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"t. 3. W." Furnishcs Soec T1nimcy New
Year ReflectonS.
Timeo mly mtOmlenlt$ 'teals 8aay.
l'oAr ld father time has brought to
us the beginning of another Now
Yar, whith alhvays tills our htart,
and mindtis with now thoughts. W'
usually crowd our minds at the be.
gining of a new year with thoughts:
of what wo aro to do to better our
tinancial standing, without oonsidor.
ing tiho thought of our duty we owe
to God. We haN e kept an aot'tunt
of t he tusiness transact ions of the,
past ve'ar; we know what w' have
dont' to b0tter our tt'liip.ral welfare.
Now how many of us know what we
havo dout for the benetit of our
soul. Thote is Ino such thing a
standing still. \Ve have madt' a
stride upward or downward. Dear
friends these art, solotmn thoughts.
you, and only vou, know what sacred
vows yon have' made' to (;od, per.
halps just one year ago, and yon are
the onlv ont' exce'pt God who kr,ows
wcht'ther Vou have kept th\ese vows.
(Onek man told mle that he had p1rayed
inore last year t han lie had ever
prayed in his life, and ho folt that
he had teeni ht'netittted beyond mtoas
nrt'. Thou e'idoiein it pa\ s to pray.
low inlat' of s ann say tlhe san'
.1 amln perillit t d to inti'odut'' tlhest'
ihouglhts to ) on at this t ht' begIn.
ning of atother new ytar. and 1on
art' Ie'rinittod t rt'ad th tli In W ho
ean t'll but t hat this may hei th last
ollortunity I mayv have of writing,
and it ti v Ie the last opportunity
vou may have of rt'edinig a iow year
ltttter Now lh't's nak this one
amlong 1r rton ges't resolutions; try
this 11i1an ltlan this \e'ar; pray lnoro
and ro.ulaint: ht's . \lark what I
tell y1 1, some 'f tle. weary eyeS that
are lookio;; upon th.se' lines rat
g1ing to Ie' t'ios'ei inl tit-mhi 't'fore
this yoar gots out. Think of it.
W he'rt i. tht dee'ar boy who sot up
liy inast now vear lttter :'--lit'rman,
the hloved son of tihe editor of this
paper. lIe's gono, with many others,
and is now shtaring tho rtalitit's of
anl unknown world to us. But lfe
is just what we' mnake it, and if wo
want to ho happy we must rejoiet
and not comllplain. Of all the peopi
in this world that we meet with it
onr 'vor dtly lives, there are' nom,
We get tirtd of so quick as tit'he ro, it
grun,bler. The man or t ho womuat
who is nevter sat istiedi wit h atnyt hincg
Is surely a buinrdenm to t hemisel ves ami
eve'ry one thiey mle'et with.
N1y dear rteauder, whloeve,'r youI maIl
be, please don' t (comiplain if you are
not what you ought. to ho, t hon yoi
go to Goed in earnest pruayer; gto
right, and at ay ao as8 niearl as yon cn
A p)ersoni nl'eer 11as any( reonO ti
cotmtplaini, except ini t we) cases: Oin
is wiheuti ally~ ono trespassos upon g'ol
antd trit's tto de'ftraud you out of yon
rights, seuch as steal ing froum you, etc
anid tho ot her atid only3 reason is tha11
yo)u are 1not as good as y'ou ought t.
be. it mn .y be that wel are iti edonh
antd thtat we miay ntever he able I
get out, or have't a hiomie for our ch1il
drent; hut if we lead a CJhristian lif
and raiso thtem up itn the nurture ani
admnon ition of thle I cird, tra'(in t he
up~ ini tiht way they should ge, wi
miay' he the mecans of providmtg fo
them a home whsere 11ua3'ny gaeiioe
be; anid if wve atre ini debt, andlt ar
poor, will complainin (hg do( anIy geood
Some pe'oplte t hintk t hat we nec'
more rich raen in the church.
