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W1Ik place in oamoe--Cr
nival Bali tp be by the
K. of Pis. P110ollow.
The Queen of the Carnival -will be
orowned tonight. The ceremonies at
tending the coronation will be public
and will be held in the opera house, be
ginning promptly at $ o'clock.
The voting for the Queen will close
at 12 o'clock today. Up until yester
day afternoon the vote had been very
light, and if there is any considerable
vote this morning it may take the final
count to decide.
Following is the vote as it stood at 8
o'clock yesterday afternoon:
Miss Maud Fant .. ...................62
Miss Bessie Gilder.......................... 3
Miss Odalite Johnson .................... 1
. Miss Marguerite Crotner................ 1
Miss Sue Dunlap .......................... 1
Mis Maud Langford ................. 2
Miss Nancy Pool .................. 2
Miss Lillian Jamieson.............. 6
Miss Ma;tie Wedaman.............. 2
Miss Myrtio Schumpert............... 2
Miss Thyra Schumpert .........10
Miss Doll 'Yarborough, Dennys ..... 1
Miss Martha Plunket, Dennys ........ 1
Immediately after the coronation the
Carnival ball will be given in the
Armory by the Knights of Pythias.
To this ball, to be given in honor of the
Queen, all the Knights and their friends
are inyited.
It' was expected that Governor Mc
Sweeney would be present to assist in
the coronation. Late yesterday after
noon, however, a telegram was re
ceived from him stating that owing to
sickness, it would be impossible for him
to come.
The Tent Shows and the Horns and the
Confetti and the'Visitors Have Taken
the Town and All Is Well.
Since Tuesday afternoon the Carnival
has been in full blast and the fun lov
ers have been happy.
The Midway extends from the public
.square down Main street towards the
depot two blocks. In all there are
eight shows, including the merry-go
round and all of them have been draw
ing the crowds.
Probably the most largely attended
so far has been Osco, the snake eater,
"the man who eats 'em alive," and he
has deserved the crowds which have
greeted him and pleased them, or rather
satisfied them. He is the genuine ar
ticle and seems to enjoy immensely his
meals, which include rattle snakes a-d
any other old snake.
The most popular shows with the la
dies and children are Marguerite, The
Eruption of Mt. Pelee, and Pearl, all
of them good, cleAn shows. Margue
rite, the statue turning to life, is lo
cated immediately in front of. the court
house steps. The illusion is complete,
and as the cold statue slowly changes
into the beautiful girl and again re
sumes the appearance of marble there
is wonder among the spectators.
Mt. Pelee is next to Marguerite on
the public square. Here the eruption
of Pelee, the funeral of McKinley and
the execution of Czolgosz are repro
duced upon canvas by electricity. The
illustrated song, "Hello, Central" is
well done.
Pearl, "the fat girl who measures 82
inches around the waist, weighs 529
pounds is only eleven years of age, and
has a father and mother of [normal
size, and a sister who weighs only 125,"
is receiving her share of attention, for
which, however, her managers seem to
~be more thankful than the little lady
One of the most amusing features
'of the Carnival Is the comedian of the
Pearl Company, Robert Anglin of Co
lumbus, Ga., l!ntter known on every
Southern midway for ten weeks past
as "Maggie." His make-up as a nig
ger wench, his numerous and appro
priate costume, his abundant witticism
and local hits, never fail to draw and
hold the largest crowd on every Mid
way. Commencing at Columbia on ten
dollars per week and expenses, he has
quickly made himself worth to his
management twenty-five dollars per
week and expenses, something that few
young men of nineteen can do in s0
short a time.
The Hobo King has been getting in
some "daring and death-defying feats"
of cycle riding and is deserving the lib
eral patronage which he is receiving.
The Old Plantation is on the minstrel
order and is the place to go for a laugh.
Among the f roe street attractions
Miss Clark, in her aerial trapeze per
performances deserves mention. She
seems to feel as much at home in the
trapeze acts as If she were on the
In addition to the shows, there are
stick galleries, shooting galleries, con
tti and tin horn stands galore. Ir
at, one can fin4 almost anything foi
~h he may be looking.
at/'1140ugh For Wedding Cake.
the my other cake-and still the besl
bread, biscuit and everythning
ofhat's what "Clifton" flour is
( nste- d flour that will never din
'Mt 'matter what you use ii
sentative of S '4t it. Solc n New
date for the St L- y,. absy an<
will be matny of the
who will be missed a about "Fewe
he, ofQoers of b,
jRtand for reeleetIo $ "Fewer gal
.-A4m AMtk AL, AAOU,
Hon. Wyatt Aiken, of Abbeville, is
in the city.
