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E~ it Ai'.. I t"\.
The movement to raise mo\ney tor
new building for Newberry CoAllege i
of more than passing interest to oo
town and deserves the hearty suppt'
of our business men. The eollego is
Newberry institution and the move
ment is a Newb errv enterprise. A few
days ago d telegations were in our towi
making bids of $4\.0k each to th
Methodist eon ference for the hvatioi
of a college that ;s not as large as New\
berry Collegv.
Twenty-tive years agu Newt r'y se
.1emi :he loIt\ation; of Newberry Collept
a: this v, ' by a b:,i of StJ.so. S'
that twin.c !chrch 1:ss added a: less
that amo;''t ni bu'ii rs ands. opvv
itW"' ts. to :ti\ I1. :is' h o" c;.r e
t'sos. 1,dt i 1'\ ,c Safe tt : l,itt' ^
t' l' OOt. I rr :~ \ ; tt 1o.'..,. v .\kt
lit t "he return it ac tt;: ua 1 m;'e\'
brought here by the college is a stnali
pmrt of its advantage to the contlll
ity. The register of aitlmnti shOW:
that ab oit vortung ;eople of this towr
graduated at Newberry College. ant
that more than tlirty of its graduates
are now eiti;!ens of the town. This
does not take into account the large
n1tuber of graduates in the county out
side of town, or the still larger ilmlilbet
of persons who attended the college
but did not complete the course.
The value of t he inst itut ion as a moral
and intellectual force in the communtity
cannot 'be mcasured in dollars and cents;
and the teal n\orth of the college lies
in the great work it is doing to de
velop the inteliligence and character of
our people.
The growth of t he college has made
it necessary to add to its inatterial equip
mnent, and the LIutheran Synod has be
guin a IlioVem11eit to raise $25,000 for
building purposes. Every dollar spent
in needed buildings for the college will
be a dollar wisely invested for the dle
velopment. of this town. We repeat,
it is our college: and Newberry re
ceives far greater benefit from it than
it can possibly contribute to any other
part of ith- State. The town receives
the lion's share of whatever measure
of prosperity conies to the college.
There is no danger that the college
will move away, -it is fixed. Iut it
must move forward. Twenty-five years
ago the little town of Newberry wisely
gave $15,800 to get the college. What
will the larger town of Newberry now
give to increase its equipment and hell
it forward in its career of usefulness
It cannot stand still; it most. move for.
ward or backward. It needs larger
quarters in which to do its work; and
in some way, we have no doubt, it wil
get. the new building whether the towr
contributes to its erection or not, but. i
greatly needs the aid of our busines;
nen, and the bare facts of the casi
should impel them to come forwarn
lIn'omptltly and generously to tihe sep
por't of' tihis worthly and valuablle entetr
pr1ise. The churchi that is backinig thit
college (does riot number I0,000 mremi
bers, arid it has the bur'denr of r'aisinj
mionrey to end(ow thre institution as we]
as f'or 11u1ildinlg putirposes.
.One of the finest thiungs we evert am
in a newspaer is -thre follow ing frot
the Yorkvl Equirer:
-Enqrtuter sever'ely to task for' thte fol
lowmgo oibser'vationr thait. appeaired int ou
issue of )ecember 2.I:
"It. was utnderstood(M last summlrer' tiha
ihe Gr;'(eenv'ie News made a tr'ade wvit
MI r. I ,at ier. conditioned1 on thre assist
"rt(( .of that genrtlemart to Mir. Richard
sonr, in case (If ihis etlectioni to thet Sen
ate. I )eveloprmentts seemn toI lend (c(11
to all these ruotr's.
