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The Newberry herald and news. (Newberry, S.C.) 1884-1903, February 03, 1903, Image 4

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tHe eles'e that "We, a1 I'ettple of a Civil
II.td (:Itat1 Nathm11," C:an, "41n
No Wine 1nidorso the Worris
oli 1laye."
Initl Nurttual m1t1 11nuMtrinl ltt
l-tttitt', A11({utn, (lIn, Jatnuary 2',
I tl; 'lit I ho ' Votltttr of ImI' Antlgunt n
lbrt uitllo. I voltto111 lt i ulttmn4t,it
lvery law hIlitlidil oil iv.otn of t1it1 grttnt
A\ m1ritnll muotlutwu\\'ttnlh I whoi Iutiny
1ta1. wi, it p' opI lt1 f1 a1 (tivilivtlt
('hrhait n 1n1iuu, (n' il l) Wi4t m-.
dont lilht o'rdt 11 o int}flttlit 11. IntyIt,,
of \'itr{iula, ttl hv11rttd il. W a'ltlhingl u,
1), (1I, uln (t '.!tth ilull., n a nr+} tuu t
iV your u1otung'tl ipnpoltr. Huil tont-it'
tug itl d ti I ('hriftinu ttivilizt
ton, mid i iutardll for Ilioi who
0nmlt 1111in 1 th ltorIto julgt Itu .
1t1111 1111Il hillet itlslbontilig "their
mv\'ill tutt pttttlowh1I, a Itir
lpo( nn l ill it l t g b !okl iuh 1tlulttl," ttnt
ltauhl I hat ""IlntitI tl halall not lift tt(p
tWwo 1a mtittl utI > , unathttr tthall
t htty l1n 1 o warl. n y u t, ."
( It1 tl'hrt'nt Int 1111t it l rt' tlt 6 ol
dllvotliutg Ito iuirulunlll to t piri. of
pontt, ita to ,nipphm(+lnt 1vltrything
wvhlit'n till' dg1rat1 ttr rtarth lil
til"'ta;ltl of out pe plrt1 11t.
W\1 Ilut lung 1oert oultnetl Iiat
ttthtt, wtith tte t\tttt u t tblftk, nadlt it
i"t 1 t t I lu t i o t 1+ t bui h uptl l(, nltd
Iltttt o(Iti u i I41 h up11t I , 1t11h1r 11hat1
tI\v t 1 l ttt t1111t (ita f it- ltv tl" tlltl+ tig that
1t1 h1 nt,1t juttt nlltd - tru , nt Itl wo'1 titen
t"1r w% h 1 1t, tt(ttnklttl whoe ho ttald:
"Itltl \\ ill nt t"1 tt I ( nof t o ltl, lo lt
nUht "1Ntt tll g wi l l ( Iw hlI-Il (trt11111Ntt IN
hIlttt (ltll (lti-In that wal1k uprlightl\.
\\ tt btthlmvt Ilttt m11ttt it of te ltlub tl
t tluu t"t nt1 ught tho -,11 lt tt N'tt.4tock
t11 t t hI 111 ntttltttv. l'htrtt ar turt orltl'
0\11 Ihnutt wv1 %,tt tttunt thlatgr w
duii t htl tit )i t tetI , tlut of I t ytt
I1tup tun t a s1tttrthtt: \V it tlgIht t o
ptttl-ltsa milo%t ltli m Iuhu st, malll w\'
t utght to t ta tl is t tttt t
I't 1tutlst 11[1ttt tlt" I Ights tII ,I
111m1 y :ntd tl tllp1tattt waly , it, to It\
:1 tt t ust I. tl\llerata l i d t o
s 1. 1ophtlg -- i ,tstau h
Wu want the hent nen at the bead
of both our nationa l and loonl gov
t rniontn, rngnrtllatre of thoir politiap.
Wit thatll (11ntinne+, Wit.h tho Bidl of
our frienlti, to etviie lo.len of tal
lovintting initiory unt II we fnil on the
very plan Huggested tnoro thun 2,0()0)
yoltlrt aigo by the prophot who fore
tWill the coning of ,JilnnH Chriist.
lint o11 nt a peopl for tu nd aahn
don tott1on of morlsI until we HhallI
t ulno t,t latit in our inturnationnl and
privat. uin'uiru to the mnoral ounxim
of the Now 'i' ntnlent, intd the world
nhall arrive ti the eonolunion
t.hat. the hi1ghott Windoml ill to
nit down like ohildron at the fot of
the yon of (od.
