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Celestial Gots the Worth of His Mon
ey Every Time.
"A Chinaman at the telephone is
funny thing," remarked a long distanc
telephone operator in the Denver New
a few days ago. "You see, it is impoi
sibie to tell whether one person or hal
a~'osen are talking, and we often be
come mixed up, in listening to their
When one is speaking, it seems as i
half a domen are talking. and we ofte
imagine the wires are out of order. T
mate matters worse the Chinese de
light in talking as fast as possible, an(
we. never know whether the Chinamai
at this end the wire is talking or I
it is thene at the other end. After th
conversation Is ended the Chink walk
out of the booth With a self satisde
smile an his face and pays for a tire
minutes' talk. We have lately discoi
ered that he zs:ariably says as mic]
during that time as could have bee
said by a white man in fifteen mir
- To be the toepo e company I
not really "out" anything by the tran
action, as it is paid by the minute; bui
nevertteless, in the case of Chinames
the company would be the gainer b;
eharging for volume instead of time. !
Chinaman always begins his talk i
pidgin English. He says: "Hello. I
this Sam Lng I bettee ypoudon Iol
-yi hi ki yi he yay bo benno ne," an
so on, an"l it sounds on the wires as t
seveal persons were at work.
A story of the Irish Liberator and
Falling FIeeo.
el O'Conefn was once addre
bng an enormous meeting in Kingi
town, and the crowd was so large tha
fear was felt for the safety of th
building. As he was about to speak
getemdascended.the platform an
said, trembling with fear: "Liberato
the Boer js giving way! The beams ar
crdcking, and we shall all fall throng
in a few minutes." It Is not given I
-m,y men to live through such me
nent as O'Connell lived through as b
tose-te'addres -the meeting nor to pri
"pre -such Magnilcent courage in th
face 'of kreat peril. Warning the ma
to espqopet, the liberator said, "In
E itom too saU to contain the nun
ber who desie to come in, so we mu
theefare leave it and hold the meetin
tid~Ie."- A few rose to leave, but th
hat was still packed. and then O'Can
' nl sa$: "Then. I will tell you th
-~ ~- ruth. You are Irishmen and therefor
fray. men. The iloar la giving. was
aie mnust leave~this room at onct
If-therea apancanda ushto th
door, we shafl all be precipitated int
he"b oden below, but If you obey m:
egesv shafl be safe. Let the dose
as eaies the door go qluietly oui
them th next desen, and so on until a]
Iaveone. I shalt be the last to leave.
The Irishmen followed the advice, th
halt was quickly eleared, and as O'Cor
Ts neil walked across the floor the brokq
beamns gave way.-Oxford Chronicle.
may-url some folks to lean
hat penty British laws have bees
drawa -p so carelessly anid written I1
such muddled language that they ar
An- ejsa fer their intened pmr
of Ethe acts p'assed In Georg
III?s reign,' for instance, states tha
the procleeds of penalties were to b
'glen half ~to the infor-mer and half ti
~4 the:poor of the paish. The absurdit:
lbid4u -the fact. that the only penalt:
which could be infl1cted,. was one o
transportation for fourteen years.
In 185 a well known, Q. C createi
ameninet worded as follows: "Ever;
unaccompanied by the registered own
erof agech dog or other person,. wh<
jalon bieing asked for his true name
Sand 'address may be then and there
destroyed by such occupier or by hij
orders?~ This gem of maninglessnes
a-s hwever, not passed.-London Tit
eWhife sany the hadooins
at'the pre,ent! day, are ofecomparativela
~eeent itroduction, ebony was,knowi
and highly esteemed by a number o:
aident races and used by them fa
*kingly and other purposes. Wlile th4
name ebony Is given to the wood o
several varieties of trees, all kinds arw
of great denisity -and dark color, thi
heaviest varietIes being, as a rule, alsa
the darkest. There-'are three varietl
of ebony wel known in the trade. Thi
ebony from the Gaboon coast of Afries
Is the darkest. The Madagascar ebona
-Is the densest. The Macassar ebona
furnishes the largest pieces. London i
stBi the chief mart for this wood, ani
from there It is shipped to the varioul
countries in which It is used for mann
facturing purposes. - Popular Me
c,hanics. _ _ _ _
'The Deteioratins Turkish Lady.
