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id bled ' Yesterday Afternoon at One
tSpecial to Herald and News.]
Columbia, S. C., Jari. 19.. 1903, 2 p.
i. -Mr. Gonzales died at 1 p. n.
J. K. Aull.
Columbia, S. C., Jan. 19-5:23 p. in.
-The official announcement of the
physicians states that the immediate
cause of the de.la of Mr. Gonzales,
which occurred at 1 o'clock, was peri
tortitis. The infection was caused by
the septic poisoning from the wound
in the liver.
During the morning, as a last resort,
An Injection of formaldihype was given
in the hope of checking the inroads of
peritonitis. Nothing could be done and
at one o'clock Mr. Gonzales died.
The funeral will take place at 4
o'clock tomorrow afternoon in Trinity
church. Bishop Capers will come from
New York to officiate.
The inquest and post mortem will
take place at 5 o'clock this afternoon.
J. K. Aull.
An Enjoyable Affair Held In the Armory
Friday Night.
The local lodge K. of P. held the
public installation of their officers in
asonic Hall last Friday [night, after
{.hich the Knights, with their friends,
k paired to the Armory and enjoyed a
ot bounteous repast prepared by Mr.
s Dtmnbar. Those who attended
y it was one of the most enjoyable oc
' ions in the history of the lodge.
1 4','The following is the program that
>8s carried out:
Sol' E. H. Aull, Toast-Master.
Toasts: Grand Lodge-Geo. S. Mower.
rythian Press-John M. Knight.
lood of the Order-Geo. B. Cromer.
he Pythian Goat-Jas. A. Summer
oman-Dr. J. H. Thornwell.
ewberry Lodge No. 75-E. Cave
,. gh.
:Ose Who Wish Them Should Write to
Senator Latimer.
Washington, D. C., Jan. 16.-Mr.
ditor: I wish you would announce in
The next issue of your paper that on
4ecount of the rapid establishment of
rural free delivery routes in my dis
tiet that lists of names that I have
)i retofore used in the distribution of
ss.ed.has become very incori act, so that
~do not care to waste seed by sending
em to the wrong office, and that any
e desiring seed can have them by
pping me a postal card to that ef
have sent 150 packages to each of
rrlcarriers and asked them to
riuethem impartially to the peo0
Yours very truly,
- WW A. C. Latimer.
ap Homes in Texas and Arkansas.
ong the Cotton Belt Route -land
\ can be bought for $2 to $5 an acre
* up--cut-over timber ground that
agood grazing land, furnishing
ten or eleven months of thc ycar,
ng land for corn, wheat, oats,
-some of it peculiarly adapted
ck growth and early maturity of
and vegetables, such as peaches,
jplums, strawberries, tomatoes,
5, onions, cabbage, melons -
good markets in the North at
Sprices, on account of excellence
SiIity and earlier maturity than in
~ 'ections. An ideal place for the
Ssmall means- cheap fuel, cheap
~j~ig material, long growing seasons,
mild winters-a land of sunshine
n'lenty. Let us send you literature
criptive of this country.
'Homes in the Southwest," "Glimp
iof Southeast Missouri, Arkansas
tN. W. Louisiana," "Through Texas
th a camera," "Fortunes in Growing
uits and Vegetasbles," "The D)iver
r," a fruit and truck growers' jour
On first and third Tuesdays of each
onth the Cotton Belt Route wvill sell
e-way tickets from St. Louis, The
a, Cairo and Memphis, to points in
rkansas, Louisiana and Texas, at half
e one-way rate plus $2.00, or round
ip tickets at one fare for the round
ip plus $2.00, allowing stop-over go
g, and 2~1 days return limit.
For full information, address,
G. P. & T. A.,
St. Louis, Mo.
"Just Splendid."
We doubt whether there is any one
hing on earth that will affordl the
ousekeepeir as much pleasure as a
our that will give her perfect satis
ction. That flour is "Clifton." Let
but once get a sack of "Clifton"
our in your home and we invite you
try other brands to your heart's
ntent. Such comparisons only bring
tthe superiority and excellence of
lifton." Hayes & McCarty, E. R.
~pp and L. W. Cosby sell it.
-Fewer Gallons; Wears Longer.
