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"the Gr .aiest of TheSe is iarity."
The following article is clipped
from the Osla Banner, a newspaper
published in Florida, au.i was hand.
eti to ns by a friend here in town.
It was published under the heading
of a Sunday sermon by the editor:
Faith.hope,chart ;**.out the great.
e- t of these is charity."-l cor. 13.
1 8.
Man is the greatest yet the weak
est of God's creation. He is prone
to evil. It is a part of his inheri
tance. He should. therefore. be treat
ed with tender pity, coupassion, love
tolerance and charity.
The principle characters mention
ed in the h.'ly scriptures are almost
repetltio.: f nar.'s weaknesses and
Very few led stainless lives.
Adam, the tirst man, ate the for.
bidden frilir and cowardly attempted
to faster. t. sin upon the woman,
and Eve. better than her husband,
tried to shield herself by fastening
it upon the serpent.
Cain, in I tit of iealousv, slew his
yout,ger br,ther.
Noab. who alone with his family
escaped the a%fun: iestruction of the
lood0, cele rated his rescue. as soon
as he .k t[ wine. by get
tits druii,. hLt.i Hamn, t,1 younger
uoi. -vhn watr-d e " xi.es him, re
"e\ 't rti h.ch wili be felt by
hi p o-tti 1t\ thr ugh a. Iitne to come
andt t Shler ail .lapt?h. w\ ho gently
hid th, -. f exposure.
Ti nt is t,e Iir'. telni,eraice 5emion
on re'ri n':td it entir- lt different
frit: 11,. "l r -- N :. rformances
of ,ur in1 et".
At rahain, to save his -\n life, was
w -'er :i. bi, i fe's honor,
a :. \iA g i-t-he was his wife,
p. ra '2 : t--r ' " -d and placed
ii an Eg\ I,!iht , 1 ragli-.
Isaae, fr ft"ar of his life, denied
his wife, a. , and Jacob stole his
brot ber'- birthright.
ML es -l-"w theEZ}yptian,buriec him
iu the salt. , and wh-ii he found out
that hi cric,e ha.1 been discovered,
le i in order t.i e-chp+ punshment.
Hl:- cr;teLC wa .oidoted and Moses
wc- gr-atlk L:n.red of God. l
tait " -, h hi:in "ftce t, face ' He
wav' o -et" to ieliver the Israelite
fro ,i .n:iage, yet in a tit f rage, h
thr w down the tables of -t rt,e con
hsngi - conma:bidint-- an I I roke
D)avid ha i Uriah plain in or ler i .
secu r- hb- ttiifuIl ath Steba foir
ha I enutreh~ t man w,ve.
\Oi 1 '.1 tiat i.tuiinan [ature wvas
n -arne in i.'w te-tanent timijes t ha'
%w- in i t, -tamenzt timies.
C.h rist -leca -d tw~elvi' min for hin
h-, 'ph-. TLey rtecogniized1 ir as
~n .r anil vowed Him~ their al.
I ioui b ai I h r- would fors,ake
liim! they wol be' with Hm to tu.
en of th-. worL'i, yet4 they l-ad upo
t.. -tirat scent of danger.
\\ hen Christ was airrested by t he
liinii solditr., unly o of hi-i dis
JudIas betrayed himi for mron'ey.
1Peter, upon)1 wh'lomn he leanr 'd mori
t an the othters, deltserted( himin.
He. even att ended his trial <hsgu ii
ed or, at least, didt niot let h imi.l f he
After t be trial a dannel wOn't up to
hime and said; "'Thou also wa--t wit b
Jesus of Galile"
Peter lied to her.
Hte said1: "1 kn[ow not what thIioi
S. ill a nothle r dlamosil reogni zed
thim andI said to t hose about her;
"This fellow wams also with Jesus
of N azeret hi'
Peter again li ed flatly
Hie said to her: "I dlo not know
the man"
Murder, intrigue, adultery, bet ras
al, unfaithfulness and other tugly)
crimes, from a large part of the warj
and woof of bible history.
Even those the moat highly fav. r
ed of God sitnedi.
So the church arnd the world shioiib
not condemn too severely thosue o
us now who occasionally stumbl ie aum
fall by the waysidle.
See how severely Christ condemn
ed the Pharisees--those who pro
elaimed that they were better that
their fellows.
Then see what a beautiful placi
all through the New Testament ii
given to "Charity."
