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Scholtrly st Notable Address By Presi
dent H. N. Snyder, of Wofford Cdlege.
Fkarishing Candition of Educa
ati'V y stittion.
The session of Conference yester
-day afternoon was devoted mainl;
to t h aritg of committee reports
'The address of President H. N
Sny pfesieit of Wofford Col
iege1m6 k gen.
The session was opened with de
ytiSnal .exercises, conducted b'
R v J. B. Campbell.
Report of Board of Education.
The report of the Board of Edu
cton was submitted. This re
port, .fter urging a renewed inter
est and greater zeal on the part of
the pastors in the cause of educa"
- ion, took up separately each of
the institutions under the catre of
Conference, showing each to b(
in a healthy and flourishing condi
tion, and making recommenda.
tions for their further improve.
regard to Wofford College, it
was reported that the salaries of
professors and all current expenses
'adbien paid in full, and that the
Sepot of the president of this insti
t tion was the most encouraging
.iicb had ever come before the
Board& the amount of $i,ooo was
sabscribed by friends and alumni for
i qchisinand putting in proper con
ditila tWathl tic grduns. The
f1agificent gift of ,a Sciehce Hall
'M4jo Jb. B. Cleveland, the
Bead reported, was the most gen
a'e-nd tifnely coatribution since
SiiajIft,,;* Mr. Wofford
years ago.
Board urged that something
:Vi:nb jteis irititalunoment for
the enlrgement of the Columbia
SColleg,- and ted6mmended
that imediae steps be taken to
'rai40mesuB' o-'$50,000 for the
Sproper enlargement and equipment
~~ ~6ilage in' hatever way
maey sem anost practicable to the
~ 1tsted.s; knd-that the cooperation
--ftime nference be pledged in
tinis imnpottant undertaking.
- umliinthn College and the
ohrinstitutions were reported to
In connection with the Fitting
Scbadols, it 'wes urged that the
-residing Elders and pastors in the
iinity of these schools dooperate
eftr to secure an enlarged
atenac and the Board recomn
mednded that certiin stated times
uring the coming year, at the dis
of the Presiding Elders, be
to thie cause of Christiar
was recommended that $5,ooC
%oli,eted to be devotedt'o Wof
4& 450 to general education,
~'kt$ggo to Paine and Laine.
~I~ 1h.report was adopted.
rhanks to Major Cleveland.
b'The following resolution was of
efred adAond m~tr>n, was unani
inously adopted by a rising4 vote:
S4-' 'Resolved, That-the thanks of
~~fl rendLe are due and are hereby
ie o Major John B. Cleve
bEii nmagnificent gift of
Saito Wofford College.'
~eidenat H. N. Snyder, of Wof
College, was introduced t<
Yanrd-made a short, bu
aid address. He said that ir
6r& at Wofford, in his deal
~*~5A~itIthe boys, as he looke<
lito their f&ces each morning h<
shut bipressed with the fact tha
IsnTi work, with all its care
ai^d worries, there was none great
er-the work of teaching thes
janmen to'get the best out o
"~ 1~in~ves in order to put the bes
~~~146~uniaun society. He igad hear<
efei that the Ep,worth' Leagu
TdLJeiirs, that Mission Work cami
$riit,' but b'e did believe the prepa
ration of the younig 'men came sec
The first thing they tried to d<
at Wofford was to get men read
St6iakN hold 6f the practical, ever;
~dag oditions of life, to enabi
sich"to east his vision beyond th
-college walls into the great worl
'ithout, and to gain a knowledg
'of 'this' practical life with whic
Seiiitt become connected. An
we want not only to do that-t
prepare them for this practical lift
but we want to put into each
vision of himself, a vision of b
mission in the world, a vision <
~ wbi~h he mu
make to that life. We want to
make him a child of this world, ti
but we want to make him a child A I
of life in the midst of the world. J B
B We are not afraid to tell him that Ne,
the highest type of man is the type T r
which Christ gave to the world ;
that the things of life become very
small when compared with the
eternal things of the spirit. We mat
are not afraid to tell him that that J
- man lives highest and best and F
7 deepest who gathers to himself the mar
- teachings of the Master. Her
. If there is progress at Wofford S
- College it is an indication of the mar
great momentum that has been be- J M
- hind Wofford College these forty T
r and nine years. In conclusion, he chai
paid an eloquent tribute to Dr. Gue
Carlisle; There are institutions that F
