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Party Leaders In A Turmoil Over Tll
Trust Question Nothing--but Bad
Feeling on all Sides.
(News and Courier.)
Washington, Feb. 14.-The lead
ora of the Republican party are in t
turmoil over the trust question
There is nothing but bad feeling of
all sides. President Roosevelt ii
mad, beeauso his boast that Congres
would enact real anti trust logisla
tion has been foilled by the Sonat
leaders, who have forced him to ao
cept their mush.and milk progran
in lieu of the more severe legislatioi
for which he hts been contending it
all his talk.
Mr. Litt.lelield, of Maine, is mad
because, after being allowed to posi
as the Administration leader on thii
trust question, he finds himself (e
sorted by the President., who has de
clined to bring the influence of thi
Administration to hear upon th,
Senate in bhoalf of the Littlefiel
The Senate 11opublicans are ma<
almost to i m11ai, becaluse of thi
Preotdenit's action in showing tha
they, or some of them, are in conli
(lentil corrospolonce with the mnag
n-ites of t he gigtttic Standard Or
nonopoly just. atit a time when the;
worco protendinig to ennet. logislatiol
to restrict nioiop1olios.
Nouoly in the Administratioi
i(oiseloldI is iappy. 'The Soialt
leaders, who eonsidter it their IirH
duty to bwk after the interests of t h
big corporat ionS, hold( l>rositeon
loosevoll n's r onsible for whtt, the
regard uncallhe for agitation inlsid
tIhe liophulihenn party i ver the tru
qelcsti in. I'hy do lot heFitatti t
express inl privttc thleir opinion t.he
the recogncizied leader of their part
--t.he linan in the Vhlito llonllo-i
'ellow." When asked to particl
larizo, ley say it is not necessar
thise days to look fuirther than th
IRooseveltiani oxposO of the Stanudar
Oil t egrainis. 'l'iey to niot posse4
the flow of language necessary t) tol
all they think about thtt. taction.
A good niany people on the out
Hid1o inieline to the opinionl that the
oiminenrt ltepublicans are not mile
Out of the way when they call t hi
last. act of the President the wor.,
luk that Aniericani politis ha.
kniown ini yeatrs. Nobiody luts ye
booii able to faithlomi the purp'ose o
rason which inspi)iretl this actio lOll
his part. TPhier is somie effort t
iuatke it appear'ii that thle facets abou
lihe I toek rftller t ol ogramis were gi Vol
ont att the Wh' ite House for the pur
piosti of forestalling changes ini th<
publIicity amitlendmlnient to the do1pa rt
mon t of coimmeiirce billI, to wvhichi Ith<
St andard (i )peop01 le ar. reportd til
have I akoen somie objet ion. T1hait ex
euse will iot hold water for thle vor,
good reason thait thle prov'isions (I
thatt Nelsoni amiendienit, as it i
callhod, hado bioii agrood onl bot weoo
the coniforeei of the Sontt mal( tho
I bouiso hefore till this eaiiie ont ,m
tre wias no possible doubt of t hes,
pirov'isionIs beinig accepjted lby bol
the Sontot and thio 1louse. T1hi
Standalird Oil "'diselosuire" wits not a
aill uiecessatry from a leg islative
statnlpoinit, 110' wvas it valuitb, f[oii
anyl) staindpoint dave tht of thIi
D)emocrats, whoii will hbe able to miaki
good (capitail out of the fact that thi
connect lon hot weeni ltepubl icain Senat
tois anid thle Standard Oil matgnanto
is so niot oriouseI itt the I topubl)ieam
President hias felt impelled to cal
ttent.ioni to it.
If President lI oosevelt had itn idot
ltat by) stirring up peblic sentilnoi
through t hi'e disclosures he wvould
be1 ab1)1 t.o force thirough t hat. 1bod1
some dranst ic anitIi triina :gislaution)
such ais he wats e'xpl'oiting whlen lit
dIevelk-pedi that 'onivenlient boil on hil
leg, he had countedl wit hot his hno.st.