Eating sweetmeats, smoking eiga
rettes, scolding the slaves and talking
scandal are the chIef diversions of the
Turkish lady, with now and then a vis.
It to .a low class theater, and her phy
sique, and with It that of the race, i
rapidly deteriorating for want of fresh
air and exercise. The much disputed
-question as to whether womnan Is the
possessor of an Immortal soul has left
its mark on the female population.
They have ceased to base any great
hopes on such an uncertainty and live,
feed and behave so like the "beasts that
perish" that to the flippant modern
Turk It seems that, If endowed with
souls at all, they must be so small as
to be scarcely worth the trouble of
saving.-Chambers' Magazine.
The Card Table In Crimson Gulech
"Do you think it Is polite," said the
foolish stranger in Crimson Gulch, "for
a man to sit in his shirt sleeves and
play cards all day?"
"Yes, sir," answered Three Finger
Sam, "and maybe It'll be for your own
good to remind you that the fewer
sleeves a man has on when he plays
cards around here the less liable he Is
to fall under s-uspcion."-Washingtonl
Tracing His Lineage Back to David, the
Royal Psalmist.
[Lutheran Chronicle.] I
By direct descent the king is con
nected with fifteen of the thirty five
monarch who have preceded him on
the British throne since the conquest.
- His descent from William the Con- I
queror, through the Georges, James
I, Henry VII, the first four Edwards,
Henry III, John, Henry II and Hen
ry I is clear and distinct. And, go
ing fnrther back, Edward VII has if
two clear descents from the Saxon e
kings of England. Through St. c
i Margaret of Scotland and Matilda, t
wife of the Conquerer, his maj.sty i
can trace his ancestry to Alfred the c
s Great and to Egbert, the first king f
- of all England. Through at least 1
, three lines the king can show de
- REV. L. C.
scent from the Roman emperors-- 1
a first from Basil, the Macedonian em- <
I peror of Constantinople It is also iI
t claimed that Egbert was descended c
9 from Helena, the mother of Con- i
e stantine the Great, while also the e
e king's line from Mary Queen of +
Sotts is perfectly clear, and her an 1
cos(etry went back to imperial Rome.1
Nor is it easy to deny ti e claimri
Swhich makes King' Edwart a del'
soendant of David. As a Guelph '
the king traces descent from Roger
id'Este, the Saracen hero, and he in t
turn was descended from Saladin, I
the Nazarene, who was of the He. 1
ibrew royal house. The researches
of 31. Oppert~ have proved that
Roger d'Este. though a Mnssulmau, t
Swas, nsevertheless, a member of the 1
family of David, of which house Ed- f
Sward VII r. ay .thus claim to be a a
-prince. Soch pedigrees are always i
t matter of dispute, but Queen Vie t
toria had no doubt of her deseenr t
from the Psalmist. In 1861 'he a
Rev. F. R A. Glover, M A., Brit.b li
haplain at Cologne, published a t
book setting forth the now familiar s
Anglo Israelite theory. The queen k
e ommanded the author's attendance f
Iat Windsor and expressed her pleas- il
-Rev. Irl R. Hlcksl1903 Almanac.
To say that this splendid work of
science and art is fmner and better than S
ever, is stating it mildly. The demand
for it is far beyond all previous years.
