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ars. and " t . et'. of chihlren thus
ratio,.These 1lhrdren hav rightsNAd
. b .si t e a
nTh alays have conro o,f hi s childre
in th ml ist rict. . Ift h chih,. is:,'
needed. in t mi.t h r is no, dic eto
to : the pa t e t to .e...t t e c
alays S easy. ,the l p l a
ma igthsae 1 .. ..... .to. .ih t 'egslaio a
aeto asr hichi , ..ha t woul notW
hut( themt l,hejstt:tn parttentyn
hae: read fot:;r:'t fthe welfaeof thes
chIild. Th s"chlr' ha erg t an
The Newiths nd Coriert by iott corre
ai serid ofaricle s onltheu cild t lbo
rllin. Thbsiey , parenm te stnd
noit alway he ills.antre mean ass ahrn
protht millhist:met f the purpo s o
theed ing th e . Wiltee hav no t et
Iinghsagmn tsol evee
fro te sanpo t o w ic heloke
a tt cn ti. 11shul b remem.
was sent 1.0 rpr codt ns y ;
nhewsppe thti' poedt n'ei
opportunity o view th suton hfron
vtha-.it si of the qusi.~ . u
If ome f hese familiese hae mak n
moremney hy regh main dotht byith<
habrs child rent- who inhrousld ea
chol and atesthe cst othe paestdons
notes alwype hof cotzensfhis in hef
intre anldiat heot. of the hild the
tolveh, fr-if tesepcitrr to lebchl
workedr constantly,n hiisannt
alwamsesoves. frthe ih epln abe
mcakin of wortk toe fgtheisnatifon
thildood The mahodld comanhoad
dare in bod mandr wichwold. o
huWte shalls hae mores to prs abod
hation revend bfore the wfoundato te
The ortwose was lid, has isconin
tuet puriaton Mr.~ Coh. is Terrls h
edito t buiness mnagher chillabeolt
his holetim t thepblictoe ofth
Johnonnio. Th,.~Le dis ctinanc
ofthe entine V eae aud with oney
oneo paper,' t~ hemtanar,ell,tedb
M:r. A.n B. Cal.~a e ,w r
A.. NY you ngma wha youn swoat
whore(lte would like. have in conve.
nient ke "ult ituminuld Caendarwet
Hrouste atendar fort 1903 wihte tooMac
atnid onwitlreceive soeld reurnemai
bfred lo hater. s nhe yie
The lAislalhmt 1eet todoy. There
'e mAg' 'import.Ant mAttors to come
before this Uegistntlr. It is composec
ver, lA? ely of new 'materi&l. The
nuestions of child labor, road improve
n'nt.. t.Axatitf Ai1 many others wiil
onme up.
'oa to mc?uee taxAt ion without im.
n\iring the efeiionc of the pelic s.r
I,r sa prohk'm. Tave Are still get
ing higher. even with inei ,lduA
Omn An t-he St.te is hoMwing monF
ilOc'' rel he 't !"m'w h'tre l r at
s O'St.n thl .'Ot pNots -fi ha-br
4eek ofi: the sesion. we
u kout the :Tt or' 2'.
T-a e arrng.\ for4." 'h'we vesr. by
Sb ae conurted.
-h . ga : has vryeew hl e
.an A', Stat laini tabe achosen:
:mda chie jutce of thse SuprLe
oT. a , i>v vcode co sonr, aoe verin
tendn of th .e penithe ntiar and.' num
b *r of )f+ sml boards. It\tistgenerally.
i'encode :d thsce utice . ..'
S:_L e."Z.
c t:. .M; "" ibr isc to1 \' bc A ihs
Poa wi be made iceof jtihe wueih
Tth'er iof the uenss a nu
For o c ois. te s enerallv
eracndidatsoan ed on uthiee umber
he . minikA chef newicbe rr
ot oposition a'd ie ould beh
a ldgisacmplien weas dveryed o
to see. h i chosen. i t b cost
Miss aord the pr theSet Iari n,e
shod here- oelected he isuincesvery
or, code co(m1missionelther ar suein
en cnio ten and amosn t ex e numt
lan dserin Doming woma Ne Herry
Polqiswinl ever ma emienutic witdfo
athe position and e aul b deadgand
tol se hi copient eldsevdt
she has several smaller brothers and
sisters largely dependent upon her ef
forts. WVe believe she will be elected
over all competitors.
Capt. D. J. Griflith, the present su
perintendent of the penitentiary, wil
hae practically no opposition. e i
a goodl oflicer ar,d a pleasant gentlenou
wvith hosts of friends all over the State
anti woultd be a hard man to beat am
we exp)ect to see him elected withoui
There are no longer any factional dif
ferences among our people and we ex
peet the legislators to wvork only fo.
the good of South Carolina.
