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'MrrldAnd tCw
S. Pierpont Morgat complains of His
l'rcatment ty Assessors.
ll'hiladlttlphia h'ot'ord ]
"1 anm not liable to prsonlal taxa
tion, but I agroo to pay on an assa.s
mont of $400,000 ",l. P. Morgan.
J. Piorpont Morgan ham sigued
this HtatOmtlont in the otUtir of the tax
e'ominnissioners. lit' came oarly and
took his pIae' in the line of "swear
oifs." One of the clerks reoognizetd
him, and Mr. Morgan was led to the
at1it'o of Clommiisioner Strasbourger,
whore he drow from an inside, pocket
the tllow slip informing him that
hli has been asst'ssedt on $tk,0
"1 soo that I have boon put down
on tihe tax books fort ant ass nt
of $t00,00t)," ho said 1 paid taxts last
yOar on $400,0t)0 and havt', t hereforo,
boon in'roasod $2(t),()0, for nont of
which 1 atm liablo "
ThItlre twas ao noto of otlaitatut in
tho tilliouairo's voice.
"llave' you no personal property ?"
askt I tilt, t'oulistsiontt.
"I tavt% pt'rsoal pt't ortt ', but it
is not in a form to be taxablo by tht
city," a nswt'rt l the titancieor "AII
ny pr" ,Iport\ cotists of railroad
storS inI corporatIoltt for whit I l
tmti not stibjt't to taxau oln. I own
lii 11ol1 -'Uttl Ita lt i t1o0 erty .
"i o \ 0an otval Ktam rtaltr4 atl biI!?"
rItltl'ittd tht tttnttisstontr.
''I ,I,, s It ,l ,n i Ill1 j>tI% r"I lie t tlit
I tla tor
Is oulr' poper\ all itu stooksa "
"Is any of \our ,rtpItrty in bontl
ait I n l ,I a e
"Nt." s tltd \lotrgtin, btluntIy.
" \aw sot att hils retOiovabl !?"
"I hV tit," rt'iontdotd Ir. Mior
" t\t1 y utt .n :1 ~odtt ls or ohIattel?"
NIt. l'agan thought for a m1o
Iillatsl K.
\t'., lit rir ilthl' t aI ha't sottne,
i1t th0 hatt of thi1m1 is ocYttodod b1
indtehtaadoiaa. I am constantly Ibor
owevin1g larg' atlnotits of money -
Ililhots, iin fat't-stii tmy\ debts now
txiatatI wilat't a'r I attu iable for on
hthat tts."
I r. \Iorgtlan Ittin explaiwt .I t hat
ht ill it t'ttra. to bo ax ttadtod r,
an I woti t agrit0 to pay on t $40,t)0t
tna hie wasH going to takte.
NIar. al t taxained to h'ihoata
\mssonrs that le did nort taro to
ta this oathi, for if het didl ht woulid
it'.a.aaia'r t hat hit sthould not paay Ite
etity a i itt. Tlhent tilt ag retntat toLi
payI ontt lt 10.000 was signedl.
Nira. Niorguan shioak handsai ,vith Mr.
St rasbtouragar atnd t het ot her conuan as
sitonaer's andia w al kad out.
JIh a l i . ,trexoilapeaatad soame
timeit aftitr Nir. NIlorgant hail deipate..
Iilo hail baton tttaoe ont $400,001
" ttMy r ttione is int N ow'port,'' hit
exlannaad, "atnd I ant itn no way
liablea to t axets hearo."t
NIra. IDraaxti wvas pitt ont thea
nn-rit bbaa~.aat list iad allowedat tao goi
Iataobh II. SchititY mtad a si~tatemnttl
itanast ideaintal to' thIat of Mlr.
NIargani. I11t hail baoton a-sasaassed oni
$;lt0,0a00. I iastt yetat ho ptaid or
at" ' mauonut of tmty deb't s excetatl
ti)y hasessmenttt,"t hut idi to thet comn
miIssiaoner'i. "1 a.otuld p rotvt thi at
do noat wantt tao bt' eIaastiod a't a 'tax
idogaar,' I will pay ttn $200,000.
