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X. H1. AUil,l,~ ADlTOR,
There are many reasons why the 1i1)
introduced in the house last week pro
viding an appropriation of $25,000 for
an exhibit from this State at the Lou
isiana Purchase Exposition should not
In the first instance a creditable ex
hibit cannot be made for $25,000, and
any exhibit which would not truly rep
resent the State, displaying her great
resources to the best advantage, would
be worse than no exhibit at all. If
South Carolina is to have a place in
the picture that. will do her justice, she
must expend a larger sum than $?5,000.
In the present condition of the State's
finances, however, we believe that any
appropriation for this purpose would be
a mistake. We can find much better
uses for our money just now. There is
no doubt thatt. expositions are of great
benetit and that those we have had
have done the sections in which they
were held and the country at large un
told good. But taking the State's
financial condition into consideration, it
is quite too soon after our own exposi
tion held in Charlestol to appropriate
money for a South Carolina exhibit at the
ILouisiana IPurlChase Exposition.
The Ceneral Assembly did a large
amount of work last week, and some
v'ery important legislation was pushed
forward. ''he present Senate is prov
ing itself the most aggressive we have
had in some years, and if it contin'tes
along the same lines which it has beer
pursting, tintil the entd of the session,
and the ilouse will fall in line, Soutl
('aro':na will find herself in much better
condition to meet the demands of thI
present age and generation.
We are glad to see that among th
teastlres passed by the Senate is ont
providing for the at tedtiance of all thn
child"en u1pon1 the common schools f,r ai
certain length of time each year ant
one prohibiting the labor of children it
the mills. Neither nt'asre is as str ong
as it miight have been, but perhaps it i:
better not to attempt to do too much a
the start. The Compulsot y Educatior
Bill requires that every child in tht
Stazt e, bet ween thle ages of' eight ant
t welve years. attend school for at leas
eight consetutive weeks during cal
year. 'Tle Child I.abor Bill is the on.
introduced early in the session by Mr
Marshall. Its main prii ons are tha
at'ter May 1. 190,. no chili under i
years of age shall be eimployel in an
factory; aft.ov Mw \ . no chil
undrt' the age of 11. and after May I
1905, nt child undler 12years age. Pro
vision is made for children of widowet
mothers or disablled fathers or those en
ti'ely depentldent upolt their own worl
for suippol t .
IBoth Bills are goed as far as they go
I i labor in the mills will be injut ions tt
children tinder twelve years of ag,
afterm May I, 1905,. htowever, we can'
see why it will not be inijuiriouis toi chiil
dlrent under twe'lve ytears of age afte
Mlay I, 1903. And if it is injurious wi
cainSt sietn reatsoni why it shiouild con
tinue ttr twvo years. Ctertainly it wil
nott requtirte two y'ears in order that th<
mills andt the operatives may becomi
recontciled toi chiangedl conditions.
As we have said, howvever, both meas
ures arec in the right dlirectioni, and5 i
hey become laws will be of untold ben
tit toi the State and to all hieir people
Actioni oif some kintd hias becomni
ntecessi ty, and we hope to see the H otisi
pass hot h Bills, unless it cani Itid bet
ter tones tto whichi the Seniate will agree
Tlhey suplplemenc,t each other and shoub
go through toget hem'.
Thel hatd weat her continues andI otu
roiads beconie worse. It will not be fo
long how ever-. Thle roatds will sool
reach thle potiint where they can't be
conmc any worse.
MIss Carlisle Entertains Bachelor Maids.
Miss Nina Carlisle enlter tained thI
Ilaehelor' MIaids at her home on TIuesda;
a fternotin firom .1 to 6i p. mi.
Thei. meettiing was ai miost delight t:
tccasion and enjoyed by all. D)ivide
(iotationis wer-e given each, andI who
the quotations wer'e completed alI we'
ready for thle contest of "The Battle
of the War Betweent the States."' Th
pirize was awatrdled to Miss D)ouschik
Martin. A salad course witht coifee wa
servedl to the guests at the conclusio
oif the coittest.
lProgressive Fillneh,.
