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1;. II. AIiA-1,0,u l'osl.
The Savannah News thinks that the
pistol will be less in evidence in the
future in this State, and it is certainly
to be hoped that the opinion is well
founded. If it is once established that
persons charged with murder are not to
be bailed, that fact will undoubtedly
deter many men who carry pistols from
committing homicide, and the carrying
of them will gradually go out of use.
The Tillman case as the News says,
has created much discussion, and no
doubt will continue to until its final
conclusion, and out of this discussion
will come a healthier public sentiment
in regard to the use of deadly weapons
in the settlemant of personal difliculties.
Although ( hief Justice Pope's decision
was only rendered last week its effect
has been felt by this time all over the
State. It created a profound impres
sion among legislators and the feeling
thus started is bound to permeate all
classes. The chief justice did a greater
thing than he probably thought in mak
ing the decision he did for it very ma
terially strengthened a sentiment just
forming and comparatively weak. Ilad
he done otherwise this change in public
opinion would have been destroyed in
its inception. As the News says again
the reform will not take place all at
once, but the leaven is working and the
anti-pistol sentiment will be intensified
and strengthened as long as juuges do
their duty without fear or favr. ---(%O
lumbia Record.
So far as we have been able to ob
serve, Chief 'Justice Pope, on his posi
tion in refusing to grant Tillman bail,
has reeoived the unanimous endorse
ment of the pI'ess of South Carolina. Mr.
Justice Pope is a man learned in the
law, and the people of the -tate may
rest in the assurance that he will do
his whole duty as he sees it, and with
out fear or favor. And it is because
we believe he will do his duty without
fear or favor. holding the scales of jus
tice with an even hand, that we desire
to take issue wit h the Columbia Record,
in its statement qpioted above, or rather
it is an infterence. that ('Ihie' .1ustice
I'ope refuse 1 to grant hail to Tillman
because Tillman was "charged with
murder.'' Ilard will he the laws and
sad1 will be the times when a person
cannot secue bail simply beeause he is
"charged with mur Ier'' or auny other
crime. From the time when the l ng
lish people wrung the Magna Charta
from those who clhimed a divine right
to rule, they have helId the privilege of
the writ of habeas corpus as their privi
lege soprenwe. It is, contained in the
I)eelaration of Rights in our own State
('oustitltion, where it is expressly pro
vided that ''the privilege of the writ of
habeas corpus shall not be suspended
unless when, in case of insurrection,
rebellion or invasion. the public safety
may uilire it "and, l'urit her, that "al
persons shall, Iefore conviction, Ie
bailable by sutlicient sureties, except
for capital offenses when the proof is
evident or the presumption great."
To have the privilege of the writ. of
habeas (01)us suspended, even in cases
where only those "charged with mur
ler'" are concerned, would be an evil
many times greater than that of carry
ing concealed weapons, even though the
evil of carrying concealed weapons is
one of the greatest with which we have
to contenid.
No, Chief J1ustice Pope dlid not refuose
Till man bail beucause he was charged
wit h murder. In accordlance with t he
Constitutilon as it is writ ten CliefI ,I us
tiee Pope icefused hail ini this ease Ie
cause of the crime "'the piroof is evident
or' the p)re'sumpition great."'
Senator 'Till maui's speech deliv\ered
ini thle Senate on Tuesday was the ut
t(eranice of a st atesman. The inunediate
subject under discussioin was thi' In
dianola, Miss., Post ine case, and it
was to this nmattier that the sp)teech w~as
minly idirecteid. Senator TIillman,
however, tiook oeccasioun tio express him
sell' on t he irace <iuest ion ini t he
South and on the IPresident's coourse in
app~oiniting negroes to oflice in var'ious
sect ions of' the country,v andt plart icular
Iy in the South and in South Carolina.