What licve I.acked,.
IbIly Sanntiltors is a tnatuaral bo rt
wit. 11it is ini his aight ieth year, liv
inag hatrta in Ntew York, antd is aidi
wiork ing at his t raida, paitntittg. (On
recentt occatisiaon liilly~ iandi ont o'tr I wi
of itis anmatets wterat hbat i fyintg a law
yer's itlitta. Thett yonntger partnera
thtinkinig to take a "arise" otut of Isill3
"I say, Hilly,a did yaoui ever know to
a patinttr gtoing to hetavten ?"'
" I ut ali yout t Itink itts atyd Iihero?'
"tWell, I id iteamr t hey t ritd t) pu
a"Ni. Acctordintg to latest accounmta
t bty htati not smntot'tdiad"
fThey couldn't tid a lawyear in tite
pleo to dIraw tip t he paper&aa Now
York Tribuneta.
'rThe longer a tman refloohi ovdr
getttintg mnarried~ the suirer hte is ttt ga
anld do somet hintg perfectly idiotic
what beo tlnally does' it
Miss Madelon Battle, Nurse In Presbyterian
ltospital, and Mr Cecil Graham, a
Wealtbhy &tglishman, Who are
Soon to Marry In New York
[Speeial to News and Courier ]
New York January 28.----A ro
tuaice of the South will reach its
onlwinati in in the coming marriage
in this city of Miss Madelon lattle
to Cecil Graham, a wealthy English
man, who is now on his way from
England to claim her as his bride.
Miss Battle cotuis from an old Dlixte
family, well known throughout (Ieor
gia, and South Carolina. She met
(Iraham at an Asheville, N. C., fox
hunt. Miss Battle is now a nurse
in the P'resbytortan Hospital in this
city. She is tall and statuesque,
with light wavy brown hair and deep
blue eves She is a consin of former
District Attorney George Garden
Battle, of this city, and during her
stay at Asheville was accounted the
prettiest womau of the place. Her
skill is a horse woman is as great
as her beauty. She retired from the
social world two years ago to enter
the hospital and has made herself
much beloved.
Graham owns large estates in Fn
Winthrop Loses a Valuable Member of the
Faculty of the Music Department.
liuok Hill, February 3-Miss So.
phitt 1. \\hilbien, a netmber of Win
throp College faculty, died this morn
ing at ' o'clock from an attack of
puennmoiia. whicli tirst dteveloped
last Wtednesday.
liss \Whilden was a nstive of Char
leston, but had lived and taught in
several other places, notably in (ireen
vil'e, S. C., and for the past tive y ears
at Winthrop.
le'gnlsr ex-rcises were silspnded
at the College to day. In givilg
not ice of her dent h President John
son alluded in strong and touching
terms to the impression made by Miss
Whilden as a teacher and as an in
dividnal dtiring her service at Win
throp. He also read a series of reso
Iutions adopted by the facolty, show
ing the esteelu in which she was held.
['he senior class ubnittt.d some reso
Iutions, whicb were adopted by the
etntire student body, expressive of
Ihe love and regard of her pupil-4.
Miss Whilden left two brothers,
tOne living in Chicago, t ho ot her in
ihrmninghami. Neit htr of these had
timnie to reach lHock Hill after the se
ittus nat aire of he'r at t ack was known.
Two sisters, Mrs Charles F. Hard,
of Greenville, and Mirs A Mel ver,
t.f Charleston, wvore wvith her afw
hours before the enid came.
The funeral exercises woere con
duacted in thle Cotllogo audit orium this
aft ernoon att -1 o'clock ty the liev W.
10 Thayver. T1he large attendance of
ptlrsons not connected with the Col
loigo testified to thie pop)ularity of
t he de'consed. Th'le remains will be
e rrried to G reenvil to night for in
t ormont.
MIiss Whiionem wvas a teacer of
iiuiusual ability and fidelity. She
h-ts imipressed her idease on many
pupils and the devotion of these
shows t he swecet ness, kindness and
l'atiellee of one whlo could wvin af.
f'ctionm while still faithful ini the
work of an exacting profe'ssion.
