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E AY5 NWE RY S. ., T
sons business has-been
-- Om now until Christmas t
dyou will buy more Christm
which I will save you m
ble Linen, Towels, Faccina
ankets-2.50 doWlars worth 3.00.
( 3.00 - 4.00.
4.00 6.00.
kets to-go at almost a song.
oats worth 5 dollars to go at 3.50.
"-6.50 4.98.
8.50 5.98.
10 8.25.
worth 3 dollars to go at 1.49.
-oth 4dollars"to"go"at 2.49.
yery pair of Shoes unc
o be closed out regard
Weare Shoe p9ople if s
of Shoes make Shoe e
in Rnra
- - o Jins x thl e propositirel o and Ti
Spainting-Dr. Crum to a Federal of- of thei
- floe outside of 'South Carolina was The el
- considered, but the President was were
not'disposed to receive suggestions might
in-that direotion*fith favor.' if the
4ourier If Dr. Crum is entitled to any inearn
SSIber 12.-Clay- recognition by the present aminis- slways
amirum.for collec- tration he will be provided for within win'in
b.tesolution of the confines of his own State. The Thor
- problem. Capt. proposition .of transferring Major Tilhmaa
3Miesh Jenins to- Jenkins from the office of collector- feature
enaerecewith< of itih*&al renue tb'that of mar- amuse
*tthe appoinit- ska! wasa but Eajor Jon drag i
- au the Pailmetto kins prefers to remain in his present prompt
position, for the time being at lest, and the
- nSouth Carolina Th'e Presideat appears to hemi no to all es
from every con- hurry to announce his final determin- Thore
and the result ation with regard to these two ap- but thi
~ nnounced at an pointments until he has fully consid- the att
ered thesiljeot. It is his present neighbc
- *~lt.eonclusion has intention tce fill the two existing va- investig
eby the President esneies wethe same time. chicken
- idicate quite
is disposed A SEIPi6SEBL GT r
1ke. efficiency of Dr.!~
fb promoting him to the 'The Showmen Obdurat, but the Sheriff [Lippi
Gains his Point by Calling Upon the "If '
? and the appointment of cam RMlC Ar Ai.
e colleotorship of the i .. pay-you
President appeasS to Bock Hill, December 12.-The ae ment of
adjustment of the con- tive interference of the sheriff wa per, yoi
whieb has surrounded these needed to stop the' exhibition of friend,"
tFederal appointments fighting of bulls, dogs and -ehickens as be sI
Oarolina-. advertised to be given at Thomasson's Mornmni
o, definite announce- farm at 12 o'clock today. the busi
made at the White House In accordance with the instrue- "h
i ng these two appoint- tions of the Governor Sheri Logan vertisen
wa-stated that the Presi- went to .the proposed arena~before ager of
tilinvestigating the Crum the hour fixed for the beginning of ward.
"in lais own way," and if he the performance. He informed if I wer
i "bt the charges against Crum's Messrs. Thomasson and Tillman, the 'A fresh
.are not well founded he owners of the balls, of his instrac day.'
an6 recode from hsoriginal in- tions and of his intention to carry on that
tg appoint him simply be- them intoeffect. yo ba~
~his olor- Tbe reply was, that they too, had The*
e pessure for Dr. Crum's ap- ,token legal advice and that the Gov- eye" on
Ica Federal office in ernor had made a mistake in choos- looked I
Carolina is not confined to the ing his mode of procedure; that he read
-Eaorganization in that State; Ishould have applied to the Courts: "A fr
Dr. Crum's strongest influI for an injunction. every d
comes from four Republican IThe sheriff was not disposed to .oi
anhith ~negro vote cuts plthairs about the matter and, asF~h
po'rtmant biuee md the projectors of the programme ,,l.
