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. il . I
The I'tesidlentt. las aligned the bill pro
vidling for at new dlepartment. known as
t.he dleplart,mOnt, of vommuerce. It is very
well understood ( hat t ihe port folio will be
t.endered to th President. Secretary,
Mr. Geo. 13. C'ortelyou. If it were
possible, it. would not. he at bad mnove to
tmake Mr. Rioosevelt tho head of the
newv dep'larItment of commnerc'e, and to
let. Seret'lary l'ortelyou suc"eed1 his
clhief. 1tut Ihere is no way to save the
counl ry I'romn IUousevellt for at while yet..
Tlhis is the' last week< of the p resenl
session of the Legislture. Al. least.
after satrt rday night the pay stops, andl
hen is hardly anly doubt. that the
nu11l\kintg of laws will stop at tie sameit.
H11m0. Man:uy g'otd mera sures have passed,
antl solme of the ltst. have failed. We
h:ld hopeio st I his iog-1iselaistr have
ith e implortait IL : to its redtil ro
hibiting); ;ebihl lbor" in the mills, pro
V itin; fo r buildling) roaeis by ta.xation.
and requiiring Oh attendante of rhil
<n' up1on the -chools. Of t hesv thre',
only the one prohihiting c'hi11d labor g,o(
Ilbroug;h. iu t t his inl itS slt' is a great
stride f'orwanl.tI mnd we alidet inl (he
hp e" t h:t Ihe I w o of hrrs w ill comn
We lcon1t':;s thart u\et do nt see what
goo iTit"ilhna:man ac11:1complish by sneh
addresses.' as: t, ont' ht' deliveredt before'
the Now Y'ork1 P'ss Club at an:mutt
tin F"riday n1ig;ht. ;Somet of' the t hingps
t' s:aiti ;art, t1il\ t<' Irut'. Blt wh\- niot
".t <h'l<'ai b:s ury Its dt ad'' No
);''dh can11 t'ime to the0 petople of this
in ltw ' o ed I :I t'1 Senat nl t ially
1'tfIt' ' t hen t:lt' 11h.t mn ttnh 'r to WreSt
t"ht'- 1:n intm nt n>o rule ''we
w r\ ! I t' \1 i'encieS oIf t he
.' moti :h h. e
t't rt ainv w'\ ill not1
ali ." . tr tate of
'101 no : from
'. .d th l mat
Mi's M'a'i '''a wVI'I WIt Tar
wa .s.
. taj.h ; '
B. .eDvImmik.
M oore.
Mis Rosa Moorue wait h Mr'. Rlp Fo
ler, otf iALncasterl.
M(iss u'ssie G.iltder wa ith Mr . iD. L
Missit' Dlapiij. ofi Kentucnky. witho
Mis ,1uolia Ha ~rrison. of Nor.iith'aro
lina, waith Mar. .lohnlstone 'oprocxk.
Mhiss l.inzie Gilennl with Mr. L, t.
Other gen'tl'een prtesent: Ms.srs. P.
of North t'arinia. .1-. K. Aull Tlenc'h
Booz7er'. \Vi. A. .1avnr.eson, .1 r., , 1 y
A. NM. W ray'. C. F. Fant..
(Craper'ones: Mr-. and Mrs. A. TI.
Br'own, M" anid Mr's. F. A. Schumpert,
Mr. antd Mr's. 0. L. Sebhumper't. Mr.
and Mr's. J. W. M. Simmons, Mr. and
Mr's. I). I". Pifer', Mr. and Mrs. H1. H.
F'vans, Mr'. andt Mrs. L.. B3. Aull, Mr.
anid Mr's T1. C. Pol Mr. ma M. J
To Examine State's Institutions.
lion. Arthur Kibler has been ap.
point.ed on t.he committee from the
Ilouse to make an examination of the
Various educittion)al institutions of the
State and to make a report. of their
condition to the General Assembly.
The other member of the commnit.ee
from the llouse is llon. T1. 11. IHaint'
ford. 'I'his is ia very high complimnert
paid Mr. Kibler by Speaker Smith, am(l
at deserlved on1e.
NO. 6102
Of the Cnldition of the First Natiollal
Bank, at Whitmir, in the State of
S0t1 Carolina, at the close of Busi
lloss, rblilary 6, 1903.
