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If report be true, t: Postmaster
General is soon to be asked to consider
a pretty promising plan for the better
ment of the highways of this country,
submitted to the superintendent of the
free d:-livery system by a citizen of'
Pennaylvania, Mr. Joseph- W. Brown.
It is based upon the fact that only one
serious obstacle stands in the way of
developing the free delivery service,
namely, the present condition of our
trym roads.
'Mr. rown's idea is that if a certain
rs"d is repo$ted as practically impassa
bi ir fcarriers, the highway au
thsrities of the town wherein it is
found are to have a reasonable length
of time within which to repair it, and
4he pealty for their failure so.to do is
,{- to be the cessation of free dehivery mn
t at locality.
In his recent report, Mr. Martin
Dodge, Directo of the Bureau of Pub
lie Roads Tngwries of the Department
of A ture, made some interesting
-'he circumstance that over $6,000,
CK-7as appprated by'our last Cong
ess large to be buried in our muddy
{ ads1n the deliv of our rural mails,
wh e-only the a sum of $20,000 was
last year devoted to meeting the road
problem, indicates the great need of ed
ucation regarding the present necessity
and demand for vigorous and intelligent
road work.
"As muh of these large appropria
tious for rural mail delivery could be
saved if we had goodroads, it is obvious
that an amount equal to a considerable
portion of these sums could be spent.to
a good advantage in educating the peo
ple in the work of improving our coun
tryroads,-and thus forever close a large
dra* Qnour national caehbox."
If the 'introduction of free mail de
livery results in the improvement of
0ar country roads, our rural friends will
have occasion -ta bless the art of letter
writing and the Post 'Office twice over.
New York.Sun.
The good road problem is pressing for
ehl n and the only way-to solve it is
tdaise some money by taxation. It
wuld be-thebest investment we could
make. If we could just get the super
vi to go to work and build a few
ms.:of gcod road so- that our people
could see Vhat we mean by road build
[email protected] trvel over it and find out what
a comfort and a saving a ~good road
K ; he there would be no trouble to
g on ith the work. We realize that
our people are already talking about
tai a vd'the cry has been for lower
~,.snea'ever since we can remember but
faaimatter -of this kind taxes paid
~would be an. investm4nt which would
p igdividends and when oiar people
* - re)~it hey would want more and we
believe would not be satisfied until the
S work was extered to every portion of
the-county. To make rural deljvery of
naiweess-good roads'are indispE!
?sible -and if rural deliery will hasten
- ~, 2dgood roads, with the~ Sun,
(~we "less the art of* letter writing and
the Post Offleetwice over." Yes three
m ies over.
We would,like to~ see the general gov
* ~ .~eutspend a few thousand in giv
~&.~~uSsome eamples of road building.
~i~this problem we will have to
~ wii ut' for ourselves and the only
* ~ we iee *oidoit is by a property tax.
oarse would make the towns
-~ aitberailroads contribute their part
ak tbe building of roads, whereas un
aa the present system they do nothu:g.
SThey are as. much benefited by good
Med as the people-who live in'the
$j$#ntry and should contribute their
eK-The fact'is, under, the presentr
we practically have no roads.
* And**e never will have any unks we
ebn eThe county and the State con
yvIct%i&sOUld be put on the public roads
and ashouild be put to'pemanent road
__ buiding.. We know of nothing that
wibe of as much benefit to the people
who Eive iisthe.country and the people
r --thaOTive in the towns as good roads.
s nonder people who have to
cotn with printers seldom live to old
ag~~udthat most of themn wear a
8vrldays ago The Daily Mail had
no.etinto say about Hon. W. H.
n tf~Iwer, who presided over
het or . .the court here last
e rte thia"Jug Hunt is
genle a nd, it so ap
~ Tie NIewberry Herald and .News,
Judge Hunt's hpme paper, undertook to
copy our article, but made-a blood-curd
bust at it. Insome way the-word
et skewed around and the
& rmte mdit "warming,"
and he He and Nesgravely
an th1le Daily M.ail a aig"ug
~unt is a warnmmlg gentleman."
No~ isn't this terrific?
