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Ndf Paragraphs Giving Some of the
Happenings of the World of Men.
Almtst crazed from their snffer
ingg, frostbitten and helples, tei,
men were picked up by the schooner
Manbassett Sunday, forty-five miles
of Highland Light. Then for the
jret time it was learned that the
schooner Frank A. Palmer and Lonise
B rar bad tieen in collision, and
that they-had been sank off Thatch
er's Isand, on the New England
-oast on Wednesday evening.' The
snivors were landed Monday. Of
the twenty-one men that made up
tho two crews six were carried down
wtien the two vessels sank, four died
; ~isg the terrible three days drift
n assachusetta Bay, and another
-bea insaneand jamped overboard.
WMt no food or water, their clothes
troeen ineolid masses, and their boat
oingsetsift driven before a bitter
gale out into the Atlantic, it seemed
smarkable.that so many survived.
The fight from her home on the
night of Depenber 11, of the Crown
Princess of Saxony, has created a
_tremendooesensation in Saxony. No
trace of the whereabouts of the royal
Ady ha been found, and it was only
tiswe.k that the truth of the rn
nor that she had Bed was learned by
the Jubi. The cause of the disap.
pesanee-is not known.
The latest reports are to the ef
t Iuthat President Roosevelt may
nSuhnt to act as arbitrator between
Germany, Italy and England, on the
one a hAd and Venezuela on the
other. -
8ix buitdings were destroyed by
ra -in Knouxville Monday morning.
The loss wilt reach a poipt between
a half Niion and a million dollars.
graded school and auditorium
b dingat Peizer, 8. C., was de
* 4;by fire Monday morning.
Thlbik&ng, valued at $10,000, was
la IOOvered by mnsurance.
(*.saany is not behind in the mat
atrusts. Two of the largest
> aipS5is in that country have
esd an eietrie trust, with a
a epital of over one hundred
l hiua dollars, which, it is thought,
wiswrallow all the other electric
r ' gU4bodSS ot Believe in Bestow
VK.Wes1k Epon'Chldren.
New 3ork, Dec. 23.-The Evening
Pestprints the following:
"b oer real estate columns yes
our reference to the sale by
'e to Mr. Burden of cer
tain lots in the 'Highlands' of Fifth
avenue we spoke of Mr. Carnegie's
own house, which is to be a Christ
msas gift to his little daughter. This
itemn had been printed before, and
we-took it to be an ndisputed fact.
W#aow learn that it has no founda
ti*s *hatever and tbat nothing could
be lesgs in harmony with the ideas of
Mr. and Mrs Carnegie than that their
daughter should now, or evHr. be
burdened with great wealth. Least
ofall is she to be taught while in
youth that she has 'great expects
tioas' or any expectations at all she
yond a moderate competence. Nei
ther of her parents deems great wealth
a desirable present for morning life,
or for any part of life, except as it
may be employed for the advance
ment of the human race."
In speaking of Mrs. Leslie Carter's
fntures Mr. Baaco recently saidt
that on her return from Europe next
year she would revive "Dii Barry"
for three weeks and would then make
her nrsi appearance in a Shakespear
ego-role, playing "Lady Macbeth.
eansome day that it pays
+- you to let us dye that old suit for yo.u
or cleani and press it. All work is
guaantedto be first class. Thousands
otnatisfied customers will tell you so.
We are not paying for your dollars
only; we are plaig for the future too.
Come and test te truth of our talk.
