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The Worshipped Master and Wardens of
Amity Lodge, No. SI, A. P. M. Enter
tain Their Brethren and Friends
A DelightfWl Affair.
One of the most delightful and pleas
ant affairs in the history of Masonry in
Newberry County, was the banquet in
the Armory Monday night tendered to
Amity Lodge, No. 87, by Worshipful
Master Wm. E. Pelham, Senior, War
den Geo. S. Mower and Junior Warden
I. H. Hunt.
Several prominent Masons through
out the State had been invited, and
among those present were Alessrs. W.
W. Lumpkin, of Columbia, J. C. Swy
gert, Master of Peak Lodge, Drs. G.
F. IHunter, C. T. Wyche and Mr. R. T.
C. Hunter, of Prosperity Lodge.
Several letters were read from per
sons throughout the State sending their
regrets at not being able to be present
and extending their best wishes and
congratulations to the officers and mem
bers of Amity Lodge.
The banquet was served by the dainty
hands of the fair members of the Bach
elor Maids of this city, and it was a
magnificent one. The large hall was
prettily decorated and the long tables
presented a beautiful appearance- every
detail being arrayed to a nicety.
The menu consisted of oysters, crack
ers, celery, turkey, cranberry sauce,
pickles, olives, beaten biscuit, chicken
salad, nuts, fruits, coffee and cigars.
Toasts were responded to by Maj.
Lumkin, of Columbia, Dr. Wycho. of
Prosperity, Mr. R. T. C. Hunter of St.
Lukes, Mr. Jno. C. Swygert, of Peak,
and Mr. E. B. Wilbur, of this city, all
of which added much to the pleasure
of the occasion and did much to instill
more deeply into every Mason present
the first essential in the Masonic creed,
the spirit of love and brotherhood.
The occasion will long be rerrem
bered by those who had the pleasure of
being one of the number as being the
most pleasant affair in the history of
Amity Lodge, and the Master and War
den of that body are to be congratu
lated on the happy manner in which
they entertained their brethren, all of
whom wish for them a most successful
year in their Masonic duties.
Two Persons Made Life Members of
Amity Lodge.
rf At the regular meeting of Amity
Lodge, No. 87, A. F. M., held Monday
pight a touching incident occurred,
'vhen Messrs. J. C. S. Brown, of the
county, and N. B. Mazyck, now of Co
lumbia, were made life members of the
order. Col. Brown has been a Mason
-;and a member of Amity Lodge for over
-fifty years. He was present Monday
;JI::,night and when the action was taken
he arose and acknowledged the honor
in a most beautiful and touching man
er with tears trickling down his cheeks.
apt. Mazyck has also been a mem
'; ,;er of Amity Lodge for a long time,
dthe members of this lodge in hon
Sring these venerable brethren have
>~oe credit to themselves.
Xhe Annual Report of the Board of Health
Sis a Fine Showing for Niewberry.
~ .At the meeting of the City Council
' Wednesday night the annual report of
~he Board of Health was submitted,
't4and the showing is a fine one for the
'.During the year there were 88 deaths
as follows: White: 23 males, 25 fe
<males; colored, 20 males and 20 females.
* ~There were 116 births, as follows:
SWhites, 37 males, 44 females; colored
'.17 males and 18 females. Contageous
*diseases reported 10, diphtheria 1,
smallpox 5, scarlet fever 1 case. One
* artesian well. Length of sewers, 5
miles, length of water pipes, 9 3-4 miles.
Number of bodies received for inter
ment from elsewhere 7; number of hod
4ics shipped for interment to other
places, 4. The repiort certainly makes
:"a fine showing for this city, the death
rate, based on a population of 6,000,
)Abeing only a little over 1 per cent.
-i Death of Mrs. R. C. Williams.
Friday morning Mrs. R. C. Williams,
of this city, died at her home. She
had been in bad health for some time.
Mrs. Williams was Miss Lizzie White,
daughter of the late Z. L. White, and
had spent all her life in this city. She
was 47 years of age and leaves a hus
band and six children, one only an in
fant of two weeks, without the pro
tecting care of mother. She was a
~r good woman. Known by all for he.
many kind and char-itable (deeds, and
~j>will be missed by her many friends and
:acquaintances. Her remains werec en
tered at Rosemont cemetery Wednes
day afternoon in the pr1esence of a large
?concourse of relatives andl friends.
