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Newberry's Representative Will Work
Hard for the Cause of Good Roads.
The Bill Mr. Aull has
Mr. Aull has a bill to a,.thorize
and direct the county boards of com
missioners to ordor an election in the
various counties in the State on the
question of issuing iuterest bearing
coupon bonds for the purpose of ma.
cadamizing and permanently im
proving the public roads and high.
ways in said State, the provisions of
which are:
Section 1. That the county boards
of commissioners in the various coun
ties in the State are hereby author
ized and directed to order a special
election during the months of July
and August, 1903, for the put pose of
deciding upon the question of issu
ing interest bearing coupon bonds,
to be used in macadamizing or per
manently improving the public roads
and highways in said county and
that said election shall be ordered and
held after the publication of a notice
thereof for tit least six consecutive
weeks in one or more of the weekly
papers or journals published in said
county. 'T'hat said notice shall fuily
set forth the obj' ct of the election so
ordered and the amount of the bonds
to be voted for
Section 2. That said election shall
bo hold at the various voting pre
cinets as now establi-hed by law in
s tid connti"es, at the time advertised
in the noit'e of said election and by
the nagers apponted for the va.
riouty pre'incts by t be county board
of einmoi-ssoners: that the return of
the atnagers of said election shall
be made t. the board of county con
wissioners within oe week after the
holdin ",f said electioa.
iid:, i ; T ,at the question to be
ribri:t ted t - ih. elet':ra at said elec
tio s .: b.. writ tent or printed on
b .t- t. be prepared by said coi
in (-sroI".r-. and t he words "For t he
inua"- r "A amnst the issue" writteln
or pritt-d tt, reo:. That if a ma
jor]tv of ibe qualitit electorr voting
at said coUrnis-ioners are auth.-ti:ze'd
and directed fo-thwith to prep're
and issue said coupon bonds, to bear
6 per cent interest, in the denomina
tiqns of $100 and $500, to the ox
tent of the amount mentioned in 1te
not ice of said elect ion, and pa; able
within thirty years after date of
isue, the proceeds of wvhichiboiids
shall be used only for the purp)ose of
macadamizing or pen-nanenit.ly im
proving the puble road1s, highways
and bridges in said councies, as here
inbefore provided.
Section 4. That the amount of the
bonds to be voted for in any county
under the order of the said county
board of comimissionrers shall not
exeed( the sum of $200,00(0 ini any
one county: Provided, the amount se
ordered to) be voted for in any coun-~
ty shall not exceed1 8 per centum ol
the assessed value of all taxabif
pro)perty therein.
Sect ion 5. That if the resu'.t of
the said elect ion be in favor of t hi
ikue of bonds sa1id b)oardl of co)unmty
commissioners a re hiere'>y a t.hbor ired
and required to advert iso for t he
sale of 55aid bonds and to sell the
same to t lhe hi ghest bidd(er in blocks
of not less thlan $25,000, ni r more
than $50,000) at aniy oneI~t time, thIiis
advertising and sale to cont tinuei af.
ter thbe procieeds of t he first sale to
Onit inue after the proceeds of t hi
first salei shall have beeni ex pendied
upon the public roads, highaway a
anid bridges, anud tunt il the w~hole is
sue shall have been disposed of:
Provided, that no bonds shall be ad
vertisedi and s aid until the proceeds
of thle first bonds shall have been
expended s erein provided for;
and, provided furt her, that thte pro
oeeds of said bzinds shall neuve.r Ii
apj.hd f. r any At her punrpo~se I han
the imipronent .f the pobile roatds.
bighways anid ridg'.s in sai(d e .u.
Stei ' Th at i b- sa b'ard if
tt.jft- i d --t dn ri srt h.-, ., eii
of th z ri b''r jef bn->t .fornwa
and briidgei, 'e -in.-(11 Iei.