W. F. Hudson Found Dead in His Room
Near Camden With eaping Wound
In His Back.. 1
[The State.] 1
Friday night one of the most shock
ing murders ever recorded in the crim- t
inal annals of South Carolina was com- A
mitted on the outskirts of Camden. W. I
F. Hudson, a young man about 26 years
of age, and the keeper of the toll biidge
across the Wateree river on the road to 1
Columbia was found lying dead across t
his bed with a gaping wound in his a
back. The murder had evidently been v
executed by means of a double bar- i
relled shot gun and the wound indi- a
cated that both barrels had been dis- r
charged. r
No cause can be assigned for the
crime. Mr. Hudson was a highly re
spected young man and was thought to t
have no enemies. It was rumored that (
he had become engaged in a difficulty il
with some gypsies who had been en- i
camped near the town but this is im- c
probable. 0
The crime was brutal in the extreme t
and speedy vengeance will be dealt the
murderer if caught. At present every
effort is being made to tlisclose his
t. Pan1's Items.
Our pastor, Rev. J. A. Sligh, has, t
moved from his plantation at Slighs,
S. C., to the parsonage. We are glad a
to bave him in our_nidat. a
There will be a ,in tree at St. d
Paul's Christmas one o'clock. f
Everybody who wishes to can put on y
the tree anything they wish for their i
friends. After the contents of the tree
have been distributed, the ladies of the
missionary society will serve in the t
school-house hot oysters, and every- N
thing else that is good to eat. They E
will also have amusements such as grab t
bag, and, come and see what all else.
You'll be pleased. The net proceeds a
are for missions. ix
The officers of the church have let C
contract to build tenant house and to
ceil cooking and dining hall at parson- t
age. All work has been completed. d
Mr. T. A. Epting is fixing to keep
warm while eating this winter. He is
building a double fire-place chimney to
his cooking and dining department.
Mr. Geo. Livingston is putting up a
residence nea the Margaret Kinard
Mr. G. B. Aull is preparing to builda a
tenant house.
Mr. George Richardson, near here,
has moved to the Newberry cotton mill.
Pigs are in demand. I never saw
mech hustling around for pigs and shoats.
T'hey are- scarce.a
We have, for a while at least, stopped
the odor of compound lard, mostly cot
ton seed oil. We are eating spare ribs,
pudding and sausage.
Mrs. Push has pushed four large tur- 0
keys into a pen and ispushing food in fi
to have them fat and plump for Xmas. g
Mr. Thadeus Epting expects to be
home Christmas.
Mr. Editor, we are not going to 0
uarrel, but we would like to know r
what became of our last scribbling to t~
The Herald and News. We lost some a
time and a two-cent stamp. Trusting ,
this won't share the same fate, I am
the same. Push. a
[Sorry we can't tell you. It did not r
reach us.-Ed. H. &N.]
Resolutions of Thanks.
The following resolutions were unani- F
mously adopted at a recent meeting of C
Burgell Tribe, No. 24, I. 0. R. M.: I
Whereas, The highly esteemed and,
worthy Bro. Rev. W. J. Snyder,
Clifton, S. C., so gratefully complied
with the request of our noble order, to
preach a sermon on Redmanship at the 8
opera house on the 7th day of Decem t
ber, 1902. Therefore be it
Resolved, 1st. That we hereby tender
our sincere thanks and deep apprecia
tion to our worthy and esteemed Bro. 1
Rev. W. J. Snyder for his kindness and I
Resolved, 2nd. That we hereby ac-t
km3wledge the fact that the so very ap
propriate and fine sermon preached by
him has not alone been appreciated by
all present, but that we feel the great I
good that it has already accomplished i
to the Order, to every member, as well
as to the entire community.
Resolved, 3d. That we shall ever re
member him as a benefactor to Burgell
Tribe No. .24, and Cateechee Council
No. 3, of the Improved order of Red
men, and that we pray that the Great]
Spirit may bless him and guide his cause
safely to the heavenly shore.
Resolved, 4th. That these resolutions
be spread upon our minute books, that
they be typewritten and a copy for
warded to him by the secretary under
the seal of the Lodge and Cateechee
Council No. 3.
