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F U AL't.l.,) (voR.
The interest of the entire country foi
the past several days has been centred
upon the negotiations now in plrogress
bet\ween Minister Bowen, representing
\enezuela, on the one hand, and the
representatives of the allied powers,
England. Germany, and Italy on the
Venezuela for a long time has been a
very stubborn debtor and has succeeded
in very thoroughly exhausting the pa
tience of her European creditors. Trans
actions between nations, unlike those
bet ween: individuals, are always made
intricate by a ponderous system of di
plomacv, and there have been courte
sies and counter-courtesies, discourte
sies and eonnter-diseourt esies and propo
sitions without end. Finally the allied
powers. after due notice to the United
States. the friend of \'enezuela, insti
tuted a blockade of the \'enezuelan
ports and demanded settlement of the
long standing debts. The German war
vessels went so far as to bombard Fort
San Carlos. an act which at the time
was very generally condened in the
United States, and a sufflicient reason
for which Germany has never yet seen
fit to advance.
It was finally agreed between the
representatives of the two sides that
thirty per cent. of Venezuela': customs
receipts should be set, aside for the sat
isfaction of her debts. The agreement
was sub,mitted to the allies and they
cutered objection on the ground that in
asnuch as it was through their efforts
that Venezuela had agreed to terms
their claims sh .ud hbe given preference
over all others. In other words, that
the sh.,ul receive the whole of the
thirty per cent. untii their claims had
been paid and then the other creditors
should be considered. This proposition
Mr. Howeni refused, and in the press
repo trIts It \vas st atedi as his reason
that by u.tch an agreement there would
he incorporated 'in tl law of nations
a doctrine in conflict with the tenets of
all mode"rn ethies,'' viz., that "blockades
and lbnmb,ardtments of forts, and the
cons"llin lt killing of helpless men,
wom'en and chiltlrcn. entitles qnv power.
(r allianie of 1,towcrs. to preferential
treatntt at the hands of a civilized
nat ion.' That is a very noble senti
ment, anl grouniI well taken. But im
in'diately following came a counter
prolu>sition from Mr. Bowen to the
etl'ect that the allies would he given
this preferential treat uncut for a stipu
latel time. one month. or six months,
or one year, if the allies so desired,
as if there were any difTerence so far
as princile' is c'nerned in "prefer
enutial treatmunut'' fir one month or fom
a thousand years Nevertheless. that
was Mr. Howen's proposition.
l'e day after this proposition was
suithtted. the press dispatches, which
V.'' ve:. ividentily inspired, stated
M Howen has stated that he is will
igt that the allies receive pref.erentia
treat ment for one month, if at theit enh(
oft that time all the claimant natiom~
he. placed on an equal basis as to tinul
andi prioortionate piayments. It is the
etinvictionl of the negotiators, at least,
hat thle Iproposi tion of Mi'. Howven ia
euminen tly fair'. It involves a compro
misc of t he. powers' original requeti(st foi
six year's' pureferent ial trueat ment, but
will enable them to retain a partut, at
least, of tlieiir prestige. The feeling i
growing that a puresistence in theit
pr~~.esent lposi tion can result only in los.'
of prestige for the allies anid bad feel.
inlg against them, not only in Venezue
I, butit elsew heire thoutghou t the Amuerl
eas." ThPlat was the status of theo mat
ters onu Tuesday. By Wednesdlay night
no answer froin the allies had yet beer
received, but WVashington was confident
hey would agree to "'three mnonthe
prneferent ial trueat ment.'
'There is ne doubit that Min
ist er lowen really represents the
Uiteod St ates as well as Venezuela,
and that. if Venezuela is brought
into trioubile tha Ulnitedl States will
go with her. There has been some
e'orit to make it appiear that Germny
is hostile to this country, and is dlireet -
ing heir part oif the ne'gotiations ac'ord(
ingly. Th'lis, howe'ver, is not generally
believed, and it is thought that the fact
that Preidenioit R{oosevelt has expre'ssed
a dlesir'e that some' agreement bt
reachted in Washington wvill aid very
materially in bringing the negotiatiomi
to a speedly and satisfactory conclusion,
TIhere is j ust about one chance in z
thousand that bad feeling will develo1
bet ween the UTnitedl States and Ger
matny andl lead 'o) tr'ouble.
