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The Newberry herald and news. (Newberry, S.C.) 1884-1903, January 13, 1903, EXTRA: GOVERNOR'S ANNUAL MESSAGE, Image 6

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Atl U im(e.'m rRIinf f.-oea im p,rl
i?t/rr: Cho efJpeslvn oyptna. aler'1ri
<t/w),/Ner -ttui' the Pne 1 I'e. uloo/ p
Contltemno:-t taka p14atrure in hear
ofer yur '"40tsrUMAtoU. Two botttuP c
be eat ing" benfoit, to " . it ti advertininr y
Y outn truly, W. lI. ltA N
All I)rulggists, $z.oo,
Bobbitt Chemical Co..
1 ' 1
Fish Act as Surgeon~s.
"A ong t.he C!artibbean Sa," sid~ an
eatist who hias reentiy reture f:ict romt
1Aoiic Tartis, "it is a eoi1mmon thing to
seIe meCn and( wA omen aifnt children sit
ting att tho b'ankst of alr'eams, with
lheir bare legs aoaking in the water.
"TheyQ3 hav'e at stranige teasonm for
Maouhile.1 by a little tisecta kind of
*t(i[--911Ieh butrles itself' in~ their flesh,
nd In very hard to dilldge; andI( so,
witmon thm.: t.Ieks have gaitten in thl(m,
- thiey go to the water bury t.he inufe(ted
partfs beenath f he sunrfa ce antd keep)
i-uite still. Thle fish haIn\ a fondml ...ir
far tie1re, anSd they hsaten to the
gaming uman flosh they <,0.. niam
.tigt.he tlcks out,(I dfvurC them~i.
,"hfl that mannter the (Caribs l1eh tar"
endfia.k ilCTI to not aSe sutrgeonsc. Mili-z
ittlt and i..liniess Oturgeons they'~ inaoke
too." ---Pihiladelpi a R(cord.
At You Like It.
I -pray de I,awd w id allI my mi ght.I
'o'' Chrhtii' LIm tim pass b y,
Iltt aVle li'r 'Possumi out er sight,
i'hi 'TurkeyC( 1(o)s' toto igh!
Oh, hl'h1erst,
Whaiit. you gwlne ter do
W"en otCle r'er 'Poss*llum gittiin' whine.
IOe Turkey know you, too?
I tlt Ur'er ' Possum: "i)I yo' fr'en.!"
Hie imaugh. en wink hia eye;
)Ir'et' Turkeay 'Itow lhe dle can't sleep
Onlcas hie roostln' high!
Oh, beibwers.
Whabt you gwinue Ltr do
'W'1n ol r'cr 'Possumi gittin' wise,
iilr 'Tur'key 1(<now you, too?
'"Mv mniter wa t roubled with
consumption for many years. At
inst shet wasl given up to die. Then,
she tried Ayer's Cherry Pcctoral,
and was speedily cured.'
D). P. Jolly, Avoca, N. Y,
No- matter how hard
yourI cough or how long
you have had it, Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral is the
best t hing you can take.
It's too risky to wait
until you have consumip
tinon. If you are coughing
today, get a bottle of
Cherry Pecctoral at once,
erto stres : 25c., EOc., $t. All aeekti.te
o e aui yo aa lwor h t a t:a it,
* thim can la eav. 1 an totn r.an t'.
tlr., aI ti Monl , rd It.xtiaetvl/ esil( toot
k idtnet. ).i, r," se f Ntosnaeri trioubles
tir(f'/lit/ gti'lles o Ie In le I llte.
itAI ,sron , N. U.
htin testluiony to thtu eua'ivo i ropta i.au
nIrnI( mny sou of a biut oase. It this will
ouir meriltorioals rentet v, you catn use It.
I. Shiratral, N. C. 1nsti(tttion fop. lita.d,
or expressage prepaid.
- Baltfinore, fld., U S. A.
A Golden Rule
of Agriculture:
He good to your land and }'our crop
will be t t(l. 'lettty of
Po taolsh
in the fertilizer slpes quality
ad(i <tantity inl the har- ,
Vest. Write us a(1
we will send you
Miar' mone y wtitming =',f ' '
bookAs. TIrH
93 Naman Street,
New York.
