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The war being made by Germany,
England, Spain and Italy upon Vene
zuela is causing some uneasiness among
government officials and others in this
country. Some are apprehensive that
the allied powers cherish ulterior de
signs against the Monroe Doctrine. A
few like Henry Watterson hysterically
declare that the time has come for
abandonment or modification of that
doctrine. Some, as Judge Richard. Al
vey, of the Court of Appeals of the
District of Columbia, express the opin
ion that Secretary of State Hay, in ac
quiescing in the employ of force by En
gland and Germany to compel the Vene
zuelan government to make good the
claims of their citizens against that
country, has already to a considerable
degree surrendered the principle of the
doctrine Feferred to.
Judge Alvey is one of the most able
jurists in the United States and his
opinls are-entitled to respect, but in
this case we think that he is in error.
It is not so very long since Americans
weeboasting of the right of this gov
ernment to use force to compel the Sul
tan of Turkey to liquidate claims of
American cidzens against that country.
It would seem to be a reasonable prop
osition that when one country refuses to
comply With its obligations to another,
force may properly be used to compel
such compliance. The gist of the Mon
roe Doctrine is that the United States
will; not permit any European power to
acquire more territory than it now pos
sesaes on the Western Hemisphere. If
England or Germany, or either of them
should attempt to appropriate any por
tion of the Venezuelan territory, how
ever small, that would be a violation of
the Munroe Doctrine and this country
would be bound to interfere to prevent
it and thus the United States would be
forced into war.
But there is no danger of war and no
reason for the abandonment of the
Mozme Doctrine.. The existence of the
MogaegDoetie is the guarantee
ag i war. The: European powers
kndrT that the people of the United
S is, wlthout regard to party lines
or political faith have only
one k this question, and will
stand'by the Monroe Doctrine at all
hazards, for the preservation of the
workl's peace. No European nation
except Germany has any need of ae
quirig new territory. England has
her problems in SouthAfrica and a great
territory for the overflow of her''popu
lation in her Indian possessions. If
Germany persists .inher dogin-the
manger policy with retrence to the
proposed arbitratiop, it' would be - a
very easy thing for-th United States
to guarantee t4laiRof England, thus
eliminating tI$St eduntry from the
qn- .n -leaving Germiany to at
tempt the~ -.overthrow of the Mon
rpe Doctrieif she can. It isto bere
membered in this connection that there
are such nations as Russia and France,
that .Giaymust. take into considera
tion. is. and France always has
been of the United States.
Their toward Germany is well
know44 there will be no war, and
the '~Doctrine will stand.
The nest issue .of The Herald and
News will be printed early Wednesday
afternkoon in order to give employes an
* opportunI to enjoy Christma.4y..
--A Serious Accident.
Mr' A. Birge Wise met with a serious
acient aM Prosperity Saturday nir'-t.
S Therie was a false alarm of fire an se
was running along the street. towards
the scene when his head struck a tree
on.the side of the walk. He was
knocked unconscious and remained so
until next morning. He will likely be
confined to his bed for several weeks.
There will be a Christmas service at
the, Lutheran Church of the Redeemer
on Christmas morning at eleven o'clock.
The subject of the sermon by the pas
tor will be "A Chime of Christmas
The public is cordially invited to be
present. ______
Arm Cut Off.
George Kinard, a negro working in
the seed room at the Oil Mill, met with
a serious accident Saturday evening, as
a result of which his arm is cut off
above the elbow. He was attempting
to put a belt on a running pulley when
in some way his hand slipped and was
caught in the shafting, and torn off
completely. Kinard walked from the
seed room into the offlee to notify those
in the office of the accident, and
upon his return his hand was still
revolving on the shafting. It was
necessary in order to save the arm
that it be amputated above the elbow,
and this was done by Drs. Gilder and
An Explanation.
Mr. Editor: I am not in the habit of
correcting every little thing that goes
wrong, but Iwant to say to my dear
old friend Sigma that the sentence
which appeared in my letter of last
Tuesday, "If something don't soon turn
up we are going to tell on an old hum
bug," was intended for a separate
paragraph. But it gos. +hrown in with
the little paragraph, which was all in
good humor, in reference to Sigma.