Tfhe Itoepubl icain of the Senate hiave
made uip thiir miinids (conicrn ing thIe
trust. legishition thle)y will permniit thli
Congress to enact, and P resident
lRooseve,lt hils boon1 compojilledl to ac
(juiesce ini their prognnmie.
'Three weeks ago the Presidont wits
notified b~y Senators Hlanna, Aldrich
and the other lRepublican leaders oh
the upper house, who really conitrol
the acts of the matjority of that 1)ody,
that there was absolutely no chanon
for the paissage through the Senate
of anything more than the schedule
of measures they 1had( prepared). This
conisist.ed of (1) thle Elk ins rebate
bill; (2) a hill providing for the tid
vancenent of eases in, the Courts in.
volving violations of the Sherman
Act, aid (8) some mild provision for
publicity to he incorporated in the
departinent of o"mnerce hill.
Ilf.)re thi-i time inspired articles
had he.'n giveni otnt. from the White
House almost daily, in which the
President was pictured as the only
genuine trust buster extant. He
would accept nothing less than the
trust bill first drawn by his dear
friend Littletield--t bill which, by
the way, differed exceedingly from
the Littlefield bill as it finally passed
the House. This latter measure was
liberally blue-penciled by the Senate
leaders before the judiciary commit
tee of the House was permitted to
pai9 upon it.
The President stood for it,, how
ever. In it were enbodied the bills
preparod by Attorney General Knox,
waich had the President's strongest
endorsement. The \White House
press bureau ground out. much copy
daily to demonstrate that the 1resi
dent would accept nothing less than
the bill as originally drawn, and even
that seemed in the Presidential eyes
to be too mild.
WHIEr no0118F WEAKI)a.
After the Henate leaders had laid
d cown their program there came a
docided weakening in Vhite House
circles. l"or several daylt there was
silenice, then cane anot her pronun
cian:ento. This tine thnre was all
the old talk about the certainty of
an extra Session in ciss ti hero was
failure to follow the Presidential
wishes on trust. legiHlat.ion, but, there
was a decided chang in the chaie r
ter of t.hiose w'ishies Tlhie stronuou
t trust. buster hi(ad vanished into thin
air. II is drastic prograui of a fev
days heforo haid ben forgotton lp
t pari'ntly, for now he "would accept,
nothing short. of."
The exact program tho Sonato
leaders 11(1 hiid down for him!
Il other words, there wias it comi
plots back down. It was the I'resi
(ont, not Senator Ilinna, who had
boon (omiel'd to swallow tiis pill.
1 l- had w *cwaU d.t,. th'iver. Ter
hiaps it was the recollectioni of how
hlit had booni colmpc1lled to IIck ldown
front his original position that. in.
spired tho I'resident's action in
''proItchilg'' oil the 1inpublican
Senators, who litl received telegrains
'' froml Mr. l{oek'fellri r anit his asso
b cintes. This Heelis to be the unost.
natural and rational explanation of
h is action. Inle(t there is no other.
"The President is iiadl all ovoi at
ithose Senuators. The Senators are
rmad at thle P'residlent for t hese dijs.
' losutres aned thle larignauge thkey use
Sin dlescriiIng thIiis W to l lbo)ise( b.reaik
t s far fromt 15 resoetf ul. Ai r. Lit tIe
hetild is mxad at. the P'reuidenit for' giv.
iing hirn whait sporting minr call the
a dloublle c.ross, and the President. is
- miad at Mr. Lit tlelieldl for reilmnding
3 himii of thle p)osit ion hie onien took ont
> hiis I.rust quest in. Strife reigns
ramt pant ini t lie l~ i publican honse
Th' le l)eoertts mieiinwhiile itre t lie
onily giniers. Thle Standaird (Oil let
tors ha ive dleimnst.rted thle closo
lipol an Vitd the I l puli citn patrity
just its thle Thulirber disclosures de..
mnont rated Sugair Trust. dom11ination
oif t hat. patrty Th lipublienns ennt
hardly hope to lool I .he American
pe'ople int o thle belief tt. thore is
aniy reail ati t rust legisl ationr in t.he
bilIls thIiey iare pitt tinrg t hrough Con..
gress. Th'le l)oinoerats have handled
their entso wellI, lay inig ba re thle ite.
pubIlteliv Iypocrisy atnd showinig t hait
the I )emiocrat ic hills c'ont inm thle oinly
substanit ial means by which thle giant
trusts itnd imoinopolies coul he regu
lat ed. Thle Demiocrats preseit an
united front ; the llopub)licans~ were
never hloforet ini tuch conifusion.
