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Shooting Occured on Main Street in Colum
bia and the Wound is Thought to Be
Fatal--Full and betailed Account
of the Tragedy.
[Special to The Herald and News. [
Columbia, S. C., Jan 15, 6.30-Lieu
tenant' Governor James H. Tillman this
afternoon shot Mr. N. G. Gonzales,
editor of The State newspaper. At this
hour, 5 V. m., Mr. Gonzales is still liv
ing, but the general impression seems
to previil that the wound is fatal.
The shooting occurred about 1.46
o'clock on Main street, near Gervais,
just in front of the street car transfer
Mr. Tillman and Senator Talbird, of
Beaufort, were walking together from
the State house. Just after crossing
Gervais, at the corner, they met Mr.
Gonzales. Without a word, so far as
can be ascertained, Mr. Tillman drew his
pistol and fired. A boy who happened
to be near said that immediately after
the shot was fired Mr. Tillman said:
"You'll stop that now."
Another report is to the effect that
Mr. Tillman upon meeting Mr. Gon
zales said: "I received your message,"
and fired.
- Another still says that these words
were used by Mr. Tillman immediately
after the shot.
Inquiry fails to reveal any indication
of a message having been sent by Gon
zales to Tillman.
Mr. Gonzales when shot clasped his
hands to his stomach and was in the act
of falling when caught by gentlemen
who rushed to the scene. Supported he
walked to the State office, only about a
hundred yards off.
Col. Tillman was placed under arrest
and is now in jail.
The Evening Record states that Sena
tor Talbird, who was with Mr. Tillman
said when asked about the affair that
nothing was said, that there was no
The pistol used by Mr. Tillman was a
very large oue. There was only one
shot fired, the bullet entering Mr. Gon
zales stomach passing through and fall
ing to the ground. It was a 33 calibre.
Col. Tillman was immediately arres
ted and taken to the station house.
There he made no statement. Later he
was called upon by Senator Talbird and
Hon. F. H. Dominick. These gentle
men had been with him only a few
~-"moments wvhen the sheriff drove up in a
Scarriage and carried Mr. Tillman to
'' This is said to have been thei first
~~~eeting between Mr. Gonzales and
fIr. Tillman since the campaign,
fl Mr. Gonzales very vigorously opposed
r. Tillman in his race for the gov
J. K. A.
The Auditor's Rounds.
Auditor Cromer or an authorized agent
now making a tour of the county for
te purpose of taking tax returns. He
Will be glad for as many as possible to
meet him at each app)ointment. His
appointments are as follows.
At Newberr-y Janua-y 1st to 15th.
At Chappells Januar-y 16th.
At Longshores .January 17th.
At Whitriiires January 19th.,
At Maybiviton January 20th.
* Death of Mr. Lewis R. Boland.
* -The following account of the death of
M.Lewis R. Boland,of Columbia, is
taken from The State, of the 15th inst.
Mr. Roland was a native of this county.
He was a son-.in-law of Mr. W. HI. Blats,
of this city, and has many friends here
Swho will regret to learn of his dleathi:
Last night at 11:45 o'clock, aftei- an
Sillness of 10 weeks' (duration, Mr-. Lewvis
RB Bland passed away at his home
in the northern suburbs, lHe died of
a complication of the hear-t and kidney
troubles. Mr-. Bolandl w.as a well k<nown
carpenter. He was a brother- of Police
Offcer G.o. F. Bolandl. His mother,
three hi-others, a sister, his widow aiid
five children survive him, lie was
about 40 years of age and was a native
of Newber-ry county. Hie has lived
here since 1880.
Bditor Aull Reslins as Private Secretary.
The following is taken from the Co
lumbia special to The News and Coui-ier|
of the 12th inst:
Private Secreta-y Elber-t HI. A ull, who
has been the effcient private secretary
o.f Governor McSweeney duLlring his en
tire term of office, handed his resigna
tion to Governor McSweeney today, to
take immedliate e-ffect.
