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Sergeant Vance G. Pearsoll Who Wa s
Promoted From the Ranks Talks In
terestingly of Affairs in the
Sergeant Vance G. Pearsoll, who has
been in the United States Army for the
past two years, the latter fourteen
months of which time was spent in the
Philippine Islands, returned home this
Sergeant Pearsoll was a member of
Co. B., First Regiment S. C. V., in the
Spanish-American war. This company
was composed almost - exclusively of
Newberry boys and was commanded by
Capt. W. S. Langford. When the
Spanish-American war was over Ser
geant Pearsoll returned to Newberry.
Six months later he enlisted in Troop
B., 11th Cavalry, U. S. A., and a few
months after went with his command
to the Philippines.
He was first stationed in the island
of Samar and was in that place when
General '!Hell Roaring Jake Smith,"
as he is commonly known, issued his
infamous order to kill and burn. Ser
geant Pearsoll says that the order was
carried out by the soldiers until it was
revoked, and they were glad when it
From Samar he was transferred to
Manila, and from Manila about 150 miles
to the interior. He was engaged in sev
eral skirmishes and was promoted from
troop blacksmith to Sergeant, which
position he hold when honorably dis
charged on the 13th of October last.
When asked about the condition of
the islands at present he said that the
natives were thoroughly conquered,
but are sullen and restless, and will
always give trouble. He said he
"wouldn't give three cents" for the
whole group of islands as they now
are, because he doesn't believe the
Filipinos will ever be subject to any
government save one of force.
Sergeant Pearsoll was asked about
the water cure, which it is charged was
given the Filipinos in order to make
them divulge secrets. He said he had
seen it given, and it generally had the
desired result. Water was poured in
to the subject until he could stand no more
and then it was pressed out, and if the
secret didn't come with it the dose was
given again.
Sergeant Pearsoll will engage in
business in Newberry with Mr. E. H.
Leslie. His twin brother is still in the
service in the Philippines.
Return Your Property.
The 20tn of this month is the last day
for returning property for the purposes
of taxation. After that (late a penalty
of fifty per cent. will be added. Audi
tor Cromer says the returns have not
been as slow as they were last year,
but there are a good many which have
not yet come in.
Will Manage the Plant.
Mr. Roland G. Spearman, who is now
with the Bell Telephone Company, ar
rived in the city yesterday. He will
look after the rebuilding of the tele
phone plant in this city, active work
on which he says will begin in about
forty days. After the new system is
erected he will manage it here for his
College Night.
The monthly "College Night" ser
~vice will be held at the Lutheran church
*f the Redeemer on Sunday night next
*There will be a special sermon by the
p'astor, whose theme will be "The Val
ley of Decision." *A number of fa
miliar hymns will be sung under the
~eadership of a large student choir. A
~ordial invitation is extended to all to
*show their interest in the college by
attending these services.
- Street Duty.
The city authorities have sent out the
atreet duty notices for the year. The
tax is due by March 1st. Some persons
are wondering why they receivedl such
-notices, as they have heretofore been
exempt. Each administration usually'
mrakes out its own lists, and some par
ties may be exempt one year and iiable
Athe next, and we undlerstandl that this
'dministr'ation~ will require certificates
~(f exemption, or satisfactory proof of
~;uch exemption before exempting any
'rom paying the street tax.
Rally Day.
Next Sunday will be Rally D)ay at
the Central M. E. church, South.
~very member of this churc-h is earn
*0tly requessed to be present. Visitors
~e always welcome.
S. H. Zimmerman, Pastor.
Letter to N'ewberry Hardware Co.
Dear Sirs: How would you like to
k~le the agency for the "Fewer-gallons;
aslonger'' paint--Devoe Lead and
t will cut in half the amount of paint
sell for any one job, but will multi
Sthe number of jobs by three, four,
nmake it by putting the facts
b your fellow-townsmen.
~~ple are going to panint more wvhen
'thb?nd it's so wvorth wvhile to paint,
teyarec going to be glad they did
Si~4ad of sorry, as many al-e now.