C.~ourt HIf ,ri-'.f s-.r6 (- dimy I li
so~me main. iPblic: r'oad. or hig~hwi
and co,ntinruing th'r co't i e it.-rr...r.
tion wit h the bj;jndary lirs. f, i ,
ajomring ct-sunrty. Then i, e.
mence again at th-. (ou rt Has and'
contiunue tbe improvems..t uponr 'hr.
main roads and highway until al
maid moaAeshall Lh.. L-- -- _ ma ad
imed or put into a permanent and im
proved condition.
SPotion 7. That all Acts and parts
of Acts inconsistent with the pro- I
visions of this Act be, and the same
hereby, repealed.
By Mr. Aull, of Newberry: A bill
to regulate the returns and assess
ment of property for taxation.
Section 1. That for the purpose of
listing and assessing the proper forty
taxation the several auditors shall,
after due advertisement, attend at
one or more central places in each
township, and with a board of town
ship assessors of discreet freeholders,
appointed by said auditor, take re
turns and make assessment of all
property subject to taxation within
the township at its actual value be
fore quitting the same. In case the
owners of the property fail to make
returns of any property the auditor
and the said board shall list the same
and fix its value, and shall forthwith
notify the owner.
Section 2. That, the owners of
property shall be required to answer
all questions propounded to them
touching their property and its value
under ceth to speak the whole truth
and nothing but the truth in refer
ence thereto.
section 3. That the chairman of
the township boards of assessors
shall constitute the county board of
egnalization, who with the auditor
shall hear all complaints and appeals
on valuation and otherwise, subject
to appeal to the State board.
Section 4. That the members of
said board shall receive --- dollars
per day of actual service and --
cents pNr mile for each mile of actual
travel by the shortest routes in per
forming their duties: Provide,d, that
they shall receive compensation for
not more than - da's srrvice dur
ing any one year.
Experts in Definite Work Among Men
and Boys to Speak
Greenville has captured the next
convention of theYonngMan's Chris
tian Associations of South Carolina.
The invitation to hold the twenty
sixth annual meeting in the mountain
city came from the Board of Trade.
All indication point to i record
breaking convention. The program
is unique in many reispects and up t.o
the timer. Not many subj- cts will
be dliseusseak but those thbat hi ave beeni
selected are of vital interest.
A n,umbeir (if mein who are ex perns
ini cer-tai lines of delinite work
among young men and boys have be'en
seenredI to address the convenition,.
Among the niumber are: Walter C.
Douglas, Gen'ieral Secretar-y of Phil
adel phia; Cecail L G at es, Field Sec
retary of the Internat io nal Conmmiit
tee; Jno. F. Moore (f Newv York City,
lRailroad Secretary of the laitorina
tional Con iinitt ee ; L. A. Coulter, St ate
Secretary of Virginia; S. W aters Mc
(Gill, State Secret ary of Ten nessee:
.1 v. Read, St ate Secret ary of GAeor
gia; U. C. Hnit inigton, Genieral See
retary of t ho CharIot to Associat ion;
R Hiayne K inig, G enera ISec ret ary~ at
Charltest on, anid A. (. B 3ridIgin ian,
(General Secret ary ait CoIlumibiri
The convent ion will opten Sat urdla
evening, FebI, 7, and close the foi
Iowinig Tulesday, F'ebt. '[Th.. sos
sians will be bel iin thei i-torie
First Haptist Chuirebi .f G-Ire-envilleIt
Some of the speci al featuores of thle
Conveiition will be: A great miaiss
mtin tirg ftr mnuen ini th liope'rra house
ont Sunday uafl rule -n
Union mass moetiigs ini th ree c'i
tral churches ont Stind ,y e-v'-iig, .i
dlressedo by able sp"'tkers
Bibtle readings by N. C fuiit inig
ton of Charlotte.
Add resse-- andi dlise5,j)in or, the
ptrobIlt-ms in t,wts, t'ujn5 mit is
tricts anO I Ii-t iItt io- of h*sning.
hie S 'te ( mi'it I. t hrought the
c's inr- . f 'ht- ;. p- '-x r d at cor
- t- t. ' iitii-'(rs of the I
6 p . (Ir t *i..; h''Iires loon, to
b 'C.-r,~ sd Ib rs interesse,(d, to1
h--rTh r*iI itb- re Iined( rates
"ttt a J,j(j~ 'til d'Q--ato- will be
"' tj .t 'h - b 'spitab'e hurmes
b o s-tiz -r,- ..f Glire tvi-e.