.Mr. Aull took occasion, before hand
ing in his resignation, to d1ispose of
every scrap of business in the offce
* and to get all re ports r-eady, and he
leaves a clean des k and record. Gov
ernor McSweeney has not vet indicated
whom he will select to hol the piosition
fo,r the week until the change of Ad
ministration occurs.
Mr. Aull will qualify tomorrow as a
member of the General Assembly, and
this is the reason why he resigned as
private secretary.
Mr Aull has made a most effcient,
The cold weather hung on pretty
steady this week.
Mr. Geo. B. McCrary, of' Clinton,
was in the city Wednesday.
Miss Bessie Foster and daughter are
visiting relatives in the city.
Mr. L. A. Riser of Columbia, has
been in the city for the past few days
visiting relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Blats left yes
terday for Columbia to attend the fu
neral of their son-in-law.
Miss Florence Werts left Wednesday
for Williston, Barnwell county, to
teach in the graded schools at that
Mrs. W. Watts Davis, of Clinton,
who has been on a visit to her mother,
Mrs. Mattie Glenn, returned home Wed
In the absence of Auditor Cromer
Superintendent of Education Eugene
S. Werts will act as one of the jury
Sheriff Caughmau, of Lexington,
came up Wednesday and got the es
caped convict that had been captured
by Sheriff Buford.
Magistrate Chappell had an amusing
case before him Wednesday morning,
which he disposed of in his usual origi
nal and inimitable style.
Govenor-elect Heyward will be con
fronted with several petitions from
Newberry by persons desiring places
on the constabulary force-all good
The Knights of Pythias will hold their
public installation of officers in their
hall this evening and immediately after
wards enjoy a banquet at the arnAry.
The experiment on a cement sidewalk
will be made immediately from the
postoffice to Jamieson's corner. As
soon as the material arrives the work
will be put down. is it proves satis
factory bids will be asked for and the
3ontract let to put down the sidewalks
>n Main street.
Still Secretary Aull.
Maj. E. H. Aull having resigned the
position as Private Secretary to the
3overnor in order to quali*y as a mem
ber of the Legislature, Governor Mc
Sweeney on Tuesday appointed Mr.
Jno. K. Aull, of this city, to fill the po
;ition for the week more that he will
emain in office.
Junior and Primary Union.
The Junior and Primary Union will
meet this afternoon at the Central
Iethodist church at 4 o'clock. The
)rimary lesson will be taught by Miss
,4ellie Chapman. These meetings are
ery interesting, and all who are inter
3sted in Sunday-school work should at
Mollohon Mill Stockholders.
A meeting of the Stockholders of the
Mollohon Mill was held on Wednesday,
but no business of importance was trants
icted except to increase the capital
stock of the mill from $200,000 to $500,
)00. Everything in connection with the
mill is working nicely and the promot
3rs are highly saiasfled with the success
so far attained.
Child Burned to Death.
A little negro, the child of Jno. Wil
son, who lives in the northern part of
:he city, had it's clothIng to catch fire
wvhile standing near the fireplace Wed
iesday morning, and it was so badly
aurned that it died within eight hours.
rhe child's mother had gone to the
spring for water and left the child
Health Inspector Bishop.
According to previous announcement
n the papers the Board of Health held a
meeting Wednesday evening for the
purpose of electing a HIealth Officer for
the ensuing year. There were several
ipplicants for the place, but Mr. C. W.
Bishop, who has filled the place for the
ast fewv years so accep)tably to the
Board, wvas retained for that service.
Married in Columbia
At the Hendrix House. on Wednes
lay, January 14, by Rev. Griever, Miss
Bennie Wheeler and Mr. C. R. Parnell.
P he bride is the beautiful and accom
:lished (laughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. I.
Whecler formerly of this county, but
mw of Columbia. The groom is a
popular young man of Darlington. The
young couple left on the 3 o'clock train
for D)arlington, their future home.
r'he Herald and News wishes them
much success in their new home.
