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lie Declares that "We, a People of a Civil
ized Christian Nation," Can, "In
No Wise Endorse the Words
of Hayes."
Haines Normal and Industrial In
stitute, Augusta, (a, January 28,
1903. To the Editor of the Augusta
Chronicle: I voice the sentiment of
every law abiding citizen of this great
American commonwealth when I say
that we, a people of a civilized
Christian nation, can in no wise in.
dome the words of James M. Hayes,
of Virginia, delivered at Washington,
D. C., on the 25th inst., as appeared
in your morning's paper. Such teach
ing is adverso to Christian civiliza
tion, and a disregard for Him who
came into the world to judge man
kind and aid them in beating "their
swords into plowsharc3s, and their
spears into pinning books," and
taught that "nation shall not lift up
sword against nation, neither shall
they learn war any more."
Our Christian institutions are en
loavoring to inculcate the spirit of
peace, and to supplant everything
which tends to degrado or retard the
progress of our people.
We have long since learned that
what injures one people injures aln
other, wheether whito or black, and it
is to our inltore8t to build up, and
help others to build up, rather than
dest roy. (lodly men and women of
every riao stand for everything that
is honest, just and true; and we con
cur with t he speaker when he said:
'God will talke care of us. But, lot
us reemeber that (od's promiSO is
con1di.ionel upon our dioing what is
right. "No good thing will I with
hold fromt to-in that walk uprightly."
We helieve ihitt most of the trouble
which we as a people must endure
cotes ti rough the ile fish oilleeseek
ers of this country. There are more
evils than we can count that grow,
directly or indirectly, out of these
impromptu speeches. We ought. to
Isses more manliness, and we
e.uglt to exercise it.
To insist, upon our rights in a
manly t ad temperate way, is to give
a lesson in Christian civilization.
It miakes us stronger and more
self resp)ecting, anid restrains the
spirit of lawlessness around us. We
know of noe argument. that, is so po
tent to still the voice of him who
would mar our happimiess as tha 1t lie
G4od of creation is thle Godi of re
dlompt ion and that lHe who clot hes
lhe sunbeam with light, and the
Ilower with its beauty is the sami
All P'resient Being t hat goes forth to
thle grander wvork of adjusting all
w roiigs
We are of t lie number of those who
do not shrink from avowing the opin
ion that the systeni of Christ ianity
as it. has been held in the world is
capiable of p)rogressive imiprovemients
among every class of people; and
the impilrovemuont which we anticipate
is that maion willI lay aside theair sellishd
views, and much of their technicali
ies, aind suifer the people oif God to
express what Locke calls "large
round about sense."
It is time that the voice of the
people should be the voice of God
Booker '1. Washington has not
lied, but lie has demonstrated, both
by procept and by example, the pro.
por course for not only the negro,
hut for any peop)le who would pirove
a benefit to the world. We mneed
nmin who can (do somethiing and men
who can handle something as their
own; and the negro or any other
man who owns land and has a house
upon it and has a bank account, will
not possess a spirit of anarchy. The
mnof all races who are giving the
most51 trouble today are those who
have nothing and are niothing noth
A Washington ini Alabama, a RL. RI.
Wright and a Lucy Laney in Geor
gia, with a corps of earnest workers,
teaching bo0th by pirecept and b)y ox.
amnple, as the above named are doing,
will sool. settle the great problem
between the races, and it is to come
only iin this way.
The negro is here to stay, and with
the rapidity he has traveled during
the past forty years, we believe that
the races will sink into complete and
perfect harmony, like two streams
rising in distant hills and remndering
fertile different vales, yet at last flow.
ing into the t,osom of the same placid
and bauntiful ocam
We want the best men at the head
Df both our national and local gov
ernments, regardless of their politicP.
We shall continue, with the aid of
our friends, to devise modes of al
leviating misery until we fall on the
very plan suggested more than 2,000
yearii ago by the prophet who fore
told the coming of Jesus Christ.
Let us as a people form and aban
don codes of morals until we shall
eome at last in our international and
private affairs to the moral maxim
of the New Testament, and the world
shall arrive at the conclusion
that the highest wisdom is to
sit down like children at the feet of
the Son of God.
Fathers and mothers of every race
manifest more interest in the boys
and girls. Too many boys are idle.
