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Party Leaders In A Turmoil Over The
Trust Question Nothing--but Bad
Feeling on all Sides.
(News and Courier.)
W'ashiugton, Feb. 14. -The lead
ers of the Republican party are in a
turmoil over the trust question.
There is nothing but bad feeling on
all sides. President Roosevelt is
mad, beenuse his boast that Congress
would enact real anti trust logisla
tion has been foilled by the Senate
leaders, who have forced him to ac
cept their mush-and milk program
in lieu of the more severe legislation
for which he has been contending in
all his talk.
Mr. Littlefield, of MAnino, is mad,
because, after being allowed to pose
as the Administration leader on this
trust quost.ion, he finds himself de
serted by the President,, who has de
clined to bring the influence of the
Adiniistration to bear upon the
Senate in hehalf of the Littlefield
'lhe Senat lteopublicani are mnud
alnost to a nman, I)ecaure of the
President's action in showing that
they, or some of them, are in conii
detial correspondence wit h the mnag
zttos of the gigantic Standard Oil
monopoly ,just, at a time when they
werI protoending to oenct. legislation
to restrict moiopoliot.
No nody in the Administratiori
hiouseholl is hlIappy. The Seinat e
leaders, who consiidor it. their first,
duty to I uk aftor the interests of th
big corporations, hohld 'resident
ltoose'lt rasponsiblo for what they
raga r<( ncaillld for agitation inside
the IRopnblicant party over the trust
ne-st ion. TI'boy (It) not besitiato to
(Xpress in private their opinion that
the recognized loader of their party
--the rman in the White IIonse-is
"yellow.'' Whon asked to particu
larizi', they say it is not necessary
these dlays to look further than the
RIooseveltian eexposo of the Standard
Oil toograms. They do not possens
the flow of language necessary to tell
all they think about that.t action.
A good mrany people on the out
sido incline to the opinion that these
031inent lepublicans are not. mneh
out of the way when they call this
hlist net. of the President the worst
flnke nthat American politics hat4
kniownr ini years. Nobodly has yet
boonr abile to fat horn the purposo05 or
ranson whuich i nspi red t his act ion (on
his part. Thre is sornie el'or t to
rmake it appear t hat, the facts about
he I tock fr'Ilr tel egrarms woro gi venI
ont. at t ho White 0Houso for the pur
pos of forestalling changes ini thle
p'bidcinty~ armirndmrien to the depalItrt
tuenit of commrierce billi, to wvhichi thle
St and(ard I()ilI peopleo are reported to
hiave t aken norme objen ion. Th'lat ex
ence will rnot ihld wvateor for thle very
good reanon, t hat I he prov is. ris (If
that Nelson amnmeniirt, as it. i
called, had been agreed on bet ve,'n
lie con fore of thbe Sernato arnd thle
lIIonse hoifore all thliis (iamio onut, arid
hore wias rio possible1 dtoniht of t hoe
p)rovisions bieuig aceptd by b)' othI
the Snaite arid the 1 louse. This
Standiard il "'d iselosuire"' wan riot at
all necIessatry fromt at legislaiti vo
any stiandpoinit save that oif thle
Demorocratts, who will be able to imak{e
good capital (out of the fact thait thle
connect norn bet wVooni lepublican Seria
torn amnd thle Stanidard O.i ilmagmatoe
is so not oriotns t ha ct thle Itopubl)1icari
P residlent hasr felt impeJlll I t o catll
attention to it.
If P'residenrt I oosovolt had arn idea
that by stirririg up public seInt imnt.
through t hone disclosures lie would
be abhle toi force thbroughi thait body1)
somie d rastico anti t rust l(egislti onl,
such as hre was exploit inrg whlin he
devok-pod thait convenient, boil on hiis
leg, lie hadt( counted wvithbout his hio.t.
Tlhe It epubl icaris of thle Seniit have
mairde up their miinidn concerning thle
truist. legislation t hey will plermilit thiisis
Congress to enact, rtri Presidr
Roosevelt has been compel)lled to atc.
quiesce in thiei r programmre.
wAMtRED nY H1ANNA ANn Ar.Danln.