Fewer gallons; takes less of D)evoe
ad and Zince than mixed p)aints.
oars longer; twice as long as lead
arriod by llev. D. B. Boyd, Jan.
17, 1903, *at circuit passonage.
J. E. Long to Miss Carrie Gruber,
Mrs. M. A. Evans has returned from
a visit to Columbia.
Mrs. E. H. Aull left today to visit
friends in Columbia.
Mr. Willie Elmore, of Whitmire, is
.visiting in the city.
The jury for the Sessions Court will
be drawn wi Friday.
Mr. Jin. denderson is spending a
few days at Kansas City.
Mr. Cash, the horse dealer, is on a
visit to his home at Kansas City.
The members of the Legislature all
came up to spend Sunday at home.
Miss Leroy Bedenbaugh, of Prosper
ity, is visiting relatives in the city.
Misses Edith Henderson and Annie
Ruff have returned from a visit to the
Miss Lenore Broaddus, who has been
on a visit to relatives at Pine Bluff,
Ark., has returned to Newberry.
A force of hands under the manage
ment of Mr. M. B. Chalmers have be
gun work macadamizing Main street.
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Barr were in
town shopping Friday. They moved
this week from their home in the Beth
lehem section to Newberry. -Saluda
Sentinel, 14th.
Mrs. Robert Wright, of Newberry,
who is pleasantly remembered by
Greenville people as Miss Elouise
Welch, is' here as the guest of Mrs.
Eugene F. Bates, at her home in North
Main street. --Greenville Daily Herald,
Friday Officer Marsh locked up Ella
Gibbs and John Finley, negroes, who
are wanted in Newberry for breach of
contract. The negroes were held until
Sheriff Buford, of Newberry, was noti
fied and sent back yesterday morning.
The State, 18th.
Mr. J. Epps Brown.
Newberrians a few days ago were
glad to welcome back to his native
heath Mr. J. Epps Brown, who is spend
ing a few (lays here with his old friends.
Mr. Brown has by strict attention to
business and hard work succeeded in
working himself up to the top notch
with the Southern Bell Telephone Com
pany, with headquarters in Atlanta,
Ga. Mr. Brown while here will com
bine business with pleasure and see if
it is possible to bring about some ar
rangement with the city council, where
by his company can put the full Bell
system in Newberry, giving us a long
distance connection with the outside
world, completely rebuilding the old
system recently bought of Mr. Floyd
and putting in a full metalic circuit at
an expense of from eight to ten thou
sand dollars in this city. Mr. Brown
will go before the council soon and see
what can be done. Many of our best
citizens are anxious to see the Southern
Bell Telephone come in.
Newberry's Position.
The members of the Legislature have
fared very well in the matter of
committee appoin tmen ts at the hands
of the present speaker. All three of
the members have a chairmanship and
Mr. Aull is a member of the Ways and
Means Committee, the most important
in the H-ouse.
TIhe following are the assignments:
Arthur Kibler chairman committee on
Enrolled Acts. Member of committee
Public Schools, Education, Offices and
Officers, andl llanking and Insurance.
John F. Banks chai rmar 'mmittee
on Oflices and Officers and member of
committee on Agriculture, and Mines
and Mining.
E. HI. Aull chairman committee on
H1osp1ital for Insane. Member of Ways
andl Means, Education, and Rules.
The Auditor's Rounds.
Auditor Cromer or an authoizi'ed agent
is now making a tour of the county for
the purp~lose of taking tax returns, lHe
wvill b)e glad for as many as po0sible to
meet him at each appointment. HI-s
apploint.ments; are as follows.
At Glymphville JIanuary 21st.
At Walton Janiuariy 22ndl.
At Pomaria .January 23d.
At Jolly Street .January 24th.
At Sligh's .Janiuary 26th.
A t O'Neall 's .January 27th.
At St. Lukes January 28th.
A t Prosperity .January 29th and 30th.
A nd at Newberry until February 20th,
Work on the AthletIc FIeld.
