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- Capital Stoc of JoIohon Mill to be In
creased From $200,000 to $500,000.
The capital stock of the Mollohon
Mill is be increased from $200,000 to
$500,000.' The board of directors so
decided at a recent meeting.
The building is to be enlarged to
twice the present size, and the numb )r
of spindles will be increased to 28,000.
Under the excellent management of
President Summer and Superintendent
Wilbur the mill has been prospering,
and this increase was deemed advisable
at the present time. The mill is so
built that it can be made without stop
ping any of the machinery now in op
Mm T Who Win Have the Carnival, to Be
- in 1Newberry Dec. 29-Jan. 3,
rie following are the committees ap
poed by Newberry Lodge No. 75,
Lof P., to ai'range for the Carnival
b iven in this city from December
2th to January 3d' Chancellor Com
der *. A. Baackwelder is ex officic
Amber of these committees.
-a ia ker, S. J. Derrick,.W. S. Lang
t6d F. L Hunter, G. M. B. Epting.
de P TE CAWmvAI,.-Frank
1 'oser, U. L Spearnan,
.- P Wright, W. C. Tyree.
*uardScbolt, F. M. Boyd, A. J. S.
Lgeis, W. S. Melton.
TAMES DISPLAY. -Otto Klettner,
SPW ma E.. A. Carlisle, Geo
W. Su er, E. B. H3pp, F. A. Schum
" pert, C. D. Weeks, Jas. F. Epting.
BacTION.,-W. F. Ewart, C. A
- ea, S. Mower, W. E.. Pel,
nmn, Gee. B. Cromer.
FtDACL-Van Smith, W. G. Mayes
- . Tod A. H. Booth.
-E.Cavenaugh, J. A. Burton
. . AuL, J C Goggans H. l
74grffi~iJ Wooten.
';P: 4T~ I .-J" H. Hair, A. G
W. H. Shelly, M. M. Buford
L. 'W White, I. H. Compton, J. P
W. S. Spearman, K H. Long
Th yziuscmmittees are requeste
ohay, a meeting at the earliest possi
~eit aud 'actively pursue tbi
twhich they have been assigned
sa!4 ut-r a White Man, Given $40 c
2:j0DBs by Magistrate ChappeL.
bward Butler, the white ma
r~qd captured in August
vw dal ago, was brought befor
\a *fltChappell Wednesday morn
reeived all told $60 or 4
~ charged with two offense
~~esm*ited of each. One was ti
~.. ~.iuoa ring, the property of Mr
a wdo lady living m We
other was stealing $10.'
to W. W. Hailman, Mr
,~-WM cmmitted. The ring ai
-u wes trunk in the hous
~ was left unlocked, and Bu
etan tookrpossesionoft
~~tne Ch~peUon Wednesd
Sgave Butler a talk which
',R o aon forget. The magistra
- *..iw t loquent as. his theme gro
~jifl,and there never was such
.f a white man who woi
a e e on,ths oon.
ter was given $30or 30 days:
- ee dfene He is now in ,iail, havi
hwgiven until tomorrow to raise1
Wi Next Year-The THn all.
Preperty,Dee. 10.- Rev. G.
Shfrhas returned home fromi
erneto the delight of us all.
Thi snapping cool weather has b<
ttheU iig of all pork raisers,
ceiainy tere has been and is
bogekiBing times in all this country
Bev. R. C. Boulware, whose hi
was once among us, Rev. J. N.
ley, who served this circuit whe
man, and R. S. Trues
over in our town to visit frie
on their way home from Confere
Mrs. Truesdale has spent somei
with Mrs haffer.
2 It is rumored here that the Peol
Ntinal Bank of Prosperity wi
ready for. business with the begin
of the new year.
