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1; I
ESTABLISHED 18fh. NFW BERri . C. TIlES I) l 4 F EBRUR241)3.TU'Aw'z- AT'I
There 'Were 185 in All, About the Average
Number; Work of the Session
[The State.]
There were 185 acts passed by
the legislature which adjourned
Saturday. The greater part of this
number is devoted to local legisla.
tion, building school houses, refund
ing overpaid taxes, etc. There was
not much anti-corporation legisla
tion. A number of acts merely
correct errors in the code.
The first act passed by the gen
eral assembly was Senator von
Kolnitz's bill to provide for any
deficiency in the drawing of grand
juries for the year 1903. This act
was ratified on the 29th of Janu
The following were the acts
passed by this general assembly:
To provide for the erection of a
monument to Wade Hampton.
To prevent the sale of toy pistol;,
To regulate the employment of
children in factories, mines and
manufacturing establishments in
this State.
To protect fish by regulating the
sale of dynamite, etc.
To establish a table of mortuary
statistics for evidence in the courts.
An act to allow wholesale drug
gists to sell alcohol;without profit to
licensed druggists.
An act to amend section 563 of
the criminal code of 1902, so as to
further regulate the location and
establishment of dispensaries.
An act to provide specimens of
mineral of this State for Clemson
Agricultural and Mechanical col
An act to provide for chief State
constable, etc.
An act to fix the weight and reg
ulate the trade in corn meal.
A n act to require the State treas
urer to publish a monthly state
ment showing the amount of money
on hand and the banks in which
the same is deposited.
An act to amend section 1066,
civil code, relative to the persons
entitled to pensions, by eliminating
age limit.
An1 act to define the law relating
to cer.tain'forms of commercial pa
An act to amend section [69 of
the code of civ'il procedure, in ref.
erence to demurrers.
An act,.to amend section 2165 of
the Code of Laws of South Caro
lina, 1902, volume r , in reference to
mileage on short roads.
An act to amend section [76 of
the criminal code, volpmue .i., code
of laws [902, i-elating to the punish
ment for remiovrl, destruction or
leaving down of any gate, fence,
b)ars or other structures.
An act to amend an act to create
a State board of entomology, to
define its powers and prescribe its
duties, and provide for the inspec
tion of fruit trees, vineyards and
vegetable farms; to prevent contag
ious diseases and destroy destructive
insects in orchards, vineyards and
other places in the State.
An act to require the sergeant-at
arms of the senate to take care of
the furniture of the senate chamber
andl senate committee rooms, etc.
An act to amnendl section [69 of
the criminal code, so as to give
magistrates j urisdlict ion of stealinug
from the field when the property
stoleni does not exceed $mo in
An act to require banks having
on deposit State funds to render to
the State treasurer, at designated
times, statements showing balances
on hand to credit of the State.
An act to abolish the office of
phosphate insp)ector.
An act t-> fix thme burden of proof
on the party accused of violation of
game laws.
*An act to prohibit the sale, leas
ing, etc., of pistols.
the dispensary law allowing board
of directors to make direct contracts
with distillerr in this State.
The general measure as to magis
trates and their salaries.
The three appropriations acts.
An act to amend section 276 of
the code of civil procedure by pre
scribing the number of calendars to
be kept by the clerk of court, and
the issue to be placed on the same.
An act to amend section 2508,
volume I, civil code 1902, limiting
admission of wills as evidence.
A joint resolution to authorize
the comptroller general to draw his
warrant or warrants in favor of the
State printer and the State treas
urer to pay the same to an amount
not to exceed the sum of $6,ooo,
upon account of amount now due to
the State printer under his contract
for the public printing.
An act to amend section 2853,
volume z, of the civil code.
An act to amend an act entitled
"an act to provide for the incor
poration of towns of not less than
I,ooo nor more than 5,ooo inhab
An act to amend section 2432 of
the civil code, 1902, by changing
the time in which distress warrants
may be issued.
An act to prohibit the driving of
cattle and other live stock into this
State from other States, and to pro
vide a penalty therefor.
An act to amend section 2038 of
the code of laws of South Carolina,
An act to amend section $26, civil
code (being volume I., at page 315,
code of laws, 1902.)
An act to amend section 1857 of
the code of laws of South Carolina,
1902, volume z (civil code), to cor
rect a typographical error therein.
