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Columbia. S. C.. Jan. 15. Promptly
at 12 o'clock on Tuesday both branches
of the General Assembly were called
to order, the Senate by Lieutent Gov
erner Tillman, and the louse by Clerk
T. C. lamer.
In the House practically the whole of
the first day's session was taken up in
organizing and getting ready for busi
ness. Speaker Stevenson having been
a candidate for Attorney General in
the last campaign is not a member of
the present 1louse, and the election of
a new speaker was necessary. There
were only two candidates, Mr. M1. L.
Smith, of Kershiaw, and Mr. T. Y.
Williams, of Lancaster. Mr. Smith
received 9S votes and Mr. Williams 21.
Mr. Ilamer was re-elected clerk wit hout
opposit ion. and Mr. .1. S. Wilson of I,an
caster, sergeant-at-arms, and M r. .1.
S. Withers, of Chester, reading ierk.
In the Senate very little time waas
consumed in the election of oflicers.
The old oileers had no opposition, and
Senator Sheppard, of ldgetield, was
me-elected president pro ten, M r.
Stewart reading clerk and Mr. .1. Fred
Schumpert sergeant-at -arms. lr. lar
by, of Columbia, was chosen chaplain.
The annual message of the Governor
was presented and read in both houses.
immediately after the reading of a
special executive message anouncing
the death of Chief Justice Melver,
which occurred at his home in Cheraw
on Molday afternoon, each house ad
jour'ned as a testimnolnial of respect to
the memoiry of t he late (Chief .1 ust ice.
A child labor bill was introtluced in
the Senate on Wednesday by Senator
Marshall. 'lhe main provisiots of the
bill are that after May 1. 191:, no child
under 10 years of age shall be em
ployed in any factory; after \lay 1,
1-l90., no child under the age of II. and
after MIay 1. 1905. no child under 12
years of age. That after May 1, 1903,
no child under 12 shall be permitted to
work bet ween ie hours of 8 p. in. and
6 a. m., except to make up for loss of
time owing to accident. I'rovided,
that children of widowed mothers or
totally disabled fatihers, or children de
pendent upon their own labor for a liv
ing may be employed. Several other
lBills of minor impcrtance were also in
'I'he Senate received a message from
the Governor vetoeing the Bill passed
at the last session instructing the State
Treasurer to write off his books certain
bonds known as t he "I ,and Bonds. " ' The
matter was referred to the finance
committee. A speeal executive mtes
sage was also received recommending
that at soiime t imiie dllurling t ihe session suit -
able exercises conmnmemorat ive of t lie li fe
and services of the lamented Wade
Hlampton be held. The (ov. anounced
that he had invited General M C. 1 But -
ler to deliver an address before the
General Assembly on the occasion of
these miemor-ial exercises anid t hat Gen -
cral lButlecr had accep)ted. C.onniiitt ees
firom both houses wvere apploinited to
take in charge the arrangements for
lie exercises and it is probable that a
lay early in the session will be lixed.
The H ouse spenit the greater part of
of the sessioii Wednesday ini assigning
seats to members.
The following is the full text of a
child labor bill initrodlucedl in the 1House
today by Mr. F. 1I. Aull:
Sect ion 1. Ble it enacted by (lie Gen
eral Assembly of thie St ate of Southi
Carolina, that no child unideir the age ot
12 years shall be emplloyedl ini or about
any factory' or manufacturing estab
lishmsnt within this State unless a wid
(iwedi mother or t otally (disabiled father
is toitally dlepiendent upoin thie labo- of
suich child, or in case at child is :in or
phlani and hads no ot her means of sup
port(. N(i chiild undei- the age of 10
years shall lie employed undei- any cir
Section 2. That it shall be uinlaw ful
for any factoi-y or manufaceturing es..
t ablishmient to hire or emp~loy any child
unless thie-e is priovidIed and laced on
file in the otlice of such employer an af
fidlavit signied biy (lie par-ent or guardian
or' persons standinig in parental rela tions
thereto, certi fying the age andit date of
biirth of saidl child. Any p)ersoni fur
nishing a false certificate of the age ot
siuch child shall be deemedl guilty of ii
miisdemeanor and( uipomn 'onicition shaill
bie puniishied by a fine of not less thiam
twenty-five dollar11s mnor more than onc
hiundr-ed (dollars, or be sentenced tohiai-d
labor foi' a tei-m of one month.
Section 3. That no child und(er- thie
age of 16 yeairs shall be emloyedl at
labor or dletatinedl in any factory 01
mianu factuiing establishment in thi i
State betwveen the hoursu of 7 p. mn. and
7 a. m.t, oi- for more than sixty hours
in any one week or miore than ten hor-s
in any one (lay.