I?'et.hers anttd mnot hors of every raio
minifont nlore intrmi t in the boys
ant girls. Too Ianuty boys are i<lto.
Wo 11r1 gritful to ouir friends for
what, they huvn ttile for tI a1141 11 pou
Ill" 1titl whatt they atr11 tiing tt
t,he present, tinto, and WO urgo thtt
tilt.y ho Hluw to tlutiaify intd ivittills
who llidtinvor to dentroy.
lihv. lIKaNy W. Potlt1t1,
llhapltin iad '1'enthtlr, I,%uoy lianoy'h
or linna Iatit.uto, Augut8ta, (in.
ilt Perkins' New YCar's calls.
N'ift.h llionvetItinn ILotul,
I don't. fool like writing to day:
niy htent nobon. I laitdo Now Yoar'n
tll yutilator tv o 111tllo 1'.! oniIn. I
tIllihtdl that1 athout t wolvo il''lork
an hour ago;1.
I hadlt miy onll htltt writtt+n t+tf, matl
t+ottumonlotd at 86i ot It h m( r oot atlntd
oanmo downl. Mly idlt+i wat- to mak11o
'. onlIll of tivtl mintuti'H onkh. IT hi,
%voubtl ttak,+ tt' minttO0, olr ton h1our1,
I think I did it I worko,d hilant I
wa8 t1u lint(ritttent perp'It lI tuot
Itl. I did aill anllybody 0n11 1 do
i t anly follow tiayti hIn mad l.t\ : t+it1s,
ho wetll, ho is guilty of it It liol. I
t It tt i it. I laetuo y l '!t ht all with
11Y" oytlt iglo4ed, andlt at 111y ''.'th I
t4wot11t'd oil (te hall : titiry. Naturt'
was" t'Xhaus1tod. (Oh, biu ttall't it
fum ! It lt nothit g tit Ilu ko L.t, 1-iIs
a(t tor % on 1a1v,' bet'oin at it t --pt'll.
Vl' ilas twrlnt y raiIs Were' ldltt with
e0 0% i ttlttei I was nt'tllally iak
Ing a 111etltal 111p taill tilt himle. \Iy
tottglt talkedt right s traight aboad,
from fotro of habit. 'alkit'g t'amet
18 asy as orthluarY r'spirat tiln All
l hladl to itl Was to 01n011 1uy llllth
aRut th same811t word1s tumtllled't mut:
"Ilai41 ow year, Mis Smuite!
"A i ! \ir. 1'erkits. I'm ldolight
c'd " "MNay you1 havO mlaln'hlp'
rotulrnsl by- by!
drtink to-"'
"Thak-spasu idrank' may14
yout hIve (bill) thlousanld yet't.4'
downi thet front stops). 1 started at
noon1. Made tirst oaii ont young
Sheo said: "You h1 avt' many11 call s to
with1 a1 ittle therry %
1 said 1 lhie) would,~ andle dIran1k
c.a'lled next 011 marriod la4dy 11
f''ifth Iisenue*11t
She said: " 's 'rma 1k to \Vilham11
youl kn~ow \Vil~ oa emakinIg 4.alls1
011 tIhe girls,"'
"'All right,1 Mrs Niasou;'" t hou we
drank some 11ico old P'olt to absen01t
On) F~orty ninith street mot11 a saintl
od Virginlia mothler, who had somel1
Veory niote Sout horn eogg-neogg.
At ullnd~ the~ Yan1kr't., and1 drank two
giI.aeMs with~ Virginia mother.
t)n lorty sixth street moItt a4 lady
whole had somel1 ilot (alifornia winel.
1r1r41 it. 1Then wenlt aer.\'as the s4trclt
with Dom11aWra4tic frien~d to say1 Now
Ye'15stand gect som1e1 of old1 S"khinue's
t$%l brandy. G.iot it. Mra. Sckiu
nor1 wanted us4 to. dr1inlk to Skinner,
P1rank to Skinneor and1 ato lobster
Mot a friend, who said:
"Lets1ru inl andI (hie'l uoo t2o,~
thie teo ranco1411 man41."