I,oanus ad I)iscounts . . . . $ 34 291) 49
Overdrafts, secuired and un
securted ....... 1 074 81
1). S. 13ond4 to secure circu
littion . . . . , .. .. 250 00
I'remliums on UJ. S. Bondi4 . 53) 06
Stocks, securit.ies, ete . . . 1 6197 :11
Itanking house, fuiture
andIi x t u re.:; . . . . . . 1 530 01
)hue from State Banks and
Bankers . . . . . . . . ..5 731 22
Due t'from approved reserve
ageints. . . . . . . . 4.. 599 (i(i
Notes of other National
ltanks .. . . . . . . . 300 O
Pract ional pauper eturreney,
nickles andi cents . . . . 28 28
1'AN1:, VIZ:
Specie. . . . $1 898 05
1,e);:a1I-Ite11 de r
notes . . . 1 11) 00 2 998 0.5
lIed illption fiit with 11. S.
Trea:surer1l(5 per cent. of
clircllation1) 312 r l
lota ;11 .... $ 59 357 311
I .IAl lTiL' .:s.
Capit al stock paid in. .. $ 25 000 )OC
Sur s ful'n .1 .. 200 011
in ivided prolits. less ox
I enses and itaxes paiid . 1 03.1 (1
National Iiank not es out
stantilg. . . 250 00
11ndividlual deposits subjet
to check. .. 2; 73.t IS
t'ashier's cheeksoutstanding 138 5i
'I'ot al $ 59 357 31
STA TE-: o. Sot " 'r CAOLINA.
Co'1NTY O' N)1-w:itY.
I, .1. k. S. ltay, Cashier of the abovt
n:ned blank, do solemnly swear that
the above tat tiement is true to t he best
ut' l' knowl.edge and belief.
.1. K. :. RAY, Cashier.
Sulbsribel and sw ornif to before Im(
this 6th day of February, 1903.
.1. 1. STOKI.s,
t'olu-:r--Attst: Notary Public.
l' t l "r A ttest:
W. T'. Co1.1.:M..N.
1.. R. .1 lr i.:R. Directors.
F. M. S:TI.E-:i,
For Sa1e or Rent
llelena. S. C.. coataining fou
acres of land, upon which is situated
six-room dwelling. store house, bar
and stables.
If not sold or rented on or before is
Saturlay in Mardh I will sell the sam,
betore the ('ourt lIlouse at Newerr t,
te highest bidider. Terms of sale: one
half ensh, balaunce payable one 'ea
from date. secured bv mnortgate o? th,
place. MAlR\' ,1. SD MM ER.
New berry. s. C.. Fe?b. it;, 1903.
.1. appoint edti (le following named pet
sons5 as miemb4lers of the Tow~nshiip Roar
of Asstessors for the v'arious tow~nshiips
No. 1. Town: E. (Cabaniss. S. 1a
No.' .1a. Y. TPhonmpson. B. F. Can
nln. Dr.. C. Br'own.
No. '. W. D). HIardy,. ,1. H1. Smith
. oh I . Riger'.
No.1 4. .no. WV. Scott, A. C. Slighi
1lams . McCaley.
No. 5.- . P. Mat thews. C. Wt. Ru
ford T. IHIavne Chailmers.
No. 6. 11. 11. A bramus, I. Me. Smith
Geo. P'. lHooze.r.
No. 7. W. B. Reid, Press N. Boozer
Henr til' . Lindsay.
niek. Geo'. Wi. SwVitItnberg.
No. 9. -Town: A. M. Lester, ,Jos. 11
No. t'. Countv.: WI. P. Pugh. ,1. Wi
Hlartiman. R. T. C. Ilunter.
No. 10o. .11no. D'. Sheelv D)rayton, 11
Cook, 1.. Q. Fellers.
No. 11. -)Dr. E. 0. Ilent z. Geo. B
Aull. Perry Hlalfacre.
The above named board of TPownsi
Assessors aret. required to meet at thb
Audlitor's ottice on the 3d day' of March
190'3. at 10 o'clock a. mr., fo'r the pur
pose of t.aking the. oath1 of office and re
ceivmng th(e ret urns of personal proper
'y the ret urns to be acted on andl giv'ei
b:.ek to the County Auditor on or befor
the 17th day of March.