There is considerable excitement
-and throughout the surrounding e
- ty over rabid dogs. The canines
certainly suffering but doubtlss
worthess curs will survive the pan
A marriage occurred at the Meth~
panage this afternoon, the cere:
A eig erormed byRev. G. R.
by E ae adMiss Lucia Slh
T - carfor the tOWn hi
bekput in place and the Ciniean
gri Sety of the school wishes
th od~ to entertain th4
peoPrpe in this newlyeq
-al. Tins entertainment wil
place on the evening of Dec. 26.
wi av Rsoeretilnew1 ri
'for hiae toeraett newhr
-for holiday trade, and the
Mrs. L. B. Aull is --visiting relatives
in Greenwood county.
Hi Henry's minstrels will appear at
the opera house tomorrow night.
Mrs. J. M. Wheeler, of Prosperity,
visited relatives in the city this week.
Mr. J. C. Abrams. of Cromers, was
in the city Wednesday and paid this of
fice a pleasant call.
Hon. J. E. Peurifoy, senator from
Colleton county, was in the city for a
few hours Wednesday.
Dr. W. E. Pelham attended the
meeting of the Masonic Grand Lodge
in Charleston this week.
Miss Thyra Schumpert, who attended
the Aiken-Gaston wedding in Green
wood, has returned home.
Rev. S. H. Zimmerman, the new pas
tor of Central Methodist Church, ar
rived in Newberry yesterday.
Mr. J. S. Coles, inspector of agen
cies for the Equitable Iusurance Com
pany, was in the city Wednesday.
Miss Marie Gary, who has been vis
iting relativ& and friends in the city,
has returned to her home in Abbeville.
Miss Sadie Farmer, who has been
visiting her sister, Mrs. B. H. John
stone, in the city, returned yesterday
to her home at Allendale.
The many friends of Mr. J. J. Lang
foid,who had his leg broken in a run
away some days ago, will be glad to
learn that he is rapidly recovering.
The sermon which was to be preached
to the Junior Order next Sunday night
by Rev. G. E. Edwards has been post
poned until the earlier part of January.
Sir Knights P. H. Dominick, Geo. S.
Mower, W. E. Pelham and B. C.
Matthews left yesterday for Charlotte,
where tonight they will be made
Shriners. '
It is a fact worthy of note that dur
ing the two years 1 r. Klettner has
served Newberry as Mayor he has been
present at every meeting of city
Dr. W. E. Pelham, of Newberry, is
in attendance upon the Grand Lodge of
Masons' sessions now being held in this
city. Dr. Pelham is one of the leading
druggists in the up-country, and is
prominently identified with the Order
of Knights of Pythias as-well as with
the Masons. -News and Courier, 11th.
Wanted for ighway Robbery.
Deputy C. 1 "lase on Tuesday ar
rested Claren-e Dawkins, colored,
wanted in Greenwood on the charge of
highway robbery. The negro was found
in Dan Brown's restaurant.
The crime for which Dawkins was
arrested, is alieged to have been com
mitted by him in Greenwood on the
15th day of October. Magistrate Chap
npell, several days ago, received from
athe miagistrate at Greenwood the wa
rantforthearrest. The property
estolen was a watch belonging to W. D.
Malone. This watch Dawkins had sold~
to George Hampton, from-whom it was
Deputy Blease carried his prisoner tc
Newberry College Day.
Sunday will be Newberry College
ig Day at the Lutheran Ghurch of the
ie Redeemer.
d At 11 o'clock the pastor, Rev. W. L
.. Seabrook, will preach a special sermol
-t-upon the subject, "The Church and the
eeColege." Sunday evening at 7:30 th<
sermon will be preached especially t
yy the college students. "Moths" will b
he the subject of the evening's discoursE
;e Offerings to the College Endowmen
r Fund will be taken both morning an
ld The public is cordially invited toai
tend both services, and a special mnviti
>r tion to attend the evening service is es
gg tended the young men.
Prof. Hughes to Speak.
The regular teachers' meeting for ti
teachers of Newberry County, will 1
held. in Boundary street graded scho
building tomorrow morning, the exe
cises commencing promptly at 10 o'cloc
Prof. E. L. Hughes, of the Greenvil
R.city schools, will deliver an addre
:he upon the subject, "Two Great Problei
seof Modern Education." Prof. Hugh~
enis one of the leading educators of t
en State, and a good address may be
ad peted from him tomorrow. He v
arrive in the city today at noon.