It. does rnot mean merely the giv
ing of alms. That is its smalles
meaning. In its broader sense 1
means forgiveness. It means toler.
anee-toleranoo of the faull and
opinions of sintul men and women.
Chriat, knew that men were weak.
lie knew that there was no such
thing as perfection in human nature.
He knew it. was imposible for men to
feel alike, see alike, or do alike. He
knew that difference would arise in
scriptual interpretations and fierce
and bitter antagonisms would result,
so the most beautiful tribute is given
to this word in his description of it,
and He personally exemplifies it in
his last act and in his last utteranoe.
Speaking in behalf of the rabble
who were attending his crucifixion
spitting upon him and mocking him,
He said:
"Forgive them they know not what
they do."
That is the loftiest explanation and
exemplitication of charity that is re
So the followers of Christ ought
to be imbued with the same lofty
spirit. They should not judge in
haste. They should not be one sid
Their whole creed should be ex
pressed in the one word:
As mountain travelets, at some resting
Are fain to pause, their distant path to
trace ;
Bathed in the purple haze, their eyes
vet scan
The clustering homestead where that path
The jovous stream that slaked their eager
The turn:ng-point whereon their vision
A worXd of g'ory never dreamt before, -
F et: so the New Year bids us pause once
"weet memory's tender, softening influ
ence feel.
While at the wayside cross she bids us
kneel ;
Then, with brave hearts, serener heights
Where sunlight and deep peace forever
blend. -Selected.
Giving and Having.
-Wh.t 1 spens. I had; what I
left I lost : what I gave, I have.''
Old Epitaph.
Ever y oin of earthly treasure
We have lavished upon earth,
:or our simple worldly pleasure,
May be reckoned something worth;
For the spending wa:, not losing.
Though the purch.tse were but small;
It has perished in the using;
We have had it -Ithat is all.
All the gold we leave behind us,
When w e turn to dust again
Though our avarice may b'indl us,
We have gathered quite in vain;
Since we neither can direct it,
. By the win.s of fortune tossed,
Nor in other wcrds expect it;
What we hoardled. we have lo,st.
But each merciful oblation
Seed of pity wisely sown
What we gave in self-n.gation,
We mna. wisely cal our own;
For the trea'ure freely given
Ithe treasure that we hoard,
Since the angels keep in heaven
What is lent unto thme lord
-~ Sxe.
The Headquarters to be Removed From
New York to Atlanta.
Atlarn, (Ga, dan. l.-The (.on
st itution1 t oUmorrw wV~illI say thant the
hi adIquart era of t ho S.tnthern Bell
Te'le phon om npay ~vwill be removed
(rotoi New York to' Atlanta early in
ii h sprinrg, p)rob)abbI in A p)ri I The
newly applointe.d audiitor of the comn
jrany, ,J. N. B lIoxsey. will take
charge at t he time then removal oc
curs. A largi. clerical force and
many mnernbora of tho executive staff
will be t ranksferred to this city.
Toughts for the Newv Year.
It will be given you only mo
mnent by momrenit.
Each moment will bring an op
p)orttunity--for 'somct hing.
It will be like no other year if it
brings nto storms.
TIne time spent in regret ti ng the
things of the past, will be time
It may not aill be yours. T'here
foealway ieteprsn si
the future were not tosbe.
Ice who uise his p)resent right,
is h.e whlo is always b)est prepared
for the future.
Some momcents will be0 neccssary
for t hotught as well as for action,
Ile wanders blindly and1( mIisseI
lhe valtue of the precious gift , whc
seeks not constantly the gu ida nce
of imu who gives the years.
S3uccess will be0 measured for you
in exact pioport ion to the Com.
formity of you r. if to od. wil
A Mississippt Girl.
A Mississippi girl describes her
first visit to a city in the following
raphsody: "Oh, I had such a per
fectly beautiful time. Everything
was 80 converted.you know. We at p
ped to a house \,here we rode in a
refrigherator and our rooms were il
lustrated with election lights. There
was no stove in the room, but one of
those legislators in the floor, and the
heat poured right up through it. I
did not have any thing appetite and
could not have any thing I could rea
lize. Honestly when I got home I .
was almost an individual."
More About Nan.
There once was a man from Nantucket.
Who kept all his cash in a bucket;
But his daughter, named Nan.
Ran away with a man,
And as for the bucket, Nantucket.
-Princeton Tiger- t
But he followed the pair to Pawtucket- a
The man and the girl with the bucket;
And he said to the man
He was welcome to Nan,
But as for the bucket, Pawtucket.
