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(fr jir1 and Pw%
How a Man Took a Punishment that He
Felt He Deserved, Then Reformed.
Col. Jas. A. iloyi, editor of the
(Ireenville Mountaineer, writes the
following interesting reminisent story
in the last issue of his paper:
The Laureus cor ospondont of the
Chaleston Sunday News furnishes
this interesting story of the past:
In the early tif'ics a young lawyer
just admitted to y -act ice was employ
ed to defendi a white man charged
with stealing a bushel of oats from a
rich planter. The whipping post was
the punishment for such oflense., and
there was no alternative penalty.
The proof was plain and the young
lawyer's humble client was prompt ly
convicted. When tihe verdict was
announcedti the solicitor cam1e to the
attorney and whispered: "B- -- , it
will never do for that white man to
he publicly whipped.''
"W ell, what's to be done about
it ?"
"I'll arrange it," the solicitor re
plied. A brief consultation ensued
between the solicitor, tt prosecut
ing witness, the judge and the sheriIT
Then the solicitor camet back to the
laws or. "Explain to your client t hat
if he will break from the steritT and
never stop running till be cross" tw,
Savannah river and never cross back
again he will t,.t be puirsued Th,.
State w:il be sati-tied if the man.
heaves the c, utt ry. As the shoritT
takes hin to jail from the court hou11
let him lag behi:. l: the sheriT wil
walk 80 feet in fro:t When the
reach the crner of ite alley Ieading
to the jail he inut run and nove r
1x k back. Ihere will be a mock
chase, t lt ut "1y1ur man1 reed do is
to ru. ."
i-: , ut.g .:hw o}xlaiUed the
progra.me to the convict, who stolii
l t"t:te I \\ he, I he sheritT ooh
h,.m hwy the lawer went out :oi.
the c .rt e --'ejs to see thm fun
Thl, -,r:tT, a- pron.isl, walked
ahe: i t t. r: or without look
ing I sek la.." appr.ach,ed the al
h Cy co .r Th:.- st,eritT p -ed it
The t :l; resLed t ar,l with ere
t, tie freo:, ti,arci ed del"iberhteh be
ht.,d the -LCr;$ itn the jai. it du..
t-Ne Ie t. ok i is threshu"g and t.
hc,me. lie preferred1 it to lesvir,g
Laurer.- county. A curijn- sequel,
th ugh, is that ie did later go t.' :.
o't.rr State and 'here accul,uiatte
a good property arnd was a highly
respected citizen.
[he editor of The Moutineer.
who was thea a boy ar1d a residehat
of La ron s, rem etabers t his inecident
very distitnct ly, as thiiis was th li~Ott
white ma. hie eve r saw ptuiihed a
the whipping po.sit, which int this in
stance was a tree that stood on th.'
soulthI side of th' court house andI
shaded the sheriff's otlie. M1r. Os
wald lRichardson was the sheriff, onte
of thle k ind(est hearted ma en that ever
lived itn Lau rets,amid like the so'ieitor
he (lid not want to see a white tnmin
publicly whipped, much less to iitieit
the pun ishmnut himself. The bopi
of the vill age gat hered around in
much awe at t he proceeding, and thbe
sheriffT applied the lash thirty nine
times to t he back of the culprit, bu:
it was said at the time that lie was
able to hit harder lieks if the law
had required it,
Our recollection is that it was in
the forentoont of a brigh t, atunsh in
day, arid when the law had been coml
plied with Mr. lRichardson told th,
young tian that he was free to ge
where hie ploesed, arnd taking witi
him a small bundle of clothles hie sei
out for his home itn the western part
of Lanrens. He was a strong, athile
tic, hiatndsotuo young manm, anid b.
walked away with a tirmt step to it
humbve count ry home, whore hi
tarried only long ettough to bid goo. I
bye to his relatives andti went imimede
ately across thle Savannah, tarkintg u11
his abode int Hart couttrt , (li., a het
he prospered andu was muchel re-ptiin,
by hiis neighbors
SJorme years aftor wa-dls w,- hear.