Ther,e are few men now living wvhose
mfemfor'ies irun back to the time wheni
the roads of Newbeirry County were in
wer'se condition than they are at pres
ent. A nd seeptism runs riot when these
few tell of that time. Everybody says
that something ought to be (lone, and
the roads become worse.
We have agitated goodls roads so
often and so long that the subject has
become rather btirdensoine, and in this
'oninection wve simp)ly (desire to qutote
an article which appeared this wveek in
at paper putblished in Cherokee Couinty.
This in ordler to let otur pecople know
what the people of other counties are
Every citizen of Cherokee should take
off his hat to our honorable Board of
County Commissioners. The board held
a meeting r'ecentl y in the supervisor 'a
office andI decided to give an order for
$7,286 worth of good road machinery,
This outfit wvill embrace a traction en
gine, rock crusher, rollers, dumpers,
road machines, elevators, plows, etc.
The county pro,poses to go into the
good roads business on a large scale.
It is calculated that with the one-mill
commutation tax and the work of the
chaingang the county will be able to
keep this machinery in operation
throughout the year. At present the
county has six mules. They will oba
bly dispose of four of these mules, as
the t.raction engine will do the work.
In fact, it will do one-third more work
than the mules and at less cost. It will
likely be several months before the
machinery is delivered and put into
practical operation but the movement
is one in the right direction.
Once the work is commenced it will
be continued until the county is a per
fect net-work of good roads. This will
be a great educator to our people and
everybody should lend their support to
the county commissioners. It may be
two or three years before the good
effects of this movement will dawn upon
the people, but once they get the idea
they will all agree that it was a wise
and thoughtful move, and people living
in sections where the good roads will
not have penetrated will be clamoring
for them.
Now just a few words of admonition.
Don't get impatient if you do not get
the good roads first. Remermber that
large undertakings require time and a
great deal of it. It will be years be
fore the county can be traversed, but
in good time the good roads will reach
your door. This good roads question is
one that is absorbing the attention of
all thought ful, earnest men. The little
tax paid will never be felt and once be
gun, and the people get the benefits of
a few miles, they will be willing that
the tax be increased for good roads.
The newspapers of South Carolina
have been almost unanimous in saying
very kind things of Governor Mc
Sweeney and his administration upon
his retirement from office. The follow
ing from the Gaffney Ledger expresses
what we believe to be the general opin
ion of the people of the State:
Miles B. McSweeney retired from the
gov rnorship week before last the best
loved governor South CarolIna has had
in two decades. He (lid not have the
enthusiastic followers that some have
had, but he wa, loved by all. He made
a goodA governor and he retires without
haying engendered bitterness and strife.
lie did more to bring the people of
South Carolina together than any other
man. I s private life will be as glori
ous as was his official life, because he
is a man.
St. Paul's Items.
The Woman's Missionary society met
at the home of Mrs. L. I. Epting last
Saturday afternoon, and at Mrs. G. B.
Aull's on Saturday before the first Sun
day in January. Each meeting was
well attended and was profitable to the
society. The next meeting will be at
the parsonage on Saturday befere the
first Sunday in March at 2:30 p. in.
Every lady is invited whether she is a
member or not. A hearty welcome
awaits all.
The St. Paul's Graveyard association
met at the church on the 18th of Jan
uary and elected the following offieers
to serve for one year: President, T. A.
Epting; vice president, J. A. C. Kib
ler; secretary, John C. Aull; treasurer,
John D. Sheely. The president has
appointed the following committee: J. J.
Epting to show where graves are to
be dug; ysrd committee, W. S. Seybt,
J. W. _.ichardson; soliciting commit
tee. Carroll Sheely, Fred Epting, Al
bert Richardson, Joe 'Counts, Fred
Wicker, Thad. Kinard. All persons
interested1 in St. Paul's graveyardl can
contribute to one of the soliciting com
mittee. Your money will be taken
care of. I will make the assertion
that our graveyard is taken care
of and cleaned off as nicely or
nicer than any country graveyardl
in the county and is kept as nicely
as some towvn cemeteries. We are
needing some grave tools. One man
has giv'en a shovel, who wvill give a hoe
or line to lower corpse, or any other
Mrs. Clarence Richards is visiting
her mother, Mrs. R. E. Bledenbaugh,
and will return to her home in Colum
bia Tuesday.