The Dying Bloy.
Mother, I shall cross the river,
To the mansions of the blest;
There, no sorrow, pain or danger,
And the weary are at rest.
Surely you woultd not detain me,
Now I'm young andI free from sin
See the gate has op)enedI for me,
'Tis so easy to pass in.
D)o not spendi your time in weeping,
Lest the others go astray;
For my brother is in danger,
- Guitde his foot steps dlay by (lay.
Om ar to me, gentle sister,
t ,yyu adupon my brow,
O!the touch is soft andl tender,
All the fever leaves me now.
If my playmates come here, muother,
Give the boys a top) or ball,
And the girls a book or p)icture
There is pilenty for them all.
Mother, when your life is ended,
- Andl you reach the heavenly land,
You will feel my spirit presenee,
You will see a beckoning hand.
I am growing very weary,
Now I lay me down to Sleep),
And if I should wake in heavon
I pray tho Lord my soul to keep.
The Riser Millinery Co.
will hatve somie pret ty new rib)bon
for holidaty trade, antd they ar,
closing out nyery hat andl (fonher is
t.heir stook at actani oont
A Statement as to the Profits Resultin
from the Operation of the
Past Year.
(The State, 6th.)
The annual report of the State die
pentary showing the results of t.h
business for 1902 has been completed
The following figures are taken there
The cities a-i connties made $t2,
h'CC .6 out of sales of whiskey. $0
r1. 4 for beer, makir g a total $44S
79 7h The "'tate's neT1 I \-ts won
1$1P9A.89f .M: the tot. pofits of State
. ".st-oa:r . ...t 51.73 ber3C ,
sws No''rt
. y e hop ie - be' lk.4
f$.90 :a. israc S. 491 8c
*. ss by.A'N' ' 'Mara's dis
}'t,r r 4 4'
'.c'ry i' oss
I':'1.sr.cn.e 1.0o,"' .. 4,1 S0C
.9144. 1~: insurancec $1.So.1 2.144 17
I.oss by robbery:
Lori d:st ns r}" .. 4 R3
W'4inn:sboro diispensary ....... IVR S
St. Matthew's dispensary... S 95
Player's Explosion dispen
sary .. . . ... 4 3
Holly Iliil dispensary 76 0
Eutawville dispensary ..... 4 55
Revenue license 125 00
12 pints beer destroyed,
w orth1 es s. 11 ono u r a
Charleston dispensary...... 9y
7 worthless barrels distroved. 5 2'
Worthless stock distroyed,
l.ancaster ......... .. ...... 8 6'
L.oss by Summerville dispen
sary fire: Stock $2,875, in
surance $1,200 ............. 1,675 24
I.eakage, old wind. Darling
ton -- -- --. ----......... 5. 7
Total expense -............ $377,253 5
State's profit for year, passed
to credit of school fund... 123,699 5
$500,953 1
Net profits to town and coun
ties from whiskey dispen
saries ..........--... ........$382,6833
Net pr1ofits' from beer~ dispen.
$443, 198
State's net profits .. . 123,699
You May Not Expect
Good bread these Cold mornings
your flour is of the spasnbodic sOr
that only "'woirks by spells.'" Ye
can't be cert am -you don't knowv whn
to depend on. ''Clifton'' flour wi
bake to your entire satisfaction, dayi
and day out. It is not the best fbi
todlay and1( the next best tomorrowv.
is the best all the time and people wvl
buy '"Clifton" know it. Sold by E. I
Hipp, L,. W. Cosby andl Iayes & M,
Ied'( ini Lexington of typ)hoidl fevy
January 8th, 1903, the little dlaughti
of J. 1H. and Sallie Floyd. Aged
LAok up fond parents thy little one
not dead, but gone before,
She may not return, but. to her thc
shalt go,
Wh n thy (lays are numbered and fi
ished below;
And it may to thy angel child I
First to meet and( to wVelcome, ht
mother to heaven;
And there, reunitedl to part nlovc
One song shall ye sing and1( one Savios
ador'e. N. D).
Manag;er Wanted,
7 It!USTWOltTIY, l'lITI lt Slc
. byWholesale Mercehandlise con
aeIO!I erenaie V10wlpny of' solid financial standing, to mai
ganiz/e clubs1) among consumers))i~. 40 p
cent savedl for our~ customers, 1ius
ness no0 (xperi ment but, a >riioven su1
ces~s. Salary $18.00 aL week, expen
advancedi. E'xp)erienen mnne!cessar
Address 1). 11. Clarkson, Mgr., 3
peasrborn St.., Chicago, Ill.
lkour ! Flour!i
.i trade with all the hour needed nov
and will have 600 barreln more to rent
Pomarla about January 20th. Come
once and buy your Flour, and if yt
are not satisfied with prlcce and qumaIlt'
haul it back at my' expense.