measure their wealth in great lists mar
of. students and titled professors, B D
but in all the wealth that any in- BOA
stitution is bringing into a com- -
munity's life he knew of no royal A
endowment, of no wealth, to meas- ders
ure the richness of James H. Car- w
lisle. o'D
Conference Boards- H C
The various Boards of Confer- Hill
ence were nominated and elected A v
as follows:
E 0 Watson, chairman; J Sig
Coleman, 3 H Graves, M F Dukes, cour
W L Wait, T G Herbert, E F ence
SCoggins, B H Rawls, D G Mur- past
phy, E S Jones, P B Wells, J D tors
Fooshe, F H Hyatt, W J Rogers, van1
M L Marchant, C H Leitner, B Fj And
Keller, 3 B tykes, H N Snyder, ulty
L E Wiggins. . Con
H B Browne, ch'man ; W C Kirk- cate
land, J B HdAnbert, J E Wanna- ami
maker, R T Gaston, E P Taylor, cor
R E Stackhouise, 3 W Kilgo, T C
Duncan, B H Moss. T
Mark L Carlisle, chairman; J D Chr
idson, J C Roper, W A Masse. It a
beau, P F Kilgo, F H Shuler, C C! miti
ferbert, W A Pitts, W H Ariail, pap
R L Holroyd, L L Bedenbaugh, jof
-V C Dibble, R S Nicol, J F Pearce, I apj
J A McCullough, B G Collins, D rep
Herbert, 3 G Anderson, J G F
Clinkscales, Jas. Sprott. the
E Mahaffey, chairman; H P sail
Williams, A B Earle, S T Black-,in
- man J A White, J WN Speake,
-A T Dblap, M WN Hook, R E'afit
Turnipseed, J K McCain. A C'M
Walker, S S Killingsworth, WV J
i Murray. P H Edwards, R T Jaynes,
i' M J Gilchrist, J D S Fairey, G W N
Gage. J F Bolt, A B Stuckey.
L F Beaty, chairman ; C B Co
L Burns, D M McLeod, R A Yongue, rat
d W W Williams, D W Keller, J J the
0 Stevenson, A R Phillips. S WV ate
e er,JLHre,PPSak f
a House, 'N M Jarles, W 'N Lewis, po
'IWBwa,'3Catr3B Ifl
a arsal, G Honfey, 3 Lewuis-, ti
ot1 ~lCRdts otn
is I W Bowman, W J Carter, J B m
>f Marshall, G Hoffmeyer, J L Quin. sp
V R R ichardson, chairman; W I
letts, J F Davis, R S Truesdale, a
Carter, G F Clarkson, H H
Nton, J B Johnson, J E Grier, r
I Dent. n
Lpplicants-J F Beaty, chair- L
i; Geo C Leonard, J H Thacker, et
Daniel. ai
irst Year-J L Stokes, chair- i
; J D Crout, P F Kilgo, T G st
bert. D
econd Year-M L Banks, chair- L
I; J G Beckwith, J W Ariail,
hird Year-W T Duncan, it
rman ; Geo W Davis, B J A
ss, R W Barber. S
Durth Year-R H Jones, chair- sc
; J W Daniel, W A Pitts, W be
J Stokes, chairman; J F An- o
on, W I Herbert, J S Beasley, $i
H Hodges, J E Grier, T C of
ell, G H Waddell, A C Dibble, di
Strauss, J W McLeod, R S
,T WJ Murray, Ed Ehrlich, C A
Correspondence Course.
resolution was passed endors- ~
the General Conference in its m
-se in establishing a correspond
:course for the benefit of.young
ors, and urging the young pas- H
to avail themselves of the ad- th
ages offered by this course. th
that a certificate from the fac. "I
of this school be accepted by th
ference and that any ,under- to
uate presenting such a certifi- w
be not required to stand an ex- fo
ation before the Conference al
mittees. : at
Advocate Goes to Spartanburg.
he report of the committee on
publication of the Southern e,
istian Advocate was presented.
ras recommended by tihe com- se
ee that the publication of the M
er be given to G. H. Waddell,. a
Spartanburg, and that he be
iointed assistant editor. TheB
ort was adopted.
Lev. . A. Murray, pastor of
Seaman's Chapel in Charles- 8
,and whose service is almost
gether in the interest of the
ors, made a brief talk, present-*I
his work and stating its needs.
'residing Elder A, J. Stokes in
:w words commended Rev. Mr.
rray's work.
For Superannuated Preachers.
i resolution was offered by the
nt Board of Finance expressing S
hearty sympathy of Conference
h the action of the late General
ference in providing for the
sing of a sum of $5,0oo,000 for ,
better support of superannu
d preachers, widows and or
ns ; pledging the hearty co-oper-.
n of Conference in the move- a
nt; and requesting that the
~cial attention of Presiding Eld- I
be given to this matter.
The report of the Committee oi
'emperance was submitted anc
The Epworth League Committe<
ported, endorsing the suggestion
ade by the General Secretary tha
e Era be put into the hands o
rery pastor, at least, as a basis o
eague method and work, that at
Lrnest effort be made to make th<
>proaching Conference to be held
Charleston during the spring
Lccessful; and that one day in eacl
istrict Conference be devoted t<
eague work.