Fraternally submitted,
I.can learn that the Newberry
Steam Laundary will 've you satisfac
tion in any thin in eir line. Why
The Newberry Herald and News de
serves the very greatest praise for its
rery excellent daily gotten out during
he conference in that city. The pro
:eedings of a conference have never
>een handled better in any town in the
;tate than they were in Newberry by
he local paper. We hope that Brother
kull made a financial success of the en
erprise. -Florence Times.
Col. E. H. Aull who, for some time
iast, had been publishing his paper,
he Newberry Herald and News twice
week, issued his paper daily last
reek during the session of the Metho
ist Conference in that city, giving full
nd authentic reports. That was com
endable newspaper enterprise-Lau
ensville Herald.
The Newberry Herald and News did
he handsome thing by the Methodist
|onference, which met in that city dur
Zg the past week, in publishing daily
uch interesting accounts of the pro
eedings of that body, and the portaits
f so many of the earnest workers in
hat denomination-Union Progress.
West End News.
Rev. G. E. Edwards, of O'Neall
treet Church, left Friday for his home
i Marion, where he will spend two
reeks with his parents. Hope Brother
|dwards a pleasant time. It is thought
hat he will not return alone.
Mr. H. F. Livingston, of West End,
nd Miss Florence Graham, of Mulberry
action were happily married on Thurs
ay last at the home of the bride's
ither. Hope Mr. Livingston and his
oung bride a happy journey through
Mr. Fred Cotton and Miss Sudie Ab
ey, were married Sunday morning in
ee West End Baptist church, Rev. N.
[. Burton, officiating. All of West
ind. May their troubles be few and
ieir pleasures many.
The mill will close down Wednesday
t noon and stay closed until Monday,
i order that the operatives may enjoy
Mr. T. J. Henderson and wife will go
> Pelzer Wednesday and return Sun
A merry Christmas and a happy New
ear to all. "Mooch."
Dec. 22, 1902.
ow they are Trained to the Duties of
Town Constables.
(Science Siftings.)
Most people know how prominent
part is played by the dog in Bel
imm. But the Belgian dog has
ot stopped here. He is an ambi
ous creature. He is not content
>do naught but slave. He has, in
et, aspired to the law with such
ood effe that he has Ibecome one
its limbs, and now plays the part
! policeman, and with such good
asults, too, that crime in that par
clar district partrolled by him is
iid to have diminished two-thirds
inOe his entry into the force. It is
L Ghent that the dog has become a
acognized member of the regular
wn constabulary. The dogs are
ight by means of dummy figures
ade up as much as possible to re
resent the thieves and dangerous
haracters they may be likely to meet.
[ow much patience is needed by him
rho undertakes this paticular form
f education only those who have
ied to train animals will properly
ppreciate. The dog mus t be taught
seek, to attack, to seize and to
old, without hurting seriously.
The firs' step is to place the dam
y in such a position that it shall re
iresent a man endeavoring to conceal
timself. The dog soon understands
bat it is an enemy that he must
Lunt, and enters into this part of
is lessons "con amore," but it is
Lot so easy to teach him not to injure
t. The teacher lowers the figure to
he ground, and the dog learns that,
hough he may not worry his prey,
ie must not allow his fallen foe to
tir so much as a finger until the or
ler is given. After the dummy a
iving model is used, and as this
>rocess obviously is not entirely with
>nt danger, the person chosen for
his purpose is usnally be who min
sters to the pupil's creature comforts,
md for whom the canine detective is
mnre to entertain a grateful affection.
