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F. 11. AMUI,1., 1$urtu'.
A correspondent. of the Yorkville l':n
quirer, signing himself .1. F. ll., writing
on this subject suggests, in view of the
fact the Legislature failed to do any
thing for road improvement, that the
people of each township meet during
the month of March and select delegates
to a county road convent ion to be held
at Yorkville on the first day of April.
The convention to make suggestions
and recommendations to the county
commissioners as to various matters
pertaining to the roads,' and especi:Idly
ai to the *employment of the convict.
force of the county.
The Legislature refused to do any
thing for the improvement of the public
roads and not only that but. refused to
give to the people of each county the
privielgo to say for themselves whether
or not they desired to do anything to
better the condition of the public roads.
We tried to get the Legislature to per
mit the people of each county to vote
on the question of issuing hondls to
permanently improve the roads but
the members seemed to be afraid to
trust the people. The good roads con
vention which met in Columbia en
dorsed the plan we had in a bill and
sent a memorial to the 1,egislat.urc
along the same line and in fact, with
a few changes, endorsed another bill
which was introduced by the editor of
The Ilerald & News along with th
memorial and is now on the calendar- of
the House and will conie up for con
sider.tion at the next. session. We
hope the people in each ('Uniity who
realize the importance and value of
good roads in! the various counities will
keep up the agitation the present year
and thus help the good work of get tiny
some needed legislat ion.
The 51 peis'15ors of the 'ius (ounll
ties cod11(1 do a great deal mor wit fithe
chain gangs if (hey were put on Iermi"ia
nent. work instead of doing the kild of
work that is now. heing done. Thi
chain gangs should not he hauled abutl
over the county but shou1ld he pult
to work on perma:nenlt ro:al buildiny
starting from the county seat as tht
geographical cent re and buibling 4ut
the main roads in each lirect ion so ms
to give to all see't ions t he benefit at
their work at fit' same t ime. I I' onl
a mile or two each year was Inade it
would be sonietlhintg fhat would last.
Our chain gang in this coonfy costs m
about. $2,000 a year to natintain aud
without. criticiring the supervisor, under
the present plan it is almost a waste of
money. We wouhl like to see ta ebangt
and (the plan we suggest given a t rial.
That. is the plan pursued by I the suler
visor of Richland and every public rom
leading out from the city of ('tonnbuIhi:
is in good condit.ion, eit.he r sand amt
clay mixed or macadamt. 'T'his worl
has been done by tilizinig the chair
gang on perlmanen, work. When :
camp is once established it is ectontmy
toi keep thle camp until the roads mne'arbf
are liut in goodl conitli ion. Too aml
tinie is wasted ini mov'inig firoma olu
se'ction of the coiunty to anlot her and it
is not only waste of' time' but is cx.
liensi ve.
Thiis same corriespondit entf sayvs a f'arm-*
erI oper'atiing twtenty-eight miules t ohl
hiii: "'I will contibuhite one4 hutnidred
piounds of lint cottonii per' Plow~% ear'li
year for five ytears f'or goodI roadIs ini
my ttownsip ifI othlers will dot hlf~II as
muuch. Aiit I will consider myi~ inisst
ment. will ret.ur me tfwenty- fi vi pen'
cent. pecr annum durring the' five yearis.'
Antd ,e might hiavte atdded for mmi:ny
years thereafter and as ltoig as fla-re
rouiinid in his townshmin. Nowv this
farmer was riot talking stent iment, but
good hiaird commnon senise anti goid fmsi
neOss sense at tite saine time. Th'lere is
nt inv~estmeiont thle farmetrs coiuld1 make
that wvouldl pay as goitid dividemnbt to
them and directly tto them as imntv
apent ini the permIianenit impriIovtemetnt,
of' the punblic i'tads of' th li'otunty. It
wvill pay t hemi in t' initrnsetd
value of their lantds, in thle sa vinrg of'
time, ini the wear and tear of' thfeir
atock and vehicles, to say nonthinig of
the coimfoi't aiid pleatsure tto tbiderived
firom goodl r'oads.
We wish stime live priogressive f'ai'
mer' would take hold of thie matti'r in
this county and call townishipi miet
ings and( a county coinve'ntiton with
delegates from each township. W4
cannot, build roatds byv talk but we inns
first get upl)a sentiienit ini favor of flit
motvement. and thlen we can gt flit
necessary legislation.