D)uring the last wveek the young men
of Newberry College have been busily
engagedl in enlarging the athletic field
at the college wvit.h a view of putLing
in a track in connection with the new
gymnasium that it is exp)ected wvill be
erected. Considerable work has al
readly be(en (lone in clearing off the
trees, and during the p)resent week it
is exp)ected that the new fence will he
You May Not lixpect
Good broaid these cold mornings if
your flour is of the spasmodic sort,
that only "works by spells."' You
can't be certain -you don t. know wvhat
to dlependl on. ''Clifton'' flour will
bake to your entire satisfaction, day in
and (lay out. 1t is not the best flour~
todlay andl the next best tomorrow. It
is the best all the time and p)eople wvho
buy ''Clifton'" know it. Sold hv E. R.
Hlipp, L. W. Cosby and Hlayes & Mc
The Riser Millinery CO.
will have' some prettyv now ribbons
for hlidany trade, anid they ar(
closing out overy bhat and feat her in
their stock at actual coat.
The Residence Occupied by Mr. J. H. Cald
well Burned-Caused by a Lamp
Sunday night about 11 o'clock a lamp
expleded in the residence occupied by
Mr. J. H. Caldwell, on Nance street,
the property of Mr. E. Y. Morris, and
as a result the house was almost burned
Mr. Caldwell saw the lamp was about
to explode when he threw his overcoat
over it and ran into the kitchen with
it, when it exploded, throwing oil all
over the kitchen and dining room ad
joining, causing the flames to spread at
once over both rooms.
Mr. Caldwell (lid not give the alarm
at once, but proceeded to get his wife
and infant child out of the building.
So when the alarm was sounded the
flames had gained considerable head
The Excelsior Fire Company was a
httle slow in getting out with their
hose wagon, owing to the fact that
Dave Irons, the driver, had left his
post and was not in the house when the
alarm came in. Outsiders with the as
sistance of the firemen that arrived had
to hitch up and drive out the team.
Irons was immediately discharged and
some one else placed in charge of the
Mr Caldwell saved very near all of his
household goods that were in the front
rooms. The kitchen f.rniture was all
lost. The house is pretty much of a
wreck. Mr. Morris had it partly in
sured in an agency represented by Mr.
Jno. Scott.
The firemen did good work in not let
ting the flames spread.
The Mayor's Matinee.
The mayor had a long session of court
yesterday morning. He had twelve
cases to dispose of, the charges rang
ing from disorderly conduct on the part.
of the little street urchin to petty lar
ceny on the part of some of the loafing
gang of the city, and the fines ranged
from $1 to $15 or thirty (lays on the
county chaingang. The fines in all
amounted to about $10, and pretty well
all paid up.
"The Folks Up Willow Creek."
The great rural romance "The Folks
Up Willow Creek" is shortly to appear
at the opera house for one night only.
This attraetion brings an elaborate
equipment of special scenery, mechani
cal and electrical efrects, music and
other details necessary to a perfect pro
duction. The well known commedian,
Frank Davidson, heads the organiza
tion, which comprises a number of gilt
edged artists. To appear here soon.
He Has Been Elected President of the
'uuth Carolina College.
Columbia, Jan. 17. --The trustees of
the South Carolina College this after
noon electedl Maj. Ben Sloan to be pres
ident of the institution.
Maj. Sloan has been a member of the
faculty for a long time, and for the
past year has been chlairman of t he
faculty and has had charge ofI the col
lege affairs.
Tils Patient Was at Barksdale and There
are froml Fifty to Seventy-five Negroes
Near Barksdale Who IIave the Dis
[Special to The Greenville Newvs.]
Laurens, S. C., ,Jau. 13.--A negro
man died near Barksdlale, six miles
north of this city last Saturday of
smallpox. Within a few miles of Barks
dale there are from fifty' to seventy
five negroes wvho have the dlisease.
One white man has it at his home three
miles south of I ,aurens. Thel type is
mnild1 but the (doctors say that it is
severer than it was some monthus ago.
Occasional cases have occurred in thle
county andl towvn for several yealrs but
the number is larger than heretoor-e.
Citizens of aruksdale have written to
the Governor. T1here are no ealses in
this city now. Doctors say that the
situation is no worse than elsewhere
and thait the dIisealse is evecry where.
Notice of Final ?Tette
. Ii will make a final sett lenient on
the estate of William A. Semi, dec
ceaised, oin Salturdiay, .thle 21st day of'
F"ebruar'~, 1903, in tihe Priobate C(our t.
for Newvberry C ouunty, South Carolina,
and wvill immlediately t hereafter apply
to the Judlge of saidl Court for a final
discharge as E'xecu tor', &c. , of saidl
dleceased. S. l'. SENN,
As Executor, &e. , of William A. Senn,
dleceasedl. t.it
Grand Clearing Out Sale Before
Taking Stock.