All the teachers in the counity
leaarnestly urged to attend this me
ale -
~ns Changes of Residence.
ce There have been a number
me changes of: residence in the c
during the past week and thi
leewil besseveral more during the comn
be week. Mrs. E. G. Dominick and fi
ingngily have moved into the Renwick hot
Mr. L. W. Floyd will move into
terre ouse vacated by Mrs. Dominick,
>unn- Nat Gist into the Floyd house, and
arereW. G. Mayes to the McCaughrin hol
anyy to be vacated by Mr. Gist.
e-c.In the western part of the city
distStJas. K. Gilder has moved into the h<
tonny formerly occupied by Mr. Frank F
1af-afand Mr. A. J..S. Langford will n
har-r-into the house vacated by Dr. Gildi
L-"Health Foods" a Deluion.
dur- The alleged "health foods"
P**~which the markets are flooded are
pped delusion and a snare." If your d
take tion is bad eat pure flour made ou
good, sound wheat, and do not fill
stomach with chemically prey
"health foods." "Clifton" four,
Isfinest ptnt flour, made .at Bran
bosMills, wensboro, y., is the hi
bosfood you need. Call fr"Clifton"
are you order your flour. Forsa
~ McCarty. E. R. Hipi
A Case in the Laurens Court Places the
Boundary Line of the Two Counties
In Doubt.
The trial, in the Court of Common
Pleas for Laurens county, of the case
of the Equitable Building and Loan
Association, of Augusta, Ga., vs.
George F. Young, defendant, resulting
in a mistrial on Tuesday morning, has
developed the fact that the line be
tween Newberry and Laurens
counties which for a hundred years of
more has been regarded by the people
of both counties as the true line, may
have been incorrectly fixed many years
ago by the changing of a public road.
If this be true, a new survey will bx
necessary and even then there is ver3
much doubt as to whether or not the
true line can be found.
This question is one of considerablE
importance, in that it may involve the
town of Whitmires and the large cot
ton mill located there. This property
under the present boundaries, is iY
Newberry county, and pays taxes ac
The following statement of the fact,
in the case is from the Laurens corre
spondent of the News and Courier:
"Briefly, the facts of the case are
George F. Young conveyed to the build
ing association all that part of a trac
of land lying in the two counties i
Laurens County, the Newberry part re
maining in his possession. By a stat
ute enacted soon after the Revolutior
ary war the public highway betwee
Island Ford, on the Saluda, and Odell
Ford, on Enoree, was made the count
dividing line. On the part of the trac
now in Young's possession is a larg
brick house and valuable tenant house:
The tract is known as the Brick Hous
tract, and far back in the fifties it wa
the residence of Dr. Calmes, a man c
prominence in his generation. It al
terwards became the property of 4
Young's grgndfather, Samuel Younl
also a leading man in his time and or
of the largest land owners in this pai
of South Carolina. Mr. G. F. Your
claims that the brick house and apurt<
nant houses are in Newberry, and wei
not conveyed. Now the house stan<
on the northern, or Laurens, side 4
the public road leading from Islar
Ford to Odell's Ford, and the plaintif
claim that it is in Laurens. In answ
to this it is held that long ago the o1
roadway was changed and that ti
present road is totally different fro
what it was in the early days of ti
19th, or latter days of the 18th centur
The point developed is that nobot
knows exactly wher'e the line is. Th
the change in the road was made is e
tablished, but whether or not at ti
particular spot, where the big bri
house stands, is not-at least, the ju
could not agree on that point. It w
further developed that as early as 1
a commission of six members was a
pointed, by the Legislature, or t
Courts, to determine the county hot
dary and the names. of the comm
sioners, three from each county, are
record, but there is no record of a
repot they may have made. The
was also testimony that Dr. Calmes v
a candidate for the State Senate
Newberry County, in about 1854, agai:
John P. Kinard. Dr. Calmes then li'
in the house, but there was other t
timony that Dr. Calmes ran fori
iLegislature in Laurens County. M
Sof the older citizens of the vicmn,y v