-Chicago Tribune.
A Careful Lad 4
A school-teacher in Kentucky had
some trouble in teaching a little fel.
low to sai "double 1," "double e,"
"double s," etc. But after a while
his efforts were fruitful, and he was
gratified by an extraordinary appear
ance of interest on the pupil's part.
In fact, the boy became a double
letter hunter, and ceased altogether
to require attention at that point.
About that time they reached the
lesson concerning the early riser,
beginning with "Up! Up! and see
the sun!"
He read it "Double up! and see
the sun !"-February Womuan's Home
If through this year you walk
aright, You'll walk by faith and
not by sight.
There wi!l be need of patience
as well as power, and for both a
constant need of prayer.
Not every day is likely to be a
day of sunshine. nor every day a
day of gloom.
W'hait has he-in , of ti,e old fashion
ed wnan who ald a iil a "gather
What has he '1n- if thiw old fashion
ed uai who re-fterrtii to ial as ''stone
What haiis hierine oiu-f the old fashion
ed woiniani whoi h.autght wall ptaper and
hung it hi--If:
Whait has hIriste ofC t he ohi fa shion
ed boy whoa bel ievedl that teatti ng gun
lpowvdir woiuld iak- hiii fierce?
Whiait has loin'te if ;te old fashion
ed tiistaing inn that hadl to he bro
keni cvery te it was hiice-ld upl?
What lats bei-iitte oflth .11(1l fashIon
ed in-rson who saidt to a t-hild that had
ftalIen. "Corne hierti, atail I'll help you
Winit hats hweanwtit of thet. thld fashaion
ed woinan hi usliedo to saty to lier boy
whe l eut i-ani iin ate. "I 'll attend to
your ease a fitr suppiler?"'--A tchiison
(are'ftue 'est Sruirg.teonis.
It Is an objiect lesson int godlIness-to
see a stur-g on1 wiushinug his hiandas after
pierfor-inin g ant opi raiohn, says thec Clhi
eaj'e i briiebl-. lie wortuks ofC courise
that thi wvashiing e-xtetuils frin theli erai
Zy' hioii teo thle tii iof tiii- Iintgeri uuall.
F'irst theri Is a htard se-iriubig with
phdtli soapi and tilateriilizedh watir. lThis Is
followed-t biy a swvabintg wvithI tincture
of ,t-'i gr e i sap aiiih ste-rilIized wa-tter.
Thi-ien ornii-- a g-uli- st-ini; wIth
erlul pari-ats of I guickite antd sodai in
ste-rill%id watler atitl fintally it rinsliug in
watsihitugs nto sturgeoniu wiubt hin iik of
e-ntutrinig ouit tie stattir ge-ins of ils
it omattunce ort itn Mar-tune. ei'ese.
'Thier- i- a recordi-e ofi ita iarriage I1
i-sacros t- fite- iif the enutry in red Ink
tist-d. St-e taige si til si." ( )i tturinig
to the'I agt'i-- r-f-rred to. there Is an iother
riioord an the li sat-urneI itk note. In
shot.- thi- r di- i sh ows t hat at license
wits proit-uredi andti reiturnied untused four
r, wa-is thie chriin. itndt they were muar
:led, he ati t- age of sIxty-four and
she itt forty-itghtt years'.- -Ottawa Rte
Shett I toeokl t his Plet i-e wIth my "ko
dak" wIhleabrto:ad.
it' Whatt Is It?!
Mlhi Wi'll. thait butllintg that qtands
ill li-terlly3 sit-aight Is the heatning
tower- of I'Isa tho,si hleing butlbiligs
tart (lie p erpel le~tIii'liir t-dIilees In, t'
I Quite Natural.
"'itun't It i-ttrang'' that ihumiiotrists are
nearhy aliwiyt 35ue-hla-Ihily?
"'Oh, I doti't kn tow. You se-e, thiiy sell
all their goodlli humor, anud (t-ti they'
batve' to get along thei best t hey enin ton,
what'st left." New Yor-k IIetralId.
I 'fTh- othe'r Man.
"Dair aiin two sIdes to a victory," lald'
Uncle Shad. "hTia de [i'htt ob view ob'
de vIctor and de p'int ob vIew ob) der
man dat gets licked. Mos' ebery victo-|
ry means defeat for de udder chap"-,
San VrenanaC nuta. -
enator Talbird Heard Tillman Say "Hul
Are You Mr. Gonzales, I Got Your
Message." -The Lawyers Had
Nothing to Say.