We are grateful to our friends for
what they have done for us as a peo
ple and what they are doing at
the present time, and we urge that
they be slow to classify individuals
who endeavor to destroy.
Chaplain and Teacher, Lucy Laney's
or Haines Institute, Augusta, Ga.
Bli Perkins' New Year's Calls.
Fifth Heavenue Hotel,
I A. M., Jan. 2.
I don't feel like writing to.day:
my head aches. I made New Year's
calls yesterday-made 125 calls. I
finished them about twelve o'clock
an hour ago.
I had my call list written off, and
commenced at 6ixtioth street iand
came lown. My idea was to make
125 calls of live minutes each. This
would tak+ 625 minutes, or ten hours,
I think I did it. I worked hard I
was an intermittent perpetnal mo
tion. I did all anybody could do.
I r any fellow says he made 126 calls,
lhe--woll, he is guilty of a li-bol. I
tried it. I made my 125th call with
my eyes closed, and at. my 125th I
swoond on the hall st airr+. Nat iure
was exbaisto(d. Oh, but wtuit't it
fun,l! It is nothic.g to miake calls
after you lavo been at it a spell.
The last twenty calls were made with
one eye closed I was actually tak
ing a mental nap all the im. My
tongue talked right. straight ahead,
from force of habit. Talking came
as easy as ordinary respirat ion. All
I had to do Was to open my mo 'utl
and the same words tumbled out:
"Hap--now year, Mis Smite!"
"Ah ! Mr. Perkins, I'm delight.
ed --"' "Masy you have muau' hap'
ret urns-by-by!I"
"But arn't you going to take a
dIrinik to-"
"T1hank-spleasur (driak); may
you live (hic) thousand years!"
''By-b1y"' (sliding into the hall and
dlown tihe front steps). I started at
noon. Made first call on young
She said: "You have miany calls to
make. Won't you fortify yourself
with a little sherry ?"
I said 1 (hic) wYould, aind drank
small glass.
Called next on married lady on
Fift.h Heavenue.
She said: "Let's .lrmnk to WVilliam
--you know Will is off making calls
on the girls."
"All right, Mrs. Mason ;" then we
drank some nice old Port to absent
On Forty- ninth street met a saint.
ed Virginia mother, who had some
real old Virginia egg niogg.
Very nice Southern egg-nogg.
Abused the Yankees, and drank two
glasses with Virginia mother.
On Fcrty sixth street met a lady
who had some nice California wine.
Tried1 it. Then went across the street
with D)emocratic friend to say New
Year's and get some of old Skinner's
1836$ brandy. Got it. Mrs. Skin
ner wanted us to drink to Skinner.
D)rank to Skinner and ate lobster
Met a frienid, who saidI:
"Let's run in and (hie) see (Joe,
the temperance main."
Coe said: "Temperance is wise these
"Fc,' ez L. "Ls drink to
Drank twice to temp'rance. D)rank
to Mirs. Temperance, Drank to chil
Drove round to MIiss Thlomps on's
on FifthHleavanne. Thomlpson'd famn
ous for runi punch. Tried t wo glass
es with Miss Thompson Very hap
py. Honse looked lovely. Ate
brandy peaches. Good many lights.
Pretty girls quite num'rous Drnaak
their health. Drank claret. Then
drank Iloman punelh. WYent out,
leaving a Dunlap hat tor a Knox,
and a twelve dollar umbrella in the
bat rack.
Happy thoughti Took -Charley
Brown in the carriage with drl,ver,
and got on outside with myyself.
Chauley said, "Dot's drop in on
the Madison Heavenue Masons."
"All right." Dropped in. Miss Ma
son says:
"Have some nice old Madeira ?"
"Yes, Miss Mason, will have some,
my dearie." Drank to Mrs. Mason,
and ate boned turkey to young ladies.
Young ladies dressed beautifully
wore court train and shoes a la Pom
padore. Left overcoat and umbrel
la, and changed high hat for fur cap.
Saw a span of horses in a carriage
drawn by Charley King. Charley
was tightually slight. Said he'd
been in to Lee's, eating sherry and
drinking pale turkey.
Now, all called on the Lambs, on
Thirty fourth Heavenue, (ld Lamb
was 'round. Drank brandy peaches
here, and ate more pony brandy,
Young ladies beau'ful-high heeled
dress and shoes decollette. Great
many of them. Nice Roman punch
with monogram on it. Presented
large bouquet in corner to Mrs.
