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A t 11
A Grand Winding Up al e.
This seasons business has been a
the time from now until Christmas thE
fill it and you will buy more Christmas
things upon which I will save you mor
Goods, Table Linen, Towels, Faccinato
90 pai-s N C. Blankets 2.50 dollars worth 3.00.
72 pairs 3.00 4.00.
48 pairs 4.00 6.00.
200 Gotton Blankets to go at almost a song.
50. Men's Overcoats worth 5 dollars to go at 3.50.
}" 6.50 4.98.
8.50 5.98.
" 10 8.25.
Plush Capes worth 3 dollars to go at 1.49.
W-, Jackets worth 4 dollars to go at 2.49.
Eyery pair of Shoes unde
to be closed og regardle
We are Shoe people if sel
of Shoes make Shoe peop
Get Right Ijto
Statemiente of ailroad Earn- Cherokee People Want a Life Term Con- Scant Inform
Nfepg in the State is vict Pardoned to Make Him Chain- I be Avali
Nw3,064.60 MIles. . gang Captain.
j State railroad commission is [The State.] IRecently
at work on the prepara- Frequently unique petitions drift State supel
to ts annual report. All of into the hands of the governor ask have been ri
are ..in from the various ,ing for pardons, but a few days ago formation a
lnsand the synopsis of one came in, only to get a prompt shiPS. For
- ~a~nngshas been made up for refusal, that will perhaps head the inquiries t
~~rduooryportion of the re- list of nervy requests. School Jour
SThis synopsis shows a hand- It was in behalf of Geo. L. Wil- Dr. G. R.
epininreese in the gross earnings son, convicted of murder with a rec- im charge o
year ending June 30th last, ommendation to mercy in March last arships in ti
QEthose ot the preceding year, and sent to the penitentiary for life. British col
ui average net income per mile The petition, which is signed by country on
e $131.70as agamnst $1,327.09 for J. V. Whetchell, county commission. in regard tc
19]il.ed $1,253.50 for 1900. er, and endorsed by several hundred "There al
*1iTmnary for the year ending citizens including ten of the jurors, to be distril
Jane 80h last is as follows: reads as follows: colonies. I
ara.j~mings from all sources $11,- Dear sir: Geo. L. Wilson, who is several we
* 8~4.52. serving a life sentence in the State wishes of ti
1'tlexpenses, less taxes; mamnte- penitentiary for the killing of E. A. the mannei
aineof way of structures; mainte- Hughes, is badly needed in Chero. very mnteres
mnsof equipment; conducting kee county for the purpose of guard. some 21 co]
trespiotation; general expenses $7,- ing and managing convicts. He is wants such
04186.95. one of the best captains of the chain- ed it to con
arings from operation $4,111,- gang that we have ever had. Fur rules of e
thermore, he does not deserve the Some prefei
Ess $472,111.14. Ipunishment that is imposed upon and others
anme, less fixed charges and him. Consequently we humbly pray ships. For
taxes $8,640,590. 24. that you grant him a pardon for a visiting and
Incresse in gross earnings over Christmas present. Wilson has been educators o:
earnings of 1901, $848,567.94. a prisoner for three years and has as to the be
Gross earnings per mile $3,84515. been amply punished for doing what candidates
Oprtn expenses per mile $2,- he did. Please give hirn a full and ships whici
S0015. unconditional pardon. eral district
Average mncome, all lines, less ex- SoiioHervrycmltyashpcr
pns per mile, 1902, $1,341.70. tuhsuo h atri h o-frtre~
Average income, all lines, less ex-loigedrmntm eupnheigqeio
pense. per mile, 1901, $1,327 09. peionisgngt
This showing is a good one and " msrrsdta epeso1 Tefr
indicates that the roads have en sg uhaptto n ttemn xodi
joyed an excellent business notwith- nrti speetd msr unl h
standing there were practically nosoeotesaeigrsoudin naidw
unusual events to run the volume of1aptto o agtemyrofGf htya.