[Special to Spartanburg Herald.]
Columbia, S. C., Jan. 22.-Lees
ban a hundred people were in the
ourt house tonight when Coroner
:reen and the jury heard the testi
nony in the Gonzales inquest.
3olicitor Thurman and ex-Attorney
leneral Bollinger were present rep
esenting the prosecution and Mr.
3lease, Mr. Tillman, but not a word
vas uttered by a lawyer. The ver
lict was a simple statement without
omnent that Mr Gonzales came to
is death from a gun shot wound at
he hands of James H. Tillman on
anuary 16th, the jury being out not
ess than five minutes. In general
he ' testimony corroborated the
ecounts already published. Senator
albird, however, swore that when
4r Gonzales approached within ten
r 15 feet Tillman said "How are
on Mr. Gonzales," the latter made
Lo reply but obliqued to the left.
I received your message," said Till
aan and fired. Mr. Gonzales being
hen almost on a line with Talbird
and Tillman. After the shot Mr.
lonzales said "Here I am finish me,"
his was Talbird's testimony. Sena.
or Brown's testimony was identical
vith what has been published. He
lid not see the shooting, was speak
ng to a lady friend who became
errified wheit the shot was fired. J.
. Sims was crossing Main street, he
eard the pistol shot and that first
%ttracted his attention and then
aeard Tillman say "I got your mes.
sage," the latter might have been
3aid at about the same moment as
the shot was fired but he knew
nothing about the affair until be
heard the shot.
You will not receive anything
you want, and in that very provi
dence, God will manifest his great
est love toward you.
God would have you make plans
and promises for the fulfillment of
right purposes, but may bring you
to that fulfillnent by quite another
was than that which you have
It's not what we eat, but what
we digest that rnakes strength.
The trouble with most weak
people is, they can neither eat nor
digest good food.
Such people can't work success
fully. It takes fuel to make steam,
and it takes food to make strength.
A young fellow came in the
store the other day. He was
white and thin. " I'm afraid I'll
have to give up my job," said he.
" I'm tired before the day is half
gone. I seem to be louing strength
all the time."
The clerk said: " Fred, I know
something that will help you. It's
Vinol. The boss has got hold of
a way to prepare cod liver oil so it
tastes all right. He calls it Vinol.
There is iron in it, and it's just the
stuff for fellows like you. It'll
give you an appetite. It won't
hurt you anyway. Lots of folks
round here are taking it, and they
tell their friends, and they come
and get it. If it don't help you,
come back and get your money."
\Ve endorse what the clerk said.
We wouldn't have put time, money
andl reputation into Vinol, if we
hadn't known it was different from
the general run of medicines.
About ninety-eight out of one
hundred run down p)eople, weak
mothers, pale children, and old
people find it helps them.
W. E. Peihamn& Son
'Talk fldppihess The torld is sad enougl
Without your woes. No path is wholly
rough ;
Look for the places that are smooth and
And speak of those to rest the weary ear
Of earth, so htirt by one continuous strain
Of human discontent and grief and pain.
Talk Faith. The world is better off
Your uttered ignorance and morbid doubt.
If you have faith in God, or man, or self,
Say so; if not, push back upon the shelf
Of silence your thoughts till faith shall
come ;
No one will grieve because your lips are
Talk Health. The dreary, never chang
ing tale
Of mortal maladies is wrong and stale;
You cannot charm or interest or please
By harping on that minor chord, disease.
Say you are well, or all is well with you,
And God shall hear your words and make
them true.
-Author not known.
"Do what you can. Not what
you cannot, nor what you think
'might be done,' nor what you
'would like to do,' nor 'what you
would do if you had more time,'
nor what 'somebody else ought to
do'-but what you can.''-From
'Bright Bits.
- "7- IT , &
Address SOUTH
C- T
Vmessg eae. e.
- aeses and Ne.
ee.ee et lb., .s
ans1 Te.b ad WeS.ee. esos
and savama. e se
a.=.u ee Son.san .w
Umassesse a. ..ia
..as. a . A .wson
esase sne.r- .v s
i,the Distilers, guairantee these
d.None better at any price. We will shil
PRE6S PR EPAuID, at the following<
|I Bottles, $3.45. 10 Full Bottles S6
15 Full Bottles $9.10. 25 Full
and corkscrew in every box. Your mon
MiERnCAN SUPPLY 00., 602 MaIn St
E~inimus !
The growth 'Of The IVutual
Life Insurance Company of
New York is one hundred
times greater than that of the
United States.