('oe sid: "Temi 4.anet is wiVse~ th4'e
"Fe,' ot 1. "'l'S drin1k to
Dran~ik Itie to temllp'ralt1l, 1)irank
to Mr.. T'1'empranoe, 1raok tol 'hliI
Onl hift hiloa1v01uu1. Th1ompsonil' (1am
1'ua1 for rum~ puncleh. Tried1 t wo glass
dran~ik ttomlan punloh,. \Vt out,1
llelinIg a Daliap hat~ fo'r aKn,
and11 a twelive1114' do llImreIa inl thei
hat raek.
Happy thoughtl Tock ,Oharley
Brown in the carriage with driver,
antd got, on outside with rcyeelf.
(hauley said, "Dot's drop in on
tht Mn<tison Heavenue Masons,"
"All right." Dropped in. Miss Ma
01n Mnys.
"Have sorte nuco old Madeira f"
"Yon, Mims Ma,ron, will have some,
my deario." Drank to Mrs. Manout,
and ato Iimed turkey to young ladies.
Young lindiun drtesed beautifully
woro conft train and shoes a la 'onm
padoro. Loft overcoat and umbrel
li, and hanged high hat for fur cap.
Maw n span of horses in a carriage
drawn by (iharley King. Charley
wan tightually slight. Said he'd
boon in to Lop'H, enting sherry and
drinking pale turkoy.
Now, aill onlled on the Lambs, on
Thirty fourth Ilonvenuo, Old Lamb
Watt 'round. Drank brandy ponoo
horo, antl ato more pony brandy,
Young indto bonu'ful-high hotlod
alttott and Hhot1H decoolletto. Great
ntany of them. Nio Itoman pitich
with monogram on it, Presented
largo boutiuot mtt corner to Mrs.
.1 1amb11. l'xohanged hat for ouni
battkot, and slid down front buanis
Oalled on Vanlderbilt. hang (hin)
Vnn V anderbilt I Vanderbilt didn't
roo'v onlIs. ('arried ot otard basket
nand hung Oharlhy's hat on hell knob.
Usit \'aiderbilt's onrds to make
ot her calils with. Kopt. oaling.
('attllei ttat ly. ( alled betwoon on1l4s.
I)rank otre. 1)rank ovorywhoro.
Youttg Itlies n,toro beautiful. \'ant
tuld tiN to romno bunk to the party in
t iovumag. (au bark. ( rand
pt t hh IInoro f(rnishtel b) mnt1ai.
1)ralik Ioro lobstor Haltad. I)rank half
at Iatss ttf silk dress, ttand poured tst.
oi skirt of Mlis-1 Smith's Ilaumpaign
in vortnttr. S:lumtpetd plato gas light
grtrn silk down Oill to lii j grt,t0.
I1rt.use s worr whittt tarlotan young
ladIis out ttwallow tnil. Sat ot young
la.N's handt and hold staire. \'ory
lit) happy. Follows had been
th makin'.
II t" \t Left party. ('atrriu,go
outsitdo watltti it, to get into 1'red
Yountg aini promt'nado ovrr to ihe
Strwarts. l\otlanl puntlrh had be.'n
tirinukaug Ptrd. ilrt iuavi ttdi righlt
ot hrses to got into thr f,.llows
antd ride around to Strwart'.. Stow
a-t tight altl house cloaed up. Lrft
pokot book in card baskot outside,
acid hung wateh and rhain on bell
Calltd on thr Forgisntts. All up.
lHad old Burgundy Forgition's a
briok. Tlook sherry. Beau'ful you: g
lady dresused. in blue ltoman punhch.
O)pt'ned b'ottle~ of white gros gr.ini
tritujtod with Westcester t'ounty
maet lDran k it up. l"ollows g..ttig
more tote uly slight. Drank Pomnpa
dour rum with young lady dressed
ai la Jamilaioa. lhadn't strength to
ref use. D)ranik hap' New Yonr tif.
toton t imies--thon got into F"ifth lton.
venue llotel, and told t he driver to
dreve 'roundat to thet cairriag. ('amie
tup to letter, anid wrote this room for
the daily ('omthio)vertiser. Pulled
*ont ott with thet boot-jnok, amnd stood
wolf up by t he register to dry. Thoeu
wroto t hiel-wroto~ more (hio).