"a i~ai bot <n(i
aili .ahl. ('h'a aer
40td'-a~ o v.a cI(l.
*-~ ~ a ri , a *a i. I .:I
I -t f aa : inl 1 : ,
l1 1 I T Tl'l E Cs. OR1%. NA I l.\ 1'A i. 'Il .i. i
S ilt % Wllit t 1' PiLA N I s
I .lit t 4G18. it.'
e*Cuntal ogu .aat a pto lication- A nilc l itot
nreln n Loultoru, and larred t'tnnant Itnok.
FIll oi uele"d /'e kre1 " need l'hlletx a 4 c eneit.
Io ir.' 1ai...\ t Cla I NA TiUt.rAt, three innth.
o11 fat ~,'.r1ene.
.1. iI. WA'TKINr, d" litf0..
11n'leytro, V'n.
Science in Business.
In a recent issue of the journal of
the fBritish Society of Arts some strik
ing exatmples of the eftt'et of the use
of science in German factories are
given. In 184(1 154,000 tons of beet
root were crushed, from which S.
(000 tons of raw sugar were produ(ed
-about 5 1-2 per cent. In 1860 1,500,
0(u0 tons were treated, and produced
128.000 tons of sugar-8 per cent.
.a: t year 12,000,000 tons were crush
ed and yielded 1,500,000 tons of raw
siuga-13 per cent. This increase of
I luantity. ats well as percentage pf
prodilet Is due entirely to scientifie
t reaatmen t. Thep prorlutc tion of dry
colors, chemicals and dyes in Ger
annay athowa' a corresponding Increase
in paroduction and dividenad-pay-ing ca.
pacity3, which is dute to the :onlstanat
mltaitetace of' 1aboratories or tained
sclitists, whiose. only pulrpaose Is to
iiuProaa aind chapon' processes. ?
1Iatef:ectionls of aHchor
idea ' " "ne," ansiweredi Miss Cay.
I nne; ' h* Idea thlaat h1a vieawa ar ori
in:latonf Sta.
City Nt'pihew-I. not icedi that. t he hir
*ed timnt diadn't din k coft'ee fori brok -
fa st.
* l-'armer 1 banover---No! lie's :a fraidi
it will ke'la p a h i wal. dit:-in' the day.
" It('o w la ..e'llI have gooai wveathera
"Dntcare cf we doni't. WVe wos in
gIn fully so fuill den dat all weat.her
look alike tea' us!"
No mani b'comesH wia-c until he lasa
o fteni (-niled himsael f a fool.
Moiea aa(y. Mexico, is toa hav.e ;an aK'.etria
ri:ad systemu hirty mai's longa~, enalljing
lt'aw's Tin 't?
W ae .affer Onn luanndred iDnllaura l1owad for
nuyI' case5 or (taarrh fliat cannuot boea ured by
lual's C'attarrha t ure.
P. .1. (xENa"Y & ('aa., Props., Toledo, 0.
We, the undaaersigned, haavo k naowan F.' .Ch
naey for the hatt 15 years. anad believo lhun per
,fectly haonorsale ini all hutsineoss transaaltions
and t iilliy alo to ezirry out anay obaliga
t ioaa anale lby thecir ilra.
Wr.w' & 'VTn A X, Wholesale Druggistst,T'oled,
WAr,aaah,K lINXAS&M Anrt'S,Woles5ale Dru:g.
I iChts, TIolodlo, Ohio.
Ilall's ('attrrha ('ura' i tnkon internally, act
lng aiirectly uplonl tha balond and muclaOUS faur
fnves.- of thae syst,o'n. Praiena, 75a', paor hattlea.
8old by all 1)ruggista. TIestimaoiala fraue.
hlall's Famaaily PIils aure the best.
Oraderalhave beena a-aued Io Ih laou aaian
polii(Ce to forbhail thea sala'eu or use of phoaanoa
gaph ' oal ler- for the r'aerodutatiaon oa s:aced
I' fi'T-laarmaan'antly (uarnad.No fits or nerva uts
nas afte'r:irntu ay' ula. sa of Dr. K(linae's (irant
N r v a t ' oreaa.r. ' 21 rini buI.t tilenaad treat ina free
Lar. c:.ti. uw, Itd..'.>,'il Archl St.,Pl'a.,'a,
A lov.ers <tuarrel oftent serves to break
the mionaolony of lh apines.