Swere examined testified that the hol
ha been regarded as standing in N<
a berry, but there was some testimon)
.the contrary. One witnoss said tha1
t had heard the opinion expressed that
d line ran through the hall of the hc
and that the indwellers cooked in N
- berry and dined in Laurens, or
-- versa, as they chose. Acting Ju
E- Carey ruled that a change in the l1
tion of the road after the passage of
Act fixing the boundary would
change the boundary. The questioi
e volves, of course, graver issues i
e those of tlie Building and Loan Ass<
o1 tion against Young. For example,
r- town of Whitmire's, with its great
k. ton mill, national bank and other
he provements, now counted as in b
ss berry, may, after all, be in Laure1
as it be established that the old road
es further to the southeast. Other vi
kie ble property along the line of the
x for a distance of forty miles, may
i involved. It may be necessary fo:
Legislature to intervene, and a bil
ree appointment of a comrmssli
et- complete the apparently unfinished
of the commission of 1807 may bei
duced. Besides, it has been whis]
that the people of Whitmire's are<
ous f a new county, with Whitr
of as the Court House town, and iti
itty impossible that they may propos<
ere new county as a method of cuttir
ing Gordian knot and preventing we
LIm--tween the people of Newberry and
se- rens, so far as the border linec
the northeast ard southeast is conce
Vir- A new trial, meanwhile, will be or
Mr.. in the case of the Building and
ise, Association against Young."
DSale of the Blalock~ Property.
SThe property of J. S. Blalock
ant, L. W. C. Blalock, bankrupts, at
oveveville, which was to have been sc
rr.the 13th day of last month, is
advertised for sale on the 31st
the present month at 12 o'cloc
-withwll be remembered that on the
"aerly advertised day of sale, the tr
gees- Mr. W. R. Ritchie, failed to si
t of at the appointed time, even af
your order for stay of sale had been
the by Referee R. H. Welch on the
sford fore. At that time more than 2
ealth sons who attended were disapp
when It is not likely, however, thai
e nwlh be any disappointment tl
Its Heritage, Its Privileges, Its Responsi- 5
bility, The Theme of Rev. Mr. Sea- t
brook's Discourse Wednesday C
Evening. c
"Our Heritage, Our Privileges, Our i
Responsibility," was the subject of a ]
scholarly discourse delivered by Rev.
W. L. Seabrook, pastor of the Luther
an Church of the Redeemer, on Wednes
day evening.
Mr. Seabrook read as the evening
lesson the 46th Psalm, beginning "God
is our refuge and strength, a proved
help- in time of trouble," sometimes
called "Luther's Psalm," by reason of ]
the fact that it was to this Psalm, he
always turned in hours of anxiety and
despondency, the Psalm that was in
deed the "Battle Hymn of the Refor
The speaker said that of all the won
derful events in the history of the
world, the most wonderful is the histo
ry of the Church; in the history of the
1 Church most wonderful is the history
of God's guidance, protection and pres
ervation of that part of it known as
s Lutheran, especially in the United
States. Luther's choice of the 46th
Psalm was not accidental. Its word,
"God is in the midst of her, she
shall not be moved, God shall help her,
t and that right early," was a prophetic
n word. Within a month from the nail
ing of the ninety-five theses to the
Wittenberg church door, they were
printed and circulated in every Euro
n pean language, as afterward were the
Augsburg Confession and Luther's
y catechisms. Within thirty years all
t the nations of northern Europe were
e Lutheran. Thence the faith has been
spread throughout the earth by Luth
e eran foreign missions and by the scat
s tering abroad of the adherents of the
,f Church, who, like the early Christians,
F "went everywhere preaching the Gos
r. pel" until today the Lutherans of the
,, world number about sixty-five millions,
about one-sixth of all the Protestant
rt Christians in the world. Its missiona
g ries were first in India, Ziegenbalg and
- Pluetschau almost a century and Chris
-e tian Friedrich Schwarz fifty years be
Is fore Carey. The first missionaries to
f Lapland, Finnland, Iceland, Greenland
id were Lutheran, and by them these
rs countries were Christianized. Dr.