We hope this explanation is satisfac
tory to Sigma, and that we may soon
be able to tell in full the story about
which we have been joking him.
-T. J.W.
Prof. B. M. Setzler, of Pomaria, was
in the city yesterday.
Miss Sitton, of Peiidlton, is visiting
Miss Laura Bowman.
Miss Pauline Gilder is at home from
Converse College, Spartanburg.
Dr. Jno. 0. Wilson will preach in Zion
church Sunday morning at 11 o'clock.
Mr. H. B. Workman, of the Citadel,
Charleston, is at home for the holidays.
Miss Agnes Summer, who is teaching
school at Colliers, is at home for Christ
Miss Kittie Bryan, of Franklin, Va.,
is in the city the guest of Miss Nancy
Prof. and Mrs. H. B. Dominick, of
Central, are spending the week in New
Mr. Frank D. Mower, of the Uni
versity of Virginia, is at home for the
Miss Lou King Purcell, of Augusta,
will be in Newberry during the Christ
mas festivities.
Mr. M. S. Davis, of the Spartanburg
Herald, visited his parents in Newberry
the past few days.
Mr. J. E. Renwick, now of Union,
has been in the city the past few days.
He will return to Union today.
Messrs. Blackwelder and Davenport
are erecting an addition to their ware
house at the C., N. & L. depot.
Miss Lillian Jamieson, who has been
attending Clifford Seminary, at Union,
is spending the holidays at home.
Prof. Buzhardt, principal of the
Mullins graded school, is spending
the week with his parents in Newberry.
Misses Eugenia Summer, Clara Lang
ford, Lillie Griffin and Belle Epting are
at home from Elizabeth College, Char
Miss Veta Jones, of Lancaster, will
arrive in Newberry Christmas day.
She will be the guest of Mrs. S. B.
Misses Annie and Mary Simmons of
Greenwood, will be in the city during
the Christmas holidays, the guests of
Miss Thyra Schumpert.
Mr. P. L. Rikard, of the Inquirer.
Sun, Columbus, Ga., is in the city. Mr.
Rikard for a good many years was or
the staff of The Herald and News. His
many friends in Newberry are glad t<
see him again.
Rev. Irl R. Hicks' almanac for 1903,
which is profusely illustrated, contains
two half-tones from photographs b3
Mr. J. Z. Salter, of this city. This is a
compliment to a photographer who ha~
gained an enviable repntation in his line
of work.
. Holiday Greetings.
The Clothing Emporium and Shoe
House. of Newberry takes this method
of extending to its many patrons its
hearty greetings -during this holiday
season. Our wish for all is that you
may have an abundance of joy and
gladness now and great success in the
years to come.
We wish, at this time especially, tc
express our gratitude for the liberal
patronage bestowed upon us. We have
endeavored to merit it, and our aim in
the future shall be to- deserve it more
and more.
With the compliments of this joyous
season, I am,
Sincerely yours,
0. M. Jamieson.
Card of Thanks.
I desire thus publicly to thank those
who showed kindness to my wife and
other members of my family during hei
last illness. Geo. A. Duncan.
A t Wegt End Baptist church, Decem
ber 21st; at 11 a. in., by the pastor,
Mr. Fred B. Cotton and Miss Sudie E.
Abney, both of West End.
At the residence of Mr. John Gilliamn,
in West End at 2 p. mn., December 21st,
Mr. James B. Outz and Miss M. Beulak
Powell, Rev. N. N. Burton officiating.
Notice to U. C. V. Committees.
The committees appointed by Cami:
Nance, U. C. V. to collect dues, &c.,
for 1903, will rush their work and be
prepared to report at the regular mneet
ing, saleday in January, 1903.
All veterans who have not received a
Cross of Honor will report to the Adju
tant at his office on or before that day.
This is very important, and must be
attended to at once.
By order,
J. W. GAY,
0. L. Schumipert, Commander.
Newberry, S. C., Dec. 22, 1902. 2t t&1
Charged With Murder.
Henry Gilliam, the r%gro who it was
supposed accidentally shot and killed
his wife on Summer Bro.s'. place'in No
.7 Township on the 24th of November,
has been arrested on the charge of mur
der. The testimony brought out in the
coroner's inquest immediately after he
killing was to the effect that Gilliam
and his wife were engaged in a good
natured tussle over a pistol, in which
the pistol was fired, the ball taking ef
fet in Rachel Gilliamn's body and kill
ing her instantly.