Newberr.9, S. C., Jani 31. --Miss (Ge1
trud(e Carwile entertained 12 of he
friends att progressive iflinch Wedinem
day afte':noon. The ladies piresent wer'
Misses D)agget, Azillie lool, Myrti
Schiumpert, Ninia Carlisle, Vinnie Ma
Wilson, MIargatret hlyrnet, Bernice an
D)ouschika M artint aiid Nan McCaughrim
Tlhe prize was wotn by Miss D)agget
I hunty refreshmentst were ser'ved .
Special to the Stace, 2nd.
"Just Splendid."
We dotbt whether there is auty on
thing on earth that will afford thi
housekeeper as mutchi pleasure as
flour that will give her perfect satis
faction. That floutr is "'Cifton."' Le
us but, once get a sack of "Clifton'
flour in youir homeo and we invite yol
to try other brands to your heart'
content. Stuch comparisons otily brinj
out the superiority and excellence o
"Clifton." Hayes & McCarty, E. 1R
Hiipp and( L. W. Cosby sell it.
'1" YOUR HAT HEGINS Tro 1001
- . worn oi' you have grown tired of i
bring it to
The Riser Millinery Co.
We can make a new one out of it witl
m.y lile cost to yo.
T. J. W. Writes Interestingly on Unlos
Academy Subjects.
Representative John F. Banks spent
last Sunday at his home, returning to
the capital city on Monday.
Young Muster Sidney Slawson of
Newberry College spent last Saturduv
and Sunday with Mr. J. Nolan 1' pps.
There was communion at Bachman
Chapel last Sunday.
Local news seems to be veiy scarce
at this tirr . But it's not surprising.
Always after a storm there's a calm.
The killing of Gonzales was a lament
able incident. We sympathize with
both sides. G( l's word says, Thou
shalt not kill; and it also says, Thou
shalt not bear false witness.
I have just told you that local news
was scarce. So to fill up space 1 will
have to jump upon something, then, if
it will be of any interest to you. I will
give you some of my experience in
writing for the newspapers. For a
little more than sixteen years I have
occasionally had my hand on the public
pen. During this time I have written
columns upon columns. The first letter
I1 wrot , for publication nltt have been
veL y, very weak indeed, for it. went
plunging right square into the wa4te
basket. ''his made me feel vet , small,
but nevertheless I picked up courage to
try it again. So the second time I
tuned up my mind in a little different
shape and sent out another small arti
cle which popped out like a rose in half
bloom. This gave mne more courage
and it was not I .ng before I was trying
my hand agan. But very sooni miy
brother caime to me and said, if I were
youn 1 would quit w riting for the news
papers: the people are talking about
your letters, and some of them are pok
ing fun at what you say. This was a
stunner, and made te feel almost
ashamed of myn weak efforts. But I
began to realize the fact that every
thing had to have a beginning, and
whent a man becomles a public servant,
just at that time he becomes a target
for the mouth of the critic and sIan
derer. So another determination struck
:\my mind to u rite on. and many long
t'ours of hard study did l spend, while
the rest of my family were in their
pea'eful beds of slumber. trying t 1 pre
pare something suitable for the read
ing public. But notwithstanding all
the criticisms I continued, knowing the
only way to achieve anything wa' it
persistence, and it was not long beforc
I met a man of an intelligent mind who
declared his surprise to know that 1
wa writing such good lettear. J ,&
h ow encouraging and bracing wer,
I such woids of praise to such a weal
soul e. I. I thanked the gentle
man for his kind words from the hot
tom of my heart. but felt just as I fee
now in tihe face of such stiuilhating
words: while they always have my
highest appreciation, yet I feel the)
are not deserving. My dear reader,
the object of my effol ,s along this lint
has not been to gainl notoriety, popu
larity ot to be cotnted smtt, nor any
thing of this kind, because I knew that
nothing of this kind makes a man what
he ought to be. Sometimes I think
. hat I ami too free and o,etr in my ex
I pressions utpon certain sutLjet ts, butt I
.have always tried to let them cotme
ftomi an honest conviction of my own
way of thinking, and I am not above
critiucisnm by any means, for very often
honest criticism is the life of its; a
.great thought once utttered cani never
(lie, bit passes on in an eternal circuit
through the mindls of men. In conclu
sion to this I want to putblicly thank
the dear friends wvho havec come to me
, with words of highest praise itpon liy
I new year letter, andl assutre them that
their kind wvords will always be chter
ished in my memory, and( if I have been
instrumental in creating one single
e thought of good in your' minds I feel
fully replaidI for all that I have done.