I ep st i ,tioti or- dIeitra'. will
'i -h,.d iho-o wt - coistemplate
. it h>~ -~l r 5-s ta v'it.r t'r dele.
- n'rI.It itai. ptrO.ralis . atid
- 't i r Ai~r A. G. Kuteb.I,
S at -S--'-r'amar. Y. M. C. A., Char
leeet, S. C. TLhosn who expect to
attenrd sthould comufuijcate with thn.
State Seretary befrem Feary ls.
A Negro Who Assaulted a Crippled White
Boy In Aiken and had been Allowed
to Go Scot Free.
Augusta, Ga, January 12.-Tom
Jefferson, a negro, who assaulted a
crippled white boy in Aiken, S. C.,
on Saturday night, was whipped last
night by a crowd of white people in
Graniteville. The negro was arrest
ed at Aiken on Saturday afternoon,
but was released upon his promise
to leave the town. Upon learning
that the negro would board a train
at Graniteville white citizens of that
place met the negro and gave him
over fifty lashes, accompanied by the
order to leave the community at once.
The Preacher and the Gun.
A story which will go straight to
be hearts of shooting men is told of
a clerical gentleman who was invited
to join a shooting party. In the
course of the day the host felt him
self prodded in the back and turning
round, fot.nd the amible cleric pok
ng at him with the muzzle of his
un, and his look of interrogation
vas met with the remark: "Can you
eli me how to let down these beast
:hings?" alluding to the hammers
)f the gnu, which was at full o ock
md loaded.
lew York's Execuilve Heads the List,
Philadelphia is Second.
(From the Baltimore American.)
No organization of municipal re
fermlers has ever addressed itself to
the task of seeking to equalize the
pay of mayors of American cities, for
the rate is usually tixed by Act of
he Legislature and where not so
provided for by some local commis
sion or board. The latter course is
usually pursued in the minor cities.
The salary of the mayor of New
York is $15,000 a year, and Chicago,
which ranks second to New York in
population, pays its mayor $10,000,
whereas Pniladel} hia, which is third
upon the list, pas its mayor $12,000.
The salary of the mayor of St
L.)nis, a city of 505,000 inhabitants
is $5,000, whereas Boston, an older
and a sm tiler city, p-ys its mayor
$10,000. Baltimore, Cincinnati and
Cleveland, three cities of the same
group in population, though Balti
more, an older city, has long the
start of its rivals, pays $6,000, where
as Buffalo pays $,000 and San . Iran
cisco, a smaller cit y, $6,000. Tlhue
salary of the mayor of New Orleans
is $1,000, and the duties of the in.
cumbent are numerous und(er the
comn,plicated co0ndition1 of administra.
tion ini force there; but Pittsburg has
I' "mu paying $7,000) and Allegheny
City $5,000.
Thue salary of the mayor of De
truit is $1,200), of the mayor of Nash
ville $3,000, and of the mayor of At
lanta $2,500. Giolden Hiue Jones,
in Toledo, has been receiving $2,000,
and( J. K. Mc(Gnire, of Syracuse,
$4,000,althbough Toledo is munch the
larger city. She salary of the may.
The Truth
About Lung
Chapter I. Severe climate.
(Thermometer has been knowvn to
drop 50 degrees in 50 minutes.)
Sun hot, wind cold.
Chapter II. A hard cold. A
touch of the grip. Don't seem to
get well.
Chapter IU.. H-acking cough.
(Guess it will wear off when warm
weather comes.)
Chapter IV. Doctor says left
lung is affected.
Everybody knows the last chap
Isn't it pitiable ? The more so
since common cough-cures don't
cure a hacking cough. They only
temporarily dry it up and upset the
stomach. The cause is still there.
We believe we can hellp nine
cases out of ten of this kind-that
is about our average of relief and
cure so far.