Tothat such results, reaching
thru THImTY YEARS, are not basedI
upon sound sense and usefulness, is an
insult to the intelligence of the millions. T
Prof. Hicks, through this great Alma- .T
nac, and his famous family and scien- A
tific journal, WORD AND WORKS, is do
ing a work for the whole people not ap- E
proached by any other man or publica
tion. A fair test will prove this to any G
reasonable person. Added to the most
luminous course in astronomy for 1903, T
forecasts of storms and weather are
given, as never before, for every dayT
n the year, all charmingly illustrated
with nearly two hunrdengravings.
The price of single Aimanac, including
ptage and mailing, is THIRTY CENTS. .lE
ORD AND WORKS with the Almanac is mr
$1.00 a year. Write WORD AND WORKS W
PUBLISHING Co., 2201 Locust Street,
St. Louis, Mo., and prove to yourself n
their great value. 2t. n
MNEY TO LOAN-We negotiate
IlIloans on improved farm lands.
at seven per cent. interest on
amounts over one thousand dollars, P:
and eight er cent. interest on amounts bi
less than 1,000. Long time and easy
payments. Hunt, Hunt & Hunter,
ire with the book, saying that she
nd Prince Albert had long held the
iews it put fortb. Her majesty or
lered the royal family tree to be
>roduced, and there at the root was
be name of David, with Nietoria in
be topmost brance.
what He Did to the Game Cock That was
Matched to Fight Him.
WinchestAr, Ky. CarrespondAnce
Cincinnati Eriquirer.]
Jack Wills, former Representative
rom this conuty in the Legislature
njoys the reputation of being a pra
tical joker of no mean capacity. His
rother in law, George Ballard, a
prominent breeder of fine horses and
wner of Pinchem Wilkes, a noted
acer, has on bis place a pen of high
y bred game chickens.
While George was showing Jack
its favorite rooster and expatiating
)n his great prowess Jack pretended
o regard the bird as a very ordinary
shicken, and spid he could whip him
ith a buzzard. A hot argument en
ined, resulting in a match being ar
-nged for bet.ween the rooster and a
)uzzard, which Jack agreed to pro.
Iuce. Jack had a trap set, and in a
ihort time his uncommon warrior, a
rery large buzzard, was brought to
According to the terms of the con
est the rooster was duly equipped
rith gaffs,,and .the two birds were
inked togather by the feet with a
ard or so of stout cord.
As the rooster brac'ed himself for
he onslaught the buzzard regarded
imn with stolid indiffierence, and at
rt pass lifted 'its wings and sailed
way, with t.he rooster squawking in
ts wake. George tan for his gun, but
~efor'a he could get~back with it the
zzard and rooster were high in the
r and away ont of reach of bis fow
F. SMITH. dej
* anc
ing piece. the distressing eries of
be unfortunate r 2oster grew fainter
d fainter, until fioally they were -
eard no more, and the ill mated pair -
aded away in the ether blue. Noth
ig has sioce been heard of the birds.
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UN A lJE H the rider trequ
Shandy and ei
an auident happens is a bottle of M
need not become a
body. If they do i1
will thoroughly, qu
nently cure these a
-is -no guess work al:
iment is used a cur
Mustang Liniment. As a flesh h
208 MEXM
nenlys cure hee:
isnoess wor satee
O TADa. 6h
an e-ah , ee Pwa
empees e asaag uOm neev
adlsn ~.m h.ean e
esent Sr=th ^-.as- Za
wd...d esue
a. . AmWI E.
pi- - - - - $150,000.00
rus and Pronits - 96,865.88
;teral banking~ business Lransseted
hrrr.ptn'ss Speial .ttention 1.0
Savings Department.
)epsits allowed intere~st at the rate
~ er cent per annom from datte of
ot. Interest payable January 1st
1Jly 1st of each year.
M. A. CARLISLE, Prest.
T1. .S DUNCAN, Cashier
.T W. M. RIMMONS. A sa. (''r
5 Ful
glasser e, ar:
ently meets with disaster. .i7
ient doctor to have with von wheun
exican Mustang Liniment.
fixture upon your -
is your fault, frai.