Three wveeks ago the Presidernt wets
notified by Senators Hlarnna, Aldrich
and the other Rtepublican leadoera of
the ripper house, who really cont rot
the acts of the majority of that body,
that there was absolutely no0 chianco
for the p)assage through thle Senate
of anything miore than the schedule
of measures tihe)' had preparedl. This
consisted of (1) the Elkinis rebate I
bill; (2) a bill providing for thle ad ii
vanewent of cases in the Courts in.
volving violations of the Sherman
&ct, and (8) some mild provision for
publicity to bo incorporated in the
leparttent. of co"nmerce hill.
3eff.ire this time inspired articloH
hail ho--n given out. from the 'hite
Rouse alnost daily, in which the
President was pictured as the only
genuine trust buster extant. He
would accept not hirig less than the
trust bill first drawn by his dear
friend Littleield-a bill which, by
the way, differed exceedingly from
the Littlefield bill as it finally passed
the House. This latter measure was
liberally blue-penciled by the Senate
leaders before the judiciary commit
tee of the House was permitted to
panq upol it.
The President stood for it, how
ever. In it were embodied the bills
prepared by Attorney General Knox,
waich had the Premdnet's strongest
endorsement.. The \White House
press bureau ground out much copy
daily to denonstrato that the P1resi
dent would accept nothing loss than
the bill as origmnally drawn, anid 'een
that seemed in the Presidential eyes
to be too mild.
wHITE HoUs:E wEAKN1in.
After the Senate leaders had laid
down their program there can me a
decidled weakoing in White Ho~uso
circles. For several (lays t here was
silence, then came anot her protietn
cian:0nto. ''h)is tiime there was all
the old talk about the certainty of
an extra sessior in case there was
failure to follow the Presidential
wishes on trust logislat.ion, but, there
was a dvecled chango in the charac.
tor of thise wisliHes 'l'he st.renuos
trust buster hmld vanished into thin
air. h is drastic program of a few
days iof~re hal beun forgotten ap
pare-nrtly, for now he "would accept.
nolhing short of."
The exact program thi Senato
leaders had laid down for hin!
In otlier words, (here was a con
ploto back down. It, was the IPresi
lent, not. Senator i lanna, who had
hee en comtpwlled to swallow this pill.
16t had awa.tuweA.it howvor. 7Pcr
haps it was tie r'collectiori of howy
he had bon comupelled to back down
frot his original position thatt in.
spired the I'residenI's action in
"preaching" on the lepublican
Senators, who had received telegrams
from Mr. loekofel1r anid his asso
ciates. '1'his seorits to b the most
natural and rat ional explanation of
his action. 11nideed Ihere is no other.
Th'le P'resident is moad all over at
Ithose Senators. Th'le Senators are
id at. the P'residenit for these ilis
closures and the laniguagio they use
i describing t his Whiute Ilouse break
is far fromt rexs metful . Air. i t tIe
I lild is miiad at. th P residenot for giv.
ing himt what sporting moni call the
double cross, aind thle Presidenrt, is
maid am Mr. i ttIleliel for reminidinig
him i of thle posi t ion hit onco tooi k on
Ithis ItrustI <inest iont. Striifit ri.igns
raiuipanlt ini thle lieoblicn house
Th le )etocrat s mieaniwid lit are thle
o nily gai ners. TIhe~ Stanidard il ) let
trs have demonist rated thle close
coninection bet witon thait gi ant mo-.
hiololy and tIht ltlpublicani party
list as thle Thuiiirbesr d isclosure.is dit
mon111tratedl Sugar TJrust iomiit.ion
of lta panrty. Th'ei ltpublicans ennt
hardly hope to fool thii A mueia
pieoplet into Itelief thatnt thore is
aniy real anti t rust legislastion ini th e
hilIls they tire putt ig thIirough Con..
grl'ss. Th'le l)onocrats hlave handled
theiir elsit wvellI, lay ingl barn the l{o.
publ)1ican by piI ocrisy andl shoing,'i i tha t,
hth D)emocraitic bills cootnaini t only
subistanitial means by wvhiich lie giant
trusts ma mionopliits could he regn
lateid . TIhie Demigiocraits priesenlt ain
u nitedi frott; thhi ltocpubIlicanis were
never hoefore in such coniifusion.