The spueech was of veryv differe t cal
li bre from that dlive'red he fort 'ho
New York Priess (lob. Tlhere was
nothing of the br'aggadocio so c'har'ac
teristic of 'Tilhuian about it., no r'efer
en~ce to the (huk d1ays when the Southl
was forced to meet a governmental
outr'age with lawlessness, nio tbrut al
threats. It was a plaiu, t rutlfulI
statemenit 0of race condlitions prievailing
in the South, and of the South's posi
tion in regaird to thle negro, and it will
have its effet.
Following thet statemuent of facts ini
r'egard( to p)resent cco,,d4tions, he warne'd
the genitlemenl Of thet North what
would be the iresult of Rloosevelt's
nuegrophile policy in the South if it is
long continued, begging them "'not to
p)rodluce an acute stage of hated, which
will br'ing the two iraces together with
the resolve of the whites t.o die ini
ordeir to reclaim t heiru so uremacy."
H is admuionitioni was couiched in these
truthful wordls, addrhiessedl to the
nuort hero gentlemen: "'In priop)ortion as
you u rouse false hope in thle minds of
these pe'ople' you are sowing the wind
that will Ilame imp into a whirlwind
later on.''
A New York Congressman has intr'o
duced a b)ill to miake the salary of the
President of the United States $100,000
a year, insteadi of $50,000 as at present.
A thousand (dollars a week may seem
like a big sum, but it is not. much to a
man who lives the life of a presidlent.
But few of our chief executives have
b)een able to live wvithinu their' salary,
and most of them having been honest
men-, have retired poorer than when
they entered thene.
Gentlemen of the press in discussing
President Roosevelt's negro appoint
ments, have brought the name of the
'resideit daughter into their columns,
and have done so in a manner in which
they would never even think of referr
ing to a Southern girl. We wish to en
dorse the fo'lowing from the Florida
Times-Union and Citizen.
Gentlemen of the Southern press, the
Prisident may be fair game, though we
think his position should command re
spect. But his laughter is another
matter. Should any of us forget that
she is a young girl--even if she is 'the
President's daughter? The fact that her
name is on the wires should not make
us forget the rules that our fathers ob
served. Possibly sho can not keep her
name and her features, her dresses and
her saying as private as she could
The South Carolina Legislature can
beat any assembly of like character on
the earth at doing curious things. That
remarkable child labor bill it recently
passed was a queer legislative freak,
but the Senate has now r~"l the child
labor bill and gone it ab half stack
of chips better. It has ,t passedi a
bill which permits the old-time and
cruel sport of cock fighting in the State,
"provided there shall be no gambling
connected with it." The members of
the South Carolina Senate are innocent,
very inlocent, legislators; or they think
they have some very gullible constitu
ents. The idea of a chicken fight with
out betting on the same. It is enough
to make a game rooster laugh. - Rich
mand Times-)ispatch.
It is a little funny. A cock light
without betting on the result would be
one better than a game of poker with
out chips.
A1 pre"ss dispatu from Weburn,
Pennsylvania, states: "Twenty negroes
of Webulrn, who complosted the entire
black p1olpulition of the town, were
driven out yestehrdy after their shacks
had been pullled down over their heads
by the whites." Some further details
tre given, tt no cause for the lawless
act is even hinted. The supposition
nIat urally is that cause there was Ione.
excpt the color of the twenty negroes'
skins. And yet, this happened in the
Nort h. almong a people who are cont inu
ally proclaiming that they regard the
ncegro as in every vay socially, politi
cally. and otherwise- the etual of the
white man, and who are trying to force
upon the South conditions resulting
from such belief a belief which, it
seesn, they hold only when the South
is in question.
We dislike to give our readers so
much leaded matter. but there seems to
be no help for it. Som.' of our corres
pondents l'ave forsaken us. and the
railroads are such slow coaches in bring
ing in the mails that Iost of our com
mtuniecations come too late for publica
t ion.
Next week, by way of variety, we
promnise to sei ve a commonplace love
st orv. Barnwell People.
