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Telephone System to be Rebuilt and First
Class.Service to be Established by the
Southern Bell Telephone Company.
Special Agent J. Epps Brown, of the
Southern Bell Telephone Company with,
Mr. Crane, of that company's construc
tion department, arrived in thn city yes -
terday for the purpose of making up an
estimate covering the material an I labor
necessary to reconstruct the telephone
system recently purchased by the Bell
Company from Mr. Floyd. After this
estimate is completed the necessary
material will he shipped here, and
the work rushed to completion as rap
idly as possible. This work will
include a new metallic circuit switch
board, metallic circuit lines to each
subscribers station, and long distance
instruments at both business and resi
dence stations.
While here Mr. Brown will arrange
to have the long distance copper cir
cuits of the Bell Company cut into the
central office and 'a booth, which has
been ordered, will be installed so that
parties who desire to use the long dis
tance lines can do so, and that too with
When this work has been completed,
which in his opinion, will require
aprroximately three and one-half to
four months, Newberry can boast of a
first class telephone system, which will
furnish not only first class local service,
but facilities for any subscriber, who
so desires, to talk from his business or
residence station, to practically any
point of importance in the United States
-at least to any with which the Bell
system connects. This feature of the
telephone business is one which no local
company can supply-and the demand
for it is apparently growing every
Advices from Greenville and Spartan- )
burg are to the efiect that after a five ;
years trial with local systems, in com- I
petition with the Bell systems, practi
cally every subscriber was willing and
anxious to have one dispensed with, and
in both of these towns the subscribers
signed petitions to the Southern Bell
Company, agreeing to patronize exclu
sively that company for five years--if
it, (the Southern Bell) would acquire
the local company and consolidate it
with that company's system. This was
done in both places, and the actual con
solidation is only awaiting the arrival
of suflicient material.
A similar result has just been effec
ted in Richmond, Va., and we have as
surances that this is practically the re
sult at every place where two systems
have been tried.
It is hoped, and, believed, that the
Bell company will supply the demand
here fully both for local and long dis
tance service, and that all patrons will
be entirely satisfied. From what we
are able to learn in a general way, the
Bell company's policy is to furnish first
class service at reasonable rates. Noth
ing less should be expected and nothing
more desired.
A Bad Negro.
"Crick" Young has lived on the
chaingang (luring the greater pa&rt of
his manhoodl years. The gang, howv
ever, seems to have for him no terrors,
and on Tuesday night he got at his old
tricks again.
"Crick's" wife lives on Mr. W. T.
Tanrant's place in the city. For the
wife of his bosom he seems not to have
a great deal of tender feeling. This
wvife about 7 c'clock Tuesday evening
went to Mr. Thos. F. Harmon's house
to get some milk. "Crick" wvas suid
denly struck with the notion that she
should be given a whipping and followed
her in Mr. Harmon's ho'ise. InsideI
when opposed he drew a knife on Mr.
Harmon. He immediately left and wasI
chased by the gentlemen of the police
force until 11 o'clock that night wvhen
he was found asleep in the hull house
at the oil mill.
Wednesday morning he was taken
before Magistrate Chappell on twoI
offences andl given thirty (lays on the
chaingang for each. Yesterday morn
ing he was taken beCfore Mayor Ear
hardt on four offences and given thirty
(lays on the chaingang for each. As
fast as the charges were readl he
pleaded guilty and the sentences were
''Crick'' is a bad negro. Not very
long ago he finished a sentence of 210 e
(lays on the gang. When - he has fin-i
ished hjis present sente,,.e of six
months, it is very likely that he wvill be
tried in the higher court.
Good Move By Colored People.
A meeting of the colored citizens hast
been held at Bethlehem Hap)tist church
for the purpose of devising the p)lans
to check the widespread disregard of
the duties of p)arents to the many
minor children seen loafing about the
streets (lay by dlay, andl to excludle or
silence the many dlisrep)utab)le houses
and dives that lend unwvholesome h flu-I
once to young men andl women. B.
Neely was elected chairman of the
organizedl body and R. W. Nance sec
retary. A committee was appointedl to
draft some practical methods for adop
tion at the next regular meeting to he
held February 23(1 at Miller Chapel A. 1
M. E. church.
,County Teachers' Meeting.
The regular monthly meeting of the
teachers of Newberry County will be
held in the Poumndary street graded
building tomorrow at 11 o'clock. Ad
dresses will be delivered by Prof. l'4. B.
Wallace, of Columbia, and Rev. S. 11.
fimmerman, of the city. Presidlent
Werts earnestly requests that all teach
ers and others Interested in school
Mr. E. P. Scholtz spent- Tuesday in
Miss Marie Reagin is visiting .rela
tives in Colombia.