Go to the opera house and h6nor the
Queen tonight.
Miss Roberta, Connor, of Texas, is
visiting Miss Helen Jones.
Mr. Frank Feagle, of Greenville,
visited friends in Newberry this week.
Col. J. M. Knight, of Sumter, was in
Newberry for a few hours Wednesday.
Rev. N. N. Burton will preach at the
Mollohon Chapel Sunday afternoon at
4 o'clock.
Rev. G. E. Edwards returned yester
day from a visit to his old home in
Miss Edna Whitmire, of Greenville,
is in the city the guest of Miss Mary
Miss Lucy Riser left yesterday for a
visit to relatives and friends at
Misses Helen and Dave Smith and
Helen White. of Abbeville, are visiting
Miss Myra Mower.
The ladies of the Methodist church
are serving lunch in the court house
each day during the Carnival.
Miss Frank Holloway, of Chappells,
has been in the city the past several
days the guest of Miss Helen Jones.
Prof. R. A. Abrams, who is now en
gaged in school work in Yorkville,
spent a few days in the city during the
. Prof. D. D. Wallace, who has been
visiting in the city for the past few
days, returned to Spartanburg yester
Mr. T. 0. Stuart, Jr., Elected City Clerk
and Treasurer. and Mr. W. H. Harris
hief .
The election of subordinate officers
was held by the newly elected city
council on Tuesday night. Three
changes in the list of the old officers
was made. Capt. W. S. Langford, who
has been the city's efficient clerk and
treasurer for the past two years, and
Messrs. H. C. Hunter, chief of police,
and E. P. Bradley private, were re
Following are the officers chosen:
Clerk-T. O. Stuart, Jr.
Chief of Police-W, H. Harris.
Privates Police Force-S. G. Carter,
H. H. Franklin, W. P. Bedenbaugh, B.
E. Koon.
Street Overseer-J. C. Dominick.
City Attorney-Mower & Bynum.
Lamp Lighter-Rial Bates.
$25,000 in Dividends.
Semi-annual dividends to the amount
of $25,000 were declared by the New
berry Cotton Mills and the three banks
yesterday as follows:
Newberry Cotton Mills, 4 per cent.
on a capital of $400,000-$16,000.
National Bank, 4 per cent. on a capi
tal of $150,000- $6,000.
Savings Bank, 3 per cent, on a capi
tal of $50,000-$1,500.
Commercial Bank, 3 per cent, on a
capital of $50,000-$1,500.
Making a total of $25,000.
Bishop Smith to Lecture.
Bishop A. Coke Smith, of Charlotte,
N. C., will deliver a lecture under the
auspicies of the ladies of the Methodist
church, in this city at the same time in
the near future, probably 1n February.
Bishop Smith is well krown in New
berry and the news that he will lec.
ture here will be received with pleasure
by his many friends and admires In this
W.. S. Melton Assigns.
Mr. W. S. Melton, who has been do.
ing a genera.1 hardware and crockery
business, made an !assignment Wednes
day afternoon. Hon. Cole. L. Blease,
assignee, has called a meeting of the
creditors, to be held in his office on the
9th, at 11 o'clock a. in., at which time
an agent of the creditors will be ap
Rev. M. M. Kinard Goes to Knoxville.
Rev. M. M. Kinard, who for the past
several years has been pastor of Ebe
nezer Lutheran church, Columbia, has
accepted a call to Knoxville, Tenn.
Rev. Mr. Kinard is a native of New
berry county, and has hosts of friends
here who, while they regret that he
will leave the State, rejoice that his
work is being crowned with success and
that his field of labor has been enlarged.
Gymnasium For Newberry College.
A meeting of the alumni,of Newberry
College who reside in Newberry will be
held in the office of the Commercial
Bank this afternoon at 4 o'clock to con
sider the advisability of starting a
movement among the alumni to build a
gymnasium for the college. This mat
ter is one of considerable importance to
the college. A good gymnasium has
for some time been one of its most
pressing needs, and it is probable that
some decisive step looking towards the
securing of a first-class gymnasium will
be taken.