The said boards of Township Assess
ors shall elect one of their members a.
chairman,. and the chairmen of the re
spe.tive Township Boards shall consti
tulte ( CutyBard of FEqualization
The County Board of ELqualization' shal
meet on: the 24th day of March, 1903
and at such (other tim~es as the chair
man or a m4ajority (of the Board shal
direct. Thle dut.ies of the County Boar
of Equalizat ion shall be t.o hear al
grievanices and applIeals fromt the valua
tions and assessmnents fixed by th
Tlowniship Boarids and act upIo'n th,
same. W. W. CROMER,
Auditor Newberry~ (ounty.
Hello Central !---ive Me 41
Go0foiouncy aild Bakey:
[Zey (a tal ie n of Hreaid.
Paer cmiIena. M Iilk Bread,
GrahamU H-. x. . ( ream Biread,
Rima u St .d ,. HIlls
Largest a"-oricfet tof fresb. fane'i
Cakes ever -ro.tIn:. crt before.
O)rde -s tak' n & Te'lepbone and de.
livered. frt- of t:.~ a, 4 we have oul
our new delitery wagon.
('al an.d s-ee us. or' ring~ up P'hone
H. A. Meyer & Son.
The matter of feed is of
tremendous importance to the
farmer. Wrong feeding is
loss. Right feeding is profit.
The up-to-date farmer knows
what to feed his cows to get
the most milk, his pigs to get
the most pork, his hens to
get the most eggs. Science.
But how about the children ?
Are they ,fed according to
science, a bone food if bones
are st )ft a 1d undeveloped, a
flesh and muscle food if they
are thin and weak and a blood
food if there is anemia?
Scott's l,mulsion is a mixed
food ; the Cod Liver Oil in it
makes flesh, blood and muscle,
the L.ime and Soda make bone
and brain. It is the standard
scienltifie food for delicate
Send for free
ti v Ile sure thst this picture In
the forni of a label is ont the
rappeCr of '"e~ry' bottle o!
I'mulsion yout buy.
409 Pearl St., N. Y.
50c. anu $1, all druggists.
WOOd. Seeds
Best for the o'vih,"
WOOD'S NE : .. ' -)R 1903
man:iledm fri-e on e - is full (f
-( "d thi :i S :lr,bout
ld, ioth it, ro" .1. :A . irdienl.
Wood's Trnte 1inrk iraa'id
(14 \ :.' NI )
(l)" IO; SEEU.S
:ir the h.."t :iisobt:iinable.
Cu t las s and a uare
Wedding vnd ..i inform en.
KywngWatches cs
Changed to Stern
Eduard Scholtz,
Jeweler and Optician.
Newberry, S. C.
Capital - - - $50,000
ISurplus - - - 19,500
Paid Stockholders
-since organization 21,000
Paid Depositors in
Savings, depart
ment since or
Iganization - - $9,200
A man working by the day is paid
for the time he puts in at work, but
when that man saves a dollar for his
day-sa labor it works for him nights,
as well ats days; never lays off ont asc.
count of bad weatber and never gets
sick, bt goes right on earning him
an mncome. It'a a nice thing to work
for money, but it's much nicer to
have money working for you. Try
it--open a savinigs account with usR
aud get some money working for you
Make a d..nwsit in the Savingst de
partment today and let it begin to
.work for you. Interest computed at
4 per cent January 1 and July 1 of
1lepeats His Well Knowit Views at New
York Banuiet -No Solution of Race
New York, Feb. 14. -- Senator'Tillnan
of South Carolina spoke tonight at the
baiiquet of the New York Press club.
Ile said in part.:
"I cannot, understand why I should
have been tiel only representat.ive of
the august, body of which I an a iem
ber. Now I have no message which
I have colme to deliver to you. In my
experience I have found that the better
acquminted the gentlemen of the press
become with me the better they like ne.
But. I ask ito favors of you. I come from
a State where the people do their own
thinking atnd their own voting.
"I think this is an occasion on which
I ought to get even with the press. You
have 36;5 days in the year in which to
make and tonmake public men butl, you
don't make and unmake t.hem in the
St ait of South Carolina.
leferring to the negitro iuest ion, he
said t biht. President Roosevelt had raise<I
a subject tlhut. will not, easily down. It
had brought. forth a m'nher of com
ment s fromi prominent nen of the North
and had raised at stotm in t.he Southi.
After mlentioninig a num1ber of these
l'oiimmenits and the men who made tihem
he said:
"You have had this subject Roose
velted. Iannaed, Irelamled and tinally
Smooted, and now it seems to me it is
about time that we had some one who
knows somietlhing about it, say so-in
hing. What are my qualitieations?