thinik it was Tlange who said thn
the prauyers and e'xam ple of a po(
but righteous mani was wor i thm
to a churcb than the monecy of th
rich, lBut I was talking about b<
ing poor. Why, y'ou know that w
read that the foxes had hioltes an
the birds of the air had nests, b)1
what about the son of mhan? D)id la
have a farm? No. Did lhe have
bank account ? Not much. HIe ha
to perform a miracle and make a !'s
pay' his persooi tax, which was le't
than a half dollar. D)id be hay
houses and a tine carriage? No, n<
But ll tell you what lie &d have
He had faith, and that is what w
all nieedi more of and then we wouli
not feel so muilch like complaining
T'he wveat her never sumits somie pop~l(
W hen it rains it rains, anid when th
sun shinen it's too (ry; it is too colb
in the winter and too hot in tbe sum
mer. So you can see how we kee
our lives in a state ot discontent; al
for the lack of sufficient Christiam
faith. God niever intended his chit
dren to go through the world melan
chioly and complaining. Somec pee
pie complain because their childret
don't do just to please them. M
brethre and sistera don't worry too
much about your ohildren. Train
themI up i'm the way thoy should go
and theu let your prayers follow
tm with faith. Vory often chil
dron of the most dovoted parents
seem to grow wild and reokloss in
face of all our kind admonitions.
lut that should not weaken our faith.
1, may h that satan im tempting us
in that way. God takes note of all
our tears and of all our anxieties.
This moment the grief of all the
world is boing collected. Yes, God
preserves tho rememnbrance of all pa
tornal anxietins. and he will lighton
the burden of all who como to him
in faith; and, after all, contentmnt
is the only way of happiness, and
the only way of obtaining content.
wont is through the faith of God iuand
the continual striving to do right.
Thou why should a living soul comi
plain The world is full of joy and
happiness, and all we have to do is
just to get right and ve can tind it.
So in conclusion, dear friends, let me
intreat you to pray m1lor1 and sin lors,
and should God spare my life to
write another new year's letter 1
want to see how many there will be
who will come to me and say as the
one I have iuentiono,d that thoy have
found that it pays to pray.
Don't worry yourselves by asking
the quostion, am I living up accord
ing to the way 1 preach. By the
help of God 1 aml. and wore it not
that I am nterested in your soul and
genral welfare 1 would not llave said
what 1 have. So God bless tht vear
'of .1"03, andt may wt' all livt' to bhet
ter our conditions, both morally, so
eially and inte'lle'ctually, spiritulally
and lita.cially.
Jan. 12, 11,O3. T. J. \V.
Banquet Given to Bull Butcher Market for
Broken Down Hacks - -s
teemed a Delicacy.
Ierlin, J1an. S -Six hunndrtd polel
sat dontl tonight to th mnt_st relmark.
able t,anqulut that over has boon given
in en in. The disihes consisted on
tiroly of horse meat and woro sorved
in various forms. The society for
the l pri'ontion of cruelty to animals
issued tht invitations to the dinner,
which was given for the purploso of
demotltnstrating tho nourishing mud
Ialatablo qualities of horse moat,
therebhy causing increaset consunmup
tion of t he moat and4. a re'ady Iluarket
for old horses. TPhis wvould provtent
tte owners fromi working thle poor
animals to deat h, as wvell fed speci
mlens would b)rinlg good pric4's.
'The bill of fare tonight (consistedl
of horse soup, pickled hiorste touguo,
tiillot of horse and roast horse. All
of thle dise wo10~tre niicoly' prepared
and1( woro greatly3 relished. Th'e
presiding oflicor of thet society, P>rivy
Councillor vonl Seoftld, said 3(),()()
horses had boon eat on in lierlin last
year and that ho hoped for a large
. increalso iln the~ fut ure. Many promli
nonit memiibers of thle reichistag and
t of t he city counc11 Ii wro prtesent at
, the hamluet.
I Theii HIouthorn larml M!agaz.ine of
lnit imzore, whiiich lhas beenoi doing such1
a splend(idl wotrk fo:r t he agricultunral
r intere'sts (if the4 South andit iiouithwest
,e and1 ini at.tracting settl Iers fromn the
0 North anid West tto thiis sectioni, tdupli.
y cattinjg in its work for the agricultur
tI al initerests what the14 ManatuifitIrors'
I IRocord lhas for many years~ b)oon do.
~t inag for th ind 111ustrial inutorests of t he
to its active editorial stair Col. J. 11
Killebrow of I'znossoe, widely know
as5 01ne of t he foremost agricultural
e and industrial writers of t ho South.