We believe it is.really the worst we
> have ever seen. It is-but we give it
up. We are afraid to try to do justice
IfJud Hun thasn't already been to
The adNews office and given'
4e whole establishment a "warming"
time we can ondy believe that he pos
aesses in an extraordinary degree the
-power of self-control alang with his
other accomplishments and virtues. -
Anderson Daily Mail.
Up to the present Judge Hunt hasn't
been around to give this office a "warm
ing" time. Unlike the Daily Mail, he
is not in the habit of "gaping at a gnat
and swallowing a camel." Besides, he
i's too well known by the people of New
berry and too highly esteemed by them,
to need to correct any assertion sup
posed to have been made by the little
daily published in Anderson.
ChrIstmas is Coming,
And everybody wants the best the
market affords for the holiday festivi
ties. "Clifton" flour makes the light
est and whitest bread, cake and pastry.
Ask your grocer for it. L. W. Cosby,
Hayes & McCarty and E. R. Hipp sell it.
Fewer Gallons; Wears Longer3
Fee -alos Wears Loner
Fewer Gallons; Wears Longer.
Fewer Gallons; Wears Longer.
A Trip to Prosperity.
A few days ago I had the pleasure
af visiting Prosperity-the town which
[ always like to visit.
When I arrived I haidly knew the
place-so miany new buildings.
While walking up Main street, and
ooking to the right I spied a large new
brick building, and seeing a crowd of
peopl4 standing in front of it, and not
knowing what it meant, of course curi
osity led me in that direction. When
I reached the spot Chief of Police Mer
chant and our friend A. H. Hawkins
were just coming. out. Of course I
asked what all this meant. "Why this
is our city hal1 which has just been
completed; have you not been inside of
it? Come in and look around.'' When I
on the inside I was surprised to see
how nicely they have it arranged. The
chairs are perfect beauties. They are
now prepared to accommodate any kind
of shows-from a~ magic lantern to Hi
Henry Minstrels.
Then walked out through the sta
tion house, and to my astonishment I
saw; some one lyingin an iron sell, com
paratively dead, but the Chief told ime
not to get alarmed; it was only a little
too much (X). He said the cells were
just completed the day before, and that
he had already had ~four locked up in
them. The way they have them fixed
there is no chance of escape when once
put in and locked up. From. what I
could learn df Chief Merchant he is the
right man in the right place. I also
learned that Private Cromer has been
doing good work.
They also have the meat market at
tached to the city hall, which is very
nice and convenient.
As a whole, Prosperity is on a boom.
Why not erect a cotton mill?
I would like to say more about your
prosperous city, but space will not ad
mit any more.
We forgot to thank our friend, Mr.
A. H. Rikard, for a seat in his buggy
there and back.. S.
Has the pretiest stoek of
Guns, Cutlery,
- Stoves,
and everythiog in 'this line 'ever
brought to Newberry. Appropriate
Ohristmas presents. Call to see him.
Teys a &pecialty.
At length for those' who have
taken -
* TC Gi iia Tr'es8l"
fever early. Christmas Cards
1 c, to 50c., Calendars, 10Oc. to
$2.50, Christmas Candles 10c.
doz., Collar and Cuff Boxes,
ficture Frames 25c to $1.00,
Bon Bon Boxes, Glove and
Handkerchief Boxes, Clocks,
Candelabra, etc., Mirrors 10Oc.
to $12.00, Pictures 25c to
$12.00, Purses and Card Cases
25c. to $5.00, Pipes 25c. to
$2.50, Wedgewood Ware, Cut
Gass, Fountain Pens, $1.00 to
$5.00, Nunnally's Fine Can
lies 60c. pound. Lamps and
hinaware at and below cost
Particular Pharmacists,
orner Drug Store. Newberry, S. C. ~
Big u
A big stock of bran new goo
season of the year when evei
transaction. Every day in_the
way to the greatest sale in Ne
to seethe crowds of anxious ;
on money saving. I am deter
stock, let them bring what the
the crowd.
I have sold thousands and th
and Silks this season, and I cc
stock at first cost. Come to ti
will do the work of two.
Have you bought yet?. If 3
must unload, and to do so we
100 Jackets, Tan, Blue and B
A big line of Monte Carlo Coa
$10.00, worth double.
