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). H. A UI,L., UorToR.
The Herald and News extends to its
readers the greetings of the season
and wishes for each and every one joy
and peace and happiness throughout the
new year.upon which we have just en
tered. Learning the lessons that are
taught by the past, let us look toward
the future with hope high and resolve
to strive for greater and nobler things.
During the past year we have sought
to give you a good nq 'spaper, to state
matters as they were, and to comment
upon them without fear or favor. Our
subscription list lis been steadily in
creasing and we have almost reached
the 2,000 mark. Thu* mark we are
going to reach in the very near future
if issuing a first-class paper will do it.
The Legislature meets on the 13th of
the present month. There are many
questions of vital importance to the
welfare of the State that will be con
sidered and passed upon. The Herald
and News will publish each issue dur
ing the session a letter from the editor
or from some one connected with the
paper, covering the work done. If our
subscribers desire more detailed re
ports they may take advantage of our
clubbing arrangement with the semi
weekly News and Courier, in which
will be published the detailed reports.
Both papers may be secured for $2.00
per year.
All the News Around Bachman Chapel and
Union Academy Interestingly
[old thy T. J. W.
Ve t:ust that everybody has enjoyed
thrismnas. But the fact of $1,200
worth of liquor sold at Newberry on
Cr..::ma_ Eve' sh' '.vs that there is a
great need of more moral teaching.
We make it a :uh ' to skip our Christ
mas visiting as it i. always too numer
ous to .tep Up with, and we never like
to sh.u: one.
ir. M. L. K nard is making consid
erable mr,.ment on his dwelling.
Ve le:.r:: that there was no preach
L:g at St. Phillip's on Christ mans Day,
Re'.. I terrick hav ing other pastoral
dutiX-;o attend to.
Tniire wil be communion at Colony
We had the pleasure of enjoying our
hr:s: mas turkcv with our friend and
cousin. r. E. K. Baker and family,
or. ch r tmas Day. The dinner was
tip-t"p in every particular. and the hos
pi.':: of Mr. Baker truly can't be ex
ce' i To sav we enjoyed ourself is
r,s r. err: h. We carried our
ts N:.an and Elwin Epps
:.eph, with their instru
-.: furnished some musi(.
Sa. . .; be enjoyed very mib
- ...y. From Mr. Baker's w..
+ erar.d spent the night with . r
".*.n' Mr. S. A. Rikard, and .J. li.
It isalways a pleasure to be
- !-derads, especially our kin
.only thing we hate is our
hytharA:s toc. Mr. A. J. Gibsoin for
Wear glad to say that C'hristmnas
rm passedic4 off very quietly in this com1i
rr.ar.:t a.- :t usually does. Thank Godl
we have no rowdys to contend with.
A rew. kind of fever has broke
o in this surrounding neighborhood.
It haa bcome an. epidemic, although it
ir. at all serious in its nature. It is
known as th'e matrimonial fever. Hlere
are some of the latest cases: Mr'. P. L.
Wise and Miss Nannie Beard on Wed
nesday the 17th inst. On the 24th, at,
the residence' of the bride's p)arents,
Mir. Arthur Sheely, of Saluda, by Rev.
.. J. Long, Prof. ID. A. Quattlebaumi
and Miss Jessie Sheely. On thme same
day Mr. James Sligh and Miss Rtosa
Bobb, (laughter of Mr. J. 11am Bobb.
On Sunday the 28th, Mr. Caldwell Rufi
and Miss Pauline Nance. On the same.
(lay at the residlence of the bride's pa
rents, Mr. Jno. A. C. Kibler, by Rev.
J. A. Sligh, Mr. Edwin llalfacre anc
miss Lola Kibler. Last and best of al,
on the same (lay, conmes in my 01(1 frient
Sigma. The cat has jumped at last
At the residence of the bride's parents
Mr. Caleb Cook, by Rev. W. A. Lutz,
Mr. Henry Kinard and Miss Sallie Cook
Tlhese are all at present, but othe'rs ti
follow, Now dlear young friends, yot
have begun a new life, and wve trust
that your every effort may be dlirectet
for goodl, and imay your p)aths bt
crownedl with success is the congratu
lation of your friend T. J. W.