Wilsconisin Students Object to TIiman as
I ladtiston, WVis., Specihdm to WashIing
toni 1"st.]
Mu hopposition has tdevelopedl
aiimng st udents o)f thle Un iversity of
WViscon.sini againist h~aving sonmator
Tdhncllan, of South Carolina, speak
b)efore t hemi Senator Tlilhunan was
'ongaged soimetiLime ago by t ho st u
(dont, oratorial asst)citiotn as Qo of
the eturers. Under thie captione
"D)o We Want Tillmamn ?" Thi Car
dinal, thle lUniversity daily, says:
"DI oes Seniator T'imian advocate
prinipIes which are worthI our wh ile
to listen to? A re the ideas of states
mansiteiip andI mnanhoodt representecd
by him suoh a'e to ecntitile him tee the
patronage of a nomiverity association ?
It ennn mot boe forgoltten t ha it hiis 'onl
duact and latnguage ice the Senate
h'ave gone hoeyonde whatl we as indi
vidluals would (care to tolerate in our
ownt homes. Wo have 1no quaerrel
wyith Mr. TIillmuan and if lie eami lie
wvould havei a respteottnl hearing; but
the propriety of harving the fIery
Sout hernoer promnulgato untder ui
versity auspiece his wvell knaown ideais
of anthen problams is tlwubtuh
Ken and Wotame and TheI.er fetet
Upon Publte' Meetings.
Amerlean audiences art strangely
alike In some things and strangely diee
suilla r in others. A good conitulttee,
will take as much paina in the ar
rangeweut of its audIence as of Its
speattkers. Anie a udlenee se ated without
crow:ldgit is selotn ontlhuslastle. Nei
ther is an audience whose hands are
ot'rnpiel with bundles or utnbrellae, an
audience largely composedt of women
or an audience in a cold rooit. The
teatsiest audtienc ,es to adldrre. the mlost
I'esponsive and inspiritg. are those
copesed of muen crowded and packed
together and warm.
Woten naturally do not applaud or
cheer. They are by instinct more self
restrained in the public expression of
their emotions than men, Every public
speaker is complimented by their pres
enee, knowing that their quiet word at
htnte is oftentIies more e'ITed1.ve In
results than the most entka is'It
shouting on the street 'orner4A the
other sex. In a public tueeting. how
ever, the auudie'nte gets Its cue fromt
those nearest the speaker. I remetuber
well two audienet's. both from the
same social class, both crowded, both
in large theaters and both largely at
tended by women. One happened to be
in Colorado, one in Massachusetts. In
one meeting the orchestra was re
served for women. In the other tueet
Ing the men had the orchestra and the
womnen had the lower gallery and all
the boxes. In both eases the audiences
were entirely friendly to the speakers.
The second nieeting was marked by
wild enthusiasm, the first one by re
spectfil attention. In the second case
the tuass of tuen In the orchestra urged
on the speakers by continued applause.
in the first case the men in the galler
les who started to applaud were
ehecked because between them and
the' slpeakers was a uass of absolutely
silent fem'tiuInity tin the orchestra. I do
not say that one meeting was less ef
feetive than the other, but the differ
enee in the strain on the speaker was
ma urked.- "rom "The Spellbinder," by
Colonel t'urtis Guild. Jr., in Serib
A Supreme Court Conotidenee.
While in session the associate justices
of the' United States supreme court are
seated on either side of the chief jus
tiee. in the order of their cominissions,
the oldest in cotutuission on his right.
the next oldest on his left: the third is
second on the right and the fourth see
nd on the left. and so on alternately.
the yountge'st in commission occupying
the seat on the extreme left.
When Justice Field was the senior
associate. this arrangement produced
this curious result: The names of the
justices on the right had but a single
syllable .ield, Grtty. Brown and White
-while the names of those on the left
hlad two sylla'ies-Harlan, Brewer,
Shir:ts tnd t'ekhaiin. All were mar
ried. but it) one of the Justices on the
right had ever had any children. while
each of those on the left had both chil
e'ren and grandt'hildren. The colors
wcre all on the righlt-Gray. Brown and
White -while the left was colorlest.