TO l)EAThf.
Jake llanes, a YouiiK Negro Charged With
Stealing, Is F10gged So Severely That
lie D)ies of Injuries.
|T'1he State.]
WValt erboro, Feb'. 1 2--Svral
nights ago a crowd of abimt 10( or 1 2
whit.e meni, near Yong's Islanud, sti
verely wvhi ppdi ia young it groii man,
.Ja'ke Htaines, suspe)kctedl of stealing
somie mieat fronm one of t he neighbhors
Yesterday, as a result of thie wounds,
the ian dlied. The crowd fatiled to
Iiril itny meat in the negro's house
butt inistead tilree sacks of guitno
were discovered tunder his becd. Hie
was taken out and 11l'gged anmd re
fused to con fesos the stealing, but
iop1 icatted1 anothIer negro. Tlhu hit
ter negro, however, proved himself in.
I nioe.it. to '.hle satisfact ion of thIt. mei
and Haines is now dead. The coro
nor's inquest will be held today. As
yet no arrests have been made.
Senate Comimittee Begins Its Investigations.
Mr Douthit of Anderson, and
Others Summoned.
(News and Courier.)
Columbia, February 13.--The
Sen to committee on dispen.
sary met this morning to begin their
investigation into the operations of
the dispensary. Messrs Williams,
Evans, Crnm and other officers of
the dispensary were present. There
was some discussion at the start as
to what would be the programme.
Senators Dean and Sharpe insisted
that there ought to be some specifi
cations, otherwise they would simply
be beating about in the air. Sena
tors Stanland and Herndon thought
the connittee should go to work and
see if therm was any thing against the
management that a charge could be
based upon. If so they should re
port it to the Senate; if not, then it
should be reported also. On a vote
being taken it was decided not to
have any special specifications. Sen.
ator Stariland then asked that the
following witnesses be summoned.
.1. B. Douthit, of Anderson; H. E.
Watts and T. E. Lightfoot, of Col
umnihia, and 1John Black, of Walter
boro. These witnesses will b mum
mloned to appear to morrow at 10
Senator Stanlanl at the outset
said he wished it distinctly under
stood that ho made no charges of
(dishonesty against the commissioner
or moitors of the board of directors;
he had no charge to make against
them persontally, but he would criti
cise their business aRnaigement of
the dislunisary and that would be
the scope of his testimony. Mr. Stan
land then took the stand as a witness.
He read the law with referenee to
the school fund from the dispensary
profits and also presented thu aunual
report of tl i h oard.of directors.
An adjournment was then taken
until 5 o'clock.
''he diHpensary conimittee continu
ecd its invevstigation this afternoon.
1-. E. Watts, a former employee, said
that in April, 1S)00, he saw twenty
barrels of one X and fotir barrels of
three X corn whiskey dumped in a
vat and the liquor was subsequently
drawn off, bottled and labelled as
two( X. This was0 (lone nnuder the di
rection of Sruperintendent Dixon.
l 0 wais al1so ini the employ of the
dlispensiary when Mr Douthit was
conulniissioner and he saw Mr Douthit
raise the labels on eight barrels of
whiiskey. WVatts was discharged
March 3, 19~02.
TI. 1E Lightford saidl that 1he had
seeni a quantity of South Carolina
0110 X corn whiskey dumped in a vat,
(drawni oli and one-half of it was Ia
belled1 0on X and some two X. He
was dlischlargedl for drunkenness,
whl'ichi ho said was, however, nlot uin
conunmon amongst thle ot hers.
Tl.he commhlitt4en will meet again to
miorrow at 9.30.