Commencing Dec 30,
1902. we offer at
actual cost all goods in
our dry goods depart
ment. This is a grand
opportunity toget good
values spot cash. Nc
approbation, no de
ce ption about this sale.
~When we say actuual
cost we mean jusi
what we say.
, Prosperity. S. C.
Mr. Wn. D. Divver Found Dead by the Sidt
of the Railroad Track in Helena.
Saturday morning the dead body o
Wim. D. Divver was found on the sidc
of the Sou.thern Railroad track it
ie was in Newberry Friday afternoot
late and left about dark for his hon
in Helena. IIe was seen in the store
1 at Helena, where he purehased so<i
little articles about 9:30 o'clock Friday
night. When he left the store lie di<
not say where he was going.
Saturday morning about sunrise hie
body was found cold in death lying by
the side of the Southern track, oppisitt
the negre church on the upper edge of
the village.
Dr. J. M. Kibler examined the body
and testified before the coroner that
when he examined the body it had been
dead from ten to twelve hours. He
found a cut on the right forearm,
a considerable bruise on the left
shoulder, and a blow on the back of the
head, caused by a blunt inst runent,
producing fracture of the skull, con
tusion of the brain and hemorage, and
immediate death.
The coroner's jury after hearing tes
timony rendered the following verdict:
"That the said W. I). )ivver came to
his death by being stuck by train No
16, due at 11:40 at. lelena, S. C., Janu
ary 16, 1903, and from which wound t lie
said W. I). Divver (ied."
From what was brought out at the
inquest it seems that Mr. l)ivver had
sat on the end of a crosstie and fallen
asleep when the train came along and
killed him.
Hlis remains were buried Sunday
morning. His mother and fainily have
the sympathy of the whole Coimntlity
in this their sad calamity.
Loss aT fesh
When you can't eat break
Fst, take Scoff. Emulsion.
(/hen you can't eat bread
and butter, take Scott's
Emulsion. When you have
been living on a milk diet and
want something a little more
nourishing, take Scott's
To get fat you must eat
fat. Scott's Emulsion is a
great fattener, a great
strength giver.
Those who have lost flesh
want to increase all body
tissues, not only fat. Scott's
Emulsion increases them all,
bone, flesh, blood and
For invalids, for con
valescents, for consumptives,
for weak children, for all
who need flesh, Scott's
Emulsion is a rich and com..
fortable food, and a natural
Scott's Emulsion for bone,
flesh, blood and nerve.
We will send you
a free s:IInple.
in the formi of a label is on
Sthme wra:.per of every bottle
of Emulsion y'ou buy.
I ~ 409 Pearl St., N. Y.
50c. and $1; all druggists.
Ciommn Pleats Jurors
. the uindlersigl nd con ming th<
b)erry C~ounit.y, Staite ofn SouthI ( 'arohina,
wll on the 30th ot .lanuary insti anit, at
ine 0'cloc k a. m. , in tIe otlice ofI t h<(
Clerk of C outi forid 0(1 'outy, openhII
andI pulicly, dra T~Ihiirty-six Juo. ti
serive as Petit Jurymeniei at. Ihe Ild'chrun
termo of Couriit of C ommon leas: fo'
Newbverry (County, beg'inin i IlJ br' 'ar:i)'
16th,and ontiuingfor n ee..
JOll1N L. ElPPS,
JOliN ('. GO(GGA NS,
Clerk of Court. m
hoard of .1umry C ommnissioners i'
Newbmerriy C ounty, S. C.
Notice of Final settle
LN will make a finmal se'tt t(l(ent orI
the (estate of Anthony ll erherti, de
tcasedl, on Tuesday, the 2 tIh day o
lFebruar'y, 1903, in the Pr'oba te C oir
for Newberry, Sou th Carolinai;, and .w ii
immediately therea fter alny to h.