A NY young man or young woman
- 2L who would like to have a conve
nient pocket Aluminum Calendar or
House Calendar for 1903 write to Mac
I feat's Business College, 6oiumbia, S. C.,
and you will receive one by return mail,
free of charge. 1taw 4t.
r 7THREE milch cows to sell or swap
.Lfor beef cattle. A. M. Teague.
Ask the postmaster about "Fewer
'galloansersm longer
aty Attorney Bicase Makes Several Re
commendations In Regard to the
Board and Other Matters.
The following letter from City Attor
ney Blease was presented to Mayor
J. W. Earhardt at the meeting of city
council on Monday night. The letter
explains -itself:
To the Honorable Jno. W. Earhardt,
Mayor of Newberry, S. C.
Dear Sir:-I beg leave to call to your
attention the fact that a$ presently
constituted, three members of your
Board of Health reside in Ward 3 and
two of them in Ward 4, thus leaving
Wards 1, 2 and 5 without representa
tion on said Board. The Act of the
General Assembly does not specifically
state that one member must reslue in
each ward, but the intention of the law
makers must have been such; besides,
since their appointment one member
has changed his residence from Ward
5 to 3, another from 2 to 4 and another
from 1 to 4, and the fact that they were
residents of these wards when ap
pointed, I think, shows the intention of
the then mayor of having each ward
represented, and I feel sure was the
intention of the General Assembly, and
not to bunch them all together. Cer
tainly the interests of the town can
best be served if they live in separate
The Act reads: "It shall be the duty
of the mayor of every incorporated
city, town or village, by and with the
consent of the city or town council, to
appoint five persons in cities of less
than 5,000 inhabitants, and in cities ex
ceeding 5,000 the number may be in
creased to twenty." We have only so
far had five, and having five wards,
each has been represented. It would
not hurt to have a larger body if your
Honor deems advisable. There are
other matters connected therewith that
your Honor might look into.
I respectfully recommend that your
honorable body, the city council, peti
tion the members of the General Assem
bly from this county to have the mayor
of Newberry, S. C., made ex-offiicio a
member of the Board of Health and the
Bc.rd of Public Works Commissioners.
The reasons for this I will not set out,
but future acts will prove to you the
expediency of such an Act of the Legis
I further recommend that your honor
able body, the city council, petition the
General Assembly to pass an Act chang
ing the length of the terms of the
mayor and aldermen to two (2) years
instead of one, as now provided. My
reasons for this are plain to you with
out stating-them here.
I am glad to say that during the last
year, 1902, we have had no litigation,
no appeals, and that everything, so far
as the legal department is concerned,
passed pleasantly, and I hope profita
bly. What opinions I have given have
been accepted by the opposite sides and
no law suit has followed. In making
this report I only act as I feel best for
the people of the town and to put your
Honor in possession of such facts as I
feel you should investigate.
I"wish for you a pleasant, successful,
and prosperous administration.
Respectfully submitted,
City Attorney.
The letter was received by council as
information, and no action will be
taken until a communication is received
from the Board of Health.
One of the most beautiful marriages
of the season was solemnized at the
home of Mr. Jacob B. Fellers on the
evening of the 25th of December. Just
as the sun had shed its last rays of
glimmering light into the far East, and
dar,kness was fast o'erspreading the
earth, to the beautiful strains of Men
delssohn's wedding march, most skil
fully rendered by Miss Annie May
Bedenbaugh, the bridal party, led by
Rev. Mr. Williamson, entered the hand
some and beautifully decorated parlor.
First came Miss Bessie Wheeler, of
Prosperity, and Dr. J. C. Bedenbaugh,
of Angusta, followed by Miss Jessie
Glenn, of Anderson, and Dr. W. D.
Paden, of Newborry, Miss Ethel Pay
singer, of Newberry, and Miss Willie
Glenn, of Anderson, Miss Minnie Fel
lers, of Prosperity, and Dr. Leslie
Stribling, of Seneca, Miss Mary Shel
don, of Seneca, and Prof. J. E. Hunter,
of Clemson College. Then entered the
bdde and groom and Rev. Mr. William
son eloquently and impressively united
Miss Nede Sheldon and Mr. G. F. Hun
ter in t.he holy bonds of wedlock.
Again the wedding march pealed
forth, and the bridal party followed by
the guests of the evening who had been
so fortunate as to be present upon this
happy occasion, repaired to the dining
room where an elegant and sumptuous
dinner was served.
