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Addresses of Mayors Klettner and Ear
hardt and the Presentation Ad
dress of City Attorney Cole
L. Blease.
The oath of office was administered to
the newly elected mayor and alderman
by City Attorney Blease at 12 o'clock
yesterday. . The inauguration was pub
lic and was held in council chamber.
Immediately before the oath was ad
ministered City Attorney. Cole. L.
Blease, on behalf of the subordinate
offoers of the retiring council, pre
,ented to Mayor Klettner a beautiful
silver water set, as a token of their re
speet and esteem. On the pieces is en
Hon. Otto Klettner,
Mayor of Newberry,
Presented by the subordinate officers,
Mr. Blease in making the presenta
Ma c B lettner, this day marks an
.poch in the history of this city. For
two years it has been our pleasure, I
apeak when I say our, of your subordi
uas 4lBers, to serve under you. We
fee tbet we are to be congratulated
on having had one like yourself as
escbief offcial. We feel that we have
not~ been derelict in our duty, because
w] ave:not been reprimanded-not one
et as-v you i those' two years. As
whaenot seen fit, or presumed so
OBRISAldeman Wrd f
s o epimad ou-w ncsa
wor inteEnWsanguge and
dwerevr duty,cll a doni elmst. o
Butfhreio eing hiwhty eneral i Lele
done that some appreciationi ought to
be shown, that appreciation which
speaks not' within the value of that
wich is given, but from the heart of
who are giving it. Your subordi
nate officers take pleasure this morning
in saying to the outside world that you
have made for this town a conscien
tions, an upright, 1mnd an efficient ar.d
A. T. BROwN-Aldermam Ward 2.
honorable servant. Your~ sul ordinate
officers say to the outside world that if
Mayor Klettner has made a mistake,
that mistake has been from the head
and not from the heart, because, work-'
ing as we have done in concert with
him, we know that every act, that ev
ery official breath, and every official
thought has been for the best interests
of the five thousand and upwards of
citizens of this town, which it has been
-his duty to represent.
And in retiring from you we wish for
you a happy and pleasant life; we wish
for you and we pray for you God's
speed in your onward voyage in life.
Whatever may be your trials or your
successes we beg you to remember that
yon have gained, not only from your
hearts of those whom you have served
so efficiently, the "well-done, thou
good and faithful servant."
In presenting to you this we do not
expect you to fill it with that which
may make the brain wander, or
which may cause you to do that which
you would not otherwise do, nor do we
expect you to fill it with that which is
administered at the sacramental altars
but whatever you may fill it with, or
whoever may quaff it with you, we say
to you, here is to you and yours, and
may you both live long and prosper.
responded as follows:
Mr. City Attorney, there are mo
ments in a man's life when the tongue
fails to express the emotions of the
heart. You touched me once twelve
months ago and left me speechless,
when you presented me a Masonic rai
ment, one which I shall ever highly ap
preciate and retain in memory of those
who have stood by me in trials and
trcibles during my administration .in
the year 1901.
Againl am the recipient from your
hands of this handsome token. It
needed not this, for if I have gained
your esteem, your love, and your confi
dence, I have done as much as I ever
expect to do, because I have enjoyed
every moment that my administration
has thrown me with you, and I am
standing here today again, without be
ing able - to find words in the proper
form to thank you for this handsome I
and valuable token.
Going out of this office, I wish to say
;hat I have only endeavored to gain the
admiration and the approval of those
who placed me in this high and honora
ble position. I can not say more. I
again thank you for your kind esteem
and consideration towards me.
It was exactly 12.30 when the oath of
{: ti
VAN SMITH-Alderman Ward 3.
ifice was read to the mayor and alder- t
en elect by City Attorney Blease. 1
r. J. J. Langford, alderman from ward a
ur, was not present oin account of ill- t
ess, and he had already taken the oath o
his home. fI
Immediately ofter the* oath of office c
as administered Mayor Klettner hear- a
ly congratulated the new council, say- r
g that he felt that the interests und tV
elfare of the city of Newberry had t]
een placed insafe hands, and it was b
tith great satisfaction and gratification a
hat his council now surrendered un- e
J.J.LNGOD-lera Warf4
Jvery iAnividatiennol Waro- .
ectedsad rese d.hTriar and rsobs
tacley ofreoffce all mayo nd,h adr
md inescialf thoe city benjoteced re
~ponsible position. Trials and obstacles1
may come to you, but rest assured*
hat in your administration your hands:
will be held up by every law abiding*
citizen in your every laudable and com
rendable undertaking. He heartily
commended his subordinate officers to
the incoming council, and asked as a
personal .vor, and in the interest of
the whole city that they receive favor
able consideration at the hands of the
new council. In conclusion, he prayed.
that the labors cf the new administra
tion would be crowned wvith success.