Judlge of said Court for a tinial dlis
charge as Executor, &c. , of the det
All persons holding c,laimis agains
lhe estate of said A nthomny II erbiert
decease'd, are hereby nmoti ied to preseni
t' saime (luly at tested, on or betfor
saidl date, to mew or my attorne'ys
Messrs. Mower & Hynu 'mi
As Executor, &c. , of Anthony IIerbei
deceased. tI4t
- A MI E 40N is selling.aldl winter suit
0) and overcoats ait cost.
A l ,'T of t he l illy llrock et. H 1an<
-madec Shoes at cost at JIamit
TAM JESON is selling a lot of good
t wool Blankets at cost.
W 1, A1th' in no combination, we sell
Kerosene Oil at 15c. per gallon.
f 3t The Smith Co.
OR SALE-My residence on High
P o in t . I t. C . W illia m s . F O t S L ' C E P n o d w r
F SAL"^E CIllCAP- One good work
horse. Apply at this ofice.
LOST. -One Pointer Dog, medium
size, white, with lemon ears,
about 3 years old, answers to name ,f
DROP. St rayed from home Tuesday,
January 13th. Reward if returned to
Dit. P. G. 1l;t,t,tsont.
rpIE HOLIDAYS are now over, so
)lease cll and pay William John
son what you owe him. 3t
iR1ESil car load of Gager's Cele
brated Lime and Clover Leaf
Cement just received at William John
sonl's llardware store. 3t
' OT() J. 1 . COOK F'OR CIlIlAP
Olt It ENT---six rooms and black
- smli th sho>).
lrs. It. L. P aysinger.
1 Cutl's right up to the scratch. No
waiting, no disappoinltment, at the
Newberry Steam I4aundry.
r11O ll'N' - A six romn cottage on
S \aiin street, and within three
blocks of Cotet 1louse. Apply at once
to 0. 1,. Schumpert.
3L Jan. 8, 1903. Newherry, S. C.
11 NY yo1ug man or vouing woman
\ who w\oul like to have a conve
ient pocket Aluiminum i Caleldar or
llouse C'alentla' f'r 190 T, write to Muac
feat's liusiness ('ollege, CO'..lmlnhia, S. C.,
and(1 youl will 'e'ceive one by return mail,
free of charige. 1 tawv -It.
I ON 'Y TO I ,OA N --e negotiate
Ioans on inl)ro\ ed f'arm lamds
at seven per cent. hinterest onl
atllotlmts over'1 (one tholsatndI dollars,
aul eight per cenlt. interest on amounts
less t-han $1,l0l)0. I,ong time and easy
patyments. 11lun1t, Ilunt & Ilunter,
lear somie day that it pays
you to let us lye tha t. old suit for you
or clean and press it. All work is
guarantitecd to be first. class. TI'housands
of sat isfied customers will tell you so.
We art not playinug for your dollars
0nly; we are playing for the f'uture too.
Cole and test, ie truth of our. talk.
'The Newher"ry L,aun<h-y.
I'I'T - ,\('I,I: .'.. l1:1 'V(lo ; I,.::S 1;5
1)o your e es " "- - 1n i blll'n a
Ii ' ' I i -..,' I ' Ii .:i! s r.. fl"r
c -' lit th- m i t tlIllh- I t et -,, w ith 11
(ll)t.el' i.las- (" . I 1t tt Ii1tt':1 I! 1 H.se
for t . II \ t . I i i t 'I h, b' --. Iertb
(:r\ " tlah e lIn es. CI n l'e' L;-I\'I' III'
a 1 1iaI at.i! it' : eo vi 14-iu. -: r i- 't (m ,
prl' to : GU:. GIJY l)A NI h.
. weli'r t 4 , i .i,
Note Our Steady Growth,
1)i;1'( )-I''$
.liiau111., 1. 39,--$ (S:11( 21
.1 t 'sr, I Ni - $ :11.0:1) .11
OFr WBE1 , Itir- 12,326 C
.iu Nil.o 9t 8859
.h wI aIU 'u oiy i 19.1Islo1, a1is)
J Iic ri(or li. 10a-im,i1 k
January 1.ii W, A903-$163a ,61 6
OF NEWBERRYLMMi' , mS". C.I )loo
.JN. l. K I NA II), 11 m'sitdent.
O lIa 'lav.;' Vic Pedt,. y )ea
Z1414 l. W141 ul 444;r. ('-he .