his htamoi calledl at Ame'erson, whten,
we were t hent living, anid a proiee
merch ant gave us an in t rotdItes' i., ii
his well to do ouilstomner from acros'
the river, but lhe didi not peri*ivi
that etch of as recognized the nantit
of the other, atnd both wvere t hinkinig
of the sorrowful incidenit at Laureris
thoagh never a wotrd passed het weert
us in reference to it. We saw hin
often in the years following up.s
t he public square atAniderson, sellin
t a ity or thirty bales of cotton at an
titne, hauled there in his owni wagonr
drawn by flue, large imnles, whicia
told the story of his prosperity
President Receives all Comers, Catch-as
Catch-Can--Seven Thousand 4Shakers."
'ayhington, Jan. 1.-President
Roosevelt'a New Years's reception
was one of the most brilliant events
in W ashingtoz.'e rievnt social history.
All callers wore afforded the oppor
tunity of greeting the president and
Mrs Rosevelt and exchanging with
hem the compliments of the New
Year. No distinctions were made
except such as were rendered neces
sary for the preservation of order;
and the greetings extended to all
high and low, rich and poor, were
alike cordial and sincere.
Today the general public, for the
first timee, had an opportunity to see
the widely heralded improvements
in the White House-improvements
which, when completed, will have
cost about $300,000. in addition to
a desire personally to wish the Pros.
si ont and Mrs. Roosevelt a happy
New Year, hundreds of persons were
attracted to the reception by a wish
to see the White House in its new
and handsome interior finish and
furnishings. To many who were
familiar with the interior of the man
sion as it was a year ago the changes
made were a revelation. While, in
a general way, the form of the in
terior has been rettained, in beauty
and effectivenes< it is wholly dif.
ferent. Jnst 102 . esrs ago today
President John Adams an . his vife
opened the White 1lusO with a
New Year': receptiot, to their friends
and to the publie generally. The
dawn of the first fete day within the
wallb- since become historical, was
accompanied by the noise of th saw
and hammer as was this day. On
account of the unfinished condition
of the lower floor President and llrs.
Adams received their guests in the
ro;"m on the second ii or now occu.
pied by President Roosevelt as a
lbrary. White the improvements
nov are tliore nearly completed than
wa, he mansion itself at that time,
it will be sevt"ral nontl before the
workmn will have tinished their
Millionlare Bradley of Wisconsin Weds
His Stenographer.
Milwaukee, Wis . Jan. 8.--While
sittir , in a chair today with what is
believed to be a fatal illnes., Williara
H1. Bradley, the wealthiest m.n in
Wisco'nsin, was married to b;s secre
tary. Miss Mary Hannu-aver. The
former Mrs. Bradl1ey died on N v. 18~
last. Mr. Bradley is said ti b'e worth
$40,000,000) and is associatedl withI J.
~J. Hill in many .sail road deals ini this
part of the (ounttry.
Jutdge Halsey went to Mr. Brad
icy's house and in the presence of a
few relatives united the lumberman
aund hiis bridle. His friends refuse to
discuss his illnes but it is said he can
not recover. Hie is 66 years old1.
Low Rates to Southwest.
On the tirst and third Tuesdays of
each month the Cotton Belt Route
will sell one way and round trip
tickets at one half the regular rate
plus $2.00 to points in Missouri, Ar
kansas, Lonisiana and Texas, allow.
ing stop over going, and ret urn limit
of 21 dlays.
T1his unusually low rate is for the
pu rposte of inducing immnigrationi to
the great Southiwest, it. is believed by
those who have mado a study of con
ditions that no territory ont the
Amierican Continent offers equal op.
port unities for farmting, stuck raising,
fruit. anid truck growing, or any of
he multiplhed industries4 that are
b)uildintg prosperous towns and( cities.
To t he person of liitied mleans
dasirintg a home, t his section of
countryn) offers greater ind(ucemetnts
han perhtaps any place on earth.
Tlhe fertility of soil, *'xceedintgly low
pirices of land, wild, open w int-re
Il ng growing su'tsonsu *'i',l,i
anu i ihree crops tbemd it, .
Inumbesr of adv'anntges .s ma~ It.
