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Dr. P. o. Ellesor, of This City, and Miss
Janie Vance, of Clinton, United
in Marriage. ,
A beautiful marriage was solemnized
in the Presbyterian church at Clinton
Wednesday at noon, the contracting
parties being Dr. P. G. Ellesor, of this
city, and Miss Janie Vance, of Clinton.
The ceremony was performed by the
Rev. Dr. Jacobs.
The church was beautifully decorated
with palms and ferns. The bridal party
was led by the ushers, Messrs. Robert
Vance, T. K. Johnstone, Robert Phil
son and Vance Irby, followed by the
bridesmaids, Misses Lizzie Glenn, Thyra
Schumpert, Bessie Gilder, Laura Vance;
the groom and his best man, Mr. Mal
colm Johnstone, and the bride with her
dame of hpnor, Mrs. Darlington.
The bride was attired in a beautiful
tailor-made suit o* castor and carried a
large bouquet of bride's roses. The
bride's maids wore black skirts, white
silk waists and white hats.
After the very impressive ceremony,
the bridal party, with a few friends,
repaired to the home of the bride's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Vance, where
a very elegant luncheon was served.
Those in attendance were Mr. and
Mrs. T. J. McCrary, Dr. and Mrs.
0. B. Mayer, Misses Bessie Gilder,
Thyra Schumpert and Lizzie Glenn, of
Newberry; Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Jones,
Mrs. T. D. Darlington and Miss Claude
Irby, of Laurens; Misses Birdie and
Camille Vance, of Louisiana, and Mr.
W. J. Moore, of Greenwood.
The bride is one of Clinton's most
accomplished and attractive daughters,
and has many waim friends in this
city, where she has visited quite fre
The groom is one of Newbei.y's most
popular and successful physicians.
Dr. and Mrs. Ellesor, immediately
after the ceremony, left for a bridal
tour t New York and other Noi thern
points, where they will spend several
weeks before ret'maing to Newberry.
A Voice from the Past.
The following passage from the ad
dress of Dr. John Bachman at the lay
ing of the corner stone of Newberry
College, July 15th, 1857, is worthy of
attention just now, in view of the ap
peal that the college is making to the
people of Newberry for contributions
for a new building:
"Inhabitants of Newberry, it is yotr
college, named after your town and
district. Cherish her as the young
daughter of your love and training.
Be proud of her for the fair promises
she holds out to you in the years of
her maturity when she will become the
mother of many sons, whose voices will
be heard at the forum, the bar, in the
Senate, and from the sacred desk; and
who,. when duty shall require it, will
become the defenders of the time-hon
orAd institutions of our Southern land.
Thus, 'she shall give to thine head an
ornament of grace, a crown of glory
shall she deliver to thee.' Throw over
her the mantle of your p)rotection, and
bestow on her the fond and benevolent
smiles of a parent; then, when in other
years, men effeminated by luxuiy and
grown giddy by the pride of life, shall
display their ornaments, their trap)
pings of silver and gold, she, the alma
mater, like Cornelia, the mother of the
Gracchi, will point with proud exulta
tion to her sons, and proclaim, "these,
these are my jewels."
Every dollar invested in the college
is so much invested for the highest in
terests of Newberiy. It pays the town
in mind, money, and morals. The col
lege has gone through war and disaster,
but today it is prospering. And it is
asking the citizens of Newberiy for aid,
not because it is failing, but because it
is growing. We exp)ect to ask out
siders to help us, but we must first
show a dlisposition to help ourselves.
"The Folks Up Willow Creek."
One thousand sqiuare yardls of sp)ecial
scenery, all on a magnificent scale and
adjustable to any sized stage, is carr'ied
by the Frank Davidson company. This
assures absolute scenic p)erfection to
'"The F"olks up Willowv Creek," andl
will virtually make an entire new stage
in our Opera House, all of the stock
scenery being removed. Such a display
of mechanical effects was never before
attemp)tedl, and is wvell worth seeing.
The date is Thursday, Febr uary 5th, at
the Opera H-ouse.
Meeting oftesionoard.7
The Pension Board will meet at the
Auditor's office on Monday, the 2nd
day of February, at 10 o'clock a. mn.
I hope all the board will be present.
The p)urpose of the meeting will be to
pass5 upon new applications and exam
ine the old roll.
Let the new applications be on hand
W. G1. Peterson,
Chai rman.
"Just Splendid."