- Oni the other hand I want to say to
those who have criticisedl me atnd piossi
bly called me a hypocrit that I hiave tic
ill feeling towardls sutch; I am able te
bear it till.
Mrts. IL. 1. IEpps is spenditng a few~
wveeks wit h hier (laughter andl son-it
Ilawv, Mr. andl Mirs. S. A. Itikardl, ol
Long L anie.
Mr. Levi Gruber moved from thu
Newvberry cotton mill to Mr. George R
AutlI's, tiear Potmaria, yesterday the 28th
e inst.
Advertised Betters.
Renetainitng in the Post Office for thu
week endhing Jatuary 31, 1903.
Mrs. Ilattie Adams.
Mr-s. Sallie (C. Hescow, Miss Fannii
Btraxter, J1. G. Boggs.
rIM. A'- Foster,
e Mrs. Lizzie Jiles, Miss lonnie Jones
e I. J,.lJohnsot.
j Miss Herthe Kinmp.
J1. M. Long.
.Maninal Miller, Pt-of. lt. K. Moon.
Maudl Nance.
Rlev. W.. M. Pitnsonm, Janies Pardy.
W. M. Simipkins.
Nit's. lenr'itta Wallace, Cihas. Wal
e lace, col., Walton M. White.
uPersons calling for these letters wil
please say they wVere adlvet'tised.
C. J1. Purcell, P. M.
A Rollicking Comedy.
While "'The Folks up Willow Creek'
is a roaring, rollicking comedy, its hnt
mnor is clean, harmless, itnnocent and
refreshing, the kind all refined, sensible
pel)ople enjoy andl app)rove. Ladies may
attend confident that there will not be
a Coarse or questionable spot in the
entire performance. At the Opera
nouen Tram u.i,ht
An Interesting News Budget from the
Maybinton Section.
Mr. Editor: Having not seen anything
from this part of the country, I take
this opportunity to let the outside world
know that we are still alive and enjoy
ing our own hog and hominy. We have
been abundantly blessed the past year
in good crops, and begin the new one
with good resolutions and a hope that
we may have a prosperous year.
This part of the country labors under
many disadvantages, in that we have no
railroads, telegraphic or telephonic com
munications with the outside world, but
we manage by the aid of the mails to
keep in line with the rest of the coun
We were shceked to learn of the sad
tragedy enacted in Cc!'mbia a few
weeks hence, in "ile killing of Mr. Gon
The Maybinton school has reopened
under the eiicient tutorship of Miss
Lena Smith, of Charlotte, N. C. We
hope we will have good weather and
thereby a good attendance at school.
''he Methodists have preaching twice
a month this year, on the first Sunday
evening preaching by Rev. Gault, and
on the third Sunday morning preaching
by Rev. J. F. Anderson.
Mr. Norton, from New York, is on a
visit to Mr. .1. It. Richards, and it is
needless to say that they are enjoying
themselves hunting parti idges.
We are glad to learn of the improve
ment in Mr. I). A. '['homas' condition,
and hope that he may fully recover his
health soon.
We are also gratified to know that
Mrs. W. V. Lyles and Miss Sallie have
recovered froiu a severe attack of pneu
Mr. C. W. Prost. of Columbia, re
turned home after spending the holidays
with friends and relatives in this com
Mr. George L. Epps, of Newberry,
after spending a few days with rela
tives retu-ned home, accompanied by
Mr. .1. 1). E1pps, Jr.