We (10 it with Vinol, which is
made from the best remedy for
lung troubles the world has ever
seen - cod liver oil, b)ut wvith the
vile-smelling grease left out.
The results are gained by im
proved nourishment. The rich
new blood overcomes the swarming
germs of disease. There is almost
immediate gain. Try it on our guar-.
anntee-money back if you want it.
WY E. Peiham & Son
or of Newark,is $5,000: the mayor
of New Haveu, $8,500; of 8avannab,
$3.500; of Providence, $5,000; of
Idiauapc,litl, $4,000; Kansas City,
$8,000; Los Angeles, $3,600, and
Louisville, $5,000.
There is no recognized standard of
the pay of mayors of American cities,
and in proportion to the responsi
bilitics which devolve upon him, the
number of appointments he has to
make, hearings to conduct, the ques
tions they have to vote upon as a
member of the board or estimates
and apportionment and of the sink.
ing fund, the mayors of the larger
cities are the poorest paid.
Leads Them All
The Mutual Life Insurance
Company of New York leads
all other companies
in amount paid to policy-holders
In Assets
In period of uninterrupted growth
Founded 59 Years Ago
The Mutual Life Insurance
Company of New York is a
synonym for
SEc 'ti,:TV-The first element desired b)
SECURITY--Independent of crop failures,
panics, strikes or wars.
Write to-day for "Where Shall I Insure?"
RICIIAiD A. McCURDY. President.
F. H. HYATT, Managor,, Colulllbia, S. C.
C. P. PELHAM, Agent, Newberry, S. C.
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sot SOnV aLL DRUJGISf6i %
Free glass
Farming In the South.
Tho Pussenger Department of the
Illinois Central Railroad Company is
issuing monthly circulars concerning
fruit growing, vegetable gardening,
stock raising, dairying, etc., in the
States of Kentucky, West Tennessee,
Mississippi, and Louisiana. Every
Farmer, or Homeseeker, who will
forward his name and address to the
undersigned, will be mailed free,
Circulars Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, and
other.s as they are published from
month to month.
Traveling Passenger Agent,
Illinois Central Railroad,
No. I Brown Bld'g., Atlanta, Ga
--T H E
National Baik of NewIei'ry S C
Capital - - - - - $150,000.00
Surplus and Profits - 96,865.88
General banking business transacted
with promptness. Special attention to
collections. Correspondence solicited.
Savings Department.
Deposits allowed interest at the rate i
of 4 per cent per annum from date of
deposit. Interest payable January 1st
and July 1st of each year.
M. A. CARLISLE, Prest.
T. .S DUNCAN, (ashier.
J. W. M. SIMMONS. Asst. ( .r
Wn HYU-1
0 t
Address SOUTH.
S O U T~
A.h. sa g am..a.
NwT.keaee 3Ras, ge
NORTwmbH, o E.
Wmw eueO Yge.k.ea eg
& n U. Avama W e e e
Esaestateg., e
a. a. uAmw ae
eseI ---cnl-e
ethe Distillers, guara:ntee these
d.NoneC better at any p)rice. We wVill shii
PR ESS PR EPA ID, at thc foilowing a
iI Bottles, $3.45. 10 Full Bottles $6.
I6 Full Bottles $9.10. 25 Full
and( corkscrew in every box. Your mon<
MAERIOAN SUPPL.Y 00. 6 ain S.n
Air Line Railway.
First Class Dining Car
The Best Rates and Route to All
Eastern Citics via Riebmond and
Washington, or via Norfolk anw
Steamers. To Atlanta Nashville.
MiemphiH, Louisville, St.. Louis.
Ohioigo, New Orleans, and al!
Puiuts South and South Vest
To Savat nab, and Jacksouvill.
and all points inFlorida and Cuba.
Positivelv the Shortest
Line Between the
For detailed information, Rates,
ScheduleP, Pullman Reserva
tion,, &o., apply to any Agent
Trav. Pass Agt., Columbia, S. 0.
C. B. Walworth, A.G.P.A.,
savannah, Ga.
L ,i nIWD
" 1
Wa8 TRAVa.