We believe the best way andit thfi
only way in faict tto build roatds so thfat
the pr'esenit gceeration iiay enjoy somii
of the benefits is biy issuing bonds anu
appoinitinig a County G;ood lloads (Com
mission to have charge of the worunl
andl see that it is prioper'ly dlone and tit
money judiciously expendedl. We lhavt
issuedl bondls foi' railroatds, somie oi
which wvere nevetr ounilt, butt bonds for
r'oadls would be woi'thi ten t imies to flit
county what the r'ailr'oadl bonds hiave
been worth. T1he editor of this paper, as
stated, has a bill on the calendar of' thli
IIouse providing to submit toi the' p'o.
pie the questioii of issuing $200),U0t
worth of bonds for permianient r'oad
building ini any county where the pe('t.
pIe dlesired this great public improv'e
mont. We believe it is bette' than a
small tax each year for the reason that
we could with that moiiey get some
permanent roads built while with a
small property tax wve can only work
the p)resent roads, but even' that wvould
have been worth something toward ihe
improve/nent of our highways. A fter
the other bill failed we favored a small
tax for roads, but our' colleagues wvore
all opposed to it. In our judgment
there is no expenditure of money that
will'benefit so many people and that
will a<kd so much to the material pros
perity of our county and our State as
money spent upon our public roads, and
we expect to keep u11) the agitation
until we get some results.
Some people oppose honls because it,
crentes at debt. Let us look at this
proposition. Suppose we r( "'ided to put
$200,000 in the permanent improvement
of the roads of this county and with the
sand and clay and rock and gravel
which we have so conveniently it would
build a good many miles of road, and
we issued the bonds all at once which
woul not he necessary and which our
bill does not permit, what would it cost
us. We could sell the borils at 4 or 4
per tent. interest. With $5,000,000 of
taxable property with a two-mill tax
we could pay the interest and put aside
a sinking fund each year to retire the
honds and the burden would not be
great. on any taxIiaye', and he wouId
get somie of the benefits to be derived
frol good roads. The man ,vho pays
tax on $2,000 worth of property wouhl
c'ontribute only $1.00 per annum for this
purpose, and we challenge any farmer
or any ot her t.aximyer to point out any
investment which he could make that
would profit him as well.
A convention wouh help to cryst.alize
public sentilenlt, and once we get a
practical demonstration of good roads
it wouhl he diflicult to find a mani who
would oppose the movement. We think
it, the livest <puestion before the Ipeople
1 the State tolay.
The people of the comtn.y eai have
a pracitical illust ration of' what is Imeati
by permolaenlt roadl impllrovelllent if they
vill look at the road ft city of New
Iherry is now hluilding on Main st.reet.
We have this manitraial in abundlanet
all over t he c"ounty and it wolid he very
';isy to sei're it. for road lilli vellel
nd1( aI a inimmnlll11 cost. Such"1 a road
,fobllld shorten the l isltanee at least b
nl-h:ll f Iet e''n any t wo points.
N14WBkERiY'S (:01.R1ED PEiOPLEi.
Mass Meeting ti Which Resolutions Art
Adopted for 'Their Moral Improve
A seeondI mass meeting of thecoloret
.-it izen; Was helf t Miller Chaiel A
.\I. I':. church last. M\londa1y evenini g
l'hfo chief obI jec"t off the ml eetiig, was f.
.")nsi(er' tht fheollowin; nport of tIh<
"ommllitte e uln rt'soltions, whicb wmt
'o the ('olored Citizens of Newberry:
WVe, yOul eomm ittee, asl( to sug;gest.a
r'elel y i( cheik the vites an1d ic ri1'4e:
t1 ont"g <1 pl olf ) andl i o Ie t.e a heal
h 'eul imnenlt nonk; ih same. Mloral
flit intfellertll lreatness and financial
.."h: upon these thre4e p rinciles thle
. reng t ma t,lort- of 1ate ions, ts seen
1 :n(I recotgnized byV tIhe hi:;tar"\ oI' lheil
i(hievem ents, have b1eet :teromlllished.