Mr. W. L. Watkins, of Columbia, is
visiting friends in the city.
Mr. George B. McCrary, of Clinton,
was in the city on busineos yesterday.
There' is some talk of an independent
telephone system being inaugurated
The macadam on Main street for the
present will be extended as far as the
Episcopal church.
Mrs. Carrie Norris left on Wednes
day for New York where she will
make her future home.
5 Mrs. Johnstone, of the Riser Millin
ery Company, has gone North to select
a spring line of millinery.
Tomorrow will be St. Valentine's
day, and the mail will be crowded with
many little sentimental missives.
The City Council is getting informa
tion preparatory to putting down the
cement walks on Main and adjacent
Yesterday was a lovely day, and it is
hoped that such weather will continue
For a while and give us a chance to get
rid of the mud.
Mr. D. H. Witherspoon, an old news
aper man, who is now located at Folk
.on, Ga., was in the city for a short
iie yesterday.
The Rev. J. F. Jacobs, of Clinton,
. C., will preach in the Aveleigh Pres
)yterian church next Sunday morning
t the usual 'hour for service.
Mr. E. A. Griflin and sister, Miss
[,illie, who came home to attend the
'uneral of their grandmother, Mrs.
Barre, have returned to Charlotte.
Mr. J. Epps Brown, of the Bell 'rele
)hone Company, Atlanta, arrived here
'esterday and will spend several days
n the city in the interest of his com
The Prosperity Glee Club will give a
ralentine entertainment on the evening
)f the 13th at the residence of Mrs.
D. T. Wyche. The hopes and hearts of
nany are centered there.
Rev. E. C. Witt, who lately resigned
he pastorship of the Lutheran church
{noxville, and who has been succeed
-d by Rev. M. M. Kinard, was in New
)erry this week. .He will not actively
mgaged in work again for some time.
Newberry Company Chartered.
The Mutual Insurance Company, of
lewberry, was chartered this week.
Vfr. B. C'. Matthews is president and
rof. W. K. Sligh secretary and treas
irer. The company has a chapital of
A New Firm.
Mrsrs. Jas. F. .Todd and L. W. Cos
>y have formed a co-partnership in bus
ness and Mr. Cosby has moved his
tock into Mr. Todd's store on "Balti
nore Corner.'" Messrs. Fellers& Black,
ve understand, wvill open business in the
tore vacatedl by Mr. Cosby.'
Wednesday eve.ning at 8 o'clock at
he home of the br-ide's father, Mr.
luther Long, in the county, by Rev.
no. J1. Long, brother of the br-ide,
IIr. James Sease and Miss Minnie
song. The Herald and News extends
Lucius Perry Hills.
Lucius Perry Hills, poet, humorist
nd author-, will appear at the opera
ouse undler the auspices of the Bach
lor- Maids on -the evening of the 1'7th of
his month. A treat is expected1. Fol
>wing is a fair sample of the pr-ess
otices wvhich Mr. Hills has been r'eceiv
"In his r-ecital last night Lucius Perry
lills, the Southern poet and humor-ist,
anged from gr-ave to gay and p)roved
imself equally at home in p)athos, sen
iment andl humor. Tfher.e are fewv writ
rs who can use their owvn wvork upon
he platform as effectively as Mr.
Iills. "-Detroit Tribune.
etter to Jas. F. Todd, Newberry, S. C.
D)ear- Sir-: There are several ways of
heating in milk. An old-fashioned way
Sto water it. Nobody waters it now.
b)etter way is to take out the cream
ich milk wvith the cream taken out is as
00o1 as p)oor milk wvith its cream all in.
But we needn't go into p)articulars.
You dion't rob your milk and your- cus
Paint is as easy as milk to cheat. with.
;oodl paint is as rare as goodl milk; for
uiman nature is much the .same in
nilkmen andl paint men.
You are just and tr-ue with your milk;
o are we with our paint. D)evoe Lead
.nd Zinc is t wice as good as mixedl
>aints: Tihere's twice as much butter in
Mr. J. T1. Ladd(, (Cheraw, S. C.,
v rites:
When Mr. ECvans paintedl his house
vith D)evoe Lead and Zinc, he figured
mn the basis of y'our claim that a gallon
vill cover :300 squiare feet., twvo coats.
Ic had enough le ft to pa1iint three large
ooms, and wvas s0 lelasedl that he has
Isedl Devoe Lead andl Zine on two other
iouses. Yours truly,
F. W. Di:voa. & Co.,
New York.