Grand Marl
Thonsands of yds. of White Homes
*Thousands of yds. Calicoes to go al
Thousanes of yds. Sea Island to go
Thousands of yds. Indigo Blue Call
Thousands of yds. Jeans, slightly s
,100 Bolts of OutIngs, 10Oc. kind, to
100 Prs. Kid Gloves, all shades, to
300 Doz. Ladies' Handkerchiefs. to
The.~Shoe Department.
Ten Thousand Dollars wor
dren's Shoes thrown on the
offer will be accepted on any
Our entire line Men's and B
200 Men's Over Coats at in
follow the crowds to
The Cheape:
The Cheapest
A lClothin~g, Men's,Youths'X
and Boy> ,Nand Ladies
and Children's
.A T C OS T. cage
Pure, Bla
Nw For Your Bread! ault
pound, h
Having an interest in' Also ic
ilks in Tennessee we Cantlfri
iead in priCes in flour: new conf
Full Patent - $4.20 sugar frt
Half Patent - 3.90 ntsacyp
Strait -- - - 3.80 jCall ai
e have left a few foer.aki
barrels of lower !wee
grade - - - - 3.25 IR
Come today. Goods at:
these prices are moving~
Mloseley BroshL
Leader of Low Pries. :resDoC
Prosperity, S. C. the lac
- --- --andv
I.0. O. F. has o
PULASKI LODGE NO. 20. changi
J.at 7 30 o'cock a t bdAa t e S ,Ci
radd Senioc b A d i n Vis r, eo' -seCOnd
lally i v 'eO soLiEAcitsN G S O
T S H o1(on(. S n-' please C
FULL STOK Butteriek Pattr Cr we
~ldSo strictly for cash at Woot
tf. betweet
t Price ale
ces Marriyi On.
ds, put on the market at a sacrifice at a
ybody has to buy goods, is no small
week crowds can be seen winding their
wberry's history. It is actually a treat
hoppers thronging the counters, bent
mined to sell the goods and reduce my
y may. Get right into the push and join
ousands of dollars worth of Dress Goods
tn well afford to sell the balance of my
ie big Cut Price Sale, where one dollar
rou haven't, now is your chance. WE
have thrown profits to the wind.
lack to go at only $2.50 during this sale
ts, Tan and Castors, $6.50, $8.00 anc
ked Down Sale.
pun to go at only 3 1-2 cents- ..
only 3 1-2 cents.
at only 4 cents.
:o to go at 4 cents.
mied, to go at half price.
go at 7 1-2c.
go at 75c., worth $1.00
go on sale at 5 and 10c., worth double.
h of Men's Ladies' Misses' and Chil
market at a sacrifice. Any reasonable
pair of Shoes under the roof.
oys' Clothing at first cost.
voice first cost. Get right into line anc
st store on Earth.
tore.in the Carolinas.
million. Go where you
the Cheapest, best and
Christmas Fruit Cake.
ck, Old-time Fruit Caket
ts per pound.
lain pound cake 25c. per
ilf fruit cake 15c pound
ed, dressed and ornamen
.nd pound cake from 10C.
each. Five hundrid of
actionery, sugar toys and
its. Fine confectionery
oxes for Christmas pres
ttom prices.
id examine our stock be
ng cake or purcha'ses else
Hiies 10oh83g$ invite, your attention to our larg
R. C. Williams stoeko*
tfully i n for ms Fine L:amps!
lies of N ewberry Beautiful Vases!
icinity that she EJeg:ant Pictures!
pen ecd a n E x- Lovely Cut Glsss!
a for the pur~. Dainty hina!
>r exchange of Ia- Exquisite Colognes!
idren's and rnen's uu Toothsome Candies
hand clothing, and nUIe s Just t h' thing a
:heir patronage. PRESENT.
ns on business wil
ll1at the Exchange, ED i a
Hotel, first floor, W.E.s Pihlm &USon
~ 9 a m. and 4 p. m. Prescription Pharmacists.
That's what the wdman has who owns
oeof our labor-saving machines.*
That's what the woman
Si has who owns a hand~-g
!ih I ~~Z .~ some, durable BUGKj
'i That's what the man has who pa s thle*
de little fuel bills caused by a Buck's Stove.~
On the MarketI
W. G. Mayes and
- Gilder & Weeks.
