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1i. In A\U 1.1.. 1lil tou .
''hle President has signed the bill pro
viding for a new department, known as
the departmdnt of commerce. It is very <
well understood that the portfolio will be I
tendered to the President's Secretary, I
Mr. Geo. B. Cortelyou. If it were
possible, it would not be a bad move to I
make Mr. Roosevelt the head of the I
new department of commerce, and to I
let Secretary Cortelyou succeed his I
chief. But there is no way to save the <
country from Roosevelt for a while yet. a
'I'his is the last week of the present
session of the Legislature. At least,
after Saturday night the pay stops, and
there is hardly ally doubt that the
makinr of laws will stop at the same
1.im1e. Many good measur "s have passed,
and some of the best ha:- failed. We
had hoped to see this ILegis;,tture have
three important laws to its eelil pro
hibiting chihl labor in Ihe .nills, pro
viding for building roads by taxation,
and requiring the attendanice of chil
lren tlpull the schools. Of these three,
only the one ptrohibiting child labor got
through. liut this in itself is a great
st ride forwaiI, and we atnide in the
hope t hat the. two others will come
We confess that we do not see what
good 'T'illmnali can accomplish by such
a(lddresses as Ihe one he delivered before
the New York Press (lub att a hancijet
on Pridav night. Some of the things
he said are only to t (rile. But why not
"let, the deadI past hury its dead"? No
good canl come to the people of this
State horn laving their representative
in the I nitedil States Senate cotntimally
refer to the t'act t hat in or(der-to wrest
Solth Carolina from negro rul' 'we
-w're eompelled by tihe exigencies of the
situataon to use the shot gun and the
tissue hallots. ;tud we used bot h.'' A
repet it ion of tle fact certainly will not
aid in keeping ol aunt'her such state of
atlfairs. Illut the ruam who delivered the
a<hress is Tilliiai Sienior Senator from
Sout t h Carolnz, :iuul there is nos srprise.
It is reportel loim Washington that
I'isiIent li i tevelt will insist upon ta
vote lbv the Senate on the ('run nomi
nation. It is very probable that had
not Rtoosev('It himself pressedi the mlat
ter no vote woul lhave been taken in
tonunittee. But now that the coml.nt
tiee has rendered iani at(Iv-re report on
the nomimai(n. the President wants
the( m'1atter' to go bef'ore the :4ena:te andl(
inlit"ates that it' it does lot he will re
appoint ('ruim for the recess period.
'ell( President's friends are simply
wasting time when t hey attellp t tO
ptrovile for their chief a mleais of
grace fil retreat. It' the President h;al
not pressed the na t."l it is very likely
that he would have been free to apl
point some one else, and at, the samle
timle to sav"e himself Some hmmiliation.
ulIt ...._ist'velt is not built tha:.t way.
Pipe Organ l'or Lutherans.
Ati a ineetig ti f t he conlgregat ill it'
thet liit heraii C hurch of thet Riedeemiier
Ithat subsic ripIns11 for a tpile organI
:uinounitedi to $1,200i, with S-t00 imore ill
sight aut al bout hatlf tht members of'
t' conigregti oll yet to lie sein. 'Thlis
prlac't icatlly atssure's thle chiurch of a pi ie
torgan,i andI a t'ommuiit It'e was a;ptoinitetd
airrangt'menti s tfor s'ctir~ing and insta:llI
ilt which'l :unuttits art' subscr'ibedi is t hat
I i theoganu shalt not coist less tan $2,00t0.
'T' Netwh erry Ge,'rmlaln Ctlb gave' its
reugiuhir St. V'alenit int's ball in Itie Ar
morly on Frtid ay tevinilg. The gra
wais tint' itt thei molst I le'asanrtt' of t'
se'asitn. andi wvhile it wvas not as lairge
ly at ttet ais somelt icet'ly , it was
vt'iy thlor'oughily enijoyedl by Itst' whlo
were'i presen5t'l. MIusic was fuirinisht'd lby
'Thle couplles ini attendance were:
Alishs Illi'zith Ii)aggtt, of Viriginia,
Miss lBessie Simotns with NMr. T.X II.