I-1.1 lnihili)ss
$1FNATOR tl.1.l.MAN t'0NF~IlThliN.
That ic Wilt PreYcut the t'onf1rmation of
WXashainugtoni, Jani. 29). Ss'nlator
Tlill mian andt other Sotthorn soniators
oposed to the c'ontrmationa of Crumiii,
thet negro appointee as colleetor of
custonus at C2harlestoni, are otihdent
that they il succeoed iln defoniting
his 'ot\rmaitttn, lis nominuat ion is
before the ommaiitteoo of comein rce
which has ten lUopublican and six
D~emlocratio mem'ibers. Two wvstorn
lUopubbecans are said to b'e opposed
t.a reporting thei niominiationi.
Ytung Ntr. I uswimi wvas rutryving
blitdly alonag the street towartd a chem-na
i' wi t bttle in his hand wliihen
youlng lie' Trep hailed huu11.
den tey ee you (ot a year. Where
ha'. ty~ou t'tue keeping yourse~(tt u'
yO o e miarriedt
ieTrop -'~1' t4ay, whait ar~ yiou dinAg
mios't ty
husw' itu -tve got a newv pro'fession.
lIe Trop' WhIat is It'?
hasw.. h bu llOrist.
ID' Tiop You don't sa~ty, I dtidtt
lusw I im au not a very g.littertig
ile T'rep --What etr' -whati eort of
work dto you dto moestly?
Andi then young Mr. Ihuswim leaued
over tamt w hispered softly in ycong
Dc T'I'',s ear:
"I'tu lqwendting most of my tIme try
ing to humnor a baty that's enigaged in
tooth culture"
T'hou he pluniged madlty 01n agaIn to
wart,i thet soothing airupi shop, --L.
denu An)*w..
Appointments Made to Take lffect Jan
uary 21, Announced Names of Those
on Staff.
[Columbia Reoord, Jan. 29th.]
The (ovornor today named the
following as members of his staff,
the order having taken offTet Janu
ary 21:
Brigadier General, John ). Frost,
adjutant ald inspootor general of
South Carolina, ox-oflioio member
and chief of Stali, Columbia, S. C.
John M. Patrick, assistant adju.
tant and inspoot.or general ox officio
member, Anderson, S. C.
11. 11. Walker, <juartormamstor gyn
oral, Anderson, 8. U.
Altamont MoseO0, (01111iary goln
oral, Sumter, S. C.
J. S. I'olk, ongiloor in chief, Baum
(. A. NouTor, surgoon genoral,
11. A. Malouy, payllaltor general,
B. A. ltorgan, judge alvocanto
gonral, (lroonvillo.
It. J. (lant t, oliof ordunee dopart
Ilont, Spartanburg.
1.11:UTElNANT1 CO1.oNIs1.a.
T1ho aides to the commnandor in
chief are:
T. Y. Williams, 1 IlllMot .
T. 1). 1 )arl ingtoln1, I aurons.
1). A. Spivoy, Ilorry.
.1. I'. oVaux, ('harlesto n.
W. (1. Smith, )raugeb'u rg.
Augus4t Kohln, ('obuuhli,.
1'. C. Smith, N''wt (rry.
C. P. Moon, \tlrlb, ro.
ItR . Ja..1yn('y, t)tollo .
. 1. T lowill, L oungt oto .
l: It. Clark, CobI bial .
He Wanted
to Gain Flesh
A Boston millionaire was very
thin. Business cares and conse
quent nervous troubles told the
story. lIe became alarmed, it is said,
and consulted a famous specialist.
" I want some flesh," he said.
" I am willing to pay for it. I'll
give you $500 for every pound of
solid healthy flesh you can put on
these bones."
It was a big price, but he could
weft afford to pay it. For undue
thinness is dangerous. It means
disease, or the approach of disease.
Cod liver oil has most always
been prescribed for this condition.
It has wonderful properties as a
medicine, but its disagreeable grease
and vile taste and smell make most
people sick.
We have long thought that
something could be devised with
cod liver oil as a basis that would
arrest emaciation, promote nutri
tion, stimulate digestion, aid in
throwing off rheumnatism, lung
trouble, bronchitis, coug~hs, and
prove a real body-building tonic
reconstructor and flesh former.