1 outh's Cotpaniot.
No Influence Above.
In 1)r. John Hall's time it was the
eustomi in his church to use the old
fasionedt, sim21ple hymns, and the sing
lng was congregational.
On one occasion William M. Evarts
tdist'overedl E. Delatlid Smith, then
corpiorationi counstel of New York c.ity.
singiig with all his heart and whis
pered to his friend:
"Why, there is Smith singing "I
wanti to b)e atn angel:' i knew he want
etd to be district attorney, but I didn't
know he wanted to be an angel."
Tihe remark was repeated to Mr.
Siniith, anti quick as a flask catne the
"No, I hiave never mnentioned the mat
ter to Evarts, knowing that he had no
influence in that dhiection."
Loadina- Satan Down,
"LIghtning knocked the church stee
l)le tdown," sonme orce said to Brother
1)iekey'. "Yes; Satan's eyes always
flash lire when he sees at church stee
pie gwinte tup." "Anti here's a colored
brthIer' kIlled a nothier at a camp meet
lng." "Yes: Satani goes ter mecetin'
'bong wvid die res' er demi en sometimes
shotst die loudes'." "And a preacher
was dlrownetd In the river last week."
"Oh, yes; Satant's in de water too, Hie
'blieege ter go diar ter cool off." "So
y'ou lblamte every'thingK on Satan, do
you'?" "IIhess God!" was the reply.
"Ain't dat whatt he's fer?~"--Atlanta
"Women are belittled andt madle of
no0 accut'it in e'very possib)le way," ex
sla ied thle itndignianlt head1 of the fami
ihy. "h'Cven the ge'ogr'aphers willfully
and diiellibiera tely slight her. llow~ miany
really iluportanti towns ini tils countr'y
aire liamedt't ini honor- of a wo'miani?"'
"Well. my13 dear-,'' Sid her htusbanad,
M'lrltt ching is clin i reit'ttvely, ''there's
Jant'sv Ille, you know."---chicago Tr'aih
An Anebor to Windward.
il-tI .et's get snarrIed tn Friday,
She Ohi, Ge'oirge, Fidaty, you know,
lie Ye's, I kntow it's unlucky, but,
thieii, If otur miatrriaige doesni't turn ot
wvell we all atlway's have somuethtiing
to blame it on. --l'htiladlphlli liLCordt.
'Fti E'xpense of Vanary Hird.
The keepling of en'aies seemls to be
ai fairly~ expengsive luxury., To start
with,i a really good birdi will cost $50.
Youii ('nnI en.sIly Speitt miore, butt $30
wi'll buy13 a falirly good Norwich bretd
bIrd. Th'Ie food thle birdi reqire-ts con
sists of va rlouis dellenc'ies lit thle form
of ry3e, bread, rIce, mteat Iandt vegeta
lilt'. ( aat'lmris arte lliable to till soeats
of ail lmetia, antd thlila, of coursI'e, ineces
Iltaltes fit'thet' e'xpetise, for' the t reat
ment of thlese compithn ts hs antythling
but t'hieap.~ Of t'onrt'e, not fancIer ot
Cntturtie's wucild be conitenit wIth 0on0
bIrd; he must liav e att least a diozet
aitd theit cost of sonte of t hese wVIlI eer
tainly ruit to $75S. Flifteen htundtred
dlolitrt' ier altmuii could e'asily be saosy
In this manner without a very big shoe
for thte lInne. . ...-oi '1'tt.
For Holding United States Court at Spar
tanburg and Rock Hill - Judge
[Special to 'ho Statte ]
Waehington, Feb. 2 - T-he po e'si
dent has informed RepresentaitNe"
Finley and Johnson that he fools
constrained to veto the bill reentlv
passed by congress providing for the
holding of the United States court, at.
Spartanburg and Rook Hill The
president stated that Judges lraw.
)oy and Simonton wore opposed to
the mneuare and had so informed
'The bill was originally introduo.
ed in the bonse by Mr. Johnson.
The two congressmen called on
Attorney General Knox today and
filed some t additonal papers in sup
port of the b'11, but in view of the
president's statement the measure
appears doomed to defeat.