There certainly must be some kind
of magnetic p)ower attachod to Min..
naugh's store. if your wife, daughter
or sister get awvay from you wvhile in
the city of Newberry there's no use of
hunting aroundl, just go to Mimnaugh's
store amnd you'll find her there.
Ben Tillman said it's an easy matter
to fool part of the peo0ple parlt of the
while, but it's mighty hard to fool all
the people all the while. If Mimnaugh
has them fooled, he comes the nearest
keeping them fooled of any man I ever
saw. You here the ple! singing and
Comning around the curve,
Bound for Mimnaugh's store
It it strains every nerve.
The fare is cheap and all may go
The rich and rare are there,
No second class in '.he store
No difference in the fare.
Dec. 29, 1902. --T. J. W.
Ask your druggist about "Fewer gal
lons; wear's longer."
On Christmas'day at noontide, when
the sun was hanging like a golden pic
ture in the hazy blue of a December
sky, the writer with a youthful friend
sat in a buggy on the banks of Saluda
river at Simpson's ferry while the faith
ful old ferryman tugged at the chain,
each pull bringing his craft nearer our
bank. The sluggish waters rolled clum
sily along and all the lazy little ripples
tumbled against one another as they
dodged about in seeming efforts to trip
up the nimble, nymph-like sunbeams
that danced upon their crest. Then, as
each ripple seemed to fold itself in the i
embrace of a companion ripple and roll
on together toward the deep blue sea,
the whispering winds wafted from ear
to ear the sweet old story that, at half
past two o'clock two souls would join
hands and begin their happy voyage
on the great wide sea of life.
Thus begins the opening chapter in
the wedded life of Mr. Thompson L.
Shealy and Miss Sallie Fulmer, who 4
were married December 25, 1902, by
Rev. P. H. E. Derrick, at the residence
of the bride's father, Mr Noah Fulmer, -
of Saluda County. It was a beautiful
but unassuming home wedding. The
bridesmaids, Misses Minnie Wessinger
and Beatrice Fulmer, were beautifully
attired in old rose with silk trimmings,
and each wore a bouquet of white flowers
in her hair. The bride was dressed in
blue whipcord trimmed in white silk
and ribbon and wore a bouquet of white
flowers in her hair. About half-past
2 o'clock Mr. Allen Caughman and Miss
Minnie Wessinger, and Mr. Ernest
Long and Miss Beatrice Fulmer marched
into the spacious sitting room; then fol
lowed the happy couple, and there,
amid a large gathering of admiring
friends, the two were made man and
wife. The room was beautifully and
tastefully decorated with evergreens
and lillies, and the bridal pair standing
beneath a thick cluster of circling vines
produced a most charming efTect. The
groom is a handsome young man, living
near Holly's ferry, of this county, and
enjoys the esteem and respect of a wide
circle of friends. The bride is the
charming daughter of Mr. Noah Ful
mer of near Simpson's ferry, Saluda
County. She is a most estimable young
lady and has many friends in both
Saluda and Newberry Counties.
A fter the marriage the guests were
invited to the long table in the yard
which fairly groaned under the burden
of good things upon it. All came for
ward with sharpened appetites and
went away satisfied. As the sun sank
behind the pines in the west, the "old
folks" retired to their homes, but there
were those of a more youthful age who
still lingered to drink at the fountain
of pleasure until far into the night.
Then came the serenaders, and for a
while it seemed that all the noise in the
universe "was gathered together in one
The next day the writer attended the
enfare at Mr. Shealy's. Mr. Pat Shealy
is one of the most liberal and big
hearted men in Newberry County. He
is a successful farmer and it was an
easy matter for him and his good wife
to spread a feast for over a hundred
people last Friday in honor of their
son's marriage. The yard was full, the
house was full, and when dinner was
announced, men, women and children
took their places and were served in
grand old Dutch style to all the good
things that heart could wish. After
dinner, and far in the afternoon the
crowd lingered as if loath to leave; and
again, as on th> night previous, the
young people remained until the clock
began striking the hours of another day.