We have found it in Vinol (if
you are interested call at the store
and we'll tell you ho'w we found it)
and it certainly dloes the work. It
is pleasant to take. If you are
sick and thin, try Vinol. You <-an
get your money back if It doesn't
W. E. Pelbamn& Sw1
Air Line RIailwa~y.
SrNaNN Sol'T ANt' N EW Yoam.
First Class Dining Car
The l Ustlattes and liouto to All
Eastern Citie's viai liichumond and
W~ashington, or via Norfolk and
Steamoers. Tlo Atlanta Nashville,
Chcg,Newt Orleansi, and al!
P'ointsI South anid S%outh Wa~est
Tlo Saannah, aind, ~ -aksonvill,
anid all poits inF lorida and Cubda.
Positively the Shortest
Line Between the
F'or dotnilhd 11finfration. listes
tionse, &c. apply to anv A4uzi
of th\' S AUUAllD AllN L.NI'
TIrav. Pass Agt. C obuud'ia, 8. ('
C.8B. Waiworth, A,G.P.A.,
___avannah,___________________.____ ._
Jae. (. Padgette, Colleton.
Goo. P. Elliott, Beaufort.
D. N. McLaughlin, chaplain,
ltobt. W. 1iuut, Charleston.
Captain A. G. Pinokey, Anderson.
R. M. Barnos, Georgetown.
Peeled, chopped tomato sprinkled
over lettuce, the whole covered with
French dressing, makes a Rtussian
To steam potiatoes peel them and
whein very clean put them in a colan
der over boiling water. Cover tightly
with a lid and leave them until done.
T'nrragon leaves are most useful in
salad and should be sealded, squeezed
in a towel and chopped line. This herb
gives a zest to the salad that is always
appreeia ted.
WVhen making beef tea, never add
the salt till the meat has been cooking
for several hours. Sait acts upon the
iber and prevents it giving out all its
Iouirishiing properties.
A steal one lIch thiek requires to be
broiled seven ninutes; one inlch and a
hall, twelve minutes; two inches,
twenty inutes, near the lire at first
and lhen four inches away.
A Hubstitite for cuper sauce is made
by boliling some sprigs of parsley slow
ly to let it becoutn a had color. )o not
chop !t line. Set It in melted butter,
aeason with salt and a dessertspoonful
of vilegitr, hoil up itl serve.
Took Nothing.
Mrs. Green (who thinks of hiring)
But is the girl honest? Can she be
Mrs. ltrown (the girl's former mis
tress)---You need not bo in the least
ainried. She Is perfectly honest. All
the tile she was with mne I never
knew her to take a thing--not even my
advice as to how things should be
Botties GNU
Wo, the Distlllors, Mtuiranto
old. Nonte boittor at any prico. W
5 Full Bollies $3.45. 10 Full Both
15 Full Bottles $9.70.
Free giiass and cork,erenw in overy box.
AMERICAN Mt'PPL1. leo., ttt
3 i& NOL'OD Nl
A id GNV Ad1
Vd . -lUV~
R A I4
an M
\es's rea.a
OAmtaee ad
NO emaTH,%eea Leo
a nd a---... ..
w*ee Ye.4eses vsese en
*. M.= MW,...
W..Mumge. , a&
a. Uw. mw.
Character in the Gait
Yes, Phillips 'Brooks said
he could tell an insured man
by his step, and when a man is
insured umply in The Mutual
Life Insurance Co. of New
York, he says by his bearing:
" I am insured in the strongest
company, and I do not worry
about the future of my family
or my business if I should die."
Thc Assets of The Mutual Life nsurance Conpany
of New Yo)r exceed those of any other life insnr.r,
company in existence. They are over
$35 2,000,000
It has paid Policy-holders over
which is more thau any other life insurance company
in the woild has disbursed.
Write to-day for "Where Shall I Insure?"
RacHAan A. McCujwy. President.
F. H. HYATT,' Manager., Columbia, S. 0.
C. P. PELdAM, Agelt, Nowberry, S. C.
: a.I tiy AL.. DRUGGIS7S
Cuffs right up to the scratch. No
waitimg, no disappointment at the
Newberry Steam Laundry.
$345 EXPRESS '
t e oods to In. puret ttnd ' years
will shi' in plain boxos to any
at tht followiu. dist,illor's pricoa. I I
is $6.55. 1? Full Bottles $7.90.