It is Saiid that witne0sses will be
Rummo1ned10 from elsewhere in the
Staltec, former employees, to testify
along the same11 lines. At the hear
inIg this afternoon Senator Sharpe
objet ed to some of Senator St anland's
quehst ions as being leading and re
ferred to him as "'prosecutor"
KNo wa s 51li1l'i',
Seuntor Stanlanid resentedl the im
puhtalt ion, (declarinmg that he was a
membiner of the committee anid had1( a
rigiht to ask whiatever questionIs he
chose inl order to pirobe to thle b)ot
toll of the buinless.
A 9ST $
Florida --
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and comfort, equipped wi
Dining, Sleeping and The
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tion, write to
WM. ~J
A Georgia Negro Teacher's Views Ex
pressed in New York.
New York, Feb. 12.--"Tho South
and the negro," was the subject of a
lecture in the First Beformed Epis
copal church tonight by James J.
Torb'-rt, assistant principal and tinau
cial agent of the Fort Valley, Ga.,
newspapers which is known as
"The Georgia Tuskegee."
Prof. Torbert said in part.:
"Slavery left us four million strong.
Today we are about nine million.
It left us without a home but well
schooled in the exercise of the mus
cles and to some extent with the de
sire to imitate the white man. Our
homes today dot the hill tops, plaine,
the valleys all the way from Vir
ginia to Texas. Slavery left us illit
erate, but with a passionate desire
for knowledge and today we have
two and a half million people in the
public schools and 35,000 teachers
trained from the rank and tile of the
"If we are denied political power
for the time beipg, which often hin
ders the sweetest and healthiest
growth of the home, the power to do
good has neither been taken away
nor abridged. We can plant our
feet squarely in the soil and make
the white agriculturalist green with
envy as he views our well kept i>mes,
our well filled barns and our fruit
growing and bearing full and plenty
with each season of the year. When
the white man pr iveuts my race from
buying and selling among ourselves,
from teaching and preaching the gos.
pel of truth to the wayward, from
receiving and giving, from living and
loving, then they will have perse
cuted us. If they prevent none of
these things they prevent no pro
After a Public Session of More Than Three
Months, the Anthracite Coal Strike
Commission Begin Consid
-eration. of Awards.
Philadelphia, Feb. 13.-The An
thracite Coal Strike Commission,
after being in public session for more
than three mouths, closed its open
hearings today, with an all-day argu
ment by Clarence S. Darrow, in be
half of the miners. The commission
will meet in secret session in Wash.
ington next Thursday and begin
consideration of its awards. It is
expected that by the end of this
month the arbitrators will be ready
to make their announcement. If an
increase in wages is determined upon,
the increase is to date from the first
of last November, the commission
having dlecided upon that date on
October 31. After the session to
day the commission held a short con
ference with the lawyers for the sev
eral sides, and asked thoem t.o hold
themselveB in readiness in case they
are called upon by the commission,
The Leader
Ninety-nine per cent. of tihe busi
ness of Thle Mutual L,ife Inisurance
Company of New Y'ork has been
acqluired since 1859, when the next
largest comp)any began business.
I )iring these forty-two years its
record has EXCEED)ED /ha/ of any'
other- companiy, by
raicomne, . ..$21I6,81I3,5 I0
P"aye,t -' ?o P"l": 188,063,8 36
reemin. incom,e, . I 34,7 32,6 1 1
laeetIncome, - . 8 2, 1 75,98 I
surrender value., - 67,883,475
Delacm., . - 44,822,897
Dividends, . . 38,I 27,7
Enomnsand Annuities, 3,229,689
a write to-day for "where Shtall I Inusure?"
RJVMAHn A. hiccwtDV, President.
F. H. HYAT, Maniiagr., Co1u9ibi, 8. 6
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f1 ick
unexcelled for luxurv
th the latest Pulma
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"Don't Know
How I Got
Such a Cold"
Most of us have heard this ex
pression many times.
Did you ever notice that the
Don't know how I got it cold
is a bad one to get over ? That
before you are through with the
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feeling," the general discomfort,
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you are apt to have another such
cold, and so on until it hangs on
for weeks ?
These colds mean that your sys
ten is out of gear. They usually
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sumption, bronchitis. They are
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all Re-e,1- "ae en anfe a
*** iet. A.es
U. C. BEA1T1E, Receiver.
In Eflot t June 8, 1902.