!pihe indIivituls comp osigt . at nation o1
icle :uelS inoral,1m refl' , exitiitrava'f
mf1ot. litghit s c i'tnt'peratie tul'i' igno'
ne.na, thtgnation irreills nt bi:ies th
is:unfe, :utul tin.o a subs antSfialh n'a
t:- ori i reivtuals excel'nce hav e f'ine t
wh ilet51 su 'h aI stait ci o i' tf th s xst's.n
Tat ts vl en al u
:hnit tfh:m dieial ori 11ubt Itni is ver as
'atle:l tote uitd tof ot n- coittef
I ut the'' arenf t are i ai great met'sr
it tipimible' flri' rekl eslisnet'ss, tinem.
aiit tnmte tfg'ofiancii inltunoraf'ity fan<
imute xit'i amon th oux'ner ieo
ii ft.I asi negro tizens i and' ' par et,'w'
rot<pny as uil ty,~h s and f'sontislfo
iht evtfl~ ill comitted 'b a y r chibe ftnd
the -iniiihudit , in e wIl liv'ec fid it
condenm\' i'mamnippessf f ahe wrongs.ii
W thav ie stoo much imiiioal ritgion
mvls not'eog itei ical Chr' it mtys as
afnce' apdfence 'fissti agith tis' hin
at th i e negr ohttl' m yti n iger fitii ilt ..
Il n. d Wue uit lid'i rengt hs moraliy,
sary to meetli (i t he (ilmod'lo lthPe, ie
ciaindm toif lith fridabslte itig 'Xthat)l
vonz ire,tniti'u n eer snihet. Th anesur
tu'on whe ngrl lit ihis temmostryo todyis
t'o gre tat foriii use to adiviupon ns
larilo' s ctain iut.)'iiI: Wf' thieri'fore,
rdcomm'd andti vse te asm' fo ls:ll
amtn ourte eoplt. thant' l.hey fmaye bfttr
fte t ti uemilles ith i ftheiduior
ho-operti inilig ( he , a f thenincg the
snd hofs reommI iy i t t'h egupai'y
leadi a Sor dxyphlany lie. It i0ver
evui'dente toremindi og aour comittng
ptitop fle t bes consistnt'wit any( oe
advlice liven troi themoune wok, b11(
when you have not.hintg for them to do
keep them at home.
We would especially advise that you
keep your boys off the streets on the
Sabbath day with theirshine boxes, and
from gathering in and around the de
pots. This may apply to the men like
wise, as relates to the depo ts.
4th. We recommend that some safe
guard be thrown around our young wo
men who may be in service: (a) have
can understandhing wvith their em
ployers, as to the time and hours they
are expected to work; (b) whenever
possible so arrrange the hour that they
may get home before night; (c) where
it is not practical for them to get home
before night, we rccommend that pa
rents and guardians provide adequate
protection for them, and not leave them
to the mercy of the unscrupulous, the
vicious, the pemps and lograden of the
5th. We would advise our young wo
men to stay oil the streets and out of
the stores except on business; so to
conduct themselv-s as to command re
spect and give us grounds upon which
to protect them.
6th. We recommend that a committee
be appointed to petition the city coun
cil to use all legitimate means at their
disposal to rid the community of all
licentious persons and places, pledging
them as negro citizens, desirous of ele
vation of our people, our hearty co
In conclusion, permit us to say there
is need that we nerve ourselves for a
forward movement for God and human
iLy. Our chiel'interest i); centered in
ti' elevation of the race. I,et us then
rise in the strength of' beauty and
righteousness, and souni the death
knell to any one or anything I hat savors
of discoi and plant the Standard of
unity upon our ramparts and de(rve
death and destruction to aiv ('ne who
would attellipt to haul it down.
In (od's own t.ime itf we an' t'ait.l l'ul
in the discharge of our (Itiy, making
the best u1se of the opporlunif les and
privileges given us, Ihere will eolie to
oun' people as a race, moral goodntess,
intellectual greatness, and linantcial
wort I.
Rtspetel fully, Rev. F. R. Wallace,
Rev. F Iirown, Rev. I,omtax F. A.
Williams, I)eVitt .lohinson, .lcaon .ones;,
M. C. Scurry, ,1. 4. M1organ, .1. S. I ):u
iels, Rev. G. K. ILyl , Chairman..1. 1).
lichelberger, Secretary.
V r
\"When the butter won't
n t l 111y in the
s;mi (lti time da;lIry
b It rtc'ln sem.'s to
hoo(l1':h.( )Ine ha;s ('eer
1 mot'chers are worried
(the clhil(lrI d1O not
rength a nd flesh wec
ye themi Scott's Emul
I' is like the penny in the
becausetI5 it works and
e I- there is something
h ) in'g about it.