Services at the home at 2:30 o'clock,
: conducted by her pastor, Rev. 8. HI.
* immerman, of the Central Methodist
-~ Special Agent Cassidy.
Mr.'J. 0. Cassidy, a native of South
SCarolina, now a special agent of the
I Census Office, Washington, D. C., is
Sin the city taking statistics on elee
Stricity, and street railways. Mr. Cas
- sidy says it will require almost a week
-to complete this work for- the prosper
eus city of Greenville. - Greenville
Daily Herald 6th.
'j' Mr. Cassidy is a graduate of New
'berry College aind has many friends
-here who would be pleased to see him
while on his visit to this State.
See Masters' ad.
The Carnival has gone and we can
sigh with relief.
Many a New Year resolution has al
ready been broken.
Yesterday was a disagreeable day.
The wind was cold.
A few days this week have been the
coldest of the season.
Mrs. D. F. Pifer has returned from
her extended visit to Texas.
Mr. Ernest E. Sligh has been ap
pointed postmaster at Slighs.
The local lodge Knights of Pythias
are preparing for a banquet in the near
Wm. F. King's New York Sensational
Company will appear at the opera house
tomorrow night.
The County Teachers Association will
meet tomorrow at 11 o'clock at the
graded school building.
The city schools have all been open
this week and have settled down to
work since the holidays.
It is said that the cotton receipts at
Pomaria this season will double that of
any other previous year.
Heavy ligt tning in the southwest
Wednesday evening was an unusual
sight for this time of the year.
Dr. S. Pope has opened an office up
stairs near Magistrate Chappell's office
and will practice his profession.
Mr. Frank DeVore has moved into
the Purcell house on High Point, re
cently occupied by Mrs. Jno. W. Norris.
President A. G. Wise, of the Bank of
Prosperity, in company with Mrs. Wise,
is spending a few days in Baltimore.
We observe from our exchanges that
there are complaints from all parts of
the State about bad roads right at this
The officers of Cateechee Council,
Pocahontas, I. 0. R. M., were installed
by Great Sachem Hair on Tuesday
We had a considerable sprinkle of
snow in Newberry Tuesday morning.
In the upper part of the State we hear
it was about two inches deep. .
Mr. J. Fred Schumpert, sergeant-at
arms of the State Senate, has been in
Columbia for the past few days ar
ranging for the meeting of the Legis
Great Sachem J. H. Hair went to
Piedmont Wednesday to install the of
ficers of the Red Men's tribe at that
place, also the officers of the Pocahon
tas Council. He was treated to a fruit
Mr. J. Fred Schumpert, of this
county, who for the past few years has
been sergeant-at-arms of the State
Senate, will stand this year for re
election, and his many friends here
hope he will be successful.
Great Sachem J. H. Hair was;booked
for a "big blow out" with the Red
Men in Columbia Tuesday night, but on
account of pressing business at home
could not attend. He is now sighing
when he thinks of the joys he missed."
"J. W." one of the large, beau
tiful bay horsen bought recently by the
city council for the Excelsior Fire Com
pany had a congestive chill Tuesday
night and Alderman Brown had to work
with him for some time. He is all right
now, however.
Mr. W. G. Peterson, voluntary
weather observer for the government;
states in his report this week that it
has not rained on the 6th (lay of Octo
ber or the 6th day of December within
the past 16 years, and that these are
the only days during that period on
which it did not rain.
Entertainment at Opera House.
Win. F. King's New York Sensa
tional company, f'eaturing the famous
motor cycle whirl or "suicide act," will
appear in the opera house, this city, to
morrow night. The performance will
consist of music, trapeze artists, acro
bats and dancing, also including, the
20th century sensation "the eruption of
Mt. Pelee," and other subjects pro
duced by electricity. This will be a
first class attraction, not an objectiona
ble feature being allowed. In our
opinion, the motor cycle whirl is a more
daring feat than the much taiked of
"loop-the-loop." It is simply remarka
ble, and should be witnessed by every
body. Popular prices will prevail.
Make Your Tax Returns.
Auditor Cromer is now at his office
in Newberry, andi will be there until
the 15th instant, for the purpose of
making out tax returns. After that
(late he will make his usual tour of the
county, meeting his appointments as
statedl in the advertisement elsewhere
in this p)aper. It would be well for
everybody that possibly can to attendl
to this matter at once and get it ofi'
their hands.