W: wY..Wen Andurein aNd Walialla.
1AH1U(ijNr'. WETBOUR1.
Mixed. Mixed
No. 1. No. 12 rtatione. No. II No. g
P M. A.. P.M. AM
3 9a...,, .. l . . 82, 10 6
2 8 ........ nderaon F. D......... 840 1110
2 4" f130. ...... n<leron P. D........ 8 46 II 16
9 ........ Wet Antlerson..... 8 49
--- 1 -. . Denver.............. 8 6V9
- 0 ....".........Autun.. 4 05
S- ...........'ondletou. ' 4 LI.1
84 ........Cherry........ 4 18 ..
28... 4. Adau.. 2L........
8 8.... Jo.talltll Jiet ..". 488 ....
.......noneca .............. 4 5
. - .3...... 4.40. U ..n....
- -..Weat Ualoa ......... 6 04 ........
A rIglir tr-li . lro luiltol to Walhala,
have pr~ectollto Oer tratiua of 8,1no olaa8
n oving in the o poaito d roottof unles oth
or wise speciletl by trai orter.
'a -1.N< itop> at the following stations to
tak mes ana lat ol jrasaNengora: Phinney's
J Qme R111tn Salld' y Springa.
. -A N' U11t,4 Superintendent
Charlestol atldAoserCaroinia Rwy Co.
Augusta and A6hevillo Short Line.
8Nvhe,tule iIn klYNeot July 0, 19O2,
LvU AgN :: .........: 0 ain 2 56 p m
Arrive ronwoo...........2 44 p
Laurens. . 10 0 a m
iWaterloo tli. 8.)... 1 12 p im .
Greenville............12 22 p m 8.
Glenn Sp3rings.... 445 pi
Spartan burg. 8 80 P i
Sa ..da.............. 5 88 p m 0
Hendersonvilo..... 6 08 p .
Ashevillie..-...... 7 IS p in .
La.Vo, Ashtvillo-.-....... 7 p m
rtanburg .........12 a
t S 8 ringa......10 00 a mo
Grovillo....12I6 p in I.g.
Lurona ..... ....2 05 p in i 80 p m
Arrive Waterloo(1I.8.).. 2 33 p m . 80...
Uronwood. 2 1 745
Loave Andeon--". pm 74 pm
ro11 A..""~"'"" '.. .... ... 7 25 a m
Augustl .......I........ 6 2UP 11 85 a in
Nbeto ................... .2 apm
('i inton """'""" l242p
Arrivo Greenvillt-."" ---.-8 26 pm
al a bu g ."'""" 8 p
G(lenn Springs...... 8 80 pm
- - -----A 00pm
Lt'a1o (I-in n Spinng8...s10a
Spartnimr """1000 am
Spiartlllturg. 1201 pm
Ireenvill" '""" 12 01 pm
Arrivo Clinton '--"--.- 222 pm
Newborr""""-.-- 8 01 pm
Coli bin......."." 4 pm
net an He i Zlli vt n Nowberry
S r i s v le S4artanburg and G enn
t't>i oln 8 from Newbo ry via Colunbia
New Ierry ani Lauruns aillway.
For an 11to ination write.
E ItNC T W 161 IA S, Go. PaH4. Agt.
,p Auneista, da.
' a. - rafllc Vanage.a
(E btt-rn Stanlard Tin 0.)
Souit i lctune. Northbound.
.t'h- tittle In Efl'dct August 25th 1902.
1' "U) ali l.', Ataita (8.A.L) Ar. 8 50 pm
1I .() itIll >,t l:ona 8619 pm
1 1510 Kiberton 5 17 pm
:2 p:I Abbeville 4 03 pm
1 2 pin (roon wood 3 85 Pm
2 'Ip,_A r Clinton (Din'r) Lv. 2 45 pm
10 (10 amI lv (Ilenin Springs Ar 4 00 pin
12 15 pill I)lartanburg 8 i30 pm
12 2 pI Greenville 3 26 pin
(harris Springs)
1 1 ha Wut-loo 2 85 pm
1 4- 1 n r Laurt"s_ (Din'r) Lv 2 (7 pm
63 52
' 14. PM.