The population of the United States in t8so was
The population of the United States In 1goo was
0kesets of The Mutual Life Insut*nce Company of
New York if. aAe when 7 years old, was
Aesets of The Mp tual ife Insurance Company of
New York. January a, i9on,
The largest, strongest Life
Insurance Co. in the world.
RICHARD A. MCVDY, President.
F. H. HYATT, Menager., Colubia, & C,
C. P. PLRAM, Agent, Nowberry, S. C.
er andW.Ey T
soe.. .*h S e a
~. ...... . . ...
Ne-wf* ee... ~t 4.e.h
&SvW. . As,,e. Rm&5
er ...... .. . .a
W. e, WaTes.
goods to be pure and 7 er
in plain bxes to any ad<li ress,
55. 12 Full Dolli.s $7.90.
Bottles $15.90.
ey back if not as representedl.
.Memnhis, Ten
f. 0. 8Aa1.01-191"..
In EQet'Juna 8/ 1'902.
between Anderson and W alhalla.
Mixed. ,x*o
No. 9. No. 12 1tations. No. 11 o. 9
P. M. A. M. P.M A.R
810 9 55...............Belton.......,..... 820 10
2 48 9 88........Anderson F. D........ 8 40 3110
g Anderson P. D......... 846 1 15
-.-. 9 ........West Anderson..... 8 49 ........
--' ..0...............Denver.............. 8 69....
"'-... -.- 0 -.............Autun--06........ 0
- 4- 1 5 ....Pendleton . 4 11
........Cherry,... .... 4 18 .
84 ''. "'""a.-...........Ada s .. 4 21 .....
828 .....Jo dahia Jurat ...... 488.
......heneoa............,. 4 n6
------ I - ..-W est Un.n..........
~~~~......... 8..........uno 504........
800 Walhalla.. 604...
A regular trai ns i ..., to ........
have Precedence over trains of s'me class
n"ovinig in the Opposite direotto unless oth
erwise specified y train d dr.on n s
Will ans st t o$ht
take a t 9 aions to
James and Sandy a13r ng erny'
- .I.AD1hyN Superintundent
Charleston and Western Caroba R*v Co,
Augusta and Ashevillo Bilort Line
Schedule in Effect July 0, leom
Leave Augusta........0lOam 2
Arrive Greenwood.".1.2 0.. a m 4!
Anderson . ..- - -...
Laurens...... .4g-m - a
Waterloo (H. 8.)... I12~ p m an
Greenville .....12 22 p in 980,.
Gle Springs.... 44 pin 98,
80da nburg......... 8 80 p..
p nSaluda ......:....88p P0a
Uq ,,(4ronvlle.6. S n Ipm
a................... 75 m
LeavoAsheVile "
Ge br.......121 am 8
GrennvS rings......10 00 a p
Lrene........2 5pm I 46p m
Arrive Waterloo (i: 7.). 283 p m ..80.p..
Greenwood. 2 1 7'46pm
Leave Anderson -e-... .. 7 26 a in
Augusta..... ...''' . 7 2i am
Leave iuman.b1 . ...1 20 am
Clinton'" " 12 42 pm
Arrive Gireenvili'"-..' 26 pm
dpartanbur.".-- 88 pn
Glenn Springs 400 pm
Leave Glenn 8 gsins 1000am
Spartan urg.-- 100am
Greenvill. 1. I20pm
Arrive Clinton 222 pm
Newbrry ...""""'---- 8 00 pm
'"....... ............... 4 80 pm
set nvd eot Line between Newberry
and G(reenvidlle. Sprtanburg nand Glenn
Springs :
Connections from Nowbe ry via Columbia
Newberry and Laurens Railway.
For any information write.
ERNE T WILLIA6 8, Ger. Pass. Agt.
T. M. t i: Trafto Yan gerusta, a.
Co1~~ii hWmy i & f CO
(Eastern Standard Ti e.)
Southbound. Northbbound.