Section 4. That no child uinder the
age of 141 year-s shall he emplloyedl at
labor in or about any facioy or~ manu..
factur-ing establishment in this State
unless lie or she can readl and write his
or her niame and simp)le sentences in
the English language: Provided, that
the provisions of this section shall not
go into effect until the first (lay of July
after the passage of this Act.
Section 5. That no child under t.he
age of 14 years shall be employed at
labor in oi- about any factor-y or manu
facturing establishment in this State
unless such childl attends school, for at
least twelve weeks of each year, six
weeks of-said schooling shall be con
secutive, the year to be counted fr-o-m
last birthday of the child preceding
such employment, and at thencmi of
every year a certificate to the effect
that this law has been complied with,
signed,by the teacher of the school or
schools attended by the child during
said year, must be produet by the
parent. guaritti or persons standing in
parental relation to said child, and filed
by the employer of said child in the
otlice of the clerk of Court of Common
Pleas in the county where said factory
or manufacturing establislimetit is situ
ated. which certificnte shall be always
openl to public inspection.
Sect ion 6. That any person, corlpor
ation or lvpresentative of a eorlxration
or ianufacturing rtstblishment who
violates any of the ptvisions of this
Act, and who sut'ers or permits any
child to be em1ployd1 in violation of its
provisions. shall b' tioend\l guilt. of a
misdemeanor. and on 'nviction shall be
purnished by tinte of not less than five
hundred dollars, or not t's.s than t \ wl\ e
months' imprisonment at haid latr.
or both tine and impristnment1 . in the
discretion ot the court.
In the Senate Mrt. Nower retains his
chuairmanship of the tinance committee.
and has second place in several of the
other important commit tees.
hir-. .1. Fred Schumpert. of Newberry,
takes .1 just pride in the fact that he
had no opposition for re-election to the
position of sergeant -at -arms of the
Senate. Mdr. Schumpert has made
mny improvements in the hall of the
Senate and in the various committee
rooms. lie is a good ollicer and has
made himself very popular with the
niembers. hir. .1. R. Itoutlware. also of
Newberry County, has been appointed
one of the Senate doorkeepers.
'here have been a number of New
berry people in ('olumbia this wveek.
Amontg those here were 1)r. P. (;. E-lli
sor, Col. ). 1,. Sehtumlpert, Messrs. R'.
It. Miller, .1. I. lItedtenbaugh, and t'l.
WV. II. 11unt.
lion. -reeI ll. )ominick i:' here look
ing after his interests in connection
with his race for Code ('onunissioner.
Mr. )ominick is quite popular here.
and he fells quite contident of success.
.1. K. A.
Governor hI1eSweene 's last annual
message, which was presentel to the
General Assembly on Tuesda was
given to our readers in a special etlit ion
of The Hlerald and News issued early
'ueslay afternoon.
On all the import:ant questions now
before the people of South Carolina for
con1sitleration and decisioi the Govte
nor takes a decided and iumist ukable
position. lie stands stuarely for what
he believes to b. foi the best interests
of the State and the material advance
ment and the ment al and moral up
lifting of all the people. In the first
instance the Gov. notes with gratitica
tion "tlhe goodl feeling which prevails
throughout the State. and the absenc"e
of factional bitterness which at one
time divitded our people."' This is em
inent ly tirue, anti to this very tdesirable
tend, Governor MeSwveeney tduring his
adiminist rat ion of near-ly four years,
has veryv lairgely cont ribut ed. Th'le
Democrat ie party in Sonuth Carolina
once more presents a solid front, nor
are t her-e any fact ional biceerings in
the r-anks. No longer is a man choseni
for oflice beecause he happens to belong
to a tdominaut fact ion. Once again the
nmeritsa of the man anti the c'auses which
he champions aire t aken into consider-a
tion atnd make the decision which is
rendleretd at the ballot box.- It has
been less than a decade when such was
not the case, but, as notedl by the Gov'
ernor-, the wountds then made havec
largely healed anti now in the Demo
cr-at ic ranks theire is but one party,
and that par-ty is wor-king for the ad
vancement of Sout h Carolina.
The Governor- calls attention to the
fact that the St ate was forced to bor
row the full amount of the $300,000 au
thorized by the last legislatur~e, in or
de'r to meet cur-rent expenses. T1his
was made' incessar-y on account of the
fact that theit appiropiriation bill cai-ried
wvith it more than was irealizetd by the
levy foi- State putrposes. 'The Gover
no' suggestion that the appropriatlins
be kept within the( limit allowetd by t.he
levy oi- that the levy be i-aised to meet
the app)ropiattions, is timely and wvise,
Therec is nothing to be gained antd a di
rect loss incurriedl, by the State's co~n
tininiig to biorrow imoney to meet ('u
i-cut expenses.