Facts subsequently coming to light
convinced several persons living in the
neighborhood that the shooting was not
accidental, and a warrant was sworn
out and Gilliam was lodged in jail on
The Riser lMillinery Co.
will have somei prf-tty n:ew ribbons
for holiday trade. an.d they are
closing out every hat and feather in
their stock at actual cost.
The Odd Fellows and Red Men Hold
Regular Semi-Annual Election of
Bergell Tribe, No. 24, Improved Or
der of Red Men held its regular semi-!
annual election of officers on Thursday
night. The following officers were
Prophet-Van Smith.
Sachem-J. M. Guinn.
Senior Sagamore-I. 0. Burton.
Junior Sagamore-J. W. Earhardt.
Chief of Records-L. C. Pitts.
Asst. Chief of Records-J. P. Cook.
Trustee- Otto Klettner.
Messrs. 0. Klettner, Van Smith, and
E. S. Werts were chosen delegates to
the State Council which meets in Co
lumbia in the spring.
The regular semi-annual election of
officers of Pulaski Lodge, No. 20, I. 0.
0. F., held on Friday night, resulted as
Noble Grand-J. M. Guinn.
Vice-Grand-0. R. Casey.
Secretary-T. S. Hudson.
Treasurer-Theo. Danielsen.
Past Grand-Cole. L. Blease.
A Reckless Negro.
Late Saturday afternoon, Pierce, the
-little son of Mr. Burr F. Goggans, was
run over and painfully hurt by a negro
on a mule. The little boy was on the;
street crossing between Gilder and
Weeks' drug store and 0. M. Jamieson's
clothing establishment. The streets
were very crowded, and the negro,
Robert Griffin who lives on McDuffie
Sligh's place, was riding in a reckless
gait, nor did he stop after the acci
dent oceurred, although he was re
peatedly ordered to do so by several
parties standing near.
The little boy was knocked down and
stepped on by the mule, but although
he was painfully hurt, there will not be
any serious results. A warrant has
been issued for Griffin's arrest.
Election of Subordinates.
The new city council, at a meeting
held yesterday, ordered an election for
subordinate officers to be held on Tues
day night the 30th. The officers to be
elected include city clerk and treasurer,
city attorney, chief of police, four po
licemen, street overseer and lamplighter
and janitor. It will be seen that the
number of policemen will be increased
from three to four, and Newberry will
have a police force including the chief,
of five members.
-Flour! Hlou! Flour!
can't afford to buy before getting
-our latest prices, every barrel guaran
teed. SUM MER BRO'.
Fewer Gallons; Wears Longer.
Fewer Gallons; Wears l'onger.
Fewer Gallons; Wears Longer.
Fewer Gallons; Wears Longer.
W ~ANTED at The Newberry Hotel
Ta milch cow, fresh in milk, that
will give four gallons milk per day. W.
A. Jamiieson, proprietor.
20 lbs. for $1 SUMMER BROS.
0R THE BEST assortment of candy
at 0 ad 2c.per pound go to S.
B. Jones.
SEE our- assortment of candy at 10e.
I7and 20c. per pound. S. B. Jones.
NTEW AND FULL stock of Paper
LPatterns just received and are
sold for cash only, at Wooten' s.
FOR RENT-six rooms and black
smith shop.
Mrs. R. L. Paysinger.
T HE prettiest line of mufflers and
silk handkerchiefs ever brought to
Newberry for Christmas, at
The Ewart-Pifer Co.
ORANGES, apples, Bananas and
Ofruits of all kinds. The best to oe
had at S. B. Jones'.
L OWNEY'S famous chocolates and
bon bons, loose and in fancy pack
ages for Christmas presents. S. B.
Call on W. H. Eddy
for your Christmas Box.
the Town Council will hold an elec
tion on Tuesday, December 30th, 1902,
at 7.30 o'clock p. in., for the following
Clerk and Treasurer at a salary of
$50 per month.
City Attorney at a salary of $100 per
Chief of Police at a salary of $50 per
Four Policemen at a salary of $35 per
month each.