Cram as ben mad a naseemed in earnest in their determina- sl
-6b1isue by the Republican pohi- tion to force the fight if there were Seagi
and if he is finally appointed any spectators, he decided to call for from th
oe f the port of Charleston hel. A message to capt Dnlape Park1 L
a tremendous increase over the biggest we
he banner nine days of the season. Make
as presents for less money than you ever di
oney, are Shoes, Hosiery, Handkerchiefs, G
Lors, Ribbons and Millinery. _____
*A Big Cape and Jacket Sale. Ffve Hun
dred dollars worth of Capes .anh iackets to
:roll in .Wednesday. The big lot vili be
;Thrown on the counters at Half Price.,
ler the roof FRESH E
less of Cost. ST n ~ Dn'fi
eliHng piles YO
The Push And Polio'
S The Cheapest Store in
LCtabRilssalTh CarollK Q ina so'
e Caawb Ries ws al tat .lou ofher duty, or lag in
ecessary, and in a short time effort to keep abreast of the
npany was on the spot, ready i T TES II . spirit and progress of the p
ort the authorities. f - STBENGOTH OF voLUNTERE 2
put an entirely different view THE ANNUAL REPORT OF THE ADJU
natter before the bull fighters.. TANT GENERAL. - The numeical strength
Leriff and his own constable Ivolunteer troops, as tabulh
ood men 'and true, but they The New Brigade and Numerical Strength the annual inspection rep
not e ale o sop he ght of the Forces-Recommendations of including-all branches of th
nowdb abe tt the fheri General Bod rank and file, is 3,000, con
crow cam. Bt th sheifffollows: Three regiments of
ast and backed by a omEpny Adjutant General Floyd has com'rn. regiment of cavalry, c
ready to obey orders n*ight pleted his annual report to the gov- pany of artillery, and thri
any appeal to force. ernor to be transmitted by that off- .ions of naval reerves.- Thi
anpon Messrs. Thomasson and cial to. the gerneral assembly. It gives nies that compose these f<
decided to call off the mami a full resume of the situation as to not as well distributed thi
of the programme and to the m~ilitia in South Carolina: The State as they should be;~
those who had come with a report read as follows: r, a fair majority of the
-ace. This was done. The Sir: In conformity with the lisay emrec,beeaiya
andfir- ctin f te herffgoverning the volunteer system of ly reached by wire, so that,
military company put an end sMth fao i have the honor to sudden the necessity for mill
Epectations. . submit herewith the annual report thr is nothing to hinder. th
a is not much grief over this, of the adjutant general's department celerity of movement to a
re is some apprehension lest for [email protected] year A. D. 1902: almost any portion, of the Si
antion thus' c entred on that The work of reorganizing the vol- I am still imipressed,
rhood should culminate in an unteer service of the State com- with the urgent importance
ation of the rumor regarding menced in A. D).1899 under the pres ing at least one thoroughly 4
fighting. ent offiial regime has been dili- and disciplined organizatior
ible For The Proof Reader. gently promoted, and I can confi- county, and I feel sure that
dently announce to your excellency cessor in offie will continue
~~that military -organiizations of the frsiIitdi h om
neott's Magazine for Dec.] State are at this date fully suffiientofm adisttonutl
>U think that I am going to in numbers, arms, equipment and siti copihd
a penny for this advertise- t raining to luecessfully cope with
mine in your measly old pa- any emergency that is likely to men- FISBRGD FARY0
are mightily mistaken, my seae or disturb the peace and dignity Teognzto n d
said an irate business man of the commonwealth; nevertheless sxnwcmaiso nat
ammmed down a copy of the fit is my duty to advise you that ther e peetya,wihC
Reveille on the counter in is still room for vigorous interestthfulqoaftrerei
ness offie of the paper. jand activity upon the part of the ta rnho h evc
~t is the matter with the ad- State in fostering and encouragingfon nesarad mo
ent ?" asked the busines mari- the further development abd im- fr rgd,t hc
the paper- as he esme for-, provement of her volunteer system.ceecyonntdsi
"IPd ask what is the matter, The rapid advance made in recent be ul omd ob .
ayu WhtIwoewsyears in military science and the artsth Fisbrgd ofnan
invoice of dairy butter every of war, necessitating after practicalgeraodrsnoucg
Will you just cast your eye 'tests various changes in models ofwelachns ndqup
ad. of mine and see what ornde.equipments, uniforms, etc., cmaist eiet o
e printed? (with which the regular army has si rgd,wl epil
usiness manager "cast his heretofore been equipped) along so sterprso u
the "ad1." indicated, and with the manifest interest of the na- setos(utcoe)hv
or aplae ofsafty wen e tinalcongess as how in he ort inaed n the cigofme
_____________ he Sates y thgenealgvern p orgiztion iad adn
Mann as seured lyde ent,n furherane of heideelop cm ane of istr
docto Hoh th Con mentof tevountersevicetshe pesen t uni ear, satisfcio <
_____________theseles houd b woe lberl i ithe li utia of theeStatgi
illshaveoused te pnguis apropiatons or he ppo t ha brineacne of the sevco
fi ok nteS.Jms hi oute odey n outh nd in teesr S animpri
formno. aoiacnntafr t rw l hi igde , uitoawc yn
A grand Winding Pp Sh.
have ever had, and we hope to make
>ut your list and come to my store and
d before. Some of the many useful
loves,' Underwear, Corsets, Silks, Dress
1 OO-Peces Heavy Puting worth 1 Oc. to go:at71c.
10 Bales 36;inch Sheeting, the best ever struck the
town, worth-in'any retail marker 71c.,. to ,go on
sale at 5c., only 20 yds to a customer.
