madness."
Mr. Kelly is one of the young
mmers of the Conference but is
a strong preacher and a clear and
logical reasoner.
Religion is the universal pheno
menon of humanity, said the
preacher. The necessity of a right
conception of it is because the more
legraded and savage men are, one
)f the worst elements of their sav
igery is their wrong conception of
eligion. As a phenomenon re
igion is either natural or revealed.
'he religion of nature appealing
mnly to the senses must necessarily
)e sensual. The religion of reve
ation, appealing to the spirit of
nan must necessarily be spiritual.
either is exempt from supersti
ion, that is, misdirection rather
han absence or excess of religious
entiment. It were better to have
o op;ion of God at all than such
n op.aion as is unworthy of Him;
he one is unbelief, the other con
mpt. An eternal law of honor
bliges Christianity to look fear
,ssly and carefully into every prob
;m which is properly presented to
The sermon was attentively heard
y the large congregation present.
Sermon to Red Men.
Sunday afternoon Rev. W. J.
nyder, of Clifton, by special re
uest preached in the opera house
> the Red men of the city.
The opera house was filled on
is occasion, and the speaker re
ived the very best of attention
iroughout his discourse.
The members of Bergell Tribe,
Co. 24, and Cateechee Council,
o. 3, assembled at their hall and
roceeded in a body, about two hun
red strong, to the opera house.
he two bcdies made a fine appear
ice in their handsome regalias.
The speaker was introduced in a
w well chosen words by the Mayor
the city, Mr.- Otto Klettner, who
a member of both orders.
Mr. Snyder preached a fine ser
on on the principles of the order,
king for his subject, "Freedom,
riendship and Charity," which
eeply impressed the members and
ve them a higher conception of
ie beautiful teachings and under
-ing principles of the order to
hich they belong, and it gave
ose who have never had the
easure of meeting around the
>ucil fire an idea of what Red-i
anism means, and doubtless did
ch good for the order.
As soon as the tribe and t:ounci
ad returned to their hall, Sachem1
an Smith called the two bodies to
der and after extending thanks to
ev.Snyder, in behalf of the bodies
ir his most excellent sermon, in a
ost appropriate manner, on be
ilf of Cateechee Council Poca
>ntas, presented Rev. Mr. Snyder
ith a beautiful gold Red Men's
nblematic pin, representing an
dian tomahawk. Rev. Snyder re
onded in a touching manner,
ioing his high appreciation of
Le beautiful token of esteem shown
The tribes were then dismissed
ud went to their homes feeling
iat they had been greatly bene
ted by the service.
v. J. Walter Daniel of the (lass of 18279
Speaks to the Students.
This morning at chapel service at
ewberry college Rev. 3. Walter
~aniel, by invi.tation of President
romer was present and addressed
ie students. He is an alumnus of
ue college in the class of 1879, and
as always taken a deep interest in
is alma mater. He spoke of the
brist as the ideal man and urged
e students to make Him their
1odel, for there is nothing great
2 man but character, and there is
o character worth the name that
not based on the things that last,
n the life of the Godman.
At the Lutheran Church.
At the Wednesday evening ser
ice at the Lutheran church, Rev.
V. L. Seabrck, the pastor, will
ecture on the theme "Our Heri
age, Our Privileges, Our Re
ponsibility." The service will be
in promptly at 7:30 o'clock, and
>e concluded within an hour. All
.utherans should attend this ser
rice and all others, whom duty
loes not call elsewhere, are cor
lially invited to be present.
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