IS i'I:suNA1. ItiSTlItV.
First. he said, he had been nuarsed by
a negrt nammy. 'T'lhenl although lie
had not served in t ie ('on federate army.
he had tried to .oin it. and had be-en
preentid only by an aecitlent that de
prived himn of his eye. I,astly he hd
been ultn th' .ground antI seen the rav
ae'es of the \var.
"I Iow soimet hing of wha t this race
ilest ion hL'as cost t his coint ry. Maniy
Ofyu w ho writ so tlippantly about it,
kLnow nothing about it." he tontinued.
'and it' you w ritt about so gratv' a stil
h'et ' hen you know' nothiing of it vou
arc no less than crimials.
''Mr. I oosevelt was verv wise in sayv
ing it will take tlt best t hought of ihot Ih
sekt ins of t his count rV to solve I he
A ftil an imlassiunetl rt'tital it' the
perils of the whit t o h ulililaIion, nr
Sout hi t hlreJ ajiie. y .aiif erease of the
powrt'i of the negiioes in the past t'ew
\'ear s he said:
\"e w\"'1ee coll ll i t h I tt' t'x Nigeln
eles of t he sit uat ion t o u;se t he shot
:ta.;l the tissute ballots. and we used
both \W hy ' Beeause tn t he State of
Sout h t':arolina t here were :f0. tlk mlore
nt'%' \ ott'rs than th er' \vt'1' \hite
\ oters.
Ie 'aid tI hat 'he. in South t'aroina
hai 'st ahlisht"d hirI irtIt s.hools and
tIe ter sil.ee ther'e hav'e betn moN
nt i chi hl iren in t hose free schools than
\ D ou tllink it was our purpTost to
: t these negtro c'hildriein toa condlition
ctf I . iht ein nent in on-tir t hat t hey may
uO\ 'En us'"' hi' asked
--By. the' Holy tGod. no:'' lhe cried.
r'tee' :aon'lig agujo. Ihe cont itHni,
[he Il'etsidellt wrou~te :u It'tt'r in whliclb
he s .r. t hat u hen a neg.zro showed~ hinm
.pl''uted to till publhe ottice he' w.as
nwilling to shun t he- door otf haope in his
t emetm n ihis Se-nat or Tlillman
ditha: if the present cond1it ion of
t\:u&attont collit uaed anth le ntegro is to
all centt lixl of t he St at' o tf Sout lh C'auo
'a and t ll\ wl'it eont'os subornuate,
the dep'le:-ale res-ult u ould lbe that in
a Ii;ldi-.\ tars. the p-opulat ion \would
be- lWf muhat to. HeI had nto prattit'al
sd:lition! ot the pr-obl mt. he s.aidi unless
it be that t he N orth take it s shai'e
hf the bhcks, --if . sa lo'.t them se
Il is ;ai.lret's grea w more i mnpassionedt
h ei)uid. At 'trst only aplause
t tteralle . but tow;ard the
I'Tma was \ a thmomenti
a S r :h ;mishmiant of
a ettrm. 'sp'cially
- ' n Iad ubsided
-- h rew s ue
t b ey'i. of
t o to thei.
Ti uswsnt -ira si but
m is aeasaintalke \\ ith the c-ond.
tns. in the S.'u:. wou2i a he the. inevit
abile result.
W\.1 ,. Biy an also sp'oke.
1. ard Em\'~uisiv ;'ad in.jurious.
I an-i :s not only ie\Oensive b ut in
.mrious to the hiealt h w hen us~ed in
tiberal qu ant ities. To ma'ke thie so
called cheap hatenut titur w~'ahitm i'ou,
the life is al lgroundA out of the .'o'ur':
the it is nessary- to l it up with
lardi in order to maake it work-. This
accounts larg'ely for y our hen-yv bis
cuits and rolls and y.our had digi-st ion.
It t.akes less -th't-n one-ha'lf the lard to
work " Clifton'" that it doets the cheap
patents, so yo'u niot only save mror'e
t.han the ditTerence in price but gret a
mocre healthful and n:ut,-tios food pro
duct, Health arid ea-onomy dictate the
use of ''Clifton."' For sale by Hays &
Mcnete and Lv- .rd R. p.
Fat FkiL.h
makes a fat
A fertilizer wi:.h- ut
suflici< nt
Potash p
is not colilctc:.