We doubt whether there is any one
thing on earth that will affordI the
housekeeper ,as much pleasure as a
flour that will give her perfect satis
faction. That flour is "Clifton." Let
us but once get a sack of "Clifton"
flour in your home and we invite you
to try other brands to your heart's
content. Such comparisons only brin'
out- the superiority andl excellenceo
"Clifton." Hayes & McCarty, E. R.
Hipp and L. W. Cosby sell it.
.A. worn or you have growvn tiredl of it
bring it to
The Riser Millinery Co.
We can make a new one out of it with
very littla e osnt yu.
The common pleas jurors will be
drawn tomorrow morning.
Col. W. H. Hunt was in Spartanburg
on professional business Wednesday.
Monday will be salesday and the
Master will sell some valuable property.
Miss Chase, of Spartanburg, is visit
ing her cousin, Miss Thyra Schumpert.
Mr. J. N. Fowler, of Columbia, has
been in the city for the past few days.
The examination for teachers certifi
cates will be held on Friday, February
The legislature has not said a word
about extending the time for paying
See "The Folks Up Willow Creek"
next Thursday night at the opera
Mr. David Mittle, of Beaufort, ar
rived in the city yesterday to spend a
few days with his friends.
Superintendent Eug. S. Wertz went
to Columbia Wednesday on business.
IIe is expected to return today.
Mr. Jim Henderson and Mr. Gash,
the stock dealers, have retut ned from
the West with a choice lot of mules.
Supt. E. S. Werts has apportioned
the thvee-mill tax and dispensary fund,
and is sending out his cards to the
ti ustees.
The County Pension Board will meet
Monday next in the auditor's office to
pass on new applications and examine
the old roll.
The sessions court which will convene
on February 9th, promises to be a
short session as there are only a few
prisoners in jail awaiting trial.
Mr. J. Epps Brown, reprosenting the
Southern Bell Telephone company, with
headquarters in Atlanta, after spend
ing several days in the city with friends
left ycsterday for Atlanta.
George Maffett, a little 14 year old
negeo, stole a gless jar of chewing gum
from the Sonnenberg bakeiy, and a
sack of peanuts from Hays & McCarty
at another time, a few days ago, for
which the mayor gave him foi ty-five
days on the county chaingang.
At the Presbyterian Church.
Rev. W. T. Hull, D. D., of the Theo
logical Seminary, Columbia. S. C., will
preach in the Presbyterian church next
Sunday moi ning ;nd evening. The pub
lic is cordially invited to attend these
set vices.
Married in Jalapi.
There was a quiet home wedding at
Jalapa last Sunday afternoon, the con
tracting parties being Mr. W. W.
Farrow and Miss Nellie Pearl Bishop,
at the home of the brides father, Mr.
Allan Bishop. The ceremony was per
formed by Rev. Mr. Col sland, the
Methodist minister.
A Great Rural Romance.
The great rural romance "The Folks
up Willow Creek" is shortly to appear
at the Opera House for one night only.
This attraction brings an elaborate
equipment of special scenery, mechanii
cal and electrical effects, music and
other details necessary to a perfect pro.
duc tion. The well-known comedian
Frank Davidson heads the organization,
wvhich comprises a number of gilt-edged
artists. The date set is February 5th.
As to Town Taxes.
Notica is given in another column
that all taxes due the towvn must be
p)aid by February 15th. This notice is
final and positive. After that date the
council has dlecided to issue executions
against all p)rop)erty on which taxes
have not been paid. The books show
that there are in some cases unpaidl
taxes for four or five years back and it
is the intention of the city council to
clear these matters up) on the books.
Letter to J. H. Hair, of Newberry.
D)ear Sir: You'd strike it rich if you
could find a way to shave your custom
ers in less time, for less cost, and make
the shave last twice or three times ais
You wvouldn't shave the same person
so many times, nor get no much of his
money; but the wvhole towvn would be
talk ing about you, and every body would
come to you for a shave.
D)evoe lead and zinc is exactly that in
p)aints. It takes fewer gallons, and it
wears longer. Costs less for the job,
andl you dlont have to (do it again for
years and years-six years at least.
"Fewer gallons; wears longer."
Tlakes fewer gallons to paint a house
wvith D)evoe I. ead and Zinc than with
mixedl paints; andl it wvears longer than
mixedl paints or lead auid oil.
Yours truly,
I". W. Diavoic & Co.,
New York.
The effort in wvhich the New York
Worl is engagedl to raise a fund to
prosecute Jim Tillmnan for the killing of
Mr. Gonzales, if carried very far, will
materially aid .Jim Tillman's cause. If
Tillmnan is guilty of murder, which is a
matter for the courts, there is no surer
way to save him from punlishment than
by starting a movement which may en
able him to plead p)ersecution.