>;(tt's Emuitlsiont is simphly
ofk pur COd liver oil
4somel hypop)hosphites
ieial l preparedl for delicate
Cildren take t(t it naturally
b )eause they like t he taste
unlI the remedyI takes jumst as
naturally to the childreni be
(tause it is s(o perfectly aJdapted
toi their wants.
For' all weak andI( p ale and
hini chibiren S(ot 's Emuiitlsionl
ti the mot satisfactor\ treat
-We will send you
the penny, I. c., a
samiple free.
I5 , re :1 it 1.' i oph re in
ti0 a i a I i o the
I .: - l~uaI of
~ '~"Chei sts,
409 Pearl St., N. Y.
Soc. and $1.00 ; al di un~ists.
Nolice to Urritors,
Stat e otf Soul hi Carlinac, XCmity o f
Newherry. In ('onmu Pleas.
I )avid IIlipp, as survivor and part ner
oif I). II inp & Co., composed of' l)avidl
II/h.h amii Wmii. TF. 1lttion, and as Ad
muuiistraitor' of Wmii. TI I at Ion. dleceas
ed, laintilY,
Wim. l)avidl Ilatton and Annuie F. Ilt
ton,. I )efendants.
The cr'editors of' 1 )avid IIlat ton. as
survivor and( p artner of I). II ipp & ('o..
comiposedl of' I)avid I lipp and Wmi. 'I'
, latiton and as AdImiistratolr of Wim.
'1..1 llation, dIeceasedl, are hereby ie
<puredl to present their demanilids andu
establish the same be fore t he it hi dla of
Apfril. 190)3, andl they are hiceeh en.
Jomed'( from suJing upon01 orI (Itherwise
prosecuin g t heir dlemiandls except. in
this piroceeding.
Masteri Newberry (Counity.
Mast er's Office, M arch 2, 19~03.
N,ON1Y TO'( LOAN We niegot iate
.0lan o impl roved farm lands
at seveni per' (eeni. inite(rest onl
almounlts over one thiousand( dollars,
and eight hper cent, interest (on amounits
less than $1,000. Long time and easy
pay ments. 1 lunt, I lunt & Ilhtuter',
With his Own Crew of
Expert Roof Painters.
lie will paint your roof, stop it frot
leaki g, and guarantee his paint and
work No acid or benzr,ine used in his
)int, but at pure tttineral paint All
roofs exatnine( free of charge. The fol
Iowing is the fora of contract he gives:
)TAr,'" ov Notrt CA ROL.INA. DItpilcate
TiIIS AG1?It,EMI;NT entered into
this......day of........ 190..., by and be
tween TiEll, 'ANNIJ,l, PAINT SOl,I)I
Wilnington, N. (' , of the first part, and
............ of ........... of the second
part, wituesseth:
t. That the stid first party agrees to
paint with one coating of Panni l's Paint
the metal roof of the.............. belonging
to ........ .......and situated in the Town
or County of.... .... at street ....... ......
stopping all leaks with Pannill's Paint
Solder; and PURTI-1R, that it will
iuarantee the paint used onl the said
roof sha1, last sithstantially in good cot
litiotn for a period of five years. atid, that
for a like period the said roof shall be
free fromi le-tks dutti ;o causes existing at
the time of the painting aud soldering
utnder this contract, the said period to
late from the completi)itn and acceptance
of the work here contracted to b: (dlne;,
but this obligation that said paint shall
so last and s.id roof he free froint leaks
for said period shall not apply to leaks
caused from structural defects in the roof
or building, Whereby the building may
Settle and the roof he injuired, nor by in
juries or alterations to said building or
roof, or by acts of God, or from whatever
cause or ca.nses, happening after the com
pletion and acceptance of the work here
il c'oitracted to be donie, other than front
the falilure or the paint insed not lasting,
or fron the present leaks not being per
inanlently stopt ed for the said perinil.
'I he said lirsl party further agrees that
it w. ill tep>air and put inl g.-'odt"onditiot.
all gutters laud condtilts, chaigin g anil
altering the >anle as laty bie neces';ttr"
foi the pirpose of ctrr\ ing off 'he water
from said roof and to thor,tughly clean
antl serape the rttf before iitiig.