An act to supply bound copies of
the code of laws of South Carolina,
1902, to certain members of the
general assembly.
An act to amend section 2170 of
the civil code, volume I, code of
laws, 1902, so as to increase the
penalty provided thernin and to
give one-half to ison ag
grieved and tl" i to coun
An act to anthor; lie regents
of the State hospital for the insane
to close up a part of the extension
of Gregg street and a part of the
extension of Elmwood vnue.
A joint resolution to authorize the
regents of the State hospital for the
insane to purchase the Seegers
p)roperty, and to provide paying
the same.
An act to authorize anid empower
counties and incorporated cities and
towns to owns and operate rock
quarries and to work convicts there
on, and extend the police jurisdic
An act to amcnd section 1814 of
the code of laws of South Carolina,
r902, votumne I '(civil code)'so as to
correct a typographical error thsere
At act to prohibit the importa
tion of diseased stock into this
An act to require all railroads
operating in this State to protect
the rates of freight in the bill for
carriage of all freights, goods, wares
and merchandise, atnd to p)rovidle
penalties for the violation thereof.
An act to amsend section 2159,
vol. r, of the code of laws of this
State, by adding a proviso that on
short roads there msust be separate
apartmensts for the races.
Ans act to amend thse code of
Sousth Carolina, 1902, volumire r.
(civil code), by insserting section to
be known as sections 2069a, in re
gard to freight rates on mselons.
Ass act to arsthsorize the Lexing
toni and Cohsmnbia railway to cons
struct its tracks throusgh certain
counties, and for other punrp)oses.
An act to p)rovidhe -for the refund
ing certaitn railroad bonds its Green
ville conty.
Ass act relating to thse recordhing
of railroad mortgages.
Ass act to amnensd section n88o of
the civil code (volr ume r , code r 902)
so as to include ''tramnways"' ins its
Ana act relating to thse Mtnte anv
county taxes due by the Blue Ridge
Railroad company for the fiscal
years commencing November 1st,
1872, to and including the year
commencing November ist, 1881.
An act concerning the lien on
railroad mortgages.
An act to amend section 3002 of
the code, excepting certain mort
gages and deeds of trust.
Ad act to fix the liability of rail
roads having relief departments.
Joint resolution to adjust the in
debteduess between Colleton and
Dorchester Counties in regard to
Greenpond and Walterboro railroad
To authorize Bishopville school
district to issue bonds for building
a graded school; and similar acts
relating to building or improving
school houses for Greenwood, for
Greenville, for court house school
district in Chester, for Gantt town
ship in Anderson, for Camden, for
Prosperity, for Saluda; and also an
act authorizing sinking fund com
mission to lend funds to Saluda; for
Kingstree, for Easley, for Marion,
for Sumter and for Bamberg.
An act directing disposal of sur
plus school fund in Saluda County;
an act to define the limits of school
distric No. 18 in Greenwood; to
increase the bond of the superin
tendent of education of Saduda;
and another act to increase the sal
ary of that official; an act to author
ize trustees of Marlboro graded
school district to levy an additional
tax; to increase salary of superin
tendent of education of Williams
burg County ; same thing for same
official in Bauberg County; to al
low county superintendents of edu
cation to find room in which to
keep school books for sale; to in
corporate the board of trustees of
the Presbyterian college of South
Carolina; to pay on teachers' sala
ries at Beauty Spot school in Marl
boro County; to amend the acts re
lating to special school districts in
Marion, Mullins, Latta and Dillon;
to validate election and levy in
Blacksburg school district; tochange
manner of electing trustees of Or
angeburg graded schools; relating
to time for meeting of trustees of
South Carolina College ; to author
ize town of Wagener to use dispen
sary profits for schools.
A.. .ct to amend section 1208 of
the civil code (vol. i, code of laws,
1902), so as to limit thL time of
elections of trustees of special school
An act to amend sectior 1210,
code of laws of 1902, relrting to
election of boards of trustees in
school districts having not less than
2,50() inihabitanlts.
To increase tile salar y of chaplain.
To permit directors to exchange
lands with Geo. F. Lighitsey.
To. permit Jo-year conlvicts to he
worked on c'haid gangs.
To provide for the erection 'of a
new jail for Berkeley County.