NMiss Mauid 'aint with MiIr. II. TI. Rit
MIiss Th'lyra Schttnpei't with Mr i. W.
MIiss Myr'tie Schumperct with NMr. I".
II. Domtninick.
Miss hiessie Schiunmpert with Mr'. WV.
hi. Seabr'ook.
Miss J1ulia. Paisley with NMr. C. .1
NMis lRosa Moore wit h MIr. IRalph l"ts
tei', of L anlcaste.
Miss hiessie Gilder' with Mir. ID. L.
Miss Sue 1Dunlap, of' Kentuell:y, with
Mi'. tobiert Mayes.
NMiss Juliia H arrison, of Nothi Cai't
lina, wvith Mr'. Johnstone C'oppock.
Miss Lizz',ie Glenn with Mr'. L;. G.
Mttiss indta Wehlh with Mr. C. P'. P'el
Other gentlemen presenlt: Messrs. P.
I". Gilder, 'T. K Jlohnstone, Lewis,
of North ('arolina, J1. K. Aull, TVench
1B0ozer1, W. A. JIamieson, Jr., J1. Y.
McFall, S. 1I. McLean, W. C. Schenck,
C. L. Suber, P. F:. Scott, W. C. TLyree,
A. M. Wray, C. E:. Fant.
Craperones: Mr. and Mrs. A. TI.
Brown, Mi'. and Mr's. F. A. Schumpert,
Mr. and Mr's. 0. L. Schunmport, Mr'.
and Mr's. J. W. M. Simmons, Mr. and
Mrs. D. 1. Pifer, Mr. and Mrs. H1. HI.
Evans, Mr. and Mr's. La. B. Aull, Mr.
and Mrs. T. C. P'ool, Mr. and Mi's. J.
K- Gilder
tepeats His Well Known Views at New
York Banquet--No Solution of Race
New York, Feb. 14. -- Senator Tillman
of South Carolina spoke tonight at the
>anquet of the New York Press club.
Ic said in part.:
"I cannot understand why I should
iave been the only representative of
he august body of which I am a mem
)er. Now I have no message which
have come to deliver to you. In my
'xperience I have found that the better
tequainted the gentlemen of the press
)ecome with me the better they like me.
3u1 I ask no favors of you. I come from
t State where the people do their own
hinking and their own voting.
"I think this is an occasion on which
ought to get even with the press. You
mave :365 days in the year in which to
nake and unmake public men but. you
lon't make and unmake them in the
,t.ate of South Carolina.
Re ferring to the negro quest ion, Ie
;aid that President Roosevelt had raised
1 subject that. will not easily down. It
md brought forth a number of comn
neits from prominent men of the North
mcd had raised a storm in the South.
\ fter mentioning ai number of these
'OmmltllenltS and the men 111 )Who made theiim
lt' said:
"You have had this subject .s
,cited, i lalniaed, Irelanded and finally
sIooted, and now it Seemtls to mle it is
tbout time that we had some one who
mnows something about it, say some
hing. What are Iy qualifieat ions?
Ills I'lEISoNAI. IfISTotY.
First, he said, he had been nursed by
t negro mlamny. 'I'lenl although he
mcd not served in Ihe ('on fedt rate arny.
Iw had tried to join it, and had been
reventett only by atn accident that, de
)rived himi of his eye. Lastly he had
Jcn'll uponl the grundtil and seen the rav
tges 'f ! le war.
"I know something of what this race
luest ion has ost this country. Maniy
I' you who write so flippantly about it.
know inothing about it." he continued.
'and ift Vou writc' about so grave a sub
ject whlen you know nothing of it you
lit' no less than1 criminals.