Sound il u's he rn~
IAt,y of tho following literature de
sortiptive of t he coatn ry an d its rne
sources along t he line of the C~ottont
Belt Rtote wvill be sent free to any
person upon)t appheliat iont
"'Homtes ini t he Southw~est "
-' "Glim se~s of ontt hit, M Iism uri,
"'brough TVexa. with a Cmr
"Fortunes itn Growing F"rmite and
Vegetales," " P'h lDiversier," a fruit
and truck growerb' j .urinal.
I ~ E. W. LaBieaumne,
G. P. & T. A , C')t tonu Belt Route,
St. Loni, M.
Will Give Philadelphia $1,500,000 Under
Certain Conditions.
Philadelphia, I'a., Jan. t.--Andrew
Carnegie has offered to give the city
of Philadelphia a million and a half
dollars towards the extension of its
free library system. Under the con.
dition of this offer this sum is to be
applied only to the erection of 30
buildings which are to be ueod as
branches of the main library. The
city is required to furnish the sites
for the buildings and is to equip the
libraries and afterwards maintain
them at. a yearly cost, of at least $5,
000 per building. The main li.
brary is not included in Mr. Oar.
negie's offer, tho city having already
appropriated $100,000 for the pur
It is not known as yet whether the
city will accept the offer. The sub.
ject must first be considered by city
New Idea Woman's Magazine
The principal feattres of the New
Idea Woman's Magazine for Februa
ry are, as always the ut litarian, and
in patterns, descriptions of costume,
fancy work, and domestic affairs there
is nothing in..re helpful to the home
maker now pulished: but the liter.
ary features are equally as valuable,
The stories are charmingly told and
well illu tr'ted. Mrs. E A. Osborne's
paper up,'n Litecoln, entitled "A na
tion's Patron Saint,' is especially ap
propriate, and Ernest Neal L-on'ee
po.'t on Washington emphasizs the
patrio:n' eloinent of tlhe contents.
M rs \W'ilson \'oodrow's article upon
M1rs. Fiske as "Mary of M agdala
continues the serie upon the promin
ont women of the stage.
The February Designer.
The Designer for February pro
vides for its many readers a store o
good things in which are cleverlb
conbined pract.icability and attrae
t' 'ness The' latest fashionabl
fea,ures ii millinery and dress art
give-li nro'ninint place, but nut ti
the e:lred iof other uiniters, espe
cialiy o e in which wouankind are
partcularly interested. The closiu
ehapters of I'h.' Apology of Ayliff'
t lben Olney Kirk's charming love
story, are given in this number; .
too are t wa delightfnl short stories
"Cupid's Ai 1s,"' iy in!ielmn.t Z>)llin
ger, andi '(Gnella,"' by Virgini
Rn-lder G3runly. "'Women in th,
NCew' Buis inii L'.~ if',"' by~ WVal dot
Faweeit r, arnd tho highly en t ert atining
and i nstruct ive udepar mnernt, ' What
Wto(Llen Are D)oing" s.how coneln
civelv t hat lie femuimneii sex ar,
usurrpmng some of the lau rels hereto
fore awarded to their fathers, broth
ers and husibanrds, A concl uding
paper on "At t ractive Corners" is fur
nished by Mary Kihiyth, and Adelisi
B. Board cont ributes ant odd and
clever parlfor drama, "'Good Will Con
quer After All." Among the shortor
articles are "'Theu Thoughts of Tiuny
F'olk," by Bierthar E. B3ush, "TLired
Errors and overworked E.loquencee,'
by Lowher Craig, and '"The Parssing
of th~e Rag Bag,'" by Hayrot Holt
Cahooni. Many beantiful fancy
wvork designis are' given thIiis month,i
crocket, I iee and1( embroidery all be
inig repiresenited, anid Valent ine
poetry arnd suggest iot s for Valerntint
entiertainmeni's give a snoesially sea.
sontable air to its pages -'Fashioni
arid Farieis'' "Points on IDres
maiking,'' -Toi let Table ChW,'
"Eit ique' ti 1 iHit,"' "Botok Notes,'
"lIa Moth.'rland,"' "Hldps Along the
W~ay" "'Floricultuir '" rand "'The
K itchien K ingdom"' are among thie
regular depart mon'uta of ITe De.signer
and are all of unrusuail interest thli
numrber. Monrning attire is itmade
special feature aumonmg t he fashions,
6 Fu
Free glarss
BAGGA(i! AGEiT MUtD11rlb.