Mr..Win-low'sa Meot haing4arup fo,r chaildlrar
ft(l hinag,sof tena I la gun a-, reducest'i inaihauana
(tion,allays pain a,eaaries windo aaal ie. 25c. ab otthI
Ilt isa mu-h easier to explound1a thle traitil
thtan to aaail a lie
Piso's Guare catnnot baa too highly.Sp Vfa olo
r a couagh cauro.--J. W. O'JhuixN, 2 1' Thrd
-.A venuao, N., Minapo laaiaa, Main., Jfan, d, 1J
(Ih. igea h'tan wit h theC left oar'
S Ohal .tais lacksa uof (hairas, etc., an ha
dyed ihl i A.tFn-rasD s
Th.e,Kn:aglisla ianaatge ii ipoke lby 11%,
000.000 naennle.
Simian, at Phiiadolphia Will: Only
Chum with a Cat.
The Zoo has a itashful monkey. The
keepters call hin ".tashful Willie. lie
was born in the (iarden one year ago,
and is the son of the large Japanese
monkey, whose .destructive proclivi
ties have earned for her the sobriquet
"Carrie Nation."
Carrie was with Willie in a separate
cago until he wan four months old. lie
was then placed in the targe cage with
the other monkeys, but he was found
to be too bashful to live in their com
pany. Ho kept on bowing rigbt and
left, but was too timid to eat or even
drink in the presence of others.
A special cage was placed in Keeper
McCrossan's office, and there in soli
tude Bashful Willie in thriving. The
only company he enjoys is Snake
Keeper Hems' white cat. which hau
become famotts for having one blue
and yellow eye. The cat pays regular
visit: to Willie and allows him to pul!
her tall through the bar.
A few days ago Willie had a cough.
and it was thotthit advisable to bring
the mother to him, but even Carrio
was repulsed hby Willie, who screamed
loud and buried his herrd in a corner.
--l'hiladelphia I.edg^r.
He Kept Cool.
One of the pluekiest tnings I have
Pver witnessed. says a trave'er, hap.
lene'd when I was sta.;ing for the night
at a country inn. I was on a cycling
tour at the ti:ne, and T 'had just ptt. up
my machine when a man on iorscbaek
galloped up it the i,ou door. The
horse was a splendid animal, young
and spirited, but its ri:ler managed it
with the most perfec' cast,. On clis
mounting he asked tthat his steed
might he turned out to pature--a
request which was granted.
in the morning as I was about to
recontmenc' my journey I overheard
the horseman inform the landlord that
he could go and catch his horse him
self. as it was ditficult for a stranger
to approach hin.
"No. no." said tIhe landlord. point
ing to the meadow. "lyye see that
We both tusrued and saw a red-eyed,
savage-looking hull regarding us from
over the hedge. Not far away frotu
him the horse was placidly feeding.
"le looks nasty," said the stranger.
"Neverthelcss, Fm going to fetch rmy
horse. 1 shoul.1 also advise your hull
to keep 1his (iistan'ce."
We both looke'. at him. There was
something in his cool as:surance that
was very taking.
Origin of "The Finnan Haddie."
Many years ago at a seaport towu
on the North Sea,, Port L.ethen, a fire
occurred in one of the fish-cutting
houses. and partially burned the end
of the structure, which was piled full
of lightly salted, freshly caught had
dock, which were lying on beds of
dry kelp.
After the flames were extinguished
and the charred top and side of one
of the piles of fish were removed, the
Maister Pulled ont one of the slightly
smoked haddcek, r,till warm from the
heat. He smelt it. while the curious
group of men around him watched his
every move, Ile tore off a piece of
the fish, and. and tasting it. took an
other hit. sagely nodded his head, and
passed it over to the foreman. Sandly,
saying: "Taste you it, 'randy! it is
nafe so nasty."