~ 4like making a harness, lie who
a way to make a harness in less
- at less cost, andl make it last
't Ipto four times as long, is going to
gth6business of his town.
is the dealer who secures the
0~for Devoc Lead and! Zinc-the
~j~V~ gailons; wears longer" paint.
Yours truly,
~ F. W. DavoE & Co.,
Now York.
Miss Grace Jones, of Asheville, is vis
iting Miss Helen Mower.
The weather has cleated off and yes
terday was a beautiful day.
Mrs. Alice Timmons and daughter, of
Lexington, are visiting Mrs. James M.
The Newberry German Club will give
a dance in the armory on the night of
February 13.
Mrs. Joseph Newman, of Hyatt
Park, Columbia, is visiting the family
of M rs. Mary Hornsby.
The freight office of the C., N. & L.
depot has been considerably improved
during the past few days.
Miss Shell, who have been visiting
Mrs. A. T. Brown, returned on Wednes
day to her home in Laurens.
Miss Bernice Smith, of Mt. Pleasant,
this county, has been visiting relatives
in the city for the past several days.
During the absence from the city of
Mayor Earhardt Wednesday and Thurs
day Alderman Morris was mayor pro
Mr. J. L. Oxner, of Johnston, was
over last week with a fine lot of mules.
He sold several here and in the Silver
Street community.
Our streets are bad 'tis true, but they
compare very favorably with those of
Columbia, Greenville, Anderson, Green
wood and Abbeville.
The fines in the mayor's court for the
month of January amounted to $102.60,
besides the sentences served on the
streets and county chaingang.
Mr. John C. Campbell, an expert dry
goods man, of Columbia, has arrived in
Newberry and will take charge of the
dry goods and silk department at Mim
The degree team of Bergell Tribe
I. O. R. M. returned yesterday from
Abbeville where they had been to insti
tute a tribe of Red Men. The members
report a delightful trip and say they
were royally entertained at the hands
of the Abbevillians, whom they showed
no mercy in scalping.
City council has stated its intention
of carrying out to the letter the notice
which has been given to the effect that
all taxes for the last and previous
years must be paid on or before the
15th of the present month, and that at
the expiration of said date executions
will be issued against all property on
which taxes have not been paid.
The Gamblers.
Nine little negroes were caught car
rying on an interesting and heated
game of chance in Brown's stables late
Sunday night. Tuesday morning eight
of them plead guilty, the ninth was
convicted, sw-l each was fined $3.00 or
ten days on the county chain gang.
Mayor Earhardt had several other cases
before him on Tuesday morning, and
the town was netted the neat little sum
of $44.00.
News From Excelsior.
Our school is full and moving on
Our people have about all got straight
cned out for the new year,Iand will com
mence wvork as soon as the we ather will
Mr. Ernest Shealy and bride stopped
over with his brother, Mr. Sidney Shea
ly and family, here last week for a few
hours while on their way home from a
visit to her mother at Jalapa.
We have had a chance of rain for the
p)ast wveek or so and the roads are in a
rough condition. The chaingang force
is doing some good wvork near here, and
wvhile it makes the roads sloppy nowv
they will be 0. K. after awhile.
Mr. S. L. Shealy and family spent
Saturday with his father's family at
Little Mountain.
Sunday afternoon we attended ser
vice at Mr. Pilgrim church. and heard
a good able sermon preached by the
p)astor, Rev. P. IL. E. Derrick.
What has become of our friend T. J.
W.? Come out from your quarters, old
boy, and give us the news from your
Mr. Editor, we agree with you in
your editorial last week as to better
roads. We have never seen the roads
in a worse condition than at present.
If our legislators would travel over the
roads now they would at once do some
thing to give us bette r roads.
Mr. L. C. Singley and family, of Gary's
Lane, came down Saturday on a visit to
relatives and friends in this community.
Mr. 1. A. C. Kibler is making some
improvements on his dwelling house.