"Althroughi it is a fact that titer
were campjai!tn allegations of tire mii
turre stated, we will confess that w
wver'e too htasty itt saying that sucht
tr'ade was "urnder'stood"' to have bee
consummated(. U1pont tiore mtatmh
consideratioin we heg to withtdraw tht
reflection that our ob ser'vationt carrit
againist the Gr'eenville News, arid I
say that we believe tire editor of thi
paptier incaplable tof b)eoming a pairty I
any kind of a plolitica gbargain lookir
to Irs persontal advantage. lit this sari
connection also, we begr to thrank 'Ii
Newvs arid Courier for having so pro
er'ly br'oughit urs to task and pr'omise
be mor'e car'eful abourt rpa,n u
an offence."sre re)etrga
We were suethat tihe Fm uir
wvould make the amnende honioralble
soon as its attention was dlir'ectedl to
seriours char'ge against tire echaracter
the edlitor of tire Gr'eernville News' b
we were not pre pared for so splendid
manifestation of cour'age, even on t
part of the Enquiirer, which wet ha
known for' many years as one of t
cleanest and best newsp)apers in t
country. It r'equires cour'age of a ye
high or'der for one who has (done irnjr
tice to,a neighbor to confess his err<'
and it.is, a sor't of courrage so rare tlt
whren it is exercisedl it is cer'tain to e
cite the admrir'ation of all br'ave a
htonest men. -News anrd Coutrier.
Tire sp)irit displayed by both the Yor
ville Enrquir'er and the News and Cot
ier is to be commended. Newvspap<
are sometimes too hasty in maki
charges, and thte result is the charg
can not be sustained. When such
the case, the only rnan!y thing left f
the editor is to acknow ledge his m
take, and to make his acknowledgme
of error as p)rominecnt as the charg
This, however, is seldom done and t
editor of the Enquirer deserves ti
commendation and the thanks of
people who love a clean, pure newsp
per and methods that are pure and ho
est and honorable.
The legislature meets in Columbia o1
week from today. Many importat
questions will come up for conalderi
tion andI decision, and the session w,
be probably the iat hnttmating in
oeveral yr
Among the most Jvnportant of tee
nt trrs will be 1xad imp vement, the
pu\hibitiion of ahiki lebor in the rAls,
:nd ctompulaory edoeati,. Inr los* -
t i,n ua'n thse is vceli knowii and n eds
. not t to ritrt tred he"' Suft'e it to
S:\. \v,e believe if r+ had better w ada,
no latir in the mills by hi?iirn of t-en
t der y.ars. and .mpulaty edatioetin
our State wtl mnr' f'urWat1 to that
pws.itinu to n hi'h she is ontithi and
which she may aniy ammni the
t States of the A meri,an U'nitn. And al
of them are comh\g, T'he.y e'ht to
ytmr. We h'e it will 't a ;' RV?vr'vst
one to all. The year W% ' a A t.h of
:pucasdt th hs e o fbut1- to
mt St. la.u's Thi A ke tw hor
Mr. Eptnghas lo t Y t past yar.
There .aies ben.osid mov ' t ting
farmers. r. Georg Rihrso a
they neer Cs.
Mr. 1 insmor.e:Y" .oved int,h
a by M1. To R'ich arson r.
to lose ai \':lib ' !05t' !:.r !''"
ing of the ith cint his n e h.se
tInchased the horse nr abcut two
months ago. rhis makes two horses
y Mr. Epting has lost the past year.
There has been considerable moving
anl exchanging of homes amongst the
farmers. MI r. George Richardlson has
movee to the Newberry Cotton Mills;
I r. Robt. Kingmore moved into the
house vacated by V r. Richardlson; MI r.
Thomas Richardson from the 4nlrew
eledenbaugh old place the ens iii'nf lae;
Atr. Walter Wicker into the house va
cated by Mr. Tom Richardson; Mr.
George Livingston into his new house!
on the Margaret Kinard place; Mr.
Thomas Elesor into the house vacated
by Mr. Livingston-the J. ur. geeen
haut;h (Buncomb place). Our pastor,
Rev. J. A. Sligh from Siigh's to the
St. Paul's parsonage.
There have been more fat hogs killed
in this section than usual.
ThIe p)residlent of the St. P~aul's Grave.
yardl Association request, mne to say that
the association will meet on the third
Stnday in January, at 10:30 a. m. to
elect oficers to serve the ensuing year.