1 00 White Bed-Spreads worth I .50to go at 95
" "l "s 1.00O " " " 250
200 " " " 1.50
100 Bolts indigo- Blue Calico to go at 4c yard
5 Bales Sea Island Sheeting-to go at 5q yard
1 00 Bales of Calicoes to go at 3c yard.
to get.our prices when
w The Crowds.
pa_riotic larity throughout the State' ad mihtia, and the .stionl
militaify more particularly his patriotic and requires that suchns be kiap
eriod. -enthusiastic interesud energy in secure from dapige or des*notion,
onas hugg to build ijad encourage eMeept from natural camses. I sub
of the pe pogress of our' itemilitary, mit the mat'er again, for your eo
ofethe justly and meritoriously .eptle him sideration, whether it is bestiorn
to theiseognition he haveeived. an armory from yest. to year,rfo
ORtWi~ and the promotion to whielghe has the State to build one of its own,
e servid6 bea dl-onssoedby your ex and thereby stop an annual outlay
Sdl ellency- that in Aive years would ameent to
ne corn- itA .nssco the eost of a suitable sp4manatnil
. . building."
se divis- The annual inspections were comn
compa- pleted- the 1st of secember, The It is also highly .untinal that
>rces are geports of same pade bySol. Frost som proiso be mae
ough the and Maj. Newnham, as well as thos armories for the coanies f the
ieverthe- made by the adjutant general in per-ase leordi,adweeth
a can, in son, all indicate most clearly that assm unformsl, and hrueum the
~d quick- from-every sLandpoint theStats mian, oe, nitn
however tia is gradually but steadily improv- an "Agodpt.o w ~ -
tary aid, ing all along the lines that upake anda goa
e utmost efficient and reigble velanteer aol- surely prdctive of agood eampmny
aid from diery. I am pleased to note (as you as a goodhomle isproductiveef agood
ate. are aware) that no disturbance orin-faly. t eeute te m
however, fraotion of thes pea~esif any conhe- atm h deio
of haiv- quence has occurred dtfring the apw so gassat""
quipped year that required the aid oftthe mi- one of. 68,000 woukd enable com
in each litia to suppress. Therefore, we paista have no armoristo pro
my sue- conclude that the very fact, so widely vide one. And where mo'panies at
the ef- known in this State, that we have a reay own their armoriestp,egthere
noement well organized and equipped militia, on should be remitted and the
that re has in agreat measure acted as the am othredtsionpn
ever present barrier to lawlessness; i ino hi ut fay po
RMED. and if so, how vitally important for pnamon ne otatps.
the peace and pr.rs of th tae I WOtld iso Stat M Ami.des the
issioni of that the.general assemblyake am- fact that rents in Colugnbia are stead
y within ple provision for the_support and de- ily advancing, it is difficul.t to Bnd a
>mpletes velopment of her military depart building suitable foir the storing of
nente of ment-the paramount power of all mui11tary goods, the one now occupied
it .Was governments at lat't. beiag to small and unsafe.
tant to staTE Aux BYOigtoteicrae.ppora
our ex- tion by the national government a'
ade has As regards this irwportant subject, much larger quantity of military
own..as1 I insert what I said in my report of stores are received and dispensed re
ry, and two years ago, and which-I feel' is quiring double the . apeity for
same, as even more strongly applicable today handling; hence ,the reason.Sor urg
nents of than it was then. ing immediate action on this import
nposing "'In my last annual report I called alit matter.
shed as the attention of the general assemblyomDAkarzs
Lual in- to the fact that the-State was with- oxsma oa
een ex- out an armory for storing military ThCofdrtrosweepad
he com supplies and ordnance' stores andincagofteajatgnrl'
d upon. other material received annually fromdeatnthreyrsgob te
ant and the national government, and that gnrlasml;drn httm
iral and we were therefore obliged to rentbuveyfwnmshe1enadd
ade has from year to year a houses for..the t hm h xmnto o h
rith sol- storing of said military supplies,.ol oolg itzn osac o
service The necessity of an armory buildingtena sofrlivsad rids
is expe- is absolute, to preserve and protect adfrvrosproe,aeo al
in ei huad fdolr ot fmi ocre anf thwe a anter
deparr,tarn mateial loandsannualybtotth
pop- tae, o qup nd nior oros oobluded ctzn to er h fore

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