Charged With Stealing Watches.
Harrison Swittenberg, colored, was
arrestedl Wednesday night by the city
police on a charge of stealing six
watches from Ithe store of Shely &
Den He was brought before the
mayor who transferred the case to
Magistrade Chappell, as the value of the
watches were placed at $30, Itaking it
out of the jurisdiction of the mayor.
Magistrate Chappell bound Swittenberg
over to the circuit court.
Fine Enough For Wedding Cake.
Or any other cake-and still the best
flour for bread, biscuit and everything
else. 'rhat's what "Clifton" flour is,
and all round flour that will never dis
appoint you no matter what you use it
for. Buy it and try it. Sold in New
berry by E. R. Hlpp, L. W. Cosby and
Hays & Mcarty.
The Streets and Sidewalks to be Put in
Good Condition.
The City Council at its meeting Weds.
nesday night took steps looking toward
paving the sidewalks on Main street
and macademizing the principal streets
of the city.
At this meeting the condition of the
streets was discussed at considerable
length, and it was the unanimous sen
timent of the members of the council
that something must be done and done
at once.
The Ways and Means Committee will
take the matter up at once and as soon
as arrangements can be made and esti
mates obtained, work will be com
Owing to the putting down of sewer
age the streets are in a worse condition
than for twelve or fifteen years past,
and the council is determined to have
good streets.
Parties who are familiar with the
work of putting down cement walks
and paving streets are being corre
sponded with and datta is being gath
ered preparatory to having the work
James Dunbar Entertains His Friends
from Home and Afar.
Wednesday evening Mr. James Dun
bar entertained his friends with one of
his excellent suppers in the armory.
Hon. H, H. Evans, who was in Colum
bia, with Capt. W. G. Childs, got up a
special train and brought up about
twenty-five of their friends, all of
whom returned to the Cat:al city after
partaking of the many'good things that
Mr. Dunbar had so excellently prepared.
Among those from Columbia were
Capt. W. r'. Childs, Messrs. Thomas
Taylor, U. X. Gunter, H. II. Crum,
J. J. Seibles, Briggs Wilson, C. J.
Lynch, J. A. Summerrett, Thomas
Collins and B. A. Hawkins. There
were also present from Louisville, Ky.,
Messrs. M. A. Goodman and A. L.
Dunn, and Mr. A. F. H. Dukes, of
Branchville, and J. L. Williams, of
Longmires, besides a number of the
The evening was most pleasantly
spent and Messrs. W. G. Childs and
H. H. Evans, by bringing their friends
up from Columbia on a special, aid
much to make the occasion one never
to be forgotten.
Moseley Bro's. Store Broken Into and
Wednesday night Mosley Bro's. store
was broken into at Prosperity and a
few dollars in change was taken from
the drawer. Some goods are missing,
but the loss is thought to be slight.
The robbers broke through the large
front window glass.
The sheriff and other p)arties are after
the robbers.
A New Firm.
Mr. 0. B. Summer has p)urchased the
stock of groceries of Counts & D)ickert
and will do a first-class grocery ousi
ness at the old stand, lie has as his'
head clerk the ever genial and polite
Jno. P. Aldridge, who will be glad to
have his friends call to see him, and he
will serve them right. Call on the new
firm. See notice elsewhere.
A Hint to Newvberry.
It is said that the public square in
Anderson is hub deep in mud andl that
a prominet citizen of that towvn dIream
ed the other night that the city author
ties had p)oured kerosine oil over it and
burned it dry. This might be taken as
a hint to Newberry, as some of the
streets hav'e plenty of mud, and as oil
has been recommended to keep the (lust
down~ in summer--it might wvork two
ways. Who knows?
Teachers' Meeting.
The County Teachers' Association
will hold its regular monthly meeting
tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock at the
gradled school builing. Prof. Pat
terson Wardlaw, of the Southi Carolina
College, will address the meeting. T1he
question box wvill be op)enedl andl various
subjects (discussed.
A Card.
We wish to exp)ress our applreciation
for the love, prayer and symp)athly
shown us in our dleep)est sorrow '.durinlg
the sickness of our wvife, mother and
R. C. Williams and CThildren.
.J. W. White and Sister.
New Member of Board of Health.