The plan foir equalizting the assess
menit tof p)rop)erty for the piurposes of
taxat ion set. forth in the last message
is again pr-esentedh. That. the Ciounty
Auditor shall take retur-ns in each
towniship while present in t he township,
andl t hat he, wvith the tow~nshipl bioard,
wvhile present in the towvnship, be re
qiiretd to aissess t he pr-opert.y. That
the chairmetn of these towvnshipi boardts,
wvhich boartds shall bie ainOitedl by the
Audlitor-, shall constitute the county
boar-d of etqutalization, wvhich shaill go
oiver wvith the Auditor the re'turns for
the county and( hear t'ompilainits and ap
l)eals, thieiir tdecision to be subject to
apipeail to the State Board.i T1hiat the
Auditor shall not be aillowedt to go itto
a primary but shall be appointed di
r-ectly by the Goveirnor. The G;over-nor
also strongly ur-ges that thie mandlate
of the constitution be followed andl that
priop)e:ty be assessed at its tirue v'alue,
insteadl of at 60 or 75 oi- 80 per cent, as
is nowv the case in di feett counties.
In no other way wvill t axes bear evenly
uploni all the people.
A property tax is recommendled for
the permanent impr)iovemelnt of the
public highways. The plermanent im
p)rovemlent of our roads ia by far the
most important problem at present be
fore the people of this State, and a
property tax is its only solution. We
earnestly hope the Governor's recom
mendation in this matter will be fol
lowed. There is no necessity to argue
before t he people, of this county, at
least, the advantages of good roads.
We know the disadvantages of poor
roads, and we know that good roads is
now our most press:ng need. We must
have them and the only way to get
them is to tax all property and to build
Governor MeSweeney reeonmends a
compulsory eduieat ion law, and a plan
in line with the teommendat.ions of
State Snpel'intendenit of l;ducation Me
Mahan for t he inpv ement of the com
1101) stlt\\s lie also recommends the
p assag'e of a law prohibiting child la
b\r in the mills. Those qeWstions are
mntunattl c'onneettxe, inasimich as coin
pulso\ leucation will solve the chill
lav\r quest ion, and that > n anti-child
ldlvr law\ w oald make compulsory txiii
t on a nesst It is very generally
admlittedl that child labor is iniurions to
children of tender years. The ques
tion is, would it be wise that the State
interfere. or has the State the right to
interfere. 'hose who oppose the meas
ure claim that it would be an interfer
elee with family government. In the
words used by the Governot, ''this is a
fallacy. The child is not a chattel or
an accidem11. but it has rights in the di
vinle. plan which even the parent must
respect. It is here for a pai'pose, and
should have the opportunity for the
best possible training and eieation to
lit it for the accomplishment of that
purpose. Then, too, it is sometimes a
question whether the State or the cor
lporat ion shal1l say what is to be done
with the chil. for many times the par
ent who lives in 'he mill community
must he ioverned by what the mill
owner says. and cannot always send his
child to school. even if he desires to do
so, if the labor of the child is needed
in t he mill.'' The Governor quotes sta
tistics showing that the percent age .'
child labor is ral'idly incteasing. Otht,
States an d other counties have long
since ret'ogniized the need of an anti
child labor law, and have acted accord
ingly. South Carolina needs a law
pIrohibiting child labor in the mills.
She needs it for the protection of her
futlire citizenship, and the mills need it
for their own piotection. And along
with it we n,'ed a law compelling the
at tedamee of children bet ween certain
ages 1111on the conmmon schools.
The tiovei'no' sees no i'eason for the
creation of a loard of Pardons, inas
much as the responsibility finally rests
uo1n til Executives.
Tlhe sale of the property up1)on which
the executive mansion is uow located,
anid t he putlrcliase of certain property
belonging to the South Carolina Col
lege and the erection of a new man
sion is strongly urged. The plan as
outlined, if followed would give the
State a new executive mansion with
out a cent of cost, besides placing the
prloperty now used, u)on the tax books.
No one)1 who has ever' seen the pres
cnt mansion w'ill attempt to dispute
the fact that SouthI Carolina neetds a
new home for the chief excentive.
Attentioni is called to-the great num
ber oIf special courts now~ being de
manded't and to the matter' of creating
new judtic'ial circuits. No positive r'e
co1'Imedation) is made, though it is
stated, " thle argument seems to be
stirongly in favor of an incirease in the
number of circuits.'"