January list. 1903. 'minh..
Note Our Steady Growth,
.Jausaiae 1, 1897~ $ 86,4l1K 29
Jatuary 1, 1898-S $4 030 40
Jautary 1, 1899-$ 42.3Wi 78
.l qui ir v 1, 1900 -$ 8,80.5 90
.-s4n"ary 1, 1901 - 14,0$1 62
J i'uvey 1, 1902 -$137 .4K 1 i
January 1, 1903-$163,161 K1
The Commercial Bank
' N V\r at'i:ttKt\. 01\'gg y
of ,lury~ t.'4mssiner forew
k%tKr +c.
w I V day o 1fl+
mne \Vetska. m,! in the oieo th
erk f ur f a i r, p
To Draw Jury.
N @TI FlS1 '% 1:t;1 GVFN THAT
Ptt Juye at the Februarv the
H.iof e 17 Cour ofressions for N1ewer
otyCunts. State of S uth carolina
w~onthe ?3.d day of J1anuary'. in,t_. at
nine m'umxk a. n.. in the oweeke of the
CNerk of Court for said .ounty. openly
and pumblicly draw twvelve jurors to
serve as (Grand .l urv men. for the year
149NI. and t.hirty-six jurors to serve as
Petit Jlurvmen. at the February em
Bof the Court of Sessions for Newberry
County, beginning February th, and
continuing one week.
W. W. CHROMER, County Auditor.
INO. L. EPPS County lreastter.
JN. C. GOGANS ('lerk of Court..
Board mf Jur Coi sioner s for
Newberry Counts S Cd
Notice of Final Settlement.
l wil make a final settlement of
the personal estate of ,ohn J. Amick,
deceased in the Probate Court for New
berry County on the 20th day of Feru
ary, 1 0. at 11 a. m., and wAill imm i
ately t.hereafter apply for a final dis
charge. All claims against said estate
must be presented or or tefore said
Formerly Rhoda F. Amnic k. Adm'x.
City Licenses.
. all licenses must be paid on or be
fore Saturday, 17th instant, afterwhich
date the ordinance relating to same will
be strictly inforced All licenses ex
hiothon firsember 31st last.
bin order of the mayor.
. H. Wheeler, Plaintiff, vs. Sallie C.
Wheat, Defendant.
6 aherein, I will sell at public outcry,
before the Court House door at New
berry, between the legal hours of sale,
on the first Monday in February,
190, the following described )roperty
to-witre Alby lo of land lyingse and
7 beingge f the, untysen; Stte houe
Lo-o sai ituat aued tfownr wos-d
of peitys value, nhonc assigne No
- ftino Mastr.Praerto ad frunnin
Tens OnitHundedths of anurce, ore
the lesse budd by lts ofayKedn
SallH. H. Wheat.
T Mm o alte neberry County
-mar' of sale, cred. 1ortio1903.
L .ot No wo, 2Plainurdfotthird
ofit hvrem, an wtle plic atpubnic o
ber the te.ourchose t pNewbr pa
btnthe legi as h.uso ae nt
STATt M Onday e m JFebruar, 1903, flo.
mg lot Wf anoinothe TowintifNew
heryi Sut aoina,cnet dt h
aitd. hos Q. Boozer Defenaua.
.1ohs frei,teril msenv atnlc outry
Neberryony, South Caroln,cved tona
- 1i0l Nh.ma, conBoinin Thirty-si FO
is Hlundredths (36-100) of an acre, more
or less, up on which is a five-room cot
u tage andl bar and stables, lboundled by
Chne street, ansof Annie Wicker,
Mrs. Aldridge, by Wright street, which
'- separates it fromi lands of M. A. Car
lhsle and( by other lands of T. Q. Boozer.