A president, vice p)resident, secretary
ani a treasurer. All persons that have
eontridwute re as much as cents are en
titled to vote. A dIeep) interest in the
election is urged.
T. J. W. says that Sigma is married
hcongratulations from January 5, 1903.
he Noews o xclir
rChrisshs ioe anIn gon Mndaye
Tr . heauyrvc neandaiy ae
Miss Doslia Kibpe, o eberry, has
been vting here aggw dastonbe.pes
Mitsa thesmaiageuts of Miro Cobler
which (Rven Hioo, place CStas8h ate
hoe hme.
au MshoBlttill Wers,f aa ounday,
spent in. ih isJni iad
Mr. Ir ae, fClmba pn
mvd Crsm. atheas fandr' famil hre.
Miss techer Couns, ofv Winthrop Coen
Christma Roc hll hoe ahtaat
p- ha ome anh tetrewariee.wt
Mss Etior pWeatse excSeus County,
a ~i)n brifthis th Miss wae iardou
e ren "T. Na. W." olearbiah sent
thistimae and wehils fahrome here.v
yOu mre esi teah eMs A ne Waer spen
ry whavedring the hoeart losd.
MOrscKinar had theirghr,iss trne
as wioodland theoo tre ae thirhed wit
x- nie esenS. e. 1)rck ea
k- Scriptur lons a oger."prye
~ rThe tree.i oT oasiNwaerrma
t. o muc leasg ure. f h idl a
MN. ditan' ehe ecuerr us oinbe
brendb whtit JW."st befor ith us ar'
mor hsie ospeu -they a)reoing to gav i
Thoume ns in the riddleir thyo
an pain hav (luing with yfewers clod
of Devs. Lad and augher paiss Jan
it mnied S paCt. an -twiwa
severawie Galon Was Lonuildin
Thesret po andn Newberr alaove
egth onliving stas ifThe r ile hoob
t Npofo it a' ith Newberry i en
gon-ob Whr igeo; dit peope aresttof
smoftheir moneyf obu te
Desires to say to
the people of
Newberry coun
ty that he has a
better line of
than at any time
during his long
history in the
clothing busi
nesss in New
He thanks the
people for their
patronage in the
past, and solic
its a continu
ance. You will
be welcome at
Cost Sale ee
in, the < id 1rhmid w..d N.s\,
Off ~i~. I1d Str.s I. 1 .,.k 4
New Furniture,
Al titrt rlR*A ndu %%I t0\dittN
Oa ok V414-k. Fil S, ui
Our line of Austria
China and English
Semi Porcelain will be
sold this month at
prices that will sur
prise the most careful
buyer. We are going
to close out this line of
goods, it is all
Open Stock,
which enables the pur
chaser to buy as much
or as little as desired.
Newberry HlardwareCo
Hello Central I----Gie Me 48
he NOWberry Manite roni
0ifctioucy ail Bakey!
T1hey have all '.zinads of Blreadl
Patent Bread, M!lk Brad,
Graham read, ('ream Bread.
Cao Bread, R'ae Breadi.
Kimmecl seed Ryea [Bread,
Bosu,in Brown lIread
Largent assortment of fresh, fancyv
Ca k es ever sho w h e r.. be'or ..
Orders taken by Telephono and de.
1ive.red free' of cha'e asa we havo ont
our aew delivery wIa..onl.
I'all1 and see tib, or' rita.' up I >.s.n,
No 48.
H. A. Meyer & Son.
Wedding Goods,
Birtbday Presents,
'All to be sold at.
Eduard Scholtz's
Jewelry Store.
'Racket Store
Second-Hand Cloth
For a Limited Time
Look out for their ad.
goosn net isse.
A Golden -Rule
of Agricultilre:
Be good to your land and your crop
will be good. Plenty of
in the fertilizer spells quality
and quantity in the har.
Yest. Write us and
we will send you,
fre, by next mail,
our money winning
N5 Nsius Strpt,
in endless variety.
fresh and luscious
delicious and toothsome.