The bride and her attendants were
attired in white. I shall not attempt
to describe each dress, but sufilee it to
say all were lovely.
The bride is one of Oconee's fair andi
attractive daughters, and the groom is
one of Newberry's most sturdy and
promising young men. The many
beautiful presents the happy coupled
received attest the esteem in which
they are held by those who know themr
best. May they find happiness through
out life. T. F. K.
Have You a Critical Bye.
Things made of "Clifton" flour pre
sent an appearance that will charrn
your critical eye and at the same time
Iyou will have the satisfaction of know.
mig that in this flour none of the help
ful strengthening elements of the wheal
have been lost. Try this flour and be
convinced. Sold In- Newberry by Hayi
& McCarty, E. R. Hlpp and L. W.
Salt pork is a famous old-.
fashioned remedy for con.
sumption. "Rat plenty of
pork," was the .dvicc to the
consumptive 5o and io0
years ago.
Salt pork is good if a man
can stomach it. The idea
behind it is that fat is the
food the consumptive needs
Scott's Emulsion is the mod
ern method of feeding fat to
the consumptive. Pork is too
rough for sensitive stomachs.
Scott's Emulsion is the most
refined of fats, especially
prepared for easy digestion.
Feeding him fit in this
way, which is often the only
way, is half the battle, but
Scott's Emulsion does more
than that. There is some
thing about the combination
of cod liver oil and hypophos
phites in Scott's Emulsion
that puts new life into the
weak parts and has a special
action on th diseased lungs.
' -- A s.implo YJil be
Sol.I free u pon request.
Ve sure tit thii p lure in
the Lni i I, I bl i un the
wrapper t( r rms bottle of
l:1:mulion youi buy.
409 Pearl St., N. Y.
Soc. and St; all druggists.
N EW AND FULL stock of Paper
Patterns just received and are
sold for cash only, at Wooten's.
FOR RENT-six rooms and black
smith shop.>
Mrs. R. L. Paysinger.
-L .Cuffs right up to the scratch. No
waiting, no disappointment at, the
Newberry Steam Laundry.
WANTED at The Newberry Hotel
. a milch cow, fresh in milk, that
will give four gallons milk per day. W.
A. Jamieson, proprietor.
k business to stall No. 4 City
Market and are prepared to serve our
customers on short notice. Phone No. 6.
2t. Daniels & Williams.
can learn that the Newberry
Steam Laundary will give you satisfac
tion in any thing in their line. Why
don't you patromsEe home people?
are a nicely laundryed collar and
shirt. You can have them beautifully
done at the Newberry Steam Laundry
for a mere song. Then, too1, you will
be helping a worthy home ,industry.
Sensible people will see the point.
MN,ONEY TO LOAN--We negotiate
kL loans on improved farm lands
at seven per cent, interest on
amounts over one thousand dollars,
and eight per cent, interest on amounts
less than $1,000. Long time and easy
payments. hunt, Hunt & Hunter,
Doyour eyes ache and burn at
night? I have the best t,rial case for
fitting Spectacles and Eyeglasses, and
can fit the most difficult eyes, wit,h the
proper glasses. I have fitted glasses
for the best neople in the county and
can fit you. I use onIly t he bet grade
Crystalne lenses. CJomei and give me
a trial and be convinced. Str intly one
price to all. GUY D)ANIEL.S,
Jeweler and Optician.
Of the Condition of The Bank of
Prosperity, Prosperity, S. C.,
at Close of Business Decem
ber 81st, 1902.
Loans and discounts ..........$12,313 29)
Due from Banks.............. 30,542 70
Cash and cash items..... .... 6,061 93
Building and fixtures.. ....... 1,946 31
Overdraft..................... 462 21
$51,326 44
Capital stock paid in..........$17,430 00
Due to other banks ........... 2,215 20
Profits. ........................ 898 37
Deposits. ....................... 30,782 87
$51,326 44
Personally came before me J. F.
Brown, cashier, who being duly sworn
says the above statement is correct to
best of his knowledge and belief.
Sworn to before me this 31st day of
December, 1902. J. F. BRtOWNE,
(Signed) Cashier.