"I r. N oosevelt was verv vise in say
ing it will take the best thought of boti
wertionls of this cOiulitry to solve the
A fter an itim;ssion'd recital of the
perils of* thle whIit, o uaio - tn
outf l.i'elb U Wj. IdJy't't fnerense of the
power of the negroes in Ilte past few
years he said:
"We were ccoinOlpelled by the exigeni
cies of the sitlattion to use the shot
gunl and thlt t issue ballots. and we used
both. Wl . Because in the State of
South ('arolina Ili(re were( 30,001) more
negro voters Ihan there were wiiite
lie said that Ithey in Souith Carolina
had estal ished Iheir e'ett' schools and
that ever sintc' tIhert'e have been more
negro chiiren in those free schools than
white children.
I'Do you; think it w~as our' purp'ose to
ra ise thbest' negirio'lchiirenu to a condtitilon
of' enilighitenmniit in or'deir that they may
governi us?" heit asked.
"he' IPretsidtit witro' a l'tter in i which
he said thait. whlen a netgrco shcwted hiim
se'lfI cqualifiedi to till public o(lice.'. lie was
untwilling to shut tie dicor of hiopet in his
(Commoentinig on t his St'nator' Tillm'an
saidi that if the pr'est codithlion of
edutcation1'01 icontinue In itithelt negro is to
gain cont r'ol otf Ihlit Stat e ot' South Cairo
Ilina andI t' whlite bcomeiics su borniat',
t.he deplorable' iresulIt wcould( be thait in
a liihundred years, I it' platitioni wouild
be hal f muttot. Iit' had nie prt.'ieal
scoluti in of' tho' plem,i'i lit taiti uniiess
it lie ta I tic' Noith Iitakoe its share
of t'1he b latcks, "'it' you love' them soi
II is ad<h-'tss grt'w mocre' impi;assioniedt
as lie contIinuted. A t firsltii onl appihouse
girteetd his tteranctites, buit t oward'( thie
endic ani ccasioinaI hiss v,as he'ard; and
thtudcly lit was iinterrupiite t bily a Voice
c ry ing, " 'What aboiut youri nepheuw ?"
Sc'natto' 'Tillmiani was at It' momtiii
dltfendicing tIh' sununariay mecasure' adcipt
t'u in the Soulth fori th li'punishmaint of
ne'grcoes guilty oif cimne, especially
atgainist wVomen'. A 1.1ter t' excit(ieent
(causedi b y thlit intI c'ruiption had subisidedl
Mr i. T'ilinani said Itherec wasil much
moriie lie ciuldh say\ anti woldl like to
say buIt lthat. e egarcdted it as highly
e fore' coclding hiis achiiress lie took
occas ion tot aiser't thait if thet policy of
Sonuthl is carriedct tooi f'ar, the reosut willI
bic bloodlshedt, antI its Iloiw will he upon01
Ite heads of thocste whoc havet triied to
f'oirce thec white tpopuhatiti inito suibjee..
Ltion to theo black.
Th'lis was noct a I birteat, hle said, but
simiiply a statemencnt oif what lie knewv
fr'omn his acqtdiuato'c withI the cond(i
tioni' ini theo Souith,t wouldl lit the inevit
Larud Eixpensive and Injurloucs.
.lIardo is niot only extiensive but in..
juriious to the healthI when used( in
tiber'al ttuantitit's. To make' the so
called cheap >iatenit Iliours whit(e eniough
the life' .is a Itgiround out of the flouir;
then it is necessary to load it up with
lard im order to make it woirk. This
accounts larugely for your' heavy bis
cuits and r'olls and youri bhad di estion.
It takes less'than one-half the $ardl to
wor'k '"Clifton" that it does the cheap
piatenits, so you not only save mor'e
than the difference in price but get a
more healthful and nutr'.Lious food prio
(luct. IIealth and economy dlictate the
uisc of "Clifton." For' sale by llays &
Mc(lacty miil Edimai It mlp.
To Examine State's Institutions.
Hon. Arthur Kibler has been ap
pointed on the committee from the
House to make an examination of the
various educational institutions of the
State and to make a report of their
condition to the General Assembly.
The other member of the committee
from the House is lion. T. 11. Rains
ford. This is a very high compliment
paid Mr. Kibler by Speaker Smith, and
t deserved one.