Miss Beatrice Bledenbhaugh and brother,
W. L., are spending a fewv days at their
home at Kibler's bridge. They are
studecnts of Newberry graded school
and1 Newberry College, respectively.
Mr'. Will is on the sick list.
Mrs. L2. 1. Epting andI daughter, Miss
Erie, visitedl Mi's. RI. E. Bedenbaugh
Mr. Robert Kibler, a law student in
college of Tennessee, is home near
Mirs. Frank L4orick is visiting her
sister', Mrs. D)ent, of Columbia.
Mrs. Paul Werts, of Newberry Cot
ton Mills, is visiting i'elatives in tis
Mrs. Dri. Dunnn is visiting in Newv
Mi'. L,ee Gruber, of the Cotton Mill,
has moved to Mr. G. B. Aull's pla5ce.
Supervisor Schumpert's many fr'iends
in t his community are congratulating
him upon the implrovemenits made in
building two neeCded andI substantial
bridges, one across ('annon's creek at the
Boinest ford and1 one at .Judge Ellesor's
Miss Viola Kibler, one of St. Paul's
fair' daughters, andl Mi'. Fui'r, of Nor'th
Carolina, wve'e happily niarr'ied last
Wednesday at 10 a. in., leaving for
their futur'e home in North Car'olina on
the 1:30 p. mn. train. This makes two
of uraccomplished girls to leave our
comunity. Miss Grace BIeden baugh,
was marriedI on Thanksgiving (day.
This community has been shocked by
the sud2en death of Col. Thos. WV
Iholloway. lie will be missed, not only
in this immediate commiunity, but
throughout the whole State. Col. Hiollo-.
way wvas a benefactor, having intro
dlucedl thoroughbred stock, especially
hogs and cattle, thereby benefitting the
community in which he live.
We had the pleasure Saturday while
in the city of Nowberry to shako hands
with Chief Justice Pope. Hie is looking
robust and in perfect health.
h'birn2, 903. n..h.
bly 'Teday night. for the purpose 01
electing a nlember of the 3oard of
Trustees of Winthrop collego to sue
et'd Associate Justice C. A. Woods.
There were three candidates in thi
ace - Dr. T. A. Crawfold, of Yorkville,
Mr. W. S. Hall, of Cheater, and Dr.
D. W. Mel.aurin, of Marion. Dr. Me.
i.aurin was elected on the second bal
St'I:AKb:11 SM T11 AlIskNTr.
Speaker Smith went home on Tues
day on account of indisposition, and at
the night session Tuesday night Mr.
T. Y. Williams was unanimously elected
Speaker pro tempore.
TO A11011 S110 Al 5 OF CoNTROL..
Among tle new Bills introduced in the
House is one by Mr. Mauldin to abolish
county boards of control and to provide
for the appointment of county dis
In the Senate Mr. Manning has intro
duced a Hill to fix the salaries of the
Chief Justsee and Associate Justikes at
$3,500 each and providing that they
shall not be allowed any fees or per
quisites of office, nor to hold any other
office whatsoever.
1. 0. 0. F.
at 7 :tl o'clo'k at. tht.r halh at the
Graieu * ;':nfo ir i.un\g Vh,itor: cor
di l tivited
T. S i lIi mOt', Secretary.
worn or you have grown tired of it
bring it to
The Riser Millinery Co.
We can make a new one out of it with
very little cost to you.
The Harvest
In buying Seed it is well to re
member that a very little difference in
the Quality is apt to make a big differ
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Carefully selected Seed are worth
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Two or three years old means in the
end that you will have paid ten times
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Our entire line of Seed has arrived
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Note Our Steady Growth,
.*anary m I . I897--$ :3i,4 Is 29
.January 1, 1518- $ 31i,O030 4(1
JIana ryi I, I i99.--$ 12,312t; 78
.Jan usary I. 190 '45)- t ( 91)
Jlan,uary I, 19O2-$13t, ul 1I
January 1, 1903--$163,161 61
The Commercial Bank
JNO. M). KINARII, ih m,dent.