Reading of the Bible.
The Bible Committee submittec
; report heartily endorsing the
merican Bible Society, and re
immending that each pastor en
:avor to collect for this purpose al
ast one cent from each member it
s charge; and also that Bible de
)sitories be established wherevi
-acticable, especially in the mil:
The report of the Sunday School
>mmittee was submitted, urging
at pastors observe Children'E
ay; recommending that Wedics
ly night of the Conference session
given to the Sunday School an
versary ; that pastors and teach
s be requested to organize Teach
Bible Societies to pursue a defi
te course of study; and that two
inday School institutes be held
ithin the bounds of Conference
iring the ensuing year. Statis
;s were presented.
The report of the Committee on
Lbbath Observance, urging a more
riptural observance of the Sab
,th, was submitted and adopted.
The Board of Church Extension
ported a gratifying increase in
llections during the past year of
,er $570, the whole amount being
,io.65; and giving the detail
the work done by the Board in
stribution of funds, etc.
A resolution endorsing Rev. W.
.Rogers as Financial Agent of
'offord College was adopted..
By resolution, the work of Rev.
A. Murray. pastor of the Sea.
an's Chapel, was commended.
"Uncle Mark Boyd's" Window.
On the suggestion of Rev. W. I.
erbert, a collection to be used for
e purpose of helping to pay foi
e beautiful memorial window tc
Jncle Mark Boyd'' was taken,
e members walkiug to the froni
offer their contributions. The
hole amouut lacking was $50.00.
r which Mr. Herbert was person
Ly responsible. The collection
rounted to $27.00.
The time for paying town taxes
:pires today.
The opera house managemeni
cures High Henry's Big City
instels for Saturday afternoon
Ld night.
Many members of the Confer.
ice left last night for their homes,
ewberry has been glad to enter
in them.
The time for paying taxes will
on expire, and it will not be good
dgment to postpone the mnattel
ih the hiope of an extension o:
Some one has said that two o.
e big Indians in the parade Sun
ty afternoon with the Red Men
ere "Sitting Bull'' and "Crac)
orse"-Sheriff Buford and Frania
Remaining in postoffice for weel
iding December 6, 1902:
A-Miss Louise Arnold. (3)
B-Jinnie Brown, Miss Mattil
C-Miss Emma Caring.
D-Messrs Leroy S. Davidso1
H-Mrs. M. J. Hawkins.
J-Mrs Essie A. Jackson, Pete
K-Mrs. Cora Kinsey.
L -J. C. Lee.
M-John H. Montgomery.
O-Spearman Oxner.
P-Henry Perrin, Miss Maggi
aysinger. (col.)
S-A A. Simpson, Miss Mar
T -J. K. Temples.
W-Hamp White.
Persons calling for these lettel
nil please say they are advertisei
C. J. Purcell P? M.
~ONEY TO LOAN-We negotia1
loans on improved farm lan<
t seven per cent. interest <
mnounts over one thousand dollar
nd eight per cent. interest on amoun
ess than $1,000. Long time and ea:
>ayments. Hunt, Hunt & Hunter,
Attorney ~
Citizens of Prosperity Meet an Armed Foe
in the Woods.
s Sunday morning Messrs. B. B.
t Hair, G. A. Wofford and Matthew
f Boozer had quite an unusual expe
rience in the woods on the outskirts
1 of Prosperity.
They were out for a morning's
walk and when they arrived on the
edge of a swampy place at the foot
of a hill they observed a man stand
ing within a hundred or hundred
and fifty yards of them. The man
had on a long overcoat reaching al
most to his feet, and as soon as he
saw the above mentioned gentle
men approaching he pulled from
under his coat what appeared to be
a Winchester rifle or i6 shooter,
and stepped behind an obstruction.
As -the men attempted to walk to
ward him, he motioned to them to
go back, at the same time raising
his gun in position to fire.
The gentlemen leisurely retraced
their steps and wetit back to town
and nothing further has been heard
frcm the stranger.
It is up to Judge Hair to now ex
plain the manoeuveres of the strange
The Event of the Amusement Season.
Hi Henry's Big City Minstrels,
now the largest in the world, after
ten years absence will again appear
in the Newberry Opera House, on
Saturday, Dec. 13, giving two per
formances, at a 30 p. m. and 7.30
p. m. in order that every one uill
have an opportunity of seeing this
famous company.
Every one remembers what a sen
sation they caused on their former
visit and the fine performance that
was given. During their absence
they have played the leading cities,
New York, Philadelphia, Washing
ton, Baltimore, Chicago, Cincin
nati, St. Louis, and San Crancisco,
and have the most glowing enco
miums from the leading press.
The company this year numbers
48 people and travel in their own
special train of vestibule Pullinan
cars, and the performance to be
given here will be precisely the
same as givenL in New York City at
their opening of the present season.