25 Full Bottles $15.90.
iour mtoney ba k if not ats repreaoeted.
it Matu At., Memphia. Trenn.
IH.LfOS nssppy -
[S F-14N
W A Y.
fT and WEST.
- e *[email protected] Ye Ai 4
*. Ge.. P-ee.
if. 0. BBAl-TaY, Receiver.
In Effect June 8, 190.
tsetween Anderson and Wa1hafla.
NAOTIo UN D. wI'Iulry.
ARRI V . 1.AV>.
Mixed- Mixed
No. 9. No. 12 ttatione. No. 11 No. 9
P. M. AP. M. AM
5 0 96 6..............elton...............820 10 0
248 988........Andera,n F. D......... 8 40 1110
245 980......... tndere. P. D......... 846 1115
........ 925.......West .n.orson....... 8 49
...- 9 ...............Denver.:............ 869 '.':.:.
.-.........A utun............... 40 ........
8 66 ----.......Pendleton ........... 4 11
84 ....... Cherry ....... 418 ....
.. . 8 44-...........rAdams.......,,.. 421
8 -25 .......... eneca............. 4 8 .
---.... 8 U8'- ..West Un ion 4 40 *."""
... 800 ........ walhalla.6---- -09 -. -
All rgataf B n Valhal
have precedene over trains of s'tne olass
e rving in the0 i reotton unless oth
orwlse slpeolISe(l by tri order.
ak a t an e foowing stations to
James and Sand segers Phinney's
J. tt ANID Viti, Superintendent
f JarlIstoR andi' 8s6e IICreJiagHwy o.
Augusta and AshevlUo Short Line
Schedule in Effect July 6, 19o,
Lo avo Augusta..............10 10 a m 2 55p m
Arrive Greenwood...........12 44 p m ...
Anderson .....................7 Op m
Lauresi .........1 45 pm 1080 a m
Waterloo (H. 8.)... 1 12 pm .......
Greenville............12 22 p m 980 am
Gleun 8rings...... 4 45 pm
Sartanburg......... 8 80 p 9-0"am
aluda.................... 58
iendersonville..... 6 08 p in ...
Asheville.. .... 7 15 p m
[.eavo.Asheville .......... 7 06p m
8r,nug".........12 01a m
enn Srings......10 00 8
Greenvle .'......12 156pm a ""p4''p
Arrive Watero(1o''H,'.' 2 p 6 s0p mn
Greenwood ...2 74 "".'"
Leave Anderson ' ". _.... .. 7 2 a m
Augusta........ 20pm 11865amk
Leave ColunAb.i- 11 8 am
Newberry""""-"- 12 42 pm
Clinton ."'"1242pm
Arrive Greenvill""""..-; 12 pm
S >artaubur 8 28 pm
lenBn prlnRs""" 30 pm
l 00 pmn
Leavo G.lenn Splr4igs.." 10 00 am
Spartan urg."." 1201 pm
Greonvill, 12 1 pm
Arrivo Clintol " 222pm
Ne wberry""""".....- 2 20 pm
Uolua bla """""" 400 pin
lens test and ltost Lino brntween Newberry
a Ul'e('nvllle. S;artanburg and Glenn
I'nncello' from Newbe ry via Columbia
New hrry andl Laurons ltailway.
For ,nny Info mttlion write.
IC:RN IC T W 'lid IA318, Got'. Pas-e. A gt
T M .Aurtusta, da
'-'. I. I Trafllo vanager.
(N .stI Sitna ndard Tirn c.)
Smit h hr ui-t1 Not II.bound.