NO. 6102
Of thc Ctldition of the First National
Bank, at Whiti irc, in the State of
South Carolina, at the closc of Busi
less, Fbruary 6, 1993.
I,oans and Discounts . . . . $ 34 296 49
Overdrafts, secured andil un
secured . . . . . . . 1 074 81
U. S. Bonds to secure circu
lation . . . , ...6 250 00
Premiums on U. S. Bonds . 539 06
Stocks, securities, etc . . . 1 697 31
Hankin g house, furniture
and fixtures . . . . . . . 1 530 01
Due from State Banks and
Bankers . . . . . . . 5 731 22
Due from approved reserve
agmnts . . . . . . . . 4 599 66
Notn": of other National
Banks . . . . . . . . . . 300 00
Fractional paper currency,
nickles and cents . . . . 28 28
Specie. . . . $1 898 05
L eg al - t e n d e r
notes . . . . 1 1() 00-- 2 998 05
Red- "lption fund with U. S.
Trc.isurer(5 per cent. of
circulation) . . . . . . . 312 50
Total. . . . . . . $ 59 357 39
Capital stock paid in . . . $ 25 000 00
Sur lus fund ..... . . 200 00
ITmlivided profits, less ex
penses and taxes paid . . 1 034 64
National Bank notes out
standing. ...... 6 250 00
Individual deposits subject
to (heck. . . . . -. 2G 734 18
Cashier's checkso:t t,anding 138 57
Total . . . . . . . . $ 59 357 39
COUNTY or NI.:wnl.:nny. i Ss
I, .1. K. S. Ray, Cashier of the above
named bank, do solemnly swear that
lhe above statement is true to the best
of my knowle ,ge'and belief.
.1. K. S. RAY, Cashier.
Subscribed ani sworn to before me
this 6th day of February, 1903.
J. D. SToKEs,
Notary Public.
W. T. COi.tEtAN,
It. R. JI:ri:, - Directors.
I". M. Si.:'rz .i.:n,
For Sale or Rent
.. I llelena, S. C'., containingfo
acres of land, upon which is situated 1
six-room dwelling, store house, bar
and stables.
If not sold or rented on or before 1st
Saturday in March I will sell the same
bef ore the Court H-louse at Newberry to
the highest bi<dLer. Termsof sale: one.
half cash, balance payable One yeat
from dlate, secuired( by mortgate o1 th(
place. MA R Y J. SUIMMER.
Newberry, S. C., Feb. 16, 1903.
k. appointedl the followving named per
sonms as membleirs of the Tow,nship) Boart
cf Assessors for the various townships
No. l.- -Town: E. Cabaniss, S. B3
Jones,X W.'F. EwAart.
No. I. County: II. 11. F'olk, J1. Ca
Neel, TI. II. 1ill.
N"o. 2. -JI. Y. Thlomnpson, B. I.. Can.
no,)r. \V. C. Brow,n.
No. :1. WV. D). Ilardy', J. H1. Smiith,
J1oh II. Ringer.
No. I.- .Jno. W. Scott, A. C. Sligh,
.Janmes S. McCarley.
No. 5. -E . P. Matthew,s, C. WV. HBu
lord, TI. H ayne Chalmers.
No. 6.- -i1. Hi. A brams, I. Mc. Smith
Geo. IP. Boozer.
No. 7. W. IR. Reid, Press N. Boozer,
I lenry~ H. Lindlsay
No. 8. --. 11. oulware, B. L. D)omi.
nick, Geo. WV. Switta. berg.
No. 9.--T1own: A. M. Lester, Jos. HI
Hu mnter, F. E. Schunmpert.
No. 9. County: WV. P. P~ugh, J1. W,
IHartman, R. T. C. HIunter-.
No). 10. - Jno. D). Sheely Drayton, B.
Cook, L,. Q. Fellers.
No. I l.-D)r. F. 0. Hlentz, Geo. B.
Aull, Perry H alfacre.