Likewise for Lee County, and
for Clarendoni County; and an act
authorizing sinking fund commis
s;ion to lend funds for building tile
Lee County jail.
To pay the conunissioners who
built the new jail in Oconee County.
To authorize erection of a dlam
across Wateree river at Catfish
To pro, ide for the erection of a
bridge across Saludla river at WVare's
TPo inicorp)orate the Indianola
Power company of Lani caster.
To ratify the right to construct
power plants on Tugalos and Seneca
rivers ill Anderson County'.
To authorize mnanufactuirinig es
tab)lish ments to take oiut mnutual
fire insuranice p)olicies.
TLo incorporate the Spart anbur.g
ILight and Power comnpan y.
To cede to the United State gov
emrnent rights of way to deepen
the inland waterwvay b)etwen Char
lestoni harbor andc McClellanville.
Tlo amnenid the dIrainlage law sc
thlat p)roperty owners mu tst keej.
ditches in repair.
To allow an additional magistrate
for Charleston.
To allow fruit trains to be oper
ated on Sunday.
To allow H. M. Lofton. Jr., to
be reimubursted for purchase from
the State of lands with defective
An act to amend section 278 of
the criininol code, 1902, by making
certain offenses in connection with
party registration and primaries
misdemeanors, and prescribing pen
alties therefor.
An act to amend section 38 of
criminal code laws of South Caroli
na, 1902, relating to grand juries.
An act to amend section 258 of
the civil code, 1902, by prescribing
certain qualification for voters on
and certain regulations in connec
tion with party registration for pri
mary elections in counties contain
ing a city of 40,000 inhabitants or
more, and for the preveution of
frauds and illegal voting in the
An act amending the act in re
gard to the city court of Charles
An act to empower towns and
cities of live thousand inhabitants
and over to subscribe to the main
tenance of public libraries.
An act to repeal section xxv. of
an act entitled "an act to incorpo
rate certain towns and villages and
to renew and amend certain char
ters heretofore granted,'' passed
19th December, 1885, and to confer
the power to condemn lands for
An act to extend the jurisdiction
of the board of health of Florence
so that the same may include all
cemeteries lying adjacent to such
An act to authorize and empower
the city of Sumter to refund its
bonded indebtedness in coupon
An act allowing ie town of Bam
berg to assist in repairing certain
highways in Bamberg Conity.
A joint resolution to empower
towns and cities of five thousand
inhabitants and over to subscribe
the maintenance of public libraries.
An act authorizing the city coun
cil of Aiken to fix and pa unto the
mayor an annual salary.
An act designating the holidays
to be observed in the acceptance
and paynent of bills of exchange,
bank checks and promissory notes
in Columbia.
Aln act to authorize municipal or
other corp)orations or individluals to
lay pipes for water supply across
publllic roI dls and nonl-tidlal navi gable
An act to p)rovide for a v'otin1 g
precincet ill each of the font wards
ini the town of Union.
An act to aimnd an act entitled
"anl act to amend( an act enltic ed
'all act to authorize tihe election of
a town treasurler for the town of
An act to validate anId confirm all
acts of the city of Spartanburg in
relationl to the issuanice of certainI
street impllrovemenlt bonds, and to
make p)rovision for thle palymlent of
interest 011 suIch bonds and for re
tiring them at mnatulrity.
Aln act to crcate a board of firec
colmissionlers for tIle city of Greenl
ville, inl th11is State, to dlefineC i
powers and duties.
A\ joinIt resolultionl to p)rov idle pay
mIenlt for thle trleasur 1ers and aui
tors of Sum11ter , D arl inmgton and(
Kershlaw Counties for serv'i'es ren -
dered iln comipliance with section
of the act establishlintg lee CounIt y.
Au act to estalish ani add(itional
voting p)lace at " 'Roper,' ' iln Edge
field County.
An act to provide anl add(itionla
dlistrict for Chester CounIt y.
An act to au[t horize anld re inin
thle counIIty conunillsioners of All
derson CoutI Iy to reinldex tile rea
estate m11o1tgages recorded inl t h
office of t he c'lerIk of court for sai
All act exemlpting certainl por
tionls of IKershaw Counlty froml thi
op)erationl of the general stock law~
election in I-Lorry County on the
question of the stock law.