Malicious Mischief.
Monday night some night prowler
sawv fit to pull dlown fences and jerk off
palings quite promiscuous on Nance
street in Ward I. One panel of the
front fence at Editor Wallaces' resi
dence was torn dlown, several palings
jerked from Mr. L. M. Speers' front
fence, and two or three p)anels of fenc
ing at the Renwick residence were
down. The city police have a clue to
the guilty party andl if enough evidence
can be obtained to make a case the of
fender will be brought up and given the
full extent of the law.
You May Not Expeci
Good b)readl these cold mornings if
your flour is of the spasmodic sort,
that only "works by spells." You
can't be certain-j au (don t know what
to depend on. "Clifton" flour will
bake to your entire satisfaction, (lay in
and (lay out. It is not the best flour
todlay and the next best tomorrow. It
is the best all the time and people who
buy "Clifton" know it. Sold by E. R.
Hlipp, L. W. Cosby and Hayes & Mc
The Commercial Bank of Newberry, S. C.
Annual Meetiqg of Stockholders.
The annual meeting of the Stockhold
era of the above named Bank was held
at their Banking House on Wednesday,
the 14th day of January, 1903. Mr.
L. W. Floyd was elected chairman"and
Z. F. Wright secretary.
The president's report showed the
following interesting facts with refer
ence to the marvellous growth of the
Bank. At their first annual meeting in
January, 1897, deposits amounted to $36,
416.29, and a continual increase until
on January 1, 1903, deposits amounts to I
$163,161.61, after paying all expenses
and six per cent. in dividends for the
year 1902-the sum of three thousand
dollars, which is six per cent. of the
capital was added to profit account
which made a net profit to the Stock
holders for the year 1902, of 12 per cent.
of capital stock. They also have a
savings department in which they pay
interest from date of deposits at rate
of 4 per cent. per annum.
The following directors were elected
for ensuing year, viz: 0. B. Mayer,
L. W. Floyd, Geo. S. Mower, P. C.
Smith, Geo. W. Summer, W. H. Hunt,
A. J. Gibson, Z. F. Wright and Jno. M.
Kinard. At a meeting of the directors
after adjournment of stockholders'
meeting the following officers were
elected: Jno. M. Kinard, President;
0. B. Mayer, Vice President; Z. F.
Wright, Cashier; James M. McCaugh
rin, Book-keeper.
This Bank starts on the new year
with the brightest prospects for a con
tinuous growth and prosperity.
Sold at Public Outcry Monday Morning at
Goldville--Bond Holders
Buy the Mill.
The Blalock property at Goldville, in
cluding the farming lands and the
property of the Goldville Manufacturing
Company was sold at public outcry
Monday morning and brought an ag
gregate of $62,500.
A farm cotaining 1,365 acres, known
as the James River Place, was bought
by Mrs. M. E. Browning of Greenville,
for $13,500. Mrs. Browning is the
daughter o, Mr. J. S. Blalock of Gold
ville and owns considerable land in the
The yarn mill, having three hundred
spindles, the ginnery and oil mill, cot
tages, etc., located on a tract of 119
acres of land, were sold together and
bid in by William C. Miller, agent for
the bond holders. Mr. Miller is a mem
ber of the law firm of Rhett & Miller,
of Charleston. The total bonded debt
is about $66,000. It is stated that for
the present the yarn mill will be oper
ated without any changes.
The Goldville Manufacturing Com
pany was organized some three years
ago, Mr. J. S. Blalock, his son, L. W.
C. Blalock and his daughter, Mrs.
Browning, being the parties chiefly
interested. It was conducted first as a
partnership and subsequently was in
corporated. About 13 months ago Mr.
Blalock assigned and later the company
was placed in bankruptcy.
Items from Beth Eden.