Why not follow the lead of several of
ir estcemed cot''nlporaries, and say
h,at owing to recen high winds most
of the wires beyond Washington are
dow .ii
The Spart anluii-g .J<oulrnal has recently
very nmuchI improivedV' inl size, appllearance,
and in the chairacter of its newsser-vice.
It is no0w one11 of the best and brightest
at ft'irnon sheet s which reach t his otlice.
Let Us Help You Find a Home In the
A.\long the (Cott on Helt IRotte, where
huI i-anl he b oughtI for $2, $8, $5 an
a-c up c ut-over t imberi land that af
foii dts goodl range for liv'e st ock ;rich
hot tonm lands for corn, wheat, oats, cot
ton: iiuhuuls Ior fruaits and vegetables
Iechles, Ipeairs, Iptlms, st raw berries,
tomaiitoes, liota~toes, 0onions, melons
tiniding good markets at fancy lirices iin
the- Noirthl on account of excellent quali
i. s and market ing ahead of other see
ions. A land wvhere living is (cheal
iuber at $7 to $S a thitousan, fuel for
thle cu-tin g, ranige for t he table from
ti-rchI to I )ee-mb-er. The farmer who
iltys high rent ini thle North. or tills
worn out soil in thle l-Gast , is missing
someli of the best thhing~s ofC life by not.
securiing ai home in the Sothwest.
W-it e for colpies of outr "I lomes in
the Southwest," "G'limpses of South
eas t M issourii, Arkansas amnd( Nor-th
west I ,ouisiaina," "T -'hrotigh Texas
With a (Camer-a, " "nort unes in Gr-ow
inig l'ruits and V'egetables," '"'list of
Rteal ECstate Agents A long the (Cotton
lt." "D --levelopiing the St.- Francis
Couintriy," " The D)iveirsifie-,"- a fruit
and tiruck growvers' journal.
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and Aprllil, the (tto Hlelt Rtoute will
st-il one-way tickets fr-otm St. Louis,
Thebes, Cairo and Memphis, to points
ini Amrkansas, I,ouisiana and( Texas, at
half the one-way rate, pilus $2.00, oi
roundi( trip tickets at. one fai-e for the
-or- I uill informiattion, addlress,
10. W. L aBeaumie,
G '. IP. & TI. A., St. Louis, Mo.
The I.cgislature.
(Hy a lpoe(t who should he catrried out
side the Ipale of civil izat.ion and there
chained. )
T'he cigar- (clulb meets ontce a year,
Hut the most they (It is smoke;
When full of whiskey' and Ilager- beer,
They enact one dayt~ and the next re
Matny of thenm gto theire to pilay
like lit tle botys grinding axes,
They sit the Coty (lays for- pay
Antd care not a tIarn foi the taxes.
W ho would not join that social club,
And smoke such good cigars;
Whilst the faimer's wvagoni drags in the
Tlhe club) ride's oni thet cars.
Tlhey gave uis leave for a cock tight,
Prtovided wve bet no money;
It may appea- so the club all right
Bitt to the ,"'se in loos ie,,.,.,..
Radium, the New Mineral Which Has
Created a Sensation in the Scientific
['ireenville Herald.|
Radium, the new mineral recently
discovered, can now be bought for
$900,oo a pound, the price having
been reduced from one million.
Radium is a scientific sensation.
It is said to be the most important
discovery in the last generation and
epochal in the history of science.
Briefly described, it is a powder, a
combination of metals, which gives
off a light almost as strong as the
light of the sun. It is far ahead of
Roentgen rays, the scientific sensa
tion of six years ago, as these' rays
are ahead of twilight. When the
so-called X-rays scientists actually
photographed the bones of living
persons, laymen weie awed. This
accomplishment would be the merest
child's play fo, radium. With it
photographs can be taken through
three feet of iron or a foot of lead.