Veiry little space in the message is
givecn to a discussion of the dispensar'y
lawv. The (dispenisary has become the
fixed policy (of the State in dealing with
the liquor t ralie, and the only consid
erat ion now is the prioper'i enforcement
of the law.
All the dlepartments of the govern
mnit and( the State instiltitions are re
ceived, andt several other reconimenda
tions made.
Tlhe paper as a whole is a stronig one,
and1( theit Governoir is corriect in his 1po
sitions. Governor McSwveeney has
pllaced himself on record as seekinig the
advanicemnent. of his State along all
linies and the best interests of hier peco
pIle, and re(tir'es from ollice wvith the
comisci ousniess of duty done.
iIn te detat i of Chief dJustice Mc
Iver, which occurred at his home in
('heraw 01n Moniday a ftermnoon, Sou tb
Cairolina lost's one of her purie(st and
most distiniguishied citiziens, and hem'
most eminient jurlist . For' more than a
quiar'teri of a c'ent.ury Mmr. Mclver was
on theit Supreme benichi of this State,
eleveni years oIf wvhichi t imne lie serIved(
ats chie f justice, Eminently fitted for
thet piosititon by nature anid by training,
lie ever held the se'ale's of justice with
an evt'n hand, and1( gained for' himnselfC a
p1lace in thle hearts oIf the peoplle of
SouthI Carolina which it is piermitted to
very fewv mii'n to' octcupy. Th'le record(
wvhich he matde both in war and ini
petac'e is briighit, and st ainless. lieloved
and honoredl in life, ini tleath his memi
ory is revered, and his exhnmple will
('ver be1 lpoinited out to the youth (If the
Slate as wor't.hiy of emulation, Peace
to his ashes.
What it Means.
We're t iredl of answVering qutestions!
"Fewer Gallons; Wtears I,ongeir"
mieanis that yout donil'tI have to paint
youri house so1 oft en, anmd you dlonl't have
to uine so mu)1ch painit. Costs less forn
the job, and you don't have to (do the
job so often.
The ne(w painit is not niew at all. It'a
the biggest-selling paint in the United
States, and( the firm that makes it is
119 years 01(1.
D)eVoe Lead an l Zinc - 'Ower gallons
than mixed paints, wyears twvice as long
as lead and 1)11
Of County Supervisor for Quarter End
ing December 31st, 1902.
,35 .1 It Scurry, coim tax, $ 12 0(
83( .1 A ('ounits, col tax, 8 2(
837 .1 Ciowney, ferry claim, 12 5(
838 J L .I1i.muter, r ant b, 2 11
839 (;has 1'iduitarrth, r t,ld b, 8 8(
840 13 \' tiutiutan, r and b), 2 0(
841 (eo 1 14uratrd & Co, s't'ry, 6 5
143 .J S Me'arley, co[u tax, 5 0a
844 J 11 W icker, coin tax, 1 0(
845 .1 L 1Cpps, juror amid wit, 7 7
845 F' .1 tia rut n, r a1 nld b, 11 4(
46 i 1 4 t bummer, r and b, 2 31
84; \V T Price, 1 and b), 6 St
$48 '1' i Folk, r and b, 2 U(
49 \V Q Sense, r and b), 8 4(
850 W A I1iiiii, lunney, 5 1X
$51 Wl A 1)uu1n, chalingaig. 3 7:
$52 .\st ini \eVtitc, ferry rlanil, 4 lk
858 ,1 1' liutchit,som, r amnd b, 1 ?7
8-\4 .1 IJ ,Pohusonm, r and b, 10 0r
5 .1 W Hopp, r and b, 6 4(
had1' Ii Knard, chaingang, 4 2;
$5 \ W 14 UUra hatu, r amid b, 2 at
$58 J 1. Dt'tlsol, coin ft'ov, it
859 .1 1.'al 'ook, colm tax, 5 lK
8t;1 ) 11 I't'torSon, dauages, 3 0
8ti2 1 I l)t ttlimemk, cotl tat., 1 1
$68 t' t4 lileaste, con salary, tU ;l
8tI tta\sor .\ \liiter,cout'uug't, 1: .