An act to declare certain bonds
issued by the corporate authority of
Pickens and Wise Townships, in
Edgefield County, to be valid and
legal obligations of said townships
respectively, and to provide for the
payment of the same.
An act to enable the commission
ers of the sinking fund to lend
funds to the county board of con
inissioners of Abbeville County to
pay the past indebtedness of said
cotunty, and to authorize the said
county board of colmnissioners to
pledge the special tax levy herein
provided for to secure the same.
An act to provide for ieindexing
the j udgmlents entered up in the
oflice of the clerk (. f court for An
(lerson Countv.
An act to amend section s 16 of
the code of laws of South Carolina,
volume I., so as to include Laurens
County in the provisions of said
An act to exempt Glenwood and
Liberty Mills for cotton weigher's
act for Iasly and Pickens.
An act. to enable Newberry Coun
I y to get on a cash basis.
An act relating to stationery and
stamps of the officials of Berkeley
An act t(O authiorize the construe
tlion and maintenance of a dam
across K1inloeb creek in Georgetown
An act to authorize sinking fund
commission to lend Colletoin County
funds for cuirrent expenses.
An act to increase t he salary of
the sheriff of IHorry County.
An act to provide for the rein
dexing of the records of Barnwell
An act to allow the supervisor
and county commissioner.; of Col
leton*counlty to apply surplus funds
to ordinary county ex penses.
An act to authorize and provide
for the erection of a new court
house for county of Darlington and
for re-indexing and otherwise pcr
fecting the public recor(ls of said
An act to empower the sinking
fund commilissioin of Chet okee coutn
ty to retire and refuind bonds of
said couity and fixing compensa
tion of said coimissioi.
An act to enable the cOimiission
ers of the sinking fund to lend
funds to the county board of com
missioners of Oconwe Count y to pay
the back indebted ness of thle said
counity boar ;of conussioners to
pledlge the 'Hpecial tax levey h leroini
p)rovidled to secure thle same.
Ani act con ferr ing certan inuris
dict ion uphoni the trustees of IPeniiel
Camp Ground association, ini Cole -
ton ComuntyV, and( Iimiuitinig the same,
together with pilower to appfoinit al
sp)ecial coinstatule.
An act to a mendo sect ion 20 of
codhe of civil proceduire, fi xing 1 hei
time for thle holding of the circuit
courts of thle third j ud icial circuit.
Ani act fixig the salary of the
sherifT of C.heroko.e Coumnty at
Anu act incrmeasimng thie salary of
the co)unity treasurmer of Cherokee
coiunt y.
Ai n act to abuolishu the oflic of
townsipij coniuiissiohners. ini lami
berg coiiuty, aind make the genieral
hawv as to counit y governeniiit for.
Ani act relating to the salaiy of
the auditor of A ikeii Counmt 'v.
An act to p)rov'ide for reindiex ing
thle public re:ordsM ini the i oflie of
thle clerk tof ('ourt for l,atuirens
(Countu v.
Au act to coufIl mi the titlL to
ceritaini landos imadle 1by thei c'otuit y
Count v.
Ani act to rep)2al the himw gi
ing the magistrate at Greenuwod to
issue priocess to the sheri ff
An act to a menid ani act relatinug
-to the salary of thle and(it(or ot A\ikeni
An act dhisp)osingt of surlums innd
Iin the huandos of the caonuoissioni,
of the home of thfe p)oor, of lI my
-toin Ciomunt v.
An\u ac(t to es~talish ani addfitina
-votinig phice at 'Rop1ers,"' in lEdge
An act to fix the amtlotlit of sal
ary of probate judge of Georgetown
Iii acdlitionl to school andcl jail bills
elsewhere noted, the followilig Lee
County measures p)assed:
A joint resol(ution to )rovicle pay
lnent for the treasures and au(l'tors
of Sumter, Darliigton and Kershaw
counties for services rendered in
colul)liance with sectioti 4 of the act
establishing l,ee County.
An act to provide for the trans
fer of certain recol ds to the ofice of
probate judge of I-ee County.
A joint resolution to provid e for
a special assesslelnt of real property
inl I,ee Coility.
An act to create anl additional
township in I,ee '_'unt y.
An act to lix salaries for county
oflic:rs of e,e Countv.