It was indeed a happy affair, and that
the two may have a long, happy and
pr'osp)erous journey through life, is the
wish of A Friend.
Another ridiculous ?foed fad has been
branded by the most competent authori
ties. They have dispelled the silly no-.
tion that one kind of foodl is needled for
brain, another for muscles, andl still
another for bones. A correct (diet will
not only nourish a particuiar p)art of
the body, but it will sustain every other
part. Yet, however god your food
may be,.Its nutriment is destroyed by
indigestion or (dyspepsia. You must
pr'epare f.or their ap)pearan~ce or pre
vent their coining byt taking regular
doses of Green's August Flowei', the
favorite medicine of the healthy mil
lions. A few (loses aids digestion,
stimulates the liver to healthy action'
p)urifles the blood, and makes you feei
bu.oyant and vigorous. You can get
this reliable iremedy at W. E. Pelham
& Son.
Get Grieen 's Special Almanac.
The Leader
Ninety-n ie pe'r cenat. of thle bumsi
nesof The Mutual I .ife Insulranice
Coanpanyi) of Ne'w Yor'k has been
acqu iredl since 1859, when thle nec';
largest comp any~ began buasiniess
13ur ig these fortyv- two years its.
record has EXC I1 C I) E.:) r/f areui
holen -- I 8,o6 3,8 36
nri"'"'"~"ite - 34,7 3 2,6 1
rotrinmmte, .. . 82, 175,98
sreervalne., .. 67,88 3,475
)eta clima., - 44,8 22,897
D)ividend. . . 3,1] 27,7
Endowmntsa and Annuiltles, 3,2 29,689
write to-day for ~"where Shall I Insure?" f
alCHARD A. McCUNDV, Presidenta.
P. H BYA'I', Manager,, Coluia, & C.
C. P. PPEBIAM. Agnt, Nowhorr, & .
Thirty Thou
Dry Goods, Millinery, Cl
n the market at actual
rnd ends to sslect from.
After my big fall business I have
nost of the Newberry merchants h
:he Dry Goods business of the towr
aga.in in 1903. I am laying my pla
ewberry has ever seen. When I
oil I promised the people of Newt
>ne of the best trading centers in u
rom the crowds of thrifty buyers ti
>ut in the statement that I have ful
I have just opened up One Th
roideries. If you want Embroider
>f white goods to land in the next
Nll winter goods to be closed out r
:o carry a dollar's worth of winter g
25 doz. Mercerized Skirts, wort
15 doz. Mercerized Ski
l'hounandhs of yard.i of Whito H )nuIspui 3i. *
l'housatnds of yard4 of Culici' to go at 3e.
NLousandH of yards Sua island to go at :le
l'honisands of ydH40-in. ht,avy whito cloth 1o go ai,5o.
L'housasl of y ards IndigoI Blu Calico t o go at 13e:
Everything in Men's LC
ierwear at cost.
Every Suit of Clothes
Pants at cost.
Every Overcoat to go i
Every pair of Men's,
Shoes in the house at ac1
Get right into the PU
Plenty of Salesmen an<
the rush.
Wishing my friends ;
New Year.