businees up.ne fonoohrrao thnht Acom
The tabulated statement showing te eeakdt os.I ol eo il
the growth of the railroa~d mileage astng com tryoCeo-ageet
from 1833 when 137 miles were imkecut fi scopleit ino c
operation tathis year when the mileknc attedoofhepnen tewilf
age reaches tbe hand-ome total of tayfrasprnedn fte Teea
3,064.60 miles, is also complete.caign.Tsisaaeofn- raigsi
There were 37 59 miles of new steamprvkdm de.tofnGr
railway line built duriung the year,tyewhE
against 39 miles the preceding year. OEOFTESA NSJY scoahi
~JUR NEIGHBORS KNOW YOU sit o a aete euiul
..can learn that the Newberry dn tteNwer ta anr eettv
Steam Laundary will give you satisfac- framr og hn o,yuwl
tionin ny tingin teirline Wh obehepn a thy mae indthfoory mane ynie
dont yu ptrniz hoe eope?enIbl asppl d llth point, sho ubs"Thtr
ii I
tremendous increase over the biggest w
banner nine days of the season. Make
presents for less money than you ever d
ey, are Shoes, Hosiery, Handkerchiefs, C
rs, Ribbons and Millinery.
A Big Cape and Jacket Sale, Five Hun
dred dollars worth of Capes anh Jackets to
iroll in Wednesday. The big lot will be
Thrown on the counters at Half Price.
r the roof FRESH
ss of Cost. SHOES Don't fa
ling piles YO1
Fe. ___
The Push And Folio
The Cheapest Store in
g The Carolinas.
ation as to When They Will JdeSerBlee htt
able-First Beneniciaries stdnsaGotge thmstraf Sfren
to Go in 1904.diinlyEgihoalthGemnIegoheOyCa
the governor and theprftbthRhdssied.Te BfaoN.Y,Dc
rintendent of education tideoth stdnsa wela EorSpr,jge ft
sceiving requests for in- o te lse fsceysest ttscutfrtesoh
bout the Rhodes scholar-beoeo hardtwr Enln oferg,wstegut
the benefit of all such adterfslo hs coasisdpnetcu tissc
he following from theisolanilsrtooftegnrldn rtngh. wood
nal is given:felnsithco tr.icuig ayrK gt
Parkin, the commissionerprmntmeofhecy
E the Cecil Rhodes schol-NORLEINSGTandresb Jug Sp
he United States and the ~~o WRm fg r sbet"h oi ot.
onies, returned to thisin thWitrJtsudeaby re,I
November 30. He saidsa,ththeplicltt
Sthe plans for the awards: Piaepi,Dc 0-fiil otenpol oadt
e some 200 scholarshipsofteRaigRira copn metsdrcly scba
uted in the States and hl u ohp frle rmtesitbsoa yterc
have been at Oxford for peetatrct olsrnec cso niie ahc
eks trying to get thethswnedeptthefotonteuntemmeroft
te Oxford authorities on pr ftecmayt ieadrc,wih easre,i
-of distribution. It is a si oisfl aaiy Tne fLnonspa o h
ting question. There are nra odtos"si n fteo h no.Teslt
leges at Oxford, and each ofcas teatrct rdcinrc rbe,si ug
scholarships as are award- ee seult h eaddr efudi h ncmn
te under its own peculiar igtewne ots n h ed illw p ht n
ntrance, and so forth. igadalteohratrct o-aie hc ilamtt
e to have post graduatespaishv benolgdtdrwjhiehenelgn,teu
undergraduate scholar-upntesokavaiu strethreosblofohrc
the next year I shall beponsthepottedmnsoddehevnlteig
consulting the leading tetae hsya hr sntawrhes
! the States and colonies pudo ola n fteeso
t methods of selecting rg onsadcnuesaed- BN FMLIS1
for the various scholar- pnetetrl pntediyot ieTosn ~ ude
a are allotted te their sev- pto h ie,aQatt tSlewr
s. Each ef these scohol- Patcly alo h edn
ries with it $1,500 a year cmaysclire r noea Nw3adCui
ars, and it is an interest- to. Tecmaysipdfo ain eebr1.