Mr. Pinckney Cook, of Columbia,
camne up home on Tuesday to see his
father, Mr. J. C. Cook, who is confined
to his room sick.
Monday was a cloudy and drizzly (lay
and the sun dlidn't shine any during the
day, hence the ground hog theory ought
to work like a top) this time.
With the amount of cotton seedI sold
at Prosperity since the first of last
September, who would say that a cot
ton seed oil mill wouldn't be a paying
investment for Prosperity? We have
the seedl right here at home and why
not p)ut in the mill? It would be a great
advantage for town and surrounding
Was sorry indeed to hear of the
death of Col. Thos. W. IIolloway. In
his death the county and State have
lots a good useful man. It was always
a p)leasure to meet him andl have a
talk and hand shake.
The service here Sunday afternoon
was well attended. The grain is all
looking well for the time of year.
Well Equipped and Ready for Emergen..
cles.--Actual Tests Which Have
Been Made.
Newberry now has as good and] as
well equipped fire department as can be
found in any city her size in the South.
The building which was completed
several weeks ago is modern and com
plete in every particular. On the first
floor are kept the hose wagon and the
horses. Upstairs is a room set apart
for the use of the members of the com
pany, and there are two small rooms
in the rear for the use of the driver
and those on duty. These are connect
ed by a brass pole with the downstairs.
Notwithstanding the fact that the
horses have been in use for only
a few weeks they are well trained
and know exactly what is re
quired of them. On an actual test,
with the doors closed and the horses in
their stalls, the building has been clear
ed in thirty seconds after the alarm
was turned in. Of this time only
twelve seconds was required to harness
the horses and put them to the wagon.
That is almost as quick time as
it - seems possible to ' make, but
the drivers say that in a few more
weeks they are going to cut it down
considerably. Joe, the largest one of
the horses, who was sick last week, is
all right a"ain and is taking as much
pleasure in iis duties as ever. Both
horses are beautiful ones, well matched
in every way, and are easily handled.
The members of the company have
become very much attached to them,
and accord them full privileges of mem
bership in the company. Each mein
ber takes a personal pride in their
beauty and great strength, and if a
person has anything against them which
he wants to say, it would be advisable
for him not to put his thoughts into words
if there is an Excelsior within hearing.
This is as it should be. For a long
time Newberry has not paid enough
attention to her fire department. The
department, however, has always been
prompt, and its work in almost every
instance has proved effective. Within
the past ten years there have been
very few losses by fire in this city
where it was at all possible for any
company to prevent. The equipment
of the department at present is one in
which the members of the company
may and do take pride. Encouraged
and supported by the citizens, their
work will be such that the fire insur
ance companies may fear little in this
Dots from New Chapel.
Colds! bad colds!! is the prevr iling
Mrs. Pressley Cannon has been quite
sick for the past two weeks.
Mrs. Press Livingston and wife spent
Thursday with her father's family.
A great many mad dogs have been
killed recently. Mr. Walter 1. Herbert
had his fine bird dog killed, which had
been bitten; also his shepherd dog.
Mr. Chape Lake had a dog to go mad
andl thinks it bit several of his hogs.
Mr. Tom Setzler and family have
movedl on Rev. D. P. Boyd's place.
Rev. D. P. Boyd and wife spent Fri
day night wvith Mr. Walter I. Herbert's
Miss Lilla Boozer spent Friday night
here wvith her sister, Mrs. Ellen Cro
With best wishes to all the readers of
The Herald and News.
January 31, 1903.
Advertised Letters
Remaining in p)ostoffice for week end
ing Jan. 17, 1903:
A. J Abramis
B HI. Brown.
Mrs. Henmores Camn, WV. T. Cave.
G. K. Dickert, J. L. D)oggett.
Bnb Grant, J. S. Glymph.
Dr. Joe Hlaile.
Mrs J C. Jones, I G. Johnson, J. C.
Mrs. Sarae L. Martin, Alto McDaniel.
S B. Nichols
Carleton Ostronder.