TO D)IiATil.
Jake lian'es, a Young Negro ChargedVtt i
StealIng, is Floggedt Sc Severely That
HIe D)ies of Iujuries.
|Tlhie St at. ]
Walte(rbloro, Eelh. I 2 --Several
iighits ago a crowd iof about I(0 or 1 2
vhite m1en1, neattr Young's Island, sit
icrely whui pped a young niegro) man,
J 'ke Ha[ines, suspectedl of stealing
bomt meat from 01ne of thle neighbhors
lie man (lied. The oro)wd failed to
hub anuy meat in thle negro's house
Mt instead t harot sacks Of guano
w,ere (discovetred unldeir his~ bed. HIo
was talken out lanid 11"gged aind re
used3( to con fess the stealing, bunt
mnplicatedl anot her negro. TIhe lat
or nlegro, hiowitver, prove'id himself in.
lOoctit ti' hei sitr iMnat lom of thA. .110
and Haines is now dead. The coro
nor's inquest will be held today. As
yet no arrests have been made.
Senate Committee Begins Its Investigations.
Mr Douthit of Anderson, and
Others Summoned.
(News and Courier.)
Col umbia, February 13. -The
Sent to committee on dispen.
tsary mot this morning to begin their
investigation into the operations of
the dispensary. Messrs Williame,
Evans, Crum and other officers of
the dispensary were present.. There
was some discussion at the start as
to what would be the programme.
Senators Dean and Sharpe insisted
that there ought to be some specifi
cations, otherwise they would simply
be boating about in the air. Sena
tors Stanland and lerndon thought
the committee should go to work and
see if there was anything against the
managoment that a charge could be
based upon. If so they should re
port it to the Senate; if not, then it
should be reported also. On a vote
being taken it was decided not tc
have any special specifications. Sen.
ator Stanland then asked that the
following witnesses be summoned1;
J. B. Douthit, of Anderson; H. E.
Watts and 'E. . Lightfoot, of Col.
umlbia, and John Black, of Walter
horo. Those witnesses will be sum
mlonlod to appear to morrow at 10
Senator Stanland at the outset
said he wishied it distinctly under
stood that ho made no charges of
lishoinest y against the Commissioner
or members of the board of directors
he had no charge to mlake against
them personally, but he would criti
cise their Iusiness Illallagemeunt o
thIe (ispensary and that would b
the scope of his testimc,ony. Mr. Stan
land then took the standi as a witness
ie re'(1 the law with reference t<
the school find from the dispensary
profits and also presented tha aunnua
report of the board.of directors.
An adjournment was then taken
until ,) o'clock.
''he d ispensary committeo continu
ed its investigation this afternoon
11. E. Watts, a former emplc..'6, said
that in April, 100, he saw twenty
harrels of one X and fotlr barrels of
three X corn whiskey dumped in a
vat inld the liquor was subsequently
drawn off, bottled a11(1 labelled at
two X. This~ was done uinder the di
rection of SHaperintendent Dixon
M e was also in the employ of th
dispensary whenu Mr Douthit war
comiioner5~j andl he saw Mr Douthi
raise the labels On eight barrels o
whIiskey. WVatts was discharge(
March 8, 190l2.
TF. E. [Lightford saidl that lie hat
soon a quantity of South Carolim~
0n0 X corn wvhiskey dluped in a vat
drawn off and one-half of it was la
belied one X and some two X. H<
w as dlischarged for drunkenness
wvbich he said was, however, riot un
c'!ilohmo amiongst the othlers.