3j LT aimi of t ho pubhl ishers of thel
a Southlirni Farm~ Malgaz.inet is to miake
o it dist inct ively a Southerun family
a journal, invaluahlo to all whol( want
a to keep inl touich wit h t he bost thbought
hi of the day on anllI t he great questionus
a~ that relate especially to tho advance.
e Itmont of tht ag ricuiltuIral interests of
this sect ion, to4 thle soult hward t ronal
of population from t he North and
West, anid to loadmng questions, such
as good1 roads, educ~ation, etc., that
are a part of thle lift) of the Southi.
In additioni to Its Iarge circulation in
Sthis section, tile Southlern Farm Mag
azine reaches thiousands of Northern
andl Westeirn farme4rs, and mullch of
the tendlency of population1 from those
sections to the South Is duo to its
work. The subscription price is $1
a year, but in order to greatly in
crease its circiulat.ion tile publishers
ainnouince that until Janiuary 31 the
price will be reduced to I wenuty-five
Greater in United States That in Any
Other Country.
New York Commercial.J
Some interesting side-lights aire
thrown on the practico and the in
com of the lost oninent surgeon in
(erniany, throughi a short statement
that ho gave out here in New York
the ot her day. lie wished to correct
the erronoons impression created in
the public mind through certain
newspaper reports, to the effect that
his visit to this country had been
very lucrative to him--"yielding up.
ward of $100,000."
"As a matter of fact," says 1)r.
Lorenz, "1 got one foo of $30,000X.
and in the four months that I have
been here have earned just. that $30, I
000. My practice at home in four f
nont hs is worth that. My trip has
been successful othically, but not
It is plain then----and the Ameri
enn publie will be glad to hear it
that this largely philanthropic visit
of Lorenz to the United States has
not involved any measure of pecuni
ary loss by him, or any sacrifice. It
ought, however, to have yielded him11
much more than $30,000 in money,
and then have left the medical pro
fession and tho public largely in his
But what will naturally provoke
not a little surpri-e hero is the state.
nuttnt of the surgeon as to his income
at homie. I1 is pract ice there, he says,
is worth as much as $30,000 in four
miouths -- the plain inference from
whiec is that it is not worth any more
thain, $.)00 a iont k, or $10,000 a
year. Thiat tiguore seems almost
ridienlously smtall when the prac.
titiouner's wonderskill and great
rep utation are' cotisidered. In tle
Utited States-more espeially, per
halps, right here in Now York-the
aRme ('omnii tat ion of skill and reput a
ti,n in a suirgeon of Dr. Lorenz's
p1easing personality would e worth
nearer $YS500,000 1han $)0,()00 a year;
and he would easily beeee a muil
lionairee tmcside of ten vears--andc
would deserve to he one.
''he cirelustftce's presents a good
illustration of the large way in which
we' do things in tho United States
and the small way in which they
art done in most. parts of Euiope.
For one operation in Chicago a sur
goon gets a foo equal to four months'
practico in Uermany, involving the
exercise of great skill much hard
wvork, mcuch t1me andh niot a little atnx
cety. It is ext remely doubtful if,
outside of royalty anrd a few families
who could be 'ounted on the finegers
of one hland, a (doctor's fee as high
as $30,000 was ever paid in Europe.
It is rare here. Butt fees reachitng
up) mto the t housandls are common
eniough hecre, anrd yet Dr. Lorenz has
to practice a whole mcotth in Glerma
ny' ini order to earn $7,500.
All the taletnts, till the skill ,in thle
woerld are unot conecentrated here in
the, Un(itedl St ates, but all the wvorld
willI adtt that thcis is the best mar
ket for them.
The Way to (lie North Pole.
Captain Arthur McGiray of Boston
outlitnes, in the January National
Macgazine, a noew plan for- reacching
the Northl P~olo. It calls for ihe
joitt actioni of ton ships, each to be
built by anid namdv for aln American
millionaire. The vesses are t.o lbe
litned tup thirty miles apart and( acl
lowed to move with the Arctic ice
dIrift, just as Sevordrup drifted in the
Fram and D)eLoncg in thie .Joannette,
unttil t hce latter vossol sank. These
ten sihips are to beO equipp~)ed withi
wireless telegraphy, seo that all can
bei ine conistatt comunttication, and1(
inl (case of disaster to one of thletm
her mn "11ani be cared for on thce
other ve'ssels of thlie fleet. Captain
McG ray is ani ex~per iencced navigator
--servinig least. as ncavigat ing ofhicer
of tile A mericanc linuer St. L~ouiis
and he hasn- madhe a careful st udey of
Arctic cond(itionts as reported by all
the explorers. His plani has more
thani origintal ity to recoammiend it ; it
seems to point witIh certai"ty to the
quickest and hest way by wnicihl men0
may reach 4tenort hertc jol ar axis of
the eanthI.