Lamb. Exchanged hat for card
basket, and slid down front banis
Called on Vanderbilt. Hang (hic)
Van Vanderbilt! Vanderbilt didn't
reo'v calls. Carried off card basket
and hung Oharley's hat on bell knob.
Used Vanderbilt's cards to make
other calls with. Kept calling.
Callen steady. Called between calls.
Drank more. Drank everywhere.
Young ladies m,ore beautiful. Want
ed us to come back to the party in
the evening. Came back. Grand
party. Gilmore furnished h music.
Drank more lobster salad. Drank half
a glass of silk dress, and poured rest
o,' skirt of Miss Smith's champaign
in corner. Slumped plate gas light
green 'lk down on to nice ice creamu.
Dresses wore white tarletan young
ladies cut swallow tail. Sat on young
lady's hand and held stairs. Very
(hic) happy. Follows had been
I I i' hu Left party. Carriage
outside wantod me to get. into Fred
Young and prom'nade over to the
Stowarts. Roman punch had ber-n
drinking Fred. He invited eight
other horses to get into the follows
and ride around to Stewart'w. Stew
a-t tight and house closed up. Left,
pocket-book in card basket outside,
and hung watch and chain on bell
Called on the Fergisons. All up.
Had( old Burgundy. Forgison's a
brick. Took sherry. B3eau'ful youz.g
lady dressed in blue Roman punch.
Opened bottle of white gros grnin
trimmed with Westchester county
lace. Drank it up Fellows g.tting
more tete uly slight. Drank Pomwpa
dour rum with young lady dressed
a lai Jamaica. Hadn't strength to
ref use. Drank hap' New Year fif
teen times--then got into Fifth Hea
venue Hotel, and told the dIriver to
drive 'rouund to the carriage. Caine
up to letter, and wrote this room for
the daily Com(hic)vertiser. Pulled
ooat off with the boot-jack, and stood
self up by the register to dry. Then
wrote (hie}-wrote more (hic).
U-LI PIRIK(hic)s
That Hie Will Prevent the Confirmation of
Washington, Jan. 29.-Senator
Tillman and other Sjuthern senators
opposed to the confirmation of Crum,
the negro appointee as collector of
customs at Charleston, are confident
that they will succeed in defeating
his confirmation. His nomination is
before the committee of commerce
which has ten Republican and six
Democratic members. Two western
Rtepublicans are said to be opposed
to reporting the nomination.
A New ierorennI.
Youn,g Mr. Inis'im was hurrying
blindly along the stieet toward a emn
ist's with a b,ottle In his hand when
young J)e Triop hailed himn.
l)e Tr'mop - 111, I nswm! I've
scaircely seena you ror~ ai yeari. Whlere
have you b,eeni keepin,g yourself sine
you wereo married ?
InaSwiIn-Oh)l, busy--busy. all the tIme.
D)e Tirop--I say, what are you doing
hIswi,m-l'v got a new'i profession.
De Tr'Iop)-What Is It?
De TFrop--You don't say7. I didn't
thlink you were nuthi in that line.
Insim~Vii-I'mi no,t a very glitterIng
De TIrop>-Wha,t-er-whIat sort of
work do you do mlostly?
And theni young Mr. Inswlm leaned
over and whispered softly Iia young
Dc Trop's ear:
"I'mi sp)ending most of my time try
ing to humor a baby that's engaged in
tooth culture."
Theni he plunged madly on again to
ward the soothIng strup shop. - Lou.
don Answrs.
ppointments Made to Take Effect Jan
uary 21, Announced Names of Those
on Staff.
[Columbia Reoord, Jan. 29th.]
The Governor today named the
ollowing as members of his staff,
he order having taken effect Janu
ry 21:
Brigadier General, John D. Frost,
djutant and inspector general of
louth Carolina, ex-officio member
nd chief of Staff, Columbia, S. C.
John M. Patrick, assistant adju
ant and inspector general ex officio
aember, Anderson, S. C.
H. H. Walker, quartermaster gen
ral, Anderson, S. U.
Altamont Moses, commissary gen
iral, Sumter, S. C.