One street Overseer at a salary of $35
per month.
Lamplighter and Janitor at a salary
of $20 per month.
Application must be in handwriting
of applicant, except that of the Lamp
lighter and Janitor, and handed to the
Clerk of the Town Council by 7.30
o'clock on the evening of December
29th, 1902. For any further informa
tion apply to the Clerk and Treasurer.
By order of Council.
C. & T. T. (. N.
December 22nd, 1902.
Stocklders' Meeting.
Stockholders of the Newberry
Knitting Mill will be held in office of
Johnstone & Welch, at 12 o'clock Tues
day, January 6th, 1903.
Notice of fivil Settlemont ad Disciarie,
I iwill make a final settlement on
the estates of G. Ernest Folk, D. Otis
Folk and Thomas Neel Folk, minors, in
the Probate Court for Newberry County,
S. C., on Thursday the 22nd day of
January, A. D. 1903, at 11 o'clock in
the forenoon, and will immediately
thereafter apply for lette,.s dismissory.
As guardian for said minors.
Newberry, S. C., Dec. 22nd, 1902.
in endless variety.
fresh and luscious
delicious and tooth some
Don't make your Christ
mas purchases until yo.
have examined our stock
S B. Jones
Santa Claus heallaera
Hello Central!----Give Me 41
Te Ne'werry Granit e Font
ConfectoneY ad Bakey!
T:'- y have all kin- of BrP4'1
Patec,t Bread, Milk Bread
Graham Bread, Cream Bread,
Cap Bre+ad, Rve Bread,
Kimmel Seed Rye Bread,
Boston 3rown Bread
Ln geat assortment of fresh, fanc:
C(;kes ever shown here before.
Or ders taken by Telebphone and de
liver d fre~e of ename~ a., we have ou
our new delivery wagou.
cel and see us, or ring up Pio
No 48.
H. A. Meyer & Son.
Wedding Goods,
Bithday Presents,
All to be sold at
Eduard Scholtz's
Jewelry Store.
under the penalty of the law t
trespass by hunting fishing or otherwis
on the land of the undersiged.
Noice of Finial Settlelieni and~ Dichars
I will make a final settlement o
the estate of Bennie Marie Caldwell
deceased, in the Probate Court fo
Newbery County, S. C., on Saturda
the 3rd dyof January, A. D., 1903, a
11 o'clock in the forenoon, and will hr
mediately thereafter apply for Letter
Dismissory as Adminms:rator of th
sai etae.ROBT. T. CALDWELL,
Newberry, S. C., Dec. 1, 1902.
The Sr
~ut griceo I
We have bought the goods and he
ing to sell themn if prices anid qgoalit;
lNTo For
Raiits, London Layers at 10e per]i
Carrants at 12tc per lb.
Shredded Cocoanaits at 20c per 16-.
We have the largest assortmeot
2'r-te MTo 'i. I
We havi more than any other twc
We also carry a large and well sel
A lean and potash-hungry soil,
wasted seed, wasted labor and idle
gins-A MORTGAGE. Or, plenty of
in the fe:-tilizer, many bales and a a
busy gin--A BANK ACCOUNT
Write us for c
our bcoks.
They are
money win- !l"
ners. We sa:nd C
them free to
98 Na"auSt. c
New Yos"k
OlioC oI Final S81til111l11l11iall car18
I will make a final settlement
on the estate of Wm. Hatton, de
ceased, in the Probate Court of New
berry County S. C., on Monday, the
29th day of December A. D., 1902 at
11 o'clock in the forenoon and will im
me diately apply for Letters Dismissory
as Administrator of said estate.
All persons holding claims against
the said estate are hereby notified to
render in the same duly attested, and
all those indebted to the said estate to
pay the same on or before that date.
Newberry, S. C. Administrator.
November 26th, 1902.
Hands Wanted I1
Excelsior Knitting Mills
Of Union, S. C.
Flfl strng able bodied men
FORu TYbetween thi ages of
twenty-one and forty to make $1.00
per day each, and good wages paid
to other members of the family for
other classes of work.
We also want Toppers, Knitters,
Loopers, Menders and Finishers.
All the work is nice and easy, and
we pty better wages than any other
hosiery mill in the South.
Apply to
J. H. Gault,
tI Treas. and Manager.