This p)rovedl to be a great (lay in
Port Lethen. for every fisherman in
the town had a haddie given him free
of cost that had been cured by the
amoa from the butrnlng kelp; and
from that timr- until thn piresent nio
one in Port Lethen or the greater fish.
ing~ village ai mle away. Findon, ever
cured a haddock except by smoking
themn over the burning seaweed.
The elevcrnrss of the Findon fish
decalere, in hieing the first to put this
new, cureid haude on the market won
for thlenm the glory- of the trade named
"Finn ldlie." which was abbre
viat(ed later on Into "inunan Hadilie.'
p It i.4 pure.
.:It is gentle.
.: It is leasant.
It is efficacious~
It is not expenI
It is goo<i force
It is excellent
It i iA per fectly t
It is used:( by mt
.It standlfs highto
If you use it y
Praise Pe.ru-na as a I
5. AS
.,' Y V . i :\ :, It
A Serious Mistake Which Thou
sands Are Making.
Thie firti ,-tagLe of 'aturrh i.s whant it
commonly known as "ecatching cold." It
muy' be in the head, nose. throat or lungs.
its beginning, is sometim,ev 'o severe as to
canse a chilr and c1onsiderable fever, or it
may be so slight nz to not htinder a perso:cn
from hti' usual busines . .In terhaps at
1!Ajt,rity of eases little or no attention
is paid to the fir.t. stage oft' Atarrh, and
hence it is that nearly one-hail nf the ptr
ple have chronie catarrh in "omne form.
To neglct a c-old is to invite chtronic"
catarrh. As soon as any one .discovers;
the firi-t -.vmnptoms, oe tatch,int eo'd he
sbould at. 1nce beg,in, the usne of Petrom::
accordin g to dire% iar. on thte bo";'!.
fM " ""1
enn v carwanre)
I hefir .tari ve t e ro a its m
common ly atio a s ciah fold. twe
maybe n te ea,se ( theroa. o ertg
cans a cill'and (cicaes. fe'r.ti
is pai InBth flrttag tlnta, a.a
'anegt a ud,1 isyr iTaa tc Good. se
-corin to ir toh by ur:
l e.
Gor laismes. C, Kysl I u
,af ude all ci lrm tcest l
iio soamilethe wortld over
st as lxd ive,swith P ins
Solveth best Daxas.ietewrl
ure for Golds and a
m ud ht, eohl is surc to p a1 iwaty
wt it.hout leavin g any bad effectt.
SIn es t him is done the cold in al
itost sure to,en.d in t.be.tecond sige o: -
rea.aarr"h, whie"h is makitig so manly Iiv-ue
nisetah!e. .1f .eruna was taken evers
time one has it cold or cough, chru,oni:
eatarrh would be practica ly an n.
known disease.
AMiss h'liz-he.th IUber. No. 57 .tussct.1.
--Ireet, Albany, N. Y. writes:
I have always dreaded unsettled
weather heer11ause of my extremne liabil
ity to eatch cold wIten at raltatrrhl
trouble would quicly develop through
my entire system, whieb it would ta
weeks to drive awal". I am thankful
to sayv t ha t, since I have taken PE
ItUNA I do not. have any reason to
dread this any more. If I have beet
at alI exposed to the damntp,wet or eold
weather, I takt, a dose or two of PE.
IUNA, and it throws out any hint
of siekness from my systemt."--M %is.
1littaheth 1 ther,
Mrs. M. .. Brink. No. 20 Michigaun ave
nue, St. Joseph, Mlich., writes:
"This past winte. durin the wct and
4cold wet+ther .1 taught a sucdden amd severe
avld, which developed a catarrhal condit.ion
through inV entire systemt, and so affectetl
m- getnera) healt.h that. I was compietely
trokrn down. and becamc nervous and
h1-}t.erical and tutfit: to .au ervise miy home.
f y physieiat prscribed for m1e. hut. 'one
iow I' nacemiteime did ue tno good. Read
ing of PEIUINA I decided to try it. Af
ler I had taken but three bot.tle-s I found
myself in ine health."--- Mr". M. .1. rliink.