On recommendlation of the Hoard of
Health, the city council at its meeting
Wednesday night, app)ointedl Mr. E.
Cabaniss a member of that board for a
term of five years, to fill the vacancy
caused by the retiring of Mr. M. L.
Spearman, whose term had expired.
I Have You a Critical Eye.
Things made of ''Clifton'' flour' pre
sent an appearance tuat will charm
your critical eye andl at the same time
you will have the satisfaction of know
mng that in this flour none of the help
fulI strengthening elements of the wheat
have been lost. 'Pry this flour and he
convincedl. Sold in Newherry by Hay s
& McCarty, E. R. ilipp and L,. WV.
r 0 RENTl -- A six romn cottage on
Main street, and within three
blocks of Court House. Apply at once
to 0. L. Schumpert.
2t Jan. R. 1903. Nowbhory . C.
The Gang of Safe Blowers Captured in
Columbia Had Been Spotted Here
by Policeman Franklin.
For several days past PolicemanlH. H.
Franklin of this city, has had his eyes
un some of the gang that has been cap
tured in Columbia on a charge of safe
blowing, and had not the discovery and
arrest been made in Columbia as soon
as it was he intended to go down there
in a few days and consult with Cheif
Daley in regard to the suspicious per
lie showed a list of names of those
whom he had been watching to another
of the officers of the city on Wednesday,
the day the arrest was made in Col
Policeman Franklin says these parties
have been coming to Newberry from
Columbia on the night trains, it is sup
posed for the purpose of spotting and
watching a chance to commit a robbery,
and he is possessed of some important
information that may prove an imipor
tant link in the chain of testimony to
convict these parties.
A Report of the Business For the Year
The following is a report of the sales
at the Newberry dispensary during the
year 1902: Consumers price, $45,864.73;
invoice price, $34,573.50; gross profits,
$11,291.23; expenses, $2,305.82; net
profits, $8,985.41.
All the News of a Busy Town--Personal
and Otherwise.
For Herald and News.
Prosperity, S. C., Jan., 7-Engineer
B. S. Schumpert of the Southern is here
visiting relatives.
Mr. W. Bruce and family leaves us
this week for Camden where they will
make their future home. Rarely does
one leave Prosperity out there is a
heart string that draws him back this
way. Of course we all regret to part
with Mr. Bruce and family, but we
shall expect.
Mr. A. H. Kohn, of Columbia, visited
our town today.
The Masonic Fraternity of our town
will have an oyster supper next Monday
Mr. J. C. Huff has for some time
been in the employ of Hlawkins' Bros.
traveling sewing machines. Mrs. Huff
has joined him and they expecL to cast
their lot with the people of Prosperity.
Drs. Hunter, Wheeler and Wyche
performed an operation on little Earl
Fellers, who has been sick so long. le
is reported as getting on nicely since
the operation.
Our business firms are experiencing
some changes. Mr. O. L. Schumpert,
Jr., retires from the firm of G. A.
Maffett & Co. However the business
D)r. J. J. D)ominick joins Dr-s. Hunter
arid Wheeler, and they form the Pm-os
perity Dr-ug Co.
Beth Eden Items.
Christmas is a thing of the past.
It is splash, sp)lashi, mud, mud, every
Mr-. B. A. Hawkins arid family o1
Columbia, after spending several dayr
Christmas wvith his mother, Mrs. L. A.
Hawkins, has r-etur-ned to his post1
Mr-s. L. A. Hawkins has been on th<
sick list the past week. Hope she will
soo0n impr-ove.
Miss Bessie Sligh spent Christmas
with Miss Sallie Crome, of Cromers.
Mary Cr-omer and brother, of Cro
mers, spent Christmas with Mattie Let
and Claud Sligh.
Mr-s. Geo. Glasgow and chrildr-en, of
Jalapa, visited Beth Eden one day am
night last week.
A grieat (deal of moving among th(
fr-eed men.
Miss Mary Cofield andl fr-iend, Mr-,
Summer, visited her sister Mrs. S. A.
Jeter, on their way to the Car-nival.
Mr-. R. H. Burrton will leave this
neighbordoodl next Wednesday, and wil
land at the Brick Hlouse.
We ar-e sor-ry to learn that Capt. H.,
II. Folk wvas on the sick list, lie wai
gr-eatly missedl in his pew at churchr lasi
precaching (lay. Hople Ire is well cri
this. yettie,
January 5th. 1903'
Meterological Recor-d for December 1902
Mean \l ax. temp)erature 54.4.