0%.:W. I lii, (kY ClIn. Nwber
O i.l ii e'iiid (Oilisn il
lorI' .1 Mi' (f Son ni i(Br'o ew
W (44 I FUNT4b~ Atorne .1.n!i iaw. amt
.INO. (. Al;O\y ;'NR, (3.-torit) umt .
(.).11.1 )I A 1 V R, l ' ol i s n,' i 'slo't
NeI'"e f on aI etemtv(o.
G14'lu1:WI. I isres'; illohon'
A J.Ii~4lSON, 0JI l no 'ter. ial (ls
I ou -t W I. los:ei-r 44 'n or,o'b foe si
J NlO. M. KO)~ I". 11), Pesiden,.
We pa4'1(iy i''a I" in mai, ADmpart
1Board o''sf uly loiss \ iner1s o r1ew
h ey ( '' i'y,.'t'ut er f1. -ot~ Carlina
wil on' ihe :1r"s <b of, .lmry, inst., at
.in 'oc a. m4., in theiili &11- \oth
(:A r g o i u tfr.m d c ut., o e l
Annuol Cii
UnIEprol1eI all Ullnmatchble Bargi
All Cut Price and Cost
fil-ance when Com
son's Cleara
Balance of Winter Sui
$12 63 $8 5<> Suits $6 25. $15-(<
proport ion.
Children'. Suits Must Gol-$i.65
$3.50 Suits, $2.65; $5-5) Suits, $
Woolen Uniderwear Regardless o
$i 15 Shirts, 79c.: $t 65 Shirts,
the same.
Hats in Special Sale for Next 30 1
Styles cheaper than ever.
Heavy Shoes Under the Hammer
you. Lilly Brackett Hand Sewed
cost. Queen Quality, the Famou
nuttitude of customers. It is unt
Special Attractions always in of
We sell cheaper than anybody in
We guarantee every statement in th
The Head to f
J. W. Norwood, Plaintill,
''hos. Q. Hoozer, Defendant.
herein, 1 will sell at public outcry,
before the Court. louse at Newberry,
between the legal hours of sale, on the
first. Monday in February, 1903, follow
ing lots of land in the Town of New
berry, South (Cairolina, conveyed to the
said Thomas Q. Hoozer by 'Talula F.
Davis by deed dated March 3d, 1893,
anl recorded in Hook 7, page 113, in the
office of register mesne conveyances of
Newberry County, South ('arolina:
Lot No. 1, containing ''hirty-six One
Ilundredths (30-100) of an acre, more
or less, upon which is a five-room cot
tare and barn and stables, bounded by
Cline street, lands of Annie Wicker,
Mrs. Aldridge, by Wright street, which
separates it from lands of M. A. Car
lisle and by other lands of T. Q. Boozer.
Lot No. 2, containing Forty-eight
One-Ilundredths (-18-100) of an Acre,
more or less, upon which is a six-room
cottage and barn and stables, bounded
by lot No. 1, (line street, Wright street,
and lands 01 John W. Earhardt.
Lot No. "3. containing Forty-seven
One-Hundredths (17-100) of an acre,
more or less, bounded by lands of Jno.
W. Earhardt, Cline street Wright
street and other lands of Thos. Q.
Lot No. -1, Containing Forty-seven
One-lundredths (-17-100) of an acre,
more or less, bounded by Lot N. 3,
Cline :treet, Wright street and lands
of Mrs. Livingston.
Also, all that lot of land situal ed in
the Town of Newberry, South Carolina,
containing Ninety One-IIundredths
(510-100) of an acre, more or less, upon
which is a four-room cottage and out
buildings, and represented by plat. dated
and executed by Jas. I. Glenn, sur
veyor, dlated February 5th, 1897, and
bounded bv lands of Mrs. Sallie E'.
Tleague, separated t herefrom by E'lmore
street and( lot of 0. H. Mayer and J1. W.
Watts, and is the lot of land conveyed by
Susan H. Melntutrf to Tlhos. Q. Boozer.
Tlerms of sale: One-half of the pur
chase money to be paid in cash; the
balance on) a c'redlit of one year, with
intere'st from (lay of sale, credlit p)or
tion to be secu red by the bond of the
p)urchaser' and a mortgage of the p)remn
ises sold respectiv~ely. Purchaser to
pay for papers.