.ickly and perma
fflictions. rT here
out it; if this lin
e will follow.
iickly a burn or scald can he cure*'
ou have treated it with Mexican
aler it stands at the very top.
pipal C.en'sIse
th and Pleasuwe .
'T and W EST.
b, Thesh steewing-Oaue
Pw$ate via Ae1aata ad via
SW via Lwa.ihbsug, OsavUSe
3nmaea, baayiase emd
m e all Thee=g~h Teaiae.
V [email protected] to CheeBestem een
bee.state and West Sadian
.11 [email protected] new em se me
insesaesdaes e.
A.es. GOe. Pase. Agne
5. C. ZZAMp,.
guarantee these goods to be
pure and 7 years old. None
better at any price. We
will ship in plain boxes to
a ddres, exprs pre
tiller's prices:
5 Full Bottles, $3.45
10 Full Bottles, 6.5
12 Full Bottles, 7.90
* 5I Full Bottles, 9.70
Your money back if not as
represented. A sample %4
pint by express prepaid,
for 50c in ptamps.
669 ainSt., e * Memphis, Tea.
e,the Distilliers, guarantee the
lNone better at any price. We will
DR ESS PR EPA ID, at the followin
Bottles, $3.415. 10 Full Bottles
15 IFull Bottles $9.10. 25 F
nd corkscrew in every box. Your n
f. C. BEAi-T , acever.
In Effe-:t June 8, 1902.
eetween Anderson and Walblla.
Mixed. Mixed
No.9 No. 12 ktations. No.I1 No.9
P. M. A. M. P. M. A. M
310 95...............Belton............... 820 1060
2 48 333........anderson F. D......... 8 40 1110
2 45 9 30. ...... t nderson P. D....... 8 45 1115
........ 9 2i........W est Andeison...... 8 49 ........
....... 9 09 .............Denver.............. 3 59 .... .
........ 902......... Autun....... 405 ........
S 8,5 ...........Pendleton ........... 4 tl ......
........ 841 .............Cherry.......... 4 ' .
..... 8 14 ..............Adam s....... 421 ......
... 8 .8 ... Jo dania Ju et... ... 4 3. ........
........ 82 )....... .....seneca.......... 4 5
4 101 ........
....... 8 03.........W est U nl" n ........ 5 ^4 ........
........ 8 00 ........... W alballa ............ ; 09
All regn'artr Ins fr.) _ Belton to Wainaia,
have preced tt ce over traims of a .me clas
r oving in the opposite directton unl:as oth
e wi-i specifle.l b.% trai 1 order.
Will a -o stop at th i fallowing s'ations to
tak.- on and let ott passengers: Phinney's
Jtmes and Sandy Springs.
.>n. .A i o d, Superint'nilrn1
Char1sto n and'Wsterl Caalllua RWv Co.
A ngusta and AshevillG Short Line
Schedule in Effect July 6, 1902.
Leave Augusta..............10 10 a m 2 55 p m
Arrive Greenwood...........12 44 p m ....
Anderson ...................... 710p m
Laurens.......... 1 45 p m 10 80 a m
Waterloo (H. 8.)... 112 pm ......
Greenville............12 22 p m 9 30 am
Glenn Springs...... 4 45.p m .............
Spartanburg ......... 8 80 p m 9 00 a m
Saluda...... . ... .. 5 33 p m ............
Hendersonville.... 6 08 p m ............
&sbeville... .... 7 15 p m ...........
Leave Asheville............. 7 05p m .......
Spartanbrg ......12 0 t a m 3 80 pm
Glenn SpriLgs......10 00 a m ..............
Greenville ..........12 15pm I 45pm
Laurens.. .. ..2 05 p m 6 30 p m
Arrive Waterloo (H. S.)... 2 33 p m ....