Its value to surgery, to anedical
science, and physical science can
not even be approximated. To
modern scientific research it is what
the discovery of the telescope was to
astronomv. One wee bit of the
metal is in New York It was
brought there 1w a leading electri
cal engineer and scientist. He ob
tainel his portion from the discov
erer in Paris, and, being only as
much as one can hold between the
thiumb and forefinger, is worth $6o
Ile, in conjuntion with leading
surgeons is making experiments
v h ich promise to be of inestima
ble benefit to medicine. F.xperi
ments are also being made in Paris,
Berlin and Rome
\Vith its rays, which escaped
through many thick wrappers, the
New \ork man took a photograph
in a closed and almost hermetically
sealed trunk. In a dark room it
glows like phosphorous Carried
in one's pocket. it causes a blister
on the body, exactlN like sunburn
The strength of the pure metal is
almost be\ ond belief. Prof. Curie
of Paris, the discoverer, says lie
woudhl not dare to trust himself in
a room with a kilo of pure radium,
as it wo 1(1. without doubt, destroy
his eves, burn all the skin off his
body, and perhaps cause instant
death. l'rom carrying a small me
talic case, containing a small b it of
the meital , tinder his arm, lie sus
tainied a burni which was fifty' days
in hiealing.
It requires no exposure to light
to becoiie incandescent, and will
glow for years. anid will cause other
suibstanices to become radio- active.
It is a white crystalline p)owder,
which in the light looks inoffensive
and hairmless, but when in the dlark
glons like ste,l muelted to its high
est pitch, And whether it be in
daylighit or dark, it is constantly
sendling otit the ray s, which can
pierce three feet of iron, take pho
tograp1hs in closed tinuks, and burn
th rouigh ImetallIic cases. It will re
taini its fuill strengt h p)erp)etually.
Its ra',s travel ahne t as fast as sun
Tlhe umetal could, of couirse, be
uisedi for heating, generating p)ower,
or for a dozen things, buit until the
cost is redluicedl somewhat from the
presenit price, it is not likely that it
will be used extensively for anly
thing Its ultimate uses will lie as
an aidl to surgeons. ph ysicians and1(
medlical practitioners, and to ,each
of them, it is said, it will be aii in..
valua,ble assistant D)octors predict
that it miay prove eficacious for the
treatmiient of many diseases which
nowv run their course practically
undist urbed by the best treatment.
L4eadinig scienitists are looking with
anixietyv to thle resul ts of experi
ments beinig made withI the singular
metal. New York physicians hope
to be able to make thle first an
niounceenit. Th'ley are hard at
Caution !
This is not a gentle word-but whiein
you think how liable you are not to pur
chase the only remedy universally
known and a remedy that has had the
largest sale of any medicine in the
wvorld since 1868 foir the cure and treat
ment of Consumption and Throat and
Lugtroubles wvithout losing its great
populiar'it.y all these years, you will be
thank ful wve called your- attention to
Boschee's German Syrup. There are.so
many ordinary cough remedies made by
dru ggist.s and others that are cheap and
good for light colds perhaps, bt for
severe Cou rhs, Bronchitis, Croup1 -and
especially iur Consumption, where there
is (difyicuilt exetoaio n coughinig
during the nights and mornings, there
is nothing l ike German Syr-up. The ?5
cent size has just boon introduced this
yer eular size 75 cents. For sale
by W. EiPelham& Sn.
Looking for Boys.
''he Loud n Free I'ress says:
"When we see the boys on the
street and in public places, we
often wonder if they know that the
business men are watching them.
In every bank, store or office, i
there will soon be a place for a boy I
to fill. Those who have the man
agement of the affairs of the busi
ness houses will select a boy in
whom they have confidence. When
they select one of the boys they will
not select him from his ability to
swear, use slang, smoke cigarettes, I
tap a beer keg. These men may
have a few of these habits them.
selves, but they are looking for
boys who are as near gentle
men in every sense of the word as
they can find, and they are able to
give the character of every boy in
the city. They are not looking for
rowdies, "lid when a boy applies
for one of these places and is re
fused, they may not tell him the
reason why they do not want him,
but the boy can depend upon it he
has been rated according to his be
havicur. Boys cannot afford to
adopt the habits and conversation
of loafers and rowdies if they ever
want to be called to responsible
positions."-Young Lutheran.