You May Not Eixpect
Good bread these cold mornings if
your flour is of the spasmodie sort,
that only "works by spells.'' You
can't be certain-you (Ion t know what
to depend on. "Clifton" flour will
bake to your entire satisfactiom), day ini
and (lay out. It Is not the best flour
today and the next best tomorrow. If
is the best all the time and people whc
b)uy "Clifton" know it. Sold by E. R.
Ilipp, I . W. Cosby and Hayes & Mc
Special Agent J. Epps Brown Makes a
Plain Business Proposition-Vote
Stood Five to One In
His Favor.
By a vote of five to one city council
on Wednesday night granted to the
Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph
Company an unlimited and unrestricted
franchise. The company, through its
special agent, Mr. J. Epps Brown, im
mediately gave written notice of its
acceptance, and will in the near fu
ture begin the work of rebuilding
the system now in operation, and
putting in a modern and first-class tele
phone system.
It will be remembered that on several
occasions previous to this the Bell Com
pany had made efforts to secure such
franchise, but in each instance a fran
chise was granted which, on account of
certain restrictions contained therein,
the company deemed it advisable not to
accept. Previous councils thought that
a maximum rate of charge should be
fixed and that the franchise should be
limited to twenty or thirty years. The
Bell Company has held all along that it
could not afford to come into a town
and spend its money and then have its
franchise expire and be left with a use
less plant on its hands. It would not
accept a franchise fixing maximum
rates because, as it held, the future
price of labor and material could not
be estimated with any degree of accu
racy, and it is on this that its rates de
Some time ago the local system now
in operation in Newberry was purchased
by Mr. Gentry, general superintendent
of the Bell Company, and it was de
cided to make one more effort to secure
the franchise asked. Special Agent J.
Epps Brown was sent to Newberry sev
eral weeks ago to present his company's
proposition to city council and to the
people of Newberiy. This he did in a
plain, straightforward manner.
The people of this city have long
known and highly esteemed Mr. Brown,
and in a matter of this kind they knew
he would make none but a fair and
honest presentation of the case. A pe
t'ition asking that the franchise be
granted was circulated among the citi
zens, and was veiy largely signed by
the business men of the city. The pe
tition was presented to council on Wed
nesday night. It reads as follows:
To the Honorable the Mayor and
Aldermen of the Town of Newberry,
State of South. Cai"olina:
The undersigned citizens of said mu
nicipality would most respectfully pe
tition your Honorable Body that, in
order to keep abreast with the wealth,
growth and commercial progress of our
town, wve need an enlarged and im
proved telephone system wvith long (dis
tance 'phones, toll line facilities, and
imp)rovements in local service, and feel
ing that the Southern Bell Telephone
andl Telegraph Company can speedily
sup)ply these needs, we, therefore, earn
estly peCtition your Honorable Body to
grant said company such liberal fran
chise in the premises as wvill insurc
its acceptance of the same, and we will
ever p)ray, etc.
At the meeting on Wednesday night,
there were p)resent each member of the
city council, City Attorney F. L. Bynum,
Mr. J. Epps Browvn, Special Agent for
the Bell Company, and Col. 0. L.
Schumpert, wvho was retainedl by Mr.
Col. Schumpert op)enedl with an argu
ment for the Bell Company. HeI saidl
he appeared for the p)urpose of asking
a frnchise. It was a matter that was
not connectedl with the financial de
p)artment, that dloes not require any
levy, and one in which the wishes of the
citizens should be largely considered.
Last year the Bell Company ap)pear
ed asking for the same franchise. At that
time there was a local company which
it wvas thought would suffer if the Bell
Compary wats allowved to enter. Thlat
conside(ration was nowv gone, although
it should not have entered into the
matter at any time. Not only (10 the
citizens of Newberry ask that the Bell
Company be allowed to enter, but the
progressiveness of the age dlemands it.
Other towns of like size have it, and
there is no reason that Newberry
should lag behiind. Mr. Schumpert
presented the petition from the citizens
of Newberry given above.,
Mr. Schumpert briefly called the at
tenition of council to the fact that not
only would the granting of the franchise
asked for not affect those wvho (10 not
wvant to use the Bell Company's phones,
but it would, he saidl, give those who
may desire to use them, adlvantage of
the excellent out-of-town connections,
and the same commercial adlvantages
which are now enjoyedl by Abbeville,
Spartanburg and other cities through
out the State, wvhich have granted the
franchise now asked from New berry.