Tlhe ahov'e named board of Township
Assessors are reqjuiredl to meet, at the
Auditor's oflice on the 3d day of March,
190)3, at 10 o'clock a. im., for the m)r
poseC of taking the oath of oflice andre
ceivmng the returnos of persxo2 ;:roper
t y; the returns to b-i acted on an<d given
back t.o the Count ,. uditor on or be fore
the 17th day of aren.
Tlhe saidl boards of Tfownship Assess
or's shall elect one of their members as
chairman, and the chairmen of the re
spective Township BoardIs shall consti
ute the County Board of Equalization.
'1hie County Board of Eq ualization shall
meet on the 24th (lay of March, 1903,
andl at such other times as the chair
man or a majority of the Board shall
(<irect. The (duties of the County Board
of Equalization shall be to hoar all
grievances and appeals from the valua
tions and assessments fixed by the
TIownship Boards and act upon the
same. W. W. CROMERI,
Auditor Newvberry ('ounty.
Hello Central !-Glie Me 48
Tbe Ncwhw'iry (firanict Pont
0o0utccioneoy and~ Bakoy!
T1hsey have all k'ndIs of Bread
Patent Br'ead, Miilk Bread,
G rahami Ii--e:.d, ('reami Bread,
('a p I read , Rty a Broad,
Kimm onOr ed R.s B read,
Bostono Brown lBread.
Lar'gest assoi,mient of fresh, fancy
Cakes ever shoowni hero. before.
Orders taken b.e Tle lphono and de
livered free* of cba. e as we havo out
our new dlllvery wago)n.
Call and see us, or rIng up P~ho li
No. 48.
H. A. Meyer & Son.
The matter of feed is of
tremendous importance to the
farmer. Wrong feeding is
loss. Right feeding is profit.
The up-to-date farmer knows
what to feed his cows to get
the most milk, his pigs to get
the most pork, his hens to
get the most eggs. Science.
But how about the children ?
Are they ,fed according to
science, a bone food if bones
are ta d undeveloped, a
flesh and muscle food if they
are thin and weak and a blood
food if there is anemia?
Scott's Emulsion is a mixed
food ; the Cod Liver Oil in it
makes flesh, blood and muscle,
the Lime and Soda make bone
and brain. It is the standard
scientific food for delicate
Send for free
Bie sure that this picture to
the form of a label to on the
wrappr of every bottle of
Emlinyou buy.
Scott& Bowne
409 Pearl St., N. Y.
50c. anu $11 all druggists.
W OOd' Seeds
Best for the ' ry Seit
WOOD'S HE' S': ..'i '')R 1903
(tlnailed freet on :l .s i,: l'Ill of
tou"l things :1 :'I : : bout
.v ls, both1;':r l r , .:lI <kmtdln.
Wood's '" irade riark iBrasd
a re ithe het. au it3e Obtainable.
Wit;e pr: es and our heed
1.o0k giving} :',ll .informiatLIn.
SSeedsmen, Richmond, Vi'.
Watches, Clocks,
$ilver and Plate Ware,
Cut Glass and Table Ware
Wedding and Birthday Presents
K ey winding Watches
Changed to Stern
Eduard Scholtz,
Jeweler and Optician.
Newberry, S. C.
Capital -- - - $50,000
'Surplus - - - 19,500
Paid Stockholders
since organization 21,000
Paid Depositors in
Savings depart
Iment since or
Iganization - - $9,200
A man working by the (day is paid
for the time he puts in at work, but
when that man saves a dollar for his
day's labor it wvorks for him nights,
as well as days; never lays off ont ac
count of bad weather and never gets
sick, b)ut goes right ont earning him
an income. [t's a nice thing to work
for money, butt it's much [ilcer to
have money wvorking for you. Try
it-open a savings account with us
and get some money working for you.
Make a dtposit ini the Savings dea
partment today and let it begin to
work for you. Interest computed at
4 per cent January 1 andc July 1 of
Fat FIe .t
Imakes a fat u.
A fertilizer wih ut
Potas h
is not coin jlcte.
Our book3 are comln.1ete tr<atites
on I.rtiii ters, wr'Itenl Ly
mnv nho know.
-w,::: for them.