1 just what class of menthmie duigtepstw dasoMuiswsenrd
apply for them. nal 1 aso ol hsmasls ih n obd0
t beneficiaries will go toadal prdcinonery6,0 cs adaqu tty f
he fall ~of 1904; conse-t)sjwhc wa in hebk
final plans for distribo- Raigcmayofcasdciesfkeig h ue
ard will be made earlytodsusteq sto astwhte te vul wsbonc
ssion appointed by Em inOtbrwudhlgoddintw ttmeotenght
am bas been making ar- 10,btte ditd ta t curd si a o
at Oxford for the recep-. ol etil uebyn Jn ,utlti onn. T
lars from Germany under 19,LOdt ie yPeietcu oterbes h
he late Cecil Rhodes Be o euto oteodrt.rnl otnofwt h
, however, constantly in- - A srne .ug wht
ans that it will be difficult ONYT LONW ngoit senytedy ea Mu
osn students of t he be st a ee e et neeto
re willing to accep theseamut ovroetosn dolr,abcc. etrd-af
cently re.solved at a rep- pyet.Hn,Hn utr iyl,sd"cryii
meeting of all the Ger
duizain ULSTC Bhu tterick Ptteins thioa a -a ft
~rsity orps of'diti oldscly forgli sh all t Germanan il io.loe
he mebers f thbe o ene tofhttrarieto$10,d0Englandr
A Grand Winding Up Sale.
e have ever had, and we hope to make
out your list and come to my store and
id before. Some of the many useful
loves, Underwear, Corsets, Silks, Dress
100 Pieces Heavy Outing worth I Oc. to go at 7*c.
10 Bales 36-inch Sheeting, the best ever struck the
town, worth in any retail marker 71c., to go on
sale at 5c., only 20 yds to a customer.
100 White Bed Spreads worth 1.50 to go at 95
" " "1 1.00 "'"" 50
" "t " "d 200 " " "f 1.50
1 00 Bolts Indigo Blue Calico to go at 4c yard
5 Bales Sea Island Sheeting to go at 5c yard
b 100 Bales of Calicoes to go at 3c yard.
ii to get our prices when
w The Crowds.
ie Bestowal
>on the
19.-Hon. Bu er -'
be United It~J~
etYour AIIentiolq,Plcose,
nd annual There's every reason why you se
red guests, 'lect something useful.for your Christ
and other mas gifts.
Listened toI
ron the Jarnieson Suggests
ie speaker Neckwear, Hats, AmI fTT(
Lude of the Handkerchiefs,
e govern.- A Suit of Clothes,
le to the An Overcoat.lf?(PIJ(
nstruction A fine selection in best qualities liiLULILJ
I suffrage for all Christmas buyers, at the
e African Clothing and Dry Goods Emporium A L
as no part and the Shoe house of Newbery.g ortos hohv
restoration The combination of the useful and te
on of the ,ornamental makes an ideal Christmas
speer, will igift. Our prices are the lowest.
of impar- |'a
>lack men f lIT~Cnul8"isit
the fran uii A IS N
pright and a
esade-~fever early, Christmas Cards
arant and Head to Foot Clothier.icto5c,Clnaslc.o
$2., Christmas Cands 1c.t
sBE HURRAH FOR dz,Cla n ufBxs
Dollars and
Stolen. Pitrhrms 5 o$.0
The Bank| * adecifBxs lcs
f 50inUiIA~B o$2.0 itrs2ct
vaults for
door of For the million. Go where you$1.0PussadCrCse
pen ithcan get the Cheapest, best and 2c o$.0 ie 5.t
kpon with freshee,t Christmas Fruit Cake.
nobbery Pure, Black, Olditime Fruit Cake $,0 egwo ae u
drbeyat 30 cents per pound.
discovere~d Full plain pound cake 25c. per Gas onanPn,$.0t
ere is o pound, half fruit cake 15c pound.
Also iced, dressed and ornamen-$50,NnaysFieC
avapa tlfut and pound cake from roc.
rplunder. to $3.50 each. Five hundred ofde 0c on. ap n
nau W .s new confectionery, sugar toys andChnwratndblwcs
ins, with a sugar fruits. Fine confectionery
ers, riding in fancy boxes for Christmas pres
ernon the ents at pottomn prices. - T
Lie railroad Call and examine our stock be
Mullibs on fore making cake or purchases else
thbe same ~where.GLDR&WES
te robbers.IiAITFONBAEYPatclrPrmis,
Hankechifnoxs, loks
insurance. Hane.aba, c. MEYi nrDugSoe rrrs 10. C.

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