On< Iu -et t'hseoiaining Forty-eight
moire or less, upon which is a sixroo
r t ottg and barn andl stables, bounded
by lo o. 1, Chine street, Wright street,
randl land(s of John W. Earhardt'
On-lundr-e<lths (47-0)of'or ae,
r morel ar less, l)ii(l by an<ls of rnoh
street and other lands of TrhosQ
Boozer. -Q
On<-llunre(ths (4710)o a ace
more or lessa boundled by Lot N. 3,
,Cline street, Wright street andl lanai:
1- of Mrs. Livmngston.
i.'Alao, all that lot of land altuatedl in
r- the 'Iown of Newherry, South Carolina,
otainim Ninety One-Hu;ndredtha
~. 9-0) ofan acre, more or less, upon
..wih is a four-iroom cotta o and out
~ sidngs, and representedl hyp>at dlated
., and executed by Jan. 1'y lnn tr
4 veyor', da ited F'ebruary 56th,187an
b hounded by lands of Mr's. SalIie F
'l'engue, se parated therefroni by Plior
streait and1( lot of . B. May a momW
I Watts, andl is the lot of la rand on W.e b
,Susan It. Me Intuir to Tihos. byilox
IB 'lerms of nale: One-half of th zetr,
v, chase mnoney to beC paid( in cah pur
hI balance on a cr'eda r on ye wthe
at interent from day of sale edhpr
m tion to bo seea pb i; od or..h
A. urchaser and a mortgag ohe lrom
pay for papeprs. y rhsrt
Mator's Ofilc- Jan. Maater.
A \' A kv\k?N~. \
er:,l \\A\ \v
there are a gvodl mnany peotple
eeughing these days who eould just
as well not congh at all. Many peo.
pie endure a cough patiently hca
they have heten disappointed by
Worthletss e ngh remuedies and do not
reaize that there are other remedies
which are wh.ily "ntitled to conti
den ce.
Quick Reliet Cough Mixture
i,4 one of theso reteies. We have
abundant reason to know that. this
preparation is far superior to couFh
remedies usually sold, and w bile it
will not cure every cough, it come s
as near it as anything tat we have
tried. You can net it knowing that
there is at least nothing be tr. that
it huickly cures 90 per cent. of all
ordinary coughs. For sale only at
in endless variety.
fresh and luscious
delicious and tooth some.
Don't make your Christ
mas purchases until you
have examined our stock.
li-B. Jones,
Saeta Clalls lea4latters.
The following druggists ri qw.~sts the
holders of MI U ltNA con 1)0ns to b)ring
them1 in at once and1( s'eurS absnolut e
ly free, the regular siz -hbt tle of t he
Groat Preparation, MU I(NA W INJ'C
For sale only by Gilder & Weeks,
New 'ods
Wedding Goods, Goods,
DIrthday Presents,
All to be sold at
Eduard Scholtz's
Jewelry Store.
Totho neple
Wo deire to thank you for
ymir pmtronage during the year
which has just closed, and to so
lleit mn inrrfased patronage dur
ing thr yoar upon which we have
ontored, Your business will be
appreciate1 and our sole desire
shall be to please.
When in need of anything in
our line-and we have the pret
test line of furnishings in the city
-give us a call.
Ewart-Pifer Co.
Copeland Bros.
"Is the Place for Bargains,"
For the Next Two Weeks.
In Dress Goods, Jackets, Capes and Furs, Men's
Clothing, Boys' Clothing, Hats, Shoes for Everybody.
any Size and Style. Overcoats, Blankets, Lap Robes,.
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs, Neckwear, Gloves, Linen and
Silk Handkerchiefs, Silk Mufflers, Umbrellas and
Rubber Shoes. Also a nice lot of
Felt Shoes and Slippers for Ladies and Men.
Don't fail to come to see us,
if in need of anything in the above lines. We will
guarantee to save you money. We have a great many
nice and suitable things that you can give to your
lady or gentleman friends as presents for Christmas.
Come and See Us Often.
Almost every one has discovered that Wooten,
sells the best goods for the least money and
We Are Doing.the Business
Because we sell more goods for same money!
Same goods for less money!
wyAnd you may always count upon getting everything yon want in the
Dry Goods, Notions, Shoes,
Cents' Furnishings, etc.,
at the very lowest prices.
Come and inspect our line and we will (ind1eavor to make your visit
both pleasant anid profitable to you, and d1on't forg"t
The Place Where You Get Your Money's Worth.
20 yds. Sea Island Cloth at only 49 cents.
80 lbs. special Drive T wist Chew.' A .KETNRS
ing Tobacco at only 25c. per lb. _11 l good Rio Coffee for $1.00.
6 pakages (16 oz each) Wash Fruit Jar R'ihbbrs at ornl, 4e. doz.
Mason's Fruit Jars- I doz. s g alpiaLiissSipr ot
at ))c, I doz qis. at 73 . I 15 going at 69c. a pair.
w0 ar s . C ir n' i pp rs 13 l>ar~ (I od Washing Soap at
12 l6s. Arm anaidamm r Ke A )x~o a yt J. LETNE'S
oni arLyonly 225c
10 ydo 40 in. Heavy Sheeting at China Plat es, Cups i

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