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almost a Pire.
Late yesterday afternoon an oil stove
in J. W. White's hardware store was
accidentally knocked over, and for a
few minutes it looked very much as if
teare was going to be a fire. The alarm
was turned in, but before the compa
nies reached the scene the flames had
Captured at Whitmire.
erif Buford on Monday captured
ner Whitmire Jno. Wesley Lyles, a
negro.wanted in Spartanburg on the.
ehsrge of disposing of property under
r tgage. The warrant was sent to
bShariff from Spartanburg several
das ago. It was supposed at that
rtim that the negro was in Newberry.
Sa-f Bufo3d finally loeated him at
W and there made the arrest.
o aeI Cane GrOWers.
amphlet entitled "Fertilizipg Su
; w by h practical sugar
p'a er from Hai*ji, has just been pub
- Ished by the Gersnan Kali Works, 93
Nssa street, New York, N. Y., and a
-p~ of it .ea be obtained free by
u, to thems. No doubt many of
ers will be interested to learn
0, erop is treated so as to pro
; of cane and sugar and
- .dggjeIone contains many
petiing thereto.
-A Salary."
n&m Oub4pz !ry" the comedy
j nakesitalitial appearance at
jase Friday evening, is
- ts: i" l h g P urPoses t, and the
iatnig.for it allthere
to it. Though new
t play has an
TnaM e riputation of five years
and.Iatoday one of the most
=? ' r pst comedies. .The
Sbright,cAn and wholesome,
.^ are of a high
O and there is never
- u if the rise until the
t -fnal curtain. Stephen
c the e ebrated comedian,
eg 'A Husband On
t th4 flye years. Like
leems to grow better
BlwJih Aldrach, a beautiful
. na. an accomplished vocal
aetrees of great dramatic
- w Fitspatrick's co-star.
company have been se
r discretien, eaih and every
ful .apable. of presenting
- ~ aBotted to them with
?themselves and the manage
nresspecialties of a high
ne terpoIeted; and taken as a
great treat awaits the theater
~1 who goto see "A Husband
4~a the opera house on Fri
~j j& W. McMorries filled his
a~prea~ able sermon tb a
anthis section have killed
ed meat and can enjoy
7asage for Christmas.
'ti ad dogs have been klled
-atau recently. Newberry
be in better shape if all
Sdigs were killed and one
*peofach dog. Less dogs
~~ his what this country
,sow us to congratulate
- zt a daily issue during
the Methodist Confer
er sig The Herald and
upto date in giving its
~, ~ iws, and the conference
~I e preserved for future
-~ t*-~i lD.|Knard, of Leesv.'le,
i e [email protected] a visit to his mother's
se fub ,a4week.
--., et Kingsmore and family
.haViQVl~ro2 this community in St.
r ena 'Wilson has been on a visit
- g Besid Anna .Cromer.
e d chance of rin Sunday af
Mi. eier and wife spent Saturday
- g Suday with relatives in St.
Mr4~Werts.sa''family, of near
P esit , have moved into Saluda
1bsin gang has done some good
iresto thepublic road ncar here.
Ci to leazn Mrs. Joe Lovelace, who
ja sek, is improving slowly.
Oiug to the mild weather the grain
tis agetion is Icoking fine.
Onwehanl will have a Christmas tree,
la te. achool building on Wednesday
2lspon th. Hope the weather will
afs,Srable and the occasion one of
Aplemsant Christmas and a happy
NwTYer to The Herald and News
type an reaersis the wish of
__ Sigma.
,89'alaa-Food Noa.sens e
MAuther ridiculous food fad has been
bthe most competent authori
tThey have dispelled the silly no
tbtue kind of food is needed for
an ~otber for muscles, and still
or hones. A correct diet will
me rish a partiemiar part of
r bu6t it will sustain every other
pst .,however good your food
be, its nutriment is destroyed by
- or dyspepsia. You must
their comig by taking regular
de kf are' Aranst For, phe
mediiens Augut Floertheil
liis. .dfe dofes a iton,
Ii1te Ah ie doe h aid cietion,
muathe bliver and halthy aon,ee
th o,and makesus.You f eet
aedy rou. Youca ea
a.lbI emen'y atnWcial Alac
-- Get Green's Special Almanac.