5N rr, n ry 2
Examiuatioll for Teachers' Certificates.
ers' Certificates wvill be held in
Newberry. on Friday, February 20th.
The examination will begin promptly at
nine o'clock a. m., and close at five
p. m. No teacher is entitled to receive
any of the public funds who does not
hold a certificate.
Co. Supt. Education.
Newberry, Jan. 29, 1903.
The Harvest
In buying Seed it is well to re
member that a very little difference in
the Quality is apt to make a big differ
ence in the harvest.
Carefully selected Seed are worth
paying extra for, but they will cost you
nothing extra if you get them here.
Two or three years old means in the
end that you will have paid ten times
what they are worth.
Our entire line of Seed has arrived
and are open for inspection. We invite
your patronage.
Mayes'rl store
in endless variety.
fresh and luscious
delicious and toothsome.
Don't mak e your Christ
mas purchases until you
have examined our stock.
$.-B. Joqes,
O S8f inFor 2 Weeks
i GlUAt the New
in the old Herald anid News
Oflice on Fri.end Street, back of
Mimniaugh's. W~e have ab.
st ock of
New Furniture,
all first chties .and( np to-d ito
No old1 stock. Firs Haij's Biu
reause, Beds, Sofas, Chi t . iRoek
era, T[ables. K(nives anfd lXrk,,
G1ass andI( China Wa're, Leamnps,
In fact overytingu~ in the house
furnishing line.
Seo our line of Pictures, cheap)
est, largest ever brought to Newv
D)on't fail to get one of our
Art Squares, or nicoe Rugs for
Christmas presen1t . Big lot o.f
sample Carpet. W o want 'very.
body to come anid een us an rd
we will save .5ou mnorey on your
Slicily & Dlean
To the People.
We desire to thank you for
your patronage during the year
which has just closed, and to so
licit an increased patronage dur
ing the year upon which we have
entered. Your business will be
appreciated and our sole desire
shall be to please.
When in -need of anything in
our line--and we have the pret
tiest line of furnishings in the city
--give us a call.
Ewart-Pifer Co.
Copeland Bros.
"Is the Place for Bargains,"
For the Next Two Weeks.
In Dress Goods, Jackets, Capes and Furs, Men's
Clothing, Boys' Clothing, Hats, Shoes for Everybody.
any Size and Style. Overcoats, Blankets, Lap Robes,
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs, Neckwear, Gloves, Linen and
Silk Handkerchiefs, Silk Mufflers, Umbrellas and
Rubber Shoes. Also a nice lot of
Felt Shoes and Slippers for Ladies and Men,
Don't fail to come to see us,
if in need of anything in the above lines. We will
guarantee to save you money. We have a great many
nice and suitable things that you can give to your
lady or gentleman friends as presents for Christmas.
Come and See Us Often.
Dress Goods, Madras, Ginghams, Percales,
Soirette, Lace Novelties, Fancy Damask,
Mercerized chambry, Etc., Etc., Etc.
All the above in Colors and white.
We have many "Odds and Ends" in our
"Brought Over" Goods that we are selling
quite cheap.
Blankets, Overcoats, and all winter Goods
are being sold extremely low--really less than
New stock ladies' and men's Red Golf Gloves
Butterick Fashion Books and Patterns are
ready.. Come to
The Place Where You Get Your Money's Worth.
20 yds. SaIsland Cloth at only 49 cents.
0 >ackages (1 oz eneblI) Wasih lreit .Jar IRu bers at only 4e. doz.
mrg P~owders at only 25c At 0. KLETTNER'S,
At 0. KLETTNER'S, ~ tt 41I f(10'SpprwotI
Al 'son'sFLruit .1ars I (doz. I gals. -1 O ( pai rig L aties' ai r. ot
at, 99c., I doz,' q 1. at. 73h.Ogiga 60 ar
100 pairs Chib4I ron's Sli pper 3I bairs (Good Washiing Soap at
worthI $1. 20 at only O1c a pair. onily 25).
- A Fair arnd Squre Deal Everytime.

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