1W .1 1 Epp ., treat, salar), 27 7
0i , 11 t'hiapp el, 111g salary. 119 (1l
%til J 11 .torlis, eni tax, ' 3 (
81.8 13tltlet to t'toilt'lIy, c'ti t'x, 5 (kl
-(;. tlienry Davis, (t 1ry 'lait , 1 01
i W 1) Sten), lunay, , 0
8.'l Levi 11ritt, pauper, J UtI
i. .J S Siutt h, r amid b, ; Ii
'3 1' M Ittdsav, cor salary, 20 81
s - 11 t) 1.og, r and b, a1 41
$ 13 1. % 1 erts, supt ed sal'ry o4 1 i
I" l\uulloo, cha1i1lga1g, * i5 oi
\\ A l'ounts, 1t ag t'al''ry, 1) (t
s J A 'ounts, cou salary, 1 0
17 ' 1t.t"hardsa,11 t 75 00)
60\ A \1 ounts, act ig cur, 8 50
581 Ut) W\ Sett;e p ui, 5 0.t
882 1 51 Schul tpe't, supsal'ry, 12d 01.1
:33 J1 1 Hnuter, elerk salary, 32 50
S.4 J tl ggans, el'k ue'rt sal, 43 ,4
N33 \l 11 513tlutord, jail report, 4t) (HI
H6e l r Davis, terry clainu, l UU
\1 ,\l itotrd, s,hri 't ex, 3 2
885 Ienj Halfaere, te"tu stlary, 12 5U
881w J \ L"loe ti, cotu salarv, t 2
3' ut eau, r antd ( , 1 I
92 T hi \ ilhaius, t"ut salarv, ; toil
'1 T i \\ i1itius, cot salar%, : t ,e
,4 W\est 1)1lietr"eulg ('u, ''gt, ; 5l
e5 lto 1) liartLm rt& t'o , st'n , ; ki)0
5 A T '' Smoa, patlper, 2 UU
\V (' Sighh, nag sailary, i 0l
813' J I Wiat kitls, eutualgange ; ,l
99 A \1te 1iar. , D,attelr, 8 (it
900M Vi \V Fair.ra, cotn salar toe e
.''I1 1 liotikUll.;l[, e" g, 15
91': ["red littnl(IsUt, e p, ;L
tit J A) Su bet"r, e) liet", 50 UU
.'t'4 1' Jl 1)atvetprt, to"u tax, Oil
9.00 011is l;tuullttu, terry ceo iii, 4 56
11Uti 1 11 Hl p, r adtt l,, ; ;16
.107 L I 1' tirem, c g, 2 8
0 HU Watktts, cotu tax, ti a
'9l l Ju3 L 1'.pps, juror amid wit, 1 4u
910 J . L 1 14l0, t t , 2 25
911 1 \\ Fat , l.g soiy, 1'2 1
'J 12 J t lluckektt, cut saelta', l3 51.0
J1a ileury Iavis, terry clhe,tu, (i 031
t11 J 51 Kiiblrr, lutnacmy, 201 l Ul
.115 J1 It :'1t , r attd U, I2 75
l ,t b '1' T Pugi coemn ttax, I O
.1i T het SpleI, r anditl t , 10 (H
!118 .1 Lt) 1 E111w, treats salatry, '; 77
Ill') ' (i K.isor, 1iliunay, ~ 5u
121 1t-io L)errick, ferry clatim, 4 SIJ
1l -\ 1 . W :cker, r antd b1, 8 01
1422 J tlu l'tte".)uu, Cm)i tax, 4 01
1123 Levi Brit , pauper, 2 01
E2'1 8 \\ crt.-, sua,t cd salary, 54 1
12 J H Kiiard, r aidt U, (1 75
. 2+ l pi i: , ollice t.x, 93(
1427 C H 1'dla el, t' g, 7 5(
1(28 L M1 Sueers, e g, 10 01.
1(213L5 Spte's, jal' 3 x, 27 71
1(30 Li via.gston & Llumimick,ch, 71 3a
1(31 1'. Cabaniess & Co, e K, 2 51.