All the Prisoners in the Jail at Quincy.
Fla, Escape by a Very Ingenious Ruse.
Quiney, Fla, February 2.-- Every
prisoner contlined here in j.'l eap
ed to day Among the number was
one who was incarcerated at noon on
the charge of nutrder, and another
who is said to be a noted postoffice
crook. The latter is credited with
having formed the plan by which the
jail was emptiel.
Lo som1e way thOy snt(eeded mn
turning in the alarm of tire from the
jail. This brought out the depart.
mnut and a large crowd of cit izons,
and the jail was emptied in search
of the blaze. The tire was not found
but the prisoners sncceeeded in ming
ling with the crowd and walking out
of the jail.
Air Line Railway.
First Class Dining Car
The Best Rates and Route to All
Eastern ('ities via Rirhmond and
Washington, or via Norfolk and
Steamers To Atlanta Nashville,
Memphis, Louisville, St. Louis,
Chicago, New Orleans, and all
Poi:nts South and South.-West.
To Savannab, and Jacksonvilk
m.d al points inFlorida and Cuba.
Positively the Shortest
Line Between the
For <letailed1 information. Rates,
Schedules, Pullman Reserva
tions, &o., apply to any Agent
TIrav. Pass Agt , Colurubin, 8. C.
C. B. Walworth,;A.G.P.A.,
Savannah, (Ga.
RA. and Mrs. Adam Livingood, of:
Whiskey has prolonged t
MR. ADAM LIVINSOOD, 91 years old.
It has prolonged miany thouantd lives
it has Mir. andt Mrs. !Livingood, and the
is no ot her niI dteinae in thle worl wi
wIll keep the system ini normnal 'ondlitic
prevent the decay of the t issues, strengt
en the heart act ion and en rich the blo
like D)uffy's Pure Malt Whiskey. It is
absolu tely pure st imutlan t and tonic, f
fromi fusel oil and o ther dangerous ingi
dients so commtion in maost whisk ies.
cures grip. consumanpt ion. brotch it is
tarrh. austha. nmalaria aul all low feve
dlyspepsia, anid inig o rateCs cth braIn.
makes thle oill voung: ke eps t he you
strong. I o tnot fill your body(i full
drugs and tnedicin'es which Itoison the 33~
D)uffy'su Pure Malt whisker Is thei 0'
whiskey recogan ied liy thle Gov ernmtent
a meicllinr.. This Is a garant ee. It
I absolutely purne and 'onttatins nto fusiel
It Ia prescribied by oveLr 7.0100 doctors a
used excluslivelv~ in ven 2.0100 hiospuit a
It is the ontly retliale, antd abusoluteclv to
st imualan t and toni'. It has savedt
liveR of millionts of 1)eople the past fil
years who haive used It as their or
mod io
rress Notice For March Designer
Spring's coming is anticipated in
The Designer for March, in which
toilettes and millinery appropriate
for thi most beautiful season of the
year are becouingly set forth in
dainty colors as well as in black and
white. Of great practical value aro
the "Lessons in Millinery" and "on
Dresskak ng," and scarcely less so
are "Helps Along the Way," "Eti.
quette Hints," "In Motherland,"
"Toilet Table Uhat," and "The
Kitchen Kingdom." Tho short stories
of this month are "Ststers," by Sarah
Noreliffe Cleghorn, and "Daisy Well
ing's Enterprise," by L.ura J. Hit.
tenhouse. The suggested entertain
ments are "Love in Waiting," a par
lor conedietta by Stella G. Florence
"lin Honor of St. Patrick's Day,"
by Sarah W. Landes, "A Kitohen
Shower," by Maud Abbott, and "A
Handkerchief Bazaar," by Valentine
March. Short articles of merit are
'Dutiee and Disillusiona," by Still
etta Peyton Burke, "Profitable Pur.
auits for Women," by Annetta Hall.
iday-Antona, "How I am Training
My Boy," by Edna Best. Crawford,
and "When A Woman Will"," by A.