Lard Expensive and Injurious.
Lard is not only expensive but in
jurious to the health when used in
liberal quantities. To make the so.
called cheap patent flours white enough,
the life is all ground out of the flour;
then it is necessary to load it up with
lard in order to make it work. This
accounts largely for your heavy bis
cuits and rolls and your bad digestion.
It takes less than one-half the lard to
work "Clifton" that it does the cheap
patents, so you not only save more
than the difference in price but get a
more healthful and nutritious food pro
duct. Health and economy dictate the
use of "Clifton." For sale by Hays &
McCarty and Edward R. Hipp.
worn or you have grown tired of it
bring it to
The Riser Millinery Co.
We can make a new one out of it with
very little cost to you.
Special sale-For one
week only, beginning I
Monday, February 23,
and closing Saturday,
February 28, at 25 cts.
per hundred pounds.
Strictly cash at
L. W. Floyd, Mgr. <
otice to Trespassers.
warnedl not to trespass upon the 2
Duflie Place nowv owned by H. H.
Evans, nor to move any lumber or wood
without written permission under pen
alty of the law.
Persons desiring to purchase lumber
may, in my absence, call on E. M.
Have you ever
Played Flinch?9
If not you want
to learn.
*It is one of the 9
~most fascinating
games on the
market and
flearning to play it 4s
Price 50c.
****0ooooooooooos ** d
Tlhe fol loin;g udruggYts requests the
hohilersi of M URNA couponzs to bring
thenII inl at, oniendl( seure absolute "t
ly froo', the reenlaer siz.' bottle of the J.
Gir"at Pr"pairai on, MURINA WINE. W
For Saile only biy Glibier & Weeks,
The Harvest
In buying Seed it is well to re
nember that a very little difference in
he Quality is apt to make a big differ
nce in the harvest.
Carefully selected Seed are worth
)aying extra for, but they will cost you
tothing extra if you get them here.
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,nd that you will have paid ten times
hat they are worth.
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Silver and Plate Ware,
Cut Glass and Table Ware
Veddlng and Birthday Presents
Key winding Watches
Changed to Stem
Qtail1 andyB71g.111itt biy
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Jeweler and Optician.
ello Central!---Give Me 48
the Newberry Granite Font
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They hav,; all kinds of Bread
3atent Bread, Milk Bread,
Graham Brend, ('ream Birpad,
aCap Bread, R ye Bread,
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Orders taken by Telephone and de
Ivered free of charge as we have out
ur new delivery wagon.
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Free C)hair Cars Union Depots.
For full information, pamphlets,
rates and tickets, adldress
Tray. Pass. Agent,
No. 1 Brown Bldg., Atlanta, Ga.
atinlal Badi if Newberry 8
(ESTAnI.SHED) IN 187/!.)
apital--- -----$150,000.00
Arplus and Profits - 96,866.88
Ge.nerai ban klinr busine,s . ransavLce
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Savings Department..
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iposit. IntLerest payale~ .1 anuary 1stI
ud July 1st of each year.
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T. '- DUNOAN. ('asbi,qr
I W. M. S!MMONA4. Armuu I",
irst announcement of
the New Store.
1. B. SU MM ER.
I have bought the atock of Counts &
cket,an Iam going to conduct an
-odate grocery busmness in their old
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Newberry and the surroundmnf county
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ier, publihetoat Chaleston,AS.C.,pis th
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~)f;ii~(~j. ~N)i'vI(;L l NGie alf Adhe itgrahicran Sae
I) , news,ageneral.andispecialustories.
i~ltA~I hav. ti tu~ nla O .Purb sci nORE O PRth E O rTwo
at it th' aa.AL.i;llaat~ t th DoLLARof ThoughW Tholloway, adcea
ryslhlnelenes. ~aJ1a.~atil Ie by hospeca tl a nd pem ent,ec
Jewe-r adpull.. Lvr AdSraStabre

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