032 Ii S Nolaned, e hm ex, 3 31
033 J Y Floyd, conc sal, 0 21
1334 J 14 Hunter, clerk salary, 12 St.
935 Lou is I4otehaic, fe'rry claiiue, 3 Ut
1(30 B C Lovelaoe, cowu lax 0i 01
037 J 11 \Vest. e g, 2 7;
1(38 VI 1 & CogS we 1 Co., st'r'y 14 0(
1330 'e, 1' & Coegswell Co , s 'ry, 1 41
9)40 Kmieg lare: ii are Co, e g, 12 Lit
9341 F 51 Linidsay, eor sealary, 21. 8
1(42 5 A J ter, r & b3, 2 01
1)43 J \V l{opp, icnag salai y. 1) 01
9)44 8 W l4rowii, coini tax, 12 5(
1341 Austi V'ance, terry claitu, 4 0(.
1(46 Sl 1) Sieit h, (oiti fees, 3 21
1(47 H 10 ['odd & Co, jail ex, 1 71
918 1)14 Whieeler, r' & 3, 4 01
11 Ca rdoria 31,rslball, e hi ex 3 01
1(50 A L Colein,m, r & b,, 3 03
1 1.) OHeut3z, 1 uacy, o li
1(32 1) T1 Wicker, r andii b -> 01
1(53 8 51 I)uieau icin tax 1 0i 5
91 l' jj Ellisor, iming siaay, 1) 01
1135 J F Croticr, coiti taCx, 1 01
135(1 5l 51 Saermeiwhitue, eor c'ole 2 (it
1(51 WI WV tromuer, atd saelary 138 71
1(38 J (1 Long, r iead b, ' 2. 01
1339 Sliltoni Lake, r aled b, 1I 1.3
53101. W 1' Leapticcrt, coin aux, 3 01
1(3tieuda 14 l4.e.giae, coti (aX 3 01
1(02 T1 Ji l400zcr, coecc I ax, 1 01
1303 J1 11 ACulloughe, ph,13s, 31 01
1364 10 A D)ickeri , cou' lax, 1 01
005 J1ulo L Cook, coni tax, 1 01
916 J L IEy ps, juror an d w it, 1,06;; 81
1(07 J HII Liigstonee, coui su 1) 1)
1(118 A I) J ohnsomi, coin 1 aux, 1 01
1(1119 1Dick iHo bert ts, r aned b, 3 lt
1(7(3 Jos WI llrowin, r andt b', 41 51
1)71 51 11 Folk, r asi b, ' 4 01
1)72 M1 H Folk, coin taix, - 01
1(73 J1 W ECarhaerdt , enC.&-i ex. 7 01
1)7.14 Hlieitzeey, eIic'ti ex, 3 31
1)73 A T1 8ltni, paeuIer, .O
1(711 1) W Weckeri, r 3an3( b, I 31
1377 (1I $8tin~ier, r cuti 3, 103 00
1378 J1 K l'Ieyps, CeUo ax, ' . 7
9321 1" L Lorniccick, r e,'cd bi 'I 1)t
1(813F 1.) J1ietz, p re, ' 3i3 0
1)81 .3 11 tinge.r, cmm tax, 4 0(
1)82 .J I5 Aamy bi>m, (1cn sairy 6 21
1383 C C Sligh, con salary,' 17 01
1841 W F,' Johnson3, r amid 'b, i C
1383 A L, Wilso, r cald bi ' :-(1
1(86 AliL Coisi,, coici ' , 40
1387 1 Z~ A ct lies, Ccm teex, 3 31
1(88 A 14. (oe's, ('011 tamx, 1 0)1
1381 P rese tnI )oui ick3:, r cie b3 '2 0
1313( J L' ICyp ls, juro arele i wit, 71 S(
91)) J1 L~ 1jep, Iteas seaary 27 y~
1312 J1 11 AleCuliiloughi, co phy , :1 I
1313 10 8 We'rts, smipt. eel set, 3
1)134 1" 51i Lauleea), cor sal 21$
996(1 1 8 Werts, OIl 'x,e 3 X
1)97 Wmi .Johnsieoi, r eal i. , )1) I0
1)18 WVm . John soi, en ii :6i
1)131 L evi bIntt, panuper, 2>(1
10)00 jU lleiir, uingsl,21(1
1(312 J1 51Siiii Ne t'nler, ies, 11 (
1003 J1 Y F'loydl, comi semi, 0 23
104 JIos WVilbur, coim taix - ~~
13(5 J3 A Iltirtoii, r eatil b , 2: .
3(30) liegiu, ir andi i, 3
11)07 WV1 1 Lesteri, co iimxax
1008 .J BI flunlter, elk aind amty, 2.(
11)1)1 Ienj Ililla c e, coin Hel 1504
1(31) 5 N floudc(ersonm, ferry eaim, 30 tg
10)' A T1 elciai, paumper, 2 131
112 1 W ["edericik, dlisief'i, 1 3.