M'ean Mini. temnpei-at.ure 35.8.
Maximum temp)er-atur-e 69, (late 13th
Minimuim temperature 15, (late 27th
Total 3.60 inches. Gr-eatest in 2
hours 1. 12 inches, on the 2d.
Number of days on which 01 inch o
morec of rain fell, 9; clear 14; fair0
cloudy 14. Snow spr-inkle on 26th.
D)ates of killing frost, 6, 7, 8, 9, It
17, 18, 19, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29.
Rainfall for 12 months 49.04 incher
Aver-age yearly rr.infadl for 15 year
51.44 inches.
Deficiency for 1902 2.40 inches.
Trhe minimum temper-ature for th
year was 15 (degr-es Decc. 27th.
ThIe Mlax. temperature was 104 01
July 5tIr.
T1he year-ly r-ange of temperatur-e wa
89 dlegr-eess.
The wettest month was F'ebr-uary
whren 5.64 incehes of rain fell The (dry
est month was May, wvhen 1.3:2 inche
of i-ain fell.
It has not r-ainred on the 6th of Oct<
ber or 6th of D)ecember in the last 1
years. These are the only two days
Ihas not rained in that time.
W. G. Peterson.
" When the butter won'
come put a penny in th
churn," is an old time dair3
proverb. It often seems t(
work though , one has eve
told why.
When mothers are worriec
because the children do no
gain strength and flesh wt
say give them Scott's Emul
It is like the penny in th(
m1il because it works anc
because there is sonethinE
aStom ish i ng about it.
S(cOt t's E?mulsion is simply
a milk of pure cod liver oi
with some hylpo)hosphite:
es)ccially prepared for delicat<
(.'hildren take tt it naturally
because they like the tast<
and the remedy takes just ac
naturally to the children be
cause it is so perfectly adaptec
to their wants.
For all weak and l>ale anc
thin c'hil<reni SCoult's Eulsior
is the mst s.ttisfactotrv treat
We will send you
S lthe penny, I. e., a
A" '' sample fIee.
f', re til.it this pictiure i
-. " , to, ;j , t : . t at lAbel is lin thts
e t yr bottle o
409 Pearl St., N. Y,
Soc. atn' $.oo ; all druggists
J. W. Norwood, 'laintifl,
'hos Q. Boozer, I)efendant.
- herein, I will sell at public outcry
before the ('our t f louse at Newberry
betweenl the legal hours of sale, on the
first Monday in leb)ruary, 1903, follow
ing lots of land in the Town of New
berry, South Carolina, conveyed to th<
said Thomas Q. Iioozer by Talula F.
Davis by deed dated Match :id, 1893,
andi recorded in Book 7, page 1.13, in thr
office of register mesne conlvevances o.
Newberry County, South Carolina:
Lot No. 1, cottaining Thirty-six On(
Htundredths (36-100) of an acre, mor(
or less, upon which is a live-room cot
tage and barn and stables, bounded b1N
Chne street, lands of Annie Wicker
Mrs. Aldr'idge, by Wright street, whici
sepaurat.es it from lanids of' M . A. Car
hsl1e and by other lanids of T. Q. Boozer
Lot No. 2, containing F"orty-eigh
One-Il unrdredlths ('-18-1t0) of an Acre
more or less, up~on which is a six-roor
cottage anid b arn and st ables, botuindei
by lot No. 1, (Cline si reet, Wright street
and( hmds(1 of Jlohnt W. Earuhar< 1t.
Lot No. 8, cont ainig Forty-seve
One-Hundredths (-17-100)) of an acrc
more or less, hound(ed by lancds of .Jt
W. Earharidt, (line' street Wrigh
s9treet andl other landics of Thos. dO
Lot No. -1, Containting F'orty-seve
One-Hundredt hs (417-1l0t) of an acr<
more or less, botudedl by Lot. N.
Chine street, Wright street and land
of Mrs. Livingston.
Also, all that lot of' land situatedi
the Town of Newherry, South Car'olimn
containing Ninety One..Il undredtl
(90--100) of iia are. mote or less, up1)
which is a four i-roomt co(ttage and oul
buildings, and repiesentted by plat daute
and executted by ,Jas. F. Glenmn, so
veyor, dlated Februtary 5th, 1897, atn
btounrdedl b y lands of Mr's. Sal lie 1.