While this paper is dated Friday it is
really printed on Wednesday.
Miss Annie Riser, who is teaching at
Fairfax, is at home for the week.
The Newberry German Club will give
a dance in the Armory Friday night.
Miss Susie Summer came home yes
terday from Elizabeth College, Char
Miss Helen Jones, who is teaching at
Chappells, is spending the holidays at
Mr. J. C. Wilson, Jr., now of Nash
ville, Tenn., is at home for the Christ
mas holidays.
Dr. C. L. Kibler, of West Virginia,
was in the city yesterday and paid this
office apleasant call.
"A Husband on Salary" will appear
at the opera house Friday night. This
troop comes highly recommended.
Prof. and Mrs. S. J. Derrick left yes
terday for Mrs. Derrick's home in Lex
ington, where they wi!! spend the week.
Misses Lucile Wilson, Eldora and
OeI .se Williamson, who are attending
Coiiverse, are spending the Christmas
holidays at home.
Mrs. Janie Reagin and daughter, Miss
Grace Burton, are spending a few days
with her mother, Mrs. Counts,
in the lower part of the county.
The Newberry Division of the Mu
tual Life Insurance Association is pro
gressing finely, and will begin to issue
policies on the first of January.
Misses Carrie Jones, Myra Mower,
Mamie Hill and Jeanne Pelham came up
yesterday from the Presbyterian Col
lege, Columbia, to spend Christmas.
Mr. W. W. Scholtz, who for the past
three years has been engaged in busi
ness in Cleveland, Ohio, is visiting his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eduard Scholtz,
i the city.
Habeas corpus proceedings were in
stituted by Hon. Cole. L. Blease in the
ease of Henry Gilliam, colored, charged
with murdering his wife, and Gilliam
has been released under $500 bond.
Misses Lurline and Genevieve Evans,
'alu Langford, Gertrude'Reeder, Mar
garet Gibson, Leona Epting, Bessie
Counts, Mary Herbert and Carrie Hun
ter came home yesterday from Win
throp College, Rock Hill.
egular Annual Election of Oicers held
Monday Night Last.
The regular annual election of officers
f the Newberry Council, No. 46, Junior
rder United American Mechanics was
held Monday night. The officers were
hosen as follows:
Jr. Past Counior-F. H. Campsen.
Connior-W. B. Jeter.
Vice Counior-J. T. Attaway
Recording Secretary-B. C, Glenn.
Asst. Rec. Secretary-J. R. Bass.
Financial Secretary-S. C. Hiller.
TreasurerJ W.Miller.
Warden-H. C. Boukniht.
Inside Sentinel-J. H. Buknight.
Outside Sentinel-M. P. Williams.
Chanlain-W. J. Connelly.
Conuctor-A. H. Brown.
Trustees--F. H. Campsen, W. B.
Jeter, J. R. Edwards.
H.Reaprsettie -C. C. Stewart, F.
These officers will he installed on the
night of the 5th of January..
Hendrix Mill News.
We enjoyed the daily issue of The
Herald and News, it was bright and
Rev. G. R. Schaffer preached a very
interesting sermon at Zion on Sunday
morning to a large congregation.
Some of our day schools vacated Fri
day afternoon until after the holidays.
Miss Lizzie Frick, of near Chapin, is
spending this week with her sister,
Mrs. G. B. Dominick.
Messrs. J. W. and Irving Long will
move their saw mill on the Fulmer
tract of land over Buffalo creek before
the new year.
One of our youngsters told the fol
lowing recently: That he thought when
the young men went courting that they
combed the girls' hair with a broom
straw. How is that for high T. 3. W?
Well, Christmas tide is at the door
and many of the little ones are going
to be happy and enjoy themselves in all
kind of merriment, but we hope that
the older ones will not deceive and fool
the children about old Santa Claus.