1I0i10 0 W Loieg, coain tax, 2 00
1014 Juo0 C Paeyihiiger, r at md 3) 73
10315 A P) WVeroe, conci (ax, 18 013
11( HC Mi I.eaue & CJ., r amnd b3 8 00
10)17 O. Klelttner, m g ' 810
1(338 1. K lot toer. c Ilmm, 31 643
1019 W P Lfa1 heart, cotmt tax, 6 00
1020 W P L' apheart, r Had b, 0 45
1021 F 9 nlayl,iu, tuag sal, 10 21
1022 Fred R'ins')n, o v, 75
1023 '1' A Ep ing, coi tax 3 5t
1024 H1o kin Her "y, cow tax, 1 00
1025 Jost8 S Ruf c g. 1 55
1020 .1 .1 Ioutshore, Comn tax, 1 50
1027 J W Stockman, oiln tax, 5 00
1028 J M eliumpeIIre,t, coat ing't, 6 44
102) S W Iundrick, colu tax, 0 00
1030 .1 1? romier, (m)III tax, 2-00
1031 1, 1) lorris, coli' tax, 0 75
1 1032 C 8 Sther, r and b, 3 00
1088 J J Johnson, cmu tax, 11 10
1034 ll W Huuidrick, r and b, 1 50
1035 (1 A Long, r and b, 2 15
1036 '1 L I)oniuick, com tax, 20 00
1037 .1 Ht Wollinse!N, com" tax, 2 75
1,-8 M I, Long, coin tax, 75
1031) W .J Cromer, com tax, 6 65
1040 F M Lindsay, cor sal, 20 83
1041 1E P Mat.thews, r and( b, 2 40
1042 .1 J White, ohing, 2 05
1043 '1' Mc('ullough, co tax, 3 0W
1044 J 1 Schoultz, comu tax, 3 00
1045 '1' C Huntriek, e pin tax, 2 00
1046 W W Caldwell, Coi tax, 1 00
1047 henry Davis, ferry claim, 12 00
1048 '1' C liudriek, r and h, 1 25
1044) C ( Blease, coil sal, 162 80
1050 A , 'hrailkili, r and b), 1 00
1051 J R Perdue, comi tax, 3 50
1052 W C Ilayes, comn tax, 5 00
1053 ,t .1 1E;1 ing, com tax, 7 00
1054 1' 1 Leavell, r and b, 28 5^
1055 E 1 lLeavell, r and b, 13 14
'056 W ) Cruu )toi, chug, 2 00
1057 1) M Hedenr tingh, r and b, 42 95
1058 A 'l'ho:nasson, eo houe, 32 52
1051 ,1 , Hurns, chug, ' ) O0
1060 R J Mil'er, jury and wit, 21 00
1061 E ('aaniss, ohng, 3 75
1062 Austin \'ance, ferry claim, 8 00
1063 E Y Morris, ehng, 101 38
1064 W It (Irahain, daniages, 5 00
1065 Jos Wood, jail ex, 2 25
1066 Town of Newberrv, rent, 8 50
1067 J It Simison, r ald b, 7 20
10(8 J P Kinard, r and 1, 25 00
10(1611 (eo \'augh' ti, r and b, 3 50
1070 li,awkins Bros, cbug, 1) 00
1071 J \\' & 1 E I. 'ig, r utin b, 18 35
1072 11awkiis liros, r ani b, 13 52
1073 E L, May er, Cling, 5 20
10174 Hia es & MCart y, 'o hone, 57 00
1075 S K 13oukuight, chng, 4 30
1076 H 11 Folk, r and) b, 8 01
10717 J (' Deliellics, coin (ax, 5 50
10 8 W1' 1" Sub)er, mtag sal, 9 1)0
10,71 It M Suher, con sal, 1) 00
10Z0 J t 1l)oliunicIk, r and 0, 3 00
1081 W 1t Johnson, r aiid h, .1 00
10s2 I A (irilihi & Co, cluig, 5; IO
l03 i A Tiitlin & Co, chb1g, 12 25
1084 S H Aill, r ant b, 30 05
10S5 F I H'.yd, w aunt I, 50 t"
l0' 13 H Koou, cheug, 75 00
I0", H M Ktiot, ling, 6) 00
10"S 1 11 Rika' id, l110 -ex, 11 20
1('1 .1 I 1irotii, r amid b, 2 00
1010 I) 1' 1)otiluiek, r at d b, 1 00
101)1 (. t) lIluuter, r atI b, 20 80
1092 A A ( lc'lanud, coi (ax, 1 00
11093 V J t'outatitr, "oth tax, 3 00
101)4 Levi Hrttt, 1 lulauer', 2 0
1095 W I' Pri."e, r amid b, 1 ;(
10:16 J t' Salier, Cling, (0
10117 P It Elllsor, mag ral, 1) 00
109 i M Werts, r antid h, 6 00
101)9 1 11 Mc.'ullought, co phi vs, I ,I)