Union, S. C.
Temagnetic attraction
Iof our holiday goods and
low prices push our com
Ipetitors to one side. We
are proud of our bargains
for Christmas buyers. No
matter how hard you are
Ito suit, we can suit you in
new and beautiful selec
lions of Pocket Books,
Wrist Bags, Lap Pads, Wa
terman Ideal Fountain Pen.
;The latest Books, Toys Nov
elties, Fancy Goods and
Notions of all kinds.
Our stock is well assorted, ad
comprises the greatest gathering of
desirable merchandise we have '-ver
offered our holiday patrons. You
are cordially invit.ed to come and
see what we cans do for you before
you buy elsewhere. All that is new
est and best awaits your inspection
and approval, and the prices on all
our goods are right.
Tefollowing druggists requests thbe
holders of MURNA coupons to bring
them in at once and secure absolute
ly free, the rcgnlar siz'a bottle of thbe
Great Preparation, MURNA WINE.
For sale only by Gilder & Weeks,
iith Co.
ve bought 1+.c, righ', edve a ro
will d > i
Our Caes, e
IGrainolat.-d Sug~ar at 20 bu. for $l
Or Sanita Clau..
i Newhz'rry , anid Te ~s of all kinids
-&ire VNTor1Ls! ]
stores in town, uand will sell thi ]'n
ected stock of Fancy Grocerie..
ITH Co.,
Here Is
Here is something
Lnd read carefully. W
ibout the good quality a
>ur low prices, and we
ou right here that we r
md price. No matter
tuality is still there--ev
tandard quality. Here
>f our success: We m
dl times and the chard
use so high that any bu
>f us. We are special
Dry goods, Dress gooi
White goods,
Embroideries, Laces, 1
Flannel, Embroi
kerchiefs. Hosiery, Uu
Domestics, Jeans,
Bleachings, Shirtings,
Ladies Wraps, Lo
panes. Yankee Notion
In fact our large stock compi
isk for, all priced to suit you.
>oints in all grades, cheap to vE
:his department. Some solid, ?
sell shoddy. Men's Shoes,
'irls' Shoes, Baby Shoes.
eather Shoes, the kind that 1<
Walk Over Shoes for
Regina Shoes for Woi
Come and exat
Almost everyone has!
sells the best goods for
We Are Doing
Because we sell more i
Same goods f
And you may alway s count upon
way of
Dry Goods, Notions,
at the very lowest prices.
Come and insp'oet onr line 'ro
both pleasaint anid profitable to you, a
The Place Where You I
"Is the Place for Ba
In DesGoods, Jacket:
Clothing, Boys' Clothing, H~
ny Size and Style. Overe
hirts, Collars and Cuffs, N
ilk Handkerchiefs, Silk
Rubber Shoes. Also a nice
Fall Shoes and Slippe
Don't fail to C(
f in need of anything in
guarantee to save you mon
ice and suitable things ti
ady or gentleman friends i
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we want you to read,
a want to talk to you
f our merchandise and
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erything we sell is of
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ake the price so low at
icter of our merchan
yer can offord to buy
ist in our lines which
is, Silks, Velvets,
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lered Flannel, Hand
derwear, Corsets,
Calicoes, Homespuns,
Outings, Flanelette,
ce Curtain, Counter
iises almost anything you may
Millinery is one of our strong
ry fine. We can please you in
rood shoes for all. We do not
Vomen's Shoes, Boy's Shoes,
Let us fit your feet in solid
)ok well, wear well and dbst
ao Shoes for Women,
al Shsoe for Children.
nine our stock.
iiscovered that Wooten
the least money and
(he Business
~oods for same money!
or less money!
getting everythi,g you watnt in the
' Furnishings, etc.,
o will eneao to maI~ke y'our visit
ad do.n't~ forg'et
;et Your Money's Wob.
id Bros.
le Next Two Weeks,
3, Capes and Furs, Men's
its, Shoes for Everybody
Dats, Blankets, Lap Robes,
ckwear, Gloves, Linen and
Mufflers, Umbrellas and
lot of
rs tr L.adies and Men.
>me to see us,
the above lines. We will
ey. We have a great many
at you can give to your
ts presents for Christmas.
see Us Often.

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