Monday, February
1 6th, the biggest Em
aroidery Sale in the
South, 5c and 9c for
goods worth 15c up to
35c at Mimnaugh's.
Hearing Postponed Till Next Thursday
Because Affidavits Had Not Been
Served Upon Prosecuting
The hearing on the application for
bail of James H. Tillman, charged with
murdering N. G. Gonzales, which was
held in the court house here today, was
continued until Thursday next, at 10
o'clock, when it will be concluded in the
court house in Columbia. The motion
to continue the hearing was made by
Solicitor Thurmond, for the State, on
the ground that the State's attorneys
had received no copy of the affidavits
which defendant's council today sub
mitted, and, therefore, had had no op
portunity for reply.
The hearing today was attended by pro
bably as large crowd as the court house
ever held. It was packed and jammed,
and standing room was at a premium.
The best of order prevailed and the
large crowd heard with the closest at
tention every word of the aflidavits
which were read. Col. Tillman appear
ed in person and during the whole of
the proceedings sat in the court house.
On his right sat his brother-in-law, Ex
Judge O. W. Buchanan. Just behind
him on a table was Col. Cole. L. Blease,
one of his attorneys. In front of him
sat Messrs. Nelson and Croft, also his
attorneys. At times Col Tillman
listened very closely to the affidavits
and to the words of counsel in their
argument upon the motion to postpone.
At other times he sat, apparently
apathetic, with his chin resting upon
his hand and his arm upon the table.
Of course the greatest interest today
centered in the affidavit of Col. Tillman
himself. The affidavit is given below
in substance. As will be seen, Col.
Tillnan takes the position that he acted
in what he conceived to be self-defence,
that he fired because he thought his life
was in danger. That Gonzales, as is
sought to be proved by the affidavit of
ioltzenbach, which was submitted, had
made threats against him, saying that
he had made him show the white feather
on several occasions before and would
do so again. That when be met Mr.
Gonzales on the street just before the
tragedy \t r. Gonzales had both hands in
his overcoat pocket and was glaring at
him. That Mr. Gonzales pushed his
right hand deeper down into his pocket
when he saw Tillman, and that Tillman,
with the threats made by Mr. Gonzales in
,nind, and taking into consideration Mr.
Gor:zales' appearance with his hands in
his pockets, thought Gonzales was going
to shoot.
In the very beginning of the pro
ceedings, Solicitor Thurmond, for the
prosecution said that he had asked
counsel for defense for such affidavits
as they might use today. le had not
receivedl them as yet and he moved that
ini accordiance wvith custom the dlefence
serve upon01 the p)rosecution copy of said
adid(avits and that the hearing be post
ponled unitil such time as wvould suit thle
court. Chief Justice Pope overruled tile
motion for the present on tile grounld
Lfhat thedefense could niot be anticipated,
saying that tile testimoiny at the coro
ner's inqluest, or such matter, might be
Mr. Nelson op)enedl for the defense
with the reading of the testimony taken
at the coronier's inquest over thle body
of N. G. Gonzales. TIhis testimony is
familiar to the readers of this p)aper.
The followving affidavits, wvhich are
given inl substance as thley were read,
wvere then submitted:
Before me p)ersonlally app)iear'ed Rich
ard HIoltzenbach, wvho being dluly sworn,
says: I camne to the city of Columbia on
the 19th day of Janualy, 1903, for the
p)urp)ose of trying to get a position as
dloorkeepler of the I louse of Representa
tives, but was unable to get the ap
p)ointment and returnedl to my home tile
17h1 (lay of January, aind wvhile I was in
tile State IHouse a (day or two before
the uinfortunate occurrence, I was talk
ing to Capt. J. W. White, who was
(doorkeeper of one' of the coimnittee
r'oomsl. Whlile he was thei'e N. G. Gon
zales came in anld asked Whlite where
his ''boss"' was and Capt.'- White re
p)lied, "'I have 1no boss."' Mir. Gonzales
saidl he mecant Ila'utenant Governor
Tillman. Ile said, "'I suppose hle is
neglecting his duty, as lhe always is.''
At the tinme Governor Shleppard was
piresiding. N. G. Gonzales saidl to
Capt. White (he was referring to
Lieutenant Governor Tlillman) that he
madle him showv the white featiler oin
seveiral Occasions anid would make him
show it again. Shlortly afterwards Mr.
Gon'zales went oll'. I dlon't recollect
whether lie turnied and wvent into the
Senate chamber. Soon after saw Gov.
Tillman in comp)any withl Semnators Tat
b)ird anld Brown wvalk ing up Main street.