O0B Mavi.R. Vice* P res't.
Z F. WRmowT~. I a-h ier.
JAs. N. Mic' 'r; RIiIN, llookkaeeper.
. . I.OYD, n. Mn~. N w e r
Oil Mill.
I-. ( . SMITrii, of Stait hi Bros.
W. L1. 1 U NT At t)ione at La w and
Solicitor for thec Bank.
GEO. S. MOWERH, AttOrey at Jinw.
0. B. MAYI.m, Physiciana, and Pres't
Ne0wberry Land aLnd Security Co0.
GEo. W. SUMMER, Pres't Mollohoni
Cot,ton MIl!s
A. J. (GIHSON, l3ante'r.
JNO. M. KI N AlD, Preaident.
We p a n'ree in Sav inu' D)ep)at
ment - I iat of Ar
A.. ers' Certificates will be heki inu
Newberry on Friday', February 20th.
The examination willI begin p)romnptly at
nine o'clock a. mn., and close at five
p. mn. No teacher is entitled to receive
any of the pubalic fur.ds who dloes not
hold a certificate.
Respect fully,
Co. Supt. Education.
Newberry, .Jan.. 29, 1903.
Knights of Pythlas,
K) Lodge will be held on the 2nd and
45th Tuesoay nights of each month at
8.00. Visiting K night. odalwl
comned. TIHOS. E. EPTlING.
K. of R. andl S
Crotwell I lotel Building.
Applications for Beer Dispenser.
()N THlE21ST1 D)AY 0O" IF;u1uUAI Y
we wi'l receive applications for
Beer Dispenser for TIown of Newber'ry
All applications must be in legal sha n.
and can be handed to Jacob Senn, cha ir
man, by 10 o'clock a. mn.
Members of County Board of Control
'or Newbmeroun..,
Sale of Personal Property.
Probate Court for Newberry
County I will sell at public auction to
the highest, live stock, farming imple
ments and other personal property of
the estate of William B. alfacre, do
ceased, on Tuesday, Februar 24, 1903,
at the late residence of said William I).
Ilalfaere. Terms of sale cash.
Administrator of the personal estate
of William 1). Haltacre, deceased.
February 5, 1903.
" It is a little thing to speak a
word of common comfort."
It costs but little to say
it costs almost nothing to
guarantee to refund the
money if Vinol does not
prove effective for colds, run
down conditions, thin, ncr
vous people, and aged folks.
Less than two persons out
of a hundred are not thor
oughly satisfied.
Wm. E. Pelhan & Son,
-.. all taxes due the Town of New
berry, S. C., for the last and previous
years, must be paid into Town Treas
ury on or before February. 14, 1903. At
the expiration of said date executions
will positively be issued against all
property on which said taxes have not
been paid.
Tius. 0. STEWART, Mayor.
C. & T. T. C. N.
Manager Wanted.
TLby Wholesale Merchandise Com
pany of solid financial standing, to man
age Local Representatives who will or
ganize clubs among consumers. 40 per
cent saved for our customers. Busi
ness no experiment but a proven suc
cess. Salary $18.00 a week, expenses
advanced. Experience unnecessary.
Address D. B. Clarkson, Mgr., 334
Dearborn St., Chicago, Ill.
Noti0e of PilI3I 801oilleiit aiu iseh8rga,
the estate of Geor re A. Cook, deceased,
in the Probate Court for Newberry
County, S. C., on Wednesday, 25th day of
February, A. D. 1903, at 11 o'clock in
the forenoon, and will immediatelv
thereafter apply for Letters Dismissory
as administratix of saidl estate.
All persons holding claims against
the said estate are hereby notifid to
render in the same duly attested, and
those indebted to the said estate to pay
the same on or before that (late.
Newberry, S. C., January 22, 1903.
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They have all kinds of Broad
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Ord ers taken by T1,eephone~ andi de
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H. A. Meyer & Son.
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Win ders.
Eduard ScholItz,
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A Number of Important Measumta Acted
Upon--Debate on Child Labor Aill.
Columbia, February 6. --Both houses
of the General Assembly have acted
upon a number of very Important nea.
ures of general interest this week.