In rep)ly to a question from Mayor
Earhardt Mr. Schumpert saidI the or
dlinalnce aa!ed was the one granted by
cities all over the country except in
those p)laces wvhere ordlinances even
more liberal were given.
Mr. Morris made the point that the
franchise was p)erp)etual. Mr. Schumn
poert saidl that a limited franchise could
not be changed (luring the period of its
existence, bult a p)erpetual franchise
could, under the law and the dlecisions
of the cnurts, hn amended for cause by
by.the legislature. The law makes it
a misdemeanor to charge higher rates
in one place than in another of the
same size and where the same conditions
exist. It had not been long, Mr.
Schum pert said, since it was necessary to
go to the depot to send a telegraph
message. With the advance of the
town, however, a station within the
city became a necessity. The Western
Union was granted an unrestricted and
unlimited franchise and since that time
their rates have remained the same.
Telephone and telegraph companies
were governed by the same Constitu
tion and State law. A franchise to the
Bell Company would be a direct benefit
to the citizens of Newberry.
Mr. J. Epps Brown offered the city
two free telephones for the city and
thirty-three and one third per cent. dis
count on any other 'phones that might
be required by the city.
Mr. Brown stated that his proposi
tion with reference to rates was
that they should be - the same in
Newberry as in other towns the
same size. The specific rate which
now applies, he said, is as follows:
For a business 'phone with metallic
circuit and long distance connections,
$3.00 per month; business 'phone, du
plex, or two 'phones on a line, $2.50;
residence 'phone, of same character as
$3.00 business 'phone, $2.00; residence
'phone, of 'same character as $2.50
business phone, $1.50. He said the
intention of the Bell company was to
obtain the local system now owned by
its superintendent, Mr. Gentry, and
then to ask that Mr. Gentiy's franchise
be revoked.
Mr. Schumpbert said that if rates
should become oppressive, the cha ter
of the company could be revoked. The
company under the franchise would be
merely the creature of council; it natur
ally follows that its charter could be
revoked. That was the difference be
tween a perpetual charter and a charter
with a time limit. The limited charter
was a contract for a certain time,
could not be revoked during its exist
Mr. Smith said that inasmuch as the
town did not have the right to regu
late rates it ought to be veiny careful
about granting the franchise.
Mr. A. T. Brown said it looked to
him as if anybody who did not want to
take a 'phone need not do so.
Mr. Smith thought the asking of a
franchise like the Bell Company wanted
was to ask the town to give up the re
sti ;cted franchise under which a tele
phone Company is now operating in the
city and to grant an unrestricted fran
Mr. J. E. Brown explained that his
proposition was that his company would
rebuild Mr. Gentry's system, and then
ask that Mr. Gentry's franchise be re
voked. As a plain business proposition,
his company did not want Mr. Gentry's
franchise and would not ailliet Newv
berry with twvo systems. T1he Bell
Company is running on a business plan
and, of course, as such would not raise
the rates so high that the people wvould
be forced to get along without a tele
Mayor Earhardt said if any council in
the future had the right to revoke the
charter, that wvouldl settle the whole
Mr. Bynum, city attornev, said that
in his opinion future councils could not
revoke a franchise granted unless there
should be some flagrant violation of its
Under the constitution of this State,
A rt. 9, Sec. 14l, a commission has been
established, known as ''the Railroad
Commission'' whose powers over trans
porting andl transmitting corp)orations
(including telephone companies) shall
be regulated by law. Under this sec
tion of the constitution the Legislature
has passedl an Act placing all express5
and telegraph lines uinder the control of
the Railroad Commissioners who shall
have full powver to regulate the prices
to be charged by them for any service
performedl by such companies. Th is
Act, however, dloes not mention tele
phone companies, but under the section
of the constitution already mnentioned1
the Legislature can pass a similar Act
in regard to telephone companies, or
amend the Act in question so as to
cover telephone companies.
Therefore, wvith such legislation as is
authorized by the constitution, should
the rates mn Newherry become exces
sively high, redlress could he had through
this Railroad Commission. For when a
telephone comp~any estalishes its p)lant
in a town it (Ievotes its p)rop)erty to
public uses and brings it under legisla
tiye control.
Hie was of the opinion. that a munici
pality had a legal right to aflix condi
tions ti its consent, and that the town
had at the prCeent time power to p)re
scribe maximum charges i f incorporated
in the franchise.
Mr. Smith raised the point that now
out-of-t->wn connections were free.
Mr. J1. E. Brown saidl his company
could not keep ump a line from here to
Clinton unless there should be a rve
nuei from it.