We do not believe that our people
should lie to the dear little ones and
make them believe that Santa Claus
omes down the chimney and brings
them presents. If yo,u are going to
tell them anything tell them the truth.
With this article, we will never, we
guess, write another communication
from this place. The New Year, if
Providence does not interfere, will
find the writer a resident of No. 7
Township, with no intention of ever
oming back to old No. 9 to live.
It is hard to think of leaving' the place
where you were born and raised, and
the hardest of all is to leave behind all
of your friends. My grandfather moved
here sixty-nine years ago, my father
has lived here nearly all of his life.
Home, Sweet Home, is the dearest
pot on this earth. We have tried and
have been impartial 'In reporting the
news. After this our writings will be
from No. 7. We wish all much happi
ness and prosperity as we enter a new
feld. We will teach school and farm.
Dec. 22, 1902.
A NY young man or young woman
who would like to have a conve
nient pocket Aluminum Calendar or
House Calendar for 1903, write to Mac
feat's Business College, Columbia, S. C.,
and you will receive one by return mail,
freeofa charge.Itaw 4t.
From a Poem on Life Not Yet Publishe
I saw this morn
Day breaking in the East. A gloriot
In streams shot upwards through ti
deep blue sky,
As pure and bright as ever eye behelk
It made me think of that eternal ligi
That's coming soon to bathe the wor]
in Joy,
And penetrate the very darkest dens,
And let in light and peace and life; ai
All men will know all races, North ar
And East and West, and all the ocea
Will learn and know, and nevermor
The meaning of thy name, 0 Liberty
All will be free, free as the winds the
Free as the blest in heaven, moved on
Their own pure wills, moved by the lif
Is this too much? What is the troubl
What hinders the downflow of life di
Into the world and into everything?
What but the wicked, perverse will o
This is the barrier, and this alone,
That now shuts off the holy ones fron
And God is merciful, so goed to us,
He wants to save us all and not destroy
And so in mercy He withholds the life
That comes, must come as a destroyinj
And burn up everything not like itself
Therefore He waits, in mercy He with
The strength of His great life and give
to man
Just so much, and no more than he ca1
God wants to rule, but not to rule b;
He wants to be the king of all th
So wants the knees of every one t<
To Him in worship, every tongue t
Hosannah in the highest! 'Tis not Hi
That evil angels or that evil men
Should rule in this poor world. 0, ca
man Jearn,
That he, by his devices, caused all ill,
That ever did, or ever can afflict
Himself, or any other form of life?
'Twas man built hell, 'twas man tha
The Son of God, and mocked and railet
-on Him,
Even while He hung upon the fata
His wickedness in this last dreadful ac
Has reached its bound and can n<
farther go,
But keeps repeating the sad story o'er
But it will end, the end is drawinj
That glorious day of which Iaiah sanj
So joyfully in the far olden time
How did he see, how did he know 'twoul'
The clouds were rolled away and h
could see,
As John on Patinas in his vision saw
The new Jerusalem descend, so he could
That war should be no more, and me:
yould learn
To beat their swords, those old, noi
useless, swords
Into good plowshares to turn the me]
low soil,
And make it bear good fruits and go]
den grain,
Rich food for man and beast, 0, happ
Isaiah saw, and he was not alone;
All poets in all ages, they have seen,
In vision, or in trance, or wakini
A golden age, which never was a dreamr
But a grand fact of the eternal life.
Let life, not death, be now our endles
The Life that is, the Life that is to be
Pervading all, from the far stars ii
From heaven itself, in that interna
Where angels all abide, down to th
The only world in this vast universe
Where sorrow has a home, where sii
The only world that rolls through th
deep sky,
Where one is hung for murder, ori
Or tortured otherwise for some grea
The only world that ever needs a hell
Or builds one on its surface for los
, dreadful world! 0, what should bi
the dom
Of such a world should justice have it
Annihilations if it cannot be
Cured of the ills that now afflict it sc
But 0, thank Gcd! there is a remedy
Brought from the inner world ani
t'rings to this
Regeneration. 0, the blessed word!