whe S:lid stcti ll par-ty agrees
that in ctnsider tion (df the covealtitL to
ba perfori 1 by the s.til first party, it
wsil;, when the p..itiing, solderIg :n d
repairs shall have 1e tI coinpleted,i pay
to the said first larty, cr its atlthotrized
agene. li. .N'Ts per siatre of ten
feet siptart for the p.intiing .inal soliering
tln t,id iof, ~ d the snti.. .f... .....I )ol
l:is for repairi'Ig glitters, eleaaniig and
rtpaairintg roof, as per slpefieationt on back
.' It is furtlhe r ag;reed thi:t, in the event
I any leak octiiiing within the said
pei ioud to said IvI, or in the event of the
sai! piaint not pres,rviing as herein giatr
aniteed, wherebv the said paity shall elie
lialh- for repairs thereof. the said second
party shall innniiediately ly telegrai or
re i itered Iletter ihdressed t" tie said
first paty at its 'tfhe in the lity of Wil
n:ington, N (' , ttify the stid tisrt party
thereof, :nii thlereuIpon, the said first
party shall, at own cos't. lase the said
roto bile exaltitiined an<ll repaiireid; aiiil,
uponil failure so to mo, shall lie responsible
to thle sa id seconud party for daimnaiges
waichi utly he pirox iiiiately du le to its
v'iolaition of this con:traict It is further
agretil that , uniless suchi ntice shl 1libe
serv eid 11 iii thle said first pairty, it shiallI
ni.t lie liable iii idanitages, nioi lhe held
respoibil ile fori thle saiid leaks or idefects.1
4. It is further agrea'l, thi:it, if in conse
iieiice of a id no t ice, thle first party shiallI
inculr the cieeses of seninig a uiiau from
lie oicite, hiomie or othI er place. to repair
thle Ice.lks orn co rrect the Iitiuble comii
repilaiti g, i sohe1ind o niiv erulig thle
roof, herauise of its leakilug, andl it is
fond( t hat thle leakinug is du te to cauises,
which o reiee subhsegnient to the wvork
Iione anad aecepted IhIeretundeIr. tid iniot to
ate fauilt of the first p:iutinig aii work
donie by) saiid first partyv, then, thle tinue of
mie:: dn ( ep(~es soi icuirredl sha.ll he
paid lby said secondl patv, hut not othier
w ise.
5. It is fturthier agreed thait, ini case of
anyi isa~greenitnt be.tweenl the parities,
airising tih-ri tis .-oiitract , thi' same shaill
bi referrtd o t wo arbi iters, onie to be se.
- (etedl hv eachl of the pairties, and, ini ease
of <hIs:igrdeieent hiet weeni t hie t wIo 5o se.
lectedl, tlhey shat I select a thiirid, andii the
dlecisEmi of a iiiajority of the three as to
aiinc cout riover sv ut ider t his contraict,. shllI
ben coesiv n idn o oho h
IN TkI-'.Sl \Mt N\-I \\'lR)l'', the
sahl1 pat of the fi rst pa.irt fins cauisedl
t12he pre'ents to lit sigiedl ly . .its
P'resideniat , dl . t tested by l...its see.
retary\ . ulier its toi pirate seal, uanui the
said se niil lirtyv lhi eaus.d thle'. - pres
emits i lie signeid lby...,it iPresidlent,
uiiider its colrp)rate seal. thet~dav tint veamr
abhove writtn l''xc:' ite:1 lin 101pl1'e
The Pan nill Paint and Paint
Soider Manufacturing Co.
Pn a.llnt.
at erl t.itv
I.. ail e( ftilo. at Ne\ a. irv' II.>' 1.
for lett er's disissory u a miinistrattor's
ofl thle per'lsonual esitile of t alhou I".
19O:3. tat 11 a. mu. to0 the IProbate I 'outi'
for Newhery.County
/ '/.
C~ Jl "N .1.1' tA ~
dot ttSpne p)llU .1tlor( of p00, i 0*1
The Harvest
In buying Seed it is well to re
nenber that a very little difference in
he Quality is apt to make a big differ
mce in the harvest.
Carefully selected Seed are worth
)aying extra for, but they will cost you
lothing extra if you get them here.
Two or three years old means in the
nd that you will have paid ten times
vhat they are worth.
Our entire line of Seed has arrived
ud are open for inspection. We invite
your patronage.
Notio or Fillo 1cltlieit
Notico is hereby given that I will
make a final settlement. of the personal
estate of Mrs, Elizabeth White Pant,
deceased, in the Probate Court for
Newberry ('ounty, on Pri lay the 4th
day of April, 190:, at. 11 a. in., and will
ittimediately thereafter apply for a final
dlischarge. All claims against estate
must be presented on or before said
date. Jas. K. Gilder.
Noticc to OrcIlitrtrs
State of South Carolina, County of
Newberry. --In Common Pleas.