Greenwood............ 2 U1 n 7 45 pm
Les ve A nderson ...................... 7 25 a m
August.a................. 5 20p nm 11 85 a m
Leave CoInn bia~........:. 1120 am
Newberry............. 12 42 pm
Clinton.......... 125 pm
Arrive Greenvillp............. 8 25 pyl
.partanburg...... 3 80 pm
Glenn Springs...... 4 00 pm
Leave Glenn Spiings.. .. 10 00 am
Spartanburg......... 201 pm
Greenvill-............. 12 '5 pm
Arrive Clinton................. 2 22 pm
Newberry.............. 8 06 pm
Colum bia............. 4 30 pm
Fastest and Best Line between Newberry
and Greenville, Spartanburg and Glenn
Connectio-s from Newbe- ry via Columbia
New berry and Laurens Railway.
For any Information. write.
ERNE-T WILLIAMS, Ge". Pas'. Agt.,
Aueusta, Ga.
T. M. E . r n Traffio Manager.
(E stern Standard Tize.)
Southbound. Northbound.
ach?dnle in Effdct August 26th 1902
8 40 am Lv Atlanta (s.A.L) Ar. 8 50 pm
1050am Athena\ (19 pm
11 55 atr. Elberton 17 pm
12 i: pm Abbeville 4 0.. pm
1 22 pm Greenwood 8 85 pm
2 i5pa Ar Clinton (DIn'r) Ly. 2 45i pm
10 00 am Lv Glenn Springs Ar 1 00 pm
12 15 pm 1.partanburg- 8 80 pm
12 2 pm Greenville 8 26pm
12 m ateroo ~ 2365pm
-1 n s arLaurens (Din'r) Lv 2 17 pm
532,62 86
Dail ri'DyF
A.M. P.Mr ' PD. A.I
6*00 202 Lv Laurenad AriS 6 000
6 30 207 " Paks A 1 42 4 0
6 40 2 22 ..Clinton.. 180 480
6 58 234 Goldville 117 8351
708 248 ..Klnard.. 110 840
717 249 ...Gary... 105 381
726 254 ..Jalapa.. 100 828
800 810 itewberry 1246 800)
825 821 Prosperity 1282 22
8 42 8384 ....811ghs.... I1228 202
8 556 889 ut Mountain 1219 1 56
9 .5 8651 ...Chapin... 12 09 1 9
924 867 Hilton 1206 129
9 29 4 01 White Bock 11659 1 24
938i 4 (7 Ballentine '11 54 1 15
10 02 4 2;- ..Leaphart. 11 40 12 4
i0 30 4 4 i ro'n , baL' 0 2 3
paa t.
55~ LvColuo bla (A.C L..)Ar II '
620 Sumter 965
9 20 5.r Charleston Lv 7 Ii
Tr "na ~3 snd 52 arti e a' d depsi t f'o-r
new n -.ior depot
Tral as 22 m d abf-orr A. C. I. frE ight depct
West Gets astr. et
For Rates, Time Table s, or further li.forrS.
tion call :>n any Agent, or write to
President. T,afBe Mat aret r
*J. F.~LJVING2STON, H. M. I- MERl-)'.
Wzr.iurG'role.N. C., uly 2s, 642
Throu. h Trains Charleston to Gr er.ville
No. 12. No. 58.
7.00 arw....... Charleston, S. C ... A' 0.20 pn
8 1 a'.. * ... Laner. ......... A X 6.-. pm
S50 au ..6 .....umter.............Az 55.pn
1:.!0 am... r.... ..Couba....Lv 3.45 pm
.2.29 am.. r.. Prosperity....av 7224 pm
I?.4: po .. r...7..Newberry.......6 2. 0 pm'
1.2'> pmn..r... inon.... ..... 25pm
1.47 pm. 4.r....Laurens........Lv 2.10 pm
3.;;5 j.m.. a.. . .reenvile....... js.A
3.30 r .* ... r ...partaburg .... Lv 125 pw
No. 5:'~Ar.i' e8umt--r 6.1i p ii; -eorgetowD
Dain f 15 u ;l":orence 7.5) p r ; D-rl g n
I.n5 a. 5 p n ; iI'rrsv:1e P.40 P L.; Ben'erte
P a ille 9.47 m; 4ibs..n 6.Aopn ; Faye te
ril:e 0.9 p m; WI mingtonl 11.26 pun;
Rocky M unt...45-- We do',1.50an ;
?e.tershba g8.6 ana; Richmond14.12 aa;
W r-hin o7.54 u;NwYorkI.53P1r.