Regeneration, and a great new Life
For man, and every creature on th
Behold I make all things, yes, al
things new;
No sin, no sorrow, no suffering an
No poverty, no starving for the want
Of food and shelter anywhere on eartl
No wrong to other men, to any mau;
But peace, good will and love, good fe
To all and every one on the round work
Isaiah's dreams and John's have a
come true;
Thy've found reality in the new Life,
And earth is no more sad. 'Tis Christ
i. mas day!
'Tis Christmas day, the glorious Christ
mas day!
Let every human voice on this round
Let every angel in the highest heaven;
Let every star in the wide universe
Thrill with the happiness of earth's
new Life,
d Ancsing in concert, all together sing:
"Praise God from whom all blessings
d Praise Him all creatures here below.
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host;
d Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost!"
Christmas 1902.
Old Landmarks Passing Away-incident
Showing Need of Lighting
Prosperity, December 23.--Capt. Geo.
S. Merchant lost a horse last week
e from blind staggers.
Miss Nannie Cook, returning home
from Prosperity last Wednesday eve
ning lost her purse, which was not an
empty one indeed. Fortune favored
f her, however, and her [neighbors re.
joice with her in finding that which was
A fire was very narrowly averted last
Saturday night, the explosion of gaso
line in Hunter & Wheeler's drug store
being the cause. Little damage out
side of some burns sustained by Dr.
Elm street in Prosperity was named
after a large elm tree which has been
dead now several years. Last week
the street workers removed the old
mark and left not a sign to indicate
where it stood. The street remains,
but the object for which it is named is
There are two other old marks. quite
familiar to every visitor, even in Pros
perity-the old market house which has
had no abiding place during its long
existence, and the old guard house
which some passers-by on muggy eve
nings still think is haunted by the spirit
of a dead negro. These are the old
outgrown shells which Prosperity has
cast off.
Some one tells how one of Little
Mountain's citizens came here to initi
ate the new cells, and of his complaints
at the doors being left open that all who
passed that way might see his predica
ment-booking through the iron bars.
tMr. Birge Wise hearing the cry of fire
last Saturday nigh-, ran from his house
into the dark street to respond to the
call. He came in contact with a tree
and was picked up unconscious and re
mained so all night. His bruises are
t considerable.
Miss Anna Geiger, sf Colleton County,
has gonc home to ..pend the holidays.
Rev. P. H. E. Derrick's little Lizzie
Saccompanied her.
The chaingang has been on our streets
for several days.
The incident of last Satarday night
shows the need of lighting our stbreets.
Our town officials have been vigligant
in looking after the public interest and
have made some commendable improve
ments, improvements that will increase
our respect for our town, and it would
be simply delightful if they coul.d still
Sadd-light-electric lights.
The literary society of the school
here will give an entertainment that
rpromises much for the enlarging of
the library of the school. The public is
invited. The play will be in the opera
house, Friday evening, December 26,
1902. Admission 15 and 25 cents.
A Christmas service and tree will be
held at the AssociateReformed Presby
terian church on Christmas day, Thurs
day evening. Mr. Allen Crosson is Su
Grace Lutheran Church will have
Christmas service and tree Tuesday
evening, December 30.
Bethel school, of Pomaria, will have
a Christmas tree Christmas eve. Miss
Rubie Holloway is teacher.
The school here will vacate for Christ
mas holidays at noon Wednesday 24th,
and will open again Monday, January
Dr. C. L. Kibler and family, of West
e Virginia, are visiting in this community.
Mrs. Addie Hodges is visiting friends
in Prosperity.
Thirty-Fifth Anniversary.
Mr. Editor: It was my good fortune
s to be present with my family by special
invitation, to partake of a most excel
lent dinner given by Mr. John F. Cro
mer and wife, to their children and
grand-children and a few friends, on
SDecember 12th, 1902. This was the
35th anniversary of their marriage.