The Cheapest Stol
To License the Sale of. BE IT ORDd
Fresh M eats and Fish. !of Newb~err an A
10 I ORDA NEDBY il M YO l edM and b au
I)and Aldermen of the Town of Newv- anypesno er
berry, S. C., im council assembled and tion within the Toi
by authority of the same: . C., from and after
Sacrl ON 1. Any p)erson, film or cor- ordinance to sell
poration selling f resh mieats ini the (directly or indirect
I'own of Ne,wberry, S. C., shall pay a or merchandise of
license of 'Iwenty-fiye Dollars; wvhich scription, betweer
said license shall expire on the thirty'- o'clook p. m. on cv
first (lay.of December of the year in and 12 o'clock p. ii
which said license is issued, and shall night follow*g
be non-t ransferable except by consent foi1owing to wt: I10
of the 'Town Council. And any license Bread and Funeral
issued under this Section shall app)ly SE'c. II. That an
only to one establishment or p)lace of firm or cor ration
busmness, and any p)erson, firm or cor- visions of the fores
oration havmng more than one estab- ord(inance shall upo
ishmentI or place of business at. which be fined for each ar
fresh mieat is exp)osedl or offered for sum of not less thi
sialf rl peay a liese of Twenty-five more than Ten Doll
ls eac. lAny e.n ir orcrrato work u,pn the
~ion selilo fih inm the TPowni of lew- or more thai irt
erry, S. C., shall pay a license of Ten D)one and ratified in
D)ollars, which said license shall expire at Newberr
>n the thirty-first day of Dece.mber of [saAL] ty-Nlnthda;
ho year in which said license is issiuedl 1O2.
md shall be non-transfer*able except by .iNO. VE
onsent of the T1own Council. And any ATrTEST
iceinse issued under this Section shall W. S. I.ANOI
pply to -only one place of business or C. &T. 'I
sta blishiment and any person, firm or
or)oration having more than one es-~
ihfsh is offered for ale or sold
thl) >ay a license of Ten Dollars for N TIC cmISsHi
a. 3. Tclhat this Ordinance shalt the Secretary ofS
ake effect and be0 of force from and signed, to organize
fter the first day of January, A. D). ives' Mutual Ben
903.- South Carolina, ai
Sac. 41. That all Ordinances or parts signed will procee
f Ordinances of the Town of Now- association on Satu:
erry, S. C., in conflict with this Ordi- January, 1903.
ance be and the same are hereby re- C. M.
ealed- W. VW
hone and ratified under the corporate C. C.
seal of the Town of Newberry, G. G.
BEAK,] South Carolina, this the 30th it
day of Deceme 1902D,~ -~
C. & T. T. C. N., . S. C. od ticl
sand Dollars
LI. Of
othing and Shoes thrown
first cost, not a few odds
as big a stock of merchandise as
ad to start the season on. I did
i in 1902, and I am going to do it
ins for the largest spring business
planted rpy feet on the Newberry
ierry and the surrounding country
oper South Carolina, and judging
iat flock to my store daily bears me
filled my promise.
ousand Dollars worth of New Em
ies, now is your chance. A big lot
Few days for our big January Sale.
egardless of cost, as I don't intend
foods until another season.
h $1.50, to go at 99c.
rts, worth $2.00, to go at $1.49
Thunsaidsof ydg of Outing worth 100., to go at o c.
Thousacnde if yards Bed Ticking to go at 50.
Thousands of yards Feather Ticking for this sale 110.
100 doz. Men's Grey Half Hose for this sale 5e pr.
100 doz. Ladies' Black Hose for this sale 5c.
idies' and Children's un
and every pair of odd
n the big sale at cost.
Ladies' and Children's
:ual cost.
SH and join the crowds.
i Salesladies to wait on
rnd customers a happy
-e in the Carolinas.
II NCE IFor Sale.
KIE B HE fore the Court House at New
lermen of the .Town ar 5h, 1903 tothe highes nbidderfor
C., in Council as- cash the foll'owing place to wit:
hority of the ane: All that tract or plantation of land,
b nlawfuo coror siuate in Neworry County, SO.t rcn
th f ewberssag Acre, bounded by lands of 11 .ry Mils
er offe for wale,, manmand others, this being the Della
any nature or de- COLE. L. BLEASE,
te us o 1 Att'y for Della Fulmer and children.
veond eery Stda Notice to Creditors
edicies, Ice, Milk, To the creditors of W. S. Melton:
Supesn orron, R. W. S. MELTON HAVING
violating the pro- .fnd ed fasgmn te
:oing section of this me, there will be a meetingo e
C ovci hr ort House, S. C., on Fria the 9th
mn One Dollar nor day of January, 1903, at ao'clock
ars or be renuired a. mn., for the appointment of an agent
ublic Works ol the of the creditors.