L. W. C. Blalock.'s roetwillbesold
on the 31stof em r1902,
at 12oclock M..
The magnetIc attraction In thematr-fLW..Baoc
of our holiday goods and Bankrupt.
low prices push our corn- PRSUN TO AN ORDER OF
etior to one side. We R H. Welch, Referee in
are proud of our bargains case DecL 1be 5th, 1902, I1wi sell at
for Christmas buyers. No Goldville, S. C., December 31st,102
at 12 o'clock M., to the highest bde
matter how hard you are all the real estate and personalpe
to suit, we can suit you in belonging to the estate of L. .
new an beautful s l a , Bankrufpt. Said real estate
tions of Pocket Books, All that .tract of land situate, '
and bemn in Laurens County, ta~
Wrist Bags, LpPads, Wa- So th Carlina, containing Nine Hun
tersman Ideal Fountain Pen. andtF Acres, more orless,
The latest Books, Toys Nov- John H. Yue,Mrs Madora Brown
elties, Fancy .Goods and igand the James pace,i known as the
Mrtin Crawford plc;- 2nd, .an un
Notions ofalkns, divided half interest in the Whitmire
Our stock is well assorted, and place, situate, lying and being in same
compris~es the greatest gathering of count and'State, containing five hun,
dred and seventyfive acres, more or
desirable merchandise we have ever less, bounded bands of Mrs. Madora
offered our holiday patrons. You Browning, S. d. Hairston, Pink Smith,
are cor dially invited to come and Mrs. Johnson, estate of J. J1. Reeder, -
see what we can do for you before W. B. Bodand others; 3d, one un
divided haf interest in the Suber
you buy elssAwhere. All thbat is new- Place, situate, lying and being, in the
est and best awaits your inspection same county and State, contam one
anid approval, anrd the pri>s~ on all hundred and seven~ acres, more or
orgods ar riht. less, boundedJ lad of Mrs. Madora
our g are ig .Browning,W. D. Rook, Whitmire
A S Place, and homestead of 191. W. Oxner;
4th, all that tract of land known as the
T EOR Lipford field, situate, lying and being
IIVI~ S AKBOE i the same county and state, contain
00 K STORE -in thirty acres, more or less, bounded
blands ofJ. J. Rer,S.L. Gary
Tand Whitmire place.
QEST DRAPSaid land will be sold subject to -
mortgage of Eleven Thousand two
hundred and seventy-four and 23-100)
. dollars given to the Bank of Columbia
YOORRSFfl TEDte and Carolina National Bank, and also
FE H NOFLK 0 ui Ll1 that a homestead for said Bankrupt
will be reserved out of his real and per
Prepared in any style so)nal.estate, the number of acres and
.. description of which will be given on
in the most appetizing day ofsaie. Beforeacetnany bid
,for the real estate, I wilrequmre a cer
manner and served in ~tified check paYable torn order in the
our convenient and posie with the undersigned, which
cz diningro will be returned to the unsuccessful
cozy oom.bidders and which will be applied to the
Everything the mar- r chase mon of the successful bid
. e,and shoul any bidder fail, without
ket affords served -in 'lawful reason to comply with this bid
within that event the said check shall
the very best style. be retained by the Trustees as lu
arinfl dated damages for such breech of hi
?Ei8 RjPm contract.
~O WATING. Said personal ~roperty consists of
mules, wagons an farming tools and
-:0:- implements.
ITerms of sale: Cash.
Myline of Fancy Gro- T.R.uC e
cene isnew and up- December8,1902,
to-date. We can give _-_ _ _ _ _
you the best that is to PEf'TACLEA AND EYEGLASSES
be had in the grocery D" nnsc- e,aa n burn at
line at r e a s o n a b 1e Di,t? SIme and Evlrass&e and
prices. cen tit Ih-~ m - u,tiscu,t ese, with the
m~ Cll ad se me. proper e as,ee I haive fit-ted glasses
f alad e e or the bses; w-ope i s tue cony and
RAhLILMJRcau fit you. I use one t:e beat grade
Crystatinc '. u. Come~ an)d give mie
gli W IL , 'a thlai and be conjvin'ed. Strictly one
price to aH. GUY DANIELS,
Nca Post Ohc i"IWhry 8. C. Jeweier and opician.

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