TLeagute, separatedl thterefrom b)y Elmon)
street and lot of 0. 1B. Mayer and .J. 'A
Watts, and is the lot of hind conveyed 1:
Suswm 1. Mel ntur to Thos. Q. IBoo.e
Terms ot' sale: Onehalf of the pu
chase money to be' paid ini cash; tI
balance on a credit of' one year, wit
interest from dlay of' sale, criedlit p0
tion to be curedt '(( by thle Ibotnd of tI
p)urchauser' and a mtortgage of' the pr'en
I ses' sohl Ires pectIively. P urtchaseri
pay for' papetrs.
II. II. Il(KAlR, Master'.
Ma uster's 5Olice, Jant. 7 1903.
rpI'llE ANNUAl, MEET'lING 01" TH
. Stock(hloders of thet( Commerci
Hankf of Newher1'o, S. C.X, will be hie
at the Batik on Wednestbr'y 14th (lay,
,January, 1908, for ihe purtpose of elec
mng D ire(c tor's andi tr'ansa~ctintg stt
necessiary buisintess as will comce bef'o
the nmetig. Z1. I". W RIGI IT,
f2t- Cashit
A not her riici'louis foco,l fadl has bie<
r branded Iby t.he mcost comIten it atuthot
ties. Tht' have diuspclledl the silly ni
oin h t' kind of' food is niece ',
br'aini, antotbher lot mutscles, and st
-anotheicr fotrbhoneis. A ('0rriec t diet w
not otnly nori'sh a pattic'uiar part
.t.he hod,'y, butt it will suistin ever'y oth,
z p)art. Yet, however' good your f'ot
may be, its ntiment is destrtoyedl I
indigestion or dysptepsia. You mu
prepar'e for theirt appear'ance or pir
a vent, their' 'ominitg by taking regul
(loses of (Gereen Autgust Flower, LI
favor'it e medicini e of' the heal thy mi
lions. A few doses aids d igestio
sti mu hites the li vet' to heal thy act.io
4 purities the blood, and mfakes you ft
Ibuoyant andi v igor'ois. You can g
t.his ri'd oled reme'dy at W. t. P'elha
& Soni.
- Gel. Gr~teeni's Special Almanac.
The Riser Millinery Co.
t will htave' ~.e pre'tty now ribb)o
for holidauy trade. and( they ii
closinig ont ovuery hat and foathor
their stock at actual coat.,
T H E HOLIDAYS are now over, s
please call and pay William John.
son what you owe him. 3t
RESH car load of Gager's Cele
t brated Lime and Clover Leaf
Cement just received at William 'John
son 'a Hardware store. 8t
r NEW AND FULL stock of Paper
Patterns just received and are
sold for cash only, at Wooten's.
FOR RENT-six rooms and black
tSmith shoy).
Mrs. It. L. Paysinger.
FULL STOCK Butterick Patterns.
Sold strictly for cash at Woot
ens. tf.
. Cuffs right up to the scratch. No
I waiting, no disappointment at the
Newberry Steam Laundry.
W ANTED at The Newberry Hotel
.a milch cow, fresh in milk, that
will give four gallons milk per day. W.
A. Jamieson, proprietor.
can learn that the Newberry
Steam Laundary will give you satisfac
tion in any thing in their line. Why
don't you patronize home people?
k- are a nicely laundryed collar and
shirt. You can have them beautifully
done at the Newberry Steam Laundry
fora mere song. Then, too, you will
be helping a worthy home industry.
Sensible people will see the point.
ONEY TO LOAN--We negotiate
loans on improved farm lands
at seven per cent. interest on
amounts over one thousand dollars,
and eight per cent. interest on amounts
less than $1,000. Long time and easy
payments. Ilunt, HIunt & Hunter,
learn some day that it pays
you to let us dye that old suit for you
or clean and press it. All work is
guaranteed to be first class. Thousands
of satisfied customers will tell you so.
We are not playing for your dollars
only; we are playing for the future too.
Come and test the truth of our talk.
The Newberry Laundry.