TPhe coimm1itteoo will nicet again to
mrorrow at 9.30..
it is said that witnesses will be
slIiummoned fromi elsewvhere in the
State, former employees, to testify
tlong the same lines. At thle hear
ing this aifternooni Senator Shiarpe
')byct ed to some of Senator St anland'r
q1uest ions as being leading and re
ferred to him as "prosecutor.''
I(No wa Hris nlo11H.
Senator Stanlandl resented the im.
puttat ion, (declarinig that he was am
mnitiber of the commuittee and had an
right to ask whatever questions lie
3hiose in ordeir to probe t.o tire b)ot
*omi of the buinless.
A passenger service
and comfort, equipped w
Dining, Sleeping and Th
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tion, write to
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A Georgia Negro Teacher's Views Ex
pressed in New York.
New York, Feb. 12.-"The South
and the negro," was the subject of a
lecture in the Firsit. Beformed Epis
copal church ton'-.t by James J.
Torb,.rt, assistant principal and finan.
cial agent of the Fort Valley, Ga.,
newspapers which is known as
"The Georgia Tuskegee."
Prof. Torbert said in part:
"Slavery left us four million strong.
Today we are about nine million.
It left us without a home but well
schooled in the exercise of the mus
cles and to some extent with the de
sire to imitate the white man. Our
homes today dot the hill tops, plaine,
the valleys all the way from Vir
ginia to Texas. Slavery left us illit
erate, but with a passionate desire
for knowledge and today we have
two and a half million people in the
public schools and 35,000 teachers
trained from the rank and file of the
"If we are denied political power
for the time beipg, which often hin
ders the sweetest and healthiest
growth of the home, the power to do
good has neither been taken away
nor abridged. We can plant our
feet squarely in the soil and make
the white agriculturalist green with
envy as he views our well kept homes,
our well filled barns and our fruit
growing and bearing full and plenty
with each season of the year. When
the white man prevents my race from
buying and selling among ourselves,
from teaching and preaching the gos.
pel of truth to the wayward, from
receiving and giving, from living and
loving, then they will have perse
cuted us. If they prevent none of
these things they prevent no pro
After a Public Session of More Than Three
Months, the Anthracite Coal Strike
Commission Begin Consid
eratlon of Awards.
Philadelphia, Feb. 13.-The An
thracite Coal Strike Commission,
after being in public session for more
than three months, closed its open
hearings today, with an all-day argu
ment by Clarence S. Darrow, in be
half of the miners. The commission
will meet in secret session in Wash.
ington next Thursday and begin
consideration of its awards. It is
expected that by the end of this
month the arbitrators will be ready
to make their announcement. If an
increase in wages is determined upon,
the increase is to date from the first
of last. November, the commission
having decided upon that (late on
October 31. After the session to
day the commission held a short con
ference with the lawyers for the sev
eral sides, and asked them t.o hold
themselves in readiness in case they
are called upon by the commission.
The Leader
Ninety-nine per cent, of the busi
ness of The Mutual 1ifMe Insurance
Compilaniy of New York has been
acqluired since 1859, when the next
largest company began business.
D)uring these forty-two years its
record has EXCEED)ED) /if any'
Ot/Wrr comJpaniy, by
Toalncome, .. -$216,8 1 3,5 10
*~ycz: to *"li: 1 88,063,8 36
Pmia.inco-e - 1 34,73 2,6 1 1
n ec. a e, . . 82,175,981I
surrender Values, - 67,8 8 3,47 g
Death Claims, . - 44,8 22,897
Dividends, . . 38, I 27,777
Endowments and Annuities, 37,229,689
a wVrite to-day for "whmere Shaull I Inrsure?"
RICasARD A. McCuany, President.
F- II. HYATT, MaiiaEor., Co1llhbhia, S. G
0. P. PELIIAM, Agenit, Newborry, 5. 0.
riC @2ST liNE
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-Cu ba.
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ith the latest Pualnman !
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llaps or any informa
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"Don't Know
How I Got
Such a Cold"
Most of us have heard this ex
pression many times.