J. G. Quarton.
Dan Sedse, Melton Spencer.
Miss Carrie Walker. Miss Fannie
Wardlow, WV. N Ward.
Remnaininting in Post Oflice for the
week ending Jani., 24 1903.
F P. Adamis
Mary Birton, Mrs. Sarah C. Boyd. Mrs.
Snsie Byrd, Mrs Dolly lirodgen, Liza
A. N Crosson, Mrs. N M Choppell,
Jas. Cold well, II. A . Carlisle, Green
Mrs. Pauline Da.vis
Msr. TIilda Hierson
Ja.uies Freeland
Mrs IEbbie Gray. Piece Garvir.
L,awsoni Harris, Tomt Hill G. M
Holland, Geo. Il unter
Mrs. Nancy Janes S J Jones
D) nisa Moats 11. M. Moore, R. K.
RicNard Perdow, R L .Pearson.
W. R Snielgrove, C. I) Sligh. Mrs.
Leah Slighi, Henry Ilenry Suher, Walter
B. Sunnner.
B. B. Wheeler.
Persons calling for these letters will
please say they were advertised.
C. JT. Purcell, P. M.
A lFlinch Party.
The Misses Todd very dlelightfully
entertainedl a few friends at flinch on
Tuesday evening. There was an inter
esting guessing contest, and p)rizes
were awarded the successful ones
Refreshments were served, and alto
gether a very p)leasant evening was
Plow Thief In Evidence. -Mineral Well
Gone. -Personal Mention.-All
the News.
Prosperity, S. C., Feb. 4.- Some dare
devil of a plow thief lifted a display
plow from one of merchants during the
past week.
Rev. W. A. Lutz-is back from North
Carolina. lie saw his sister betur her
death, and saw her laid away by tender
Mr. Lee Singley and family, of
Gary's Lane, spent some time in this
community recently visiting relatives.
The officers recently elected at the
congregational meeting of Grace Evan
gelical Lutheran church were installed
last Sunday.
Our mineral well is no more. Our
city council has disposed of it to the C.,
N. & L. railroad to extend their spur
line. "Trade's unfeeling train" car
ries down everything before it. Old
landmarks and people's pets are brush
ed aside without any sentiment. Pro
gress is the word and nothing must
stand in its way.
Prof. C. T. L. Fisher, of Elizabeth
College, Charlotte, N. C., spent some
time our city last week.
Mrs. A. G. Wise and Miss Anniebelle
have returned from Baltimore. Her
many friends throughout the county
will rejoice to hear she is with us
Mrs. W. L. Mathis is quite sick. In
fact grippe seems to have the communi
The bridge man ilaynes has arrived
to put in position the steel bridge over
the Saluda. When the bridge is built.
and the rain ceases to fall, and the
roads are in traveling condition again,
we can all go over the river.
A committee on church roof reports
that while up in the belfry viewing the
roof the janitor, not knowing of their
whereabouts, locked the door of the
exit and held the key to the situation.
Mr. W. A. McLean and bride are
here visiting her father's family, Judge
B. B. Hair.
It is said that Mr. David Cromer, our
night watchman, has purchased the
Wheat house and expects to occupy
Dr. Mackey spent a few days in
the city of Columbia last week.
%1r. 1. L. Luther, of Columbia, is
greeting his friends on our streets.
Mrr P. Kenedy, of Due West, re
turn -d to her home this week.
Mr. E. K. Bedenbaugh has been
lucky enough to get the inick that has
been meddling with his chickens.
Mrs. Bessie Lane has returned from
a visit to Greenville, S. C., and Miss
Anna Carley, of Lexington, has ret.urn
ed with her.
Mr. C. L. Langford was called home
this week on account of the illness of
his children. Mr. Clarence C. Stewart
fills his place at Kingsville in his ab
T. J. W. Writes Interestingly on Union
Academy SAtbjects.