Krapf was in Africa long before Mof
dfatt and Livingstone. When the Swedes
came to America and settled on the
shores of the Delaware, their chief
pupose in coming was to bring the
.gospel to the natives of America.
lAfter tracing the early history of the
tLutherans in the colonies of America,
-Mr. Seabrook told the graphic story of
isthe marvelous development of the past
century. In 1800 there were only sev
ryenty Lutheran ministers in the United
States, with about 15,000 communm
07cants. The membership of the Church
was doubl~ed~about o~nce every thirteen
heyears until in 1890 when there were
.n 4,692 ministers and I,100,000 communm
is tantd. Today the Lutheran Church in
on the United States has more than six
,y thousand ministers and about a millhon
ar and a half communicants. Sixty years
ra ago there was only one Lutheran col
in lege in the United States and not one
st woman's college. Today she has thirty
ed five colleges, fifteen women's semina
e- ries, besides about forty academies.
he Then she had not one theological semi
tstnary, now she has twenty-nine. Then
ohonot an orphanage, now about thirty
esefive, caring for about two thousand
w- children. Then one church paper, now
to one hundred and fifty. Then no pub
he lising house, now twenty-three. Ther
the400 ministers, 1,200 churches and 120,
use000 communicants. Now about 7,00(
e- ministers, 12,000 churches and a milio
eic and a half communicants.
ot J S. Blalock' proper wilbe sold o1
n- 12 o'clock, M.
mc -In the matter of J. S. Blalock, Bank
cot--IR. H. Welch, Esq., Referee 1
im- Bankruptcy, passed in the above state
w-ew-case December 5th, 1902, 1 will sell
-s ifGodville, S. C., on December 31s1
ws1902, at 12 o'clock M., to the highet
asbidder, all the real estate and person!
ilu--poprty balonging to the estate of
oad,. lalock, Bankrpt. .
e Said real estate consists of, 1st, or
tract of land situate, lm n e
henear Goldville in Laurens County, Stai
fo forof South Carolina, containig twel'
nto hundred acres, more or less, at
workbounded on the north by lands of tl
estate of H. M. Hunter, deceased,
ntro-the east by lands of D. T. Copeland ai
ered the James Place, belonging to tl
esir- Goldville Manufacturing Company,
,ir'sthe south by lands of L. W. C. Blalo
.sotand on the west by lands of W. 3
nt Neel and others; 2nd, one lot of la:
thehesituate, lying and being at Goldville.
ghthe esame county and State, containi
bebe-two acres, and bounded on the nort
La-east, south and west by lands of L. 1
aa- C. Blalock.
thethSaid land will be sold subject.
ie.d.judgment of Mrs. M. E. Browni
dered amounting to Four Thousand Two Hi
Loandred and Sixty-One dollars, and a
an that a homestead for said Bankri
will be reserved out of his real and p
sonal estate, the number of acres
descrition of which will be given
d ofd oay of sale. Before accepting any
Gold-for the real estate I will require ac
ro ~tified check payable to my order in
t on sum of five hundred dollars, to be
agan osited with the undersigned, wi
ofyofwill be returned to the unsucces:
k.Itbidders and which will be applied to
r-rchase money of the successful1
orm-der, and should any bidder fail, with
tee,ee,lawful reason to comply .with his
ioupw uithin that event the said check,
Le nbe retained by the Trustee ashlquid
efusddamages for such breech of his
usd tract.
yaybbe-The said personal property consist
00per- Horses, Mules, Cows, Sheep and o
ted.renimls, anIplns. nterm fr
ToLe nex C mplement. rms ofE
next , * W. R. RICHEY,
Sold to G. B. Summer.
Counts and Dickert have sold their
,rocery business to G. B. Summer, of
;he county. Mr. Summer will take
:harge on the first of January and will
:onduct the business at the old stand.
Mr. Summer will move his family
nto the house occupied by Mr. Phil.