Mr. A. '1. Brown said he wans paying
twenty-five cents extra for out-of-towri
connections now, andl these out-of-towri
connections are dleficient andl amount
p)ractically to nothing. Besides, if an3
member, ev'en of his immedliate family,
wantedl to use these out-of-town con
nections there wvas always a charge
lie salid the business people of the city
would not have signed the petition i:
they did not want the franchise granted
The city council amrc the servants of th
people and the wishes of the people
should be considered.
Mayor Earhardt stated that for the,
pust two days he had talked to a num
ber of business men and had tried to
explain the matter to them as he under-'
s1.ood it and he had not found one that
did not wish the franchise granted.
Mr. Morris said he was a Bell Tele
phone man, but he didn't like the per
petual part of the matter.
Mr. Smith then said the tendency of
all monopolies is to oppress as soon as
power is granted.
Mr. J. E. Brown said he was willing
to sign a written contract that the rates
specifically named would not be raised
for a period of five years.
Mr. A. T. Brown moved that the fran
chisQ be granted. The motion was
seconded by Mr. Guinn.
The vote stood as follows:
Aye--Brown, Guinn, Langford, Mor
ris, Earhardt.
No - Smith.
General News of Interest--Personal and
Otherw ise.
Prosperity, S. C., Jan. 24.-What be
came of the mules? is still asked quite
pertinently when the Prosperity Stock
Co. brought in their second shipment
of twenty-nine on last Friday at noon,
and by Monday they were all gone.
But they suppy the muscles for raising
Mr. Henry Felleia, of Old town, was
on our street Wednesday.
This week two marriages take place
near us Miss Ola Fellers to Mr.
Williard, of Greenwood county just
above us; Miss Viola Kibler to Mr.
Furr, of North Carolina, jvst below
Mrs. P. Kennedy, of Due West, is
here visiting her mother and family.
We are now having an epidemic of
colds and grippe following the freeze
and keeping company with this sobby
A calf belonging to Dr. Wyche died
tcday presumably from the rabies; hav
ing been bitten some two months ago
by a rabied dog. When it became
noised abroad that the calf was affect
ed and wra cuttlng some capers unusual
to the cow kind, it became diflicult to
find a peiaon, either resident or visitor,
who had not made a pilg:image already
or soon intended to do so.
Misses Emma Wei is and Nannie
West, of Saluda county, are visiting
Mrs. H. P. Wicker.
It is iumorcj that Mia. Calmes will
open up. her spring millineiy in the
'Old Drug Store" building.
Messrs. Moiris & Wicker mov.l this
week into their new quarters - the cen
tral one ,f the Baker buildinsr.
Mrs. Dr. V. T. Hoffman, o Sumter,
is visiting Mr. R. H. Russell's family.
Mr. and Mrs. A. -I. Kohn and little
Nellie spent on(: day and night in cur
city this week.
'1rliardt, Pifer &' E-berhart, Lessees.
The Folks Willow
--Interpreted by
His Famous Company
|OOO-:? |OO0
.. all taxes due the Town of New
berry, S. C., for the last and previous
years, must be p)aidl into Town TIreas
ury on or before February 15, 1903. At
thc exp)iration of said (late executions
will positively be issued against all
property on which said taxes hamve not
been p)aidl.
Tu'ios. 0. STIxwAnT, Mayor.
C. & TI. TI. C. N.
L1..0. F
a.V.t 7 30) o'cljck a.t th elr balnl at. Lhe
Graded School buiinirj)~ . Visitors cor
dially invIted.
T1. 5 H- udson, Sec(retary.
That are guaranteed
to stand the test. Our
"Old Hickory"
Is the only inserted
Steel Bit A xe made.
"Celebrated Blue Jeans"
Has proven to be one
of the best chopper
on the market.
Both brands absolute
ly guaranteed not to
bend, break or crum
White Goods,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
Of Us Now.
We Are Making Special
Prices And Giving Special
Come and See Us,
C. & G. S. MOWER CO.
A Creat Dioovmry!
AlImost every one has discovered that Wooten
sells the best goods for the least money and
We Are Doing the Business
Because we sell more goods for same money!
Same goods for less money!
And yont may1' I alays c (ountt upon01 get ting every't b)ing yonl wanit ini the
way of
Dry Goods, Notions, Shoes,
Gents' Furnishings, etc.,
at. the very lowest prices.
corne and1 i,irnjI't.t our is, n a,,,1 we wvilI e,II(alvor to ,,wako your visit
both pleasant and profitauble t o you, and don't. forget
The Place Where You Get Your Money's Worth.
Ginger Ale!
On the Market.
W. G. Mayes and
Gilder & Weeks.

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