11(11 J Ht M. ('ullouglh, eo phI, , 15 65
101 J H1 MctCullouglh, luniacv, 5 0u
11()2 F L Paysinger, ollict' ex, 2 00
1103 .1 H- Liviugstot , con sal, 11 00
11(11 hIet"~ .Ioli it ne, cht g, 50
1105 J1 H ::u1sont, terry ret"it, 7 20
1106 1) F Payiit gelr, r aintl 1, 1 00
11(17 M 1 Hufor,t, (lietiug pris, 55 20
11(18 M I Buford. di I ting p is, ; 0 60
1111 Ni 1 Hufo -id, dietiig pris, 57 40
111(1 M1 M Huford, she'ritT ex, 203 35
ill Allen Houknight, r and b, 50
1112 .1 11 Villiainis, tnag sal, 1 00
1113 3 J \V Wicker, r amid b, 2 (0
1114 \V W Cromner, and silI, 35 112
111 5 .Juo 1L Epps, ollilc ex, I1 63
1116 J W '' Sanders, .ow tax, :225
1117 J S Howers, ecin tax, 2 25
1118 T P Richard--on, eh-g, 75 0
1119 .J H Koonx, r iad b, 3 47
1120 Sehu mpe-rt & Lester, ch ig, 26 50
1121 \V WV Hodges. Ilunacy, 31. 00
1122 H H Schbumpert&Co, panup'r, 32 ').
1123 B H Sebunpert & Co, 61 66
1124 J1 A Subher, eo homie, 11.0 00
1125 C2 1. Sligh, coin tax, I 50
1125 J1 A D)ominick, euoin tax, 11 00
1126 S J1 1h-rrick, ei bd ed, si 1e
1127 (' H Tid well, ('or conii, 8 00.
1129) .1 T1 C ahmms, te'rry elmi, 11)01. 0
1130 Aill, hlentz & Co,, elang, 5 70
1131 AulIlI-lentz. & I 'o, eo hiomue, 1! 60
1 132 Aull, H-entz & (Co, r and b, 2 50
1133 H R Lo)ng & Bros, r and b, 24 -13
1134 WVht Disimifeet I 0, co horne,~ 7 50
1135 R Y Lea veIl & Son,, conti ng't, 11 III
1136 J1 M Schofum p- rt, ol1lee ex, 2 o
1137 H C .Jones, elk g .j, 5 6 ,
1138 T1 J Ihavet Port, r anid b,. 12 79
114(0 E(C Cromer'm, r and bi, Ill)
1141 \' E & I ogswell(Co, at at'tj'v, 39 (Jo
1142 \V E Pelhamn, eo homea, ' 75
1143 J A Hurton,. r anid b, :; 42
I 144 .I W. Ropp, m,)ag sal, 11(1
1117 M) M- Huford, hrasal, 583 3
118OBMayer, lunn,ey, 5 00
Supe'rvisor Newbuerry* C2oni v.
11a1 t ho prettiest stock of
Guns, Cutlery,
I Tableware,
and veryhingin his line ('yer
brought to No'wherry. Aprpriate
Toys a Sipecialty.
Fir st announcementof I
the New Store,
I ae h)oU ht the stcek of Counts &
ut t > at ro
I eted n iniao to my in end
to ldri -nl e me y salesmnen
-. P.Arige and Clarence B. Sligh,
will ho glad to see them.
Next (lom. to magh
That's what the woman has who owns 1
one of our labor-saving machines.
That's what the woman*>
has who owns a hand
some, durable BUCK
That's what the man has who pays the
little fuel bills caused by a Buck's Stove.
Ginger Ale !
On the Market.
W. G. Mayes and
Gilder & Weeks.
Red Star Whooping Cough Cure,
A Reliable Remedy.
\Vn invu your order., o I mil, if it, is rIo alwy. conve
nient for 0ou to coei rig:Ia t' our stourH Weo u. gkfrnst care
i1o packing satf' iy, a-'d v''ry N w of onlr paickages' air. ever
damaged ini I ransir 0., or b* rs amIouninIIg o> $5.00) or over
wVe prepay e'xprP&H ('h arges On manyr~ pacikages~ which goi
for a -ew e(ents by mn il w.e prepay postaigi. You need
niever be~ afraid, I f 8en.!iog~ t i u m. n- m-mey,fo we make
ebangei and return th nxces "y il, u t as atihe tor
On r mnailI order bnima~ is ra 'id!y i ineensing, a is prov
ing a great aIc)ommoda'itin -id 8satis'atin to t hoan wh
order by mail. Ask .sonr ua Iebors. t.> ordI*r w i b lon.
Weguaranten Ma isfaec i-m, or mnon " refn did.
Pairti inlar P~harmiats, ( 'orm-.r D)rng St<re,
NEWIiRty , 8. C.
Red Star Whoopin.g Cough Cure,
A Reliable Remedy.
Almost every one has discovered that Wooten
~els the best goods for the least money and
/e Are Doing the Business
3ecause we sell more goods for same money!
Same goods fog less money!
iry Goads, Notions, Shoes,
Gents' Furnishings, etc,,
thei very Iowesi.t pijiue.
Come andi' inspori(t onlr 'line ,111 We , wil n'uI'&~ omk our visit
The Place Whare Youl Get YourtMoney's Worth

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