Thomas J. conrad of Mason M.iot Down by
a Negro Employe.
Macon, Oa Jan. 5.-Thomas J.
Conrad, baggage agent at the union
depot here w.-,j shut and killed at U
o'clock this morning by a young ns.
gro etm pl;.o.. :.aned Osotr Shivar.
The killing was the result of a tril"
ing disputo with rtforenen to the no.
gro being late Sunday morniug.
Shiver made a dash for the swamps
and has not boon soon since the shoot.
Jiu Shtvar, the brother of the ne
gro who did the shooting, h't been
arrested as an accomplice.
lxicitoent. is intense and indigna
tion is openly expressed.
Whou Jim Shivar was being put
into the patrol wagon there were
shouts from the large crowd, "if you
were the right man you would nover
be allowed to got in that wagon."
Where the Fool Comes In.
[Chicago Record-Herald.]
They say that men are fools who make
Good resolutions that they break ere
Many days;
But ' tis not. so they're merely weak
Who know that they do wrong and
To mend their ways.
The fools are those who stand and
At other men for swearing off
The fool's the one
Who laughs at those who try to free
Themslves from vices, thinking he
Possesses none.
Address SOUTH
-...e..S. ..
edweed s eey.
W-m.saAmwO e.. .
Fu& . ONLY65
e,the Distillers, guarantee these
PRESS EPIdD, at'the flloing i$
II Bottles, $3.45. 10 Full Bottles 56,
16 Full Bottles $9.70. 25 Full
andl corkscrew in every box. Your- mona
UtERlcAN SUPPLY n0,n 6 aInSt
A MaViiftent Gi.
The Setldebakor Bron. Manufao.
turing Company, of South Bend, In,l
has jut,t. pree.ented.tu the Young Men's
Uhritiian Association of that oit.y
$200,000 it ouch, to ho ured in the
contruotion and equipment of a nag.
niiloent new building for the uses of
the Aetooiation. Thu building is to
be a meutorial to the original live
Studebakor Brothers,wh., have always
been cloyely ident"itietd with philan
thropic and charitable work. This
mtu::n .nt gift will give South Bond
one of the handsomest Young Moln's
Christian Ayeoeiation buildings in
the United States.
Pointed Paragraphs.
Whe a wolf changes his 'oat
lie does not change his app'.tito for
mutton chops.
It takes a brave man to face a
thing after he ban refused to counte.
nance it.
A man who has the gout foee
pretty good when he gets down to
ordinary rheumatism.
You have douh'tesc observed that
the maid who is i'; love with herself
has but few rivals.
No wonder men got discouraged
when it takes years to establishi a
reputation for honesty and sobriety,
while one can gain notoriety as a
thief or a drunkard in a few hours.
-- a.RAgEL ,
~oI eud...,
B. e. aas, I
good to be pureandg 7 ears
if hn p ainboe to a ad.res
asiller mmdprices:~m
66. 1 FullBotte .
Bo 5es$6.90.gg
y-ac f ota zrprsntd
Mempia, enn
All the National
Bank Circulation
in the United States could not
purchase the assets of The
Mutual Life Insurance Coin.
pany of New York.
Total oirculation of all National Banks in the Unhted
States, September 3o, t9ot
ANttts of The Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York, are
Isger than these of any other company in existetwe.
Slace organisatioe this Company has paid polivy
whoh is aMen than aty other Company in the worI
has disburs.
Write to-day for " Where shall I Insure Y "
RicsAwu A. McCURDY. Prealdent.
F. H. HYATT, Mauager., Columbia, S. C,
C. P. PELHAM, Agent, Nowberry, S. C.
U. 0. BBA'TD1, Receiver.
In Efect June 8, 1902.
isetween Anderson and Walhalla.