II. HI. RIK(ARD), Master.
Master's Oflice, .Jan). 7, 1903.
D). HI. Wheeler, P'laintill', vs. Sallie C.
Wheat, D)efendant.
hereini, I will setll at pubhlic outcry,
before the Court, Ilouse dloor at New
berry, between the legal hourls of sale,
on the first Monday in F"ebruary,
19031, the following desc'ribedl property
to-wit: All that lot, of' land lying antd
beintg ina the cou nt.y and State afore
sid situated in the TIowun of P ros
pe(rit.y, 2. C., kntown' as I ot No. 2
fronting ont Main street andl running
bactk to aL str(et, in thte reart, con)tainin)g
Tlen One-l undred ths of an) Acrec, more
ort less, bounded by lots of E. K. lHeden
bauigh, .J. H. Simpson, A. L. Wyse andl
Mall ie C. W heat.
TIermns of sale : On)te-hialf cash, bal
ance itn twelve mon11t-hs, wi th interest
fronm day of sale, cred'(it porti'on to lbe
secumred by bond of. the Ipurc'haser at'
mortgage of thle prtemtise's; the house
ILot No. 2 t.o be* inmsu red for two-thi rds
of. it.s value atnd the p)olic'y assignedl to
the M aster. IPu rchaser to Ipay for Ipa
lperts. WithI lea:ve of purtchaseri to pay
the whole bid in cash.
Maister Newberry C ounty.
Master's Oflice, Jan. 10, l'903
Wedding Goods,
Birthday Presents,
All to be sold at
Eduard Scholtz's
.ewelry Store.
ronce Sole!
ns. SJ1i[i Witer Goods GOiI[
I" of cot.
Sales Sink into Insigni
pared with Jamie
mnce Sweep.
r. $6.oo Suits $4.15. $11.50
U"Suits $8 65. $16-5o Suits
Suits $i1 90g. Overcoats in same
Suits at $1.20; $2.20 Suits, $r.65;
f Cost-$t oo All wool Stiirts, 6();
1.15. Co%t us more, but go:.ig all
)ays-Good Qualities and Desiraale
-Call and see what we are giving
Shoes in a special sale at less than
Shoe for women, is pleasing a
xcelled by any shoe on the market.
ir Furnishing Goods Department.
the State.
is advertisement to mean what it
oot Clothier.
Cost For 2 Weeks
Cot At the New
in the old Hraild and News
Office on Frin(l St reet, hack of
Minuiaugh's. We have a big
st'ck of
New Furniture,
all Iirst. class and pll to-date.
No old stock. F'ino Suits Bi
reaus, BoIs, Sofas, Chairs, llock
ers, Tables, Knivrs aid Po 1(rks,
(lass an China Vare, Lat mps.
In faet t;vcrything> in thti houst
furnihing line.
See our line of P'irt nrtes, tiheap.
oat, largest, ever brooght to N.-w
Don't fail to get otnm of cur
Art Squares, or nice Rogs for
Christmas present. Big lot of
saw pie Carpet.. W e want. every
body to com and seo us and
we will save youl money on your
Our line of Austria
China and English.
Semi Porcelain will be
sold this month at
prices that will sur
prise the most careful
buyer. We are going
to close out this line of
goods, it is all
Open Stock,
which enables the pur
chaser to buy as much
or as little as desired.
Newberry HlardwareCo
|AN i'. xIzII 0& 0.O
Ilacket Store
Second-Hand Cloth
For a Limited Ilme.
Look out for their ad.
in next issue.
Nolico of Filiai 80ttlo111011t alid Iiscusigg,
. ill make a final settlement on
the estates of G. Ernest Folk, D). Otis
I"olk and Thomas Neel Folk, minors, n1
the Probate Court for Newber'ry County,
S. C. , oilln Thrsday the 22nd dlay of
,1 anuary, A. 1). 1 903, at 11 o'clock in
- the forenoon, andl will immediately
theraftr aplyfor letters dlismilssory.
I.heelLteyappy J. K. GILDE1l,
As gua'rdiani fo said mino'rs.
New berry, 9. C., D)ec. 22nd, 1902.
~ i:FU LL STOCK Butterick P1atterns.
I .Sold strictly for ech at Woot

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