PpAsal Geqsa.I-aal
15k and Ph.enue
T and W EST.
Wgv. Lvr.khTALO. a
aa.mr. RAamb4I.,,
N [email protected] Cg.E.
bodsBtoae prnd 7g -Sars
1 am R esto anye l at
55. U. FulBTAYls 7.
if. C. BEATIE, &eWgt,.
In Efet June 8, 1909.
cuotween Anderson and Waihal3a,
Mixed. Mixed
No. 9. No. 12 tStations. No.1 Ito. 9
P. M. A.M. P.M. A
810 9 66 ...............Belton . ....... 1
2 48 U 88........Anderson F. D.-....... 840 1110
2 4 980 .&......Andorson P. D . 8 46 1116
-.--.... 9 - ........ W ost Andeoreon....... 8 49 ..,
-... 9...............Denver.......,..... 8 60
-- 902-..........Autune-...........4.0
9 3 3. ~ . 849 .......
------...Pcuditon........... 406
-.--. ... 7 ...... ..Cherry .......... 4?...... i
---........... ame ... . 421
.80.6.........West Union. 604 ?.
...__. .Wln ?....
-....... 800--.. ...Walhalla. ....60
All re uras D'lo'o i
have precedence over trains of same 01as
Sovng in the opposite direotton unless oth
otwistesfpeofiae by train order.
Wl as ato athe following stations to
James and Sandy Spri3 ng r n
.. J1tt. avLlCaftVM. Superintondent
Chla'sto aild WOStern
Augusta and Ashevillo short Ltne
lohedulr, In Effect July g, 1900.
Leave Augusta ........0 10 a
Arrive Greenwood",....'..'. 0
Anderson '"*........... i --"1
Lauren.lH. 8.)... 1 12 p m 1080am
Greenville............12 22 p i "p
Glenn 8prings...... 4 46 p m .
Saluda . b.......88pm
Hundersonvl'i'..6 08
Ashoville............. p m ...........
Leave;Asboville.......7 06p m ..
8partanburg ....2O am 8 0m
lonurn.....6p 148pm i
Greenvi.le ----.........12 ""
Laue ---s-...,1 p m I 46 p m
Arrive Waterloo (11. .).... 2 p 8P
Greenwood 261 p
Leave Anderson ....---- p m 7 6Pm .
Augusta.........','.... $2' inin .
LeavO Columbi - - 18a in
Newborr"""""" 12am
Nwbrry............12 42 pm
Clinton ., 1256pID
Arrive Greenvill''"''" -. 8126 Pim
..R...nbur 880m
Glenn Springs...... ... pm
l.eave Glenn 8p, iusi.."1 0a
8partanburg.'"''' . 101pm
Gre0nvill. """'" 1201 pm
A rrive Clin ton.''"'',. 6p
Newborry :"""'"''--- 2 22 pm
Colun bin...a.. """"'' 80 pm
_ - ---.....450 pm
P'aetes ard Beat Line between Gewberry
andic (roo'nvlllo, Spartanburg and GWelin
('onneotio:'s from Nowbo, ry via Columbia
New berry and Liurons Itailway.
For an ' inforitation writo.
EltNJ '1 WILtIAl18, Got'. Pasu. Agt.
T. M. t i: Traflie Man geruta, da.
(Eaetern Standard Tin e.)
Southibound. Northbound.
Sout bdute in Effect August 26th 19On
8 40 am LA Atlanta (s.A.L) Ar. 8 60 pm
11 t at. Elberton 6 17 pm
12 :8 l,m Abbeville 4 05 pm
t 22 pin Greenwood 8 86 pm
2 rp.A Clinton (Din'r) L. 2 45 p
(y.&W 0.)
10 00 am Lv Glenn Springs Ar 00 pm
12 ib pa. 8 artanburgr 8 80 pm
12 2 - m (ireon villo 8 26 pm
(Harris Springs)
12 pm Waterloo 2 85 pm
l4c _n r Laurens (Din'r) Lv 2 (7 pm
t;3 52
i' N. ev.