Did you ever notice that the
Don't know how I got it cold
is a bad one to get over? That
before you are through with the
hoarseness, the cough, the "tight
feeling," the general discomfort,
and the out of sorts sensations,
you are apt to have another such
cold, and so on until it hangs on
for weeks ?
These colds mean that your sys
tem is out of gear. They usually
precede serious diseases like con
sumption, bronchitis. They are
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,- w-A.-- wAs. amid.E
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-. .. c .. Ii... I
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~ S'
W. it. TAyL t
*4*. P-s ... 4,,,a,
4t -1ne
-. . BEA' TE, Receiver.
In Eatroc t June 8, 1902.
ul.lwovin Anderron ahd Walhalla.
IAH I U+t i P.. WESTBOUff),
AltltlVE- i.EAVE,t
MIxed. Mixed
4o. U. No. 12 Otatlons. No. I1 No. 9
. M. A . P. M. A. M
3 O 0 ................ Iollon............... 8 20 10 60
248 i .3........ au(Ierson F. 1). 840 11 10
4" 30. . ... 11411erson P. D..... 8 45 11 16
- - -......Wem,An(derson.. 849
-0-- ........ .D enver............8 69
U .. .. ..Aut l ........... . 4 u 05
. .........Pondletol7...,.....,. 4 11
847 ..............Cherry............. 4 18
.Adan ............... s 421
- 28 .... Jo.dtia Ju"'t. . 4
...80 *3.......est Inio 4604 s....
800.-....... nan.......0..4 .
-- ... 0----... W taltl lha ...... 6 0O .....
Alli - . o Wlhl
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Augusta and Ashov.llo Short Line.
Srlt'alct IIn Effect Jully 0, 1902,
l.l!ttvu Au*gus*tlt............0 10 a in 2 66 p mn
Latrons................. 1 45 p in 10 80 a i
Waterloo tit. 3.)... I 12 p in
Greonvillo............12 22 p in 980 aiu
Ulonn 8prings....., 4 45 p m .
Spartan burg..0pm 0"a
t a........... 5 88 p in
Hendersonvillo..... 6 08 p in
..................7 .
av,Asheville"----..........7 .p n
8 rtanburg.........12 01 a 8 80p
U011n8 r1ings......10 00 a m
Groonvillo ... ......12 15 p m I 46p
Latrols......... -- .-- p In 6 80 p in
rrlvo Waterloo (1!.8.. 2 33 pin .........
(rea Wood. 2 61 p " 7y46 pm
,env Anderson ........ . 7 25 a in
Augusta ............6 2pi 118am
1tve l.'oluIl bin............. ... 11 20 am
Newberry................ 12 42 pm
Clinton 122pm
rrivcl G,reenvill-."""."-.-. 1 25 pm
7lnmrttnbucg 8 25 pm
Glonn Springs 4 00 pm
Sparo lluang... --1000 am
Spatrltnl)I r~*g..... Y401 pm
(reenvill. ............. 12 16 pin
1rrivn Clinton ....'."" 2 22 pm
Newbrry ...a."'""" 8 01) pn
CaIIInn bil....... 4 30 pm
and (irL}ti vil le, S}iart aIburg 1and Gwlenar
1pri ngs
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mt l Ibc,na. Northbound.
h+:-" dule In IE1i'ct August 25th 1902.
P 1 Iao1 I, Atlanta (H.A.L) Ar. 8 60 pm
II) r.0 11 In A t:.ns 6 19 pm
5I t avu Ilberton b 17 pm
-~ 13m A bbevilie 4 05 pmi
1 22 1). (!r?enwood 3 85 pm
2 i3a:. Ar Clinton (I)In'r) Ly. 2 45 pm
10 (0 am l v elnn Springs Ar 4 00 pin
12 In pin ipartanburg R 30 pm
12 2 pm* Greenville 3 26 pin
(Ilarrs Springs)
1 12 in1 Waterloo 2 85 pim
1 42 i m, r Laurons (DIn'r) Lv 2 17 pm
' M. PM.