Nevertheless he is prevented at first
my means of a muzzle from an exhi
ition of too much zeal. A fterward
he experiment is tried on other mem
bers of the force, and in four months
he dog's educaan a a poliemen
Bran New Stock
we have decided tc
It is not a ruc
shelf from seas
No odor of moi
clothing which
remarkable, be
date in quality
in any market <
We Mean What We
And $10,000 worth of1
Clothing is to be closed
and if anybody can finc
ment in the lot, we wi
value of the whole stocl
Suits for Men, Yout
A fine selection! Lates1
fabrics! Such an opt
never before been plac4
purchasing public.-M
A Genuine Cost Sal
Of Clothing is such a ra
we must persist in tQ
that here goes a Real C
all who want any of
Suits will find it out ,t
regret if they delay lor
to see how it is.-'eem
Come and Se
Sellers of $10,000 e
selling at Cost $
WP. S.-Turn it and
is considered complete, and he takes houi
his place with the rest. The ani. aboi
mals are also taught to swim, and to a de
seize their prey in the water; to save shov
life from drowning; to scale walls, The;
and to overcome all obstacles; 80 that mori
any enterprising burglar who goes tign
"a-burgling" in Gihent has a lively who
time of it if he meets with one of ters
these four-footed "bobbies." appi
There are at present in this old the
town sixteen of these accomplished BI Ofl
animals. They all belong to the ing
sheepdog breed, but besides Belgian wiL
there are also Russian and De la Brie PM"
dogs. In the day they take their mig
well-earned rest in comfortable loose ofI
boxes attached to thc head station of of t
the police. But at 10 o'clock their of
Andties begmn and scarealy ha the 11ns
Schloss Bros.' celebrated
- this season, and now to b
i make a change in our bus
e to get rid of clothir
%on to season, for fivi
:h balls or creases of
is to go in this most r
cause every garmen
and style--the best I
>f this country.g :=
Say! Now, W
the very best Shoes,
out at Cost, at cost
I an old gar- Florsh<
11l forfeit the j
k.and af
hs, Bys! ~at pricE
hs os!tition..
tLstyles! Best
~ortunit:y has ~A YOur Lir
ad before the ~i
Vb And G
e the Bei
to be
re event that ~wee
e statement where
ost Sale, and
the splendid WeAr
o t.heir great Dte Ae
ig in c:oming Dae
very Li
'0 Us! --*-<- Coz
~tock of New Clothing at Ci
10,000 Stock of New Cloth;
look at it any way you may, it is a Gen
chimed from tbe old belfry wahrs a i itef
e their heads when they set. uphepranatsrvcb
aVening chorns of barks as if to pofca en ed o
e their eagerness to get to work. som ihs h ai
v are on duty till 6 the next casadclasalhn
3ing, and do not seem at all fa-pesb eahtero,w
ed by their long hours. Thosemam istera iin
know how thoroughly a dog en- mi.Te r elb
into sport of all kinds will quite i vr a,ad te
reciate the intense excitement mdclmn h on"
animal feels in his new profes. feunl oiqiea
They wear a uniform consist-helh Echdg coi
of a leather collar strongly bound plcmno i ihl
steel and armed with shairp wlsterglrba
Lts to repel those attacks which Tedgi o nyvr
ht be expected from the enemiesonprtclrhmnon
tw and order and bearing the nameevnsawodru p
Lie dog and address, with the date "srtd op.
ts birth. Just as the policeman
hismacintsh apefor bad Fwroo llobens; Wears foi
I goods ! All bought
e closed out because
iness on January 1st.
ig carried on the
s or eight years.
dust of years on
emarkable sale
t is new, up-to
hat can be had
e Are Not Selling
Hats and Gents' Furnishings
but We do sell the celebrated
aim and Stetson Shoes for men
ineline of Shoes for women
as which will meet all compe
e of Hats
ents' Furnishings comprise
~t Qualities and Latest Styles
found in Newberry or else
Strictly Up-To
rid We are Selling Goods at
>w Prices.--*|
LO and Boo Us!
9ER CO.,
st and persisting in
uine Cost Sale.
e"*:'lLivery and Sale Stable
hi on ATOMRA
neatlykin II.A .If ! ..
ked after have established a general up-to.
r private late and first class
ter *heir, LIVERY, FEED
with him. At Pomaria,
ond of his
rade, but They are prepared to do anything
rofessional in the livery business. Will keep all
kinds of vehicles and horses for sale.
- Everything first class and at reason
iger able nrices

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