2021A Laurens Ar 160
219 " Parks Ar 1 42
2 2. ..Clinton.. 1 80
2 84 Goldville 1 17
241 ..Kinard.. 1 10
249 ...Gary... 106
284 ..Jalapa.. 1 00
810 Newberr) 1246
8 21 Prosperity 1282
8 84 ....8)lghe.... 1228
389 L Mountain 12 19
861 ...Chapin.. 1209
367 Hilton 1202
4 01 W hite Rock 11 69
4 0.7 Hlallon tine i1 64
4 7 ....Imo... 11 48
42; ..Leaphart... 1140
___ 4 45 A r0olumbiaL, 11 20
S55 L.vColun'bla (A o L.)Ar 11 1
6 20 Humtor 9 60t
_ 9 20 A r Charlaton Lv 7 00
Traini. 53 and( 62 arrIve ro depr tril
neow liui despot.
\Ves 2I 51 8 fomn A . C. L. freight depot
For itates, Time Tables, or further informa
tion call on any Agent., or write to
W. (4 C H iLDh, T. Mi. EMERS8ON,
P.e.sIV nt. N, i Trafflo Manager.
, o .Ag tn'1 Frt.& Pass Agt.
WILMINGTON N C., July glut, 19W2
Throueh Trains Charloston to Greenville
NJo. .'? No. 68.
7.0 am.I... v...halateon., 8 ..r 9Spin
9850 ta......... ......u.Ar r 45566
aan .....r.r.....uluni.L..' v .46 pm
....29 sin. . Prosperity. ... v 2.24 pm
- 67 pm..r...Laurons-....Lv 2.10 pm
:L m ..r...GreenvIllo.--..-v 14.22 pm
..' I .r.SAr.8part -n brg .....L v 1'6 pm
..o.63 A! ~ 8um7Fri~j ; Js.,r etow'n
') y~l 'n 'IOrres 60 0 ;D g on
106 ~~i .rI '1'viilc 'Otil ; Ben ta
1' .4 -.1( m)17 ; 4bsn 6.' p ry; Faye.to
'i i 0.'' p) mi; WI mnin,tton 11,28 p1 n -
Ittoky .t ut 1..45" i We (10' i.t0a.i
'ett rob g 3. 6 a r. ; icohmxondi 4.12 $;
AWv J ter 20 0 l ; Frence 9.86
6 a'sn ;In DaIngton 1.8' air ; Cheraw 11.45
u.b' ; ln# delsboro 9 '0 p).i - HartevRl e
A . O a ' arlo'n I .5 nrt ; Wilrr,ington
40 pP J ' ay. to lo l2-35 Pmr; Rooky
6t(unt. 't.6'. r m; Weldon 4 61 i'' Po
I, ruburg 'l14 ;'i; Rlichmet.d '.48 pm
W*ain gton I40 1)m1; Now York 7.1~ am
Pultitj a oleplig Onsrs New Yorsk to Tanpa
nul)sl Dinilng Car4 New York to 9avannah,
F"or rates,, t<Clhedu. A, ete rite
WN C.nlg 'lOn P.ass, A t-, Wilmington
T.Sio5"raon, Tre flic Manager. Wilming-.
It Eeson, 5 s't TraY Mas>agor, Wil.
';pecial iand" Corn Whiskoy, $ 1.25
'opu*lari LJog"Cor.n Whiskey. 1.50
opuIlIar Lo)g, Ol, Smnooth,
Mellow ..20
'rivate Stock," 4-qjt .'as 2..
r vaj';te Stock,'' 12-qt. caso . 7'00
'unstingCr.eek"PRy l,2-qt. case 7.00
'tl 1lntinug Cree C" .Rye 12-qt.
*...'..-..-..-.. -.. . ..' . . 1.
- - -l -ady. -.-.. -..-..-...22. 0
Charg(e of 25c. for I-gal., 35c. for
gl,antd' 45e.for~ 3-gal, jug's, and 75c.
.1 - -gal. keg9; when returned pre
,ld(, they wvill be taken back at cost.
J. C. SOMERS & CoO,,Og,,
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