Anl act to chlantg;e and dtesignate
Certainl towliship)s ill Sui tel Cotnt1
ty, a11(1 to I pvide for enhatgiiig the
registration certificates.
'I'A\XlIs RE-.PAID).
Tlere ar4' liii11)t'r o f acts to re
fintl over paid taxes, etc., to cer
tainl people. 'hese are as follows.
An act to antlorii.e adt require
couilty Col llilniS5iofle0 to refild cer
tain Collilitlit.itioll ro:id tax to school
ti 1stee:;.
Al act to reflund taxes to the
church of St. Philip, Charleston.
Also to the follo sint; : i rs. S. J.
Nettles :a11 \ liss Fi. S. NIcCall,
Darlington: How ling2 Green Knit
tin+;., Mills, Volk Count\y; J. S. Gil
bert, Abble'ville (hack salary as
sthool ! n i :ier); ,J no. '1'.
\ougblood, Pickens; (). A. Ma
lone, a1nd( Ilattie .. Stokes, I)or
chester C'otuntv; Ili). C. Funchess
of Orangeburg, :uit J. B1. I,angley
of I,aica,stter NI ts. Carrie I Iallfor(1
of 'lorence, -,. Keith I )argani, of
The whole of the aboVe tlaimis
will aggregate consiterably less
thanl the co,st of getting thes(e bills
PI'UUi.l.V, P'llSs(INA\I..
\l aet to p)rl4\I(it for I ie p"Iss-ige
u11p)n an1 pair v i 4 ofI chilns of N.
W. Birooker.
An act t4 alIthorir.:u' l direct the
0c(I11iiio1el . of t1h1 silnking find
to sell alld convey to I)elpilia A.
\'eleell Al tie estate of tier stelp.
fathet, A. I,. P'eldergrass.
Aln :Wt to> eltitle .Malcollm P.
Ilarris t aIppl fr adm ission 1o
jIl act it'e I:i \v
Ajit lesolitilil Ic> re(fllire tlie
V.ll'1 1)f lkilli ti ll foli ('41 oley ad
r4 IjIli I* act illtorpor-atinlig
the toxvi of S(4(i.4 illn llmptonl
reCa4 len4, lerplitii
1 lp alI11 act rdt i lig 4ilIi let ill
(I ll Mi4l bIilds ill I'2h>I Ct, ( )r;atige
A Grlanid llldinKg to he Ifirected hy Carne
K'e at th Ha lague1L.
Thej1 llegn144: I, 8104br h ay E 2 1. Iis
(1p44n44d twooni'41 a ti .itial s4v14licalt4
for tIho saue of an ost at is here, whichI
for4 14nerly be4loniged( 4' ->114h gra1:41I d ll'
I,andh of \%4ixi \'ihnar, iIponl wh,ieb
.\ r. Ca(ri44ogl 41 prpo ('to~ 4 (recta
"paic o(444'f peace4 ."
I low t he' bo .\ tl acly re;ol
\hn a1-i boyi I be4'gan to re:a'Cl very
earnl!estlyI, but( :4t Ithe foot1 of (ver y
p' ge I re:ad I sI 0pped.4 :144( 4obliged
mlyselfto giv)~'e 44n atcounIt oft whait I
b:4d re:td on4 ihat )I;lge. At first I
bit' ore4 1 got umy iiii Ii xed, but1 1
t14 heIphin, unt4 iil44no w, all er i ae
r':til a b4took thr ouigh once41, I c:in l
Any Coo4k GjOod liuioughi.
and4( mlost, n114 ritiouls biscuits I hat eve'
('2am(eOI ut (of the oven and( any13 cooki
a1 gol>d enlough ('ook to miake themm. A
HIav. & MuCar'tx'' an(Ii'~ It. tIiian'
Had His Bond Ready and Signed.--No
Change of Venue to be
(Columbia Record )
'T'he dec'ion not to gritut bail to
J m111es H. Tilhlnan coues Iolmewbat
unexpecodly to the public, because
the unual coure in such oases had
boon almost. univer-ally to the cou
trary, and the g.neral expectation
VHH hut, hail would bo granted
though the amount Wias anticipated
Fis heinlg a Iargt, one. The ptople
liid not hour the ttlidavils read pro
lunt' cot , tlso I ho decision would not
hav createdi any comment.