Pecan Growhineg in the South.
-At a recent meetineg of the Nut
Growers' Associattone at M~lacon, Ga.,
it was the opinciotn of the leading men
present that thee growing of pecans
in the South, is a safe and profitable
busincess. Large groves are now being
planted, some tracts of 200 acres be.
ing put out b)y several farmers this
fall. We have some good locations
for pecan orchards iln the ,oth
Will Soon be Distributed to Postofftces for
Washington, Jan. 9.--The new 2
cent postaie stamp with the new por
trait. of Washingtots is about ready
for itsue and will be distributed to
the postoflices throughout the coun
try in the course of the next week or
ten days.
The new stamp is the same oc or
as the old 2-cent stamp, but its make.
up is entirely different. The por.
trait of Washington is taken from
one of the Stuart pictures and is three
quarters full face. It is regarded
as an excellent picture. The por.
trait. is set in a shield-shaped medal
lion in aboutt the center of the stamp.
On each side of the medallion are
American flags hanging in graceful
folds from standards which appear to
stand at the base of the pict.ure. Over
the medallion are the words U. S. of
A., and beneath the picture re the
dates 1732 1799.
The stamp is more ornamental and
artistic, it. is claimed by the postof
fice authorities, than any of the stamp
of the old issue, and its general com
position is in keeping with the style
of the new issue.
Use for Cotton Seed Hulls.
Buffalo, N. Y., Jan. 8.-Three
grades of paper of fine quality have
been made in a paper plant at Niag
ara Falls from material obtained
from cotton seed hulls and flax fiber.
The cotton seed paper is a bleached
product, soft and tough. It is
thought that writing paper can he
made from the the hulls. The flux
fiber makes a pipor much like linen,
and it is believed that. the material
has a great future. T1, experiments
indica'e the South and West have a
new source of revenue in their cotton
s0ed hull and their flax straw, which
up to this time have been practically
Reflections of a Bachelor.
(New York Press.)
When a man marries his debt be
A man is as useful in a sick room
as an automobile is in church.
Most men find it very easy to make
love.to all women except their wives.
A woman's idea of a perfect hus
band is one who thinks he has a per
feet wife.
There are v'ery few people who
learn resignation until they have
tried everything else and failed.
So many people are busy with other
p)eople's business that they have no
time to attend to their own.
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lin.e at r ea so n ablie
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Nea Past Olha , Nwaur y 8,
desku. a number of special messages
were also received and referred to
different committees.
Another special message was re
ceived and read announcing the death
of Chief Justico Henry Molver, a
copy of which was also read in the
'l'he president then announced the
appaintment of the standing com
The annou1ncement was also nade
of the appointments of J. Frasie
Lyon as clerk of the finance, nind 1J. E.
Holland of the judiciary committees.
Senator Brown introduced a con
current resolution recommending tht
appointment of three senatoru and
live representatives to attend the
funeral obsequies of the late .Chief
Justice Henry Molver.
On behalf of the senate the presi
dent appointed Senator Brown, Ray
sor and Hydrick.
On motion of Senator Brown the
house at 1.50 adjourned until tomor
row out of respect to the memoty of
the late chief justice.
Pointed Paragraphs.
[New York Press.)
Tomorrow is a great day for doing
Eveu the very old colleges still re
tain their faculties.
Society's upper crust should be
composed of high. bred pt.ople.
Like many young men, nature be
gins her fall by painting things red.
Any man who seeks a friend with
out imperfections is a dreamer of
Some tmen's affairs only get
striigthened out after they get that
way t hvms"lv ?
A corner in pork would indicate
that some people are trying to on+ke
hogs of thermselves.