Mr. R. H. Burton and family, and
Mr. Geo. Sligh left us this week for
their new home. We will miss them in
this community.
Mr. Andrew Cromer will occupy the
house vacated by Mr. Burton.
Mr. James Stephens has moved to
the Sondley place, and Mr. Ed Cromer
will occupy the house in which he has
been living.
Miss Bessie Sligh and Master Claud
Sligh wvent up with Mr Burton's family
but will return in a few days.
Miss Mary Cofield paid a flying visit
to relatives here last week.
The children had a delightful little
party at Mr. A. C. Slighs lately.
Miss Annie Suber, after two weeks
visit here has resumed her work in the
school room.
Mrs. B. A. Hawkins, and her charm
ing little (laughter visited relatives and
friends here recently.
Mr. W. T. Cofield has traded his horse
and bought a nice mule. Mr. Joe Domi
nick has also been trading and has a
pretty horse.
On the last preaching day at Beth
Eden, Rev. J. J. Long gave us a very
interesting sermon, after wvhich the
Sacrament of the Lord's Supper was
adlministeredl. For fear the services
would be too long the installation of
Elders was p)ostponed until next preach
ing day, at which time some Deacons
will be elected.
It was my p)leasure to attend the
teacher's meeting on Saturday and
listen to a very interesting lecture from
Dr 0 B Mayer on "TheBloodl" and one
from Prof. Patterson Wardlaw on the
"Principles that Underly the New Edu
dation". One will have to know Proj.
Wardlaw in the school room as I (10 to
realize to wvhat a beautiful extent he
puts his methods into p)ractice.
A happy New Year to you, Mr. Edi
tor. We have enjoyedl your paper dur
ing the years gone by, and shall look
forwardI with lelasure to its coming this
year. We shall strive to do better
in the future than we have in the past
and thus show our app)reciation of the
nice paper you send us. "Nita."
Jan. 12, 1903.
The Riser Millinery Co.
will hanve some prett.y new ribbons
for holidlay trade, and they are
(losing out every hat and feather in
their stock at actual cost.
The Annual Meeting of Stockholders
Fine Showing-The Affairs in
Excellent Shape.
The stockholders of the Newberr
National Bank held thier annual meetin
on Tuesday, January 13, 1903, at whic
meeting the following persons wer
elected as the Board of Directora
M. A. Carlisle, R. C. Carlisle, J. D
Davenport, George Johnstone, F. N
Martin, Geo. S. Mower, P. E. Scott
W. T. Tarrant and D. H. Wheeler.
At a subsequent meeting of the Boar
of Directors, Mr. M. A. Carlisle wa
reelected President of the Bank, an
the following officers were appointed
T. S. Duncan, Cashier; J. W. M. Sim
mons, Assistant Cashier; F. N. Martin
bookkeeper; H. T. Renwick, collector.
For the past year the business of thi
bank has been very successfully carrie<
on, and from the statement made tho
financial showing is very gratifyini
and highly satisfactory-and the affairi
are in excellent shape. The deposit:
have gradually and steadily increased.
This bank was organized in 1871, am(
since that time the total profits, les:
expenses and losses, are $564,879.73, o
which $493,500 has been paid in divi
dends to the stockholders.
The bank has unfermily paid from
to 5 per cent. semi-annually, and dis
tributed 76 per cent. on one occasion at
one payment.
A good feature of the bank also is i
savings department, where interest at
4 per cent. is allowed on all deposits,
payable in January and July of eacd
The bank owns a substantial am
modern two-story brick building, front.
ing on the court house square, witl
good offices in front, accessable to f
stone fire-proof vault, fitted with f
time lock. For the further safety of it,
deposits, the bank authorities hav<
purchased a burglar and fire-proof Cor
less Safe-equipped with all modern ap
pliances against fire and robbery.
This bank offers special inducement.
to those who wish a safe place to pui
their money.