.ivingston, west of the city.
Returns of Personal Property.
In another column the Auditor gives
iotice of the time for taking returns of
>ersonal property, and of the various
laces throughout the county where he
ill be for this purpose between the
L5th and 30th days of January. After
February 20th the law requires that a
>enalty of fifty per cent. be added.
Town Taxes.
Owing to the sickness of several
rnembers, no meeting of city council
was held on Tuesday night, and, there
Fore, no action in regard to extending
time for payment of town taxes, was
taken. A meeting to consider the mat
ter has been called for tonight. This
will give all who have not yet paid the
opportunity to do so without penalty
Santa Claus.
Santa Claus will visit Mayes' Book
Store next week and will be at the ser
vice of the children. See what he has
to say in another column.
(all and examine the Crescent
Plow. The best ever offered.
WANTED - Manager for New
branch of our business here in
Newberry. Address at once, with ref
erences, Alfred Morris, Wholesaler,
Cincinnati, Ohio. it.
L O. 0. F.
1 at 7 30 o'clock at their ball at the
Grad?d School building Visitors cor
dially invited.
T. S Hudson, Secretary.
L. W. C. Blalock's property will be sold
on the 31st of December, 1902,
at 12 o'clock M.
In the matter of L. W. C. Blalock,
R. H. Welch, Esq., Referee in
Bankruptcy, passed in tea bove stated
case December 5th, 1902, I will sell at
Goldville, S. C., December 31st, 1902,
at 12 o'clock M., to the highest bidder
all the real estate and personal property
belonging to the estate of L. W. C.
Blalock, Bankru1pt. Said real estate
consists, first, o
All that tract of land situate, lying
and being in Laurens County, State of
South Carolina, containing Nine Hun
dredI and Fifty Acres, more or less,
bounded by lands of James Blalock,
John H. Hunter, Mrs. Madora Brown
ing and the James place, known as the
Martin Crawford place; 2nd, an un
divided half interest in the Whitmire
place, situate, lying and being in same
county and State, contamnmg fiye hun
dred and seventy-five acres, more or
less, bounded by lands of Mrs. Madora
Browning, S. C. Hairston, Pink Smith,
Ms. Johnson, estate of J. J. Reeder,
W. B. Boyd and others; 3d, one un*
divided half interest in the Suber
Place, situate, lying and being. in the
same county and State, containing one
hundred and sevent acres, more of
less, bounded by land of Mrs.. Madors
rowning,W.D. Rook, Whitmire
Place, and homestead of M. W. Oxner
4th, all that tract of land known as the
Lipford field, situate, lying and beinj
in the same county and state, contain
i- thirty acres, more or less, bounde<
by lands of J. J. Reeder, S. L. Gar3
Sand Whitmire place.
Said land will be sold subject ti
mnortg~a e of Eleven Thousand twi
)nr and seventy-four and 23-10
1 dollars given to the Bank of Columbi;
and Carolina National Bank, and als
a that a homestead for said Bankrup
, will be reserved out of his real and pei
sonal estate, the number of acres an
des.rition of which will be given o.
day o sl.Before accepting any bi
for the real estate, I will require a ce:
tied check payable to my order in tb
sum of Five Hundred Dollars, to be d<
-posited with the undersigned, whi
will be returned to the unsuccessfi
bidders and which will be applied to ti
trchase moneT of the successful bi<
der, and shoul any bidder fail, withoi
it lawful reason to comply .with this b:
within that event the said check she
ij be retained by the Trustees as hiq
a.l dated damages for such breech of
r contract.