Miss Georgie Coleman. of Fairfield
County. paidi a flying visit to friend,
here Sate-rday.
Miss Nettie Moore, of Columbia, who
ha' been spending some time with her
aunts., the Misses )ouglass, rett ned to
Columbia, accompanied by Misses Helen
Hardy and Fannie Epps.
Messrs. W. V. Lyles and Prank Hardy
spent a few days in your city l-st week.
Messrs. Henderson & Cash have a lot
of tine mules at Whitmire, just froni
l.ctter to J. H. Hair, of Newberry.
Dear Sir: You'd strike it rich if you
could find a way to shave your custon
ci's in less time, for less cost, and make
the shave last twice or three times as
You wouldn't shave the .Iamie person
so Ilany times, 1101' get so nmeh of his
money; but the whole town wouli he
talking about you1, andi every body would
conie to y'ou for a shave.
D)evoe lead and zinc is exactly that in
paints. It takes fewer gallons, andl it
wvears longer'. Costs less for the job,
and you dlont have to (10 it again for
year's andl years-six years at least.
'F'ewer gallons; wears longcr.'
Takes fewver gallons to p)ainlt a house
with) Devoc Lead and Zinc than with
mlixed palinits; andl it wvears longer than
mlixed p)aints or lead audl oil.
Yours truly,
F. W. DE~VOE & Co.,
Newv York.
ExamlillafloIl tfor 'fcacaors' ucricates,
Lers' Certificates wvill be held in
Newberr'y onl Friday, February 20th.
The examination will begin prompltly at
nine o'clock a. mn., and close at five
p. im. No teacher is entitled to receive
any of the public funds who does not
hold( a 'er'tificate.
Co. Supt. Education.
Newherry, Jan. 29, 1903.
Rfilghts of Pythias,
KiTLodlge will be held on the 2nd and(
-I4th Tuestiay nights of each month at
8.00. VisitingEnghts cordlially wel
t omied. 'T'O10. E. EPTI NG.
K. of R. and S.
Crotwell H otel Iluilding.
Appications for Beer Dlspenser.
Fwe will receive applications for
Beer D)ispenser for Towvn of Newbeirry.
All alpheations must be in legal shape
adcan be handed to ,Jacob Senn, chanr
imanl, by 14) o'clock a. mn.
Members of County Board of Co'ntrol
for Newberry County.
- th J C. W.ilson, Esq , Priobate ,Jndeie
IY made suilit) fom tol grn hhn1 1111 Lte
t,ors of A diinistratin of the estat.e of
The- arnie there'cfore to rite and( ad
miiIsh all anid stigular' t.he kind led andi
cre'ditors (of the m,id Mr s. Nan nlo J.
ILong, dec'd, that L,bey be aInd appear be.
for" mie. in lie (Cour't of Pr1obaute, Io be
held at Ne wherry' C'ourtI muse, S C , on
the 17'h (lay of l".brutry inst, 'efter 11ub.
H E..'tioni I hereof, ni' 11 o'oI e'k inI 'h*' for'e.
1:o er, 1to show eause, if iay thfey have,
wh fy thie said Adun t iiilrto 51hould(
v iea unee' tn\ hea id, this tII.e
1. S.] 2'ed day of Februnary', Alnno
DomnT C.1903. J '.N.
Consumption is a human
wveed 1lou IIrishinglr best in weak
lungs. I,ike < the2r weeds it's
easily (lestroyed while young;
when old, sometimes 1111
Strengthen the lungs as you
would weak land and the
weeds will disappear.
The best lung fertilizer is
Scott's Emulsion. Salt pork
is good too, but it is very hard
to digest.
The time to treat Consump
tion is when you begin trying
to hide it from yourself.
Others se'e it, you won't.
Don't wait until you can't
deceive yourself any longer.