-4h 1du.e :t, I'tie'f August 26th 1901
8 40 o I,% Atlanta, (8 A.L) Ar. 8 5t pm
11 NI i~ l t 1Ihn s 6 19i n
I t5 Oar 1Ciberturt 6 17 pm
'2 h ln, lbbovil,e 4 0 pm
1 ptn tireenuwood 3 35 ttm
ni, \r liuoun (')In'r) lyi. 2 4 pim
(0.A W C. I
i' U . rn, I.% (it rn , priuga Ar 4 (0 pm
- ,)Imrtanbur, . ;) pin
L 21 11 Greren.lil I3 26 pm
(lina aris Srrinag)
W -terloo 2 35 ri
r La,,reue (tIn'r) Lv 2 17 pnt
I l.Paiii - -- - - 2 --
11 . ! ll nut atg .1t ! 54'
llt) I'ntlk .1!' 142
2 t1 ";s ii,\"1! 1 17
2 411 ta.ry .. 1 06
264 Jalapa.. 100
3 10 rN ow berr) 12 46
3 24 Prosperity 1282
:134 ....8llh.. 12 23
33 Lt Mountain 1219
361 ...Chapin... 12 09
357 Hilton 1202
4 01 White Rock 11 69
4 1-7 Hallentine 11 54
4 17...mo... 11 40
4 21 ..Leaphart 1(i41)
___ 4 45 ArOolumbLv~~ 11 20)
4 SiLvColuhr bia (A.o L.)Ar II
6 240 Bumter 9 60
9 20) Ar Charlestont Lv 7 00
Traliia dSal5 arrivoe" de~part from
Trat ns 22 and 81 from A. C. r.. freight depot
tFor Rates, Time Tables, or further informa
ioni call on any Agent., or write to
. P. Ide 8Nt. I.Traflic 3anager.
o. -Agt. ('tan'1 F"rt. & Pass Agi.
W ILMfIEGO(N. N C-, - 21st19(g.2.
Throu. h Tritas C harlestoni to Grce'nville
No. *2 No. 58.
7a -anLv..Charleston, .C...Ar 9.20 pmn
9.5 an..v'..''u tes---..........r 6.20 pmi
9-10 a n .L....Am......C.u...t......r 4 58 pm
12.29 amn. p -'''... Poprt .Lv 2.245 pm
1').42 pnr.e berrty.....v 2.24 pm
-. p m.. r ....ntor ---v -- 2 pt
1.45 pm. r.l......Lurne--..-.v 2.10 pm
3.30 pm.A r .Greenvile...L v 12.22 pm
3. - --i.Ar...paan burg ... ...2 1-1 p m
No.7(51 Arei Snm e -P--- --
Dal 9-1 Fl ;korence' m;ereow
4.5 I p : il r1sviIle p ; r :- gn ons
P ~i ul 1.3 n:dbson )(,.S'PmFay '
Rocky '0. P' 'Wi'ilngton i1.26 p n ;
Roet 1 it1.4iar' ; weldo' l.(Qam -
I'e-lb 3. 6 ao ; lhmondi 4. 12am;
- 7-,, O'in : nw% Y rk 1.58 p.
rran ne ter 8.20an ; Flordece 9.86
55aI -l Pangton ls .' rr; Cheraw 11.46
~ aai~ Wdesboao 2t pr) ;I Hartevilie
A 1~.;t aoi tarien Ia-., an - Wilir iogo
40p 1) . ayUtevi-le 12%3. pur; R1oky
Icn .0pm; Weldon 4.53 w'Pe
I reburg 6.44 pm; Richndnl
- Isngton i.IOpn; New Yrk7. pm
Puta leigCr e Yo~rk to Ta
Pl :an Dining Car4 New York to Savannah.
or rate. schedu' 8, ate ,rite
T. i. me~are.n. Tramie Mfanager, Wilminug.
H. n1 n - er on, ~as .' Tra Tc .Manager, Wii.
Special Brand'" Corn Whiskey, $ 1.25
aopuilar Log'' Corn Whiskey. . 1.50)
'I'opular11 Log," 'Old(, Smooth,
'Pivj~ate Stock,'''4-'gi. 'case4
'Pa te1 Stock," 12-qjt. case 7.0
'ld tIIg . , ,-qt. case 7.00
uOdI tntmng ('ireek-" Rye 12-qt.
case -.........
ippfle lir3lmdV.- ..'.. '.....-.5 0
Charge of 25c. for 1-gal., 35c. for
-gal., and -i>e. for 3- 'l 'us n ~
O .. 2ga, .kegs; wren returned pre -
aid, they will be taken back at cost.
J, V:SOME RS & C O ls,g
TAJTESVILLE, North Carolina.
PAINL.ESS 0?Iinl, laudan
6aleor w iskey.:a
U M lar book of par
tIClars on htomeri
P.1Pyor8t reet,
"1 Ahata, Georgia.

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