J. S. Folk, engineer in chief, Bam
G. A. Neuffer, surgeon general,
H. A. Malony, paymaster general,
B. A. Morgan, judge advocate
,enral, Greenville.
I. J. Gantt., chief ordance depart
tent, Spartanburg.
'TIhe aides to the commander in
hief are:
T. Y. Williams, L'ncaaster.
T. D. Darlington, Lauronis.
D. A. Spivey, Horry.
J. P. DeVaux, Charleston.
W. G. Sumith, Orunguburg.
August, Kobn, Columhit.
P'. C. Smith, NE+wuorry.
C. F. Moon, \tarlbh- ro.
B. '1'. Jaynt?N, Ooneit.
J. B. Tlowill, l.nxing;toti.
E. B. Clark, Co lorubia.
Guorge Colinld, Spart abt, urg.
He Wanted
to Gain Flesh
A Boston millionaire was very
thin. Business cares and consc
quent nervous troubles told the
story. He became alarmed, it is said,
and consulted a famous specialist.
" I want some flesh," he said.
" I am willing to pay for it. I'll
give you $500 for every pound of
solid healthy flesh you can put on
these bones."
It was a big price, but he could
well afford to pay it. For undue
thinness is dangerous. It means
disease, or the approach of disease.
Cod liver oil has most always
been prescribed for this condition.
It has wonderful properties as a
medicine,but its disagreeable grease
and vile taste and smell make most
people sick.
We have long thought that
something could be devised with
cod liver oil as a basis that would
arrest emaciation, promote nutri
tion, stimulate digestion, aid in
throwing off rheumatism, lung
trouble, bronchitis, coughs, and
prove a* real body-building tonic
reconstructor and flesh former.
We have found it in Vinol (if
you are interested call at the store
and we'll tell you /ww we found it)
and it certainly does the work. It
is pleasant to take. If you are
sick and thin, try Vinol. You can
get your money back if it doesn't
help you.
W.E. Pelbamn&8Sci
Air Line Railway.
First Class Dining Car
The Best Rates and Route to All
Eastern Cities via Richmond anid
Washington, or via Norfolk anid
Steamers. To Atlanta Nashville,
Memnphis, Louisvilleo, St. Louis,
Chicago, New Or leans, anid al
Points South and South W est
To Salannah, and Ja cksounvi ll
and( all points iniFlorida and Cuba.
Posliively the Shortest
ine Between the
For detailed information, Rates,
Schedules, Pllm I ian Reserva
tions, &c., apply to any Agent
TJrav. Pn.en. Agt., Columia, S. C
C. B. Walworth, A.G.P.A.,
Savannah, (i
Jas. (. Padgette, Colldtou.
Geo. P. Elliott, Beaufort.
D. N. McLaughlin, chaplain,
ltobt. W. Hunt, Charleston.
Captain A. G. Pinokey, Anderson.
R. M. Barnes, Georgetown.
Peeled, chopped tomato sprinkled
over lettuce, the whole covered with
French dressing, makes a iRussian
To steam potatoes peel them and
when very clean put them in a colan
der over boiling water. Cover tightly
with a lid and leave them until done.
Tarragon leaves are most useful In
salad and should be scalded, squeezed
in a towel and chopped line. This herb
gives a zest to the salad that Is always
When making beef tea, never add
the salt till the meat has been cooking
for several hours. Salt acts upon the
fiber and prevents It giving out all Its
nourishing properties.
A steak one ich thick requires to be
broiled seven minutes; one luch and a
half, twelve minutes; two inches,
twenty minutes, near the tire at first
and then four inches away.
A substitute for caper sauce is made
by boiling some sprigs of parsley slow
ly to let it become a bad color. I)o not
chop It line. Set It in melted butter,
season with salt and a dessertspoonful
of vinegar, boll up and serve.
Took Nothing.