Sohcdule in Effect Aust 26th 19ud
8 40 am Lv Atlanta (s.A.L) Ar. 8 60 pm
1050a11 Athena 6 19pm i le 2? Tn Abvil 7p
it 6o ain Eliberton 6 17 p
12 IS pm Abbeville 4 05 p
1 22 pm Greenwood 8 85 tm
2 .6p', Ar Clinton (Dinr) Ly. 2 45 pin
10 00 am Lv Glenn Springs Ar 4 00 pm
12 16 pn, Sppartanburg 8 80 pm
12 2 pm Greenville 8 26 pm
(Harris SpringS)
I 2pm Waterloo 255pm
1 42 pm ar Laurens (Din'r) Lv 2 $7 pm
63 52
P. M . gM.
202 Lv Laurene Ar 150
2 09 " Park. Ar 1 42
2 22 ..Clinton.. 1 80
2 84 Goldville 1 17
243 ..Kinard.. 110
249 ...Gary... 106
2 54 ..Jalapa.. 1 00
810 kiewberry 1246
8 24 ProsRerity 1982
8 84 ..Sgns.... 1228
8 89 Lt Mountain 12 19
8 61 ...Chapin... 1209
8 67 Hilton 1202
4 01 White Rock 11 69
4 07 Hallentine 11 64
4 17.....iro... 11 40
4 2r ..Leaphart.. 11 40
4 45 ArOolumblaLv, 11 20
pm am
4 55 LvColunbia(A.O.L.)Ar 11l1
6 20 Sumter 9 60
9 20 Ar Charleston Lv 7 00
Traina 58 and o2 arrive at d depari from
new union depots
Tratina 22 it'd 6 i f.ow A. C. 1.. freight depot
West Gorvais str' ot,
For Rlat.es, Time Tables,or further informna
Lien call on any Agent, or write to
reF. in t. T,H.Mraflil Manager.
o l. .gt. "on' Fri asAi
WILMINGTON. N. C., July 21st, 902
Throu hu Trains Charleston to Greenville
'o '2 .No. 68.
7.00 am.....L.harleston, S.C...r 9. pmn
8.35 am...La...nce............ r 0.0 pm
9 50 an......I.mter.-.......... r 4 55pm
11.1 am ..r....lum ba.L....v 8.45 pm
1 25 pm..r.N.ewberry....Lv 2.10 pm
1.47 pm..r.......nton......v '.25 pm
1.4 pm..Ar.....rent......Lv 2.10 pm
8.26 pm..r...Greenville.v.. .LJ1.22 pin
8. nm . ... A r..8rtan. burg ....v 1 -16 n
4.6 M .i p u; llQr,svinejL~ p. u ; Be,n etta
PM 9-l l.7 m; ihson 16.30 p r ;1ay,.to
~illto 0.2 P DI; Wi mington u 1.25 p r
Rocky .. tl '.45nz ; We'do . aWm
r fterab ' u 8. 6 a ihn,onri 4.I2 at;
Whh onlii 7.M ; Nw Yok I 8 pn '
No e4 A rrive. M- ter 8.20 a 9, Florinceo985
Da.,y ian :Da, ,ington 1' 11 our ;Chetaw 11.46
A.i M- i; 44 deabouo 2 . p - artavil.e
A 1 .'.0 arn ari,n I -iI iLl ; I.ilmaington
40 1)n Payi ttevi Ie 12-35 pIT ; Rocky
Mount .'.5' p mi; V. e Idon 4.63 pm; Po
Srahurg 4 '4 pm; Richmor( d7.46 pm
War.hinagton. 0 pm; New York 7.ld~ am
Pullman ibleepinCr N ~Yorkit~Tai~p
Pullman Dinin guar4 New_York to Savannah.
F'or rates, schedulb 5, etc Write
NW.J. U.aig Gena Pasus. Aet., Wilmninglou
T.I.Emerson, Traflic Manager. Wllm ing.
m. M. Eeron, Arn't, Trafile Mai,ager, Wil.
"Special Brand" Corn Whiskey $ 1.25
"Popular Log" Corn Whiskey. 1'50
"PIoplalir Log,'' Ol, Smooth,
Mellow . 2.0
"Private Stock,'''4-qt.'s' -. 2.
"Private Stock," 12-qt. case . 70
"Hutin Ceek" Re,12-qt. case 7.0
Apple BirAn'dy..'.'.'..-.-'. . 10.00
- .-.. 2.50
Charge of 25c. for 1-ga. 36 o
2-gal., and 45c. for 3-gal. g, ar5c.7for
for 4 l-2-gal.. kegs; when retur'ned pc.
paidl, they will be taken back at cost.
J. C. SOMERS & CO,, Ols.,
STATESVILLE, North Carolina.
PAIN .ESS OePlum, Iandauumi ii
** ine orwhiske. a
Ufl fl3 large book of par
111tleulars on home or
5Ranatorluu1 treat.
W ANO ft.~Adu6f

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