2*I2 I.v Laturons Ar 1 60
21," Parks Ar 1 42
22. Clin1on.- 110
2 81 (4 oltiville 1 17
2.4 1 .. hinrd.. 1 10
2 41 ..(ary... 1 05
251 ..Jalapa.. 1 00
.310 towborry 1246
: 24 Prosperity 12 82
.1 34 ....8ligh .... 12 23
:131 LI. Mountain 12 19
3651 ..Cai..1A00
317 Hilton 1202
4 01 W hite a.ock 11 69
41.7 ttnlnti o .1 64
4 17 .....rm... II 49
S2< ..Leapharw.. 11 40
__ 14.3 ArboinumblaL,v 11 20
5'3 LvCo1uimaj (A ..L.)Ar 11 10
(1 24) Knumtr 9 60
142*) A r Charlcston Lv 7 00
'a - inj52 arrive ard depart from
'Irai na 22 anal 83 from* A. C. 1,. freight, depot
VeHt ervalstr(et
For)1 1bites, imno Tables, or furt,her informa
1n(ca ontI an fhy Agent,, or write to
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WintraIr2N. N. C., July 21st 19112
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o. 2. No.658.
7.45 *1......areston 8. C...r 9.20 pm
x.50s a n.v. ..L ... a a, ."..-.........r (6.20 pi*n
b.60 ain ... ...l.or......'Ai,"''''-r 4 56 pm
2'.'* *13n*... -\n.. .. Pros (i*i(ty"--... v 2.24 pm
1.2, pim.r..New (brry.......v 2.10 pm
1 ..47A r".... ton........v 3.25pmn
3..7543*r......aons........ v 2.30 pim
- ----A.(2 renvill....L v 12.22 pm
*:--- ,~_..PU'*Ini'g.--.... v 12.15 pmn
FROu 01 U H 3A 8.
o 63 Arrhe ( St1 it, i - -
- it )I m*; '2thson 16.830 o iU; Fayoi to
lIa 4 134 Wr ington1 11.26 p 3r1
-Pob Ii~l*.l* ''i'alo11 m'
Ia33*ag3. tIa ; Ilhmio.t 4.1'. atm.
- *3 33 .d*i nu owvYo.5p'
I g0-r KW an ; lorece 9.85
4,1 Iit*gtoni I .31 an ; Cheoraw 11.46
I3 a ai t'.l.( 2 'O p., Ifatrtsvii e
A 1 ~I n ,'~3 ii'.1 i*5 a ilrioct y
I rurig 641 .11m**; lIlchmor (1 7.45 j)T
\Via,igtosgb * . pi; Newv York 7.1d atm
3*lIha., l ea'ig ('ira New York to Tamia
ii l''3 )lt3gCt' New York 1to Sava*znnaI,
lot . ra, eawl t ii , ete , write
W*.5 '.l a n l'*ss. Aid., Wi lmin3gton
T1.6. f3 ner*,n. T1r*a*3 i lnager, WII lig.
II n . i'n-ci"'C3l Ae* Trat'c 6itnaIgor, WViI.
- pecil* 1 h'an< '" Corn* Whiskey, $ 1.26
opular I,o at' (orn Whiskey 1'50
Mellow . , . .2 0
I3iIt'to , 'I2-qt O . . 7.01)
I itn C. reekI " 1ye, 12-9(i. case 7.00
.)dlun*tng Creek'" R~ye l2-qt.
p randy ''... -.-.-. .-.-..'. . 10.00
)Jl~ ~'uny..- ........... .5
(rg f25c. for I-g.al., 36c. for
2niJ , 11(151. for~ 3-gal. .jugs, and 75Sc.
P.l2-gal. kego; when returned p)re
i.tey wvill be taken back at cost.
J. OInSOMERS & OO., ls.,,
'ATESVILLE, 'North Carolina.
Or. Wooll|y '8BN FR~EE 1o ill.
PAINL.ESS opofum,rlaaum
Oaineor hiskey, n1
large book of par
tleulars on home or
sanatorium treat
AN Onnt. Address 11.
Whiskey Cure iN.Pror8treet,

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