Said personal property consists
ie mules, wagons and farmmng tools ai
gg implements.
e Terms of sale: Cash.
re W. R. RICHEY,
e December 8, 1902,
TTN the authority and power giv
nd and conferred upon me by the last v
in and testament of Anthony.Herbert,
ng ceased, I will sell at public outcry,
;h, the highest bidder, before the Col
V. ouse door in the Town of Newber
in the State of South Carolina, oni
to first Monday in January, 1903, betw4
ng the legal hours of sale, the follow
m-- described real estate, to wit:
Io All that parcel or tract of land s.itus
ipt lying and being in the County of N4
er- berry, in the State of South Caroh
on lness, buded by lands of Waltere
bid bert,George Long, I Preston Canri
er- and perhaps others..
the Also all that lot of land situate in
de- Town of Newberry, in the Count:
iich Newberry in the State of Sc
sful Carolina, conta.ining one-fourth
the an acre, more or less, bounded
bid- lands of Eliza Boston, D. H. Whee
iout t.he old "Village Cemetery'', by C
bid well Street and perhaps by lots
hall others.
a.ted Terms of sale-Half cash with
eon- balance on a credit of one year wit]
terest from the day of sale to bi
a of cured by the bond of the.purchaser
ther a mortgage of the premises sold,
nling leave to pay all cash. Purchaser to
sale for papersi.LE . EBR
WALTtr, eRtc . AnhRB ER
AExneuo,ed..fAthn e
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Here is something
and read carefully. W
about the good quality c
our low prices, and we
you right here that we r
and price. No matter
:uality is still there--e\
standard quality. Here
of our success: We rr
all times and the char
dise so high that any bL
of us. We are special
Dry goods, Dress goo
White goods,
Embroideries, Laces,
Flannel, Embroi
kerchiefs, Hosiery, UI
Domestics, Jeans,
Bleachings, Shirtings,
Ladies Wraps, L
panes. Yankee Notior
In fact our large stock comp
ask for, all priced to suit you.
points in all grades, cheap to v
this department. Some solid,
sell shoddy. Men's Shoes,
Girls' Shoes, Baby Shoes.
leather Shoes, the kind that I
Walk Over Shoes for
Regina Shoes for Wo
Come and exa
Almost every one has
sells the best goods fc
We Are Doin'
Because we sell more
ISame goods
And you may always count up
Sway of
Dry Goods, Notiont
Sat the very lowest prices.
e Come and inspect our line
both pleasn adprftleoyo
The Place Where Yoi
, 20 yds. Sea Island
ill 80 lbs. Special Drive T wist Chew
~le- ing TEobacco at only 25c. per lb.
he pakages (16 oz each) Wash
enf ing Powders at only 25c.
te, Mon's Fruit Jars--1 doz. i gale
ana,t 99c., 1 doz qts. at 73e.
on, 100 pairs Children's Slipper
teworth $1.25 at only 1 ic. a pa
oof 12 lbs. Arm and Hammer Ke
1- ~ A0.KETER'S,
** 10 yds. 40 in. Heavy Sheeting
the only 49c.
we want you to read,
e want to talk to you
)f our merchandise and
want to impress upon
iever separate quality
how low the price, the
erything we sell is of
is one of the elements
iake the price so low at
acter of our merchan
iyer can offord to buy
ist in our lines which
ds, Silks, Velvets,
Trimmings, Buttons,
White and Red
dered Flannel, Hand
Lderwear, Corsets,
Calicoes, Homespuns,
Outings, Flanelette,
ce C urtain, Counter
rises almost anything you may
Millinery is one of our strong
ery fine. We can ple,ase you in
good shoes for all. We do not
Jomen's Shoes, Boy's Shoes,
Let us fit your feet in solid
ok well, wear well and cost
>ao Shoes for Women,
al Shsoe for Children.
ine our stock.
discovered that Wooten
r the least money and
i the Business
goods for same money!
for less money!
n getting everything you want in the
, Shoes,
s Furishings, etc.,
d we will endeavor to make your visit .
i, and don't forget
i 6et Your Money's Wofh.
Cloth at only 49 cents.
11 Ib3. good Rio Coffee for $1.00.
Fruit Jar R abbers at only 4e. doz.
300 pairs Ladies' Slippers worth
$1.50 going at 69o. a pair.
13 bars Good Washing Soap at
only 25c.
4 boxes of Star Lye at cal1 25c
China Plates, Cups rs
~at only 10c. worth ch.
iure Deal Everytime. -

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