Sntlsthnthree COLE. L. BLEASE,
iCounrcil Assembled Newberry, S. C., Dec. 81 ,Ass .
yr, 5. C., this Twen- -
r of December, A. D. Flour ! Flour I
Mayor. A.trade with all the flour needed now,
D, and will have 600 barrels more to reach
.C. N., S. C. Pomnaria about January 20th. (Come at
-once and buy your Flour, and if you
IlOR For Charter, ubare t ate mwith price and quality,
baa been issued by January 1st, 1903. Pomnaria, ~. C.
"The Mill Opera-.......---.
afit Association" of
Itoorganie"$Id Stockholder's Meeting.
day, the 3rd day of ~HE ANNUAL MEETING OF THE
WEST . Shareholders of the National Bank
HODEES of Newberry, S. C. will be held at the
McWHI'l'E ofke of the' President, at Newberry,
SALRER' 'y C.,at 11 a. mn., on Tuesday, the 18th
Corporators. ofa electing 4yletor and for the trans
action-o(f sflch other business as may
Butterick Patterns, wil pleae attend or be reS rehte ery
or cash at Woot- proxy. T. S. DUNCA1N, Cashier,
tf. January 1et inan
That's what the woman has who owns
one of our labor-saving machines.
That's what the woman
has who owns a hand- -
some, durable BUCK
That's what the man has who pays the
little fuel bills caused by a Buck's Stove. 1!
Ginger Ale!
On the Market.
W. G. Mayes and
Gilder Weeks.
Christa M*RChristmas
goods, Presents!
768[ sHas tha prettist stook of.
Goods, Chinaware,
Wedding Goods, Guns, Cutlery,
Birtday resets,Stoves,
All to be sold at Tinware,
and- everything in this line ever
Eduard Scholtz's bogtt ohry prpit
Jewelry Store. Troys a speciaity.i
Hello Centrall----Oive Me 48 Lvr n aeSal
The Newberry Granite F'ontATPMRA
Confedtioney andl Bakoy!
They have all kinds of Broad-- ~ ~ a Ad Rmi.l
Patent Bread, Milk Bread, 111SlIV)NNIVUWJ
Graham Bread, Cream Bread,
Cap Bread, Rye Bread,haeetbied a eerlut
Kimmel Seed Rye Bread, it n is ls
Boston Brown Bread.
Largest assortment of fresh, fancy LIV R ,F E
Cakes ever shown here before.
Orders taken by Telephone and de-ANSLETBE
livered free of charge as we have out
our new delivery wagon. .
Call8 and see us, or ring up PhoneAt I om ra
Livey are prae t aMe
H. A. eyer Son. iteli.eybsies Wll,Al kepg
kiave eftvehiched a hgesr auto
-vet an first clsa date
Brgh Bnaas FncNrter TeLaVRYd FE
'~pls,Brgh FordaOrngs,ts P oia
Fany ew ats, any Ccor T hey M re prepre C o do ati
Hsnc Lodo Laper &asi Stn.in respectfly in filke
Cidy Fnc reio Cnie,inedsveies and horew or
Alons,E'iib sl~u8,B E?la ver in it cls hadat ra&
Nuts, Pabcarpr,cec. ha pn
Bright BaanchanFanyfNorthhr
Bepphese, igh Plord nes, T hse Ladesxchg
FancNe Dats, ancyocnnes, chlre.nR. C.nWd
Fine ine Firewhorndks. second ad otN
Almnds Enlis Wauut, B szlnVici ty pton
Nute Peaans,&c.erss on businen
Thes areeys e ~e Prices, plcase ca a eExchg
COUNTS & oIKR.atweHotel first

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