S. Atkinson, M. D. Dr. Sarah A.
FronebBattey contributes three dain
tily illustrated pages on "Dancing
a" an Exercise," Lanudon Knight I
presents "A Unique Cat Home" in a
very attractive light, while Mary.
Kil,yth writes of "Windows and
W%iniow Seats." "What Women aae
Doing" gives many interesting para
graphs in this issue, "Doilies in Fil
my Lace" shows some beautiful
pieces of fancy work, and many clev
or poems for old and young are given
in "Selections for the Recitationist."
"Floriculture" and "Book Notes,"
i-swe ma 5a'.
mee.,..f s.,
a... -..1 .t. a.+
.w 0eee 0 Wolor
ieese4e 3em4in&e.. Seeve
sem e Vu V4.b. Em
wedesed uaes.
&. U. aeA,..
Elverson, Pa., who have been marr4
heir happy union many years beyoni
Mr. Livingood is 91 ye'ars old and his
wife is '. The y are both hale and hearty
and feel vigorous as a cou.,e 50) years of
Reading, Pa., FeNb. 15, 1902.
Rochester, N. Y.
Gentlemn --I take great pleasure Ia
writing to you teiling the benefit I am 'Ie
riving from the use orflDuffy's Pure Malt
Whiskey. I have been taking it in small
quantities "very morning and evening for
a number or years. I am 91 years old and
In excellent health, good appetite, and am
dloing all my own farm work. I know your
Whiskey is giving me renewed strength
and prolonging my lire. I feel as well to
day as ten years ago andi I reel as If I
will yet pass the century mark. I would
earnestlyv recommneni it to all old people.
It was recommhendled to me. and has prov
en a blessing. My wif' Is Ml years old and
never rails to take a (lose of this WhIskey
on retiring. She Is ailso in perfect health.
Eliverson, Chester County, Pa.
heo r
ty c
also an illustrated artiole on "Lin
gerie," are likewise to be found in
this month's Designer.
(let Children
Started Right
Measles, scarlet fever, mumps
and whooping cough are univer
sally prevalent.
With all these, the disease itself
is often trivial, but the after effects
are very serious.
Close observers say that one
half the people suffer from eye
trouble (result of measles), or
bronchial, ear, or kidney trouble
(result of other diseases of child
Now a child in robust health
will throw off these diseases. A
weak ailing child will probably
suffer all its life.
We have just the medicine for
puny, ailing children. It is Vinol.
It is pleasant to take, it is free
from dangerous drugs, it is nour
ishing and gently tonic, it helps the
food to digest and gives strength.
It has been used in this town
with great success when children
were slow in getting over whoop
ing cough and measles.
It seems to give them a start,
and they become bright and
healthy. Used with Vinlax, the
bowel regulator, it is safe and sure,
both for ailing children and bur
dened mothers. Take home a
bottle on our guarantee of money
back if it's not good. Don't let
your little ones remain weak and
W E.Pelham& Son
r umom,.er
&W IXA&a&
14b a.ob s"pu a
VT and WZST.
w. whe.war ws.eneago?e.
iteama. Aeanet.s s a
e em ss e a=wrs esa.
w RC.e *e chsw.4.ase a.
Mee-See ama w.ee ZeQsaa=
.as aResaee new en inaa...
W. as. [email protected]
.a....e... p
5.6. DR.Ase
4 65 years, say Duff y's Pure Malt
d their golden wedding.
MRS. ADAM L.IvINGOOD, 84 years old.
Caution.-W.4sen you ask for nuffy's
Pugre Malt Whiskey be sure you geft
'he gersuine. Unmerupulous dealery,
lnflof the excellence of tiE
preparation,, wvill try to sell you
heap irnitations, and so-ealled Malt
Whiskey sub,stitute, which are put
'n the nmarket for proftt only, and
vhich, far front~ relieving the sick,
Ire po051tively harmiful. Denmand
s the only absolutely pure nmalt
ihiskey which contains rnedicinal,
seaflthu-glving 'gualltien, l,flokl for
'1o. genuine Duffy's Pure Malt whln
eyiSold At All DispensariBs,
r direct at $1.00 a bottle. Refuse imnita
Ions and substitutes, there is Done just as
'00d as "Duffy's." It Is the only whiskey
ecognizedi by the Government as a medi
nhe. Valuable mfedical booklet sent free.