S PECTACl,h A NI) I, MG LA -ish
llo your iN\4 n uhi ind hurn al
night? I have i it t'-.t I ritl ca-w (mi
fitting Siwetaclt s and l'vi t las+-t", it'd
clun fit th"" mn -! dillit;u't t'ni", wtith IIhe
proper Irls-tE" I i havi. 6tteid 1a+sts+
for the beyt rI opit" ill the r.uuty and
can lit yo'u. I use ol Ite beit, grade
Crysealine lnses. Com ant Wil give inc
a trial and bi e corvinet"d. Strii-tly one
price to all. GMU V DANI LH,
.1cweb-ir and t,ptician
Of the coditioll of the Newherry Sayigs
Baull, Newberry, Stale of 0lth Caro
ha, at the lose 01 Busiless, Decci
her 31, 1902.
Loans and discounts. .........$155,162 02
Bonds... ---------................. 2,200 00
Furniture and fixtures........1,300 00
Overdrafts secured and un
scured....................... 10,866 07
D)ue from banks .. ........... 22,377 61
Collection accouunt-..--......... 51 25
Cash on hand ..... ........ . 4,776 39
Capital..................... ...$ 50,000 00
Profits less expenises and( tax
- es aid........................... 19,595 23
1)Divid1ends unp)aidl:............. 237 50
-IDeposits....................... 151,891 81
Cashiier's check outstanding. 8 80
SBills payable................ ..5,000 00
$226,733 34
'Personally appeared before me .James
McIntosh, P resident ab)ove namted banik,
Sand madle oath that the above state
ment is trute to the best of his knowl
s edge and belief.
n AM ES MelINTOSH , Pnuts.
Sworn to andl subscribedl before me
Ithis eighth day of .January, 1903.
- ~W. HI. CAntwnu..:,
N. P'. for S. C.
e 0. .elR. hlmes.
Geo. S. Mower.
YBI. C. Matthews.
SProbate Jiudge's Sale.
S. Lafayette Fellers as Executor o!
Wilson Counts, deceased.
IHattie Ituff, ,Jannie Valentine, M inni,
Valentine and D). H enry Wheeler,
ail I Iherein, I will sell before the Cour~
1(1d House door at Newberry, --. C., on Lth
>f first. Monday, the 2nd day of February
L- 1903, within the legal hours of sale, t,
ih the highest biddier, all that tract, piec<
-e or parcel of' land lying and being situ
atted in Newberry county, State afore
r~ saiid, containing fi fty acries more or less
bounded by lands of F'red Stoc kman, 11
IB. Schumort, Calvin Long and1 A. Hi
n llawkmns.
i-~ Terms of sale: Ore-half cash, hal
~ance in one year from the (date of sak
>r ced(it potion to be securedI by a note o
il the purchaser and a morgage of th
11 primises sold, and to bear Interest ai
f aJper cent per~ annum, or all cash a
3r or,tion of purchaser.
d P~urchIiase r topafoppe.
at .January 8, 1903. Judge of Probate.
'Fir st an nouncement o
the New Store.
I have bought the stock of Counts
D)ickert, and I am going to conduct
.up-to-dlate grocery business in their o
I extend an invitation to my frien<
of Newberry and1 the surrounding coun
t.o driop) in and see me. My salesme
rs J. P. Aldridge and Clarence 1B. Slig
re will he glad to see them.
in (*. B. BUMMER,
INext door to Mimnaugh's.
New Year.
1 ~AE wish for all of
our friends and
customers a joyous
and prosperous New
Year and the blessing
of a kind Providence.
We thank you hear
tily for the generous
patronage bestowed
upon us in the past.
We will prepare
your medicinos as
usual, with great care
and accuracy.
Prescricption Pharmacists.
Mayes' Book Store
Yon can get....
Blank Books,
Day Books
Wedding Goods,
Birthday Presents,
All to be sold at
Eduard Scholtz's
Jewelry Store.
Hlas I he* prot tiesit stock of
Guns, Cutlery,
Latl I ev"ry ht ig ini thuis lin 10over
. b)roug2ht to Nowherry. Appropriate
, i Chis:masII p)reseInts. Call to FQee imj
Toys a Specialty.
SLivery and Sale Stable
bavo established a genrl up-to.
-la''s antd first class4
At Pomaria.
-y Theluy are p)repared1 to (10 anzyt.hig
l' ini the livery buisinies. Will keep all
kinds of vehuich's and1( ba,r,s for sale.
Everythiu.g first classu and( at reason.
able pl ices

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