202 1.v Laurons Ar 1 60
2(1 '' Ptrk Ar 1 42
2 2 .Clinton.. 130
23S (4olttville 117
211 ..Kiuard.. 1 10
249 ..Gary... 105
261 ..Jalapa.. 10(0
:10 howberry 1246
321 Prosperity 1282
:134 ...Slighs.... 12 23
:33:1 It Mountain 12 19
31,7 Hilton 1202
4 01 White Rock 11 59
4 (-7 Hllen tine 1l 64
4 (7 ......1...1 40
4 2< ..IA.aplhart.. 11 40
4_4.5 Ar(Colum.blaLv.~ 11 20
I 55i LvColumbia (A.O.L..)Ar 11l3
Ii 211 l4umiter 9 60
II 20 A r Chaurloston Lv 7 00
Tlratii 531 and 52 arrivo nd depart froLl
111 i i tiion (lepiot,
\\ra DI t2 tn 8 fromi A. U. 1,. freight depot
I.'or~ I1tle, Trime Tables, or further informa
(.1n4 call on any Agont,, or write to
3. I- 1. INUSTN, II.. M a8RON .
- Aut. 4.n'I Frt, & Pags A gI.
~I.Jl ai. .-' WUinngton. N C'.
WII.MNoTN N. C, .Tuly 21s, 191 2
Thtrou hi Tritina C harlestoni to Gre,enville
.. 2.No. 58.
---13 .v...Uliarieston, 8.0.. r 9.20 pmn
S . oi L ano...y....ut,"-.... ......A r 6.2o pmi
91 uan ... L .....v lur ......Ar 4 55pm
I --' ia -\r o P 1 '''''''''-- 3.45 pm
---..I r.. .. Ir(l1pei'ty.......v 2.24 pm
1.214 pin'...r".N . .Nwberry---.L v 2.10 pin
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- ---.-----.- -l. I . 12-16 pin
No 0:lAD 00~ 1.18l 8i.; *loe eo
Y"' { p 1i ; l'i)oret 7. 54pi;Drrgoi
-ih Il"rtaville 9.f i en -oete
- :C?. i; !libson J(,.'10 p i; Fayeite
tl, . p in; IIinligton 11.25 p n.
11 th ..l r/DI.M M n ; We'ro l .60Dam'.
8 . (li a ; Ieh ruolu1( 4.12 am
nII (D 7.51 'lro; 4 4W York .8p'
A M . a 141u 1. r 'i6 'i; P
I r$lirg 6 4-1 1pm; Rlcicm 1 5pi
Was__~itIhg(oni .'0 14); New Yiork 7.1,4a
PIIII, 4 Ieping I ar1 New York to Tampa.
P4(1 ent I hliheg Unr< New York( 1t)Savasnnah,
Ior ratei', schill .1, Et e wrIte
N U .. ''alg ien Pass. Ast., Wilmington
'.' t. minerin n. Trai le Manaliger, WVhn g
II .Kleion, As' TrafFe Manager W(II.
'eialI rati" C (orn WAhi.skey, $ ].25
'1.la(.- I .oi", Corn Whiskey. 1'50
PrI Iva.te Stock.'' '-gl. case0 . . . 2.50
' . .te( '1 2-tjt. case 700
'' tling Creek " ye ] I 2-t(180 .0
u()I nI litng C reek''" Rye 12-qt.
haI:rge of 25c. for 1-gal., 35c. for
2-at., and .lne, for 3- 1 'us nd7e
10 1I--ga . k(egn; w ('1en returned Jpre
Imbl . they wvill be taken back at cost.
J. O.SOMERS & C0., Ols.,
STATESVILLE, North Carolina.
Dr'. WOO Ileyf8 SENT FREE to a'.
PAINLESS Opiuim, laudani,
anerwhik, a)
P1 large book of par
tioulars on home or
sanatorium treat
AND ment. Adldress D.
_M. WOOThLEY 00,
Whisks Cure 104 N. Pyrtet
Atlanta, Georgia.

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