Senator Brown was on the inlsidle. lie
(dropped back to speak to a ladly andl
that left Lieut. Gov. TPillman withl Sen
ator TIalbird(. Senator TIalbird was on
time ou tside. lI)eponen t noticedl Mir.
Gonzales coming dlown thle street walk
ing in the dlirection of the State IHouse.
lie had oii ian over'coat andl each hand
ill the piocke't and1( his thuimb restiing (on
the topl of t h( p)ocket. As he got near
Governor T1illIman he cut a.~cross; the
pav(eent and thrust his whiole iright
handl( ini his overcoat pocket. I ex pected
from what I heardl himl say in the'State
Illouse thlat het inltendedC to shoot (;ov
ernoi' Tilman. About that time I
heaird Governor Tlillman say "'Mir. Gon
zales, I received your' message," and
then immediately I heard a report of a
pistol. - I didn't see where Governor
Tillman got his pistol from, as I was
watching Mr. Gonzales expecting to
see him shoot Governor Tillnan. Gov
ernor Tillman, after he fired, turned
an'd walked off into Main street, shortly
after he shot. Senator Talbiid said,
"This must stop," and several persons
went to Mr. Gonzales.
An oefidavit was read from J. A.
White, keeper of one of the committee
rooms, in which White said that he re
called the events mentioned in Holtz
enbach's affidavit, and substantiating
it in every particular, except that not
knowing N. G. Gonzales, he did not
say it was Mr. Gonzales with whom he
had the conversation. He took it to
be N. G. Gonzales.
Before me personally appeared Jas.
H. Tillman, who, being duly sworn,
says: That his statement herein made,
so far as he is informed and believes it
is proper to make at this time, is as fol
lows: That for a year and possibly
longer, N. G. Gonzales has villified de
ponont, pursuing hiin unrelentingly
with malice and venom, which deponent
believes was never equalled in the his
tory of this State, charging him with
being liar, blackguard, rogue, debau
chee and villain and such other epithets.
Every act of deponent has been dis
torted and discolored by the hate and
venom of Gonzales. Thought that
though innocent he was called upon to
endure these, inasmuch as deponent was
a public officer. That he bore all this
with patience although his private life
heretofore considered sacred was invad
ed, discussed, and held up to public
derision. That deponent had been in
formed that <during the "'anpaign there
was a rumor that Gonza'es had said if
Tillman had said the same things in
Columbia that. he said elsewhere there
would be a personal encounter in which
one would (lie. Deponent was repeat
edly urged and warned to look out
for his safety while in Columbia
by various parties. Deponent was in
formed that Gonzales came to the State
house and inquired for deponent and
said that he had made deponent show
the white feather on several occasions
and intended to make him do it again.
That deponent verily believed that N.
G. Gonzales at that. time was armed.
Deponent was still anxious to avoid an
altercation if it. could be done lonora
bly. Inasmch as deponent. was about
to retire from the oflice he was remov
ing his personal belongings from the
State house to his room in the hotel
and among other things it became nee
essary to remeve two pistols, one the
property of delionent, the other left in
the room by some one not known, but
presumab by some friend. While car y
ing these weapons to his rc:)m, while
upon Main str At he observed N. G.
Gonzales coming directly towards him,
glaring at deponent, and with his hands
in his overcoat pcckets. Sudlenly he
pushed his hand into his pocket on the
right sidle and turined towvards dlepon
ent. Said Gonzales was all the time
glaring straight, at deponent. lBeliev
ing his life in danger, deponent hur
riedIly said, "I got youri message,''
and fired. Deponent believed t hen and
believes nowv that Gonzales was armed
andl intended to kill him. TPhat lhe was
desirous of avoidling a dlifhiculty with
Mr. Gonzales if lhe could. When Gon
zales cut across was the time deponent
saw him thrust his hand in his pocket.
That dleponent when.he left State Ilouse
didn't know he was going to meet Gion
zales on the street. Deponent believes
Gonzales was about to draw a pistol
upon him and therefore he fired upon
him. Deponent fired to save himself,
believing his Iifec was in dlanger.
J. W. D)eVore and T1. II. Rainsford,
members of the l louse from Edgefieldl
County, madle aflidavit that they knowv
that Capt. .J. A. Whit.e is a man of un
impeachable character andl an old1 Con
federate soldier.
Solicitor Thu rmond, at the conclusion
of the reading of the affidavits, re
newedl his motion that the hearing be
l)ostp)onedl, saying that it was very im
portant that the pr'osecution have a
chance to reply to the aflidavit, that
such had been the custom.
Mr. Nelson ini reply stated that our
ing his career a.s Solicitor lhe had never
had a dlemandl for aflidavits of an op)
p)onenit granited. The State had made
its showing at the coroner's inquest.