No. 54 Arriv. -u ter8.20 au ; Florer,ce 9.25
iDai y an ;Da 'ngton 1. 30 am; Cheraw 11.45
6.55 m ; W de aboro 2.F0 p' ; Hartsvil e
A M I.-.0 a-u earion1I'.5.3au; Wilmingtonl
140 pir .iay6tteville 12-35 pur; Eocky
Mour.t 3.5') pm; Weldon 4.53 pur; Pe
t ralburg 6.44 pm; Eichmo; d 7.45 pn
Waablrgton !.40 pm; New York 7.1.t am
Pullman MIeeping Cars Ne w York to Tampa
PaIlnon Dining Car a New York to Savanniab.
For rater, ech dut-s, etc , write
W. J. C..a'g -en Pass. Azt., Wilmingtonl
NT.M. Emerson. Tramoe Manager, Wiltring
ton N C
H. M. Errerson, Asa't TraffC Marge. W1
iingtoni, N. C.
45 5
a goods to be pure and 7 years
hip in plain boxes to any address,
distiller's prices:
~655. 12 Full Bottles $7.90.
ull Bottles $15.90.
moey back if not as represented.
t+ Memnhis. Tenn.
Air Line Railway.
First Class Dining Car
Tbe Best Rates and Route to All
Eastorn Citi-s via Riebmond rtwd
Wasbingt"n, or vi i Narfolk and
Stexm.r To Atl'tnta Nau.bvalle.
1lemphi--, L--urv!I-, St. Louis.
Cuicg'. Now U i os, and al
Poirlts Suu!, ati,d South West.
To 'avtnab, aid Jacksonville
arnd all pQjints ir:Florid- and Ciiba.
Positively the Shortest
Line tetween the
For detailed information, Rates,
Schedules, Pullman Reserva
tions, &c, apply to any Agent
Trav Pass Agt., Columbia, S. C.
C. B. Walwerib, A.B.P.A.,
Savannah, Ga.
Life Assurance Company
Assets Dec. 31, 1901
Surplus to
Policy folders
- $71,129,o42.06.
Absolutely t h e f
Strongest Life As
surance Company in
America when meas
ured by its Surplus.
Insures both men and -
women. If you are
not assured, -or if you
are not fully a'ssured,
take a policy n The
Newberr'y, S.Ar
~ F
"Seil.rand" Corn Whiskey, $ 1.25
"ouar Iog" CorWhsy. 1JO
Private Stok," 4-qt. case .. . 2.50
Private Stock," 12-qt. bae . 7.00
'HuninCreek"Rye1 tcs 7.00
Old Hn Cree "y 12-qt
case... .. .. .. .. .. . . .
pple Brandy .. .. .. . . . . 2.50
Charge of $5c. for 1-gal.. .35e. for
-ga, and 45c. for 3gLjugs, and 76e.
r4 1-2-gal. kegs; wen returned pre-~
aid, they will be taken back at cot.
J, C. SOERS & C00.,3
STATES VILLE, North Caroliaa.
Tenderloin Steak,
Fish, Game, Ham
and Eggs, Etc.
And Served on Short
- Notice at
Daily--Except Sunday.
. v Glenn Spriags... .. ......... 900a m
Roebuck.-.....045 m
hr Spsrtanburg ... rjoo a
Roebuck.-....4 .~
Ar Glenn ~pYlGg~......--.4 ~
,..flSSlmpiOPtesl&. -~

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