Every facility is also offered by thi,
bank for making collections at ever3
point; buys and sells exchange at cur
rent rates; discounts notes at the low.
est rates of interest and conducts
general banking business, and has ai
extended correspondence with bankor;
and business men generally.
The National Bank is an enterprisc
of which all Newberrians are proud
and one with which it is a pleasure t<
do business.
News Items of Personal Interest Fron
Prosperity, S. C. Jan. 14.-Messrs
W. H. Boozer, Charles Schumpert an<
Dr. R. L. Luther spent some time ii
Columbia this week.
Mrs. L. T. Brown, of Spencer, N. C.
is here on a visit to relatives. Hel
mother, Mrs. A. E. Boinest, will ac
company her home.
Mr. Alec Mitchell, of Batesburg, vis
,ted friends here last week.
Messrs. Morris & Wicker are pre
paring to move their stock of good:
into the middle building of the Bake:
trio. The store room they are now oc
cupying will be utilized by Messrs
Hawkins Bros. for machines and stoves
Mr. J. P. Bowers left this morning
to attend the District Steward's meet
ing at Greenwood. He will also utiliz
this trip in visiting relatives in. tha
section of the State.
Mrs. F. B. Mayer, of Leesville, spen
several days here last week with rela
tives and friends.
Mr. D. M. Langford, of the South
ern, is absent from his office on ac
count of sickness. Mr. R. L. Lang
ford, who has just arrived among us i:
now in charge of the office.
Mr. J. A. Rikard, of Longshore, wa:
here to participate with his brothel
Masons in festivities on last Monda'
night. Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Hunter, o
Newberry, were here on a similar mis
sion. The supper was prepared b:
Messrs. Schumpert & Counts.
The three Birge stores on Main stree
have been p)urchased by Bowers
Mr. A. G. Wise 'ias returned from hi
trip to Baltimore. It is indeed gratify
ing to all the friends of Mrs. Wise tha
her condition in the hospital warrante<
Mr. Wise in returning to his business
Miss Annebelle has gone to Bialtimor<
to be with her mother.
Mr. E. A. Counts and family hav<
moved1 into the house with Mrs. L'almes
Mr. G. Mitchell and family, severn
weeks a go moved to Prosperity and this
is now their home.
Miss D)ora Miller of Little Monntain
has been visiting the family of Mr. S
B. Hawkins.
Mr. J. Quattlebaum and family o
Bamberg have movedl into our midlst.
H-. C. Holloway, Esq1., was on th
streets today.
Mrs. Addie Hodges r'eturnedl to he
home in Spartanburg today.
InrMn-Vo,q Noi,,.,,,e
Another ridiculous food fad has beel
branded by the most competent authori
ties. They have dispelledl the silly na
tion that one kind of food is neededl fo
brain, another for muscles, andl stil
another for hones. A correct diet wvi
not only nourish a particuiar p)art o
the bodl , but it will sustain every othe
p)art. Yet, however good your foo
may be, its nutriment is destroyed b;
indigestion or dyspepsia. You mus
p)rep)are for their appearance or pre
vent their coming by taking regula
doses of Green's August Flower, thi
favorite medicine of the healthy mil
lions. A few (loses aidls digestior
stimulates the liver to healthy actior
purifies the blood, and makes you fet
buoyant andl vigorous. You can ge
this reliable remedy at W. E. Pelhar
& Son.
Get Green's Specaln Alimanac.
A Report of the Meeting of the Veterans
HIetd on the 5th Instant.
Camp James D. Nance, U. C. V.,
Y met in the Court House on Monday,
9 January 5th, 1903, at 11 a. m. In the
b absence of the Commander, M. A. Car
e lisle, Esq., presided. After the reading
and confirmation of the minutes of the
last meeting, the following comrades
. were elected members of the Camp:
W. M. Shackelford, Co. A. 53d Ga.; A.
M. Dorainick, Co. 1)., 4th Reg; J. M.
Biloand, Co. H. Hal. Legion; F. G.