Mrs. Green (who thinks of hiring)
But is the girl honest? Can she be
Mrs. Brown (the girl's former mis
tress)-You need not be in the least
alarmed. She is perfectly honest. All
the time she was with me I never
knew her to take a thing-not even my
advice as to how things should be
5Full OL
SBottles ONLY
We, the Dlstillers, gunrantoo ti
old. Nono bottor at any prico. We
5 Full Bottles $3.45. 10 Full Bottles
15 Full Bottles $9.70. 2
Free glaee and corkscrow in every box. Y<
; r;;NOB Glf01 NV SVNI1OIV:
AJ.lIld GNV Adr1L
?VWJ 918V.
es--i--- -- . .
f~A heUV'I .
a= .Is. .a
ar.ep. mm*r5
Character in the Gait
Yes, Phillips 'Brooks said
he could tell an insured man
by his step, and when a man i:
insured amply in The Mutual
Lifc Insurance Co. of New~
York, he says by his bearing:
" I am insured in the strongest
company, and I do not worry
about the future of my family
or my business if I should die.
The Assets of The Mutual Life Insurance Company
of New York exceed those of anmy other life inmsur.%cf~
company in existence. They are over
It has paid Policy-holders over
which is more thau any other life Insurance company
ini the world has disbursed.
Write to-day for "Where Shall I Insure?"
RICHAna A. McCuRDv. President.
F. H. HYA'T, Manager., Columbia, S, C.
C. P. PELHA.M, Agent, Newberry, S. C.
1 Cuffs right up to the scratch. No
waiting, no disappointment at the
Newberry Steam Laundry.
imso goods to be puro and 7 yoare
will Is'hip inI p)1lxi~t boxs )t anly
t th following listillor'a pricos. I
$6.55. 12 Full Bottles $7,90.
5 Full Bottles $15.90.
ur money back If not as represented.
Mai. M., Memphis, Ten,
-I A YciC
S... I*mAae ,
H. 0. BBA'1TIz, Aeceiver.
In Effect June 8, 1902.
hetween Anderaor. and Walhalla.
Mixed. Mixed
fo. 9. No. 12 ltatione. No. 11 No. 0
'.. A.31. P.M Ax
8 0 9 5 ...............Belton.....,........ 8 20 10 60
2 48 9 88........Anderson F. D......... 8 40 1110
245 980........ Indergon P. D.........846 I115
9 25....West Anderson....... 8 49.
90- .........Denver...8.69....8...
S ............Autun............... 406 .
..... 8 47 .. .PeUdleton ........... 4 11
...... 8 47."''''''''cherry....... 4 18.
S828 ...Adam.. ... 421 ...
........8eneca..... 4 86.
8.8. .West Union.60.
---".. _800-..---....... Walhalla . 6 09 .
All reguiilatri f- -oontWala
iave precedence over trains of to elass
1 ovinu in the o0Jposite direetton unless th
)rwiso speoified .y train order.
kill M o so at the following stations to
atko oind luet oil pas
FamOs and Sandy paaessengers: Phinney's
J. . ANUTIrin0, buperintendent
Marlesto adNWsterutCaroifa H Co,
Augusta and Ashevillo Short Line
Schedule in Effect July 4, 1902;
Leavo Augusta...........10 10 a m 2 5 p i
&irrive Greenwood...........12 44 p in
Anderson ...................... 7 IOpi
Laurens.............. 1 46 p m 0 80 am
Waterloo (H. 8.)... 1 12 p . .
Greenville............12 2 pin 9 89"a
Uloun 8prings...... 4 46 pm
8partan urg......... 3 80p 9 9 00"A"m
8aluda .................. 8 p
Hendersonville..... 6 0 3p in
Asheville..."--....... 7 15 p m .,
Leavo.Asheville-........7 05p n
Spartanburg .........12 01 am 830P
Gnn 8rings......10 00 a in
Greenville ...........12 15 p in I pm
Laurens.......... 205p m 6 80pi
Arrive Waterloo O' .).., 2 pini.03.
Greenwood . 2 6 m.1.
Leave Anderson '" ..7 25 am
Augusta......,........6 Op m 1 85 ain
Leave Colunbia 1190 am
Newberry""-"----,: 12 420 pm
Clinton .'""'"- 12 42 pm
Arrivo Greenville" -8 25 pm
Sartanuburg......8 30 pm
enn Springs....-. 4 00
Leave Glenn rings 1000 ai
Spartan urg -"." 12 01 pm
Greonvill, ----- 12 16 pm
Arrivo Clinton.. ----." 2 22 pm
Newbery9'"' 2....... 220 pm
Colu bin .a."""---"3 pm
2"r="4 80. pin
Fastest and Host Line between Newborry
rnd rornville. S.;artanburg and Glenn
('onncotlo's from Newbe ry vin Columbia
Net berry and LIaurons Itallway.