Don't make your Christ
mas purchases until you
have examined our stock.
'he following druggists requests the
hoWdrs of MU RNA counpons to bring
themui in at once and secure absolute
ly froo, the regular sizr. bottle of the
Great Preeparationi, MURNA W INE
tor sale only byv Gilder & Weekp.
N otice to Creditors.
To the creditors of W. S. Melton:
.made a deed of assignment to
me, there will be a meetmng of the
credlitors in my - eie at N ewberry
Court House, S. C., on Friday, the 9th
(lay of January, 1903, at 11 o'clock
af t. for toe -appointment of an agent
Newberry, S. C., Dec. 31, 19O
Quick Relief
l'inng madenl from eareful ly 'se.
lecta(d d.rugs of the fitoost quality
that canl he~ produ1ced, hanldle3d with
extre'ume care, makes it worthy of thec
praise lhat it has reesivod. It is h)..
ginning to be rLeognized( ats t he best
COUGil SYRUP ever produced,
and hase been thioreoihI. t ested n' ith
thuo following results:
I st. It cures in short
er time than any other
known remedy.
2nd. It is more last
ing than any ci.her
3rd. It is put in larger
packages than most
first classCough Syrups
that sell for 25c.
Maves' Drug Store.
The Lad ies'Ex change
Mrs. R. C. Williams
:resnectfully informs
the ladies of Newberry
and vicinity that she
has opened an Ex.
change for the pur
chase or exchange of Ia
dies', children's and rnen's
second hand clothing, and
solicits their patronage.
Persons on business wil
please call at the E xchange,
Ctwl Hotel, first floor'
bewen9Aa m.nanpm'
To the Pe;pIe.
We desire to thank you for
your patronage during the year
which has just closed, and to so
licit an increased patronage dur
ing the year upon which we have
entered. Your business will be
appreciated and our sole desire
shall be to please.
When in need of anything in
our line--and we have the pret"
tiest line of furnishings in the city
---give us a call.
'Ewart-Pifer Co.
Copeland Bros.
"Is the Place for Bargains,"
Por the Next Two Weeks.
In Dress Goods, Jackets, Capes and Furs, Men's
Clothing, Boys' Clothing, Hats, Shoes for Everybody..
any Size and Style. Overcoats, Blankets, Lap Robes,
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs, Neckwear, Gloves, Linen and
Silk Handkerchiefs, Silk Mufflers, Umbrellas and
Rubber Shoes. Also a nice lot of
Felt Shoes and Slippers for Ladies and Men.
Don't fail to come to see us,
if in need of anything in the above lines. We will
guarantee to save you money. We have a great many
nice and suitable things that you can give to your
lady or gentleman friends as presents for Christmas.
Come and See Us Often.
Almost every one has discovered that Wooten
sells the best goods for the least money and
We Are Doing the Business
Because we sell more goods for same money!
Same goods for less money!
wyAnd you may always count upon getting overything you want in the.
Dry Goods, Notions, Shoes,
Gents' Furnishings, etc.,
at the very lowest prices.
both pleasant and profitable to you, and dont enaor to aeyu ii
The Place Where You Get Your Money's Worth.
20 yds. Sea Island Cloth at only 49,cents.
ing Tobacco at only 5. per lb) 11 lbs. good Rio Coffee for $1.00.
0 pakagves (10 on ach) \Vsh Fruit Jar Rnhbers at only 4.doz
MAson' FrLiTa r S,-1z ga. 0 pairs Ladies' slippers worth
at 99c., 1 doz qts. at 73 _$.0going at 69o. a pair.
100 pairs Childrpn's slippers 13 bars Good Washin Sopa
worth $1.25' at only (61c. a pair. only 25e.n'sap t
1lbs. Arm and Hammer Keg o,
soda at only 25o. 4 ox s tar Lye at ..l 25c.
10 yde. 40 in. Heavy sh:eQting at Obina Plates, Cups r
only 49c. at only3 1 0. worth h
-A Fair and Squre Deal Everyim

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