Spearman, Sr., Co. C., Hal. Legion;
i W. F. Koon, Co. F., 20th Reg, J. M.
Hartman, Co. C., 3d Reg.
The township committees appointed
on enrollment under act of February,
1902, all reported progress and were
3 continued.
rThe act of the General Assembly
granting pensions to deserving vet
erans &c., was then discussed by the
camp. It was agreed that said act was
3 being abused, and that many veterans
in the State were drawing pensions
I who were not entitled thereto. The
following committee was them ap
pointed, to confer with the different
- ca.nps in the State, and to have the
pension law so changed, that each camp
I will elect, and be responsible for its
own County Board of Pensioners to
wit: 0. L. Schumpert, i. T. C. lun
ter. J. C. S. Brown.
The following committee was then
appointed on the death of Adg'L. Gen.
Robert Niorman, to wit: 0. L. Schum
pert, J. L. M. Arthur, M. J. Scott.
The Camp them adjourned until the
19th of January 1903, Gen. Lee's Birth
- Day at which time the United Daugh
ters of the Confederacy will confer
L crosses of Honor on the Veterans.
M. A. Carlisle, Acting Con.
O. L. Schumpert, Adjt.
A Budget of News Handed Our Readers by
Our Wide-Awake Correspondent
T. J. W.
Where is the big fat man who said
he liked windy weather. He ought to
have been all smiles for the past ten
According to the old Dutch sign this
will be a good fruit year-dark nights
during the twelve (lays.
Owing to the continual rain last Sun
day morning there was no pre aching at
St. Philip's church. Communion is put
off until the second Sunday in February.
how often havi you been caught
wrighting 1903.
Glad to say the health of our section
is very good with the exception of colds.
There will be communion at Bachman
Chapel on the fourth Sunday of this
month, with preparatory services on
Saturday evening previous.
We suppose the good citizens of New
berry feel very much relieved since the
Carnival is gone. We have heard a
e good many expressions of this kind
from country people.
We want to congratulate Mr. J. WV.
-Earhardt upon the most flattering vote
he received1 as mayor of the city of
Newberry. Mr. Earhardt is a good
Sthinking, honest, sober, Christian gen
tleman. We have always found him
honest in his convictions and true to
what he conceives to be right. The
business interests of the flourishing city
will continue to grow and p)rosper under
the rulings of Mayor Earhardlt and the
entire city fathers.
We are sorry to learn of the misfor
tune of our friend, Mr. L. I. Epting,
who lost a valuable horse a few weeks
-ago. This makes tihe second horse he
had to (lie last year. This is p)retty
tough luck on a poor farmer.
Glad to say Mr. M. M. Long, who has
been in lingering health for the past
few months is somewhat on tihe mend.
The chaingang is (doing some much
needled work in this section in the way
of bridge building. TIhey have built a
br'idge across Cannon's creek at the
llBoinest ford. Also one across the little
-stream at Jiudge P. 11. Ellisor's, and is
now at work on the bridge across T1im
merman 's creek near Mr. J1. I. Quat
ttlebaum's. We hlope to still he remem
bered by our supervisor. We all have
to pay our tax alike according to the
way we have prosperedl.
. We are very much indebtedl to our
t dear old1 friend Putshi for a special act of
I kindness. Hie can~ rest assured that we
always hear in mind that one goodl tur
deserves anothler.
Our ILegislature is now in session at
the State cap)ital. There is no dloubt
but that there will be many measutes
of vital interest come upl beOfore their
adjournment, andl the people are anx..
intusly waiting to see what they will
dIo. Hut it is quite a satisfaction to
know that so far as Newherry's inter
est goes it is in safe hands and will ne
e ably represente I.
lon. .Johni i. Hanks is a true and
r tried man. There is no0 .uch thing as
lbuttonholing him. ie wi;l only advo
cate what he knows to be to the gene
ral good and welfar Of his people.