For eny Info iallon write.
NINK 1' WIt,r IA?8, Got,. Pass. Agt
. rafle Auusta, da.
- : rane r.
(E: -sti iii Ste ndar"d Tir. 0.)
5nlhbr trm. Not ti.bound.
40h dn.o :n 1fYect Au ust 26th 1901*
8 40 au; l,% At lanta (8 A.t.) Ar. 8 50 pm
li 14) 1. 11! 1 t11ens 10 19 pin
1i it i, lS lbertot 6 17 pm
2 .mt ibhovil,s 4 0 -pm
.1 npin treenwood 3 3, pm
-i Ai r Clinton (r)ln'r) hy. 2 1;, pm
(0.& w v. 1
1'. t " i. l , (1u* i SprIugs Ar 4 06 pilt
2 - 1" srla nb11u1rst 1;).o pmn
4 2 1 mn rr 10'3 I 26 pm
(lin cri Srrinlge)
- % V -terloo 2 36 rIm
- 141 it ' r at.reus (DIn'r) l,v 2 1 pt
t" r 1 l tr t At ' 51+
2*9 - Paika Al 1 42
211I !rv''r 117
2.; }.::187Q. I't:
249 Vary.. 105
261 ..Jalapa.. 10N1
310 No'wborr) 1240
324 Prosperity 12 82
3 34 ....Sligh .... [2 28
389 Lc Mountaln 12 19
361 ...U1Lapin... 1209
167 Hilton 1202
4 01 Whbite Rock 1i 69
4 -7 . allentin 11 64
4 17 ....Iro... I 40
4 2s ..Leapbart.. 11 40
4 5A rOolumiaLY 1120
4 65 LvColuwba (. L.)Ar 11 1
6i 20 Sumnter 9 60
9 20 Ar Charleston Lv 7 00
Tri?fi(j6 rif deTpart fr~om
Trains 22 and 83 from A. C. L,. freight depot
Weost (Gervais stre et,
Pior Itae, Time Tables, or further informa
Ion call on any Agont, or write to
W. U. C 11LDS, T. Mi. EiMERSON,
. r. sIV iont N, T.Mraillo M anager.
$o gt. (,en'I F'rt. & Pass Agt.
WILMtNGo'rN. N. C., July 21st, 19-2.
Throu. hi Trains Chamrlestonu to Greenville
No. 12 No. 63.
7.00 m.-0..Chreston, 8.0C..Ar 9.20 pmn
8.5 an . su.t ei-............r 8.20 pin
9.6 an.lr.Me . ...'..'.. r 4 5 pm
47 Pm A."r.Cli''....L v 1.25 pm
- A p.r.I Lurens.."... v 2.10 pm
........ .....A r br"l .v 122 pm
veo..D :1
-aIly 9.5vii 7.oren 7.; n Yor g.5 on
4. Arrt.u. e 8. 20 i;Ilrsi~ an ;r IrtGectois
P.6 ll5 .3 n t4on 1 6. 0 i r;Fo ayeit.4
A M le 1.'4 a n arInln toa ?.6r
40pny 64 aytlttrvi' e 16p0 Itook;
Mount55 .40pm; W;ldN 41WY r .3 m
ai riur 6,U.4t.2 p a; Rchonce4 9.8
W a ln gton i p;iNr Yora 1.46
Pulinisning' Carboi New0 York to av h.
A ,'4 t.ao a. *.aon Ps. Ant. Wilm-igtorn
Wan. hI meron14 m Nrowl Ma Yrk Wilming.
or gte onieei,Astc raiMaer,W
'Special Brand"' Corn Whiskey, $ 1.25
'opular' Log" Corn Whiskey. : 1.50
Mellow Lg 3~oh
'Private Stoek,'4-'qj. 'cise . ' .5
'Private Stock," 12-ql. case . 7.00
u1ntmngCr.eek"Rye, 12-qt. cas>~ 7.00
0(1 IHunting Cree k"Rye 12-qt.
pple lBrandy.'.''.'..-.--.....10.00
Charge of 25c. for 1-gal, 35c f.
-gal., and 45ce. for~ 3 .ug, an. foi
. I-2-gal.. keg.s; when returned pro.
'lid, they will be taken back at cost.
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