The creditors of Calhoun F. floyd,
deceased, are hereby required to pre
s;ent their demandtt(s andl establish the
same before mue on or before the 25th
(lay of March, 1903, and t hey are here
bty enjoinedl from suing upon or other
wise p)rosecuting their dlemandls exceplt
in this p)roceeding.
H1. H. Rikard,
Master Newvberry County.
Master's Oflice, March 2, 160:3.
Notice o Trespassers.
-warneu not to fish or hunt or
traspiass uponl the lands in No. 1 and
No. 8 Tlownshsps of uI rs. R L. Pay
smnger, not to move any lumber or wood
wvithout wvritten p)ermission undlet len
als of lawv. R. L. PtAYSINGER.
Notice of Administrator's Sale.
1.11 will sell, fo.- cash, at the resi
dlence of Tomas WV. H olloway, (deceasedl
near Pomaria, S. C., un Friday, the 6th
(lay of March, 1903, personal pIroplerty
of said (deceased, conasis.tng of' cows,
hogs, farm tools and imoplemeints, etc.
Sale to begin at 10 o'cltc k.
For 9S1A or Rt
. Heena,S. C., containinrr four
acres of land(, upon01 which i" sit'ted a
six-room dlwelhtng, store house, btarnt
alnd stables.
If not sold or rented on or before fat
Saturd'(ay in Marceh I will sell theu
be fore the Court HIouse at NewbIetrry to
Lhe highest bidder. Tleemso(f sale: ono
half cash, balance pardable. one reneo
from (late, secured be' 'mort(gal e of the
pllace. MAR ' .1. SUJM MElR.
Newvbery, S. C., Febt. 16, 1903.
Respectfully solicits
the business of this
community. With the
latest Improved ma
chinery and the most
approved methods of
cleaning the linen; a
thorough knowledge of
the business and most
complete devices of
the trade, combined
with politeness and
careful attenrtion to the
wants of their patrons,
~they trust to please
everyone. Their work
is guaranteed to be'
first, class inl every!
T. B. AL, L.. see.nn
EI prig Arrivols
Ewart-Pifer Co.
Youths' Boys an Chuird 'S Suits.
Knee Pants.
NeIIe88 SliMs, Fancy Hosiery,
Handkerchiefs, Neckwear
Come in and let us show you
these Goods.
Embraidories and White Goods at
The Prettiest Line in the City-. and the Lowest Prices,
Another big lot just received-all widths.
Embridery andl nsrtiois, our price only lOc.
a yard, rot a piece of them that is not worth
i 5c., 20c. and 25c. a yard at other stores.
Also spei,cial low prices in all other depart
ments of our Store.
'$j Ci:li 4,"lr '!"b r .l( u i I(r -. I '".(ut)1 p 11*'- (~irlt.lILIg fur i\1-mr
pe,-i'1' ", i l .. : . II .1.r.lt.1 p1I(''! i I 'Ilti) EIxtrat Iants.
-rir prie' s o 1 r - l + pi,-i (i pric ol 1:)\ ' Kre Pants.
All Winter Stock. such as Blankets, Over
coats, Ladies' Jackets and Furs below Cost.
Come ;ind S. Us Often.
Copeland Bros.
Dress Goods, Madru. , Giinghams, Percales,
Soirette, Lace N iVvAties, F'ancy Damask,
Mercerized C! .ambry, Etc, Etc., Etc.
All the abov H "ors and White.
We have~ many .drs and Ends" in our
"Broulght O)ver" ..ds that we are selling
quite cheap.
Blankets, )versj,s, a;nd aill Winter Goods
are being sold nxLrmely low-really less than
New stock ladies' ai d men's Red Golf Gloves
Butterick~ Fa-> Books and Patterns are
rea.dy Co&me to
The Place Whme You Get You Money's Worth.
20 yds Sea Island Cloth at only 49 cents.
80( i Sp'11 .ia )riv', w ' h'' -w.:4 IibC il''f 1'$
ing~. Tobai.co at only I 2 . , I1.
6' paIckII'e'' (I 1 oz, 'ne. ) W h- h' il. a Wh).M q'ii.l l'
at% ,I i. o z rn t :-l. . un 7:6.~') ( *I( ). ,
10() pahirs hIiIhIre's9 1 ~ .~'IIL Slippi ,
worIth $1.%2 . ' : .Ie :
- A Fair' and S'qure Deal Everytime.

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