Perhaps one of the most important
things which has been done is the rt
fusal by the House to extend the time
for the payment. of taxes without pen
The Marshall Child Labor Bill, which
has passed the Senate, was taken up
in the House on Wednesday. It was
vigorously opposed and as ably and
vigorously defended. The discussion
lasted about three hours, when a mo
tion was made and carried that further
debate be postponed until tonight. It
is almost impossible to make any pre
diction as to the final outcome, though
the friends of the measure are very
confident and hopeful.
The House on Monday night, by a
vote of 43 to 30, passed Mr. Rainsford's
Bill increasing the penalty for usury.
The law as it now stands allows the
party charged excessive rate of inter
est to recover from the money lender
the entire amount of the interest and
requires the money lender to bear all
expenses of such legal procedure as
may be required. Mr. Rainsford's Bill
provides that a party charged interest
above the legal rate may recover inter
est and one-fourth of the principal. It
seeks to amend Section 1663 of the
Code of Laws of South Carolina so that
said section shall read as follows:
Section 1663. Any person or corpo
ration, who shall receive, or contract to
receive, as interest, any greater amount
than is provided for in the preceding
section, shall forfeit twenty-five per
centum of the principal and all interest,
ant the costs of the action, and seventy
five per centum of the original debt, as
shall be due, shall be recovered without
interest or costs, and where any amount
so charged, or contracted for, has been
actually received by such person or
corporation, he or she, or they, shall
also forfeit double the total amount re
ceived, in respect of interest, to be
collected by a separate action, or al
lowed as a counter claim, in any action,
brought to recover the principal sum.
Mr. Win. L. Mauldin also had a bill
to guard against usury. It was reached
later in the evening and was killed, al
though Mr. Mauldin made a spirited
defense. His bill provided that every
complaint on an interest bearing de
mand shall be verified and shall contain
an everment that no interest in excess
of the legal rate has been charged.
The bill was killed oy a vote of 37 to 35.
The House Bill prohibiting the sale of
cotton seed at night was killed. The
object of the Bill was to stop negroes
from selling seed not belonging to them
to parties who would not know and per
haps would not care, where the seed
came from.
Mr. Johnson's House Bill in regard
to rates on freight has passedl a third
readling by a very narrow margin. The
Bill pr1ovides that railroads shall charge
no0 higher rates than are stipulated in
the bill of lading, whether foreign or
domestic; and that any railroad upon
failure to deliver any article included
in bill of lading shall pay to consignee
up)on demand the full value of said ar
ticle. A fine of $200, half to be paid to
the p)arty injured and half to the county
treasurer, is providedl for each offense.
The House has killed Mr. Aull's Bill
providing that the County Boards of
Commissioners shall order an election
to be held in the various counties of the
State +o decide whether or not said
counties should issue bonds for macad
amizing and permanently improving
the public highways. The Bill simp)ly
sought to leave the matter to the seve
ral counties andI to ordler an election
without a p)etition signed by the free
holders. Mr. Aull in defending the Bill
made his first effort upon the floor of
the House. (A full account of this
matter is taken from the News and
Courier and published elsewhere in this
The House on Tuesday killed Mr.
Patterson's Bill extending the time for
the p)aymnent of taxes without p)enalty
to the first day of March. A similar
Bill had already passed the Senate.
Among those who spoke in op)position
to the Bill was Mr. Banks, of New
berry, wvho saidl that taxes must be
paid and there is no use to keep extend
Ing the time.
The Senate sp)ent p)ractically the
whole of Wedlnesday's session in dlis
cussing twvo Bills. One of these was
Mr. Goodwin's Oil Inspection Bill,
which was passed to a third readling.
The Bill regulates the sale of illuminat
ing oil or burning fluid to be used in
lamps, etc.. providling for an inspector
at a salary of $100 a month and ex
penses; a test as to purity; insp)ection
for whic.h one-half cent per gallon is to
be charged, the fee to go into the
treasury, and a p)enalty for violation of
its provisions.
Mr. Hlydrick's Bill relating to the
number of hours railway employes may
work in one day was free'y discussed
and then postponed. The Bill limits
the number of hours to ten and an
Imendlment has be.en offered making
the number twelve.
The r wo houses met in Join Asm
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The Nuwoi'ry Horald anid Neyg
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