't'ttr"o is a good doal of specula
tion as to whet her appiioation will be
mladt) to any of her judge, tntd munch
3lo11bt wtas txprosseid as to whether
'h ia coulroe wal(tould b tlltak,n. It. is
tonght that Ihe decision of the chief
jtstice while not bindling on any otlh
m jtdge, Wouli go I long way in
yhaping Iheir views of the case, ui
lIess TI'ilinmiI'M attorneys can go , ui)
aId(itit;n,ll evideneo to that already
prets ittd.
If the dotision wasH unetxptttd by
a groat majority of the pe ol it cer
taic,ly was a doop nand hltt,r disap
p)intt niont t- ''itlluain. S.) contidont
wa ho t hat h wtld be allowed
I1il t hat, ht had his ,otld already
titn;ttd I by good suoretloN, towl all that
r''1iitjil."l to io timluo weis to ilt'rt,
t hi' alt l tr atll l 11a p ) V,t th.'s ctlri
(is. It. is 11i1 t.hat Col. Till bnan
had muimited his iecurit"ios to Clerk
of (murt \Vtlktkr, who had to approvo
then inl ortlr that t here should be no
dt.!:ly in furnishing the bond and Nt,
euring his relo1uHs. He is very tired
of cnfin11mont. aind firmly expectod
to be Net. at. liberty. The deaition of
th11 olhi") jus-ti0., ()'mlltoly ulp'.t
his plans11.
'Th at atttrnevH for Trilbuan have nott
yet dit+Iidod exactly Whit stip4 t.hoy
will t ako inl thi tunttur. Col. Nelson,
wht1n11 aoikfd ab,tut, it tthim morning,
Nta itt t htI it VaI ti011 Hoo1! aifter the
dIICIMion to b , MAl to it-ato what
w",ll b.-dInt., The gpneral imu
prost+Hl)1111011 to he 1)0W that I1O
Inultion! for i cont tannelurt will be
imadtle ihit (hit tpplifainlt for bttll
wt" r fn-t, I,but il inl it1h, Irial will
bo hbIol li, April
).a of (h inu ty n.Iwspaper Itenl
hert y1st'rtq'y sent the following to
his P1t1wr in regard to a changu of
vi:1utn. beiN I,skdlt fIr:
li r n lns.i ..i . I?....i..ford, of L. ig.
tii'hi, whIo ix a closei friend of .Jin
Tilb ((aO, ix aluthor)tity1 for the st.ate
ht it m tiney to motlvi for a change
oIf veuei. It hias all alohng biieen pre-i
diet tod Ithat Ti hin N's atttorneyx would
m((vii iotv.i i hte ess e id eIlhrii,
"'.\l r TLilbnan11 fooils as though hot
is amiong hti friaxtds here,"' sid Mr.
lhoitfordl, 4arnd 1 am1( cure wiltl naklo
""i rltovie to htiae hti (calnto heard in
(lIl 1finrlI fanailiar with his lint of
deifiiise, ando know)~ wherietf I (ipea(k."'
VIctIms ofr a Hirc Trap Hotel at Cedar 1Rap
his, !Mya -Thme Cilftont Hotel Burned.
CJahuitapt ljidis, Iowa, FebI. 2( -.
Firen thtis mninitag dest roye i be Ih
Chftuin I lot.ol, eroni'id( ((i1n4 of t he
guets andlI( 0 cuedi itjurties to fo, y'
two pel)rsotns, wIho werei scorchedit or
forettd to jhump to the frozen treet
A(u-r aa all (lay liutrch ~ in te debri is,
four boieis hav. beeniit ii* rcverod(. It
is ntow behoitved tht live m(ort. b)odies
remtinl in t he rutns of the hoteli,
wIebut is saidI to havet bteen a tIin,ny
thu Statot You fg Mten'i Christ Iian
trict Con)aven( t of t he KnIights of
Py thi as. Ith hoi el eogisteor wasi do
asNcer t ain( t hte numbter (of issling i r
'oni.ttue t) i ig f,rth romamdli)llJtur of
.tloNN iN u800t,000). 'titarly all th1ose ini
jmodl ti wereni Juown Ptoph'. Wt hue ii tir
L (njuits are0 Nieverei (0 mainy casesc nO
oneLlV'i- was faano rou

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