Dear children, (10 you know that
every letter in the alphabet stands for
something good. The following wve
take from the mind of our little twvelve
year old daughter, which showvs what
good effect Christian teachers have on
the minds of their pupils:
A-A good name is better to be chosen
.than great riches.
B- Blessed are the pure in heart, for
they shall see God.
C - Christ is the only wvay to God.
D-Do all for the glory of God.
E--Envy is the rottenness of the bones.
F-Forgive us our debts as wve forgive
our debtors.
G-Glory and victory be unto the Lord.
H-Have faith in God.
I-It is more blessed to give than to
Ji-Jesus (lied to save us from our sins.
K--Keep thy tongue from evil.
L- Let the peace of God rule in your
M-Music is a part of the joy of heaven.
N-Never give yourself up to sin.
0-Oh, give thanks unto the Lord for
he is good.
P'-Put your trust in the Lord.
Q-Quickly obey the Lord.
R-Rejoice in the Lord always.
S-Selfishness is sure to b)ring sorrowv
T-The love of money is the root of
all evil.
U-Unbelief is our greatest sin.
V-Vain is the thought of muan.
W-Work while it is day.
X--Xiphoid tongues are the instrument
of satan.
Y-Youth is the time to get readly for
01(1 age.
Z-Zeal to pray and to work for Glod's
H-ow many of you children will cuti
this out and commit it to memory, at
when your father or mother, sister ot
b)rother, or any of your associates sp)eaks
a bad wordl you can tell them wvhat the
letter that begins that wvord meansi
It always means something good anc
not bad.
We commend our teacher, Miss Corn
D)ominick, with words of the highesi
p)raise for her moral line of teaching ir
her school room. We needl more suel
teachers in our (lay schools; they are
so helpful to parents. TI. .J. W.
.Jan. 19, 1903.
For StealIng Chickens.
John Quiller, colored, was placed it
the guard house Wednesday nigh
charged with stealing chickens. 1
seems that he had been in the habit o
stealing from one house and selling t<
the next. P'oliceman K(oon swore out
a warrant andl caught him outside o1
town Wednnday nigrht.
A Beautiful Marriage Solemnized In Central
Methodist Church Yesterday.
Mr David Mott Wells, of Pennsyl
vania, and Miss Sara Lane, of this city,
were married in the Central Methodist
church yesterday at high noon.
The church was beautiful with deco
rations of palms, ferns, and cut flowers.
The pulpit was artistically draped with
white silk and the chancel was entwined
with asparagus' ferns. On the right
and drooping over the pulpit was a
beautiful orange tree. The color scheme,
green and white predominating, was
well carried out, and the church pre
sented a very pretty appearance.
Mrs. C. B. Martin presided at the
organ, and as the first note of the wed
ding march pealed forth the ushers,
Messrs. John A. Eddy and Wilbur
Huiett, advanced down either aisle to
the altar. Immediately following from
the western entrance came the bride,
attended by her maid of honor, Miss
Dessie Shackleford, and from the oppo
site side the groom with his brother,
Mr. Frank Wells, of Atlanta.
The impressive ceremony was per
formed by Rev. S. H1. Zimmerman.
The ring was used.
The bride was attired in a stylish and
becoming traveling suit of castor, and
carried a magnificent bunch of white
Miss Shackleford carried pink carna
Mr. and Mrs. Wells immediately after
the ceremony left for Atlanta, after
which they will be at home to their
many friends in New berry.
"Just Splendid."
We doubt whether there is any one
thing on earth that will afford the
housekeeper as much pleasure as a
flour that will give her perfect satis
faction. That flour is "Clifton." Let
us but once get a sack of "Clifton"
flour in your home and we invite you
to try other brands to your heart's
content. Such comparisons only bring
out the superiority and excellence of
"Clifton." Hayes & McCarty, E. R.
Ilipp and L. W. Cosby sell it.
L1O SALE CHEAP -One good work
1 horse. Apply at this office.
New stock of Men's and Ladies' Red
Wool Golf Gloves at Wooten's. tf
New stock of Wall Paper at Woo
ten's. tf.