.. With Is ex perience in the legislative
- hall you can count him a safe member.
Ilon. E. II. Aull is niot only a man~ of
a1 broadl mind, but is plumb full and
frunning over with enterprize and per
r manent improvement. TJhe people of
I Newberry County look to him espe..
( cially to better our county government
- w, ini fact, Mr. AuelI can be cotunited
r on to ably represenlt his constituents in
e every particular, and his friends have
-hopes of some (lay having him represent
them in the National Congress.
ml H on. Arthur K i ber, also one of ourt
t.Representatives, is a deep andl profound
thinker, lie believes inl anf economical
government, andl ennt be count o to
vote against any extravagant appropri
ation. He has served several sessions
in the Legislature and is fully able to
cope with any of the members of this
lion. Geo. S. Mower is back at his
old post in the Senate, and he needs no
words at our hands, for he has been
there, and Newberry County has prof
ited by his presence in that honorable
body, and as long as we hold such hon
est Christian gentlemen as Geo. Mower
at the head of our government we need
never fear; in fact Newberry can boast
of having a most excellent set of gen
tlemen to represent her.
Here goes for my annual list of mov
ing, although it will not be as full as it
has other years. Some of them moved
several months ago, but we generally
lump them together. Thos. L. B. Epps,
clerk at dispensary, has moved his fai
ily to Newbei ry. Mr. L. A. B3obb has
moved from Saduda County on Mr.
George P. Griffin's place. Mr. Simeon
P. Long moved from Mr. J. Cal Neill's
old home place to 1)r. J. 13. Simpson's
old Cook place. Mr. D. W. Buzhardt
moved from the Fellers place and occu
pies the house vacated by Mr. Long.
Mr. P. L. Wise moved from Mr. E. L.
Strauss's Halfacre place on a place be
longing to Mr. Robert Caldwell two
miles north of Mr. B. C. Matthews.
Mr. M. C. Moore moved from the New
berry cotton mills and occupies the
house vacated by Mr. Wise. If I have
skipped any I will hook them in later.
T. .1. W.
"Just Splendid."
We doubt whether there is any one
thing on earth that will afford the
housekeeper as nuch pleasure as a
flour that will give her >erfect satis
faction. That flour is ",,, iftonl." Let
us but. once get a sack of "Clifton"
flour in your hlome and we invite you
to try other brands to your heart's
content. Such comparisons only bring
out the superiority and excellence of
"Clifton." Hlayes &. McCarty. E. 1t.
Ilipp and L. W. Cosby sell it.
W E ARl,E in no combination, we sell
Kerosene Oil at 15e. per gallon.
f 3t The Smith Co.
iOl SAI,I-- My residlence on high
Point. R. C. Williams.
~301 SALE Cll E:A - One good work
horse. Apply at this ofhee.
LOST. --One Pointer Dog. medium
size, white, with lemon ears,
about :3 years old, answers to name of
I)ROP. Strayed from home Tuesday,
a.1nuary I:3t1h. Reward if returned to
T IE HlOLI DAYS are now over, so
lease call and lay William John
son what you owe him. 3t
ItRESII car load of Cager's Cele
brated ILine and Clover Leaf
Cement just received at William John
son's Iardware store. 3t
G roceries.
N EW AND FULL stock of Paper
Patterns just received and are
sold for cash only, at Wooten's.
FO RENT--six rosand black -
rtis. IR. L. Paysinger.
~FULLI STOCK( But.terick Patterns.
.LSold strictly for cash at Woot
ens. tf.
F 30 RENT -- A six romn cottage on
Main street, andl within three
blocks of Court I louse. Apply at. onice
to 0. L. Schumpert.
3t. ,Jan. 8, 1903. Newberry, S. C.