Farming in the South,
The Passenger Department. of the
Illinois Central Railroad Company is
issuing monthly circulars concerning
fruit growing, vegetable gardening,
stock raising, dairying, etc., in the
States of Kentucky, West Tennessee,
Mississippi, and Louisiana. Every
Farmer, or Homeseeker, who will
forward his name and address to the
undersigned, will be wailed free,
Circulars Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, and
others as~ they are published from~
month to mionth.
Traveling Passenger Agent,
Illinois Central Railroad,
No. 1 Brown Bld'g., Atlanta, Ga
Natiolla Badl of NewbBrry 8 (
Capital-..-- -- -$150,00.00
Surplus and Proftts - 96,865.88
General banking busi ness iransacted
with promptLness. Special aittention, tc
collections. Correspondence solicit.ed.
Savings Department.
Deposits alliowed int,erest at tbe iate
of 4 per cent per annumn from date of
deposit.. I nter-est p)ayable .1 anuary 1st
and July 1st of each year.
M. A. CARLISLE, Prest,.
T. .S DUNCAN. (ashier.
.I W. M. RIMMONS. A-a-i r
US---e..t b. ..
Ves.e.. r. a
ad sa m. g
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey Cures Bron
chitis, Grip, Consumption and All Dis
eases of the Throat and Lungs.
If your throat is weak, or if you aro trou
bled in any way with grip or bronchitis- it
you have consunption. Uuffy's Puro Malt
Vhiskey will eure you. It aids digestion.
etimuulates and ejiriches the blood, invigorates
the braiu, builds nerve tissue. tones up the
heart, cures malaria, ague and low fevers of
any kind; fortifies the system against disease
germs and prolongs life,
(lentlen en: l.arly last spring I was taken
with Chronic Malaria. I began to lose flesh.
Bronchitis set in and catarrh of the alir pass
ages followed. I tried most everything, but
found no relief, till I took Duffy's Malt
Whiskey. I comumenced gaining strength, and
after taking fifteen bottles I had gained 40
pounds which I had lost before I began tak
ng your whiskey. I would advise all who
havo similar trouble to tako Duffy's Matt
Whiskey. It has cured ie from troubles
when nothing else would givo inc relief.
..3, B. C. III:NNINo,
f;o' 7, 190L. Coraopolis, Pa.
, t carefua .ad see that "Duffys PuIre Mat
.Yiliskcy'f is on the label, and that it is our
own pattent bottl,' with the name blown in the
bottle. This is t'to only way )uffy's Puro
Malt Whiskey is told. If offered in bulk or
in flasks it is a fr."ud. Beware of so-called
Mrlt Whlskies which are sold cheap. They
Injure tho systeut.
Duffys Pure Malt Whiskey
Is the only pure medicinal whikey which has
stood the test for fity years, and always found
absolutely pure and free froin fusel oil. It
Scontains medicinal Iroperties found in no
other whiskey.
Caution.--Ven buylig Dufry's Pure
MIlt WhIlskey be sure you get the
denfne. Unserulpulous denlers,
mtindful of the eaeellteee of tltis
prelarais,tn, r'Ill try to sell you
ebtenl 1mitationr and No-Ivenl ir
Whlgkey auhititutnt., wi'hieh are p ut
on the matrlet for profit only. tand
ieh, far from relleving the $Ick,
sire 1o,itiv elly hartfutI. Dentand
"Dutly'a" amnd be sure you get It. It
Ir the only absolutely pure mtialt
whiskey which contattins medicinal,
healtl-ivin1Cgqalitfic. Look for
l l a t letttark, "I'he Old (ieitlst,"
ont our label.
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey has cured miil
lions of cases in the last 50 years. It is pre
scribed by over 7.000 doctors and used ex
clusively by 2,000 prominent hospitals. Th
genuine is
Sold At All Dispensaries,
or direct at $1.00 a bottle, It is the only whis
key recognized by the Governmnt is a medi.
cooi This is a guanrate. Valua ble medical
ooklet sent free to any reader of this paper
who will write. Duify Malt Whiskey Com1.
anly. Itoobeater, N. Y.
Air Line Railway.
3ETNEEN SOU'i ANI) NEWt 'n: g.
First Class Dining Gar
- Service.
The Best Rates and Route t All
-Eastern Citie~s via RIichmondt and
Washington, or via Norfolk aniI
-Steamers. To Atlanta Naite vale.
Memiphis, Lou isville, St.. L ouis.