The only other matter that the State
might wish to reply to was the state
ment of I loltzenbach. Mr'. Croft saidl
that to allow the State further time
wouldl amount to nothing save to secure
cumulative evidenmce andl cumulative
testimony. If in viewv of the testimony
presented here todlay, the Court coni
sidered that there was a legal dloubt,
that Tlillmain was guilty of murder,
then the dlefendant, had a right under
the Constitution to denmand his freedom.
The matter was -am gued at some
The Court siustainied Solicitor Tlhui
mondl's motion and adjou rned the hear
ing until Thursday next, at which time
it wvill be continluled in the court house
in Columbia. The order was to the
effect that the dlefenmse should submit
its aflidavits to the pr'osecution andl
shouldl the prosecution have further afli
davwita, that they be submitted to the
(defense, and both be given time for
Mr. TlillIman today was represented
b)y Messrs. I huchana'n, Crmoft, Nelson,
Rembeit, and lilease. The prosecution
by Solicitor Thl u rrmonmd and .Judge Craw
Join the crowds at
the busy store Monday.
The Opera House Three Nights This Week.
The Attractions.
The Payton Sisters Comedy company
have the boards at the city theatre this
This is said to be one of the strongest
comedy companies on the road and one
of the kind that is seldom seen at popu
lar prices. The specialties are one of
the strong features. The bills are as
Friday, February 13th- "North Caro
lina Folks."
Saturday Matinee - "Flirtation or
Love at Long Branch."
Saturday Night-"Saints and Sin
ners" or "A Serious Family."
Broke His Arm.
Mr. J. B. Walton had the misfortune
to break his left arm yesterday just
above the wrist. He went to step
from the sidewalk into the drain to
allow some children to pass him, when
his foot slipped and he fell. He caught
with his left hand; and the fall was so
hard that the arm was broken. Dr.
W. G. Houseal set the break.
Advertised Letters
Remaining in postoffice for week end
ing Feb. 7, 1903:
C- E. C. Cook, II. C. Cromer.
D-B. O. Daveport.
G-Miss Mattie Ginyard, Harriet
Griffin, Jim Giter.
J-Ed. Johnson.
K--J. 1t. Kelley, Floyd King.
LI-Miss Andry Livingston.
M - I)anil Mertie, Edd M erchant.
R-- Rev. Wesley Rutherford.
S- Harold E. Stanley, John Serog
Persons calling for these ietters will
please say they were advertised.
C. J Purcell, P. M.
If you want your dol
lar to do double duty
come to the big sale
on Monday at Mim
W ANTED. A good milk cow. Ap
ply at this office.
New stock of Men's and Ladies' Red
Wool Golf Gloves at. Wooten's. tf
New stock of Wall Paper at Woo
ten's. tf.
W ANTEL). --A Cow that will give
34 gallons milk per day, and make
one and a half pounds of butter er day.
At The Newberry Hotel.
W ANTEL)ED--Every lady in Newberry
to know that Monday, the 16th,
will be the great Embroidery Day. l5c,
25c and 35c Embroidery, your choice for
5e and 9e at Mimnaugh's. it
I I Cull's right up to the scratch. No
waiting, no disappointment. at the
Newberry Steam Laundry.
r 30 RENT-A six rom cottage on
Main street, and within three
blocks of Court H-ouse. Apply at once
to0. L. Schumpert.
3t Jan. 8, 1903. Newberry, S. C.
MON EY TO LOAN--We negotiate
.LL loans on improvedl farm lands
at seven per' cent. interest on
amounts over one thousand (dollars,
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purice to all. C UV D)A NI ELM,
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"Just Splendid."
We dloubt whether ther'e is any one
thing oni earth that will affordl the
housekeeper as muchd p)leas5ure ats a
flour that will give her perfectl satis
faction. TIhat flour is "C(lifton."' Let
us but once get a sack of ''Clifton''
llou r in your home and we invite you
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content. Such com1fparison., only bring
out t he superior'it.y and ('xcel'lece o f
"(Gliflton."' I layes & McCar'ty, 10. lt.
Il ipp and L~. WV. Cosby sell it.
L1..0. F
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All the above in Colors and White.
We have rnany "Odds and Ends" in our
"Brought Over" Goods that we are selling
quite cheap.
Blankets, Overcoats, and all Winter Goods
aretbeing sold extremely low-really less than
New stock ladies' and men's Red Golf Gloves
Butterick Fashion Books and Patterns are
ready, Come to
The Place Where You Get Your Money's Worth.
Ginger Ale!
On the Marke .
W. G. Mayes and
Gilder & Weeks.

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