Begin with the first thought
to take Scott's Emulsion. If
it isn't really consumption So
much the better; you will soon
forget it and be better for the
treatment. If it is constum)
tion you can't exp>ect to be
cured at once, but if you will
begin in time and wiil be
rigidly regular in your treat
ment you will win.
Scott's Emulsion, fresh air,
rest all you can, cat all you
can, that's the treatment and
that's the best treatment.
We will send you
a itle of the Etul
sioi free.
Ile sute tlhat thi; picture in
the t,~n .,m ,t Libel i tt the
1.r e{ it m t bottle of
1".nuulaon on huv".
+ i'409 Pearl St., N. Y.
R oc andi i all drutg'tists.
I Wod'sGarden
Best for the '' ty South,"
'OOL'S NEW SHFF) 1100K FOR 1903
Iihtt I'r 01o . r, n t )u t , i. full ttf
Ie ,s, btothi Ifor F":1nn1 and1 <ian"tt'n.
Wood's '' Tr[, le Flark Brand''
the b "A i ualities ob tainablle.
1 rite 1 tritces anil our Seed
nt t" ''ig lull inf!ormaution.
i . Jsn cn, Richniond, Va.
Noticeo of Final1 Settle
I ilmake a final settlement on
the estate of Anthony Helrhbert, de-~
'eaisedl, ont ITesdlay, the 2 lth day of
Febi uaty, 1908, in the I 'robate Court
for NewhI erry, South Carolina, and will
immediately thereafter apply to the
.Juidge of said Court for a final dis
charge as ECxecutor, &c., oF the de
All persons holdingL claitms against
the estate of said Anthony lleCrbert,
deceased, are hereby notifiedi to present
the samei (luly attestedl, on or' before
said (late, to me or my attorneys,
Messrs. Mower & Bynumi.
As Ex(ecutor, &c., of Anthony HTerbert,
deceased. t.It
Note Our Steady Growth,
I 'O.iSITlS.
,T:etnart' I, I597-- 38..)to 21)
Jtantoiry I, 18-8 3* :30 . inloI
Janar I, 1899--$ -12,3:2i; 7s
Janutary 1, 19ti . $ (68,s05 0
Jim at y 1, l90t- -410i1,081 0:!
Janun"e I. 19tI2-$137.10 O-t
January 1, 1903--$163,1J1 631
The Commercial Bank
O) 1 M AYVEI, Vice 1 'res't.
Z I'. W ulI(re. ashtier.
.JAS N. NT(AvultlRN, lIookkeeper.
L,. wi. TLO.o Gen't. Al it. Newiherry
Oil Mill.
WV II. IlUNT Attorntey at l aw atal
Solici tor for thle Ittank.
GFeo. tI. Mow in, At.torntey ait Ilaw.
Newberrt.ty i.andl and( Sietti Ir ('i'.
A. J1. (01lsoN, l'int.
'Z. ". wI1t I Tr Cashi et.
J NO. M . K I N A [UD, IPrei-identt..
we't pav tt - 1 t itn tvin = l)at a
met it rat of 4oj ,. ,
Hello Central !-Give Me 48
Tho NeWhor'y 91'8111t0 Foll
Trhey have tall kiniil of [tread
P'at.ent, Bread, AlIlk li':ad,
Graham Bread. (Creamt lIread,
Kimmiel Seed ltye Bread,
Itoston trowtn I read.
Largest aissortment of fr'esh, fainey
(Oakes ever shown here before.
Orders taken by Telephone and de
livered free of charge as we have t
our1 new delivery watZon.
Call aind see uts, or ringlL up I>hlonie
No. 48.
H. A. Meyer & Son.
t t hur money winning books,
written by mecn who knowy, tell
you a1 about
Pots h
w h a r n c'det Ir r very mati
who dlesire-t to get the most out
'they arefree. Send postal cart.