)utt Malt Whiskey Company, Rochester.
U. 0. BEA'ZTIE, Recei"er.
In Effect June 8, 1902.
riotween Anderson avid WalhallaI.
Mixed. Mixed
Ko.'9. No. 12 Stations. No. 11 No. 9
. M. A. M. P. M. A. M
8 10 9 60...............lelton.............. 8 20 10 00
2 48 9 88........ idterson F. 1)......... 8 40 1110
2 45 9 80........a ndersonr P. D........ 8 45 11 16
....... 925 ........W est Anderson....... 8 49 ........
---.... 9009...............Denver.............. 8 9 .
----.. 9 02.......... Autun ............ 406 ........
....... 86 .........Pondleton ........... 4 11 .
....... 8 47...............C herry............... 4 18 ......
....... 8 44...............Aaans........421
828 2 .... Jo.d iia Junot...... 4 83 ........
82 . . Oneen.............. 4 a6 ........
4 40 ....
S. 803....... ..Weet Union ......... 6 04 ........
800............W alhalla............ 609 ........
ALi regula trinis from Iolton to Walhala,
bave precedence over trains of sumo class
n oving In the opposite direetton unless oth
ur wise speelfiei by train ortier.
Will at,o stop at the following stations to
lake on anti let oft passengers: Phinney's
3.tnes anti Sand y Springs.
J. it. ANU1 u1, Superintendent
ChareIsoR ad4WestorneCarolla Rwv Co.
Augusta and Ashevillo Short Line
Sohedule in Effect July (, 1902,
t.eave Augusta..............0 l0 ai 9 66 p
Arrds Greenwood...........12 44 p m .
Anderson ....................
Laurens................. 1 45 p in am
Waterloo tli. 8.)... 1 12 pi ...
Greenville............12 22 p in 9180
Glenn Springs...... 4 45 p m .
Spartan burg......... 8 80 p in ain
aluda.................. 6 8 p i .pm
Uiendersonville..... 6 08 p in
A shevillo................ 7 16 p m .
Leave Asheville............ 7 05p m ...
Spartanburg .........12 01 a 8 80 m pm
Glenn SpriLg..1000a n
Greenville ... ......12 15 p in I
l.aurens.. .... ..... 2 05pi p
Arrive Watorloo(l1. H.)... 2 88 p m ....
G reen wood.....21 pm 74m
Leave Anderson ..........7.2..a.m
Auguski .............. 5 20p m 15a
t.,etv. et:o.ur. 4 .................... 11 am
Newberry ........., ....12 42 pba
u4itton .. . ..,...... 2
Arrive Green ll, .............pm
op.trtunbutg..... 1 80 pin
Glenn Speings...........4 u pil
a partanbtug.........
Greovill .12 6 pm
Arrly t ' littn .........2 22 pm
N1wberry 8 06 pm
CoIn- bin.... 80 pm
Vat tat at',.1 lit Line between Newbo ary
.utd (Iret'nville. Sr artauiburg and Glenn
l'tnnectit) a froni Newbo r~y via ('olutmbia
N~ eu berry anid l.autous Railway.
For any Info matioin 0te
Augusta, da.
T. M. 1L'rafflc V aur.er.
(E tstern Standard Tin 0.)
Southbond. Northbound.