SMr. Cromer is one of the most success
ful farmers on Timothy creek. Al
s though being on rented land, he raises
plenty of corn, wheat, oats, and, my,
such a pen of fat hogs! It is a delight to
look at them. Cotton is a surplus with
SHe is a good provider, and his wife
is an industrious, economical woman to
whom he is indebted much for his suc
cess. His children are all doing well in
e the things of this world also. Seven
children have blessed their home. One,
LMiss Willie, is a deaf mute. She is of
great help in the house, quite intelli
gent, having graduated a few years
ago at Cedar Springs Institute near
Spartanburg, S. C. It is pleasant to.
. converse with her. We feel much in
debted to this family for affording us
an opportunity to meet the family, and
Mr. Rutherford and daughters who
Lwere there also. May they live to cele-'
1brate many more such occasions.
* * *
Here Is
Here is something we w
and read carefully. We war
about the good quality of our i
our low prices, and we want
you right here that we never
and price. No matter how Ic
quality is still there--everythi
standard quality. Here is one
>f our success: We make th
all times and the character (
dise so high that any buyer c
>f us. We are specialist in
Dry goods, Dress goods, Sill
White goods, Trimi
Embroideries, Laces, White
Flannel, Embroidered
kerchiefs. Hosiery, IJuderwe
Domestics, Jeans, Calico
Bleachings, Shirtings, Outin
Ladies Wraps, Lace C u
panes. Yankee Notions.
In fact our large stock comprises alm
Lsk for, all priced to suit you. Milliner
>oints in all grades, cheap to very fine.
his department. Some solid, good shoe
ell shoddy. Men's Shoes, Women's
sirls' Shoes, Baby Shoes. Let us
eather Shoes, the kind that look well,
Walk Over Shoes for Men,
Autoao Sh(
egina Shoes for Women,
Ideal Shsi
Come and examine 01
Almost everyone has discove
~ells the best goods for the les
Ne Are Doing (he
3ecause we sell more goods i
Same goods for less
And you may always count upon getting ei
ay of
ky Goods, Notions, Shoe
Gents' Furn
t the very lowest prices.
Come and inspect our line and we will er
oth pleasant and profitable to you, and don't fo
The Place Where You Get Your
20 yds. Sea Island Cloth at
At 0. KLETTNER'S, At 0.
801lbs. Special Drive Twist Chew- 11 lbs
ing Tobacco at only 25c. per
At 0. KLETTNER'S,- At0
packages (16 oz each) Wash. Frnit J
Sing Powders at only 25c. to
At 0. KLETTNER'S, 300 pai
Mason's Fruit Jars-1 doz. i gals. $1.50
at 99e., 1 doz qts. at 73c.____
100 pairs Children's Slippers 13 bars
worth $1.25 at only 61c. a pair. i only 2
At 0. KLETTNER'S, At 0.
12 lbs. Arm and HammerKe 4boe
Soda at only 25c. Ke
10 yds. 40 in. Heavy Sheeting at China]J
only 49c. at only
- A Fair and Squre Deal I
Fewer Gallons; Wears Longer.
Fewer Gallons; Wears Longer.
Fewer Gallons; Wears Longer.
Fewer Gallons; Wears Longer.
WANTED at The Newberry Hotel
a milch cow, fresh in milk, that
will give four gallons milk per day. W.
A. Jamieson, proprietor.
20 lbs. for $1 SUMMER BROS.
NEW AND FULL stock of Paper
L Patterns just received and are!
sold for cash only, at Wooten's.
OR RENT-six rooms and black
smith sho-.
Mirs. R. L. Paysinger.
FULL STOCK Butterick Patterns.
Sold strictly for cash at Woot
ens. tf.
are a nicely laundryed collar and
shirt. You can have them beautifully
done at the Newberry Steam Laundry
for a mere song. Then, too, you will
be helping a worthy home industry.
Sensible people will see the point.
The Riser Millinery Co.
will have some pretty new ribbons
for holiday trade, and they are
clobiug ont every hat and feather in
their stock at actual cost.
J. S. Blalock's propErty will be sold on
the 31st of December, 1902, at
12 o'clock, M.