- hicago, New Orleans, ant'I d a
Points South and South WVest
To Savannah, and Jacksonvilk
-and all points inFlorida and Cnha.
Positively Ithe Shortest
.Line Between the
For detailed informnation, Rautes,
Schedules, Pullman Reserva
tionst, &co, apply to any A gent
Tprav. Pass Agt., Columbia, S. (.
II. B. Waiworth, A.G.P A.,
Savannah, Ga.
?WD ?W rast
7T and W EST.
ateaoelet -ow e ea3 at -
*?~sr 6,*- -- .. ..... ...,
uSs* *e TA .YLgg,
mU Rea.jea. *P al e
Atena o,
5. 6. fRAsa,
*he,je Paso,
ff. 0. BEA'"TlE, &eceiver.
In Etlet June 8, 1902.
w-tuOen Anderson and Wihalla.
1A8Xra,r m- WASTfOUND.
Mixed. Mixed
No. 9. No. 12 itations. No. It No.
'. l. A. id. P. M. A. M
3 10 0665...............l10oo ............... 820 1060
2 -8 9 88........&nuertson F. 1)......... 8 40 1110
245 9 . ...... + ndorson '. D........ 8 46 11 16
9 i........ W estAnd.-son....... 849 ........
49-. ner. 89 .... .
S. Autun............. 4 05 ..... .
-.. 5........ . Poudleton . 4 11
--- 841--.. ........Cherry."............ 1 18
...... 8.14. .Attna ........ 421
8 8 Jo danla Ju " et... ... 4 8 .
---..... 8 i ...............s one e ta.. ........... 4 6 , . ..
ti1. . .440 .
801. .est Union . 5 4
80-. Walhalla ............ 6 09
All rttgutia crrins fro r, elton to Wiisaa.
rave pre-cedonce over traina of e-no class
1, ovin.g in the nol)ite direotton unless oth
u. w 1s. Mpelfled by tral, order.
W Ill a ") sop at thy following etatione to
tak on and let oil passengers: Phluney's
Jates andt Satndy liprings.
-. t ,* ^0dM;tt.-,14, Superintendent
Clariusto 811 w sturll Carolln Rw, Co.
Augusta and Asheville Short Line
ottned)e in E(flent .July 0, 1903,
i.Oave Augusta......... 10 am 2 6 p m
A rrive Greenwood...........12 44 p m.
Anderson ...............7........... "Op in
Laurons................ 1 45 p m 10 80 a m
Waterloo (H. 8.)... I 12 p in
Greenville............12 22 p mo 980am
Glenn 8prings...... 4 46 pm
Spartan urg......... 3 80 p m 00a
S luda.................... 5 83 p m
liendersonvllle..... 6 08 p in
A liovily ................7 0p n
8)artanburg .........12 1 am 8pm
Ll nl pril gs......10 0 a in
Greenvi le ...........12 16 p m 4
Laurens........... 20pmn 88lpm
Ariivo Waterloo(if. .).. 3 p in 6.8..p..
Greenwood......2 G1pmn 7 456.
Lve Anderson .. ''"."" ..-.- 7 2 a
Augusa......._.......2 m 11 85 a
Let i 'oaun bi .- 11 20 m
Nowberry..-.-. 12 42 pm
Arrive Greenvil.""" ' 25 pm
$'partanburg.. .... 30 pm
Woini Springe... 30 pm
Ltave Uler,n S r logs....-- 10 00 am
Spartan burg. - 120' nm
Green 1vill21l rm
A r riy- Clin ton '''''"" 222 pm
Ne wberr3..."--...--- 202 pmn
Colun bla."""""." 8,00 pm
- (1:1"1-. b-t_ 4 8u pmn
1a'test a' d -lt at .ne bet ween Newberry
!" nd (3rt. lville. 6. artanburg and Glenn
1 onntctir.-r frm111 Newbu ry via Columbia
,N berry antd 1...uro,s Hallway.
For an .3 Information. wr,to.
ERNL T W1L' IAN1S, (o . Pas'. Agt.,
T. ill. i Trafile 'ana euuta, Ga,
(East in S'andard Tin e.)