Mixed. Mixed
NO. 9. No. 12 Stations. No. Il No. N
P. M. A.3r. P. M. A.M)
3 10 9 ' ..felo.......... 8 20 .U0
2 48 9 8S........Anderson F. )......... 340 11 10
2 45 9 30........ Anderson P. 1)........ 3 45 11 16
........ 9 25........ W est Andetreon....... 3 49 ........
........ 9 09...............Deniver............ 8 69
9 02...............Autun............. 4 05 ........
..... 8 65 ...........P. Pou dloton . . . 4 11 .......
... 847. Cherry............... 4 18 ........
844...............Adams............ 421
. 8 28 .....Jordania Julict...... 4 33 '.. .
..... 8 2.5...............Seneca.............. 4 .8 ........
4 40
. 8 06...... ..West Union.. 504 """.
.800.. . Walhalla ... 6 0 ....
All regular trains from Bolton to Walhsla,
have precedence over trains of stme class
nioving in the opposite directton unless oth
erwiso specified by train order.
Will also stop at the following s!ations to
take on and let on passengers: Phluney's
James and Sandy iprings.
J. it. ANDERt+uN, Superintendtnt
Charleston and Wester Carolia RW Co,
&ugusta and Ashevillo Short Line
tohedule in Effect Jr.y 0, 190112.
Leave Augusta.................10 1t a in 2 55 p n.
Arrive Greenwood...........12 44 p in
Laurens................. 1 46 p m 10 30 a m
Waterloo (H. B.)... 1 12 pin
Greenville............12 22 p mn 9" "ia
Glenn Springs...... 4 45 p m
Spartanburg......... 3 30 p in 90 ir
Saluda.................... 6 38 p m
Houdersonvillo..... 6 03 p mn
Asheville............. 7 16 p i
i.oave.Asheville............. 7 05p in
Spartanburg.12 So a 3 x
Grenn Springs......10 0 a i
Greenville ...........126p5in 14;pm
Lauren.... .....2 05 pm 6 30 p a
Arrive Waterloo (1H. M.)... 2 33 p m
Greenwood........... 2 51 pim 4' p
Leave Anderson ...._....... 25 a In
Augusta................. 6 20p in, 1' .5I a in
Leave Colun- ba....--- ----, 2 rr.
Newberry.----..-.-.- 14. 42 pm
Clinton .......---- -1 25 p.
Arrive Greenville-.-------. 8 26 p
artanburg--.-----, 8 30 put
8enn Springs---.-- 4 00 pms
Leave Glenn Springs..... t. 00 amt
Spartanburg-----.... 201 pm
Greenvillo 12 5 pin
Arrive Clinton................ 2 22 pr .
Newberry. 3 061)1
Colum bia -..--.4 3u pim
Fastest and Best Line between Newbe,rry
ndGreenville. Siartanburg andO Gounn
Conneotione from Newbe ry via ( olumnbii
New berry andi Laurens linilway.
For ainy Informiation,. write.*
A upus.a. Ga.
T. M. .i n Traffo 'ana,ger.
(Ea.trn Standard Time.)
Southbound. Noril bound.
Sche dule in Effect Au gust 25th 1801
8 40 am Lv Atlanta ('.A.L) Ar. R --i pm
10 50 am A thens 8 9pn
,11 16 am Elberton 5 -7p
42 IS pm A bbeville 4 0- pm
1 22 pms Greenwood 8 ..5 cm
--2 5pmi Ar Clinton (D)In'r) Ly._2 45 pm
10 00am Lv Glenn tAprlngat Ar 4 00 pm
12 I2 pms 8parianburg 830 pin
122rm Greenville 3 25 pmn
(Harris Springs)
1 12 pm Waterloo 256pm
I4zn tr__Laurens (Din'r) Lv 2 '7pIm
53 52
202 Lv Laurona A r 1650
2(9 " ['ark. Ar 1 42
2 31 Goldville 1 17
241 .Kinard-- 110
249 (Msry... 106
2 of .Jalapa.. I 00
3 10 t4ew bcrr) 12 46
8234 ProSserit3 17 32
8 84 ....8llghs.... 12 23
389 (4 Mountain 12 l19
.881 ...Chapin... 12b>9
367 Hilton 1202
4 01 White Rtock I) 6s9
4 (7 Ballen tine il 64
4 17..lrmo.... 1I 461
4 21 ..Leaphart.. 11 40
~445ArColuumblaLv 11 20 -
pm am
4655 LvColun bia (A.o.L.)Ar II1 0
8 20 Mumtor 9 50
9 20A r Charleston Lv 7 0!'