8chtdule In Kfeot August 26th 180*
8 40a ourv Atlanta (s.A.r.) Ar. 8 4 pm
o 51 ani %thone 6 19 pm
11 (6 an, ilberton 6 17 pm
12 Zb pin Abbevill 4 05 pm
1 2.2 pin1 Greenwood 1 35 pm
2 '.%p:i Ar Clinton (l)in'r) Lv. 2_45 pm
1( 0n mn lpv -li Springs Ar 4 00 pin
12 8r, pin bparlanbgr. 8 80 pin
12 2 Grin Greenville 1 26 ipm
(Harrs Springs)
1 12 p'n Waterloo 286 pm
1 42~ >ru Ar Laurens (Din'r) Lv 2 17 pm
202 b v Lauren, Ar 1
2(9 Parka Ar 1 42
2 22 Clintonion w r
2A4 Goldvil 1 17
24 4 .tanardTi 110
2 49 C.ary 1 06
26a Jalapa.. 1 00
3 10 hewberr3 l 46
3 2, Prosperity 12 82
2 84 ..Sm vlls4 122 p
33.4 Lt Mountain 219
361 ...Capin. 12p Gr o
:57 Hilton 1202
4 . White Rock 1A 64p
417 Baimentie 1154
4 21 .... aren .. ( i 40
453 5r~i,bl-12
:i6 2 LvyoLanrent A..Ar 110
. 2 4Sumte 9nr. 0
249 Chrl ryn.. L 100
Tri 23ad52 ..alapa.. 1i0e0r fo
3e no 10 lep brro1t4
T 3In 84 ....811frohs.... 1 2rigtd3 o
33est Mountain -2 19
lIo7 Hiton an1202. r rtet
4 4.CH LSW hT. Roc. EMERON
4 est i. BalnTrafic 54 a~r
'.F.7IVI .....,1m ..... 11ERO46 ,
So' 2t ' ..n.eaph rt. 11 40s g
WI55LMIGON.b (A...)A Juy21t 12
9hu 20 Tran Charleston to 7renvll
Trao 52. anN2arv ddprfoi63
7.00 auLnion aleto,depoAt920p
1229amnAr.. .n( 8ProspriyA.C. L vrih 2.24pin
12# est .Ar.N te e r .L .0p
.47 cam. rn anent,.orvwr.te tm
PresidentA . ra.Lle binager
.31 rj. LI SaTN H. M.vEMERON,
. BotAgt COLn'BI 8r. C.as t
in. ' -3 Ar'v W0mojj7ipin*gttNo.,
irOND oENEl 7 5CHpED a L go.
l. MIG ON .C. fly2s, 9.
Throu1'hiTrains Charlest n lirenville
7.00i am e.... ...harl son . ...Aer 9y.20 p
8. ila m ... p ... Lan W I. ......... .... . 67 p m
R. ckya..... r........Colut n a........L 3.45 p m
P22 m ..r.. t rosperity......... .co e L 4.124 am
iJ.2y pm ... )A r..... ln Io . . ... ..... CLi a 1. 6p
1 .47 pm .. A V r.....I ,u ren2.......... Lv 2.10 p m
A.3 r-m ..t. r..8artn b'A i .n....L Wi2i 15 lm
- -OpA ra.tite- r . i2 m; pior towky
15 r.rg P.; l' ornc c75-pn.; Dtir g-olii
e e-ab ig 3. 40 a r,; Nchon 4ok.12 am.
-u l ..ni,, tcejn 7- t m; ruiN w York Tam.
Pnnan : Dargtn gn .r' aYrk to Chaanna1.
X'.1.0 a- n i aria:n vt., Wn;(illngton
T.51 .u cno, T.5 t flm; Wiitng.8 Wl l; P
For1 res, n scheu, etrac ure u,lii
"Special Brand" Corn Whiskev, $ 1.2
PIopulatr Log" Cor~n Whiskey.'. I .50
'Popular Log,"' Old, Smooth,
Mellow 2.00.
"Private Stock," 4-qt. case 1 . 2.50)
P'Irjvate Stock,"' 12-qt. case . . 7.00
'Hunting Creek'" Rye, 12-qt. case 7.00
Ok01( Huntmng Cileek'" Rye 12-qt.
case............ . .... . ...10.00
Apple Brandy.-.-.-.-.. .. .. ...50
Charge of 25c. for 1-gal., 35c.. for~
2-gal., andl 415 for 3-gal. jugs, anid 75c.
for 4I 1-2-gal. kogs; when return1ed pre
paid, they wvill be taken back at cost.
J. 0O.SOMERS & O0., Ols,,
STATESVILLE, North Carolina.
WOIIL8 users ofiirn.Le ~
esineoor whiskey #
O Ularge book of par-t~
ticular4 on hose or
Snatorium rel
AN n ent. Addres B.

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