A NY young man or young woman
who wvould like to have a conve
nient p)ocket Aluminum Cale'ndar or'
H-ouse Calendar for 1903, write to Mac
feat's Business College, Columbia, S. C.,
and you will receive one by return mail,
free of chag.Itaw 4It.
j,IONEY TO LOAN--- We neLgotiate
-1lan on imp)roved farm lands
at seven per cent. interest on
amounts over one thousand (101lars,
andl eight per~ r.ent. interest on amounts
less than .$1,00)0. Long time and easy
playments. Hunt, Hunt & Hunter,
- hmor cves ache anstd bu rn at
nighIit? I hsave ii.he b est trIal cas~e for
ir 'tin .2 Spect,ach . an IC yeuglIasses , and1(
cenni lit, the' i m -it, dii tliult eyes, wI i,h the
pirop)er glatssesi I have fitted g lasas
for' th' besti Ieole in tihe c.imn y atnd
(can lit, youii. I use only t hie best, griade(
Cr.5s-tail ine Ilenses. Conme andi give mec
a crial andl bei .convinci~ed. Strict ly one
p'rlce to all. GU\ YDA N IEI,S,
L1..0. F
1VI. at 7 8(0 o'clock at, tiheir hall at,L ,he
Genidedt S''hool bli ns V'i-.ltors (Or.
,illy inlvit,f(d.
TI S IIludIsom,, Secretary.
IProbate Judge's Sale.
S l'ATE OF SOUT11 CA 1(01,1NA,
S. Lafayette Fellers as5 Executor of
Wilson Counts, deceased.
I hattie Ruff', .Jannie Vaentine, Mmnni(
I Valentine andl I. Henry Wheeler,
I her.ein, I will sell before the Court
H ouse door at Newberry, .-. C. , onl the
first Monday, the 2nd day (if February,
1903, within the legal houn-rs of sale, to
the highest, bidder, all that tract, piece
or~ parcel of land lying and being situ
atedl in Newberry county, State afore
saidl, containing fi fty act es more or' less,
bounded by lands of F"red Stock man, hB.
Bi. Schumpert, Calvin Long and A. H1.
1Hawk ins.
TIerms of sale: One-half cash, bal
an-ce in one year fr*om the (late of sale,
cedlit I)otion to be secuiredl by aL note of
the p)urchaser and a morgage of the
primises sold, andl to bear interest at
81pcr cenit p)er annum, or [llI cash at
op)tion of piurchaser.
Purchaser to pay for paper's.
W. W. H oixmsE,
.Januarv 8, 190. Judge of Probato.
In Price.
For the next
30 days we will
sell pictures at
25 per cent. dis
Mayes' Book Store
Hello Central I----Give Me 48
The Ncsbcrry Grainitc Foit
Onifcooiioy aMn Bakcy!
They have all kinds of IUroad
'at,ent, Bread, Milk Iread,
(ruham in 1read, Crea 3Iread,
Cap B read,.e fir rad,
i(mmnin'l Seed Il v ic eud,
1I)Ostn B rown iread.
I.,rgeL LssorImInI t n freh, fancy
CJake4 e.ver shown here before.
Oirdue takeni by Ti~ehone and dec
liIveredp free of heb as we ha.W i Ive out
r' neI 14w de l ivery wagL!oi.
all anifd see us, or rinri.' u p I hone
No. 48.
H. A. Meyer & Son.
Livery and Sale Stable
halveP estabilis HI a endieral upj) tr..
latoe and1 first class
At Pomaria.
Th11ey are p)repard ol do)( anything
in the livery buisiunes. WVill koop) all
kinds of vehicles1 antd horces for sale.
Everyt hing first class. aund at reason -
ain prices.
City Licenses.
fore Sattrday, 11 iLataftmr whi
dlate the ordinantice relating tosame~ will
be st.rictly infored. All licenses ex
piedo December 31s t, last.
Ily order of the mar.IV
T. 0. STE'FW'AliT,
C. &. T. T. C. N.
Wedding Goods,
Birthday Presents,
All to be sold at
Eduard Scholtz's
Jewelry Store.

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