E. W. WERTS, [L.S]
Geo. Y. Hunter,
S. S. Birge,
A. G. Wise,-Directors.
Stochloersof the Commercial
Bank of Newberry, S. C., will be held
at the Bank on Wednesday 14th day of
January 1903, for the purpose of elect
ing Directors and transacting such
necessary business as will come before
the meeting. Z. F. WRIGHT,
Sf2t. Cas.io
Here Is
Here is something we want you to read,
and read carefully. We want to talk to you
about the good quality of our merchandise and
our low prices, and we want to impress upon
you right here that we never separate quality
and price. No matter how low the price, the
quality is still there--everything we sell is of
standard quality. Here is one of the elements
of our success: We make the price so low at
all times and the character of our merchan
dise so high that any buyer can offord to buy
of us. We are specialist in our lines which
I)ry goods, Dress goods, Silks, Velvets,
White goods, Trimmings, Buttons,
Embroideries, Laces, White and Red
Flannel, Embroidered Flannel, Hand
kerchiefs, H osiery, Uuderwear, Corsets,
Domestics, Jeans, Calicoes, Homespuns,
Bleachings, Shirtings, Outings, Flanelette,
Ladies Wraps, Lace C uitain, Counter
panes. Yankee Notions.
In fact our large stock comprises almost anything you may
ask for, all priced to suit you. Millinery is one of our strong
points in all grades, cheap to very fine. We can please you in
this department. Some solid, good shoes for all. We do not
sell shoddy. Men's Shoes, Women's Shoes, Boy's Shoes,
Girls' Shoes, Baby Shoes. Let us fit your feet in solid
leather Shoes, the kind that look well, wear well and cost
Walk Over Shoes foi' Menl,
Autoao Shoes for Women,
Regina Shoes for Women,
Ideal Shsoe for Children.
Cone and examine our stock.
C.& G.3. MOWER C.
A Areat Disoovorpl
Almost every one has discovered that Wooten
ells the best goods for the least money and
We Are Doing the Business
Because we sell more goods for same money!
Sarne goods for less money!
And 3 on miay alway s c'ount flupon getting everything you want in the
vay of
Ory Coods, Notions, Shoes,
Gents' Furnishings,jetc,,
Lt. the very lowes't priCens.
C omo anid inspoet our line anid we will endeavor to make your visit
>othl plealsanIt and profitable to you, and doni't forget
The Place Where You Get Your Money's Worth.
AM 0.I(LETT.NEi's7
20 yds. Sea Island Cloth at only 49 cents.
in l ' I S e' i Drive 'I ist (li II 11) good1 Rio Coffee for $1 00.
6 packages. (16 ozi nach) Wash1 Frnit Jar Rn bbers ait only 4e. doz.
ing rowderti at oly 25ce At 0. KLETTNER'S,
At 0. KLETTNER'S, 300) pairs Ladies' Slippers worth
MIlsonl's Fruit ,Jars I doz. k gails.$.() onga 9 apir
at 990 , I dozt qts. at 73e. 5 on t60 ar
I100 patirs Children's Slip)pers 13 bars Good Washing Soap at
worth $1 .25 at only ($1. a pair. only 25(3.
12 lbs. Armn anid Hammer Koeg 4boeofSrLyat 2c
Soda at only 250.4bcso ta y t 2c
10 yds. 40 in. Heavy Sheeting at china Plates, Cups rs
only 40)0- at only 100. worth ch.
- A Fair and Squre Deal Everytime.
New Year.
W4E wish for all of
our friends and
customers a joyous
and prosperous New,
Year and the blessing
of a kind Providence.
We thank you hear
tily for the generous
M patronage bestowed
upon us in the past.
We will prepare
your medicines as
usual, with great care
and accuracy.
Prescricption Pharmacists.
TA -
Mayes' Book Store
Yon can get....
Blank Books,
Day Books
Red Star Whooping
Cough Cure will Cure
That Cough.
1 1
We Call For9
Sand Deliver
S the Medicine
4You dlon't have'i to 4
go(c ut of your hlouse to
: get aniy dirlg sto)r43
art icles noe<eI(d. Jut .
4 uIimssenger wvil I orneit 4
right t afiite'r th pra
s crIji ti ad liver I hae
tll na~ by P'hone what.
'y ou wvish 111 van we ill
appiroal d; rot airni iible if
4 Corner DruigStr,
SNewberry, S. .
Red Star Wh:>oping *
*Cough Cure will Cure +
That Cough.
The Riser Millinery Co.
twill hiava itrnie prot t) iiew ri hibons1
ft.r hliiday t ri-cth'. n d f l e*t ar-,
clinig 0out every bru runti fealthe l in
t heir tock att not 'al vnRt.

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