In the matter of J. :3. Blalock, Bank
R. H. Welch, Esq., Referee in
Bankruptcy, passed in the above stated
case De,ember 5th, 1902, I will sell at
Goldville, S. C., on December 31st,
1902, at 12 o'clock M., to the highest
bidder, all the real estate and personal 2
proerty balonging to the estate of J.
Said real estate consists of, 1st, one 1
tract of land situate, lying and being
near Goldville in Laurens County, State
of South Carolina, containing twelve
hundred acres,. more or less, and
bounded on the north by lands of the
estate of H. M. Hunter deceased on
the east by lands of D. F. Copeland and
the James Place, belonging to the
Goldville Manufacturing Company, on
the south by lands of L. W. C. Blalock
and on the west by lands of W. W.
Neel and others; 2nd, one lot of land
situate, lying and being at Goldville in
the same county and State, containing
two acres, and bounded on the north,
east, south and west by lands of L. W.
. Blal)ck.
Said land will be sold subject to
judgment of Mrs. M. E. Browning
amouring to Four Thousand Two Hun
red and Sixty-One dollars, and also
hat a homestead for said Bankrupt
will be reserved out of his real and per
sonal estate, the number of acres and
escription of which will be given on
ay of sale. Before accepting any bid
for the real estate I will require a cer
tified check payable to my order in the
sum of five hundred dollars, to be de
posited with the undersigned, which.
will be returned to the unsuccessful
bidders and which will be applied to the
urchade money of the successful bid
der, and should any bidder fail, without
lawful reason to comply with his bid
within that event the said check shall
be retained by-the Trustee as liquidated
amages for such breech of his con
trt.. c
The said personal property consists of
orses, Mules, Cows, Sheep and otheri
nimals, Wagos and other -farming
ools and Implements. Terms of sale
the authority and power given ~
nd conferred upon me by the last will
ndestament of Anthony Herbert, de
eased, I will sell at public outcry, to
he highest bidder, before the Curt
ouse door in the Town of NewberryV,
in the State of South Carolina, on the
first Monday in January, 1903, between
he legal hours of sale, the following
desribed real esta'te, to wit:a
All that parcelocr tract of land situate,
lying and being-in the County of New
berry, in the State of South Carolina, t
ontaining forty-nine acres, more or
less, bounded by lands of Walter I. Her
bert, George Long, I Preston Cannon,
nd perhaps others.
Als9 all that lot of land situate in the
Town of Newberry, in the County of
Newberry in the State of South
Carolina, conta.nintg one-fourth of
an acre, more or less, bounded by
lands of Eliza Boston, D. H. Wheeler,,
the old "Village Cemetery", by Cald- .
well Street and perhaps by lots of
Terms of sale-Half cash with t.he
balance on a credit of one year with in
terest from the (lay of sale to be se
cured by the bond of the purchaser and
a mortgage of the premises sold, with
leave to pay all cash. Purchaser to pay
Executor, etc., of Anthony Herbert,
Wedding Goods,
Birthday Presents,
All to be sold at
Eduard Scholtz's
Jewelry Store.
ant you to read,
it to talk to you
nerchandise and
to impress upon
separate quality
ow the price, the
ng we sell is of
of the elements
e price so low at
>f our merchan
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our lines which
Is, Velvets,
rnings, Buttons,
and Red
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ar, Corsets,
es, Homespuns,
gs, Flanelette,
rtain, Counter.
st anything you may
y is one of our strong
We can please you in
s for all. We do not
Shoes, Boy's Shoes,
it your feet in solid
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es for Women,
>e for Children.
1r stock.
red that Wooten
ist money and
or same money!
erything you want in the
deavor to make your visit
oofs Worth.
only 49 ce nts.
ood Rio Coffee for $1 00.
r Rnbers at only 4c. doz.
r Ladies'8Slippers worth
going at 69c. a pair.
Good Washing Soap at'
of,SarLyeati1 25o.
lates, Cups rs
102 worth oh.
~verytime. -

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