nraissoi ae"d0 2arri7i and~depart frn m
Trast 22a siut8 fiom A. C. L. freighitdepot
tor cates, Time Tables, or further informa
W.o G.l oHn ary Agent, or wrIte to
Preside 8 n, Tra.M. FManager.
Columba9 t. Gen'q Frt. & Pass A.gt.
Thous h Tr ui ( N,rleston to (2ry nvl
7.0'1 am ..I ".. Charleaton, 111 .. ArONo.53
8.5 am ..LV....ne . Ar .2 ?umi
0 50j an ... L v..4:sitei - . r I 6.% #m
- *s . r... . Coinn' A r J -15 par.
~ 9 arn ....r.. .IProspflrlty . v 2 .1s pm
- p-.. Air. Neherry v 21 .0m
2 $..... Ar.......n1 on v. 2 0pua,
- A r....a..arens v 25 pm
Ar~....rrnvill, I . 1 pm
r. partanbur .2If.i
Iok -.~I s -nI laitoniI... 2
o n 7. 6 y W Yrk.~.. )
n i It2., a. '~( ; isocky
j"ug *4 4 r PW o. .ti, f. t
hot IP arr nr Clea 7 . y
r te, c tuu,te I. Writop~. tO k
C. * s; P'ss. A" t., Wi;on
T NM aihimerson 1~ . Trffe a ar Wi7rr ang.
nT. n1 .ieron, Ar mc Trat- iager, Wain.
Air Line Railway..
First Class Dining Car
The Best Rates and Route to All
Eimtern Cities via Richmond and
Washington, or via Norfolk and
Steimuers. To Atlrata Nashville,
Memphis, Louisville, St. Louis,
Chicigo, Now Orleans, and all
Points South and South West.
To avIannah, and Jacksonville
a,Iid all points inl+lorida and Cuba.
Positivelv :the Shortest
Line Between the,
For dotailed information, Rates,
Schedu lea, Pullinan Reserva
tions, &o., apply to any Agent
Trav. Pass Agt., Columbia, S. C.
C. B. Walworth, A.G.P.A.,
Savannah, (a
Prepared in any style
in the most appetizing
manner and served in
our convenient and
cozy dining room.
Everything the mar
ket affords served in
the very best style.
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ceries is new and up
to-date. We can give
you the best that is to
be had in the grocery
line at reasonable
& Call and see me.
Nea Post Ofce, wberry, S. 0.
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Natona Bfn of Nederry 8 C
(ES'rAnBIH E D IN I 871i. )
CapItal--- -- --$$50,000.00
Surplus and Profits - 96,865.88
General banki ng business, transacted
.vith promnenss. Speelal attention to
sollections. Correspondeonco solicited.
Savings Department.
Deposits allowed interest at the rate
>f 4 per' cent per annum from (late of
leposit. Interest payable .January 1st
md( July 1st of each year.
M. A. CAaLISLE, Preet.
T1. .8 DUNCAN, Cashier.
JT. W. M. SIMMONS, Anst. ('r
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HuntmngCr.eek " Iye, 12-qt. case 7.00
case Hunting Creek" Rye 12-qt.
pple liratmdy..........2 5
Charge of' 25c. for* 1-gal., 35c. for
g'al., d 45c., for 3- al. Jugs, and 75c.
- ' l-2gal. kegs; wifen returned pre
uti, they will be taken back at cost.
J. C.SOMERS & C0,, Dis.,
PA TESVIL LE, North Carolina,
Dr. Wooile"s RN RI
PPAINO.I88 r wo I.ky,.
sataom iees
Whtwkey Cure A

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