Sibl A. Itadley, 2 Main street, 11untt
ington. Ind.. write:;: "Last winter after
.rettimg my feet wet I" began to cough,
whieb gra dually rew.:.worse until my
t hrat. 's rni aint ria . Orinrar. reie
(i' did niot help te and coughi remtit.i.
r.c,tta"ted ret. lheadingt an advertiSemc.e
-rokee Remedy of Sweet G
ighs, Colds, LaGrippe c
Capsicum Vaseline
Put up in Colln:psible 'rubes.
A Rlubslttite for and u ri.or to 'lustard or
any oter plarter, and witl not bIte~r t he mos0t
definaute skin. 'The icain sltaying aid curative
qualIties of tis a rtlete' are wonderful. It wilt
Altop thte toiot"nehle at once and relieve bead
ace arid sei. .lca.
We rteotenmen it ne the best and ttafest ex
lernal c,ountter-i-iriant known. aluo as an ex
ternal rermediy for p.ainst in the cheat,. and atom
ach arid all rh.eun:at ie.tnrn!ie nn! gouty ron
pltaits. A trial will peroveowhat we~. claim for it,
and it will be founrd to tbe irnvaluablle in the
llnutsehoIld. Many peonte say' "It is t.he best, of
all ynur p replarations."'
Price 15 cents, at all dru:gglst.s. or cit her denl.
erg, or by seniding this amount,1 t in 1x>stage
sttamps we will atend you a tube by mn.
9No art ier'should he accepted by t.he puthiO
u tnie.s the iame carries ouir flee!. as otherwie
it is nott enruine.
17I ttate Street, Niew York City.
Y Pay More__
Money Savin' (,jatogj gi
l i ona!ltx.-1 r li w it Aine atidiers' Addi
FRANK I.RI: 2,g-. Bx 1itDenver, Colo.
Iatllrt cd with -
si e, use IThomp son's Eye Water
Its component parts are all whc
It acts gently without unpleasa
It is wholly free from objection
It conitains the laxative prinlcip~
It contains the carminative pril
It contains wholesome aromnati
agreeable and refresing to t:
All are pure.
All are delicately blendecd.
All are skillfuilly and sc~itifien
Its value is dlue to ouir miethodi of
the orginiality and simplicity
To get its beneficial effects -- hi
San Fra.ncirco,
L.oultavllec, Ky.
F"OJ trALIE n 11. L )r,.
4' ' '. t
Preventlve. 3 atarr .
of wb. !A'.'iA could do, I cided to
try a 1'ottic, and you can imagine how
I d felt when it. begnn to 'relieve me
n tt very short timrte. n lea -than two
weeks .1 was cmnpkrtely cured. Sibyl A.
IYadh. .---.
l" rilh Me;altan, No. 1' .d street,
Albany, N. Y., write),:
"A few mnthS ago I suffered with a
$everc attacl of influenza, Whissh nothing
seemed to r clieve. ly hearin became
bril. my eyes became irritated and feverish.
Nothmig seemeied right. and nothin . ate
tasted -zood. I Look PlmINA nm within
Iw te:e I was pericectli ve)l."--Saralh
If you do not derive prompt and antis
factory results from the Rae of Peruna
write at once to Dr. Iltrtnau. givin a
full statement of your case and he will b
-l: i1 to give you his valusb e advice gratis.
Adr,,ress Dr. Ilart.muan., Pre,:itient-of-'Fhle
Ib rtman Sanitaerimn. Cnhubus. 0.
urn and Mulleinn&ture's Great
1and 1Mng. Troubles. Thoroulghly otedsc
u.All Druggitt. 25lc, nOo tomui sE$.00.
To Cotton Ginoers,
We Manufacture the Most Complete Line
of Cotton Gin Machinery of AyCompany
in the World, namely, the .....,....
We also make
Linters for Dil Mills,
Engines and Doliers.
We also sell everyhn necessary to complete a
Modern Ginning ufit and furnish our cus
tomers with ful detailed plans and ma
terial bills for construction of necessary
houses for our plants without ertra charge..
The Continental Gn Oonmpany,
BirmIngham, Ala.
nt after-effects.
ahle substanuces. .
lesi of plants.
ciples of plants.
e liqnids which are
de taste.
ily compounded. 1E
umanufacture and to
of the combination. lII
>y the genuine.
by ,iI
Now York, N. V. IjpI

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