The first part is an ideal concep
tion founded upon historical re
searches of the grand eatrance of
the palace of the court of Nero.
Everybody should see this great
minstrel show, as they may never
have the opportunity of seeing
them again nearer than some large
Seats are now on sale at the usual
place. Matinee 15, 25 and 35 cents.
Reserved seats 50 cents.~
At night 25, 50 and 75 cents.
Memaoral Service Sunday Afternoon.
Conference convened in memorial
service at 3.30 p. m. Bishop Din;
can in the chair.
Opening devotions conducted by
J. 0. Willson.
The committee on Memoirs made
its report, reading trib,utes to h
ministers and the wives of minis
ters who have died during the year
as follows:
Martin L. Banks, paper by E. TP.
Hodges. Born March .18, 1823,
died December 20, 1901.
Jas F. Smith, paper by W. R.
- Richardson.
Fred Auld, paper by Jno. 0.
G. E. Stokes, paper by M. W.
A. TP. Berry, paper by Jno. 0.
Jas. S. Porter, paper by W. R
Lewis M. Hamer, paper by T. C.
J. Thos. Pate, paper by John
O . Willson.
L. C. Loyal, paper 'by W. M.
rT. G. B.erbert, paper by S.~ Lan
H. W. Bays read tribute to Mrs.
M. L. Irving, Mrs. S. S. Mattison,
Mrs. Margarett Neel.
On motion of J. B. Tray wick the
report was adopted and the sessionl
eadjourned with benediction by
Bishop Duncan.
Nlic of P13181 6 etclel ai i -hr
N~ 1will make a final settement
eased, insthe Probate Courto New
berry County S.mber on Monday the
. 29th'cockyiofthecforenoon and will im
medatlyaply for Letters Dismissory
- asedAinistrtor of said estate.
ee All persons5 holding claims againt
Sthe said estate are hereby notifed and
n render in thebtIe dul th saideste and
5, all those indebeoe tadedate.t
E pay the same on or beoeAt date.
Nwber'- S.. Admnitraor
Novoin\)Or 26th, 1902.
Our cost sale
which has
been in pro
gress for the
past few
weeks has
been a won
derful suc
And many people
have been madehappy
by being perfectly fit
ed with Up to date
Clothing at the cheap
est price consistent
with the most excellent
cuality of Goods ever
sold in the city. Those
who have failed to take
advantage of this op
portunity would call
early and see what
magnificent bargains
we have for them.
Our stock of Prince
Alberts for preachers
will interest the niem
bers of the South Caro
lina Conference. We
have them to please
and at prices that will
sell them.
Uderwear i hosierg!
This line is li
plete and Up-to-date in
every particular. We
would like to have the
people of the -county
examine this assort
Bw~t-Pffer coin
At Present
The best sight in town
is our Handsome Stock
of Holiday Goods which
includes the pick of the
market fn Bright, Fresh,
New Styles, and Novel
ties for the Christmas
Season, and we are
waiting to show it to you.
It will give you new ideas
to see our Holiday line.
It is easy to select from
because it contains
everything to make
people happy whether
they are young or old.
Christmas Gifts and
plenty of them are ready
and waiting for your in
spection, To lcok
through our Line is a
pastime. To price the
Goods is a pleasure. To
possess them is a privil
ege. Come and see the
best in town in the new,
the novel and the beati
ful. It is the stock to
please the many and
save the money of all
who come. You'll trade
with us simply because
you can't duplicate the
goods or the prices in
Newberry. Whatever
- your wants may be we
can meet them with the
most desirable and satis
factory selections. Our
attractive Holiday Dis
play awaits your inspec
tion. We are glad to
welcome visitors and
pleased to show our
goods. We are glad to
have you come and look
whether you buy or not.
Hayes' Boolk Store.
P. S. We sell Waterman's
Pens. Bagster's Bibles at
from $1.00 up, Bound Books
at from 10c. up.
Styles and Sizes
and in the most beauti
ful designs now on exhi
bition at W. S. Melton's.
Prices extremely low. ~
Just the thing for Holi
day Presents.
China and Glassware o
all descriptions, and all
.the descriptions are
beautiful. Prices to suit
the humblest and most
xalted at W. S. MELTON'S,
Store is a thing of beauty
and a joy to all those
seeking Holiday Pres
ents, made so by the
beautiful line of exquis
ite Lamp, China, and
Glassware in his store.
It is a rare treat just to
look at his stock.
"Just the Thing
* that I want for-" is
the comment made by
everyone seeking Xmas
Presents in the shape of
Lamps and Chinaware
who visits W, S. Melton's store.
The beauty of it is that all
of the above lines of China and
Glassware are to be sold at ac
tual cost
J1 W. While's Old Stand.

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