:I Cuffs right up to the scratch. No
waiting, no disappointment at the
Newberry Steam Laundry.
T O RENT -A six romn cottage on
Main street, and within three
blocks of Court House. Apply at once
to 0. L. Schumpert.
3t Jan. 8, 1903. Newberry, S. C.
A NY young man or young woman
?. who would like to have a conve
nient pocket -Aluminum Calendar or
House Calendar for 1903, wvrite to Mac
feat's Business College, Columbia, S. C.,
andl you will receive one by return mail,
free of charge. itaw 4t.
M~,ONEY TO LOAN-We negotiate
V l oans on improved farm lands
at seven per cent. interest on
amounts over one thousand dollars,
and eight per cent. interest on amounts
less than $1,000. Long time and easy
payments. Hunt, Hunt & Hunter,
learn some (lay that it pays
you to let us dye that 01(1 suit for you
or clean and press it. All work is
guaranteedl to be first class. Thousands
of satisfied customers will tell you so.
We are not play.ing for your' dollars
only; we are playing for the future too.
Come andl test the truth of our talk.
The Newberry Laundry.
D)o your eyea ache and burn at
night? I have the best trIal case for
fitting Spectacles and Eyeglasses, and
cian fit the mo'st diflicult eyes, with the
proper' glasses. I have fitted glasses
for the best people in the county aInd
can lit you. I use only the hest, grade
Crystaline lenses. Come andi gIve me
a trial and he convincedi. Strictly one
price to all. GUIY DANIELS,
Jeweler and Opticiao.
Inraiiin.om Nt, o.m.
Another ridiculous food fad has been
branded by the most competent authori
ties. They have dlispelled the silly no
tion that one kind of food is needed for
brain, another for muscles, and still
another for bones. A correct diet wilt
not only nourish a particuiar part of
the body, but it will sustain every other
p)art. Yet, however good your food
may be, its nutriment is dlestroyed by
indligestion or dyspep)sia. You must
prepare for their appearance or lpre
vent their coming by taking regular
(loses of Green's August 1lower, the
favorite medlicine of the healthy mil
lions. A few doses aidts digestion,
stimulates the liver to healthy action,
purifies the blood, andl makes you feel
buo1yanit and vigorous. You can get
this reliable remedly at W. E. Petham
& Son.
Get Green's Special Almanac.
I13 . C. W,ilIso", Isg , I 'robad~ tel ud.
ters of Admnt-tration of thee P'rate of
atnd edYeets of Mrs Nani .J L -ng',
mon ishi all and1( slomgultar tihe kind'red anrd
creditors of the sitd Mrs. Nanni Jc.
L onig, dec'd , that tbey be andI apptearp be
fore mme., in the C ourt of I 'robmate, to b'e
h eld at N w herry' Cout H lI uise, S C.X, on
Iih' 17th day of l'ebrari% inst, atfter pub-li
Iliention themrcof, at I I o'clock hi the fore
nioo n , to Iho w cause.c if any thery hiaye,
whIiy thec saId Amti n istration sihOold
not be gr-anted.
Give-i under my hand, this th
1, s.) 2nd day of I"cbruary, A tnn<
-IDominl, 19103
J. 0. WrILn, J I> N. C.
White Goods,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
Of Us Now.
We Are Making Special
Prices And Giving Special
Come and See Us,
C. & G. S. MOWER CO.
Dress Goods, Madras, Ginghams, Percales,
Soirette, Lace Novelties, Fancy Damask,
Mercerized Chambry, Etc., Etc., Etc.
All the above in Colors and White.
We have many "Odds and Ends" in our
"Brougheap.ver" Goods that we are selling
Blankets, Overcoats, and all Winter Goods
are being sold extremely low-really less than
New stock ladies' and men's Red Golf Gloves
Butterick Fashion Books and Patterns are
ready. Come to
The Place Where You Get Your Money's Worth.
Ginger Ale!
On the Marke .
W. 0. Mayes and
Gilder & Weeks.

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