91 \1,4n St( frI)' efi. \o 1ukio tl
Thore are at good many ioplo
conghing thoso days who cotuld j118t.
as5 well not conlgh att all. Many ptto
plo 01nd1,ro at (otigh pat 1I e 'tlle io
they halVI bwoIn diIappointed r1,y
wort,bletis c ,ugh remodies5 and1 do not
realiz( that horo aro other remodilS
which are wholly 'ntitlo d to Conti
Quick heiief Cough Mixfure
iis one( of thes,% ronmothos. W., hnvo
abundann t row-Ini t((1 kno\v (IhI% this
prepatratioln i,- falr Muperior' to ('ough
rm e 1(i uns h sohd, m.d wle it
will 'to (re v ,g "h, it voomrs
as 1II' I noIt as IlglNhir t g weOl ay1 II
triodl. l . c. ttl !to i hn w t halnt
therh ' at t'tll n thitg b r thr, iat
it hnliek!y r H,M por ( .it. of all
ordi 1 is ( ugh.. or salo only at
in endless variety.
fresh and luscious'
delicious and tooth ;ome.
Don't make your Christ
mas purchases until you
have examined our stock.
Santa Claiis dead~1gre
Grand Clearing Out Sale Before
Taking Stock.
Commencing Dec. 30,
1902. we offer at
actual cost all goods in
our dry goods depart
ment. This is a grand
opportunity toget good
values spot cash. No
approbation, no de
ception about this sale.
When we say actual
cost we mean just
what we say.
Prosperity, S. C.
Watches, Clocks,
silver and Plate Ware,
Cut Glass and Table Ware
Wedding and Blithday Presents
Key winding Watches
Changed to Stem
Eduard Scholtz,
To the People.
We desire to thank you for
your patronage during the year
which has just closed, and to so
licit an increased patronage dur
ing the year upon which we have
entered. Your business will be
appreciated and our sole desire
shall be to please.
When in need of anything in
our line-and we have the pret
tiest line of furnishings in the city
-give us a call.
Ewart-Pifer Co.
Copeland Bros.
"Is the Place for Bargains,"
For the Next Two Weeks.
In Dress Goods, Jackets, Capes and Furs, Men's
Clothing, Boys' Clothing, Hats, Shoes for Everybody.
any Size and Style. Overcoats, Blankets, Lap Robes,
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs, Neckwear, Gloves, Linen and
Silk Handkerchiefs, Silk Mufflers, Umbrellas and
Rubber Shoes. Also a nice lot of
Felt Shoes and Slippers for Ladies and Men.
Don't fail to come to see us,
if in need of anything in the above lines. We will
guarantee to save you money. We have a great many
nice and suitable things that you can give to your
lady or gentleman friends as presents for Christmas.
Come and See Us Often.
Dress Goods, Madras, Ginghams, Percales,
Soirette, Lace Novelties, Fancy Damask,
Mercerized Chambry, Etc., Etc., Etc.
All the above in Colors and White.
We have many "Odds and Ends" in our
"Brought Over" Goods that we are selling
quite cheap.
Blankets, Overcoats, and all Winter Goods
are being sold extremely low-really less than
New stock ladies' anid men's Red Golf Gloves
Butterick Fashion Books and Patterns are
ready, Come to
The Place Where You Get Your Money's Worth.
20 yds. Sea Island Cloth at only 49 cents.
ing Tobacc.c a t on,ly 2kc por Ib.
J6(pacaes~ (10 oz, each ) Wh .
'rg Powders ai (Jnly 25c.At0KLT ERS
At 0. KLETTN ER'S, 4r fdI'$iprRvot
\lso'Frit JarQ I doz ' . ut?I. g
100 pirs ChIilrrn',, S)I.l.irsn(~ \T4)rl ou
I vor I $ 1.25 att on ly 0 1c. at pai r.oi~
12 lbsa. Arm and~ Ihammu.r Kog' ~ o trI~Ott 2o
Sodat at onlIy 2de.
10t) d(i 40 ini. Ileavy 'Sh(al Iig a lt i LIt,(UjH
SA Fairand SqAr Dea KETTNER'S,

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