Mayor J. W. Earhardt spoke as fol
Fellow-members of the city council:
It is with some degree of diffidence that
I take upon me the responsibility with
which I have been clothed by the peo
ple of Newberry. My predecessor,
with the invaluable assistance of his
aldermanic board, has for the past two
years filled the office of mayor of this
city acceptably and with ability. I
shall try to do my duty as I see it, and
with your encouragement and hearty
cooperation, I hope to merit the well
done of those whose servant I am. I
have made no promises to any one; I
)~~f~7 ?~YO~flt flIP
very best service that within me lie$
My sole desire shall be, as it has bee
in the past, the continued growth an
development of the city of Newberr3
and it shall be my constant aim to er
courage whatever will aid that growt
and development.
The whole world is imbued with th
spirit of progress, and that nation c
state or city which lags behind mu:
be lost. For the past few years Nev
berry has made rapid strides, and sh
points with a just pride to the indu:
tries and enterprises which have sprun
up withiu her bounds, placing her i
the front ranks of the cities of Sout
Carolina. She loves the music of th
hum of spindles and the clack of loom
which greets her ears, for she has Ion
since recognized the fact that to th
cotton fields the cotton mills must com(
that to the land of the greatest naturr
resources the world must look for th
J. M. GuINN-Alderman Ward 5.
reatest work, that the people whon
Tature has most bounteously blesse<
rre the world's natural leaders. WE
nust continue to move forward. WE
mist keep in touch with the spirit o:
he New South.
I shall strive to do my part. T<
,ou, gentlemen, I shall look for sup
ort. Each of you represents a part 0
Tawberry. The affairs of your ward
re entrusted to your keeping. I shal
ot arrogate to myself the right or the
uty to look after the local interest.
f the separate wards. That is foi
ou. And for the proper care of those
nterests I shall look to you. It shall
e mine simply, so far as within my
ower lies, to attend to those matterE
hich affect the city as a whole. O1
ourse, in a matter of this kind there
an be no iron-clad rule. We shall all
rork together and take counsel, one
rith another.
I have no cut and dried policy to out
ne. I am going to enforce the ordi
ances to the letter. If there is one
hat ought not to be enforced rigidly,
ought to be amended or repealed;
nd if there be such, there is no fit tei
ime for action than the present, at the
utset of this administration. The
nances of..the city are not in as healthy
ndition as I would like to see them,
nd our path -is not to be strewn with
>ses. In the matter of expenditures
2ere is but one safe rule to follow; and
at is the same rule which a prudent
usiness man would follow in the man
gement of his own affairs. At pres
at there is a large outstanding debt,
mounting to several thousand dollars,
a which the interest is about eight
er cent. At some time in the very
ear future I propose to submit to the
tizens a plan for issuing bonds and
mding this debt, for the purpose of
~ducing the interest, and, by retiring
ie bonds, gradually wiping out the
In conclusion, I pledge my heart and
and in any work which looks toward
e moral and material advancement of
e city which we have the honor to
present. May we work together har
Loniously and with an eye single to its
'elfare. May we be true to the trust
'ithin us reposed.
I now declare this council ready for
1e transaction of any business which
ay properly come before it.
The Vote for Queen.
Below is given the vote for the queen
f the carnival, as it stood yesterday at
2 o'clock. The contest has only been
n a few days, and this accounts for
he very small vote cast up to this
ime. However, things have already
egun to warm up, and before the end
f the week the voting will be lively.
Following is the vote:
Miss Maud Langford .........
Miss Bessie Gilder.............
Miss Nancy Pool.-----.---.--.------.
Miss Lillian Jamieson.........
Miss Mattie Wedaman.......---.
Miss Myrtie Schumpert........
Miss Maud Fant .. ..-----.
Absolutely Pure
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