Our hooks arc ctmhle tercatiies
on I.ItiiLzers, wr tlen L y
mnl wh!o know.
Wail;:1lr lhem.
1%, 1.1I
93 Nh%sa '
EualiRol or Tcacncrs' Cortificates.
ers' Certificates will be held in
Newberry on Friday, February 20th.
The examination will begin promptly at
nine o'clock a. m., and close at five
p. mn. No teacher is entitled to receive
any of the public funds who does not
hold a certificate.
Co. Supt. Education.
Newberry, Jan. 29, 1903.
The Harvest
In buying Seed it is well to re
member that a very little difference in
the Quality is apt to make a big differ
enec . the harvest.
Carefully selected Seed are worth
paying extra for, but they will cost you
nothing extra if you get them here.
Two or three years old means in the
end that you will have paid ten times
what they are worth.
Our entire line of Seed has arrived
and are open for inspection. We invite
your patronage.
Mayes'oDrul Store
in endless variety.
fresh and luscious
delicious and toothsome.
Don't mak e your Christ
mas purchases until you
have examined our stock.
$. B Joqes,
O 808)For 2 Weeks
i At the New
in the old Herald and News
Office out Fri.end Street, back of
Mimnaugh'8. We have a b.g
et>ck of
New Furniture,
all first class anid up to-d dto
No old etoek. Fin, Sui Ru
r"aus. Bo(ds, Sofas, C'hait'. llock
e-rs, Table-'. Knives aind F. rk'r,
Glass and China Ware. Lamrps.
In fact everythinig ini the house
furnishing line.
See onr line of Pictures, cheap
est, largest ever brought to New~
h r ry.
Don't fail to get onie of our
Art Squares, or nice Rugs for
Christmas piresent . Big lot o
sample Carpet. Wte watnt ivery
body' to come andl( lee us andti
we will save .sou'i moy on your
To the People.
We desire to thank you for
your patronage during the year
which has just closed, and to so
licit an increased patronage dur
ing the year upon which we have
entered. Your business will be
appreciated and our sole desire
shall be to please.
When in- need of anything in
our line--and we have the pret
tiest line of furnishings in the city
--give us a call.
Ewart-Pifer Co.
Copeland Bros.
"Is the Place for Bargains,"
For the Next Two Weeks.
In Dress Goods, Jackets, Capes and Furs, Men's
Clothing, Boys' Clothing, Hats, Shoes for Everybody
any Size and Style. Overcoats, Blankets, Lap Robes,
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs, Neckwear, Gloves, Linen and
Silk Handkerchiefs, Silk Mufflers, Umbrellas and
Rubber Shoes. Also a nice lot of
Felt Shoes and Slippers for Ladies and Men,
Don't fail to come to see us,
if in need of anything in the above lines. We will
guarantee to save you money. We have a great many
nice and suitable things that you can give to your
lady or gentleman friends as presents for Christmas.
Come and See Us Often.
Dress Goods, Madras, Ginghams, Percales,
Soirette, Lace Novelties, Fancy Damask,
Mercerized Chambry, Etc., Etc., Etc.
All the above in Colors and white.
We have many "Odds and Ends" in our
"Brought Over" Goods that we are selling
quite cheap.
Blankets, Overcoats, and all winter Goods
are being sold extremely low-really less than
New stock ladies' and men's Red Golf Gloves
Butterick Fashion Books and Patterns are
ready. Come to
The Place Where You Get Your Money' Worth,
20 yds. Sea Island Cloth at only 49 cents.
80 ; bs Sp'cial D)rive TPwist Ch'w 1 I odIi oI0fr$.0
iz Ulobacco at only 2dc per 1lb.
*ing~ Po wders at only 25Ae0 LETERS
At 0. K(LET'iNER'S, O)ur fij&Sperwot
MIs'sH ' Frun it d1 ar 1 doz. 3 galsM. iIaO !(ut1).apir
at 99c , 1 doz es. at -73e.
I 00 pai rs Cild,roiI's Sli ppers ie( o alig Sa
worth $1. 5 at onl h l a$ ci pai r. (I
j*) 1h~A Ar. KLETTNER'S, Ko
Sodaut oly 2(' Xbs goo Stir Coffe fo .0.L2,
uni Fro.i t' .la IL hr a~ ~ui t ony4edz
- Firan0Sur Dealr Eveytiperswo

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