Soilthht;und. Northbound.
gch dute In Effect August 26th 1902
8 40 am Lv Atlanta (s-A.L) Ar. 8 50 pm
10 50 aim A thons 6 19 pm
11 t an, Elberton 6 17 pm
12 .8 pIn Abbeville 4 0' pm
1 22 pin Oreen wood 8 85 t m
2 !5lm Ar Clinton (1)in'r) Lv. 2 43 pm
10 00)am 1,v G01nn p rings Ar 4 9L prn
12 2" p 1 par tanburk 8 30 pm
12 2pm (ree-n "tle 3 25 pin
(Harris Springs)
1 12 1,11 Waterloo 2 86 pm
S) a r Laurens (Dln'r) Lv 2 17 pm
53 52
I' to. rr.
202 Lv Iaurones Ar 1 50
2(9 " Parka Ar 1 42
2 2. .Clinton.. 1831
2 31 Goldville 1 17
241 ..Kinard-- 110
240 ...ar... 106
254 .Jalapa 00
310 INewberr 1246
3 21 Prosperity 12 82
3 34 ....Sigh.... 12 23
3 39 Lc Mountain 12 19
361 ...Chapin... 1209
357 Hilton 1202
4 o1 White Rock 11 Au
4 (7 H3alontine 11 84
-I 17 .....nro... 11 40
4 21 ".Loaphart. 11 40
4 5ArUolumbiaLvl1120
pm --- --
4 63 LJvColumibia (A .0 L.)Ar 11 1
6 20 Humnter 9 60
9 20 A r Charleston Lv 7 00
no 11:n otS ii 2 arive and depnrt from
tr. 2' ist.~ - fom A. C. 1.. freight depot
For Rtae, Time Tables, or ful-ther informa
ton call on anmy Agent, or write to
PF. sitlyt Miflc N1na r.
8nin . h'nI.. (ten 'lrt& Ps Agt
'[iri,hTrai ('l1aresoa to (Ir.envile
No. ~.No.568.
7.0 a....Cvh.'.l.s eton, 8. C...r 9.20 pm
8.506a --i...v ... m e-........Ar 0.70 pmz
11.109 ai... r...nnit'-....L.45 pin
t2.29 am..r Prospoity".L...V 2.245 pmn
12.42 pr...r. .N.nwrry.L....v 2.20 pin
1.25 pmn..r.......lto Lv '25 pin
1.47 pm..r....aun L v 2.125 pmn
3.25 pm.... Ar.... GnvileLL v 2..22 pm
8.30 . m. ... Ar-...prtnbur v ~ 5p
5.1 OM l 0iUi l
Ji; Jt 5 G.~ i r l4yt
i10' . 11: WI m112tigton 11.25 p n
W - .h (lii ii ; tra.o0114 4.12 am;
--', -' 7.6 _; Nw Yorkl 8 pm'.
lI.5 3 ii a ogln 1 .3 in ; Cheoraw 11.46
A 'M1.0 a-o i4,Oro 2 0 jp" Hartsvil.e
4 0 . :, arh II ni.A an ; Wilmitigton
uct 43 a, ; 5r ;Rok
rg I Jiflm; Riho f (; pc
- -lo, 4 0 i'r; New York 7.1.d am
lor~ mltes, tol eh du', , etc ,wrIte
N. .1 - .ug ~en Pass. Ast., Wilmington
T. NI Pnoras: Trr.aie Manager. Wilnring.
ir 'gt.' N. ,e, ' rafIc Mariager, Wiu.
'Special Brand"' Corn Whiskey $ 1.2
'Pop)ularI Log" Corn Whiskey.. 15
'Poputlar' Log, " Old, Smooth,.5
Mellow 2.00moth
'Private Stock,< '''4' - - : 2.00
'Private Stock'' 12-ci. case. . . 7.0
'Hun(in Creel It it a. . 71.00
'ca H.un.ing.Cre..'..y..'2 7 1.00
tpple Brandy '''''' 00
Charge of 25e. for -ga., . . 2.50
-gal., and 415c. for 3- a .ug, 35c. for
01 4 1-2-gal. kegal.eu reurS nd 75c.
aidl, they will htake baket cost
J. 0..SOMERS & 00., Ols,,
TATESVILLE, North Carolina.
D[, WoggI||g B ENT FREE t)o
ousra of morpinne.
PAINLESS oritum, landanumn,
PINIUM x rf ,o
EU ticulars on home or
U. sanatorium treat
W ~ AND et. Ad a .jl
Whiskey Cure jll'o:

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